why is she always so crazy

but lydia isn’t just crying over stiles.. she’s crying because there’s part of her that feels empty and she doesn’t know why. she’s crying because her friends and everyone else thinks she’s absolutely crazy and she keeps trying her best to figure things out. but no one is helping her or believes her. lydia martin is crying because she’s lost so much and she can’t just hold it all together anymore (like she usually does. don’t you dare tell me she’s weak). and the one person who always believes her and would help her out is missing. so don’t say it’s just because she wants stiles back. there’s so much more going on there.

I just really want a kind of emo, grunge, “it’s not a phase mom” Albus. Like the whole 9 yards: he grows out his hair, starts wearing eyeliner, paints his finger nails. He goes all out, so much so that he starts to look like a young Sirius Black.
Just imagine cute little emo Albus walking into Hogwarts for his 5th year. And McGonagall seeing him and is kinda like oh how nice and then doing a double take. Because she swears she just saw her favorite member of the Black family stroll by. From then on it takes all of her will power not to call him Sirius.
AND THEN…. We have Scorpius just as adorable and warm as always. And so you’ve got your resident book nerd, cardigan wearing tall boy and his cute adorable emo bf walking around holding hands and what does that equal???
Slytherin! Wolfstar!!
So McGonagall’s going slightly crazy thinking why in the hell have Remus and Sirius switched house robes and has to reel herself back to reality.

  • everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. be kind. always.
  • [william’s voice] say you don’t like me, and i’m gone.
  • she’s not crazy. she’s bipolar. she’s  amazing.
  • you need dick, noora, dick.
  • 21:21
  • your body needs potatoes
  • at the same time. in a different place
  • alt er love.
  • [sana’s voice] why should I? Is your nose bigger than your dick?
  • hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear. 
  • you’re the man of my dreams
  • because people need people
  • [william’s voice] fucking hell you’re so beautiful. 
  • [noora’s voice] he’s the most unsympathetic, selfish person i’ve ever met.
  • [noora’s voice] yeah, but then… then i choose to call you asshole. 

  • EVAK MY OTP!!!!
  • like if u save
Inside the pot, Branch was still singing to Poppy. To him, nothing else mattered. He sang to Poppy with all his heart. He took her by both hands and got her to her feet. He sang to her about smiling and laughing. And he told her, in his song, that if the world made her crazy, she should just call him up because he would always be there for her. Then something amazing happened. 
Starting with Poppy’s toes, her pink color began to return. First her feet, then her legs, and soon her whole body-right up through the tips of her long hair-got all it’s color back! 
“i see your true colors,” Branch sang happily. “And that’s why I love you." 
Poppy looked surprised. She was amazed to hear Branch sing that he loved her. She began to sing with him. "So don’t be afraid to let them show…." 
Poppy looked up into Branch’s eyes. Touched at his open display of emotion, she reached out and took his hand….

The True Colors Scene in the Trolls junior novelization on Pages 128 & 129. 


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Hair Rant

It’s crazy how people treat people differently based on how their hair is styled.  So I wear my hair down sometimes. Like blown out or lightly pressed. And I’ll do trendy socially acceptable styles and what not.. And people will treat me nicely.. But sometimes I will wear my hair like in this picture (not actually me in the photo). And I will crumple my hair down even more at the top with a bunch of hair binders, so that it just looks like a tiny little ball on top of my head (my shrinkage is EXTREME, so I can REALLY make it look like I don’t have a lot of hair at all), and it’s crazy how much many times I will walk past a group of people and I’ll hear them say something like “bald headed” or “she ain’t got no hair.”   And it doesn’t bother me, because I know the truth obviously. But I just really wonder why people always feel the need to put someone down? Like I just don’t get it. Like especially when it comes to a woman’s hair? Why do people like to put women down because of their hair? So if a woman has short or damaged hair is she automatically less of a person? Like damn. Why are so many people like this?! It just really pisses me off. And that’s why some people think it’s OKAY to act arrogant because they have long hair or fit a certain aesthetic, because they have been tricked into believing that it makes them better than the next woman. I just hate when people feel the need to put another woman down. It pisses me off. Rant over. 

