why is she always so damn cute

She chose Mon El

You get to choose who you love. 

I think that was the crux of the entire Supergirl episode this week. Even though Mr Imp (please don’t make me type out his full name) turned Kara’s world upside down, he actually had a very important purpose on the show- he asked the question that was on everyone’s mind since Mon El fell from the sky: “Why him, Kara?”

For all his Daxamite arrogant and brutish ways, why would Supergirl, a feminist like no other, want this man as her partner- both in life and out there, fighting side by side her. 

Kara is a woman and somehow people forget that women can make up their own minds. We actually have autonomy of mind which is rooted in our inherent dignity to make our own choices, create our own path and bloody hell, love who we will. 

Time after time, in this episode, Kara reiterated a vital point- you may love someone but you don’t get to force them into loving you. You choose to love someone and you put them first- always. Say what you will about Mon El, but at least he didn’t use intergalactic power to conjure up a super villain just because he wanted to be loved.

To some, Mon El’s constant ‘wanting to save the honour of his lady’ may have been annoying and even Kara thought so- personally, it was so damn cute to watch him be one-upped by an imp- an alien lepricorn.

Kara chose Mon El…warts and all. No one is perfect on this green, beautiful Earth and in the heavenly and not-so-heavenly alien worlds on Supergirl. Even the delicious Clark Kent has his faults. The point is that Kara has thought about all of Mon El’s misgivings, she has hemmed and hawed about her feelings for him for months now, she has thought and overthought this through…

Why can’t we trust her choices? Why are we eager for her to always save the day with her awesome powers but when it comes to something as basic as her making up her own mind about who she wants to date, we are already making a long list of cons. 

Kara is brave, daring and so many other heroic things but she is also damn smart- a characteristic she needs to be given more credit for; can everyone just breathe and let her live her life? Let her be with Mon El because she wants to…

In all the craziness, it’s him she wants by her side…this boy from Daxam who she yells at, who makes her laugh unfailingly and who always has her back.

A boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton…just figuring out how to keep the world spinning…because nothing is stopping them…

Thoughts while reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Lani Taylor

-ooohhhh Prague
- Dare I believe it, a YA novel where the female protagonist isn’t a virgin…. I’m sold.
- Also Kaz? Nah the only Kaz I know should be over with Inej.
- Kaz cheated on my smol, peacock blue hair coloured, Karou.
- “No tiny violent one,” reminds me of tiny ancient one and there Zuzana is Amren or fight me.
- Karou has tattoos. Oh dear lord I’m in love.
- Dear Karou, marry me.
- Too early to tell Kaz to Fuck off?
- “… was a new tattoo. It was an elaborate., cursive K.” Yeah, it’s not too early to tell Kaz to Fuck off.
- Karou I beg you to stay this savage.
- You know, it’s refreshing to read someone who has this whole secret life thing, and doesn’t speak about it in riddles to the reader. Like Karou could be like my family is full of snakes and I’m their slave but instead she’s just like, yo, whatup this is me ma, sorta, she’s got a snake kink.
-Please make him scratch his ass.
- “no inessential penises,” well now I know the answer to any question asked in sex ed.
- Bitch I want full knowledge of any language. How much easier French and Irish could be.
- The thing is, “nice fiddling handsome man,” would probably get you a date in Ireland, so Zuzana, you know where to visit.
- KAROU WAS THE ONE WHO BROUGHT UP WINGSPAN, NOT ME. However would remove feet be bigger than Rhys’?
-Zuzana babe can I have some struddle.
- Oh, Elsewhere, with a capitol E. Fancy.
- “you scribbled out the best part”
“Trust me it’s not that great” *pew* *pew* shots fired.
-Okay Brimstone literally everyone would wish to turn off their lights without leaving the bed.
- A lot of euros? Excuse me, I need that.
- “musicians who asked questions.” Okay, there has to be a little bit of Irish in Karou.
-hand prints!? Dun dun dunnnnnn.
- Soooooooo, can I like Akiva?
-I kinda wanna like him
-Hey, Akiva, wanna hug to help you smile.
- So Akiva, you and Karou relate with the whole, feeling something missing thing.
- Wiktor in a feather boa is not a thought I needed but one that will never leave.
- Zuzana don’t get mad, then Karou will be sad, and if my ships to sail, sad ain’t gonna work when she meets Akiva. She needs sarcasm for him.
-“I swear I hate more people everyday,” yeah, Zuzana, trying being five foot ten and behind slow walkers.
-“she craved a presence beside her,” I was gonna say something but what Karou is feeling is hitting too close to home and I need to go and think back to that offer to see a therapist.
-What is up with butterflies?
-Akiva, I wanna like you.
-Ugh I’ll google it it’s safe to like you.
- Googled you Akiva and the wiki says some very good stuff.
- I read too much on the wiki and now nothing makes sense.
- Akiva is staring after Karou, lord help me IT’S SAILING.
-“and she was staring back,” AGH IT’S HAPPENING.
-So, Karou, would you say Akiva has an impressive wingspan?
-“she was not, in fact, human,” well yeah, figured that out myself Akiva.
-So Brimstone got angry.
-Well Fuck.
-Well Fuck again but with wings.
- Razgut can Fuck off.
- Karou and Zuzana’s friendship tho.
-“Waking as she drew him against her, and then, silkily into her,” I do love my smut references.
- Aww, Akiva, my little angsty child.
- Mik is too precious.
-“Is it weird that I’m turned on by a marionette,” Mik is hereby known as guy with puppet kink.
- Karou don’t hit your future husband.
- Of course he’s not okay Karou.
-You need to stop bringing up wingspan because this is no longer an everyday word for me.
- C'mon Akiva, just a little smile.
-Well Karou may not have laughed at his humour but I did.
-I live Zuzana.
-okay I’m glad you’re going with Akiva but please bring Zuzana, I’ll miss her.
- Now the wiki makes sense.
- I don’t even know what to write.
-Akiva is about to give us a lil story.
-Bitch if you drop that wishbone I will disown you as ever having been one of my smol.
-“we’re going to break the wishbones,” a stunning new novel by Lani Taylor.
- So did they kiss.
- Nvm now they’re kissing, the world is at peace.
- Oh, so we’re back to wishbone breaking.
- Wait they actually broke it.
-So no more kissing? Can’t she just wish away the tattoos?
- Why in God’s fucking name are people always so afraid of love simply because they don’t understand it.
-So these Chimaera can be reborn? Greeeeeeaaaattttttt.
-Well the whole sugar thing is interesting.
-It’s a pitty this cuteness won’t last.
- So Chiro = bad
- Well dick again.
-That ending…. why am I broke I need the next book now.

