why is no one watching this show

guys ik we all like to joke about people being “cancelled” and stuff but on a real note im genuinely upset and angry about this

for real why would anybody treat their actual FANS like this

this is supposed to be a family show. kids watch this. teenagers watch it.

just imagine a little gay kid who loves supergirl and the cast and who loves kara and lena having to watch a video of one of their idols aggressively screaming that their opinion is some insane thing

like why do they feel the need to completely shut down and humiliate peoples harmless enjoyment of a relationship on a television show ??????

why is wanting representation laughable

Get To Know Me Better Tag

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Nicknames: Taiga

Star Sign: Scorpio ♏

Height: 4′11′′

Time: 21:48

Birthday: October 29th

Favorite bands: BTS, EXO, Got7, BigBang, BlackPink

Favorite solo artists: (Agust D, G-Dragon, Taemin, Yongguk) Shawn Mendes, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Dean

Last movie watched: Silenced (I cried a lot boi, I thought my eyes would fall)

Last show watched: One Piece

When did I create my blog: I don’t remember

What do I post: Memes and beautiful things related to Kpop

Last thing I googled: How to write my birthday date in English

Do you have other blogs: I had a personal blog but I forgot the password

Do you get asks: Yes I get a lot and I don’t know why (I love you all)

Why did you choose your url:

Following: 542

Followers: almost 30.000 💛

Favorite colors: Black and yellow

Average hours of sleep: 6

Lucky number: 2


What am I wearing: A loose shirt

How many blankets I sleep with: 1

Dream job: Tattoo Artist and if I could sing, I would like to be a singer

Dream trip: Canada and South Korea

Favorite food: Pasta and Pizza

Nationality: I am Spanish

Favorite song right now:


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I watched all of the SDCC interviews today and one thing is certain, EVERYONE (minus Candice) wants more action and lighthearted scenes brought back into the show. I feel bad for the cast who has to endure such shitty writing at the hands of forcing Westallen and Iris even more in the front. I never asked for that, this is an ensemble show, Candice is not a LEAD actress, she is a supporting character next to Grant Gustin who is THE LEAD. It’s called The Flash, why can’t we have the episodes be about Team Flash (Caitlin, Cisco, Barry, Harry, Joe) ALL fighting crime together, growing and getting to know their abilities as they go? I’m not asking for a lot. This show has a lot of maturing to do.
—  Anonymous
Netflix Suggestions?

Hi everyone! So I’m trying to decide in advance what TV shows I want to watch on Netflix during this summer, but I need help. I’m not much of a TV watcher, so I’m gonna try to get into it. I would love your opinions on good shows to watch and why. Shows that I do really like are Criminal Minds, iZombie, American Horror Story, and The Killing.

If you had to choose 1 show out of the following that I must see, which one: (I haven’t seen any of these, obviously)


-Stranger Things


-Sense 8

-Black Mirror

-Bates Motel

-The Fall


Any others? Let me know! Thanks in advance :)

P.S. If you have any recommendations for Korean or Chinese dramas, I would also love to hear those (they don’t have to be on Netflix). Some of my favorite dramas have been: Scholar Who Walks The Night, Liar Game, Angel Eyes, Sassy Go Go, The Village: Achiara’s Secret, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo etc.

wow :))))))))))))))))))) thanks supergirl cast :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) i really appreciate the guy who played Wah Why was i Friendzoned screaming at me that lena and kara will only ever be friends :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) silly me for hoping that a cast wouldn’t directly and blatantly mock wlw and other folks that support a wlw ship watching this show!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for ruining one of the few things that makes me happy about ur yt feminist racist slavery and abuse glorifying show!!!!!

anonymous asked:

HC Where's tzuyu's being a tsundere for a all-too-clever-but-feigns-oblivious nayeon. I may the only one on this ship but I speak its existence and will watch it harvest!

