why is she so cute though

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what was daring don't about? i've never seen past season 4 i'm curious why that ones your least favourite

let me make this a bulleted list because wow every plot point in this episode is bananas. although the cold open where rainbow dash tells fluttershy how excited she is about the next daring do book is very cute. that’s the one good part

  • so rainbow dash finds out that the next daring do book is delayed. her first thought, naturally, is to find out where the author lives and go figure out why she’s taking so long to finish the book
  • even though twilight knows that this is a gross violation of her privacy, they all take a trip to the author’s secluded house in the middle of the woods where she clearly does not want strangers to visit her
  • they find her home in disarray and start snooping around in her house and looking through her shit when she’s not home
  • the author comes home and they quickly realize that she is, in fact, daring do. daring do has been real this whole time, and for some unexplained reason she’s secretly published all of her exploits in young adult novel form, and no one has ever figured it out
  • and yes, daring do is still a rainbow dash recolor outside of rainbow dash’s imagination
  • so daring do was in the middle of an adventure, and rainbow dash just HAS to tag along and be her sidekick. she just fangirls over daring do the whole time and is a nuissance
  • at one point rainbow dash makes the most cursed face of all time after daring do makes a subpar quip to her nemesis
  • eventually she remembers how to be competent and helps daring do recover the artifact she was trying to find, and is rewarded for being a total creep by getting written into the next book as daring do’s sidekick. she’s even on the cover

it’s bad

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"I used to have a friend who looked just like you! She was a cute little asian girl, too. I think she was Chinese?" –my white friend's older sister while talking to me, a Vietnamese person,

Oh you asians are just so cute and adorable, like little identical dolls! I used to have a dol–I mean a friend like you. She was probably made in China, but you know how interchangeable all those places are, ahahaha! I wonder why we stopped being friends though?


Japanese celebrities that EXO want to meet

One day Alex slips up while talking to Winn and mentions how cute she thinks Maggie’s dimples are. From that moment on everyone (at least those brave enough) at the DEO start calling Maggie “Detective Dimples” when Alex is around, and sometimes even when she is not because they are just so used to it.

Even Hank goes: “Agent Danvers, they need you at a crime scene. Please tell Detective Dimples we will handle the case.”

It embarrasses and infuriates Alex to no end, which is why they keep doing it even though Alex tries to find ways to get back at them. After a while, she just gives up and even starts joining in on their teasing.

One day she is talking to Winn at the DEO, unaware that Maggie is right behind her. Winn honestly thinks Alex is going to pass out right there and then when after she mentions that she is meeting “Detective Dimples” soon,  they hear a loud laugh behind them and Maggie saying “If you are calling me Detective Dimples, I will have to start calling you Agent Hot-Ass.”

emoji ranking of the cat face

this cat has a very shiny forehead…looks a bit like a plastic toy. also the eyes look deep but empty….4/10

very simple and cute!! i appreciate how its making the :3 face 10/10

microsoft why are ur lines always so thick…anyways i appreciate this cat! he looks old and wise…..althought can be silly at times with the blep. 7/10

nice colour scheme!! very simple, only like 3 colours (5 if u count black and white). although, it looks a bit dead inside. 6/10 for effort

this cat is probably the youngest of the group. she’s just trying to make it in the world and be positive, though it is hard with how rough the world is. however, she’s good at acting so u cant tell the difference between her real and fake smile. 4/10….shes sneaky

simple cat!! though he does have an oddly shaped head? is he okay? 2/10

i can see some detail was put into this cat…..but maybe too much detail. this is like the cat version of :) (passive aggressive smiley) 1/10 would not use

i appreciate and love any cat that is fat and looks like my cat. 10/10

this looks more like a lion cub than a regular pet cat…..0/10

this cat is very excited and happy!1!! very simple and cute. 9/10

this is like the cat version of that girl in your math class that you judge because she likes starbucks and wears makeup but ur forced to be partners with her one day and u learn she’s actually rlly cool and every friday night you hang out with her friends and go on rlly wild adventures and wake up on the ceiling fan in her great grandmother’s house. aka 10/10

very timid cat….she’s getting used to people but she usually scares them off with her wide eye stare :(……5/10 i like the colours

Height Difference

Lafayette x Reader 

Note: I loved this request so much because I love height differences between people and I don’t even know why?? But seriously this one was so cute I loved it! Also since I haven’t been on in a couple of days because of the blackout here where I live I have a Peggy Schuyler and another Laf fic coming out after this to make up for the time lost!