Top 5 Ships

thanks jae @ethereal-bellarke for this tag this was fun but also made me super emo

1. Bellarke: Bellamy Blake + Clarke Griffin (The 100)

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okay but y’all who follow me already knew that but seriously they’re just amazing together 

“Clarke, you don’t have to do this alone.” + “I can’t lose you too,” + “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.” +  “I need you.”

2. Scallison: Scott McCall + Allison Argent (Teen Wolf)

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omfg i cried for hours when she died they were my first ‘ship’ i guess they were beyond adorable  

“I know we’re going to be together.” “There’s no such thing as fate.” “There’s no such thing as werewolves.” + “It’s okay. It’s perfect. I’m in the arms of my first love, the first person I’ve ever loved, the person I’ll always love. I love you, Scott McCall.”

3. Frary: Francis Valois + Mary Stuart (Reign)

oh god same thing again i cried so hard when he died even though i knew it was inevitable they were so vital to each other i CANT

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“Such beauty; such beauty you have brought me.” + “All I ever wanted was you.”

4. Stydia: Mieczyslaw “Stiles” Stilinski + Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf)

the SATISFACTION when they finally got together thank GOD so happy for them

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“If you die, I will literally go out of my freaking mind!” + “When I kissed him, that’s when everything changed.”

5. Kolvina: Kol Mikaelson + Davina Claire (The Originals)

ahhh they were so cute i’m so upset that she died lowkey my guilty pleasure show/ship kol had/has the best lines especially with her

Originally posted by klopehybridss

“And I saw you. I was dead for ages Davina Claire, and only then did I feel alive again. I love you.” “I love you too.”

making this made me so emo oh my god it’s y’all’s turn if you wanna do it and as always anyone else who wants to! @bel-ami-blake @marvilmayhem @bellamynochillblake @bellarkesurvivestogether @spiderdoctor-67 @negasonic-teenage-what-da-shit @frecklessbellamy @nowwesurvive @mountainbellamy @that-damn-booklion @skruprotocol 

Request: Secrets

Request: can you write an imagine in which you are happy’s sister and juice has a crush on you?

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Everyone knew how devoted Happy Lowman was to his mother. It wasn’t a surprise when he decided to transfer to Samcro when she got ill; he wanted to stay closer to her. His brothers were happy to have him in Charming, he was a great addition to the mother charter. Juice had heard stories about the Tacoma Killer when he was just a prospect and yes, they were scary and weird, but he had learnt to respect the man. Sometimes they even teamed up to do errands, and that was one of those days.

They had finished the club tasks for that day and were heading to Mrs Lowman’s house to deliver her meds. Happy had said it wouldn’t take long, but almost twenty minutes had passed and Juice began to hear an argument coming from the house. He thought Happy’s mother was scolding him, something only she had the courage to do, but he was wrong. The Killer stormed out of the house, followed by a girl who looked completely pissed off.

“Don’t you walk away from me Hap!”, she yelled. Happy was already putting his helmet back on and ignored when the girl slammed the gate behind her.

“Let’s go”, Happy barked and started his bike. Juice did the same, glancing over his shoulder to the girl glaring at them from the sidewalk.


Happy didn’t care to explain what had happened and Juice wouldn’t dare to ask. He did noticed though, that his brother began to do errands alone after that day and wasn’t sleeping at the clubhouse often. The Killer didn’t mention what had happened to anyone and Juice couldn’t stop wondering what was going on.

He got answers a few days later, when he stopped in a diner on his way back to the clubhouse. Juice entered the place thinking about a milkshake and only noticed the girl behind the counter when she asked what he wanted to eat. She was the girl he had seen at Mrs Lowman’s house.

“I’m Y/N, I’ll be your waitress. What can I get you?”, she asked with a smile and Juice blinked, trying to speak again.

“Hm… A chocolate milkshake”, he ordered in a monotonous tone.

“Okay”, she wrote down his order and smiled again, “It’ll be ready in a few minutes”.  Y/N walked away to take other clients’ orders as Juice watched her. He had thought she was Happy mother’s caretaker, but his brother wouldn’t yell to her unless she had been doing a bad job. Maybe that’s why she was working at the diner. “Here is your order”, suddenly, she was back and he had caught staring.

“Thanks”, he mumbled, trying to keep his eyes on the glass.

“Why are you so shy now”, Y/N tapped on the counter to get his attention, “You were watching me just two seconds ago”

“I…I”, Juice stuttered, not only for being caught but because she was too close. She was so beautiful, how he hadn’t noticed that before?

“You’re cute”, Y/N smiled and then lowered her voice, “And I know who you are. I saw you with Hap the other day. Did he send you?”

“No”, Juice shook his head to deny it, “No, he didn’t. I’m here just to eat, I’m hungry and…”

“You’re really cute”, she giggled, “What’s your name?”

“J-Juice”, he stuttered again. Damn it, why so nervous in front of a beautiful girl?, “They call me Juice”

“Juice”, Y/N smirked and held out a hand for him, “Nice to meet you Juice. Enjoy your milkshake”, she winked and walked away.


Juice became a regular at the diner. Yes, lunch was only an excuse. What he really wanted was to see Y/N. She said he was cute, didn’t she? Y/N was always nice to him and Juice realized he had a crush on her. They’ve never talked about the club, though they talked about pretty much everything. Weeks passed before he have the courage to ask, “How do you know Hap?”

“I was wondering when you would ask that”, she was cleaning the counter and glanced at him, a smirk on her lips.

“Sorry”, Juice shrugged and blushed.

“It’s okay”, Y/N walked around the counter and sat by his side, “You’re a nice guy Juice. I’ll tell you, but you have to keep the secret”

“I will”, he nodded.

“Okay”, she took a deep breath and locked her eyes with his, “Happy is my brother”

“What?”, Juice creased his brow. It was a joke, wasn’t it?

