why is scott so hard

Okay but he stopped talking...

John was in deep conversation with Flint about very important stuff and thangs… then he saw his Queen, his ebony Goddess, his soft place to fall - his everything. And the entire world fell away and time slowed and there was NOTHING that mattered more to him in that moment that having her back in his arms.

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This pairing is seriously going to be the death of me!

Something that struck me as odd before The Final Problem came out was the fact Andrew Scott (Moriarty) was planning on going to the Sherlock Con in Los Angeles in late May. He didn’t announce he was going to the 2016 London one until like a month beforehand. I get it, actors and their schedules are hard to predict. So why was Andrew Scott like, “Yeah I’ll fucking be there, bro!” months and months ahead of time? There may be no meaning to it at all. Maybe he just cleared his schedule 7 months in advance for no reason. Or maybe he wouldn’t miss this particular convention for the world.

Okay, so we all know how much I love Stiles but TW is being extra with S6 and their promos.

We already know how much Stiles means to the pack but I honestly would’ve loved it more if it were Scott in that position.

Melissa losing her son

Stiles losing his best friend

Sheriff losing someone who was like a 2nd son to him

Lydia losing someone super close to her; one of her few good friends

Malia and Liam losing their alpha

Keeping Kira and her losing the first person to remember her name, the first person to take an interest in her. Losing her boyfriend.

Even Chris. Him and Scott are close as well and it’d be something I’d l o v e to see.

Teen Wolf losing the T e e n W o l f

I want to see how the pack copes without their “leader figure” especially with how high the stakes are. I want Scott to have a more main focus (main focus for the main character? That’s crazy talk!)

Just the possibility of Teen Wolf losing its Teen Wolf makes me want to write it myself.


And you were different. And I hated that. I couldn’t even say your name. Jianjun. Nobody ever called me that here. I’m the reason everyone called you Scott. I was a stupid little kid. And I just… hated you. And it was a sin for me to feel that. But God forgives me. I know that God forgives me because he is love. That love can change anyone. It can change you, Scott. I’ve already been changed. I know.

I just had this like vision that at the end of the “can’t sleep love” video they show Scott and Mitch finally meeting up at like midnight (after being on the phone together as some of you predicted/wanted) and they kiss & my heart can’t handle bye bye bye