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on the first day of class my astronomy professor asked us why the night sky was dark. if our universe is infinite, how can there be spaces between the stars? he didn’t answer the question until the last day– because our universe is relatively young, and is still growing. it is finite. not enough stars or galaxies have been formed to fill up the entire night sky.

but what that means to me is that somewhere, in an older universe, the night sky looks like a tapestry of diamonds. somewhere darkness is pale white and glittering. imagine being so surrounded. i haven’t gotten that image out of my head ever since– you could never navigate under such a sky but god it sounds lovely

yo I feel like including loki in thor: ragnarok as neither a hero nor a villain was marvel’s way of saying “we know you still love this psycho after all that he’s done, so let’s ease your conscience a bit with this movie” and I really appreciated that

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so when the ny times reports about duterte being practically responsible for over 7k random deaths in one year, in metro manila alone i might add, y’all r silent af

but one guy decides to write about his (again, very EXTREME) lifelong experience with his house help in the atlantic and suddenly y’all are up in arms???? suddenly the philippines is a relevant country and u suddenly KNOW EVERYTHING about what goes on here???

  • Virgil: Hey, why do you love stargazing so much?
  • Logan: The sight of such a dark abyss being filled and lit up with thousands of balls of gases never ceases to amaze me. Trying to count them all but never truly succeeding is a constant reminder for me of how vast and wonderful our universe actually is. Why do you like it so much?
  • Virgil: Reminds me of you...
  • Logan:
  • Logan: You've been spending too much time with Patton
  • Virgil: *sighs* I know

Imagine ur otp meeting at a summer camp as camp counselors, and flirting to the point the kids think they are married

  • Your otp trying to get small kids to listen and go places
  • Your otp swimming with the kids on matching pool noodles
  • Your otp having intense debates over their married status with the kids

Title: What The Hell?

Tony Stark and his daughter seeing an alternative version of Peter on TV and confront him, which leads to a whole lot of confusion.

Words: ~ 1800

A/N: This is not exactly how I wanted it to be. I combined it with another idea (Tony setting up his daughter with Peter) and things got a bit confusing… but I hope you like it anyway! :) [It’s not edited yet. I’m too lazy at the moment. So it’s filled with mistakes…]


My dad and I were having one of our very rare evenings in the movie room of the Stark Tower together that I appreciated more than anything.
Of course, I understood that with him being Iron Man he had a lot of duties and not much time for his daughter.

I snuggled deeper into my soft blanket when I rested my head on my father’s shoulder, both of us enjoying an evening without stress.
“You wanna watch a movie?”, he wanted to know and I only shrugged. “Let’s zap through the channels first.”

A few taps in the air and the channels changed. We sat in silence until something caught my attention, “Wait, what’s that?”

“Lip sync battle? Sounds interesting.”, I chuckled and my dad only nodded in agreement.
It didn’t took me very long to notice something very, VERY strange. And I wasn’t the only one noticing it, that was for sure.

The boy on TV who was wearing a black wig and a rather inappropriate outfit looked like Peter. And I mean EXACTLY like Peter. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of our TV. Peter was by far the most handsome and cutest boy I’d ever seen and this was very entertaining.
“That’s Peter.”, I stated, my eyebrows narrowing in confusion.

“What goes on in this boys head?”, my dad questioned in disbelief. With a shrug I grabbed my phone and started filming this weird occurrence.

Neither of us said a word as we watched Peter swinging his umbrella and grinding against it. The whole time dancing in the middle of other dancers while water was raining down on him.
Jesus, he looks so hot, I only thought before I subconsciously pressed my knuckles on my lips.

“What?”, my dad asked in shock. Of course I had to say that out loud…
I quickly stopped the video and chuckled nervously when I turned my head to look at my father.
“Uh, I m-mean… well, he’s this cute, innocent boy… usually. And now…”, I stuttered, my face heating up, “I just thought that… you know. It’s different. Good different. Not that I… I mean that’s-”

“So I was right? You actually are smitten with that spider kid.”, he smirked at me before wiggling his eyebrows, making me want to vanish into thin air.
“NO, I’m not. Okay?!”, I insisted, even though it was more than a huge lie. But my father didn’t need to know that I was head over heels for Peter.
“Don’t worry, honey. I won’t tell him.”, he laughed and brushed over my back.
“Thanks.”, I mumbled defeatedly, slowly admitting that I couldn’t hide it from him anymore. Or at least there wasn’t a point in arguing with him.