“I left Tacoma years ago to study and now that I graduated and my mother is ill, I decided to live with her again”, Y/N confessed, playing and squeezing the rag on her hands, “Happy can’t stay with her all the time and a caretaker is expensive. I wanna help and take care of her”

“Is this why he was yelling at you?”, he carefully asked. This was Happy business, but Juice already had crossed the limits and would have to face his brother if he found out.

“Yes”, she admitted, “He wants me to leave, find a good job somewhere else, be safe. Nobody knows he has a sister, he says it’s better this way. He’s so stubborn. We both are”

“I’m sorry”, Juice wanted to touch her hands but he hesitated, “We can protect you. The club, I mean. Happy would have full support from the club, I’m sure”

“Thanks Juice”, she smiled and patted his shoulder as she got up, “You are a sweetheart”. Y/N returned to her place behind the counter, “Juice”, she stopped on her way to the kitchen, “Do you wanna go out? Have dinner together?”

“I…I…”, he stuttered again. Damn it!, “Yeah, but…”

“Happy doesn’t need to know”, she smirked and turned her back on him, glancing over her shoulder once as she walked to the kitchen.


They hadn’t settled a date for their dinner, but Juice was back at her work by the end of the day. He was nervous, thinking he probably looked like a teenager going out on his first date. Y/N just smiled and asked him to wait until her shift was over. Juice walked outside, sat on his bike and waited. Minutes has passed when he heard another bike. He knew, before he turned around, that Happy was there.

“What are you doing here?”, his brother barked, hopping off his bike.

“Coffee”, Juice shrugged.

Happy narrowed his eyes at him and Juice tried to think about an excuse to get out of that situation. He wasn’t so lucky though, because Y/N walked out the diner. “Hey Juice! I’m ready, where…”, Y/N stopped talking when she noticed Happy standing there, staring at her.

“Ready for what?”, Happy grunted and looked at Juice again. His brother looked like he was about to kill someone.

“We’re going to having dinner”, Y/N told her brother. She walked to Juice and held his arm, “And Hap…He knows”

“What?”, Happy clenched his jaw, already walking toward Juice.

“Happy Lowman”, Y/N held out a hand to stop him, “He knows I’m your sister and why you don’t introduce me to anybody on your little club”.

“First. It’s not a little club”, Happy explained while Y/N just raised an eyebrow at him and Juice could only watch in silence, “Second. You shouldn’t joke about your safety. And Third”, Happy pointed to Juice, “You’re off limits to him”

“I am the one who decides the limits”, Y/N let Juice go and crossed her arms, glaring at her brother.

“Y/N…”, Happy growled.

“Stop Hap”, she sighed, “I’m not going anywhere or arguing about this anymore. I’m here to take care of mom, you liked it or not. And I will have dinner with Juice. He’s gonna keep the secret Hap, but you should tell everybody, it would be easier”

Happy just grunted and stared at them, then he pointed to Juice, “If you hurt her, I’m gonna get a new happy face tattoo. Do you understand?”

“Yes”, Juice swallowed and nodded.

“Happy”, Y/N grimaced.

“What? I have to make sure he understands”, Happy shrugged.

“If he hurt me”, Y/N said over her shoulder as she pushed Juice toward his bike, “I’m gonna get me a happy face tattoo brother”

Em's 2.5k Fic Recommendation

Why hello there! There’s 2.5k people following and that’s absolutely unbelievable. Thank you all for following me, reading and commenting on my imagines, talking to me, or even just being there and supporting me through my time of being a writer. I’ll never forget it. *cue sappy music*

These are imagines that have come off the top of my head, all Teen Wolf related or actors in TW, that have stuck with me through my time on here, stories that I would go back and read through. From me to you, thank you all for being so amazing at writing.

And I probably forgot so many amazing people off this list, but keep up the good work guys. And remember, I’ve said it before; I find it so hard to read Teen Wolf imagines lately - I’m stuck in a world full of Stucky lately - so if you have wrote an amazing imagine within the last little while and it’s not on this list, to be honest I probably haven’t read it (I know that sounds awfully rude, I don’t mean it to come across like that either but it’s the truth)

I had 20+ fics here, but I had to cut it down to 11! because it was just a never ending thing, I hate leaving people out but I’m that nice I would have added every single person I follow

This will, and always will, be the first on my list for any recommendations that I’ll give. This list is not in order of preference, but I’ll say this once, THIS WILL ALWAYS GET FIRST PLACE. This story made me an emotional wreck and it truly is a work of art. Kenzie is so damn wonderful at writing, and if I could reread this story all my life, I happily would. Who doesn’t love a 50 era story though? Slicked back hair, leather jackets.

I sure am a sucker for best friend reader x Stiles, this story was so cute and so well-written. I don’t usually read stories based around the plot line of Teen Wolf but I always make an exception for this one <3

I found this story whilst going through the Theo tag on Tumblr, and I just fell in love with it straight away. I absolutely love the banter between the reader and Theo about the dread doctors, it’s so light hearted and the smut is ace!!

If I could, I would add every single imagine Mal has wrote to this list because her smut is literally the best smut you will need. Ever. This story is just so wonderful and it literally had me shook from the start. And like I mean, I would love to have Stiles wank over me too!

This story was an emotional rollercoster for me. It’s definitely my absolute favorite imagine from Bee. It’s so real, and I would 100% become a makeup artist if I got to fall in love with Dylan. I do love stories based on movie sets with Dylan, he’s just so wonderful just like this story!

I don’t read many Peter stories, I don’t know why, but this one was just so damn cute and amazing. I love a wounded and shirtless Peter, and as always, cocky as fuck. This story made the butterflies erupt in my stomach. It was just do damn good!

Of course I had to add the queen to this list. I was so tempted to tag your complete Brett masterlist *cough* here y’all go *cough*. Joey is definitely the best Brett writer out there, she captures him so damn well! I love the concept of this story and the smut is just squeal-worthy.

If anyone knows me, or if you’ve been following me for a while now, you know I LOVE DEREK HALE. I LOVE HIM. So much, and protective Derek is definitely no different. And when Derek grabs the reader to spin her around, MY HEART it exploded. This story is truly amazing, and I 100% recommend for Soph to write my Derek Hale smut! Plus, I was going through my followers list and Sophie was the FIRST ever person I followed her on Tumblr, so amen to her.