Request: Can I get a Lafayette x reader with 89 and 204 where smol insecure potato thinks she’s home alone and can’t find a shirt so uses Las and is singing then Laf knocks on the door and cute awkward lil fluff? Reader is way too short for Laf though thanks!

Prompts: 89. “I didn’t know you could sing.” And 204. “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”

AU: Modern

Word Count: 643

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When you wake up and find the other side of the bed empty you figure your boyfriend Lafayette has just gone to the bakery down the street to get some fresh bread for breakfast.

You stretch and look around the room for the shirt you had been wearing the night before but you can’t spot it anywhere you notice one of Laf’s t-shirts hanging off the end of the bed. Once you get out of bed you scoop up his shirt and pull it over your head.

You almost laugh at how long his shirt is on you, it reaches all the way down to your knees and feels like a dress on you. As you make your way towards the kitchen to turn the coffee machine on, you start to sing that song that you just can’t get out of your head. You don’t like to sing around people, the way they stare at you makes you feel uncomfortable. You’ve never even sung around Laf even though you’re completely comfortable around him.

As you make your way around the apartment, waiting for the coffee singing at the top of your lungs you don’t realise that Lafayette is standing just inside the doorway, watching the way you sing and look out the large windows. He watches you with a smirk on his lips, he can’t get over how adorable you look basically drowning in his shirt and your hair still messy from sleep.

“I didn’t know you could sing” you pause in your tracks when you hear the accented voice behind you. You look over your shoulder slowly and see Lafayette grinning at you.

“How long have you been standing there?” You ask, your voice small as he chuckles and makes his way over to you.

“Not long amour, not long at all” he murmurs as he comes to stand in front of you, and his arms snake around your waist. “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” he asks and you look down from his eyes.

“Um well… I couldn’t find my own shirt and I yours was just sitting there and I guess that I just assumed it would be okay if I wore yours because you’d already be wearing one and you wouldn’t need this one right now” You mumble quickly in an attempt to explain yourself.

You feel the way his body shakes as he chuckles against yours, and his hand slips under your chin to tilt your head up to look at him.

“Amour it’s okay, you look adorable in my shirt. You look like you’re drowning in it” he points out as he leans down to kiss you. You have to go up on your toes to make the stretch a little less painful for him, given the massive height difference between the two of you considering you only just come up to his chest.

“You should sing more often, votre voix est comme celle d’un ange” he whispers against your lips. 

You feel the blood rushing to your cheeks and you’re glad that from how close your faces are, he can’t possibly notice that you’re blushing. 

“I don’t know what you just said Laf” You admit, you know that even though you don’t understand it the comment was most likely something sweet. He tends to mostly speak to you in French when he’s showering you with compliments.

“Your voice is magnifique” he tells you and you smile against his lips. That one, you did understand.

“Oh, um… thank you” You mumble, not really sure how to accept his compliment.

“Come on, I bought croissants for breakfast” he slips his hands down to the backs of your thighs and lifts you up, your arms wrapping around his neck as you press a kiss to his stubbly cheek. “Sing more for me mon amour”

RFA finds out that MC sleeps with a stuffed animal/special blanket

My first HC! I’m sorry if its shitty lol


- Probably has one of his own tbh 

-When you tell him that you have a chicken plushie, he takes out his own little chick plush (you saw this coming) 

- You both sleep with them now 

-You two are even more adorable together somehow


- When you tell him you sleep with a special blanket

- This man is fucking FLOORED 

- Thinks you are so cute and precious

zen I know how to ride a bike wtf  

- Teases you about it all the time 


- She wouldn’t be judgemental about it, just kinda confused??? 

