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My beauty (Tyler x FemReader) fluffy aghast

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Request:  Tyler imagine with a plus size reader and Tyler is insecure of his scars from surgery but she comforts him? (I love you blog even tho I’m new your like one of the few Tumblr’s who write for Tyler ) -bunny

Warnings: sad cuteness


Someday’s were all for you. They pushed you forward to enjoy yourself and take time to see the beauty that truly was all around you.

They enveloped you in a warmth and pushed away your foreboding. They made you feel good about who you were.

Today was one of those days for you.

The air in the house seemed warmer, the lights seems brighter and everything seems more fragrant. A lovely day.

What was even better, was that you and your beloved were alone in the house for the whole day. Mark and Ethan, Amy and Kathryn all took time- either together or separately- outdoors.

Just you and Tyler.

So for this day, you decided a movie and cuddling was best.

“Tyloooorrrr~!” you called jokingly, swinging around one of the railing posts that outlined the stairwell. You fixed your gaze upward and called again “Tylooor!”

No direct answer was given to you.

Huffing a sigh, you pulled up the legs on your baggy sweats and jogged up the steps. At the top, you stopped for a moment, and looked left. Down to Tyler’s bedroom you walked.

“Ty?” you asked softly, knocked in a gentle manner as you entered his dorm.

Inside, you were confronted with the sight of Tyler huffing out small sobs.

Only small ones.

“Tyler-?” you rushed to his side almost hesitantly. In a collective gentle movement, you placed a solid hand on his shaky back and bent down slowly.

“What’s up, waterbug?” you questioned in a cute tone. Concern, you were sure, was written underneath your words.

“(Y/n), do I disgust you?” Tyler laughed.

Surprise quickly flushed through you. You opened your mouth but couldn’t speak.

“Because I disgust myself.” he finished with a quaint, sad hiccup.


“I really, really do…” he went on, looking down in dismay. His voice seemed to falter in a type of sad defeat.

“I see my scars everyday, and everyday they look back at me in hatred and unforgiving resentment.”

“Hey, don’t thi–” you were trying to make him stop. But… he needed to tell you what he thought.

“They aren’t even my fault! It’s not my fault I almost died-! It’s not… is the price for life a disgusting appearance?”

Tyler sounded broken and run down. What he wanted was closure, what he needed was reassurance.

“You are not disgusting,” you finally stated as a fact.

“you are lovely.”

So many words could have crossed his mind before Tyler could actually understand what you were trying to say.

“But…” he spoke.

“Look at me, Tyler.”

He did. The male looked at the one person he loved so much. As his partner, his best friend, his one and only.

“I don’t always love how my muffin top is visible through some shirts. I don’t always love how my thighs and calves completely touch. I don’t always love how my cheeks are a little chubby.”

You listed off your own insecurities in the face of Tyler’s.

“You don’t have to love your scars all the time either. But they are apart of you now. They show how much you fought to keep your life- they tell people your survival story.”

Your words seemed to sink into Tyler’s mind and more importantly; Tyler’s heart. He had to admit, you were right.

Maybe he didn’t love what he looked like twenty four seven- and that’s okay.

You continued and finished with “The best thing now is… we are both healthy- and healthy together.”

It was making sense to him. The tall male looked into your eyes for one long minute. Simply thinking about everything this conversation meant to him.

In one, fluid motion, he reached up and cupped his warm hand around your soft cheek. Tyler pulled you down in a desperate kiss.

He needed to feel you- to know that this wasn’t all for nothing.

You let your own hand hang off his arm, kissing Tyler back with as much passion as you were receiving.

Everything was definitely warm; filled with love.

“You are my beauty, you know that?” Tyler whispered as he pulled back “And my life saver…”

You smiled at him and bumped your forehead into his.

“Tyler I was thinking that we could watch a movie and cuddle today?” you asked him joyously, enjoying staring into his captive blue eyes.

“Sure~” he released you and stood up “Which movie, my love?” The brunette pondered in his deep voice. Some tears were wiped clean with the back of his large hand.

Nothing could stop the matching dopey smiles that slid onto both of your faces.

“I was thinking Beauty and The Beast.


(A/n): it ain’t easy

bein’ cheesy

Theory about Hannah's death. Don't read if you didn't watched all 13 episodes

This is my theory about Hannah. It’s not true, but it’s interesting to think about…

So… Why they didn’t showed up Hannah’s funeral? They didn’t talk about it and didn’t showed up. When Jeff died his mother told that his funeral was beautiful but nobody was talking about Hannah’s. And her grave isn’t finished jet (I know that’s bc nobody knows she’s going to die). And nobody at school didn’t talked about her funeral. She just killed herself and that’s it. It’s kinda weird tho.
I was thinking about it and who knows, maybe she faked her death just to get attention.
Maybe she just moved out the town and nobody knows about it.

🐳 rpdr mushy-gushy shit

In light of Aja being sent home, I feel like I should talk abt why I love her so much. Aja is a good friend, Aja is a funny person, Aja has beautiful tattoos, and she has acne scars/textured skin and I literally have struggled for so long with acne scars and my skin’s texture and like, seeing Aja do her thing even tho she isnt the conventional drag queen with a smooth ass face, she really served me some lessons in confidence ya know? She’s really passionate and it sometimes verges on bitter/mean, but she apologizes most of the time for her faults. I really love Aja and I’m gonna miss her BC she’s really special to me and seeing her on TV made my whole Friday night💕

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Favorite SE scene :)

I love so many of their scenes (obv) but when it comes to choosing one favourite, I’m kind of boring and like Paul, I always say the same one because it’s always my fave.