Not wanting this awkward silence to last, I grabbed my phone to send the video to Peter but not before cutting out the end.
Peter didn’t need to know about my thoughts.

Nice wig, Spidey. I didn’t know you could dance like that. , I texted Peter and threw my phone on the pillow laying next to me before my dad took the remote.“Let’s watch something else. That was terrifying…”

After a couple of minutes the door opened and Happy stood in the door frame.
“Tony, the boy arrived. He’ll be here in a minute.”

“Ah, perfect. Thanks, Happy.”, my dad replied and I looked at him, tilting my head to express my confusion. “Did I miss something?”, I wanted to know but I didn’t get an answer. Only a secret smile.

Not many moments later Peter stood in the door frame, wearing one of his cute nerdy shirts and holding his phone with a bewildered look on his face.

“Hi Peter! What are you doing here?”, I asked nervously, my voice jumping an octave.
“Hey, um… I am… No, it’s… Mr. Stark said there’s another mission?”, he stuttered while he approached us.

“Surprise!”, my dad chuckled when I looked at him in disbelief.
“But dad, it’s movie night!”, I complained, “You promised that-”
“I know, honey.”, he started, placing his hand on my arm. But before he could continue I raised my voice, “Dad, this sucks! You never-”

“Hey, hey, hey, calm down. Okay?”, he soothed me, his grib getting tighter while I gave him my famous death glare before speaking up again, “I hate it when you do that. First you-”

“I wanted him to join us.”, my dad interrupted me again, this time it was actually working. I shut up.
“Why?”, I wanted to know, realising that Peter still stood there, awkwardly watching us. “It’s my secret mission.”, my dad smirked, causing me to roll my eyes.

Peter slowly opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but said nothing. “Come here, kid.”, my dad tugged at his wrist, pulling him towards us and practically forcing him to sit right next to me.
My heart stopped beating when my head realised how close our bodies were, not to mention his face being only a foot away from mine.

He seemed to notice this, too. He only stared at me for a few brief moments, which made me blush incredibly, before he remembered what he wanted to say. “You sent me a video a couple of minutes ago.”
“Yeah, I did. Did you see it yet?”, I chuckled, trying to loosen the tension. Peter shook his head, pulling out his phone to watch it.

My dad scooted over and so did I even though I had already been sitting pretty close. I just wanted to be even closer.

Peter let out a quiet sigh before pressing play. Peter’s face went blank almost instantly. “That guy looks like me!”, he squeaked, pure shock on his face.

“What? I thought that was you…”, my dad replied but Peter violently shook his head.
“But look, that’s Michelle.”, I claimed and pointed at the girl in the background.

“That’s not me. That’s for sure!”, Peter mumbled, “I would wear a costume like that.”
“What a shame… Y/N said you look hot in it.”, my dad blurted out and I looked at him with wide eyes, “even if this isn’t you. But he looks exactly like you, doesn’t he?”

Peter’s head slowly turned to me, a confused smile on his lips, but didn’t say anything.
Is he… happy about me thinking that he’s hot?, I thought while I sent my father a warning look and mouthed ‘What the hell?’ after Peter’s eyes went to the floor.

“Maybe it’s still on.”, I wondered and took the remote to switch back to the channel we had been watching.
Fortunately, the show was still on showing this exact copies of Peter and Michelle.
The presenter had just confirmed that “Tom Holland”, who seemed to be Peter’s lost twin, won the Lip Sync Battle, causing the audience to cheer in agreement.

What happened next made us stare at the TV in shock.

A girl looking like me walked up on stage and ran in Peter’s -No, what was his name again…? Tom’s arms and kissed him hard on his lips.
“What the hell?”, were the only words that left my words even though I was packed by seeing me and Peter kiss, more or less… I looked to the left, watching Peter’s and my dad’s faces.
While Peter’s face was as red as his Spiderman suit, my dad had a huge smile planted all over his face.

