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Medicine interview questions

Ok so I thought I’d make a post of this, because people said it would be helpful! It’s just a list of the questions/types of questions I got in my interviews, so it could help you guys with practise. I won’t say which uni’s the questions were from, because they probably wouldn’t like me if I did that lol. Also, bear in mind my interviews were in 2012/2013 (I’m so old).


- Why medicine? (duh)

- What sort of doctor would you like to be? Why?

- What attracted you to our university/course? Why would our course structure/style of teaching suit you? 

- What is something interesting you’ve read recently that’s related to medicine?

Personal qualities:

- Why would YOU be good for medicine? What qualities would you bring?

- What are the most important qualities for a doctor to have? 

- Talk about a time you showed leadership/teamwork

- What’s the difference between empathy and sympathy?

- Talk about a time you showed empathy. Why is it important for doctors to be empathetic? 

- What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

- Talk about a time you made a mistake and what you learnt from it/what you’d do differently 


- What hobbies/interests do you have? What clubs would you be interested in joining at our university?

- What volunteering/work experience have you done? What did you learn from it? 


- What have you seen in the news recently that involved an ethical dilemma? Talk through it

- *insert ethical dilemma question here* - this could be anything, mine varied a lot between interviews, so just make sure you read up about ethics and learn how to see both sides of things, and maybe research the main things like consent to procedures, euthanasia etc.


- What are the problems facing the NHS at the moment?

- What are clinical commissioning groups and how do they work?

- How could the NHS save money?

- Do you think the NHS should fund homeopathy? 

And of course, be prepared to be asked about anything you’ve written about in your personal statement. Good luck everyone who’s applying soon! x

Why do we have to spend all of our good, youthful years stuck inside of a classroom studying. Why can’t we go on adventures now and gain some life experience! And then later in life settle down and learn something you absolutely know you love and work then when you’re too old to travel freely and as frequently as you want to. We’re waisting our good years inside of a building just watching the world go by when we should be out there in it living our lives to the fullest while our bodies allow us to.


Y esto es básicamente el Madrid:
una fé ilimitada y altanera cuya leyenda es universal,
por eso nos rompen tanto la cara; porque no la escondemos.

Translation: And this is basically Madrid: a boundless and haughty faith whose legend is universal, that’s why they break our faces so much; Because we do not hide it.


Doctor Who/X-Files AU: The Doctor needs help from his old companion Dana Scully, but he accidentally drops in on Agent Mulder instead. (Who, let’s face it, is a huge Doctor fanboy.)

writing the "why x university?" prompt

for their supplemental writings, a lot of schools have a similar question that always boils down to “why do you want to attend our university?” all the tips i’m going to spell out here are things i’ve heard from various college counselors.

colleges ask this for a simple reason: they receive a SHITLOAD of applications. when they’re trying to decide who to admit, they want to pick people who are actually likely to attend the university if accepted. this question allows colleges to try and figure out if they are your first choice school or not.

what you want to do here, ideally, is game the system and convince EVERY school you’re applying to that they are your first choice. it requires a bit of extra work and a lot of extra googling and research, but if you weren’t willing to do that, i’m sure you wouldn’t have read this far in my post lol

a lot of people write the same essay for every school that asks this question. then, they just change the name of the school and send it off. they usually mention something vague about liking the “location”, “atmosphere”, “people”, “spirit”, etc. an essay like this communicates to an admissions officer that you don’t particularly care about their school. it’s not your first pick. you haven’t thought particularly hard about the decision to apply here.

you want your essay to make you stand out, so even if this school isn’t your first choice, pretend that it is. you can use the same basic framework for every one of these essays, but write them so that they couldn’t possibly apply to another school.

it’s time to namedrop. mention specific professors and classes that interest you within your major. explain that their program is the best program for you, and give reasons. cite facts and statistics. reference specific things about the school’s location (not just “it’s pretty”) and specific school traditions you want to take part in. things like this really convince a school that you care about attending their institution in particular, and you’re not just throwing their name in at the end of filling out your common app or whatever.

i hope you find this post helpful! if you did, consider following me, because i’ll be posting more appblr content in the coming months as i apply myself. feel free to message me if you have any questions.

This is just a Phan theory so sit back and enjoy. This is also quite sad

I haven’t slept in 36 hours and it’s 6 am I’ll probably delete this later on

So I wondered for a long time why (mostly) Phil is the one killed in the phan fiction stories. Why was it Phil who had cancer? Got into the car crash? Got shot? Why was Phil targeted as the victim in our fictional universes? Then it hit me.

It’s not about Phil. It’s about Dan. It is all about Dan. Every detail is about Dan.