And it’s 3x01.

KW actually wrote it and he said: “No, she should get home. It’s the end of the night. We think all hope is lost. And then the phone should ring. And she should almost miss the call. And then when she picks up, he’s there, but he doesn’t say anything, he just needs to hear her voice, because it’s the only thing keeping him from completely falling apart.”

Because they had 2 seasons of a beautiful, strong relationship with ups and downs and so once Stefan gave himself over to Klaus to save Damon, that relationship, what they had was what gave her the strength to keep looking for him all summer and never give up even tho everyone thought she was being crazy. And it gave him the strength to keep fighting deep inside. And this is why I’ll always be a Stelena shipper, because their love was their strength, not a weakness.

Plus the beautiful music playing in the background: “A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, I was praying that you and me might end up together.
It’s like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert, but I’m holding you closer than most ‘cause you are my heaven.”
The lyrics just always made sense for them, it was very well written.

some facts about the flatwoods monster:

* she’s a lesbian
* she doesn’t have boobs she’s an alien
* when she paints her nails she dips her whole pointy finger in the bottle and hopes for the best
* she is the queen of the sleeveless crop top and maxi skirt combo
* she’s the leader of a local girl gang. they don’t do much crime they just hang out in cool jackets around the dumpy parts of town
* she loves animals so much that’s why she was in the woods she wanted to see a raccoon
*she gets sad that she can’t wear baseball caps
* her teeth are very pointy, she doesn’t show them that often tho
* she likes geodes cus they’re both sharp and beautiful. she can relate

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veronica lingers after JDs burial and then sits next to his grave alone, quietly singing under her breath "and you know, you know, you know, you were so beautiful-"

omg but why would she be singing it
Still A+ sadness tho

Showing baekhyun to my mom
  • Me: this is baekhyun, mom. What do you think about him?
  • Mom: .. is that lipstick on his lips?
  • Me: *coughs*..no...
  • Mom: I'm pretty sure it's lipstick.. why is a boy putting on lipstick?
  • Me: .... ... .. he's cute, right?..
  • Mom: he's screaming beautiful.. so feminine..
  • Me: ...ok...
  • Mom: a girl can't walk beside him cuz he'll look prettier than her and it'd be awkward..
  • Me: ...
  • Mom: .. so feminine and pretty ..gosh..

I’m in the worst mood ever! Good (?) news for you guys though, cause I need an outlet for my rage so prepare yourselves for.. another profanity filled Union update! Keeping it real and fresh as always, aka what Komei has been doing to the litter 24/7 since our lot can barely contain all the cat shit we’re drowning in. We’re halfway thru completing Komei’s lifetime want, 3 cats at the top of their careers out of 6, and it’s only taken a literal lifetime.

So the situation in the house continues to bear an unsettling resemblance to the last days of the Roman Empire. No wonder these cats can’t get promoted when they’re too busy trying to avoid getting killed by Visigoth Victor. We have Victor vs Ronron…

Victor vs Neo..

Victor vs Alegra..

..and Victor vs Roux! I’m starting to suspect that Victor may be the problem here.

Meanwhile Victoria and Komei are having the time of their lives watching the bloodshed! Last time I saw either of them so happy was when they were cheating on each other. Bread and circuses indeed.

One small glimmer of hope appears when Roux gets this insane bonus and then immediately gets promoted!

I’m all like YAAAAS BITCH SLAY, 4/6!!! and then NOT 2 FUCKING SECONDS LATER:



……………………………..FUCK. ME.

How many times is it now that Neo has gotten fired, cause I’ve literally lost count. Imagine if he wasn’t the ~genius one. Way to disgrace your mother’s name!

I’m so upset by Neo’s fuckery that I take Melody and Gunther out clubbing in the middle of the day to feel better. Ah, so cute ❤

SO. CUTE.  ❤


Unfortunately our milf past is back to haunt us.

-Ooooh, hey there, jaibait ;) Look at your girl. Then back at me-


We run into the Count, and Melody has the honor of being introduced to one of Victoria’s lovers, an important rite of passage for anyone marrying into this family. Congrats, Melody! Let’s ignore Daniel’s first kiss, Lakshmi, who seizes the opportunity of Melody turning her back to discreetly merge herself with Gunther, and then spends the rest of her stay furiously heartfarting over him. Jfc Gunther, what do you do, roll around in honey?

-It’s Axe bodyspray ;)

Ugh fuckboi. You better not cheat on Melody, you hear???

I MEAN SHE GAVE US A FUCKING ELECTROSPHERE AS A DATE PRESENT. Thank you Melody! Finally the litterboxes get the lighting extravaganza they deserve.


When I tell you guys that Komei wants to bankrupt us I’m not kidding. Ever the practical spirit, the moment we have some extra cash he starts rolling wants to buy $2k stereos and $5k games. GROW UP

This night is a mixed bag, on one hand Vic topped her career, on the other Gunther got fucking arrested while sneaking out with Mel. Thankfully his parents could not give less of a fuck even though both were awake when Dorian diligently returned him.

-This will teach you to walk around with that glorious mane, leaving no woman for us hair-challenged adults, brat! Stay within your age group!

Looking amazing painting in your hot dog uniform!

-Melody forced me to wear it so no one would hit on me..

Melody knows what’s up.

-God, being monogamous for two entire days sure is tough. My mind is racing with all the hot dog pick up lines I could use..