- When she gets over that her BFF lover sleeps with a elephant plushie 

- She doesn’t mind? 

- Why would that matter? 

- But she thinks you’re even more adorable now (D'aww)


- What even 

- What 

- Like Jaehee, once he gets over it, he doesn’t really care. 

- He’s happy that it’s a cat though 


- This little shit 

- ALWAYS teases you about it 


- But he doesn’t think it matters at all. He’s just happy to have you.


I juste received Maddie MB, Courtly and the 2 Crystals I bought, and switched their legs, so I thought it would be nice to show how they look inverted.

I really liked Crystal (Crystalizer) with the green molded leggings (it seems this leg is a little thicker, so the shoes are a lil bit difficult to fit), and Maddie looks cute, though the purple legs are kinda loose in Maddie’s body, I don’t know why.

I was happy to see that Maddie and Courtly’s skin tone are a perfect match! She looks gorgeous like this. And I LOVE Crystal with her new legs, this way seems that she’s wearing green panties, and I like her so much more this way!


‘Bout time, damn mane.  Yooooo,we foolin’. 

@tesschiu I knew yo ass was short asf, thats why you be talkin’ so much shit lol.

  @mamicino–x came through with Christian and her lil sis Aiyanna. Lil girl hustled me outta $5. Who would’ve have known Santa wasn’t real… lmao. She better be prepared fo’ those art lessons next year.

Met up with fam @ajthatdude Good looks fo’ comin’ through. I peeped you and @teejaaah dabbin’ and shit, I think she got you beat though. I cannot tell a lie lol.

  @amour-val‘s cute ass came to chill with ya boy. Might have to chill on the Jack tho. Nah, nvm, turn df up ma. I’m with ya.

Last but not least… @mercedes-fenty‘s big headed ass… That jumpsuit though.. let me chill while this liquor is in my system. Lookin’ good shawty..

I’m about to get back to this shit though. Happy Holidays to everyone else. If you home alone, ain’ got shit to do, come through mane. Mack’s feedin’ everybody lol. To everyone that had to leave early, thanks fo’ comin’ through. Be safe. *deuces* 

prompt: imagine debbie asking you to be frances’ godmother? thank you, love the blog!
A/N: I’m so sorry it’s short I just really didn’t know what to do write sorry again. x

“Y/N I know this is a weird request none of us are really big in the religion department but it’s more symbolic.” She was stalling, it was cute.
“Just ask me the question Debs.”
“I wanted to know if you’d be Frances’ godmother, I don’t know it’s just you’ve been so supportive an-” You cut her off due to your excitement.
“Oh my god Debbie I’d love to, I’m honored!” You gave her and sweet hug, this girl was your best friend and you were going to love this baby just as much as you did her.
“I was so scared you’d say no, I don’t know why though you’re really all I have left.”
“I don’t think that’s true but if it is, that’s all you need.” You hugged again, you were truly honored she asked you.

Reasons why Kima/Allura is a great ship, in no order: 

  • Angry smol and calm tol too boot. 
  • Though tol WILL fuck shit up if she has to, do not cross her. 
  • Duties that can keep them apart, so ANGST 
  • Alternately REUNIONS AW YISS
  • L E S B I A N S
  • Kima totally steals shirts from Allura 
  • “kick their asses bby I’ll hold your flower” 
  • Matt said it’s his favorite NPC ship. 