- tzuyu’s only problem is that she doesn’t express herself well
- she loves the girl
- she really does
- but somehow she can’t seem to easily show her affection towards nayeon as easily as the other members
- but really, tzuyu loves them all the same
- or does she?
- ((maybe the reason why she’s like that is because she doesn’t want her love for nayeon to be exposed))
- ((and also because tzuyu gets nervous and her heart beats so fast that it makes her panic whenever nayeon comes close))
- so at first tzuyu would answer nayeon’s usual attempts at affection with looks before she would escape before nayeon gets particularly near her
- nayeon didn’t particularly mind – she’d just go to someone else after pouting dramatically at tzuyu
- tzuyu would watch as nayeon displays her affection to someone else (sana is always very accepting of everyone’s affection)
- and tzuyu could feel nayeon staring as sana drapes herself over tzuyu
- or whenever tzuyu would reach out to pull chaeyoung closer (she can’t help it, the girl is small and needs to be protected)
- somehow tzuyu also seems inclined to insult nayeon every time the girl says something
- and whenever nayeon would yell out “i love you tzuyu!!!” and (attempt to) hug tzuyu
- tzuyu would most likely have responded with “i don’t.” if it were before (and also ran away)
- but slowly she began to say “okay” instead
- she felt like straight up rejecting it would be bad
- nayeon would whine each time
- but tzuyu wouldn’t pay attention
- she could just hope that nayeon knows of her love
- eventually tzuyu feels bad at the sad look nayeon gives her each time
- and she just lets nayeon wrap her arms around her waist
- the first time tzuyu lets nayeon do it is when nayeon is exceptionally sleepy
- and nayeon just walked up to her back and hugged her
- tzuyu honestly didn’t expect it
- but she feels nayeon’s nose digging into the nape of her neck and she hears nayeon murmuring “i’m sleepy”
- and tzuyu hums “go to sleep then, unnie”
- but that seems to shock nayeon awake because tzuyu feels her jolt (surprisingly her grip didn’t falter)
- “wait, tzuyu?”
- and tzuyu just blinks, “uh, yeah?”
- “you let me hug you!”
- tzuyu trying to shift in nayeon’s grip “i— it’s just because i took pity on you because you were so sleepy!”
- nayeon grinning and hugging tzuyu tighter
- and tzuyu groaning as she just stands in place (lowkey she loves it)
- despite the increasing attempts from nayeon because of that once that tzuyu had let nayeon hug tzuyu
- tzuyu still tries to keep her cold image intact
- nayeon has a solo v live one night
- “what do you mean tzuyu isn’t watching” nayeon asks, eyes glancing up from her phone to her camera
- the next text tells her that tzuyu’s sleeping instead, and that everyone else is watching nayeon’s broadcast in the living room
- somehow nayeon’s heart breaks a little
- she tells the viewers and somehow passes it off as a joke
- and it’s not tzuyu’s fault, really
- the girl likes to sleep early and she needs all the sleep she can get
- but under her blankets
- tzuyu’s snickering fondly at nayeon’s usual antics
- tzuyu falls asleep before nayeon gets home
- nayeon’s affection slowly evolves from hugs to climbing onto tzuyu for a piggyback and also other simpler stuff like linking arms or just leaning onto tzuyu’s shoulders
- and also attempting to kiss tzuyu’s cheeks
- which tzuyu outrightly avoids
- she feels like her heart’s going to burst if she lets it happen
- her slandering still continues
- but nayeon merely laughs now, head rested upon tzuyu’s shoulder
- and tzuyu lets it happen
- “hey tzuyu, do you love me?”
- “no.”
- and nayeon just smiles, nuzzling her head into tzuyu’s neck, “i love you too.”
- “i said i didn’t”
- “yeah, you’re lying. i’m not dumb, tzuyu”
- “are you sure about that?”
- “just because i’m beautiful doesn’t mean i can’t be smart”
- “who says you’re either?”
- “you love me.”
- “no i don’t”
- “you so do”
- “i liked it better when you were asleep”
- “i love you too~”
- they love each other
- and they both know that
- no matter what tzuyu says

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I don't want to start anything, because it's basically just over at this point, but why do you think the cast would act that way about/toward fans? Regardless of how unlikely a ship is, they always seemed like the kind to be supportive of anyone who took the time to watch the show.

