why is no one laughing about this

But could you imagine how iconic the series ending would be if this was the last scene:

The girls are all together to say goodbye to Aria who is about to go on a three week honeymoon with Ezra.
Aria: “guys I’m leaving for three weeks, why is everybody crying?”
All the girls laugh and let out another sob at those words.
Alison looks at her best friends one by one and says, “I guess it feels like it’s the end of something.”
Everyone grabs onto eachother even tighter and nods while fighting back more tears.
Spencer takes a deep breath and speaks up through everyones sobbing, “Even if it really is the end of something, our story will live on in our hearts.” She looks up and smiles at Aria who almost wishes she didn’t have to go on a honeymoon.
“Yeah, well our story will probably also live on in this godforsaking town too for a long time,” Hanna says with her infamous hint of sarcasm in her voice. The girls all laugh at this and look at eachother again once more.
Emily lets her head rest on Alisons’ shoulder as Alison looks at Hanna and then to Spencer. She can’t help but put on her bold smile she was most known for when she was younger, and as she takes a deep breath she says,
“That’s immortality, my darlings.”



YOGA BOOK:  Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get On the Mat, Love Your Body, by Jessamyn Stanley

I read Every Body Yoga recently and wanted to share my thoughts! 


Jessamyn Stanley tells you about her yoga journey! As a broke, overweight, black female, her encounters with yoga were different than most people’s. 

I laughed out loud a lot. One of the stories that I liked:
She started off in a hot yoga class, planted in the back of the room (Hey, me too!). NO ONE set up their mat near her. She found out why soon after - turns out; she was at the back of the class next to the heater that blasts out the heat. 

Hearing her story in her words was the best part of this book for me. She was funny AND realistic. 

The book also contains your typical pose breakdowns and a little bit of flow suggestions. She uses non-traditional yoga models, which is lovely to see. 

She also answers a lot of questions about yoga. What is it? Who is it for? Is it a cult? 

Lastly, she does really sell an at-home practice. I have always stressed that people GO to a yoga studio, but Jessamyn definitely changed my mind. 

She does talk about racism and cultural appropriation, but the book was funny and sad and informative and not preachy. But your mileage may vary. 

GREAT FOR: people who are too nervous to start yoga, people who think they can’t do yoga, people who don’t have access to yoga, yoga instructors who teach beginners, etc. 

Outed by the Music

Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: While cleaning your shared apartment one day, you and Tom are listening to music and it has a mind of it own when it comes to what it should play. (Definitely an added bonus to listen to the songs in the imagine so you can imagine the bits I didn’t write out fully. Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid; Moments in the Woods – Into the Woods; Won’t Say I’m in Love – Hercules; Bad Liar – Selena Gomez) 

Warnings: Language, Fluff

A/N: So this is the first imagine I’ve written in like 5 years so please, bare with me. Also, I understand “outed” isn’t exactly a word but I use in language so it counts…right? Anyway…I had this idea after I was cleaning the house listening to some music and these four songs came on in a row and I figured it was obviously fate.(;

Note: I don’t do smut but if you have an idea my messages are always open!

Word Count: 1,020

*Wonder Woman theme plays in background*

“Every time I listen to this song it makes me feel like such a badass!” you shout over the blaring music. Tom chuckles and continues to sweep the rosewood floor in the kitchen. By the time that song has gone off, he has moved onto the floor in the living room.

“Percussion…strings…winds…” the song starts off.

“‘Words’” you speak along with the song, smirking at Tom.

He just rolls his eyes, laughing he watches you act along with the song. “Do you know where the dustpan is, Princess?” You shrug innocently as you continue to sing along. “Oh, come on. You were just using it!” he laughs.

You shrug again, “‘You don’t know why but you’re dying to try, you wanna kiss the girl.’”

He lets out a chuckle and looks up at the ceiling. After a moment he looks back to you, “y/n, you were the one who was insistent that we finish cleaning the apartment today.”