I don’t actually think I follow this page, but I got this sent in by @awesomelion and I remembered it straight away. This was the first fic I read when I joined Tumblr and I reread it when I got it sent in, and guys IM STILL SO IN LOVE WITH THIS FIC how many times will I have to cry over it?? I completely forgot what had happened and it broke my heart reading it again.. BRB CRYING

I remember I went into a reading slump and couldn’t read anything and I was scrolling through Tumblr and this came up, and I immediately fell in love with it. I love Jealous Scott, and Alpha/Beta/Omega smut so this story was perfect for me. It’s absolutely amazing and so well written. If anyone hasn’t read this, and is a Scott lover like me, give it a read because it’s so amazing!

This… this is just so perfect. I love it. Everyone knows how much I adore AU and Teacher Dylan is no different. Chloe is probably one of the best writers in the fandom, and even though shes on a hiats at the moment, I;m still excited for Part 4 of this! PLEASE GET IT OUT! But honestly, this story is pure smut but yet somehow still so fluffy that my heart just explodes!

And as well as fic recommendations, I just want to say a quick thank you to all people who give me feedback, like & reblog my writing. I do love writing, and it means so much that y’all stick around.

pillow talk, #3: lower standars

Being in a relationship it’s not only constant and good sex, it’s meaning in the sack and late night conversations of the weird kind. Hyde blinked a couple of times after realizing, with an arched eyebrow, this new level he had reached with his chick today.

“Wait, wait, wait… your feets are cold… Jackie!”

Her giggle filled the room, Hyde rolled his eyes and cuddle her to his chest as she moved her feet from between his legs. They were damn cold, alright.

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Best Friend Bucky Part 2

Summary: You’re best friends with Bucky but you struggle with being around him due to the fact that you have feelings for him and boy does he love to flirt. You talk to Steve all the time about your liking towards Bucky and how you think he may like you back but then you start to notice how close he’s gotten with Natasha and that thread of hope flies out the window.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

*Warnings: angst (maybe), definitely fluff this time, swearing*

A/N: I didn’t expect people to like the first part lol but anyways here’s the 2nd :)

Bucky stood there not knowing what to do, not even knowing what just happened or why Y/N lashed out like that. He stared at Steve then Natasha then back at Steve again before Steve rolled his eyes.

“Go talk to her you idiot.” he says but Bucky doesn’t move. Sure he wants to know why you had basically thrown him against the wall but he didn’t want to bother you at the moment. I mean sure you’ve messed with his left arm before, pulling it out from under him or making it swing around like crazy but not once had you thrown him to the wall.

“I don’t want to bother her right now.” he speaks softly and Natasha scoffs.

“Don’t be a dumbass and go talk to her. Your plan obviously failed.” she speaks, causing Steve to look at her with a confused look. Great Nat, thanks for opening your mouth, he thought to himself.

“What plan?” he questions and Bucky clears his throat.

“I’ll tell him frosty, you go talk to your girl.” Natasha says as she shooed him away. Bucky grunts, a smile growing on his lips. His girl. he liked the sound of that.

Without another word he sprints off to your room, knocking three times but gets no answer.

“I’m sorry Mr. Barnes but Ms. Y/L/N does not want to speak to anyone at the moment.” FRIDAY’s voice startles Bucky and he sighs.

“Please open the door FRIDAY I need to speak with her.” Bucky insists, leaning his head on her door.

“Go away.” Y/N’s voice could be heard on the other side of the door.

“Not till you talk to me, Doll.” Bucky replies, wanting nothing more than to see her beautiful face.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” she responds and Bucky sighs yet again at the stubborn girls response.

“Please Y/N?” he nearly whimpers and with a blink of an eye Y/N teleports outside of her room, standing behind Bucky who still had his forehead pressed against the door.

“What do you want?” she speaks and Bucky turns around, embracing her. As much as she wanted to hate it, she couldn’t so, she hugged back. After a while he refused to let go of her so she started pushing at him to get him away. “Shouldn’t you be with Nat?” the question wasn’t even a question.

He pulls away from you finally, the crease between his eyebrows prominent.

“Why would I be with her?” he inquired, tilting his head like a cute puppy. Damn you Barnes for being so goddamn cute.

“Well I mean it’s obvious you two have a thing for each other. You guys are always talking and laughing and having a grand ol’ fucking time together.” you spit, crossing your arms over your chest. Yup, you were jealous and there was no point in hiding it now.

“Wait what? Nat and I-” you don’t let him finish

“Are dating. I get it.” you speak for him. “I get that ever since you got your memory back that you want to live a normal life and date and all that shit but don’t rub it in my face, James.”

He smiles at the use of his first name. He loves when you address him by his first name. He finds it quite sexy actually.

“I think it’s hot when you call me by my first name.” he speaks out loud and Y/N’s cheeks flush red. Is he really?

“Are you serious Buck? Nat would fucking kill you if she heard you say that.” you say. Natasha is very possessive when it comes to things that belong to her and by the looks of it, Bucky belongs to her.

“Why would she kill me?” he questions. “Not like she hasn’t tried before.”

“Because she’s your girlfriend, Bucky. Stop acting stupid.” you reply, rolling your eyes at the brunette that was standing in front of you.

He nearly chokes on his own spit at your words before remembering that that’s what he wanted you to think. A smirk spreads across his lips, knowing he had you right where he wanted you.

“Natasha isn’t my girlfriend.” he shakes his head as he steps closer to you, causing you to take a step back. Your eyebrows furrow in confusion as he says this.

“What? But I - You - Shit.” you breathe, becoming flustered. You hold your left hand up to your forehead as you breathed in and out. Bucky’s hand lays on your shoulder and you look up at him.

“Nat and I pretended to be into each other because I wanted to make you jealous.” he confessed and you groan.

“Well it worked.” you grumble and Bucky laughs. You fight the smile that wants to come forth, still trying to be angry at Bucky but as you look at his face, you sigh.

Bucky takes hold of both your hands, lacing them with his as he looked into your eyes. Bucky smiled. He absolutely loves your eyes.

“I love you.” he blurts. “I have for three years now.”