Rant on Joker and Harley

Everyone talks about how they hate Harley and the Joker together, but if it hadn’t been for Joker, no Harley. She’s a villain, she isn’t some hero that New 52 is making her out to be and I don’t understand why they want to change her character. I’ve always loved Harley’s craziness. Her relationship with the Joker is abusive, but it’s fictional. People that ship them together realize this, and they in no way are okay with abusive relationships in real life. I get tired of people bashing others for shipping HarleyxJoker. There was a point in one comic book where Joker was actually sweet to her and treated her great, but Harley hated that and wanted him back to the way he was, so it’s not like she doesn’t realize how he can be. If you ship HarleyxIvy, that’s cool, but don’t say that people who ship HarleyxJoker ship abusive relationships. HarleyxJoker are abusive, but so are HarleyxIvy.

okay but like there’s this “inside joke” within jewish communities that we always know which celebrities are jewish, but the truth of the matter is that very few jewish celebrities are outwardly jewish. at all. and growing up there were like two exceptions: adam sandler and jerry seinfeld and honestly as a young (queer) girl that wasn’t very helpful to me. that’s why rachel bloom (co-creator, song writer, and star of crazy ex-girlfriend) is so important to me. because here is a woman who is just jewish. she puts it in her tv show and on her instagram and mentions it in interviews. and yeah, it’s always with a hint of humor, but also love and it fills my heart with so much joy. i wish i’d had that growing up. because i’m only now beginning to realize that being jewish isn’t something that makes me weird or something i need to be ashamed of or the punchline of a joke.

i love rachel bloom for what she’s done for me and i will shout her praises for ever.

after i saw my dear @jisunshines​ sprites i was super inspired to make this!! thank you @krazehkai​ too for ur support as always ahhh i feel like i would have gone crazy without you guys and everyone else’s encouragement XD

i should be posting on my art blog @deepsealily​ but im too tired to switch LOL

this is my fatesona esh! i drew her design earlier but not in kozaki style ofc, (i drew this from scratch which is why im so pooped out) i have to do her expressions too but later lol drawing from scratch is *screeching noises*

fatesona is supposed to be u, right? so uh, she’s smol, soft spoken but talks a lot and fast, p lonely tbh, i’m thinking of having her as a neutral unit because she’s devoted to kamui (to the point where she clashes with jakob, but i think they’d have a very spicy chemistry *blushes*) 

i’m a tad bit darker irl but i liked how this came out~for the line effect, i took one of the csp brushes and adjusted it to my liking (it’s a bit finicky, though, and i had to ctrl+t some of the lines for size and stuff)


Who else wishes there could have been more to the dynamic between Alison and Duncan (from season 2)? I can’t be the only one that was truly FASCINATED with the depth the writers were able to incorporate to the mystery of Ali’s disappearance through relationships like the one between her and Duncan.

I thought we would find out SO MUCH MORE about Alison’s true motivations for doing some of the crazy things she did prior to her disappearance, like learn how to fly a plane. What was she REALLY running from and why is it that the writers have seemed to forget how keen Alison was in becoming this “immortal” presence?

While someone was obviously after her from as far back as the events of 2x13: The First Secret, I always imagined her character having a deep, dark secret that would explain the reasonings behind her torment. What was the true meaning behind the message, “Now it’s my turn to torture you.”? And why hasn’t this been explored beyond the explanation of her previous queen-bee persona?

I don’t believe it particularly satisfying to have to lay her out on the back burner for the sake of discovering more about an already very convoluted family tree…

…or have Alison’s current predicament with her pregnancy situation and borderline toxic relationship with Emily be romanticized, but that’s just me.

I want answers to these questions. But above all, I want a well executed endgame storyline that brings us around full-circle. This is one of many reasons WHY I want to see an evil Alison endgame. If not, at least make her the ultimate puppet-master to some grand scheme. The show-runners owe the fans to write Alison’s character justice and provide thorough backstory and reasonable explanation to her behavior.

Stydiot Reasoning On Why Srydia Is So "Special" and "meant to be"
  • Stydiot: he's been in love with her since the 3rd grade
  • Me: obsessed with her since the 3rd grade***
  • Stydiot: he noticed she was actually smart
  • Me: So did Allison
  • Stydiot: he comforted her when she was doubtful
  • Me: so did Scott
  • Stydiot: Lydia came to Stiles when she was sad
  • Me: she also went to Parrish to talk about Allison
  • Stydiots: he went crazy when she was in trouble
  • Me: he also went crazy when Scott, Malia, and Kira were in trouble
  • Stydiot: he always tries to protect her
  • Me: so do Scott and Malia
  • Stydiot: stiles save her life
  • Me: so did Scott, Malia, Parrish, Kira, etc.
  • Stydiot: she saved his life
  • Me: so did Scott and Malia
  • Stydiot: he always shows that he cares about her
  • Me: so do Scott and Malia
  • Stydiot: she was in his dream
  • Me: she was in his nightmare, Malia was in his dream
  • Stydiot: the kiss
  • Me: was to save him (but the wrong way to do it)
  • Stydiot: she was smiling and happy when he won the lacrosse game
  • Me: so was the sheriff
  • Stydiot: the way he looked at her when she was on the ground with her injury
  • Me: Malia and Kira looked at her the same way
  • Stydiot: she smiled through her pain for him
  • Me: she does that for everyone else too
  • Stydiot: he held her hand
  • Me: lol so did Scott
  • Stydiot: they're emotional tethers
  • Me: so are Scott and Deaton
  • Stydiot: they always look out for each other
  • Me: so does the rest of the pack
  • Stydiot: she's his number one priority
  • Me: all of his friends are his number one priority
  • Stydiot: they solve cases together
  • Me: so do Scott and stiles, stiles and Malia, Liam and Scott, Scott and Kira etc.
  • Stydiot: he wanted her to wake up from her coma
  • Me: so did the rest of the pack
  • Stydiot: the red string of fate
  • Me: lol. Look up the history behind it
  • Stydiot: he came back for her
  • Me: he also came back for Scott, Kira, and Malia
  • Stydiot: but they-
  • Me: ssssshhhhhhhh....it's okay