Reasons why it’s a bad ship:


Rolling my eyes seeing Robyn’ empty bed again, I just don’t know why Chris won’t just sleep in her bed because Robyn just goes creeping off to his bed. She even ditched me in bed and went to Chris so I stopped staying with her in bed, I wanted to ask if she wanted breakfast but I shall leave her to it. I won’t complain because my friend sleeps well now, I do find it cute though. I do see a little change and I feel the black cloud over this home is lifting slowly, I am just so happy there is no child involved, we only want Liana in this family. I am shocked that Chris is actually staying with us, he’s not once left us to go out with his friends and he actually goes to bed like a normal person, but this situation is really emotionally draining. Robyn hasn’t cried randomly since finding out she is not pregnant and Cassandra has been coming over every day, it’s been helping I think. Staring at the bedroom door, I rather not go into that bedroom but I know they won’t be doing anything besides cuddling.

Seeing Liana’ princess plate, I do miss my niece, she has been away for so long. I am sure she will be back soon, to ruin some more of my things. Biting the piece of Bacon while reading my daily gossip “hmmm shit” I mumbled with my mouth full, I wonder if young Chris knows that someone took a picture of him with pregnancy tests in hand, this is such late news. I bet this person got paid to leak these, look at his face. Trying to hide himself, they are such bastards. All they need to find out now is Chris is hiding in Rihanna’ home and this will blow up, stupid blog is saying that is why Chris is hiding, a secret baby. Rolling my eyes sipping my orange juice, the doorbell went off which scared me. I am sure the gate is closed so why would someone be so close to the front door. If it’s at the gate then it’s the intercom but this is the doorbell, placing my orange juice down. Slipping off the bar stool and making my way to the door, unless I forgot to close the gate but I swear I did and also I am waiting for a package so it may be that.

I can only see figures in the frosted glass, this doesn’t seem good. Unlocking the top lock and then the bottom lock, pulling open the door “Monica” my eyes bulged out “Melissa” Monica said walking into me, hugging me. Seeing grandpops, Noella, Majesty, Rorrey, Rajad and Jay Brown behind them. What is this “you’re….. All ….. Here” I said dragging out in shock “yes of course, I know you said not yet but I miss my daughter she has been so quiet” Monica let me go stepping back “this is a surprise” I said confused, this is not good “look at Mel, she is all shocked and half asleep” Rorrey said pushing passed me, I am not confused, I am shocked. This is not needed right now, nobody needs this at all, not even me “shit” I said to myself “shit” Majesty repeated “don’t let your mom hear that, get inside now” I pointed, Majesty ran off giggling. Closing the front door in a huff “where is Robz?” Monica asked, turning around “asleep, but! She is really tired, make yourself at home. Downstairs that is” slipping passed Monica, I need to tell Chris before he comes down.

Running up the stairs, why do things always go wrong and why in god’s name is Jay Brown here. Robyn doesn’t need any work, shit, this is not the time. Lightly tapping on the bedroom door, opening the door slowly, poking my head around the door. When Chris Brown and Rihanna are fully clothed and sleeping normally, god is good. Stepping inside the room seeing them both so peaceful, Robyn is looking like the leech as always. I mean this is not the worst position I seen them in, I have seen them on top of each other naked but I didn’t ever see much because they would panic and hide, I have also heard them have sex, so this is a god send for me. Such innocent babies they both are, I can’t stop smiling at them both. Chris is Robyn’ protector, it will be a big test for Robyn.

I really want to scare them awake but I won’t, I better hurry up and do this before the search party come upstairs. Reaching over “Robyn” shaking her lightly “Robz!” moving the cover a little “Robz you really need to wake the hell up now!” hitting her face lightly, her head moving a little “your mom is here and you need to wake the hell up!” I spat, Robyn’ eyes shot open “mom!?” Robyn said disorientated “yes mom, get up now” Robyn moved Chris’ arm which made Chris wake up, looking over at Robyn confused “y’all need to wake up and Chris you can either come down or just sneak out” Robyn held my hand shuffling out of bed “I don’t get it?” Robyn said confused “I know but your mom came to see you, just fix yourself up. I need to go down” making my way out of the room, I need to keep them downstairs for the moment.

