why is scott so hard

  • Ed: *Knocks on door*
  • Ivy: *Opens it wide while oswald runs out of view*
  • Ed: Is oswald here?
  • Ivy: *Closes door slightly*
  • Oswald: *Jumps out window*
  • Ivy: You know what actually he just left.
  • Ed: Really?
  • Oswald: *Comes back to grab his coat*
  • Ivy: Yeah sorry.
  • Oswald: *Quickly walks past behind Ed*
Okay but he stopped talking...

John was in deep conversation with Flint about very important stuff and thangs… then he saw his Queen, his ebony Goddess, his soft place to fall - his everything. And the entire world fell away and time slowed and there was NOTHING that mattered more to him in that moment that having her back in his arms.

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This pairing is seriously going to be the death of me!

Something that struck me as odd before The Final Problem came out was the fact Andrew Scott (Moriarty) was planning on going to the Sherlock Con in Los Angeles in late May. He didn’t announce he was going to the 2016 London one until like a month beforehand. I get it, actors and their schedules are hard to predict. So why was Andrew Scott like, “Yeah I’ll fucking be there, bro!” months and months ahead of time? There may be no meaning to it at all. Maybe he just cleared his schedule 7 months in advance for no reason. Or maybe he wouldn’t miss this particular convention for the world.

Day 22

Decided to just draw for the heck of it.  I’m so burnt out that this took me several scraps to get to this.  Joy.

Felt like drawing Lucille Tracy and Scott somehow ended up in there.  I used one of the photos on the wiki for Lucille.  (I can’t wait to see what the crew of TaG come up with though.)



Teen Wolf cast portraits

I was in such a doodly mood today AND GUESS WHO JUST FINISHED THE FIRST HALF OF THE 3RD SEASON. I blame SOMEONE. ಠ_ಠ

OH GOSH. _(:3 JL)_ <– That’s me… Like after marathoning season after season. OTL I’m sorry for the lack of stuff I make because yeah… Now you guys know where I’ve been. XD

This is my first time drawing these babes. I hope I did fine! There was just this weird urge to draw them and I enjoyed it, actually. It got me practicing semi-realism tho. Heehee~

I want to draw more Teen Wolf stuff. AAAAH! SOON. I just LOVE ALL OF THEM WAAAH. All of you deserve so much better. (T⌓T)

And Bee said to tell you, ladymangoberry. “Sooner or later Basil will be drawing Teen Wolf fanarts… Yeahp. Abby, totes CALLED IT. HAHA!” 
Oh and thank you, candypinkcocks for trying to keep me in my mountain ash circle and guiding me. XD XD I’ll just… Lie down here now.

Hope you guys like this! (。・ω・。)


Because when Scott was trying to find Boyd to ‘stop Derek from turning him’ Stiles said ‘what if we just… let him? I mean it’s Boyd. You said Derek is giving them a choice.’

Stiles understood what Derek was aiming for when he picked these teens to make up his pack. And that’s the thing about Stiles and Derek, They always seemed to understand each other on this certain level. Scott never understood Derek, never even tried to really but Stiles? Stiles got him from the start. 

And its funny to think that Derek got so much hate in season 2 up until the season finale. That this point Stiles makes just went right over all our heads (yes, me included. my undying devotion to Derek came after s2. i remember crying during the episode he leaves town with Cora and thinking ‘when did i fall in love with him?’).

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Scott/Stiles + "bro, bro, you uh you left your porn up on your laptop that I borrowed for my presentation." "OH MY GOD" "I didn't know you were into dudes?"

Ronnie! Thank you! I hope you like this babe! I thought I posted this last night but apparently not, so here ya go babe

Stiles and Scott got an apartment together in their second year at UC Davis, after Derek and Lydia got sick of them complaining about their roommates. Stiles loved it. It meant that he could complain to Scott, at a normal volume while Scott was in a different room without anyone asking questions. He loved it.

 Scott loved it for different reasons. It meant he no longer had to hide that he was a werewolf. He didn’t need to worry on full moons anymore. He didn’t need to worry about what other people thought when he scent marked Stiles. 