Now I know what you’re thinking that it’s because well Dan didn’t have a best friend till Phil, it’s clear that Phil makes Dan happy, it’s clear Dan would be emotional. Dan’s writing in The urge proves it beyond anything. His exact words basically stating that he himself would be more upset by Phil’s death then any other person. We know how Dan would grieve. We know how bad it would be. It’s been written by the person himself, Dan’s emotional and shows how much Phil means to him. We know it would effect him and we know how to capture it because we know how to capture Dan.

But let me point this out.. We do not know how to capture Phil in that way. We do not have that many emotional moments from Phil. Phil has a strong wall. There is a big line between AmazingPhil and Phil Lester. Yes Phil let’s it show how much Dan means to him but Phil is a quiet person with his emotions. Dan is not.

We could kill Dan all the live long day but we do not have the material to give Phil’s grief the justice. Not many people can paint Phil’s picture well because we don’t have the colors.

Dan knows he wouldn’t want to leave the house, that he wouldn’t want to share that piece of friendship with everyone, he’d want to moron on his own, that if Phil were to come back in any way (in the supernatural way if certain things were real) he would freak out completely because it wasn’t him and it would hurt him to much to open his eyes and realize that it was a cruel joke but couldn’t help but fight it.

We know how he would be because Dan wrote it himself

Even in Phil’s own fanfic as funny and weird as it was. Phil wrote himself as dying. Phil killed himself in his own book and I think just maybe it’s because he doesn’t know how he’d cope without Dan.

Maybe the reason behind everything with the phanfics of Phil dying is that we know, it’s been shown, that Dan would break in every way. Dan would be emotionally wrecked and We can’t write Phil that way because we can’t picture him broken. We can’t write it too justice. Phil would be as broken as Dan would be but no one can write that. No one can give it the justice it deserves.

Then again of course we can’t completely pin point Dan but Dan did that himself.

Phil, I could just imagine how rough it would be and I don’t think Phil would hide it but we don’t know how to write Phil with very strong sad emotions because he’s never really shown that.

Maybe the simplest reason being we kill off Phil instead of Dan is because Phil’s emotions would be to stormy and strong and we haven’t seen that side of Phil.

Long story short. Phil would grieve Dan’s death as bad as Dan would grieve Phil’s yet we can relate to Dan on an easier emotional level. So every emotion towards losing Phil we write down is just a reflection on how we would feel, that it would hurt so much and nothing would feel good for a while and we wouldn’t know what to do but if we lost Dan none of us would know what to do because Dan reminds us of ourselves


Why Science Will Never Know Everything About Our Universe

“The Universe itself may be finite or may be infinite; the jury is still out. But one thing is certain: the part that’s accessible to us is finite. Even with the expanding Universe, even with all the galaxies and stars and planet and molecules and atoms and subatomic particles in it, there’s only so much we can access. And those limitations – the total numbers of particles and the total amount of energy available in the Universe – means there’s only a finite amount of information we can determine about our cosmos. For the first time, we can quantify that, and begin to infer which things we might never understand.”

As we peel back the layers of information deeper and deeper into the Universe’s history, we uncover progressively more knowledge about how everything we know today came to be. The discovery of distant galaxies and their redshifts led to expanding Universe, which led to the Big Bang and the discovery of very early phases like the cosmic microwave background and big bang nucleosynthesis. But before that, there was a period of cosmic inflation that left its mark on the Universe. What came before inflation, then? Did it always exist? Did it have a beginning? Or did it mark the rebirth of a cosmic cycle? Maddeningly, this information may forever be inaccessible to us, as the nature of inflation wipes all this information clean from our visible Universe.

Go find out why some things are inherently unknowable on this special edition of Starts With A Bang!


If your evil and your on the rise
You can count on all of us taking you down
Cuz we’re good and you can’t touch our OTP
We’ll win the fight and go bake some cookies
We, are the PPA
We’ll always save the day
And if you think we can’t
We’ll always find a way
That’s why Poth of every universe, believes in
Every agent here, and all our leaders

If you could only know
What this means to us
When we discovered a ship
We can fully trust
We were amazed to find
Its beauty and it’s worth
And we will protect our ship
In every universe
In every universe
Ya we will protect it

(This is all I thought out, it was kinda on the spot)

what she says: im fine

what she means: how was wet side story filmed if none of the characters really exist? who directed the movie? did the characters have real life actors? how were they able to enter the real world if they didnt have physical bodies? what happened to the movie when all the characters left? were there any other people in the world, or did only the movie cast exist? how was their universe created? why was it parallel to mack and bradys? is mack and bradys world ours, or is it another parallel universe? why is travel between the two worlds possible? where did the symbol on mack’s surfboard come from? why did it correspond with lela’s necklace? why does this symbol have the power to go between worlds? are other objects with the symbol able to take you between worlds? how did mack and lela come into possesion of the necklace and the surfboard? how did the necklace return to the movie world twice after it was lost in the ocean? is it somehow drawn back to its original world? will mack’s surfboard return to her world? is it only possible go to a different world on that beach? why was there a 40-foot wave? a wave that tall would be categorized as a tsunami, so why wasnt the beach evacuated? how did it crash without causing damage to the beach? is a big wave needed to go between worlds? how were lela and tanner able to return back to their world without a big wave? was lela aware that changing the movie plot would erase mack and brady’s memories? if the events of the first movie were erased, then how was mack still at the beach? shouldnt she had gone to the private school like she planned in the first movie? why did none of the kids at school react to the bikers and surfers breaking into their gym during the dance? why did butchy take the necklace with him when he disappeared? why did the first kid to disappear leave behind his guitar? how did 