I dont get why everyone is talking about how hard it is for noora in season 3 because of William. I mean, i think people are forgetting how much William loves noora and how he is always trying to be better for her. He is so in love with her, its kind of crazy. Of course, is horrible what is happening to noora because she is so in love with him too but I think we also have to think about how hard it is for William.

why’d you only call me when you’re high?

this gif is not mine. cred’s to the owner.

WARNING: none bc im not ready to sin.


this is my first writting piece so it might be shitty so yeah..

3:28 am

Here he was again, lying alone on his queen sized bed with a joint in his hand. He sighed, debating on whether or not he should call her. She’s always on his mind, never leaving, not even for a second. He missed her. Her perfume still linger on his sheets, though it was faint, it drove him crazy. Memories of her were clear in his mind. He missed how she used to dance around the apartment in just his hoodie and underwear, how she pouted when he’s too busy to cuddle or the way she moaned his name when he pleasured her. God, it was a mistake, he didn’t mean to hurt her and he was certain that she would never forgive him but he wanted to at least try to talk to her. He picked up the phone and dialed her number. One ring, two then three but somehow it went straight to voice mail.

“You’ve reached Y/N. I can’t get to the phone right now so, um, leave a message.”

“Hey, it’s Elliot… I know I fucked up, but I miss you. I love you so much… It’s been 5 months and I still can’t sleep without you being the last thing i think about. Anyway, you said you’d come by to get your things so I thought maybe I can just drop it by your house or something. You know that I’m really bad at talking about my feelings but, uh…  I was better when you were here. I’m honestly so fucking miserable without you… Fuck,” he sighed, running his shaky hand through his messy hair. “But, yeah, call me back if you want. Bye…”

There’s no way she’s gonna call you back. She fucking hates your guts. You’re so stupid.

No, maybe she will forgive me.

She’s never gonna forgive you. You destroyed her. She was the only one who actually gave a shit about you.

Oh, shut up.

Just remember, kiddo. You’re talking to an imaginary person.

He rolled onto his back, closing his tired eyes and took another drag. He puts out the blunt while cursing at himself for letting her go. He exhaled the smoke just as he started to fall asleep, their break up was the last thing on his mind. But little did he know, Y/N was lying on her bed on the other side of New York, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks as she replayed his message. She was nothing without him.

ASTRO’s Reaction to You Wanting to Cuddle

REACTIONS ARE BACK!!! I hope you guys still like my reactions haha I’m actually really excited to start up reactions again~ AND ASTRO’s gonna comeback soon and it’s featuring Yoojung from IOI (she’s destroying my life rn) so don’t forget to support them and give them all your love! :) None of the gifs belong to me! I hope you guys enjoy~~~ <3


Y/N: Let’s cuddle, jagi-ya! <3

MJ: …why now?

Y/N: Because I feel like it, now come here~

MJ: But when I wanted to cuddle a while ago, you didn’t want to…?

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Y/N: I wanna cuddle with you right now.

JinJin: Did you just say what I thought you said? *gives you a crazy look ‘cause he always wants to cuddle with you*

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Y/N: Jagi, you wanna cuddle?

Eunwoo: *confused because it’s so sudden* You…?

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Y/N: Cuddle with me! <3

Moonbin: *gif* Me? :D

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Moonbin: *gif* Cuddle with you? :D

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Y/N: Come over here, jagi-ya. *pats the space next to her* Let’s cuddle!

Rocky: *is surprisingly very affectionate and kisses you a lot*

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Y/N: Sanha, cuddle with me! <3

Sanha: COMING!!! *walks over to you very dramatically and jumps on you*

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is theo ever gonna get a sibling? or are you not planning that? :)

nope she isn’t. tbh i can’t rly imagine a fourth member being added to that family.. idk why. it’s always been luca, shiloh and theo, anyone else at this point would feel like an outsider. plus i always imagined luca and shiloh took one look at theo and were like “she’s perfect, we’re done now, great job, 7 outta 7″ and just loved her like crazy. this is actually why i always felt boarding school was so perfect for her, cause she’d need her space from those two.

