why is our university

so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???

su crew: writes an episode where amethyst is pointedly MUCH more upset about rose’s death than any scene pearl has ever had about it (Maximum capacity)

su crew, also: never actually shows us any amethyst and rose development because apparently their relationship meant nothing and its ALL PEARL NOW

su crew, while sticking their heads in the sand: titlebaits us with “the kindergarten kid”, an episode which everyone assumed would be amethysts backstory FINALLY but turned out to be 11 minutes of a shitty parody aka gremlin’s universe

su crew: why are our ratings dropping :(

Why do we have to spend all of our good, youthful years stuck inside of a classroom studying. Why can’t we go on adventures now and gain some life experience! And then later in life settle down and learn something you absolutely know you love and work then when you’re too old to travel freely and as frequently as you want to. We’re waisting our good years inside of a building just watching the world go by when we should be out there in it living our lives to the fullest while our bodies allow us to.

Imagine ur otp meeting at a summer camp as camp counselors, and flirting to the point the kids think they are married

  • Your otp trying to get small kids to listen and go places
  • Your otp swimming with the kids on matching pool noodles
  • Your otp having intense debates over their married status with the kids

su critical blogs: *make their own tag, avoid interacting with stans unless confronted, mind their own business*

su stans: *start arguments with crit blogs 24/7, ignore good points made by crit blogs to defend problematic aspects of the show, refuse to stay in their own fucking lane*

su stans: how DARE you ruin this for EVERYONE why dont you quit forcing your opinions down our throats

We don’t know who they were
We don’t know why they came
We only know
They changed our view
Of the universe
This universal sacred site
Is dedicated July 1997
To the beings
Who met their destinies
Near Roswell, New Mexico
July 1947.
—  Memorial at the site of the Roswell incident

Doctor Who/X-Files AU: The Doctor needs help from his old companion Dana Scully, but he accidentally drops in on Agent Mulder instead. (Who, let’s face it, is a huge Doctor fanboy.)


Why Science Will Never Know Everything About Our Universe

“The Universe itself may be finite or may be infinite; the jury is still out. But one thing is certain: the part that’s accessible to us is finite. Even with the expanding Universe, even with all the galaxies and stars and planet and molecules and atoms and subatomic particles in it, there’s only so much we can access. And those limitations – the total numbers of particles and the total amount of energy available in the Universe – means there’s only a finite amount of information we can determine about our cosmos. For the first time, we can quantify that, and begin to infer which things we might never understand.”

As we peel back the layers of information deeper and deeper into the Universe’s history, we uncover progressively more knowledge about how everything we know today came to be. The discovery of distant galaxies and their redshifts led to expanding Universe, which led to the Big Bang and the discovery of very early phases like the cosmic microwave background and big bang nucleosynthesis. But before that, there was a period of cosmic inflation that left its mark on the Universe. What came before inflation, then? Did it always exist? Did it have a beginning? Or did it mark the rebirth of a cosmic cycle? Maddeningly, this information may forever be inaccessible to us, as the nature of inflation wipes all this information clean from our visible Universe.

Go find out why some things are inherently unknowable on this special edition of Starts With A Bang!


Random Run-Ins: Tom Holland x Reader

Prompt: Tom and the reader going to college together and they meet in class or something

Requested by @brianabreeze


Now, normally I wouldn’t consider myself boy-crazed or distracted from my schoolwork. But in the span of a series of random run-ins from a specific specimen from the opposite sex, things had changed.

No. 1 || Operation Hello Kitty ||

“Move outta my way,” I pushed through the court yard between my dorm and the science building, not having a care for anyone’s feelings or regard for how I came off.

I was running super late to my lecture class—which was all the way across campus and started in three minutes— due to me oversleeping from studying all night.

So as I sprinted across campus, determined to arrive on time to my 8am lecture, I was no way in hell looking for something bright, pink, and patterned to cross my pathway.