I honestly don’t know, sweetheart.

I could speculate for hours, but at the end of the day, we just don’t know what went on in their heads. Now all that’s left is for each and every one of us to make a decision on whether or not to keep supporting the show/cast, and wait to see if Jeremy/Melissa and whoever else was involved will apologize (and I mean a real apology).

EXO | Their Idol GF Being On A Variety Show And Nailing Their (EXO’s) Choreography

Anonymous said:

exo and vixx reaction to their idol gf being on a variety show and nailing their (the boys) choreography! thank you<3

“Well, well…at least now I know why she was looking for my ‘Artificial Love’ outfit.”

Originally posted by sugaa

“That was amazing…,” he said after watching the variety show, “I never knew she played that close attention to our choreo.”

Originally posted by yixingsosweet

You’re the most adorable creature on the face of the planet in his eyes, so seeing you do ‘Call Me Baby’, he would turn into a gooey mess. “That was the most adorable hip thrust I’ve ever seen.”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

On one hand he’s impressed by your group’s ability to do EXO’s choreo, on the other hand he wasn’t sure about you moving away from your usual cute stuff. “Isn’t this too sexy?”

Originally posted by baeksilisk

He’d be very interested in the fact that you and some of your member’s perfectly executed their choreo. “Hey mama indeed….”

Originally posted by 305heaux

He’d watch the performance and be completely shocked by the fact that your group was performing the choreo for ‘Monster’ and he would be even more shocked when he saw you had his part and nail it, maybe even better than him. “Oh shit….”

Originally posted by littlebyuns

“I know, wasn’t she awesome? What do you mean she was better than me?” He stared at Baekhyun who was being a little shit asking if he had seen the performance. “After I congratulate Y/N, I will end you, Baek…her best friend or not.”

Originally posted by jonginssoo

He knew you would nail the choreo, you had asked him for tips after all. “That’s my girl…”

Originally posted by fy-kimkai

“Who said she could body roll publicly like that?” he’d questioned, watching your group do a rendition of ‘Lotto’. “When was she planning on showing those moves to me?”

Originally posted by mvnghaos

“Did I not tell you that she would nail the choreo!” he said looking at the guys, “You thought cause her group has a cute concept she couldn’t do it…but there’s your proof” *proud as fuck boyfriend*

Originally posted by dawnlus

“WOOO Y/N! THAT’S MY GIRL!” He’d gone to the set with you and as soon as the director called for commercial he let all the excitement out that he was holding in over the fact that you had nailed the ‘Wolf’ choreo.

Originally posted by idkimmaturegirl

“I didn’t expect that you were gonna give anything less than one hundred percent, jagi.”

Originally posted by junioroyalist


30 Questions Tag

30 Questions Tag

Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

tagged by @praisethepopeseungri , thanks!

1. Nicknames: Emma, Emilily, Pemberton
2. Gender: Female
3. Star sign: Cancer
4. Height: 5′7″/170 cm
5. Time: 2:19 pm
6. Birthday: July 16
7. favorite bands: Bigbang, U2, One Ok Rock, Sanam
8. favorite solo artists: David Gray, Bilal Saeed, Atif Aslam
9. Song stuck in my head:  Mr. Chu - apink (no idea why…)
10. Last movie watched: Oceans 11
11. Last show watched: Late Night Restaurant
12. When did i create my blog: Last…February?  March?
13. What do i post: Mostly Seungri and the rest of BB, sad song lyrics, random pictures of pretty places and things, stuff I wrote
14. Last thing googled: “who sings mr chu”
15. do you have other blogs: ain’t nobody got time for that
16. Do you get asks: not as many as i used to
17. Why did u choose your url: it means “I am Emily” in Hindi
18. Following: 192
19. Followers: 901 (aww I scared two away overnight?)
20. Favorite colors: black, white, hot pink, lately I really like yellow too
21. Average hours of sleep: 5?
22. Lucky number: 3
23. Instruments: Piano and flute as a kid, nothing now
24. What am I wearing: denim skirt and Los Angeles tshirt  
25. How many blankets I sleep with: 1
26. Dream job: writer
27. Dream trip: Russia or Japan
28. Favorite food: katsudon
29. Nationality: American
30. Favorite song now: Scar - Bewhy

