why is photoshop so difficult for me

Finally am happy with a doodle I did in photoshop last night! Embarrassing to admit but apparently the reason why it came so difficult to me is because I did not check off sensitivity settings on my brush and it felt very strange for me to draw in photoshop…also, thank you @lulusketches for all of your advice! Everything you suggested works miracles! I cannot wait to do more pieces and mess around in photoshop and get to do full pieces using the program.

As to the subject itself, I was not trying to draw anyone in particular, but as I was working on it, and listening to Empire of Storms, it maybe inspired by Aelin…or Manon 😅. It is also heavily inspired by @charliebowater, whose instructional videos are incredible and if you haven’t seen them, I highly encourage you to check them out.

Give me things that I’ve wanted to know
Tell me things that you’ve done

tested out my brand new clip studio
i was both impressed & disappointed. it’s pretty difficult to handle… i tried painting & it was a disaster
still, i did buy it, so i wanna try using it more & more & eventually get used to it


Hello everyone. I hope you’re all having a lovely day, and that 2017 is treating you well! I wanted to share these photos I recently took of my commonplace book. 

In case you haven’t heard, a commonplace book is a notebook where you make notes or summaries of things you’re reading. In the above examples, you can see my notes on the works of Christopher Penczak, particularly his Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft. 

If you’re wondering why they’re so vibrantly colored, well, I illustrate most, if not all, my notebooks with soft pastels to help me color-code, find, and remember what I’ve written down. It’s also very relaxing to add color to the pages, and a great way to unwind after hours spent studying! 

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a condition which causes a tremor in my hands, which makes fine, detailed illustration difficult outside of Photoshop, but I find it very fun to just apply color to the page, blend, and create a backdrop for my notes or writings.

My physical grimoire (not the grimoire images I create using the computer) that contains spells I’ve written looks very similar to this.


Twitter commissions from few months ago and gifts for friends I think I never really posted anywhere! You might see the sudden slight change in the style - I started working with Photoshop instead of SAI and was mostly trying things out. I still am, but it’s started to feel like I might be finally getting the hang of the program again!

Characters belong to their respective owners~

The Bible is not a glossy, photoshopped, picture-perfect album of crisp, clean, white-teeth people. They doubted. They were mad at God. They were mad at each other. They questioned why.

Before we get to a place of resolution, I believe God wants openness. Between us and Him, and between each other. The freedom to be freely you and me. That’s nothing you haven’t heard before: but it’s so incredibly difficult to muster. To not just be open about what happened to us, but to be open about what’s happening in us.

If you’ve been beating yourself up for the way you feel — that’s an unfair pressure on yourself that I don’t think God wants for you. You don’t owe anyone a better version of yourself through your pain. You’re allowed to openly wrestle and to simmer in the unanswered questions of your suffering.

Maybe God has been saying all along, “This is where you can say everything.”

On the other hand, some of us have been angry for so long that we haven’t reached for the help we need. We’ve stayed static. In each Bible passage where someone was lamenting, they were scrambling to stay above the water. Their pain had a momentum. By being mad at God, they were acknowledging God. They were looking for how to stand on their feet again, even if that meant scraping up the side of a dirty wall for a long, long time. Inversely, and maybe ironically, the more you know your own hurt, the more desperately you can seek the strength for the next step. If I’m going to be mad, I want to yell at the heavens, where there’s healing.
—  J.S. | Mad About God

Steps to my painting, ‘Lay Me Down’, inspired by Sam Smith’s song of the same name! I’m going to attempt at explaining what I did to achieve this result (which I’m not entirely ecstatic with, but what else is new!). >.<

Step 1 - Black + White

So when I’m working this way, I normally start off in black and white and with reaaaallly soft, subtle values - super low contrast. The reason why I do this is because although I have an idea in my mind, it’s really quite blurry in there, so I’m not entirely certain how it’s going to look when I paint it on my Photoshop canvas, so using low contrast-y values really helps me to visualize it all better.