With all my focus kicked into gear for getting to class, I had no way of warning the guy before we came colliding together in a mass of tangled limbs.

Opening my eyes, I find the same pink, Hello kitty pants leg covering my eyes, the lines blurring together due to my lack of glasses.

“Bloody hell, where’s the fire?” I shoved the leg away from me, pressing my hands repeatedly against the ground feeling around for my glasses.

I watch as the guy removed himself from the ground, taking a step back to move away from my range. In the process, I hear a soft crush, my dreams of finding my glasses crushed.

Sighing, I sit back, resting on the back of my knees, feeling defeated.

“I’m so sorry, I had no idea,” I pushed myself off the ground, leaving the broken frames on the ground with the rest of my dignity.

“It’s fine, I’m sorry for crashing into you. I was trying to make it to my lecture on time. But that’s not going to matter now,” I turn to leave, muttering another sorry over my shoulder before blindly making my way to the nurses office.

From that day, I hated anything hello kitty.

No. 2 || The Glazed Donut ||

My six hour shift at our campus coffee shop, as well as my patience for the people I call my friends.

Once again, my roommate had left me alone and strained on a Friday night, leaving me for another warm body. So I was forced to make the twenty minute walk back to our dorm room.

With my earphones plugged in and volume high, I turned on my Spotify playlist and waited to cross the street to begin my journey home.

Across said street, was the same guy that caused me a new pair of glasses and my morning lecture. There he was, exiting the donut shop, looking all carefree and content, while I was miserable.

How dare he.

I watched with furrowed brows as he took a big bite out of the glaze donut in his hand, the crumbs falling on to his lame math tee. No one has ever made eating a donut look so good and appetizing.

I wasn’t sure if I was jealous of him because he had the donut, or of the donut because they got to touch his lips.

“Walking,” I jump in shock, the little crossing machine let me know that it was safe to walk across the street, triggering my panic.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’ve got to come in close proximity of him! Why does the universe hate me!

Looking back at him, our eyes connect for a split second before I tear my eyes away to look down at the ground— completely embarrassed by the other day’s events.

He’s sort of cute!

No. 3 || Green Don’t Suit Me ||

Of freaking course, he’s in my class! The same class I had been in such a rush to get to, he was heading the same way. Mr. I-look-good-in-hello-kitty-pajama-pants-and-make-girls-wet-by-just-eating-a-donut, was in my class!

I found out due to the fact that he came up to me, guilt written on his face with a stack of papers with scribbled writing filling its pages in his hand.

“I figured it’s the least I could do after last week,” his voice rang through my mind like an echo against barren walls. For once I got to see him up close and personal.

The way his eyes shone in embarrassment, the curl of his hair and if he spent hours running his hands through it constantly.

“Uh, thanks, I guess. But it was really my fault, I wasn’t focused on where I was going, just the destination,” I took the papers from his awaiting hands, heating up at the touch of our fingers.

“Tom,” this time, his hand was raised to shake hands. I looked down at it, watching the veins run through it and up his arm.

“Y/N,” I smiled brightly, placing my hand in his, and embracing our new found connection.

Class started, as well as the beginning of a soon to be long friendship. Tom had promised to catch up with me after class, before going to take his seat at the back of the classroom. No wonder we didn’t run into each, I sat at the front.

Once class was over, I tired to race out there to catch up with him, but upon exiting the building, I see him leaning over a pretty blonde. Her fingers running through his curls, while he laughed and smiled down at her.

With my heart hardened, I turn on my heel before making my way to work to start my shift.

Cursing myself at getting my hopes up, because this always happened.

No. 4 || Feelings Exchanged ||

Later that evening, as I was getting off, being allowed to leave early for once. I went to walk to my car, having getting to back from my roomie, finally.

I hear my name being called, “Y/N,”.

Turning, I see a smiling Tom, his hands tucked in his pockets and hair neatly tucked behind his ears.

“What’s up,” I lean against my car, not bothering to sound as excited as I feel to see him.