Stiles was always forgetting to charge his laptop. It was a problem. So when he had a presentation that needed to be presented today to get a good mark, he ran around panicking trying to find his charger before Scott stopped him with a hand pushing against his chest, and handed his over. Scott didn’t need it. He would find Stiles charger and use his if he needed. And he didn’t have work today unless he got called in which was unlikely, Dr. James had some new interns coming in and already had 3 others helping him out. 

Scott spent the day laying around, and texting Isaac and Derek occasionally. Isaac was scared, well nervous would be a better word. Malia was 7 months pregnant and Isaac was scared he would be like his father, and nervous to what the baby would be like around him. Scott reassured him that he wouldn’t be like his dad and that the baby would love him. Derek was just complaining because Lydia made him go shopping with her, and there were too many scents in the mall and no matter how much he complained to Lydia, she didn’t care, so here he was complaining to Scott. 

Scott fell asleep sometime after getting off the phone to Isaac and woke up to Stiles stumbling in the front door. Scott blinked blearily at Stiles flushed face, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and licking his dry lips, he watched Stiles watch him. Scott usually tried to not tell what what wrong with Stiles by smelling him, but this once he did. Stiles smelling a little embarrassed and a lot intrigued. 

“Stiles? Bro what’s up?” Scott questioned his voice a little hoarse from sleep. 

Stiles blinked at him, as he gingerly walked to the coffee table in front of Scott and sat down on the edge, he put the laptop and his bag down somewhere, Scott didn’t notice he was too focused on Stiles.

“Bro.” He whispered, hands gripping his knees and fingers tapping. “Bro you uh, you left your porn up on your laptop that I borrowed for my presentation.” 

Scott felt his face heat up. He knew what porn Stiles was talking about, how could he be so stupid not to check it before giving it to Stiles. He slowly sat up, hand rubbing the back of his neck. Scott looked at Stiles, his face was carefully blank and he was controlling his heartbeat. 

“Oh my God.” He gasped out. Stiles watched him. Watched him struggle to come up with something to say other than “oh my God” again and again, face getting redder each time. 

“I didn’t know you were into dudes?” He asked after a few moments. 

Scott looked at him, his face was still blank but he was no longer controlling his heartbeat. It was racing. Quite fast actually, almost too fast, like he was on the edge of a panic attack. 

 “I, uh I was going to tell you, I just, I didn’t really know how to?” His voice climbing a few octaves. 

 “Dude you’ve known I was bisexual the moment I figured it out! What was so hard telling me?” His voice was accusing. Hurt. Betrayed.

He was leaning towards Scott, fingers gripping the edge of the table. Scott dropped his head so he was looking at their shoes, just a few inches apart. He didn’t want to hurt Stiles, that was something he never wanted, but how do you tell your best friend of God knows how many years that your bisexual, and like them? Without it blowing up in your face? Scott didn’t know so he didn’t try.

“Scott, dude, c'mon it’s me I would never judge you!” Scott sighed lightly, still looking at their shoes.

“Yeah I’m bi.” He looked up in time to see Stiles nodding his head.

“Yeah and?”

“And what?” Scott’s face screwed up in confusion.

“Why was that so hard to tell me? Me Scott? I thought was told each other everything?”

Scott’s hand shot out before he put any thought into it and gripped Stiles hand, pulling him towards himself, until their knees were knocking together, faces mere inches apart.

“We do, Stiles, we do,” he breathed, “but I was scared.”

Stiles eyes flickered back and forth between Scott’s, one hand resting on Scott’s knee the other gripping him back.

“Scared why? What’s so scary about telling me?”

Scott watched him, saw the way he swallowed tightly, his cheeks and neck flushed a faint pink, traced his moles with his eyes before looking back to the whiskey eyes before him and making up his mind.


Scott reached a hand forward, placing it on the back of Stiles neck and pulling him forward until their lips brushed, pressing into a tentative chaste kiss. He pulled back a few seconds later, scared of the retribution he would face.

He didn’t get very far.

Stiles hand on his knee moved to his hair pulling him back in for a bruising kiss, teeth clashing. Scott didn’t care. He only cared that he got to have this. He got to have this with Stiles, the person he had loved in so many ways, the person who knew him best, the boy he grew up with, the one person who never doubted him and stood by every decision he made. They had watched each other grow into the men they were now, but we’re still as inseparable as ever.