Taking in a deep breath “you didn’t have to wake her” Monica said “but I did, you came to see her” which is true, they did come but also at the wrong time “so is Jay Brown part of the family now?” I said jokingly, he chuckled “well, I was just telling Monica how I haven’t seen Rihanna for a while. Monica said she is coming down so I came with. I need to see Rihanna anyways, we have the pictures from Childsplay clothing, and they are beautiful. We have a couple of events too” of course he has, I actually can’t wait to see the pictures of Liana “where is my beautiful grandbaby?” Monica said looking around “uhmmm she is with her grandma” I said, Monica frowned “still?” she spat “you told me that weeks ago, since when does Rob allow that? Chris doesn’t even have her, she stays with her grandma” biting my bottom lip “well she just thinks Chris’ family need more time with her? I mean she is the grandma” Monica is not happy “this is nonsense, I told Robyn to not allow Liana in that home of his, Rorrey was saying what kind of sex party it is” well this is awkward, the man himself is in Robyn’ room.

My morning always starts off terrible, I have to release myself every morning and Robyn doesn’t help. The only reason I stay away from her is because I am dying to have some sexual contact, my hand is not the best but it gets the job done. When I feel her come to bed with me I can’t say no, she does keep me warm though. Stepping out of the bathroom in Robyn’ bedroom “you know my trashcan in the bathroom is full of tissues” Robyn said pointing out, letting out a low chuckle “well babe, I am stuck with doing this” closing the door “well I guess you can go back to that now, to your daily life” walking over to my bag on the bed “you packed my stuff for me?” I questioned “and I won’t be going back to nothing, but that is another subject for a different day. Thanks for doing this” picking up my snapback from the bed, I have no idea how I will sneak out of this house now.

I can see the change in Robyn though, she speaks to me and I hear the sly jokes she makes, and she smiles with me but I don’t know how she will do with others. Cassandra is working wonders but I want to know will Robyn be good with the outside world, with other people around. Fixing my snapback on my head, looking down at my new Adidas sneakers “you going to be good though?” licking my lips, walking over to Robyn slowly “I have to be now, my mom is going to keep testing me so I need to be confident enough. It’s going to be hard but I will try” smiling lightly, placing my hands over her cheeks “I got faith in you, I will be one phone call away just call me and I will be here ok? I know I won’t be here to protect you but be strong, and don’t let anyone say anything to you” I wish I could see how Robyn is alone with everyone around, least I can rest to know she is ok “I hide behind you, I feel my comfort is going and it’s hard, but I will call you. Thank you” Robyn said lowly “don’t say thank you, I got you” moving my hands away from her face, wrapping my arms around her “I love you” Robyn said against my neck “I love you too” squeezing Robyn close to me, I don’t want to leave Robyn. I have enjoyed this, enjoyed the moments we had in this bubble with Mel.

Rubbing chin waiting on Mel to come upstairs, I don’t see how I will get to leave because my car is in the garage and when I turn that engine on, the whole neighbourhood will hear “you ok Rob? Let’s get you out” Mel rushed in “they are in the back yard staring at this stupid thing I lied about, I told them that Robyn is building a studio in the back yard. They are examining the back yard now, come” picking the bag up from the bed, I will be back in that home. But I guess I got Liana unless Robyn wants her back, I hope not. Walking towards both Mel and Robyn “it’s been good” opening my arm up to Mel, she smiled at me. Placing my arm around her shoulder “it’s been good though but call me whenever” moving my arm away “and remember what I said Robyn, you can do this. Call me whenever” Mel walked by me, opening the bedroom door “I miss you already” she pulled down the sleeves from her hoodie, licking my lips watching Robyn look up at me. I am not even going to think, I am just going to do it. Leaning down and pressing a kiss to her lips, moving back as quickly as I kissed those soft lips. Robyn didn’t fight me on it, she just stared at me in sadness. Turning my head to walk with Mel downstairs.