You’re really too young for me to castrate you, so better just try and channel those frustrations into your art.

-I don’t need no drama, I just need some nana, just told my lil’ mama, ‘babe, I think I love you, kinda’ ♪

WRONG ART FORM. GOD. Get it together Gunther, cause if you fuck things up with Mel it won’t end well. For you.

-So Gunther, the other day I was thinking of some professions that would be more realistic than your dream of becoming a legendary artist.. Kid’s party magician popped in mind.

-Ugh, don’t listen to him, Gunther, you can’t abandon your dream! I mean look at your father, he had a dream to see 6 pets top their career.. and 40 years later.. he’s still nowhere near achieving it! HAHA. What a fucking loser you are, dear. God, I can’t believe I married you, what the fuck was I thinking. All I got was stretchmarks and two decades of sleeping next to the overwhelming aroma of cat excrement. In conclusion, Gunther, you and your brothers were giant mistakes.. What were we talking about again?

Yea, seems about right. Komei is, once again, on the verge of aspiration failure, which you know, when is he not. He finally does roll one want I can complete tho..

Cooking competition! I cannot stress enough how much I ignore anything Free Time related, like I’ve been playing this game since I was 10 and I only discovered that special hobby lots exist last year. So yea, this is a first for both me and Komei, but we’re in this together! We submit our specialty, cat hair covered chili..

The competition is fierce. Thank god Komei’s loving family has come along to support him!

-Why are we here again?

-Some of your father’s cat beauty pageant shit or something, who cares.. STOP MOVING YOUR HANDS SO FAST

LOL look at these anxious flops. Our Komei is cool as a cucumber tho! Wtf is a professional chef doing here?? This feels very unfair, they should be in a league of their own. If we lose to her I’m gonna appeal and then burn this place to the ground.

And we’re up first! Is the judge gonna appreciate our secret ingredients of cat hair and saliva???

YAS. A very promising reaction!

LMAO professional chef flops! Bet she didn’t have a trace of pet dna in that cake!

I can’t quite decode this expression, but I think it signifies expectations not being met. FLOP

Yea mte, blondie. Who tf enters salad into a cooking competition? A non-starter if there ever was one!


I don’t know what you heard about me,
but a bitch can’t get a dollar outta me

No Cadillac, no perms, you can’t see,
that I’m a motherfuckin’ P.I.M.P.

Congrats, Komei! How lucky you are to have your family share in this moment of triumph! 

-You won’t believe this mom, but Neo got fired AGAIN

-LOLOL. Wait, why do I have a feeling we’re supposed to be doing something else right now?

-Is it playing more red hands?


We return home, where og weeaboo Tom Cruise/Last Samurai graces us with his presence! Looking good, Tom. Meanwhile Vic has an emotional moment in the rain contemplating the artistic merit of the flamingos. Idk why both she and Komei have become obsessed with them ever since they aged up but it’s pretty depressing. And then, as Komei is soundly asleep, the unthinkable happens…

SIMULTANEOUS FUCKING PROMOTIONS. I wish I had something more eloquent to say about this but the best I can muster is FUCKING. BYE. THE FUCK. I DID IT.


AND WE’RE FINALLY OFF TO COLLEGE. GOD. Melody comes over on her own and we have this dramatic moment of Gunther ~passing her by, off to join his brothers at La Fiesta Tech. And to slut it up. Or is he??? I legit don’t know yet, but find out next time in The Unions: College is a Scam.

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Hello! How would the RFA and Saeran react to MC being a real-life princess who was visiting from her home country? Thank you!


  • So star-struck!!
  • He doesn’t really know what to do?? Like… You’re royalty and he?? Eats cold pizza everyday???
  • He’d probably call you Cinderella a lot. 
  • He asks if you can talk to animals
  • He doesn’t really know what to do though?? Like, you help run a country? 
  • When you two get married, he has no idea what to do. Will he have to run the country some day?
  • You assure him it’ll be fine. You’re not even the oldest child. Neither of you will have to worry about it!
  • Prince Yoosung is a cute baby omg


  • Prince Zen! Prince Zen! Prince Zen!
  • He’s so hype about this though? Like that’s so cool!
  • He would definitely mess with you by singing Disney songs.
    • “Babe where did you put the remote?”
    • “It’s just around the river bend…”
    • “Why do you always do this”
  • He’d love to see you wearing a princess gown omg
  • He seems really confident, but when you bring him home to meet your parents he is so overwhelmed?? He can’t even think straight.


  • Now he understood why you’d laugh every time he called you “princess”…
  • Honestly tho Prince Jumin would be great? Like, he’s already pretentious and rich so it’s not too much of a stretch.
  • He’d be a bad king, though. See how much he works Jaehee? It would be that x100000 for everyone in the kingdom.
  • Honesly though, he’s met so many political rulers and leaders that this doesn’t even phase him.


  • She thought you were joking at first.
  • Like she knew you were beautiful and really smart and cool, but like? You’re a princess? Woah dude
  • She’s a little apprehensive. Would dating a woman hurt your reputation?
  • You assure her that it does not matter who you date, and if it did, you would run away with her!
  • She’s so touched she could cry that sweet bby


  • He’d already known, and this is why he was the most hesitant about loving you.
  • If he was with you, the public would need to know. The princess can’t have a scandal! And that would put him out in the open and that would make it so easy for his father to find him and his brother.
  • But like?? You’re a princess. You’d be able to protect him and his brother!
  • He wouldn’t have to work for the agency anymore bless
  • He would pull pranks on butlers and with the maids help and the help of any of your little siblings!