“I waited for you after class, but you were a no show,” he pouted, bottom lip jutted out and eyes wide.

“Yeah, I saw you, but you seemed a little occupied, so I just continued on with my day, ” I shrugged, trying not to look a little hurt.

Realization seemed to take over his face, “you must have seen me with Jen, that’s my roommates girlfriend. I was asking her if I looked okay, I wanted to look well put together when I asked you on a date tonight,”.

“Ask me on a date?” My face heated up, making me look down in embarrassment from how easily I got jealous. I must look so desperate to him now.

“Yeah, if you’re free now I’d love to take you out,” he asked hopefully.

“Sure, I’m not too tuckered out from work, let’s see what you’ve got tommy boy,” I quickly threw my stuff into my car, before taking his hand.

I smile widely, grinning from the past events, oh how things have changed.

Six months later, we move been dating for four months, and decided to move into the student apartments with some friends so we can be closer together yet keep some level of privacy.

Tom and I were currently in my apartment, getting ready to have our weekly movie night. Tonight was Tom’s choice in movie, while I prepared snacks.

“Babe, what’s taking you so long!” His whines made me smile even wider.

“I was just recalling the events that led me to meet the greatest man of my life,” I tease, carrying all the snacks in both arms as I make my way back to our fort in the living room.

There he was, propped up against the pillows, his lower half covered by my blank, looking homey.

“Oh yeah? Remembering how you nearly broke my leg from how hard you crashed into me?” I punched his arm, laughing at his grunt before lying against him.

“Just play the movie, Holland,”.

“Sure thing babe, just know one day you’ll be a holland too,” he kissed my cheek before clicking play.



writing the "why x university?" prompt

for their supplemental writings, a lot of schools have a similar question that always boils down to “why do you want to attend our university?” all the tips i’m going to spell out here are things i’ve heard from various college counselors.

colleges ask this for a simple reason: they receive a SHITLOAD of applications. when they’re trying to decide who to admit, they want to pick people who are actually likely to attend the university if accepted. this question allows colleges to try and figure out if they are your first choice school or not.

what you want to do here, ideally, is game the system and convince EVERY school you’re applying to that they are your first choice. it requires a bit of extra work and a lot of extra googling and research, but if you weren’t willing to do that, i’m sure you wouldn’t have read this far in my post lol

a lot of people write the same essay for every school that asks this question. then, they just change the name of the school and send it off. they usually mention something vague about liking the “location”, “atmosphere”, “people”, “spirit”, etc. an essay like this communicates to an admissions officer that you don’t particularly care about their school. it’s not your first pick. you haven’t thought particularly hard about the decision to apply here.

you want your essay to make you stand out, so even if this school isn’t your first choice, pretend that it is. you can use the same basic framework for every one of these essays, but write them so that they couldn’t possibly apply to another school.

it’s time to namedrop. mention specific professors and classes that interest you within your major. explain that their program is the best program for you, and give reasons. cite facts and statistics. reference specific things about the school’s location (not just “it’s pretty”) and specific school traditions you want to take part in. things like this really convince a school that you care about attending their institution in particular, and you’re not just throwing their name in at the end of filling out your common app or whatever.

i hope you find this post helpful! if you did, consider following me, because i’ll be posting more appblr content in the coming months as i apply myself. feel free to message me if you have any questions.

I sometimes feel like I am among the few that actually love it when Dan goes on about Existentialism. 

Like yeah sure it once was a meme/part of his branding. But it’s actually a way of thinking and I enjoy it soo much. I’ve taken Astronomy, Psychology, and Philosophy and have generally looked into those subjects and the way of thinking is so fascinating.

I genuinely enjoyed it when Dan went off the differences between Nihilism versus Existentialism, and why he thinks he fits into the category of an existentialist and not a nihilist for many different reasons and I agree with most of what he said for my own personal being. 

It’s one of my many goals in life to sit down with him one on one and talk about the many theories that are our universe, and why things are the way they are, and why people think certain things and to hear his side of things and what he thinks and oh my god I love it so much. 