Your eyes widen at his confession and you pull your hands from his, teleporting back into your room. You lean against  your door with your hands covering your mouth as you processed what just happened. Bucky likes you back - he loves you. A smile forms on your lips from under your hands and you hear Bucky sigh on the other end of the door.

“If you don’t feel the same way, that’s fine but I’ve kept that in for three years.” he speaks. “I hope we can still be friends.”

He sighs again before you can hear his footsteps getting farther and farther. Go after him. What are you doing Y/N?

“FRIDAY where’d Bucky go?” you sigh. You fucked up by not telling him you felt the same way but you were shocked. You didn’t expect him to reciprocate your feelings.

“Back to the lounge with Mr. Rogers and Ms. Romanoff.” the A.I. speaks and you thank the voice before teleporting to the living room area.

“She doesn’t feel the same way, I should have known-”

“Hey soldier,” you speak. Bucky turns around to face you with sadness in his eyes. “You gonna come over here and kiss me or what?”

His eyes widen at your words while you only smirk at the handsome man in front of you.

“Looks like she feels the same way after all.” Natasha smirks and Steve nods

“We’ll leave ya to it.” Steve pats his friend on the shoulder before exiting the living room with Natasha.

“So,” you start off, slowly making your way over to Bucky, “you gonna kiss me?”

“I - I don’t understand. I thought you didn’t feel the same way?” he says as you wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him close to you.

“I never said that.” you reply. “I just didn’t say anything because I never thought you’d feel the same way.”

The super soldier chuckles, arms wrapping around your waist as he inches his face closer to yours.

“Well I do.” he smirks right back at you. “Can I kiss you now?”

With a single nod he dips down slightly, connecting your lips in a much needed kiss. You’ve waited for this moment for a long time and it’s even better than you thought it would be. You both pull away breathlessly, Bucky tucking your hair behind your ear as he looked into those eyes of yours.

“I love you.” he breathes, cupping your face in his hand.

“I love you too, James.” you reply and Bucky groans, kissing you once more.

“I love when you call me James.” he growls against your lips, causing you laugh.

A/N: Welp I hope ya liked it! I’ll be back with some more unless you have an idea for me to use because in that case send ‘em in! :)

The Paladins First Kiss With You {Headcanon}.

This is for @hotemotionalmess. I hope you like it!


  - Your first kiss with Shiro would probably be so planned out it’s not even funny.

  - Not planned out by you. By Shiro.

  - From the moment you said yes to being his s/o, he’s just been plotting how this moment is going to work out, and yet when he finally does it, it goes to complete shit.

  - Like, he thinks he’s being swift by leaning in all of a sudden and pecking your lips, but he’s too fast and your heads end up slamming together.

  - “Shiro, what the hell?”

  - “I’m sorry. I tried to kiss you.”

  - Upon hearing this, you, of course, grin and pull at his lapels, dragging him in for a good kiss that catches Shiro off guard so much, but he loves every moment of it.


  - Kissing??? What is this???

  - Honestly, Keith is just glad you said yes to being his s/o. He doesn’t even know there’s other things he should do.

  - So about three months into your relationship, he still hasn’t even showed interest in kissing you so you have to take things into your own hands.

  - I can imagine it just being quick. Barely even comprehended for the first few seconds of it. Like, you literally just lean in, peck his lips, pull back and go on with whatever you’re doing.

  - And he’s just standing behind you like “….” because what just happened?

- He’s super surprised that he liked it. He never saw the appeal towards the joining of mouths, but it’s different when you do it.

  - So he grabs your wrist, spins you around and kisses you again this time – sloppy and unpracticed, but it’s Keith so you let him off with it.

  - “I like doing that. I like doing that a lot.”



  - This bitch is so god damn slick.

-  Honestly. Kissing you is probably the way he asks you out in the first place.

  - You’re just standing by the counter trying to make a sandwich and Mr Worldwide slides up beside you, wraps an arm around your waist and presses a kiss to your lips.

  - He winks when he sees your reaction – just complete confusion. Not exactly the reaction he expected.

  - He tries to play it off, but he starts to think you didn’t like it because you’re just staying silent, and he’s like Damn, misread the signs again.

  - Genuinely acts like he didn’t do a thing. Like, he just starts eating food and is like “What’s wrong with you?”

  - But then you pull him towards you and kiss him yourself and you know he’s gonna be smug af because he’s Lance and the people love Lance.


  - Baby boy asks permission.

  - Like Shiro, it’s probably all planned out and he’s probably gushed about his plans with Pidge and Pidge has been giving him top notch advice on how to get his lips on yours.

  - So he takes you out. On a date. A real date.

  - In the castles kitchen, because you’re floating through space.

  - But it’s nice nonetheless. He cooks you food, sits you down, even wears a suit even though he’s literally sitting in the dining room of the ship.

  - He’s nervous the whole time.

  - And then he just looks you in the eyes, stops speaking and just stares at you.

  - And then he’s like, “Can I kiss you?”


  - Keep in mind, when he pulls away and asks if it was alright, his voice if gruff af and you’re just like Hunk? Because damn.


  - I always imagine hers being so simple and nonchalant.

  - You two are just sitting down somewhere and she goes to get up and leave, but before she does she leans down and pecks your lips like it’s no big deal.

  - She leaves and you’re just like ??? What?

  - Because she just left. Like, there was no explanation or no after speech about why she did it, which is weird since it’s Pidge.

  - When you pull her on it later, she looks at you like you’re crazy.

  - “It’s our first of many, Y/N. Might as well get the ball rolling early.”

  - And it was the first of many. I can see Pidge liking kisses a whole lot.

Well i know that no one knows that ink is a girl or a boy (or Just i am the only one Who better like him/her in girl version
Sry that i didnt make a sceleton version but i’m better with humans :)
Happy birtday ink we always.going to need you!

Although I’ve always had a preference for male Ink (because thats… well what he canonly is), I can definitely understand why you’d prefer him as a girl cause DAMN SHE CUTE :D Thank you so much for the art!

anonymous asked:

How would the boys react if Candy was the one who had to kiss priya or Iris?

you’ve come to the right place for this anon,, i’ll be switching priya and iris around - just so i don’t have to do both ?? and for compatibility. These are gonna be kinda short headcanons since the kiss was pretty short tbh but - enjoy.