  • He’d ask why you chose him and would ask over and over if you’re really sure you want to be with him.
  • This is like the opposite of a Disney movie: a poor and sad boy gets rescued by a strong and beautiful princess!
  • He’s diggin it tho!
  • He deserves so much love and happiness though and you can get him the proper help he needs to feel good!
  • He really likes to hang out in your garden. It’s very nice and he could spend hours walking around smelling flowers.
  • He’s not sure how he feels about all of the attention he gets now. He feels pretty negative about it in his gut.
  • If you help him get accustomed to it, he’d do it for you.

Finally watching Handmaid’s Tale, and aaaaaaaaa Margaret Atwood just slapped Elisabeth Moss.  I’m not kidding or making a euphemism or anything. Margaret Atwood just slapped Elisabeth Moss omg.

A NaruSaku timeline AU, anyone?

I would like to do this NS thing……

these are all quick summaries and ideas. I would love for them to be stories later in the future :)


I would like to have a later 19th century- early 20th century NS AU. A Victorian era AU. Like those two growing up in the 1890s-1910s. Naruto (1880-1962) and Sakura (1881-1967) having those silent moments together where they hold hands together. Naruto comes by to give her flowers.  Naruto gives sakura tons of dresses/jewelry/those Victorian hats due to being son of a state senator (minato). I need pictures of them in their Victorian outfits. family pictures with the kids

do you want a 1920s NS AU of Naruto and Sakura living in the roaring twenties? wearing the flapper outfits and 20’s suits. Naruto is kinda rich (his father is the senator) so he’s the first in his town to own a car. He and Sakura (and sometimes brings Sauce along) to go in the town and go to secret pubs and drink. That Jazz music and dancing tho.

Are you thinking of a 1930s AU of Naruto and Sakura triying to get through the depression? They have 2 kids to feed. Naruto works at a factory 12 hours a day. Sakura is singer at the cotton club trying to get famous so she can help her family. she has beautiful voice that can make you understand why Naruto loves to hear it 24 hours a day. The family dancing to jazz/swing records during the night and the parents tucking the kids into bed for school in the morning.

How about a 1940’s AU with Sakura being the head nurse for WWII, and meeting solider!Naruto during his first day of training.  Naruto takes an interest in her and tries to impress her with his skills (even tho he falls last in the sessions). She sees him as just another solider who will unfortunately will die on the first day of battle. She starts to take an interest in him due to his fighting spirit and refusal to give up. Sakura falling for Naruto after that and starting to worry because she knows that she may not see him again after he goes to war. Sakura and Naruto make love before he leaves to Germany. When Naruto tells Sakura (tears in her eyes) goodbye, she gives him a tight hug/kiss and warns him “and if i dare see an limb missing from you, then you’ll see hell, shannaro!!” Naruto smiles at her warmly and tells her, “don’t worry I’ll be back before you can say dattebayo!” unfortunately, he couldn’t keep the promise and didn’t make it alive. She didn’t even get to tell him that she was pregnant with twins. She tells her kids stories about their father and how much he would’ve loved to see them.

Are you feeling a 1950s AU of Naruto rocking that 50s hairdo? Acting all rebellious against guadians? Sakura being the goody-goody two shoes and keeping Naruto in check when he acting rebellious/reckless. Naruto loves it when he gets her attention. it gives him a reason to flirt with her. Getting Sakura to go out with him to a drive-in to see movies like “shane” or “Carmen jones” Naruto getting her tickets to see Elvis Presley. Sakura was so happy that, out of nowhere, she kisses Naruto on the lips. Poor boy fainted and bonked his head on the floor…

Are you up for a 1960s AU of Sakura being in a girl singing group with her friend Ino and Karin? They were at the charts with their #1 single for 20 weeks. Naruto was a fan who happen to run into the beautiful lead singer at a diner. She tried to be in disguise, but c'mon girl, wearing a hat with sunglasses wont do anything. They have a nice talk for a while and Sakura gives him free tickets for the next concert and hopes she sees him again.  

  • Or another 60s AU of Sakura starting in a 1960s sitcom that ran for 10 years. Naruto staring as her husband in the sitcom. both end up getting married in real life after the 5th season.

Maybe you would like a 1970s AU of Naruto meeting Sakura at a Anti-war protest. Sakura is a college student who believes that tension can be solved without war. Naruto, a college drop out, was at the protest because his friend, shikamaru dragged him into it (because the protest was giving out weed for free, you can’t give that up).

Maybe an 1980s AU of Naruto once again, the rebellious teenager who loves rock music. Sakura the preppy girl who can’t stand kids who don’t follow the rules and do stupid things. She doesn’t give him no mind, until she’s told to tutor Naruto with his math for the next few weeks (how lame…) . However, she learns that Naruto is an orphan who lives at a foster home who only acts at that to get attention from people since the people at this foster care don’t care about him enough to do it. Learning that he’s a super star wars geek and has fun debates with sakura, a star trekkie, on which series is better.

A 1990s AU of Naruto and Sakura being huge videogame fans. Kushina taking Naruto to Sakura’s house so she can chat with Sakura’s mom. Naruto and Sakura spend hours playing Super Mario 64, Pokémon, Starfox, and MarioKart 64. Naruto doesn’t get how Sakura is so good at playing these games, and gets mad that he can’t even get pass the first level/gym battle/minigame/battle.