“‘My, oh, my, look at the boy too shy. He ain’t gonna kiss the girl…’” you turn back to dusting as you fake sadness. Hearing him come up behind you, you turn and give him a side eye, “‘Ain’t that sad, ain’t it shame, too bad. You gonna miss the girl.’”

As the song continues to play he pulls you close, studying your eyes. You bat your eyelashes innocently.

* Now’s your moment. *

* Floating in a blue lagoon. *

* Boy, you better do it soon, no time will be better* 

* She don’t say a word *

* And she won’t say a word *

* Until you kiss the girl *

Agreeing with the song, he leans in for the kiss. You smile into him before pulling away and whispering sarcastically. “Would you look at that. My voice is back! Wow, that really does work!” Laughing he pulls you into a hug as you look at all the work you’ve done together. “It’s in the hall in front of the closet, by the way.”

* Moments in the Woods from Into the Woods begins to play *

You both laugh out loud before Tom looks you dead in the eyes, “‘And how alive you made me feel.’” Then spins out of your reach and goes to retrieve the dustpan. On his way out the door he gives you a little bow.

“‘What was that?’” you state along with the song, giggling to yourself.

* Was that me? *

* Was that him? *

* Did a Prince really kiss me? *

* And kiss me? *

* And kiss me? *

* And did I kiss him back? *

You’d moved onto cleaning the windows but were slowly brought back into the song. It was just so natural for you to prance about while singing along. You were so entranced into it that you hadn’t noticed Tom come back into the room. He was leaning against the entryway watching you dance around before shouting “‘Wake up! Stop dreaming, stop prancing about the’ living room!”

Jumping about a foot in the air, you managed to knock over the cleaning supplies scattered about. “Jesus Christ! You about gave me a heart attack!”

“Why?” he chuckled, “you knew I was coming back?”

Scowling at him, you stood up. “Yes, I knew you were coming back. I just didn’t realize you were going to come in screaming at me.”

“I couldn’t resist! I came back at the perfect moment to jump into the song!”

“Touché. Now help me clean up the mess you’ve made!”

“The mess I’ve made?!” he laughed coming around the couch. “You’re the one who knocked it all over!”

“Yes because you scared me!” you said poking him in the chest.

“Alright, come on.”

The mess wasn’t that big so it didn’t take long to clean. By the time it was all picked up, the song was just about to go off. Tom flopped onto the couch and closed his eyes. Sitting on the floor, you turned to lean your arms on the couch next to Tom’s head. You were admiring the way the evening light hit his face when the song continued.

*Let the moment go.*

*Don’t forget it for a moment, though.*

Letting out a breath of laughter you say, “I guess I better go finish that window.”

He turned his face towards you. “Or…you could climb up here and we could watch a movie and relax for once?”

“As tempting as that sounds…I only have two more windows to do and then everything will be done. Then we can watch something, okay?”

“Fine.” He grumbles.

You manage to pry yourself off of the floor when the song ends.

“If there’s a prize for rotten judgment.”

“‘I guess I’ve already won that.’” You sing along. Tom let’s out a snort, knowing you’re referring to him.

“‘Who d’you think you’re kiddin’? I’m the earth and heaven to ya!’” Tom sings, filling in the Muses part.

Laughing you state, “I’m never going to get these windows clean with Spotify picking the music we’re listening to.”

“‘I know how you feel and who you’re thinking of!’” he sings sitting up.

Shaking your head. “‘No chance, no way. I won’t say it, no, no.’”

Standing up he continues, “‘You swoon, you sigh. Why deny it? Uh oh.’”

“‘It’s too cliché, I won’t say I’m in love!’”

Being the two Broadway lovers that you are, you continue acting out the song together.

“‘At least out loud,’” you continue as you lean into Tom. “‘I won’t say I’m in love.’”

* Bad Liar begins to play *

Tom raises an eyebrow at you. “Damn, outed by the music.” 

“I swear our phones are listening in on us and know exactly what to play next.” You say rolling your eyes.

“Maybe it’s just fate?”

