why is nobody flailing over him

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Everyone loves how excited Danny gets over space.His eyes would twinkle, his arms would flail all over the place and he had the biggest smile anyone has ever seen on him. Someone asks why he loves space so much."I've always wanted to be an astronaut, it's my childhood dream! " his beeming expression suddenly dropped. He turned towards the windows,staring at the stars."but now that I'm dead, I can never be an astronaut anymore..." Nobody knows how to respond. -Moony #TeamBunny #TeamSpacey

Wow that was adorable until the end. That’s so sad. On the bright side, however, he can go into space whenever he wants!

Just For A Kiss

My contribution for the Voltron Secret Santa 2016!

This is for Anya aka @s-opal and it’s a Klance fic. I tried to include Pidge as best as I could, but this is from Lance’s POV. It’s AU-No Voltron, AU-No Aliens. PG-13. I also put this on AO3, I hope that’s okay.


Lance leans in for one last kiss before the attendant whisks Keith away. The fighter pilot’s steel gray eyes track Lance’s every move so he makes sure his smile is wider than last month’s videocall to his cousin Estrella’s quinceañera.

Even with ten feet between them, Lance can see the beginnings of anxiety gripping Keith. It’s in the 18-year-old’s stance, the way his fingers are clutching around a phantom yoke. So, being the good boyfriend that he is, Lance makes a thumbs up, adding a cheesy over-the-top grin that’s guaranteed to make Keith laugh. He’s rewarded with an eye wrinkle and half a smile before Keith and the attendant disappear into the green room and out of sight. Suppressing a sigh, Lance makes his way back to the general admission crowd.

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