Walking behind Chris and Mel down the stairs, I don’t want Chris to go, what am I going to do on my own with everyone “don’t go” I said behind him “unless you want to explain to Monica he needs to go” Mel said, she has got a point because I don’t want to explain to my mom “call me” Chris said, Mel grabbed his arm to make him walk faster. Sighing heavily, placing my hand over my lips. Feeling his lips against mine felt somewhat weird, it has been a while. To just get kissed from the man you love, but he is going now, I think it’s been torture being with me, at least he can now release himself in someone which kills me inside to know. Walking towards the back yard “sis” Rajad said, I jumped. I am so jumpy and not here for all this noise “hey” smiling lightly, stepping outside “Robz?” my mom squinted her eyes at me, she has seen something she don’t like and it is my weight. Rajad hugged me before moving back, my mom mean mugging me “your forehead has come out, you look ill? What have you done to yourself? You look unhealthy” I can always count on my mom to make me feel better, rolling my eyes while hearing the loud engine of Chris’ car leaving my drive. I froze staring at my family “who is that?” Noella questioned “neighbours” is the only thing I could think of “that sounded close” my mom said “I uhm invited a man over” Mel said behind me “you did?” I said looking behind me “yes I did!” Mel eyed me up “Mel can get a man?” Rorrey joked which actually made me giggle.

My mom just keeps on staring at me, she is not liking what she sees, I don’t like she is doing this to me because I really do not need it “how come you have been away from the limelight so much? Working on a secret album?” Jay laughed asking, shaking my head “just needed some time away” I simply answered “and you look worse, what the hell? I am just so upset to see you like this, it doesn’t help that you are wearing such big clothing either” my mom needs to stop doing this to me “just things happen, I needed to lose weight and shit happens” I am tired already, tired of hearing my mom “so I bought you the pictures from Liana’ photoshoot, they are some real cute shots of her. I mean after she wouldn’t participate and then Chris managed to make her smile” Jay walked over to me with his phone in hand “they are sending out some hard copies, I gave your address” he sat down next to me “this is the picture they are using for the store and website” seeing Liana posing with her shoulder bag, my heart ached seeing her smile. I have not seen my daughter in so long, I feel like a bad mother “my baby” feeling my eyes well up, now I have lost both of them “are you ok?” Jay asked me, quickly flicking the tear away “just happy tears, happy to see my daughter become a model” I lied.

Jay sent me the modelling pictures so I thought I would send them to Chris, I know he will appreciate this a lot “so what have you been doing with this time away at home?” my mom is really wanting to know “just resting” looking up from my phone as I pressed send “what about Liana? You having a break away from her too, why is my grandbaby with Chris’ family still?” why is my mom so concerned “why can’t she? She loves them a lot, he wanted to spend time with her” my mom let out a low chuckle “Liana doesn’t even go to his home” frowning at my mom “but he sees her, god! Mom. Just drop it, please!” I spat “nobody asked you to come” I said what I felt but now I feel bad, my phone vibrated in my hand, looking down to see Chris has text me back.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

I love them, thank you! I will be posting these up, you getting the originals posted to you at all? Send me them too, you good over there?

To: Chris

From: Robyn

I will send you one, I think I am only getting like two, not sure. My mom is being really mean about shit, she says my forehead is huge and I look terrible, I feel like shit now but I am good, did you get home ok? X

Pressing send, my mom is so mean to me, but then again she does not know and I wish to never ever tell her. This will break her heart, it’s bad enough Mel and Chris know “mom, I am sorry. Just, I don’t like when you question what I do with Liana, I am trying to create a good environment for her” I feel bad because I am happy they are here but at the same time I am not “it’s fine, I understand” I don’t think my mom is happy with me right now though, looking down at Chris’ text.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

Lol your mom is ruthless but ignore her, you’ve always had a big forehead what’s new? Don’t listen to her, you’re beautiful! Yeah I came to my mom’s, I’m with Liana. Will be going home soon though. xx