A 2000s-2010s AU of Sakura being a famous youtuber where she does make-up tutorials and funny Q&A/skits with her Friend Ino and Temari. Naruto is a famous Viner/ instagramer with a ton a funny content. Sakura thought that vine was just a stupid tactic for people to be funny for 6 seconds, and didn’t pay attention to who Naruto was.  Both kids meeting at an comic con signing autographs for fans. Sakura sees how goofy/stupid/cute Naruto can be when they have a conversation together. Sakura soon letting Naruto do collabs with her and being a part of his vines.



I know, maybe a Marvel!AU with Naruto being an avengers recruit with Steve Rogers being his teacher. One day Steve takes Naruto the Xavier institute for a Avengers meeting with the X-Men. When Naruto was wondering around the halls while the avengers were in the headmaster’s office, he sees a pink-haired student who is running down the hallway to her literature class. He tries to speak with her, but she runs right pass him, not being able to speak to him (what does he expect? she’s late to literature class, Mr. Lehnsherr ain’t gonna be having any excuses of hers (this is the good ending of DOFP, btw)). He soon sees her before he leaves and gets to talk to her. She has the most beautiful eyes, lovely voice and such a cute forehead. He soon tries to find reasons to go back to the Xavier institute so he can see that pretty face again.


happy NS day :)

@midgetmeredith, you’re like the only other NS fan I know lol, and I would like to see what you think of these ideas :)

I started to lose ideas after the 1960s……

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THAT’S THE NUMBER ONE THING I LOVE ABOUT THEM THO. they’re just there for each other so much! the amount of loyalty and respect they have for one another is amazing, it’s the kind that keeps you going on the toughest days or when you’re doubting yourself. why do you think it’s so easy for bellamy to pick raven up when she’s down? it’s because she trusts and respects him 110%!! they have this unwavering faith in each other.

that’s why they’re so close because they understand each other so well, they’re on the same wavelength. this is what building a strong, healthy relationship looks like. people want blarke to become canon when they don’t have that foundation because klak has manipulated and abused bellamy so much it’s hard for him to trust her but with raven there’s never doubt about it. “you with me?” “ALWAYS.” like did he really have to ask??? of course she is! i really don’t understand why people are so against them!

Coffee Talks- Yoongi

So yeah, I’m uploading another one bc it was sitting in my drafts all finished and shit and i don’t know why i didn’t upload it earlier. 

I put a name for a girl, but you can erase it and put your name in <3

But I hope you like it tho :3

The ending is a little bit weird and cringe worthy, but nevermind keke

Genre: fluff

Paring: Min Yoongi x Reader

Count of words: 2384

Summary: Who said that guy can’t be shy around girl he likes? 

Originally posted by notjustaphase

She was standing there. Looking beautiful as always. Her eyes were shining. Her smile brighter than the sun. And those rosy cheeks. She was the most beautiful person he ever laid his eyes on. Even though some people told him she’s too plain. She was amazingly beautiful for him.

So he was standing leaned against his locker looking at her every move. The way she was gesturing while describing something. The way her cheeks were going up when she was smiling. She was perfect even when she was just standing still listening to her friend. Oh boy, he was so in love with her. But there was one thing that was keeping him from telling her what he felt for her. He thought she didn’t see him in any other way than a friend. Cliché, right? A guy falls in love with his friend that he assume doesn’t feel the same.

Not that he ever asked her about it. He couldn’t . He was too scared to do the first move. Common isn’t it? He didn’t want to lose her as friend because of his little, stupid crush. “Hyung!” He heard right next to his ear. “Goddamn it Hobie! Why are you screaming into my ear?” He pushed him away lightly with a frown on his face. “You were staring at Sooyeon-ah again. Why don’t you tell her?” Namjoon asked fixing his glasses. “Can we not talk about this? You are annoying me even more than usual.” He said putting his backpack on one shoulder. “Sooyeon noona!” Jungkook exclaimed when he saw her walking up to their group.

Oh my, she’s so beautiful.

“Kookie!” She ran into his arms and hugged him tightly. Every time Yoongi saw Jungkook’s arms around her waist he felt like someone was stubbing him in the stomach. “Hey oppa!” She greeted her older brother. “Have you eaten?” Jin asked in concern. “Oppa don’t worry. I’ve eaten my lunch.” She laughed and came up to Yoongi. “I haven’t greeted you yet.” She smiled cutely and hugged his waist. He out his arms around her shoulders patting her head gently. “Okay Yoongs. Take care of her from now on because I have drama class. Bye everyone!” Seokjin waved while walking away. “Go to your classes idiots. You will be late.” He spoke up still holding her in his arms.

It has been like this. Long hugs for hellos and goodbyes. It was so hard for him to let her go, but soon after she pulled away from his embrace, she put her arm around his waist and started walking to their class. So he put his arm around her shoulders holding her closer. It looked as they were a couple. People were assuming that they were. Oh, how he wished for it to be true. He was debating whether he should tell her or not. He was always telling himself not to do it. But his time came. Even if he was going to lose the best person that came into his life. He decided to do this. They were heading to their class while Sooyeon was telling him some story from last weekend when she was the the sea with her aunt. But Yoongi turned left to the corridor that was always empty. He stopped and moved away from her a little bit so she was standing in front of him.