Scott had never been happier.

One of Scott’s hands were resting on Stiles waist under his shirt, the other still on his neck, Stiles had one hand in Scott’s hair, gripping a little too tightly but Scott didn’t care one bit. His other hand was on Scott’s thigh, just resting there.

Their kisses were getting slower, and Scott bit Stiles lip before pulling back. Resting their for heads together.

“If I had known you were bi, I would’ve done that years ago.” Stiles breathed.

Scott leaned forward to press a kiss to the corner of Stiles mouth, “I wish I had told you years ago.”

Pulling Stiles back with him onto the couch, with Stiles pressing against him, pulling Stiles back into more kisses. 


Deaton headcanon

This head canon comes via @darkofthebluemoon7 and it is incredible

Deaton headcannon, tiny Kali/Jennifer headcannon, Scott Positive-ish headcannon (I do what I want) and I apologize for this being so long ^_^; 

 Like maybe there’s two different types of Emissaries: Ones who are a part of the pack yet apart from the Pack like Deaton (Derek had no idea that Deaton was Talia’s Emissary) and those who are just as deep in the pack as the Alpha themselves like Jennifer (I got vibes that not only were they Alpha & Emissary but a couple as well until Kali left her for Ennis.  Heteronormativity Leads to Mass Murder).  Both survive the destruction of their packs but Deaton lost the woman that he loved and Jennifer becomes a Darach.

 I think he saw Stiles’ potential to be either Scott’s or Derek’s emissary.  Telling himself that Stiles would be an emissary like Jennifer and seeing what she had become he obviously need to prevent another Darach but deep down Deaton misses being an emissary which was why he pushed so hard for Scott to become an Alpha because not only would he be an emissary again he would have the added prestige of being Emissary to the True Alpha.  But not if Stiles’ realizes his potential. 

 That’s where the ice bathes came in.  Not only would Surrogate Sacrifice happen but it would trigger Scott’s True Alpha potential while simultaneously suppressing Stiles Emissary potential. 

 He wasn’t trying to kill Stiles or anything like that and it wouldn’t have even been permanent, just suppressing Emissary potential long enough for Deaton to establish himself as Scott’s emissary.  Stiles then would have become Derek’s emissary (quite possibly Deaton’s apprentice so he could keep Derek and Stiles from getting too close) and everyone would have gone home happy. 

 But then Derek gave up his Alpha power and the nogitsune (which Deaton had no idea was trapped under the nemeton) possessed Stiles.  So now Deaton is running around trying to mitigate the damage he caused and hoping that no one finds out.

Because Deaton? Come on, that guy knows a lot more than he’s saying! He’s up to something! 

Needed Me Pt. 3

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Part One // Part Two// 

You hustled down the hallway to go put away your books.
Stiles had to know.
As luck would have it, Stiles leaned back on the locker next to yours with his eyes closed.
You shook him really fast making him jump backwards.

Stiles: What was that for?!
Y/N: I’ve got intel
Stiles: About Theo?
Y/N: *nods head*
Stiles: Good, because I was just about lose my mind over this
Y/N: Theo wants to be an alpha
Stiles: I knew he just didn’t want to be in the pack,  that sneaky son of a bitch
Y/N: He doesn’t want to be an ordinary alpha,  he wants to be like Scott
Stiles: A true alpha… Oh my god, wait, how did you get thi—
Scott: Y/N!

The conversation between you and Stiles was cut short by an angry looking Scott headed your way.
He stepped in front of you and Stiles and stared the both of you down.

Scott: What did I say, hm? Leave Theo alone, don’t snoop around, and what do you do? You do it anyways
Stiles: That was probably my fault, I -
Scott: You had sex with him, he could’ve died!
Y/N: But he didn’t, I was being careful, in-
Scott: Careful? You call sleeping with a man to get Intel, careful? Jesus, it’s like all that time I worked to get you to learn control was for nothing
Stiles: Scott she–
Scott: *flashes his eyes* Stay out of this Stiles!
Y/N: I did have control, I knew what I was doing Scott
Scott: No,  you don’t! You’re nothing but a  monster and a huge disappointment
Stiles: Scott!