To: Chris

From: Robyn

Tell me about it, you’re the only one to find me attractive haha. Awww, I think you may need to bring her back to me. My mom wants to see her and I am missing her crazy self. xxx

“So Robyn we need get you back in the limelight, do a few things for yourself that is. Some modelling and just get you out there more” Jay said, shaking my head “I don’t want too, I am good right now” I am not ready for that, I won’t do it without Chris. I am not confident enough to be around strange men “but it’s easy money for you, your face sells” Jay said all confused, that is all they care about. Looking down at my phone.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

The whole world finds you beautiful, stop it. You want compliments from me that is all, but I am the only one to love you for your snoring. I can bring her back tomorrow morning? And I want to ask you something…. but you got to say yes first. xxxx

To: Chris

From: Robyn

I do not snore Chris! And yes! Bring her back in the morning, will miss you in bed though. And first tell me what it is. xxxxx

I refuse to say yes, only god knows what he wants from me so I rather he tell me what it is first, he is totally not concentrating on Liana and just texting me, he is already texting me back.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

Look at you admitting to missing me already, will miss you too. I will miss you kicking my hard dick while you slept peacefully. Too late, you said yes. Come out with me for a meal and if you feel it maybe the club? Friends will be there too, bring Mel with you? Just get you out there, I will be around too? xxxxxx

He wants to take me out, well us. Furrowing my eyebrows unsure about this.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

I did that? I am sorry lol, I didn’t even know I did that. Really? Why ruin your time with me around, you go and enjoy yourself. xxxxxxx

Giggling to myself, I kicked him in the dick. I swear I am not even sure about that at all “I wonder who is making you smile so much” Noella said “Leandra” I lied saying, I just can’t get over that I did that to him, poor him.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

Yeah you did, so many times. Why you think you woke up with me holding your leg while resting on my stomach, remember you questioned? That was because I was trying to hold it in place lol, it’s fine though. Nah, come, I want you to come :D xxxxxxxx You keep sending me these kisses :).

Another message came through as I was reading the message above with the biggest smile on my face.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

I can’t fool myself, I don’t want nobody else to ever love me. You are my shining star, my guiding light, my love fantasy. There’s not a minute, hour, day or night that I don’t love you. You’re at the top of my list cause I’m always thinking of you. I still remember in the days when I scared to touch you. How I spent my day dreaming planning how to say I love you. You must have known that I had feelings deep enough to swim in. That’s when you opened up your heart and you told me to come in…

Oh my love. A thousand kisses from you is never too much. I just don’t wanna stop

This song came to mind :)

Placing my hand over my heart, placing my phone down to smile as I shook my head “my god” I said under my breath, fuck. I love him so much, shaking my head smiling “that ain’t no Leandra!” this is not the best time to be melting, with my family watching me. Looking back down at my phone, I just want to hear him sing that to me.

To: Chris

From: Robyn

I can’t stop smiling, stop this. Only if you sing that to me when you see me xxxxxxxxx

He is so cute, he is being so different towards me and he is not even mine. I just can’t explain it, we really shouldn’t be acting like this together, but we do.

From: Chris

To: Robyn

I am glad you are smiling! Deal!!!!!! I will do it, I will get the club to play it and I will sing it or privately but deal. xxxxxxxxxx Love is a gamble and I’m so glad that I’m winning. We’ve come a long way and yet this is only the beginning ;)

He is too much, no wonder he always got me in bed. Blowing out air smiling as I rolled my eyes, I guess Mel and I have something to do tomorrow.

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youhane meeting each others parents

Funny. I was literally just talking about this with @noodlerama yesterday.