She was in shock of course. She didn’t know what’s going on. But she was also excited that she was there only with him. “Yoongi what’s wrong?” She asked looking at him, but he lowered his head and was looking at his feet. “I…I just…uh…wanted t-to…ah…ask i-if you…” He paused for a bit and looked up at her. She was giving him reassuring smile. Yoongi wiped his sweaty palms on the school uniform jacket and scratched the back of his head. “You can ask me whatever you want oppa. I will try to answer.” She put her hand on his shoulder and he smiled. “I wanted to ask…if you want to go and grab some coffee with me after school?” He said on one breath looking at her face closely. Her hand dropped from his shoulder and he felt big hand clenching onto his heart. But then her hands went to her cheeks to cover bright red blush. Her common action when she was surprised. “Oh my…ah!” She looked up at the ceiling smiling brightly. “As the…” She started when she calmed down. “…date? Only if you want to.” He finished for her.

Next thing he knew was her throwing herself lightly on him hugging him. “Of course oppa. I’d like to!” She smiled at him when they pulled away. “For real?” Like a date? You want to…” He looked at her in awe. “Oh shit.” He whispered still amazed by all the situation. “I would like to go on a date with oppa.” She smiled now shyly when those words slipped out of her lips. “I will wait for you at the front doors, okay?” He smiled at her when she looked up at him. :Okay, but now let’s go to our class. We’ll be late.” She grabbed his hand and started running. He felt sparkles when she touched him and butterflies in his stomach.

This is great.

They were sitting at the same desk . So close to each other. Their shoulders were brushing against each other when one of them started to write down the lesson. In the middle of biology class Yoongi felt warm little hand on his under the table. His eyes widen  and he looked down. She was holding his hand. Without any reason. Yoongi looked up at her. She had warm smile on her face looking at the teacher that was explaining something. But Yoongi didn’t paid attention to him. He was more focused on her touch. Her thumb was drawing circles on the back of his hand. He finally go himself together and intertwined his fingers with hers. Sooyeon laid her head on his shoulder sighing. “I like you Min Yoongi.” She whispered into his ear. His whole body tensed up, but soon after he looked to the side and met her beautiful eyes. “I like you too Kim Sooyeon.” And he squeezed her hand lightly.

Whole day was filled with skinship and sweet talk. Yoongi didn’t know what got to him to be like this. But he enjoyed it truly. They were holding hands, laughing their butts off. Sooyeon hugged him more often than usually. They were acting like a couple even when they weren’t. Just yet.

It was about the time when Yoongi was supposed to wait for her at the main entrance. And he did it. He was waiting for her leaned against the wall looking at everyone who was walking out of the school. After few minutes he saw her. She was looking around. Yoongi decided to come up to her from behind and sneak his arms around her waist. Sooyeon squeaked jumping up. “Oppa! You’re mean!” She slapped his arm playfully when she turned around. “Did you tell hyung that you’re not coming back home with him?” He asked just in case. “Oh…no I didn’t.” She looked down. “Don’t worry beautiful. He’s actually coming this way so we can ask him.” Yoongi put his index finger under her chin and put her head up smiling warmly. “Hyung!” He waved at his friend when he was closer. “What’s up Yoongi-ah?” He asked coming up to them. “I wanted to ask for your permission to take Sooyeon on a little date today.” He said shyly. Jin widen his eyes at him. “Oppa! Don’t look at him like this.” She poked his arm. “You have my permission, but her home before nine, okay?” Yoongi nodded energetically grabbing her hand. “Thanks hyung!” He waved at him when they were running down the stairs.

They were walking on the streets holding hands and laughing. “There is great café around the corner. Let oppa treat you with really good coffee.” Yoongi put his arm around her shoulders pulling her closer. “Are you going there often?” She looked up at him. “I’m spending there every Saturday. It has really nice atmosphere to write lyrics.” He smiled dragging her into some cozy looking café. “Oppa, how do you know such peaceful place?” She asked looking around when they sat on sofa. “I’m not as cold as it looks, Sooyeon-ah.” Yoongi stood up leaving her small posture on big, red sofa. “What do you want?” He asked taking out his wallet. “The same as you, you have good taste in coffees.” She smiled up at him taking off her uniform jacket. “Americano indeed?” He winked at her and walked off to the counter.

Sooyeon was looking at Yoongi’s profile. Admiring every inch of his face. She has realized that after saying “I like you”s to each other she find him even more attractive. His cheeks looked so soft. His eyes were shining when he looked back at her. She could say she was in love with Min Yoongi. But she has never been in love before. She was still looking at him when she saw blond girl from her art class talking to him. No, she wasn’t talking. She was flirting with him. Sooyeon felt anger boiling inside of her already. She jumped up from the sofa and came up to him. “Oppa, why is it taking so long?” She clenched onto his arm with one arm and intertwined her fingers with his with other hand. “Oh, hi!” Sooyeon acted cute looking at the girl. “What are you doing here? Didn’t you come home with your brother?” She was confused. “It’s none of your business Eunjin. “ Yoongi snapped back at her. “Oppa, calm down.” Sooyeon caressed his cheek. “Let’s take our order and go to our table.” “Eh you’re right jagi. Bye Eunjin.” He took both cups of iced Americano and left Eunjin in shock.