You looked into the alphas eyes.
There was no trace of an apologetic tone in there.
Nothing but brutal honesty.
You’re a Succubus.
A she-demon.
You closed your locker and walked away.
Stiles called after you,  but you didn’t turn around.
What was said, was done.

Stiles: Really Scott?  What the hell is your problem?
Scott: And you, I told you to stay out of it
Stiles: I can’t do what you do, run as fast as a car, heal really fast,  or  anything,  but what I can do is keep you safe. Theo is bad news and deep down you feel it too. So I’m not sorry about trying to protect my best friend
Scott: Why is it so hard for you to trust, Stiles?
Stiles: You don’t see what’s happening here but I do
Scott: And what’s that?
Stiles: You’re changing, becoming something –
Scott: Something else? Don’t be dramatic
Stiles: Someone else
Scott: No I’m pretty sure that was you
Stiles: *scoffs* Really? We’re throwing low blows here? Yeah I became someone - something else but the difference between you and me Scott,  is that I couldn’t control it, but you? You can

With that Stiles left Scott alone to stand in the hallway.

I walked into the class not looking forward to learning about molecular bondage and the complex structure of an atom.
I was more concerned with what was going to happen after school today.
Scott called me a monster and basically told me that I was a waste of space.
Aren’t I glad I don’t get attached easily?
I took a seat in the middle so I wouldn’t get called out in class to answer a question.
“Class, make sure you look up on the wall to see where your new seats are.”
I looked and found my name under table 5.
I didn’t bother to see who was at my table and just took a seat closest to a wall.
Spreading out my work,  a familiar aura forced me to roll my eyes.
Could this day get any worse?
Theo smiled at me with the toothiest grin possible.
He must’ve spilled the beans about last night.
“Hey, Y/N looks like we’re sitting next to each other for the rest of the semester.”
Why me?
Why not a Bella stereotype?
“Theo, did you, I don’t know, tell anyone about last night?”

~ This Morning ~

“Hey, Scott”
Scott swung his leg over his motorcycle to dismount.
He pulled off his helmet to look at Theo.
“What’s up? ”
Scott could smell the pheromones leaking off his body.
He was happy.
A little too happy.
Theo rocked back and forth on his heels with a toothy grin plastered on his face.
“Can I talk to you about something? ”
Scott chuckled and walked towards the school entrance.
“Something or someone? Who’s the lucky girl? ”
Theo let out a small laugh and scratched the back of his head.
He couldn’t get her out of his mind.
But he wasn’t sure how Scott would take it.
“Last night, I was with a really special girl. It was like the perfect dream coming true. I feel like I might be in love. ”
Scott stopped walking and placed a hand on Theo’s chest to stop him too.
“Love? Now you have to tell me who she is, is it someone I know? ”
“Of course it is, it’s Y/N. I don’t know if it was the sex or what, but I can’t stop thinking about her. It’s like my body really needs her,  but like an addiction of some sort.”
Scott clenched his jaw at the sudden confession.
What the hell did she do?
“Theo,  this is important. What did you guys talk about? ”
Theo opened his mouth to speak but closed it and furrowed his eyebrows.
She did it.
She directly defied my wishes and used her powers on Theo.
She is in so much trouble.

~ Flashback out~

I narrowed my eyes at him and he cracked under pressure.
“Yes, was I not supposed to?”
I rubbed my temples in disbelief.
What did I do?
I packed up my books and left the class.
Prior to meeting Scott and his pack,  I charmed all my teachers into letting me do what ever I want whenever I want.
I heard light jogging behind me and it didn’t take rocket science to know who it was.

Y: What Theo?
T: Are you mad at me?
Y: you’re the werewolf, figure it out
T: Y/N I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself
Y: Great to know, anything else?

An arm yanked me into a dark room.
When the light turned on, I saw that we we’re in a utility closet.
“Theo what are–”
You were cut off by his lips clashing with yours.
His hands were all over your body,  touching you in the right places.
Making you moan against his fiery touch.
The moan gave him permission to attack her tongue, fighting for dominance.
The aphrodisiac didn’t affect him because he was already affected.
“I need you Y/N, I can’t eat or sleep,  because all I can think about is you”
Maybe it was because you haven’t had actual sex in two decades, but you could be wet just by a handshake.
Theo hoisted you up above the ground and pushed aside your underwear, he unbuckled his pants, unzipped his zipper, and put on a condom.