  • In general, likes Priya but thinks she’s a bit too perfect.
  • Kinda shocked that Candy accepted, he thought she’d reject ?? 
  • Just accepted that Candy is a lot more bold than he thought.
  • Figures if Candy accepted - then she accepted.
  • In the pit of his stomach he feels uneasy, it’s just awkward to see - with his girlfriend doing it.
  • Watches for a few seconds then looks away. Feels awkward that he kissed Candy like that and Priya is too?
  • That kind of guy that blushes from his own thoughts on this.
  • Watched for a good two seconds until he looked away. 
  • Damn Candy was always such a good kisser and here she is now,,
  • Starts to question why she accepted? not like he’s jealous, more out of curiosity.
  • Gives such an awkward smile to her after it happens.
  • So…uh, so…how was it?” 2.5 seconds later he regrets asking.


  • Ok pretty shocked she accepted, would’ve thought she’d pass.
  • Thinks it’s hot how bold Candy is with doing it.
  • Has no shame in watching, what shame is there to have?
  • Thought it was adorable.
  • Thought it was cute how much Iris was blushing during the kiss (Candy too, depending).
  • Will honestly lean back and watch it, pretty chill about it.
  • Probably gets annoyed that Iris gets to kiss Candy in front of everyone but he can’t even touch her.
  • Jokes about it after like “So, did you enjoy yourself?
  • Probably got punched on the chest for that. 
  • Eh, doesn’t really care - as long as it’s not a boy it’s all fine.
  • Honestly he’d pull Candy away for a second to kiss her for himself, bc he’s gonna be the last one doing that tonight.


  • Raised a brow when Candy accepted.
  • Asked if she was “sure” she wanted to do it and that she didn’t have to.
  • Asked her twice, just to make sure.
  • Didn’t watch them, thinks it’s intrusive to watch tbh.
  • Surprised that Iris accepted the challenge as well, thought she would reject.
  • Gets annoyed if Castiel jokes with him about it, the worse he’s told him was to “Could you please not right now?
  • Doesn’t ask about it, thinks that’s intrusive too - even when she’s his girlfriend.
  • Fiddled with his fingers, he feels very awkward.
  • Thinks that he shouldn’t feel awkward about it? It was just a kiss.
  • Afterwards, he’d say something like; “I’m quite surprised you accepted the challenge, Candy.”


  • Was more impressed than he was surprised that Candy accepted the challenge.
  • Doesn’t care about Candy kissing anyone else tbh, Priya’s a nice girl.
  • Obviously he watches it and gives Candy a very big smirk.
  • Leaned back in his chair and just watched everything, even if it was a few seconds.
  • Would honestly, after the kiss, whisper to Candy “That was good but I can do better, Sweetness.”
  • Candy would have a hard time trying not to take up that offer.
  • Pokes fun at Candy about it, obviously - already has a shipname for Candy and Priya. 
  • Didn’t blush, even just a little but he thought it was cute.
  • Poked fun at Alexy about Kentin, got punched for that.
  • Has a great laugh about it, exchanged a wink with Priya.
  • Almost told Priya “I hope you enjoyed it” in front of everyone.


  • Ok but he wasn’t ready for this ?? 
  • Asked her about it two or three times, kept trying to get her not to.
  • Not jealous or anything, he’s didn’t expect her to accept.
  • Didn’t watch them connect, only glanced once, but looked away.
  • Blushed a lot, in the most awkward way. 
  • Could be a qualified humanoid cherry.
  • Not surprised that Priya is bolder than him.
  • Played with his fingers, he just doesn’t know what to do.
  • Knows it’s not a bad thing but he’s unsure what to feel about it. 
  • Doesn’t ask - because number 1; doesn’t know how. Number 2; doesn’t want to know how.
  • Would awkwardly blurt it out. “I-I’m surprised you accepted…" 
  • Candy needs to kiss him after, he’s very lost.
Dating Regina Mills would include

anon ask: Dating Regina Mills would include?

warning: mention of sex


Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

  • I think that Henry would probably introduce you to her
  • like “Hey mom, meet Y/N! she’s new here and she’s cool!”
  • and she would probably think that you were just a friend of henry
  • she didn’t think that you would be such a breathtaking woman 

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if i could actually write longer things i’d turn this into a fic but like

i love the thought of wingman zack and him being super determined to help trini get a girlfriend because like he’d never admit it but he just wants to take care of all his friends and see them happy, and he doesn’t want trini to feel lonely (because damn he knows how much that hurts). and trini has a hard time bonding with people but she loves zack so she just sort of goes along with it, why not, getting to know zack better while talking about cute girls, she’s all for it, they’re highkey besties but neither of them ever say as much

except then none of the dates trini goes on ever work out, and she always has a much better time getting coffee with kim anyway, and one day this one nb pansexual girl trini has been on a couple of dates with is like ‘umm maybe you should… ask kim out instead, she’s like all you ever talk about anyway’ and trini sort of wants to die on the spot but her date just laughs it off and bites their lip before going like ‘so uh……. zack.. do you know if he’s single, or…?’ and trini is like ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!’ because he most definitely is, but zack’s always trying to play it off as if he doesn’t need anyone and likes it that way, when trini knows it’s all just because he’s scared of caring about other people and spending time doing things for himself or stuff that takes him away from home for too long

but her date is great and cute and even if trini isn’t interested romantically she’d love to be friends w them so she’s certain zack will like them too (beyond the few times they’ve met with however he went about setting them up w trini)

so trini tells her now-ex-date she’s got this, and then it turns into a whole thing, with trini telling kim about it (the part of how trini has a crush on kim gets brought up too, and yeh at first it’s really awkward and embarrassing but it gets followed by lots of giddy kisses so its ok), and billy and jason (who have been too busy being married since the first time they met to have noticed any of the other relationship twists going on) also join in on how they’re going to set zack up on a date, and it takes some sneakiness and planning and convincing, but after several successful dates it all ends with zack finally telling the gang he has a girlfriend, and trini gets to all smugly be like ‘well well well… it appears the student has become the wingman’ while zack gives her the longest Look. but he’s actually super happy and in love and then all three couples go on dates together

i just

give me more of zack who has so much love to give and all of the rangers’ #1 passion being to make sure he’s getting just as much love in return

anonymous asked:

Headcanon request for you, lovely blogger! Can I have the RFA +Saeran reacting to seeing MC with glasses and her natural hair (not nicely done like at parties) for the first time? Also you're really sweet and I love your blog❤️ I check it like every day

awe omg you’re so so sweet!! I hope this is good enough also I’m sooo sorry for the delay :(


  • drops his glass of water 
  • runs over to tACKLE MC 
  • steals MC’s glasses and tries to walk around 
  • but he trips 
  • clumsy yoosung 
  • and breaks her glasses oops


  • is shook 
  • MC without make-up is still. so. damn. attractive.
  • starts playing with her hair and French braids it
  • das right he’s got them skillz 
  • he takes off her glasses and puts them back on, then takes it off again… and puts it back on repeat 10x
  • “Zen what are you doing lol”
  • “tryna see if there’s any difference and damn you look like a cute school girl with these glasses on but I can’t decide if I want cute school girl MC or sexy adult MC”
  • what a dilemma 


  • dude why did MC always look so comfortable 
  • tasseled hair, glasses, pajamas
  • Jaehee’s life goal: to look as good as MC while lounging at home
  • oh shit one day she accidentally takes MC’s glasses 
    • rushing to work poor bb 
  • can’t see for entire day oops
  • her own glasses were fake remember and she couldn’t take off MC’s glasses because MR. HAN BE ALL SASSY LIKE “GURL U BETTA KEEP EM’ ON”
  • anyway she tells MC that she looks real good and effortless at home and she is low key jealous
  • MC disagrees and says that Jaehee looks even more attractive when she’s in her relax mode 


  • you know how he likes people who dress neatly and stuff
  • and he even wears a suit at home himself
  • well he was kinda lowkey mad at MC for having messy hair
  • also what were those glasses now?? she looked like Jaehee ew
  • “MC do you have to wear those glasses? You look like an office employee. Also why don’t you brush your hair”
  • “well then.. why don’t you brush it for me?” ;))
  • cue Jumin brushing MC’s hair real lovingly awee 
  • he grew to love her glasses because she actually looked so cute like especially when she was cooking and the steam went all up in her face and she couldn’t see and omg imagine her falling into Jumin’s arms when he comes home because her glasses made her temporarily blind so she tripped over the couch leg!!


  • yo he always switches their glasses
  • likes to ruffle her hair in the morning
  • thinks MC is the most beautiful when she has bedhead :D
  • is super into matching PJ’s and hair clips (especially the big ones with an animal shape) 
  • likes to do facial masks with MC!!!! 
  • beauty spa time 24/7
  • dude is super excited when MC wears his hoodie when she’s cold in the morning
  • also secretly takes pictures of MC’s sleeping face hahahah 
  • sometimes draws mustaches on her when she naps


  • was high key star-struck when he saw MC in her glasses and straight brown hair
  • blushed and turned so red aww 
  • couldn’t look MC in the eye but kept peeking at her from his peripheral vision
  • when MC asked why he was avoiding her he got so embarrassed 
  • but he finally told her 
  • “it’s b-because you look so..”
  • “look so..?”
  • super quietly “..cute” **runs away**

ahh anon I hope you liked it!! <3 

~Cherry L.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 545 (Ships)

I don’t understand why people keep moaning about how fairy tail ended regarding Ships.


They have one of the cutest endings, there may not have been any kind of confession, but natsu literally said they’ll always be together, heck, THAT’S SO DAMN CUTE.


Okay but did you hear what gray said about Juvia’s body, hell, that be a confession if I ever saw one


Okay but they’ll be a future with them, Jellal is free now and Erzas taking care of herself because she knows she’ll see him


Okay but is anybody actually moaning about their ending? It’s canon that they went off to make their twins, heck they’re the most canon so if you are moaning, shaddup.

Laxus x Everyone:

Let’s be honest, we have no clue who Laxus ended up with so it’s down to whoever you decided he was best with, it gave us a lotta options

I believe we will see more canoness of the couples because I feel as though a new series with their children will turn up sooner or later so quit ye moaning and wait and see what happens and be hopeful.


Anon asked: Marvel ladies preferences! their reaction when they see you having a really bad day

Warning: none?

(A/N): more preferences! yay!, I’m slowly writing the requests I have, sorry for the delay, I have 83 requests, counting the ships. Be patient with me please ~

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So Perfect- A Robbie Kay One-Shot

Title: So Perfect
Request: An request: Can you do a Robbie imagine using the song “she looks so perfect.” by 5 seconds of summer???
Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader
AN: Warning for slight smutty mentions

Y/N woke up before Robbie did, still naked as she untangled herself from his warm body.
She picked up his boxers and t-shirt, and put them on!
They were both a little big, but she didn’t care.
She looked at herself in the mirror, and couldn’t help but to laugh.
“I’m so cute.” Y/N laughed.
Robbie woke up shortly after she did, and was just looking at her.
“Morning.” Y/N smiled.
“Morning.” Robbie responded, “Nice outfit you’ve got on there.”
“Thanks, it’s from a really cute guy who I may or may not have slept with last night.” Y/N giggled.
“They look good on you. Seriously, you look so perfect.” Robbie said scanning down her body with his eyes.
“I look like these clothes swallowed me.” Y/N responded.
Robbie nodded, “That’s why it’s perfect.”
Y/N blushed, and he just smiled at her.
“Put on some shorts or something, I’m gonna make breakfast.” Y/N said walking over to him.
She leaned down and kissed his forehead before heading to the kitchen.

Robbie got dressed, well just boxers to match Y/N, and went into the kitchen.
She was cooking breakfast when she heard Robbie’s footsteps approaching her.
“Smells good.” he said, wrapping his arms around her from behind.
He began to kiss her neck gently, and Y/N turned around wrapping her arms around his neck.
“Last night was amazing, by the way. As it always is.” Y/N said.
Robbie kissed her forehead, “As always.”
Y/N then noticed he had a little lipstick mark on his neck.
She started to laugh, and Robbie didn’t know what she was laughing at.
“What?” he asked.
“I left a lipstick stain on your neck.” Y/N responded.
“Oh.” he smiled.
Y/N licked her finger, and started to rub it off.
“No don’t.” Robbie said pulling away.
“Why?” Y/N asked.
“It’s not a lipstick stain, it’s a work of art.” Robbie smiled.
Y/N blushed, “You’re so damn cute.”
“So are you.” Robbie said, leaning in to kiss her again.
“I love you.” Y/N said.
Robbie brushed through her hair with his fingers, “I love you too.”