My double continued to kiss Peter’s clone, who excitedly kissed back, and the presenter appeared on the screen again. “Aren’t they the cutest celebrity couple ever?”, he asked and the audience cheered loudly, making the presenter laugh. Then, the screen showed a close up of our doubles pulling back from their kiss and looking into the camera, which was the perfect moment to pause the show.

“That’s us! But it’s not us… it’s not making any sense and it’s confusing.”, Peter pointed out and looked at me, catching me staring at him.
But I couldn’t help but stare at his lips after seeing ourself kiss. What would it feel like to kiss him? Are this lips as soft as they look? And how would he taste like?, I wondered before my dad interrupted my thoughts.
“I think I know what’s going on.”, he claimed.

“Yeah, what is it?”, Peter and me asked at the same time.
“Parallel Universe.”, my dad said proudly but we only looked at him blankly.

“Maybe something went wrong and this tv show aired in our universe. This is why they look exactly like you. They are you! But they’re the alternative version of you.”, he explained and we nodded, finally understanding what he meant.

“They have the same looks, same interests, same love life… Oh, and that explains why you find Peter so hot!”, my dad rambled excitedly, “Because he’s your boyfriend in the other universe.”
“What the hell, dad?!”, I said frantically, “You promised you wouldn’t tell him.”

I saw Peter looking at me with a smile from the corner of my eye but I couldn’t look at him because I was so embarrassed of this whole situation.
“No, I promised I wouldn’t tell him that you’re in love with him.”, he blurted out and I looked at him in shock, blood rushing to my face while I felt Peter tensing up.

I won’t be able to look in Peter’s eyes ever again…

“You got a problem with that, Peter?”, my dad asked him and Peter took in a sharp breath before speaking up, “N-No, not… at a-all, Mr. Stark.”
He looked at me briefly, “Actually, I uhm… I’ve been…”, he looked to the ground and then back to my dad, who smirked widely.

“Perfect.”, he clapped his hands, “Initialising last part of the mission.”
Suddenly, he pushed Peter into me, his lips crashing into the corner of my mouth making my heart skipping a beat.
Peter nervously adjusted himself and looked in my eyes, waiting for me to push him away but closed his eyes when I didn’t do anything.
I had mirrored his actions when he leaned forward, causing his lips to touch mine carefully before he pressed himself into me. I felt my heart jumping to my throat when his lips started to move and my brain processed what was happening. My hands found the way to his neck, pulling his face closer and my fingertips started to wander over the back of his head, making Peter sigh.

“Mission completed.”, I heard my dad say and I jumped slightly when I realised that he was still sitting right next to us.

  • exo: chill
  • me: okay
  • me internally: how can i chill when i have eight hot guys harmonizing in my headphones? how can i chill when i desperately want my twelve boys singing in my ears? how can i chill with all of these deep conspiracy theories regarding exo and the repackage? do parallel universes exist? is sm trying to tell us something? is exo just a parallel universe boy band that somehow fell into our universe which is why our universe and lives are getting screwed over by these perfect boys? what am i going to do? why is the repackage going to ruin my life? my life is starting soon and it's gonna end because of these flawless boys? how are they so flawless? why is this ruining my life? why can't i leave? why don't i wanna leave? why is exo literally my life but ruining my life? why are fanwars a thing? why can't we all just get along? i want my boys back so bad? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? help

su crew: writes an episode where amethyst is pointedly MUCH more upset about rose’s death than any scene pearl has ever had about it (Maximum capacity)

su crew, also: never actually shows us any amethyst and rose development because apparently their relationship meant nothing and its ALL PEARL NOW

su crew, while sticking their heads in the sand: titlebaits us with “the kindergarten kid”, an episode which everyone assumed would be amethysts backstory FINALLY but turned out to be 11 minutes of a shitty parody aka gremlin’s universe

su crew: why are our ratings dropping :(

igotlostinparadise  asked:

Welcome back! Any advice for college app season/essay writing (besides the obvious "don't procrastinate")?


3 main tips on college applications and essay writing:

1. Don’t be basic. Basic is boring, boring is forgettable. If your goal is to become a doctor, don’t cite the usual reason of “I want to become a doctor to help people!” Well, obviously, no one becomes a doctor to euthanize people.