It’s not all just “existential crisis, I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing nothing matters anyway” but it’s a general way of thinking of life and a realization of certain things. 

I dunno haha. I’m a very science-y person too. And I geek out whenever he talks anything remotely about the universe or philosophy or anything at all really. (and Phil too don’t get me started on what I want to get out of Phil and what he thinks)

Medicine interview questions

Ok so I thought I’d make a post of this, because people said it would be helpful! It’s just a list of the questions/types of questions I got in my interviews, so it could help you guys with practise. I won’t say which uni’s the questions were from, because they probably wouldn’t like me if I did that lol. Also, bear in mind my interviews were in 2012/2013 (I’m so old).


- Why medicine? (duh)

- What sort of doctor would you like to be? Why?

- What attracted you to our university/course? Why would our course structure/style of teaching suit you? 

- What is something interesting you’ve read recently that’s related to medicine?

Personal qualities:

- Why would YOU be good for medicine? What qualities would you bring?

- What are the most important qualities for a doctor to have? 

- Talk about a time you showed leadership/teamwork

- What’s the difference between empathy and sympathy?

- Talk about a time you showed empathy. Why is it important for doctors to be empathetic? 

- What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

- Talk about a time you made a mistake and what you learnt from it/what you’d do differently 


- What hobbies/interests do you have? What clubs would you be interested in joining at our university?

- What volunteering/work experience have you done? What did you learn from it? 


- What have you seen in the news recently that involved an ethical dilemma? Talk through it

- *insert ethical dilemma question here* - this could be anything, mine varied a lot between interviews, so just make sure you read up about ethics and learn how to see both sides of things, and maybe research the main things like consent to procedures, euthanasia etc.


- What are the problems facing the NHS at the moment?

- What are clinical commissioning groups and how do they work?

- How could the NHS save money?

- Do you think the NHS should fund homeopathy? 

And of course, be prepared to be asked about anything you’ve written about in your personal statement. Good luck everyone who’s applying soon! x

what she says: im fine

what she means: how was wet side story filmed if none of the characters really exist? who directed the movie? did the characters have real life actors? how were they able to enter the real world if they didnt have physical bodies? what happened to the movie when all the characters left? were there any other people in the world, or did only the movie cast exist? how was their universe created? why was it parallel to mack and bradys? is mack and bradys world ours, or is it another parallel universe? why is travel between the two worlds possible? where did the symbol on mack’s surfboard come from? why did it correspond with lela’s necklace? why does this symbol have the power to go between worlds? are other objects with the symbol able to take you between worlds? how did mack and lela come into possesion of the necklace and the surfboard? how did the necklace return to the movie world twice after it was lost in the ocean? is it somehow drawn back to its original world? will mack’s surfboard return to her world? is it only possible go to a different world on that beach? why was there a 40-foot wave? a wave that tall would be categorized as a tsunami, so why wasnt the beach evacuated? how did it crash without causing damage to the beach? is a big wave needed to go between worlds? how were lela and tanner able to return back to their world without a big wave? was lela aware that changing the movie plot would erase mack and brady’s memories? if the events of the first movie were erased, then how was mack still at the beach? shouldnt she had gone to the private school like she planned in the first movie? why did none of the kids at school react to the bikers and surfers breaking into their gym during the dance? why did butchy take the necklace with him when he disappeared? why did the first kid to disappear leave behind his guitar? how did 

anonymous asked:

Honestly, harry could have sing an old 1d song, one of niall's songs or JHO's, why taylor? I don't get it, it looks like they want Harry to continue being known as "one of taylor swift's ex"... It's been 5 years already, whenever I forget that this shit happened they come and remember me lol but the more they push it the less I believe it was real so

I mean… Haylor is on the same level as bg on the fake scale so yeah… but honestly, there are such iconic songs why waste 1. Harry’s time 2. our time 3. the universe time