Sooyeon was in shock too. Her heart was pounding against her chest like crazy when she heard him saying such beautiful word to her. They sat on big, red sofa and Sooyeon sat at close to Yoongi as it was possible. “Oppa…” She sang leaning to him. When he looked at her, their noses touched making both of them blush. But none of them moved away. “You must really like me. “ She smiled cutely. “You called me jagi.” Sooyeon was beyond happy. She felt butterflies in her stomach when Yoongi smiled happily at her. “I do really like you Sooyeon-ah. I hope it won’t sound creepy, but I have fallen for you. I don’t only like you. I love you. I have loved you for quite long time now.” He admitted blushing like crazy. “Omo. Oppa, since when are you so honest?” She asked playfully.  “But I have to say that I have some strong feelings to you too. I think I can even say I love you too.” Her face was on fire. Yoongi sat straight looking her in the eyes. “Are you serious?” He asked excited like little boy. Sooyeon nodded hiding her bright red face behind the curtains of her black hair.

Yoongi was on cloud nine. He thought there is no chance for him to bi in relationship with girl that he loved. He thought that she won’t love him back. Yoongi thought that no one will actually love him. But she does. And he was so thankful for that.

When Sooyeon looked up at him with shy smile and red cheeks he fell in love once again. He fell in love with her innocence and cuteness. He could look at her for hours. “Oppa, don’t stare at me like this.” She slapped his arm playfully. “I just think you’re so pretty jagiya.” Yoongi placed his palm on her cheek and caressed it with his thumb. “Thank you.” Sooyeon whispered looking him in the eyes.

After few moments she looked away at her cup. She tried to hid her embarrassment. “Sooyeon-ah?” Yoongi whispered to her. She looked back at him and their faces were inches away. He was looking deeply into her eyes. “Hm?” He murmured trying hard not to break the eye contact. “I love you.” His words were like honey to her heart. She was looking back at him in awe. No one ever told her “I love you”. No one ever made her feel  so loved before. “Will you make me the honor and let me call you my love?” He asked taking her hands in his. Sooyeon was speechless. Her heart was pounding against her chest. Butterflies were going crazy in her stomach. Her hands started trembling. “Oppa…” She whispered letting one, happy tear roll down her cheek. “You’re the first man in my life that made me feel so loved and beautiful. You are so amazing and I appreciate every second with you. “ She made a pause and connected her forehead with his. “And I have to say yes. I want oppa to be my boyfriend.”

Yoongi pulled away from her a bit and scanned her face. His eyes started traveling from her eyes to her lips and back up again. She closed her eyes and whispered “Just do it Yoongi-ah.” He didn’t need other words of courage. His lips landed perfectly and gently on her. She didn’t dare to move. She stayed still and let him do the work until she get used to it. After few brushed of Yoongi’s soft lips against her she started moving with him in sync. Sooyeon pulled away before she could get excited. “What happened?” Yoongi asked looking concerned. “I just… it felt too good…and…I just…ugh never mind.” She got frustrated and looked down.

“Hey look at me.” He placed his index finger under her chin and put her head up. “Don’t worry. It’s okay that you feel this way babycakes. I don’t blame you sweetheart.” He smiled at her warmly. “Oppa, why are you so good to me?” Sooyeon asked wrapping her arms around his neck snuggling her face into the crock of his neck. “Because you deserve being treat like princess jagiya.” He kissed her cheek putting his arms around her waist and pulling her closer to his chest.

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I think Lauren is deemed intimidating bc she is very honest abt how she feels, I dont want to compare her, but other members come across as sweet and open. I met all 5 of them at LAX airport as I was getting my boarding pass (Coincidentally, it was awesome). I had a quick convo. with Mila and Ally, I said Hi to Dinah. Mila looked REALLY TIRED, I felt bad it seemed like something was off. I saw Normani and Lauren but I was running late so I didnt say Hi. (Part 1)

           (Part 2) So I spent a while telling Mila and Ally how I watched them perform in LA.Mila was really silly and Ally called me beautiful at one point, which was really sweet. I was in line to go thrw security and I asked Ally for a pic after our convo & she said yes. Then I saw Lo with Big Rob & asked for a pic and she said “when we get through security”. I was kinda bummed that she didnt give me the time of day. Initially it is how beautiful she is that prevented me from saying Hi.            

(Part 3)  Once we got through security I saw them all by a cafe, but I had to run to catch my seat so I didnt bother to ask Lo for a pic. She blew me off (kindly). I just think Lo can be kind, but personally she didnt seem present she was on her phone the whole time. Idk maybe other fans have had other experiences with Lo, but mine wasnt particularly positive… Mila and Ally tho are the cutest. Dinah too bc. she sniled at me. They’re all extremely beautiful in person really. :)            

Honestly, I would be so nervous or scared to approach them if I ever saw them again because they’re all so beautiful and you know getting to talk to  Lauren one-on-one would make me faint or something lmao but  I have anxiety so generally that’s my main problem. Although I feel like the common pattern as to why she’s intimating is  probably her looks and how comes off

sedumbhun-is-my-bae  asked:

OKAY! ANOTHER ONE! RFA+V+SAERAN HC TO MC LOOKING NOTHING LIKE THEY IMAGINED, I AM AGAIN GOING FOR THE BADASS MC! like we all know how MC looks in the game, long brown straight hair in brown and those clothes. nah gurl.. Like two different things please: one for like badass buisnessclothes MC, like stilettos ripped jeans and a button up and at the party like superrr tight backless minidress with killer eyeliner and stuff like that. YAS GIRL WE GOTTA FUCK IT UP! sorry :) lots of love for your blog

a/n: i’m just sort of… disregarding routes and having them all meet for the first time at the party lmao (w/ the exception of Saeran).