“Theo”, you said in a low voice.
Theo growled against your skin at the way you said his name.
His hard member rubbed against your heat, releasing a little pre-cum into the condom.
“I’m sorry but I can’t wait, I have to be inside of you, now”
He shoved himself inside, causing both of you to moan simultaneously, he waited for you to adjust as your tight walls clamped down on his throbbing member.
You tried to move against him by holding onto his shoulders, bouncing yourself up and down on his long shaft.

“You’re tight pussy feels so fucking good, wrapped around my cock like that”
You were taken aback by his dirty talk, but it just turned you on more.
He began thrusting, trying to create friction between you two.
You’ve only had full on clothed sex once in your life.
Theo never did
Everytime he pulled out, the underwear grazed against his penis, giving him more pleasure.
“Faster, Theo. Please go faster”
Theo followed your command and began to pound himself effortlessly into you.
Every moan made him go faster, harder, deeper.
You couldn’t take it anymore, you had to cum, Theo’s grunts became louder and you could tell he wasn’t gonna last long either.

“I, need to, I have to–”
Theo cut you short and burrowed his face into your neck.
He breathed onto your special spot making you more excited.
“Me too,  baby, it’s okay, go ahead, cum for me”, he licked your special spot then sucked hard onto it.
This drove you crazy and over the edge.
You convulsed around him, shaking involuntarily.
Theo flashed his eyes and moaned as he came into the condom, bursting shot after shot.

The two of you breathed heavily, but Theo was breathing irregular.
He slumped forward, slipping himself out of you.
He couldn’t breathe.
You had him look into your eyes and told him in your other voice to calm down.
Once he calmed down, the two of you fixed yourselves up and you stepped out of your underwear.
“What are you doing?”, Theo asked with a chuckle.
You balled it up and put it in his front pocket, then stood on your toes to kiss him.
“Thanks for the good time, sugar”

Before he could even speak, you were out the door headed home, ditching school because of all the drama.
Theo smiled to himself and rested his head on the wall.
That girl is something else, he thought to himself.

Part Four // Part Five

Okay, so we all know how much I love Stiles but TW is being extra with S6 and their promos.

We already know how much Stiles means to the pack but I honestly would’ve loved it more if it were Scott in that position.

Melissa losing her son

Stiles losing his best friend

Sheriff losing someone who was like a 2nd son to him

Lydia losing someone super close to her; one of her few good friends

Malia and Liam losing their alpha

Keeping Kira and her losing the first person to remember her name, the first person to take an interest in her. Losing her boyfriend.

Even Chris. Him and Scott are close as well and it’d be something I’d l o v e to see.

Teen Wolf losing the T e e n W o l f

I want to see how the pack copes without their “leader figure” especially with how high the stakes are. I want Scott to have a more main focus (main focus for the main character? That’s crazy talk!)

Just the possibility of Teen Wolf losing its Teen Wolf makes me want to write it myself.

Mediator | S. McCall

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Pairing ; Scott x Reader
Timeframe ; S5a (Finale-ish)

Summary ; In which he and she are madly in love, though the only two people who cannot see is them.

A/n ; This wasn’t requested, but I wrote the ‘Part 2’ first, before realising that the narrative doesn’t really make sense without a prologue of some sort, so the second part to this is next in the queue.

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Lol that hug between Derek and Scott. Like JD is trying so hard, like why wouldn't Scott hug his best friend Stiles first? Lol we all know what Hoechs looks like when Posey hugs him (awkward af and practically asking for help). JD did Derek and Hoechlin really wrong man, like really really wrong

But also… Deucalion is dead?  Like, there’s a dead dude behind you.  And they seem to completely forget about him too.  It’s so strange and tone deaf. 

imagine lydia is the one who finally watches star wars with stiles, and it turns out she totally loves it. and of course they end up nicknaming each other han solo and princess leia.