Be more specific, use details, expand on your reasoning for what you’re looking to achieve with a college education, and incorporate the unique aspects of your background to weave a compelling story:

  • “I want to attend college to eventually become a doctor because I grew up in the inner city with poor access to health care. My goal is to return to Detroit, serve those same indigent populations, and eventually open a community clinic that specializes in prenatal care.”

If the college essay prompt asks: “why do you want to attend our university?” then, again, cite specifics:

  • Bad: “I want to attend Harvard University because it is the best university in the world with superior academics, a lively campus, and the best professors.”
  • Good: “I want to attend Harvard University because of its robust Economics program and distinguished faculty, particularly, Dr. Pol Antras who specializes in international economics and applied theory. I would like to study under him in pursuit of my career as an economist that can make a positive impact on global trade agreements for the United States.”

If the college essay prompt asks: “what have you done to make an impact in your community?”, again, cite specifics:

  • Bad: “I was President of Habitat for Humanity where I led a team of students to fix community centers.”
  • Good: “I was President of Habitat for Humanity where our team assisted with renovating 4 decrepit community centers in the Greater Los Angeles Area. We accomplished this over a 5-week period by reinforcing the foundations of the building, painting the walls, and replacing the fixtures. All 4 community have now been updated to modern standards and currently serve 1,500 per year.”

Remember to always show– don’t tell.

2. Keep it positive. The goal is to leave the application review committee members feeling energized, optimistic, and motivated to accept you into their university– not to sucker punch them in the feels with a pity party. Don’t try the guilt trip strategy, it’ll backfire horribly because at the end of the day you haven’t provided any concrete reasons for why you’re more qualified or more amazing than the next applicant.

If the prompt is: “tell me about an event or obstacle in your life that impacted you greatly” then select an example with a positive outcome.

  • Bad: “When I was young, my grandfather was diagnosed with a metastatic brain tumor and died leaving our entire family devastated. It made me reflect on how short life is and how painful loss can be.”
  • Good: “When I was young, my grandfather was diagnosed with a metastatic brain tumor and conveyed to me in his final days the regret he felt for not pursuing his passions. This experience, although devastating, gave me valuable perspective at a very young age on what was truly important in life and imbued me the courage to pursue my dream of becoming a screenwriter.”

3. Keep it to the point. Say more with less. College essays have a strict word limit because of the massive volume of applications universities receive. Additionally, the opening sentence of your college essay is crucial to capture the reader’s attention. I’ve used quotes from philosophers to capture a large idea in a few words.

Additional advice:

  • Spell check and proofread, but also have someone else proofread the essay to ensure it makes sense to another person who isn’t you.
  • If anyone reading this wants me to review their college essay and give feedback, message me privately on Tumblr and I’ll see what I can do.
Creepypasta #1288: The Grim Reaper's Scythe Isn't To Harvest You. It's To Protect You From Something On Your Journey.

Length: Medium

There is no fear as potent as the fear of the unknown. No monstrous visage discovered yet has been as terrifying as the infinite potential for horror which exists before the mask is removed.

That is why we humans, in our naive misunderstanding of the universal order, are gripped by the mortal fear of death. We think it the final frontier - the greatest imaginable unknown from whose penumbral shores no traveler may return. And so we cling desperately onto even the most dreary and anguished lives, suffering any known evil over our release into the beyond.

But death is not to be feared, because death is very well understood. We have witnessed it, caused it, measured and recorded it to the last dying spasm of neuronal flickering. Even as I lay dying, it seemed silly to me that I should be afraid of the emptiness which reason promised to expect.

While I was alive I wouldn’t experience death, so there was no reason to be afraid now. When I was dead, I wouldn’t be capable of experiencing anything, so fear still had no cause. That thought brought me great comfort as I felt the last erratic struggle from my heart against the inevitable conclusion I approached. It wasn’t until I was finally drifting off to sleep that a final intrusive doubt bubbled in my brain:

What if it isn’t death which is to be feared? What if it is what lies beyond?

And so troubled did I slip beyond mortal understanding, stepping into a world as far forsaken by reason as I was now from life. I was still in the hospital room, but the bustle of nurses and the beeping machines lost their opacity as though I was mired in swiftly descending dusk. It seemed as though every sound was an echo of what it once was; every sight a reflection. With each passing moment, the world was becoming less real…

But all that sight and sound - all that being - it wasn’t simply disappearing. It was transforming into a figure beside me. The less real my room became, the more real the figure was, until presently it existed in such sharp actuality that nothing beside it seemed real at all.