Tagging:  not 20, jeez…um… @doomdadadividuh @sindrafalcone @seungrisayyo @usaco55 @runningmancompilations @pbj-anonymous @wearealldoomedada @starlightingly @iraahh @iq-biased don’t do it if you don’t want to…

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I know it's too early to tell, but the trailer made me think that Rogers is gonna be the brooding, anti-social loner type. So, what's the point of giving Killian a new cursed identity if the only changes are that he's not married anymore and a cop now? -_-

*shrug* I didn’t watch it nor will I so I don’t really know what you’re talking about?

I’m not sure why anyone expected different though.

They literally copied dialogue from a previous season and changed pronouns and names for that Mad Hatter scene.

This is just Season 1 with slightly different locations basically.

The entire show was just a bad Fables ripoff and they just reused the same material over and over for years. Let’s not assume there will be any original content in the eleventh hour.

I can appreciate Colin’s beauty in gifs just as much. I might watch some You Tube videos one day but I’m really rather beyond the show at this point and it’s been lovely really.

anonymous asked:

I've been reading Sterek fics for a few years now but have never really seen the show until recently. Can you explain to me why Jeff Davis never made Sterek canon? I've noticed that many of the cast including Holland ship it so why has he been so against it?

Hi nonnie :) I don’t think that I am the best person to answer this question but anyway, I will try. You are talking about a long time ago, I try not to think about jeff davis for the sake of my mental health because I get mad lol

If you are a sterek fan that don’t multiship (like me) I recommend you to watch only season one and two and act as if the show got canceled after these two seasons.

The short answer about why Jeff Davis never made sterek canon is because he never intended to do it, it wasn’t in his plans. What happened, well what I think that happened was that sterek became huge, so popular that Jeff use the pairing to gain viewers. And how did he do it? Teasing sterek fans with an hobrien video at comicon, and  giving interviews (before season 3) saying that sterek could become canon, that he acknowledged their chemistry and was aware of their popularity.

What hurt the most for me, and what made me stop watching the show after season 3a was that after teasing sterek before the premiere of season 3 they hardly had a scene together. If Jeff didn’t want to make sterek canon he could just say: No, sorry but it won’t happen and then given us a beautiful friendship. I would probably be mad at first but I would have kept watching the show because sterek would have meaningful scenes that will give me inspiration for new sterek videos.

To sum up, I don’t know nonnie :( was Jeff the one who didn’t want to make sterek canon? (probably); was it Dylan or Tyler? (I doubt it); was it the manager of one of the two actors? (maybe? who knows). But I think that the blame falls to Jeff.


“..that they will also understand that there is life after whatever they’re feeling, there is life after high school, there is life after that exam, there is life after that party, or that photo, or you know…that boy. There is– there’s always gonna be more.”

- Katherine Langford on 13 Reasons Why  (x)

Me: Okay I think I’m already in enough fandoms, I’m not entering any new one. Nope, I’m not ruining my life anymore. DO NOT ENTER. Also me: *watches a new tv show, film, book, music band or whatever*

Originally posted by agarrame-el-nervio

I want to tell a quick story about how important representation in television is, and how Sense8 is really making a tangible difference. You can repost if you like, I thought your followers might enjoy it.

My dad is a wealthy, white, conservative male who voted for Trump. He’s not a hateful person…in fact he’s one of the kindest people you’ll meet and he can talk to a random stranger for hours. But he’s extremely fiscally conservative and tends to have a narrow world view. 

He and I argue a lot. He calls me a naive liberal who has no idea how the real world works. I call him a decrepit old man who wouldn’t know innovation if it kicked him in the teeth. It’s our way of keeping each other on our toes. 

But we love to watch TV together. Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Vikings are a few of our favorites. I always held off on showing him Sense8…I honestly didn’t think he’d like it. But one day he asked me “What should we watch next?” and I though…why not?