Much love :)


Teen Wolf: Said The Spider to The Fly

Okay lights, camera ACTION… Oh it’s Lacrosse
Oh hey Scott
I’m ready to see Stiles, please. 😛😛
Coach Finstock!! The bigger they are… The Bigger. They. Are. / Cream Cheese lol I love Coach 😂😂
Scott stop pimping Liam out and give him a hug!!
Aww Liam, Mason and Corey. I literally love them so much. 😍😍
Hayden. Moved!?! 😲
Lol Liam said Scott’s leaving too and I laughed because of how cute he said it 😂
Aww Liam, Corey, and Mason haha
College talk
I’m ready to see Stiles, please. 😛😛
Liam shot up like “What? Captain that’s my spot!!!”
Haha Coach didn’t know it was Liam
No wonder everyone is starting to suspect the pack of being supernatural. Liam and Scott literally walked to a wounded wolf with the lacrosse team watching!! Think first!!😒😒😒
- I’m ready to see Stiles, please! 😛😛
Awww those poor wolves 🐺🐺🐺
… .Special Guest Star?: Dylan O'Brien, yeah whatever. He is the star!
Malia doesn’t care, she wants French dudes. GIVE HER FRENCH DUDES!!
Scott/Liam Father/Son The(Wolf) Talk
Where’s Stiles?? 😛😛
Who are these people and why do I care??
Ohh they released the new hell hound guy. That’s why I care. Okay.
Is she the new Morrell?? Well, that’s a problem because I liked Morrell, I need more from this lady. I NEED SIZZLE!!
Liam’s tough year. Corey’s invisibility complex. Mason’s. Just. Perfect! 😄
Where’s Stiles? 😛😛
… I saw this guy on a few episodes of One Day At A Time. I like him! Go Froy!/Nolan
What’s a scarow? Scarerow? Whatever? The books they’re gone
Screaming *Why does this keep happening to our school!!??“ Sydney girrrrlll didn’t you take the SATS why are you even still in a classroom?
Eww Sewer. Eww oh god what is that!?
I’m dead Holland got that cigarette commercial looking like a movie
Lydia your mom just LOVES YOU!! LET HER LOVE YOU!! 😢😄
SCOTT YOU CRAZY! Awe Melissa holding down her own! Yeah Scott’s got plans!! Oh shit Melissa you held the button
I want Stiles, please. 😛😛
Yay Malia!!!! 😁😁 Paris, she’s going to Paris! No more supernatural problems for her.
… I hear Parrish. My body is ready now point me towards the sexy!! 😉😉
Don’t you ignore Melissa when she is talking to you, you Hellhound!!
Oh Parrish
Aww they brought her dinner! That’s not dinner. Mama McCall I would bring you breakfast, lunch and dinner 😄
Sexy Hellhound Face Off!!! And GO!!!
You hot precious baby Liam. NO ONE HITS PRECIOUS BABY LIAM!! 😠😠
LYDIA No! Now is not the time! Someone almost got Liam!
Lydia where does your mind take you!?!?
…So Stiles(😛😛) isn’t really going to be in this is he??
… That puppy, monkey, baby kickstart commercial makes me uncomfortable 😕😕😕
After what happened earlier they’re still letting students in and at night too!!?
Lmao if I was Mason and Liam told me to get behind him I’d be like “dude I wasn’t going to get in front of you, soooo… no worries ✌✌”
Oh is she giving me SIZZLE!?! What’s up home girl?!
Aww Stiles told Scott to Be Gentle with his jeep Roscoe in a note 😢😢 so sweet
Lydia just help and leave as much info as you can and they’ll be fine. You can leave!
Liam is hurt HAAAAAALLLLPPPPP… he and Mason are so brave 😭
Hahaha Malia doesn’t have time for this! She’s going to stay isn’t she???
Yeah, I knew it. Lol she really wants to gobto Paris.
Always a price to pay why can’t the people of Beacon Hills catch a break!!!
Oh I think home girl is trying to get hot enough to sizzle!! I need more!!!
Oh shit she’s hot!!! She practically on fire! She gave the sizzle!! Okay, she can stay. You know what I’m going to keep her at a lukewarm for now. .
Are… we… talking… about… STILES!?!?
Stiles voicemail!!! 😲😲
Stiles sounds so cute!! I love him. He’s so grown up!!
Oh shit there he is!! I can’t breathe someone help me!!! Stiles is with the FBI OH MY DAMN!! AHHHH!
He keeps interrupting THAT’S SUCH A STILES THING TO DO!
Stiles spit his water everywhere and I just want to run through all of it like a sprinkler… I want to be that girl that is sitting in front of him
He can’t pronounce Stiles’ actual name hahahahah 😂😂😂 I love how Matt(hew) Shively’s name is on the list and he starred on Teen Wolf when Stiles was in Eichen House
I just want to lie down and thank Colton Haynes for talking Tyler Hoechlin into coming back for the last half of season 6. Thank you Colton 🙌🙌
Who recorded Derek running through the woods though?? Hunters!?! And how does the FBI have it & who did Derek kill?!?! Leave Derek alone he didn’t do anything to anyone.
They are giving us Sterek and no matter how small their scenes are together I am here for it!!
End episode… BANSHEE SCREAM 😱😱😱😱😱😱 to the death(until next Sunday) 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Teen Wolf 🐺🐺

Originally posted by teenwolf

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anonymous asked:

With all due respect, I'm curious why you ship farnesca so strongly. I'm not saying you're in the wrong for doing so by any means. Personally it kinda rubs me in the wrong way because of how much history Casca has with Guts and how much of a mean spirited blow that would be to him after everything. It's also the fact she is severely impaired, mentally and the gross trope of lesbianism being a choice after traumatizing events turning a girl against men.

This is going to be long.  put on your seat-belts kids it’s time to go on a farnesca ride

warning: there are mentions of rape and abuse below the cut!

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