You is exactly the kind of person you want to bring home to Mom. She’s friendly, charismatic, cute, athletic, talented, etc. Basically, you can’t really go wrong with You. But that’s exactly why Yoshiko’s parents are so dumbfounded by her. For her entire life their daughter has been so painfully weird and awkward that the concept of her having a painfully normal and outgoing girlfriend is out of this world to them. They assume there must be something “off” about her if she’s dating Yoshiko of all people. That isn’t to say that they don’t love and support their daughter dearly–but they never imagined someone like You to be her type, and vice versa. So throughout the entire dinner, the two of them are prodding You with questions, trying to find out what her weird quirk is–but the most they could come out with is that she really likes the sea and uniforms (Yoshiko catches on to their antics and sends them flustered glares from across the table).

Eventually, Yoshiko’s dad decides to get straight to the point and asks You what she likes about Yoshiko–wanting to be absolutely certain that this isn’t some kind of weird prank Yoshiko is pulling on them. Before Yoshiko can even get the chance to retort, You immediately starts to rattle off all of the different things she loves about Yoshiko. Her parents are shocked to hear her say things like how she likes that Yoshiko puts her all into the things she loves, or how, despite what she may think, she actually really is a good hearted person who cares deeply for her friends, etc. The list goes on and on, much to Yoshiko’s embarrassment and her parents’ surprise. However, they both feel some sense of relief to know that You is so supportive of Yoshiko’s interests and hobbies (especially since her interests are something that even they don’t fully understand). By the end of the evening, Yoshiko’s parents still aren’t sure how their daughter ended up with someone like You. However, they find themselves not really caring too much when Yoshiko lightly kisses You goodnight at the front doorway. If she’s happy then they are too.

Yoshiko meeting You’s family is a slightly different story, and there are two reasons for that. The first reason being that Yoshiko desperately wants to make a good impression on You’s parents so that she doesn’t look like a total freak. That being said, she has to try her hardest to keep the fallen angel contained, even though You tells her time and time again to just be herself. The second reason doesn’t emerge until Yoshiko actually meets her parents–that reason being that Yoshiko is absolutely terrified of You’s father. She always knew that You’s father was a sailor, but she hardly expected him to be six times her size, jacked up the yin yang, and basically look like a bear ready for the kill. To say the least, Yoshiko is afraid that if she says one wrong word or if her father finds out that she has so much as kissed You (let alone done other things to her) that he’ll break her in two with his bare hands.

You insists though that her dad is harmless and is actually just a big teddy bear. That doesn’t really ease Yoshiko’s nerves as they all sit at the dinner table together and she is now worrying about her father’s stare as well as keeping Yohane contained. Dinner ends up feeling very tense as Yoshiko attempts to keep this pleasant facade up (getting unamused glances from You all the while). But when You’s father asks Yoshiko about her hobbies all of her stress about the situation piles up and she freezes, pulling a mental blank before finally shattering and breaking out Yohane. After realizing what she’s done as You’s family stares at her with blank faces, she pales, starts to sweat, and her face falls before mentally cursing a, “crap”.

But seconds later, all of the Watanabes start laughing, taking Yoshiko off-guard. You’s father is laughing so hard that he slams his fist on the table and says, “There’s the girl You has told us so much about!” Yoshiko is so shocked that she looks to You for an answer, who simply apologizes through laughter and tells Yoshiko that her parents know all about the fallen angel stuff, and that she told them something like this would probably happen. Yoshiko is really embarrassed, but You’s dad tells her that she has nothing to be embarrassed about–because if it’s something that she feels passionately about then she should take no shame in that and pursue it full throttle. He then grins and tells Yoshiko that considering how much You talks about how she loves that part of Yoshiko that she has nothing to worry about (which gets an embarrassed, “P-Papa!” out of You). The mood really manages to ease up after that as You’s parents ask Yoshiko more about her interests and Yoshiko feels a little more comfortable just being herself (though, she’s still kind of embarrassed). When the two of them are sitting in You’s room later, You apologizes for her parents being so overwhelming. Yoshiko just sighs and smiles a little, tapping a finger against You’s lips and telling her not to apologize–she likes them.