why is not me

Me: Hey, I just read this really cute fic and it makes me want to write a cute, fluffy fic! Let’s do it!

Brain: But we gonna drag this bitch through the angst train, right? 

Me: But-

Brain: One way ticket to angst valley, bitch, here we go!

this is honestly so fucking mind blowing yall r so fucking FUNNY no fucking way this was made unironically like this has to be a fucking joke………….. THIS IS WHY YALL GET MADE FUN OF ……………………………………….

Me not wanting Seb to leave is just because Seb leaving won’t erase him. Seb will always exist, it’s just a matter of where; with Robron or away with Rebecca. If he’s Robert’s son then he’ll always be Robert’s son, regardless of where he is or if he’s on the show or not, Robert will always have a son. The thought of him just being some distant thing, like how Archie is to Jai or how Kyle was to Cain for years, I just hate the thought of it. Robert having a child he never sees and is rarely or never mentioned, and if Robron went on to have kids there would always be the fact that Robert already has a kid out there hanging over them. Getting rid of Seb out of the show/Robron’s lives won’t actually get rid of his existence. I’d rather he exist in Robron’s lives as their son than exist as a far away thought, only to inevitably return to cause drama. If Robert has a son I want him to be a child Robron raise together and work through together, making Seb something that brings them together, rather than treating Seb as the perpetual obstacle the show sends away to erase the consequence of a storyline they want to wrap up.

hey what’s up with the “millennials are watching friends for the first time on netflix…” shit when millennials watched friends on tv growing up

you’re clearly thinking about generation z aka people born in 2000s

why are y’all giving us a bad rep!!!!!

people born in the 80s-90s are millennials

and yes generation z (NOT millennials) are dumb enough to eat tide pods