I start off with a SUPER rough value sketch - you can see it really just looks like messy blobs of nothing at this point. But I’m trying to work out the poses, and because it’s a pretty difficult angle (particularly for the dude), and I don’t have any particularly useful references that I can work with (I suppose I could’ve taken some pictures, but, you know, I can be a bit lazy sometimes =P ), working it in lightly really helps me to figure out the shapes. If I was to go in there with dark, highly contrasted values, the likelihood of me messing it all up would be pretty high. It’s harder to visualize things when you have definite lines and shapes, so I find keeping the values low contrast and somewhat blurry is key here.

So I’ll keep working out the image in B+W until I have a pretty clear indication of the shapes (which I’m always, always, always trying to keep in mind!), and composition. Here, I’m really trying to just lead the eye to her face (and to the dude’s sadness) so I’m trying to make sure all (or most) elements of the image leads the eye there. And also, I wanted the lighting to feel a little dramatic, so I’ve decided on a harsh diagonal gap of light that shines only on the area of the image I feel is important.

Step 2 - Colour

Once I’m relatively happy with how the B+W image is going, I’ll add in some colour on a ‘Color’ layer, and I’m using a ‘Color’ layer (as opposed to ‘Overlay’ or anything else) so it doesn’t mess up my values. But anywho, I’ve plopped on some colours and they’re really under-saturated at this point. And I’m doing this on purpose because I find that it helps me find a harmonious colour palette with hues that work well together. If I was to jump in with saturated colours (just from my personal experience), I’ve found that my colour palette becomes a bit of an eye-sore and it’s just really hard to get the colours to work together. I also end up having to de-saturate areas of the image that don’t need too much attention anyway, so may as well start off with a low-saturated palette. I am quite honestly terrible with colours (I just can’t get my head wrapped around it!), so I find this way also helps me with visualization much in the same way that starting off with low contrasted values helps.

Step 3 - Fleshing it Out

So really this step entails just going in there, adding in more saturated pretty colours, and fleshing out the image with details until the end. I’m doing this all on Normal layers now. I’ve added little cracks and other details to the stones, fluffed up the flowers, extended the canvas a touch, and reworked the fabric of her dress. I also noticed at this point that I’ve made the guy’s head way too small initially lol, and he also looks a little awkwardly hunched over so I’ve switched up the angle a bit and enlarged his head so the foreshortening feels more natural.

By the end of this I’m really just fiddling around with the lighting and contrast of the image, adding in hints of colour here and there on overlay layers in areas where I felt there needed some. They’re very subtle changes, but I feel as though they help to bring it all together.

Anywho, that is all! I hope it helped at least a little for those of you who are trying to learn! Any questions? Just shoot me a message! :)

Thanks for the view!


"It's very difficult to explain to those who don't understand"

Big Hero 6 logos

Just a few things I made as a pastime. I still need a lot of practice in vectoring. Used Photoshop CS3 and 6 for this.

It’s difficult to find vectors for these so I thought to myself: “Why not make them myself?”

I made the two versions of the logo on Tadashi’s cap because SOME PEOPLE can’t make up their minds.
Did the San Fransokyo Ninjas logo on Tadashi’s shirt and at the back of his cap as well.

As for the SFIT logo, I still need to find the perfect font. For now, I settled with the Big Hero 6 font.

If anyone is planning on using this for any purpose, please do tell me and ask for permission.

Thank you.

Hi there! Here’s the reason why I wasn’t posting this much these days, I spent my days working on my piece for the @gfzine !

It was tons of fun and also really difficult since it was the very first time I was using a graphic tablet (I’m always drawing on an Ipad sooo it was a way for me to FINALLY start drawing on a real tablet + photoshop phew)

And so I’m super happy I’ve been part of this project! I can’t wait to see the whole zine.

You should check it out if you haven’t yet! www.