In My Head (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: I’m so glad I found you! May I please request a Bucky x reader where reader is new to the avengers and the ability is to change the mood, like if someone is about to fire a weapon reader can confuse him or something, or make him calm or tired to distract. Bucky likes reader but is v suspicious and doesn’t like to be messed with / only knows being manipulated so he keeps his distance. Reader wants him, and convinces they’d only be used if he needed it (aka nightmares). Angsty maybe?

I have this stewing in my brain that reader is really new with the avengers and she’s good but a little anti-authority and sometimes reckless and it makes Bucky crazy so it seems like he hates her when really he’s just worried and always having her back? I just want one big blowout moment where reader is like ‘why do you hate me so much?' 

A/N: So I got two very similar prompts, and I decided to combine them because my inbox is filling up a lot and I want to get as many stories out to you guys as possible! Thank you to the two lovely anons who requested this story :) 

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Molly: These girls are so crazy, I wonder why Lindsay is ignoring me he has seemed mad since the elimination yesterday… Why is he always hanging out with Julianne… What if he’s my soulmate? And Julianne is so cute… I barely know her she could be my soulmate… I’m too drunk for this stress.

Molly: Lindsay can I squeeze in here, I haven’t had much time to talk to you guys… I miss you.

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I always wanted to write this but I’ve never felt comfortable but I’m at point fuck it so like why not u know they’re all hot let’s make em fuck

Jenna would prance her way into the room, dress flowing behind her as she glanced between the two boys. Josh would make an attempt to rise from knees, Tyler shoving his own boxers back up his thighs only for Jenna to shove Josh back down by his hair.
“I thought we agreed that if you two were going to play, I had to be there, didn’t we, pet?” Josh would slowly nod his head, nudging it against Jenna’s hand as a sign to say ‘sorry’. The girl would hush him, turning toward Tyler who was still wide eyed.
“Babe I-”
“Shut it, honey,” she would smirk with venom in her tone.

She would turn back toward Josh, pushing Tyler away to sit on an abandoned chair.
Smiling softly at the trembling yellow haired boy, she would stroke his cheek comfortingly.
“Stand up for me, suga. Bet Tyler has you all wound up and he didn’t even offer to help you, did he?” She would tut, glancing at her curious husband. “I’ll take care of you, baby cheeks.”
Jenna would back Josh into a chair, straight across from Tyler’s own seat. Instead of straddling the drummer like Tyler had expected, Jenna would make a move to stand behind the boy’s chair instead. Josh would crane his head back, catching a glance of Jenna’s devious smile before her hand was back on him.

Her eyes would burn into Tyler, lust filled and cheeky as her hand trailed down Josh’s chest. Tyler would already be half hard, watching the matching pair touch each other so sinfully. Tyler would make a move to touch himself, only for Jenna to shake her head and glare at him. Tyler would keep his mouth shut, begrudgingly draping his hands behind the back of his chair. Jenna would giggle against Josh’s throat, kissing the area lightly as the boy let out a throaty moan. Finally, her hand would move across Josh’s crotch, a teasing finger trailing up and down his length as he gripped the side of the chair and whimpered.

Her hand would slide inside his boxers, wrapping firmly around his hard cock as his hips jerked.
“Shh, it’s okay angel. Be a good pet,” she would reaffirm. Tyler would sit there, legs clamping together as he watched the two interact, melting at the way they looked together. Bright, and sinful. Finally the content girl would stop teasing, pumping Josh’s member as she licked at his throat and left light teeth indents. Josh would melt, panting and twitching as he grew closer to the edge. If sucking Tyler off hadn’t turned him on, this definitely had. Jenna would flick her thumb over the whimpering boy’s slit, until finally Josh came undone, head falling back against the girls chest with eyes squeezed shut.

She would grin happily, kissing Josh’s cheek as she murmured ‘good boy’ repeatedly. Tyler would huff from the other side of the room, leg shaking as he tried to ignore his cock.
“Be patient, doll.”

Why does the media demonize borderline pd? It’s always “that bat-shit crazy borderline” is a “pathological liar with an unstable sense of self so dramatic that she will tear apart everyone she interacts with just to get what she wants” and a “master manipulator” Like, that’s the extreme end. The last plot on the bell-curve.
Often, we just cry. A lot of crying.

It’s been over twenty years and I’m still not over it: why are Ross and Rachel the lobster couple when Chandler and Monica are so much better pairing? The former have always been whiny and dramatic, meanwhile Monica wanted to get Chandler a shark documentary when she thought he was into that sort of… weird…. fetish thingy. Call me crazy, but I’ll take shark porn over lobsters anytime.