His cloak was black. Not the color black, but its essence. It was as though seeing a tiger after a lifetime of looking at a child’s crude drawing and thinking that’s all a tiger was. Reality flowed around his scythe like a brush through water colors, and I could see each elementary particle and time itself sunder across its blade.

Surely this, I thought. This is why we were taught without words to fear death. I clutched at my hospital blanket to cower from the intensity of the Reaper’s presence, but the once soft cotton now flowed like translucent mist through my hands. I knew in that moment that nothing could hide me from the specter’s grasp, for he was the only real thing in this world.

You’re late.

They weren’t words. My head ached from the strain of this knowledge as my lateness was burned into my awareness, imparted like an inescapable law of physics as unequivocal as gravity.

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Why do we have to spend all of our good, youthful years stuck inside of a classroom studying. Why can’t we go on adventures now and gain some life experience! And then later in life settle down and learn something you absolutely know you love and work then when you’re too old to travel freely and as frequently as you want to. We’re waisting our good years inside of a building just watching the world go by when we should be out there in it living our lives to the fullest while our bodies allow us to.

writing the "why x university?" prompt

for their supplemental writings, a lot of schools have a similar question that always boils down to “why do you want to attend our university?” all the tips i’m going to spell out here are things i’ve heard from various college counselors.

colleges ask this for a simple reason: they receive a SHITLOAD of applications. when they’re trying to decide who to admit, they want to pick people who are actually likely to attend the university if accepted. this question allows colleges to try and figure out if they are your first choice school or not.

what you want to do here, ideally, is game the system and convince EVERY school you’re applying to that they are your first choice. it requires a bit of extra work and a lot of extra googling and research, but if you weren’t willing to do that, i’m sure you wouldn’t have read this far in my post lol

a lot of people write the same essay for every school that asks this question. then, they just change the name of the school and send it off. they usually mention something vague about liking the “location”, “atmosphere”, “people”, “spirit”, etc. an essay like this communicates to an admissions officer that you don’t particularly care about their school. it’s not your first pick. you haven’t thought particularly hard about the decision to apply here.

you want your essay to make you stand out, so even if this school isn’t your first choice, pretend that it is. you can use the same basic framework for every one of these essays, but write them so that they couldn’t possibly apply to another school.

it’s time to namedrop. mention specific professors and classes that interest you within your major. explain that their program is the best program for you, and give reasons. cite facts and statistics. reference specific things about the school’s location (not just “it’s pretty”) and specific school traditions you want to take part in. things like this really convince a school that you care about attending their institution in particular, and you’re not just throwing their name in at the end of filling out your common app or whatever.

i hope you find this post helpful! if you did, consider following me, because i’ll be posting more appblr content in the coming months as i apply myself. feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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‘Please, I just want to be with my best friend and family… Please, just come back…’

Rest well chara…

finally, the end of the xxxx chapter, which means I can finally start with other aus :3

If you want to know which amazing au I am going to add for the first chapter here is the blog: Painttale

and please don’t forget to check out amazing @cocoeiyou the creator of Painttale ;3

And I’ll be helping with some of the background designs and the new pages will be all colored and shaded! so I’ll be updating the comic slower from now on.

‘why… why our universe but not others? what did we do to deserve all this?’

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every x has a meaning… oh are there any at all!? weird… really weird…

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Doctor Who/X-Files AU: The Doctor needs help from his old companion Dana Scully, but he accidentally drops in on Agent Mulder instead. (Who, let’s face it, is a huge Doctor fanboy.)


“You know what, it doesn’t matter,” Johnson continued. “It doesn’t advance the plot. Besides, you look like you’re in the middle of your big character development arc! Congrats, man! I mean, it’s not relevant to the main story, some doubt it will ever even be canon, but it is a subplot many of the readers are quite invested in, which is why it appears in so many of our alternate universes and fan works…”

Dex frowned at him, opening his mouth to speak before shutting it again quickly. He couldn’t even begin to understand what that was supposed to mean.

After a fight with Nursey during EpiKegster 2k16, William J. Poindexter reaches some surprising conclusions about his feelings.

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