He absolutely loved it. Yeah he thought the sex scenes were a little gratuitous, but he couldn’t stop watching. He even started talking about it to all his brothers and friends during our BBQ. I was so pumped he enjoyed it. 

But it was one scene in particular that really changed things for him: Nomi’s speech during her sister’s rehearsal dinner in episode 2x8. 

You see, my dad thought Nomi’s relationship with her Mom was unrealistic. He said “Parents love their kids unconditionally. No real mother would ever say those types of things. I mean…she’s not abusive. She’s not a drug addict or an alcoholic. And clearly no money problems at home. A real mom wouldn’t hate their kids just because.”

I was floored and didn’t know what to say at first. He had called me sheltered and naive so many times…and then he says something like that. I realize that it’s because he loves me so much (and would still love me so much even if I were trans) that he found a character like Nomi’s mom not just unrelatable, but completely unrealistic. 

But eventually I say this. 

“Dad…about half of homeless youth are LGBT. Believe it or not, this is one of the most realistic parts of the show.”

To which he replies: “Oh. Really? I…didn’t know that.”

And then a few minutes later Nomi’s says her speech and I look over and my dad is tearing up, just a little. 

“You doing alright over there?”

“Yeah…yeah I just….I’m fine. But I think I get it a little more now.”

So that’s my story. Even old white guy who voted for Trump is heartbroken about Sense8’s cancellation. That says a lot about how big a mistake Netflix is making. 

Submitted by @fourforyouglencoco

ladies gentlemen and others, I have come to introduce you to the avengers youtube channel

tony created the whole thing and and the bio reads: robin hood, uncle sam, ginger snaps, goldilocks, jolly green and the tin man’s chill room

there are videos of natasha teaching self defense moves for women, using the boys as props. her showing tips to learn other languages and “five things you didn’t know you could turn into a weapon”. her filming twenty minute long videos answering questions and giving advice to young girls about everything, from safety, mental health, recognizing abusive behavior in men, self confidence, and how to safely get out of risky situations

thor has a series of videos that go from “things of midgard I (Thor) do not understand” and “thor tries things” of his tasting foods from all over the globe because he is deeply fascinated and respectful of other cultures

bruce does a video series of him teaching yoga and meditation, and every once in a while he asks another member of the team to participate, and by far the most viewed one is of him trying to teach tony to stay still and not say anything and tony does try, but fails miserably while bruce sighs. bruce showing recipes from all the places he’s been. “how to create a stress free environment” videos

tony being the science dad™ making videos of “cool shit you can do with useless eletronics you haven’t used since the 90s but haven’t thrown out yet”. he has short videos of “easier ways to physics” and “math for things you will actually use on your day to day life”. he makes thirty minute long videos of him showing pop culture to steve and thor. so. many. storytime. videos. “that time we tried to lift thor’s hammer”, “steve and the 21st century”, “I watched natasha castrate a man with a plastic spoon”, “clint making the mistakes again”, “reasons why I love bruce banner”. “how to handle anxiety like a boss” videos

steve does the whole thing, from homemade remedies for sick kids that he learned when times were rough and sarah couldn’t afford the real ones. workout tips. and of course, educational yet ranting videos of basic human decency things that should’ve changed in 70 years but haven’t. “it’s ok to ask for help, it doesn’t make you weak” videos

clint being that bitch, trolling everyone in everyway imaginable. changing thor’s shampoo bottle for pink hair dye? check. coloring all of steve’s clothes red blue and white? check. changing the sugar of bruce’s tea for salt? check. making jarvis play everyone a different theme song for when they walk into the room? check. and of course, tony. there are several hour long compilation videos of him scaring the shit out of tony

all of them reading fanfiction about each other. stony, clintasha, ironhawk, ironwidow, romanogers, thor/everyone, loving all the combinations they can find. yes to poliamory and everyone loving each other

jarvis livestreams a night of them drinking asgardian ale and playing mario kart and singing high school musical songs on karaoke. it breaks youtube viewing records

Lesbian/bi/dont even know girls on tv now

no order whatsoever part 1/??