  • this boy didn’t really know what to expect when he met you
  • he had a few ideas floating around but nothing concrete
  • but BOI when he finally saw you he just abt died
  • doesn’t even realize it’s you at first
  • ur so put together;; he thinks you’re a model tbh…
  • he sees you coming towards him and is like so convinced you’re going for someone behind him
  • “Hi, Yoosung!”
  • did she just say my name??????? “H-hi?” he doesn’t understand at all
  • “It’s me; MC!”
  • u done it now… he almost faints
  • the whole party he can barely put a sentence together and he’s just….. perpetually red


  • now Zen just knew you were going to be cute as hell
  • he was so sure he was gonna be able to pick you out of the crowd
  • so when he saw this drop dead gorgeous woman in this absolutely killer outfit walking towards him, he didn’t have a clue
  • like Yoosung, he thinks ur a model… just another guest at the party
  • didn’t find odd that you were coming to talk to him tho, beautiful people mingle together right?
  • “Hello, Zen!” again not surprised that you know his name i mean cmon why he like this
  • “A pleasure to meet you, Ms.?” he grabs ur hand and bows and just god Zen again why he like this
  • “Ms. MC…” you tell him and tbh ur laughing at him
  • he drops ur hand and his face is just !!?? :0 ?!
  • tbh u tease him the rest of the party and he’s still just so dumbfounded that he doesn’t even care


  • since she’s checking off guests as they come in, she meets u first
  • she’s so busy that she doesn’t lift her eyes from her clipboard
  • “Yes, hello. What’s your name?”
  • “Jaehee? It’s me; MC.”
  • she’s so excited and then she looks up and abt drops all her stuff
  • ur… breathtaking? she had expected you to be beautiful, but this??
  • she stares for a second but clears her throat quickly
  • “Of course! I’m so happy to meet you!”
  • she ushers u inside and once ur gone she just…. she’s gotta fan herself


  • he sees you before you see him and boi he is captivated
  • u radiated beauty to him, your outfit is elegant and he truly admires the fact that it isn’t even slightly revealing but somehow still downright sexy
  • he decides to go introduce himself out of sheer curiosity
  • “Hello, my name is Jumin Han. I’m one of the hosts. I hope you’re having a good time so far.” boiiiiiiiiiiii
  • you laugh a bit and he’s Confused of course
  • “Jumin… It’s me. MC.”
  • “Oh. Forgive me, MC. I didn’t realize.” he acts totally cool but… is that a pink tinge you see on his cheeks?
  • steals glances at you the rest of that party, lowkey upset with himself for making a fool of himself


  • he already knows what you look like ofc, but still he wasn’t prepared
  • pictures, and even the cctv, didn’t do you justice honestly
  • thankfully, he saw you first… he knew it was you but g o d
  • is it even legal to look like that??
  • he basically admired you from afar the majority of the party
  • u could say he was nervous but it wasn’t really for a reason you’d expect honestly he wanted you to have a good time at the party and thought he’d somehow fuck it up for u
  • meanwhile ur asking abt him like where is this boy is he avoiding you
  • u find him tho thinking he’s being sneaky and totally surprise him
  • “Seven! Have you been avoiding me??”
  • u scare him lmao like he jumps
  • cue nervous laughter while he’s trying to come up w an excuse
  • “H-ha.. Haha! You have won the game, MC. Congratulations!!” dork…..
  • u know this boy is lying but you’ll worry abt that later


  • didn’t have much of an idea of what you’d look like honestly
  • of course he knew he wouldn’t be able to see you very clearly
  • he saw someone coming up to meet him, had no idea who it was honestly
  • as you got close to him, he saw how stunning you were, if a little blurry
  • “V, it’s MC. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
  • honestly isn’t surprised that it’s you, bc of course you’re gorgeous… it suited you
  • he’s the only one who openly compliments you
  • “The pleasure is all mine. You look beautiful.”
  • honestly he’s such a gentleman throughout the party…. nd ofc he’ll eventually ask to take a picture of you


  • like seven, he already knows what you look like, just not in person
  • so when he shows up at the apartment to take you to paradise, he is a bit shocked
  • normally he wouldn’t pay much attention to such a thing
  • but you were something special
  • finds himself forgetting everything he wanted to say
  • honestly gets mad at himself bc he’s letting you distract him
  • it doesn’t get any easier for him then on, he’s just perpetually confused and upset abt it lmao

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Lauren's interview was amazing but got me thinking something... the things she said about the industry, why would 5H team allow the magazine to publish this kinda of revealing thoughts? Could this be part of their plan to make ot4 look like four powerful women, that achieved control of their careers ~coincidentally~ after camila's departure? Like that trademark shit that billboard published? Anyway, beautiful words tho, Lauren is such a gem

Got a couple of asks like this so i’ll just answer this one. yes I think you are absolutely right that it is part of the PR goals since Camila’s departure. They couldn’t possibly make Camila leaving the group all about a quest for ‘authenticity’ and then just do nothing about how how people see the group - they had to bring more ‘authenticity’ to the 5H brand in order to restore people’s faith in it. It’s all to do with dealing with the whole ‘literal slaves’ image and yeh they definitely used the trademark bullshit for this too. I strongly believe that someone in a boardroom somewhere in L.A. used a big red marker to write “AUTHENTICITY” on a flip chart when they were planning public relations for this era. I’m not complaining though tbh - I’m really glad that they have let a bit of authenticity shine through, even if it’s still a bit selective and mostly focussed on Lauren and her activism. i’m just appreciating any bit of realness I’m given. I think it’s great that they’ve been pushed into a position pr-wise where they’ve had to build on some realness.