Warcraft Chronicle Vol. II - An Illustrated Reaction Post

 I had the day off from work yesterday, so I binge-read the second volume of the World of Warcraft Chronicle.  Another very enjoyable read, and a must for any self-respecting lore geek. 

 [General comments follow.  Spoilers will be below the Read More.]

I reallllllllly wish this had come out prior to, or concurrent with, Warlords of Draenor.  Almost all my issues with “This is only happening in an AU so why do we care?” and “Did any of this happen in our universe?” would have been taken care of.

There’s a wealth of lore on the breakers vs. primals, the gronn, ogron, ogres, orcs, botani, and arrakoa.  Everything makes so much more sense now!   WoD would still have been plagued by the same gameplay issues (*coughcoughgarrisonscoughcough*) but the story would have grabbed me more.  I mean, yes, a good deal of the Draenor lore in Chronicle II (maybe even the majority of it) was in-game, but to have it all in one place, to see how the parts all relate to each other, to have it told as a cohesive story, and to know that it occurred in our universe and not just an AU, made all the difference in the world.

My only complaint about the book was the lack of references to any of Deathwing’s children.  We did find out some more about what he was up to between the War of the Ancients and Day of the Dragon, but there was no mention at all of Sabellian, Nefarian, Onyxia, or any others.

[I’m going to make a separate post about the Deathwing parts of Chronicle II, since this one got really long.]

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My favourite pastime is rummaging through the secrets of the universe, only present to those who are curious enough to look.
—  Amber Rudenick (me)

imagine steven and peridot sitting down and planning their fusion like a huge art project. steven makes idea drawings and tells peridot about stevonnie, and once peri gets really into it she starts making blueprints, detailed diagrams, and occasionally wakes steven in the night to ask him little ingredient questions like if their fusion would wear alien shorts. even if they never actually fuse, it’s fun for steven and gently eases peridot into the idea of fusing.


Why doesn’t our Universe have magnetic monopoles?

“So he built this device and waited. The device wasn’t perfect, and occasionally one of the loops would send a signal, and on even rarer occasions, two loops would send a signal at once. But you’d need eight (and exactly eight) for it to be a magnetic monopole. The apparatus never detected three or more. This experiment ran for some months with no success, and was eventually relegated to being checked up on only a few times a day. In February of 1982, he didn’t come in on Valentine’s Day. When he came back to the office on the 15th, he surprisingly found that the computer and the device had recorded exactly eight magnetons on February 14th, 1982.”

The laws of electromagnetism could have been incredibly different. Our Universe has two types of electric charge (positive and negative) and could have had two types of magnetic pole (north and south), but only the electric charges exist in our Universe. At a fundamental level, between electricity and magnetism, nature is not symmetric. But it could have been! Magnetic charges could move and make currents; a changing electric field could induce them; north and south poles could be separated an infinite distance. Magnetic charge could even have been a fundamental property of black holes. In 1982, Blas Cabrera announced the first detection of a long-sought-after magnetic monopole event, and the physics world went crazy. But nearly 35 years later, a second monopole has never been found. Despite our dreams, it looks like nature isn’t symmetric after all.


Original Prompt: can you write something fluffy like CS giving their child(ren) a bath please!?

Here you are, anon! I hope I did you justice. Please see below for some fluff and a little smut. For more in my Jones Family universe, see my first post here

“Killian, why is our daughter covered in mud?”

It wasn’t his fault - not entirely anyway. Storybrooke had been perpetually rainy for the past three days, and Charlotte was tired of being stuck inside. After countless games, movies, toys, and food bribes, Killian was at the end of his proverbial rope. There’s only so much one can do to entertain a four year old. (Especially a four year old with the combined genetics of one Killian Jones and one Emma Swan.)

Killian abruptly dropped the handful of mud he’d been holding. “Swan! You’re home. I wasn’t expecting you to be back so soon.”

He really, really hadn’t. When the bribes stopped working and Charlotte gave him the look - big eyes and pouty lips and “please, daddy” - Killian folded like a table made out of paper. Since it wasn’t raining too badly, Killian bundled her up in a coat and a hat and tiny rain boots and led her outside. That was mistake number one.

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