Luisa and Rose || Jane The Virgin

Originally posted by yoliisantos

Luisa´s description: Sister of the father of Jane´s baby, also the woman who insaminated Jane by mistake, also very gay having an affair with Rose, his dad´s wife. If that ain´t enough drama for you to live with she also has alcohol problems. Can´t describe Rose, you gotta see to know.

status: So far so alive, Rose seen in the pic too. Mondays, the Cw

Clarke and lexa and Nyilah || The 100

Originally posted by alyciaismywife

Description: Clarke lives in outter space because the earth died 97 years but the spaceship the human race has been living on is dying so they sent a 100 underaged delincuents to earth to see if they survive. Very bi. and bossy.

status: Aliiiveeeee this bitch scared us a few times. The girl in the pic´s dead thought. This season ended but coming back in october, Wednesdays. The Cw

Camille || Stitchers

Originally posted by camerongoodkn

So underrated imma scream

description: no one stands around and holds a tablet like she does. backup means alcohol. bisexual, sassy sarcastic, works for the NSA as a badass agent, also the actress is familiar because she used to date Josh in Drake and Josh, yup. im pretty obsessed with her. i mean, LOOK. AT HER.

status: Pretty alive in the lst episode she fucked. Mondays in Freeform.

Cosima and Delphine || Orphan Black

Originally posted by lex-lost-soul

Hurry up if you want to watch cus this the last season folks

Description: Hot gay clone, lovely and a genious. God protect this creature of science. Dating Delphine (i think ??) who is a cute french girl she met in college, also a genious, also really hot. I mean the show is gold and we all want to marry Tatiana.

Status: Alive but you never know. Saturdays, BBC

Elena || One Day At a Time

Originally posted by lancesarah

Description: Gay little cuban munchkin, feminist as fuuuuuck. We need a love interest for her in s2. thanks.

Status; In no danger. netflix.

Sarah Lance || Arrow and Dc´s Legends of Tomorrow

Originally posted by amendlessknot

sorry if the gif gave you a pregnancy

description: Rich girl goes with her sister´s boyfriend on his boat, it drowns and she´s found and entrained by the league of assasins, now is a badass girl saving the time line. Bi but prefers girls. and you can tell.

status: None existent in time but alive after dying but coming back. Thursdays at The CW

Freya and Keelin || The Originals

Originally posted by obsessed-with-misha-collins

Description: 2.000 year old witch that was stolen by evil aunt, her siblings are the first vamps on earth and speak with a british accent for some reason. I mean, it´s been 2.000 years and your accent is intact even living in the usa? whats the need? Keelin is a werewolf btw. dont know much about her.

status: May die in the next ep tbh you never know. Fridays The CW

Waverly and Nicole || Wynonna Earp

Originally posted by vivalavida21


Description: Waverly was born in purgatory a town with demons that only her family can kill, very smart, like, crazy smart, was dating an asshole but then found her unicorn, i mean, gay, i mean she found Nicole. Nicole is a hot sheriff, i mean agent, she cute.

status: Alive. thank god.or wynonna, yeh, thank wynonna. Syfy, fridays.

Alexis and Rachel and Dakota || Famous In Love

Originally posted by rainerspaige

I have watched bad tv shows for the gay, but this one is the worst. soooo baaad.

description: Rich famous actress absorved in herself, can be nice at some points but is a mayor bitch most of the time.

status: How she gonna die in this shit show they need the gays. idk what days who cares but freeform.

Alex and Maggie || Supergirl

Originally posted by swanmillsq

Description: Alex is supergirl´s adoptive sister, she just realized sheñs gay, very hot, works for the CEO and is so smart, dates Maggie, gay pal nonewhite who has always felt weird which is why she goes to an alien bar, also hot, works for the police.

Status: #LesbianLives is how Chyler (Alex) would describe it. Mondays, the cw

Eretria || The Shannara Chronicles

Originally posted by princessroverdaily

description: human in a strange world with elfes and wird shit tbh, bisexual, pretty hot, badass and sassy. in love with a three.

status: alive, pissed. MTV

Let me know if i should do a part 2 because obviously Tumblr won´t let me post them all together.

Comment the ones you watch:)