You tap your chin as if you were thinking. “Nah, definitely the phone thing. The government’s totally watching us.”

You laugh as he leans in to give you another kiss. “I love you.”

“I know.” He stops and begins to turn away. “Hey! Fine, fine! I love you too, loser.”


I hope you enjoyed this! Sorry if it actually sucks, like I said. First time writing something like this in somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 years.

sallyyates  asked:

What are your favorite Arthur one liners? I was watching the episode where Arthur thinks he went though a wormhole for 4 years and he wakes up and DW is 9. And DW says, "Why didn't you tell me Buster was a genuis?" And Arthur says, "He's not." And I was dying laughing!!! What are your favorite Arthur drags? I'd also love to know which ones your followers love too! 😊

honestly, one of my favourite lines is when dw busts out “can i ask you a question? why don’t you go back to your own house and stop bothering us?” like. so raw. so iconic. love it.

what about all y’all?

hurtful words

Request Prompt; Hi, i was wondering if you could please make an imagine where shawn makes y/n cry because he said something he doesn’t mean?

Warning; small use of foul language


You and Shawn had a lot going for each other; he was about to go on his first full out tour in the U.S., and you were preparing to go to your dream school. To top it all off, the two of you were nearing your one year anniversary with each other. It’s been a long ride between different schedules and time zones, but the two of you made it work.

Unlike the rest of the anniversaries that the two of you have shared, you suggested having a nice dinner in the comfort of your shared home this time. The contrast from fancy and uptight dinners would be nice for the two of you. All you needed was to be with Shawn, and you’d be happy either way. You had been so ecstatic about the upcoming date with Shawn for weeks now, that every time you thought about it, you couldn’t help but squirm in your seat from excitement. Something about him made every date feel like the first. Whether it was him bringing flowers or giant teddy bears, his gestures always managed to make you melt.

As the days became hours until your anniversary was coming, you picked out Shawn’s favorite dress on you to wear. The dinner might’ve been at home, but you put on as much makeup as if you were about to walk the red carpet. Don’t get it wrong — you were comfortable enough around Shawn to be bare faced, but you wanted this to be the perfect night for the two of you, and that would start by you looking and feeling your best. You also started dinner in the midst of everything to make sure you were on schedule.

Shawn was out with his friends, which gave you the perfect amount of time to tidy everything around the house up. You didn’t mind if he was out for the day, because you would be able to have him for the rest of the night. It was going to be a great night for the two of you.

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Proximity (04)-Writing My Goodbyes

Prompt: Sebastian meets his newest neighbor and immediately finds her to be an interesting and genuine person. Before he knows it, he’s developing feelings for his much younger friend that he tries not to act on because of their age difference, only the proximity of their lives has other things in store for the couple.

Tags: @sebstanwassup, @starkxpotts, @kyleannsmut, @joshuad-n, @bucky-bear-barnes, @metal-arm-red-star, @dammnnbucky, @crystallimythium, @marvelouslyloki, @msdrmarvel, @-tulipsunflower-, @shakzer00, @sebstan01, @kitty11223, @one-of-the-boys, @come-and-figure-me-out, @miraisnotavailable, @ladymelissastark, @msharleyquinn, @seargantbcky, @ballerinafairyprincess, @aliciajodiefoster, @yourgayonlinemom, @broken-pieces, @bubblyanarocks3, @yessy2012, @twiceinabluemoon

A/N: Here we go! Part four :) –ALSO I said in the last part that this one would be short. I promise I’ll make it up to you!!!!!!

Proximity (00)-Prologue, Proximity (01)-My Place at Six, Proximity (02)-Just My Neighbor, Proximity (03)-Forty Percent

“Don’t think of it as being embarrassing,” (Y/N) heard Chris coo beside her. “We’ve come to understand that Sebastian just loves to brag about his cute neighbor.” She could feel her face fluster and could swear the heat had just kicked on to a sweltering temperature as her palms became clammy and her face got hot. At that point, (Y/N) had refused to look up from the unfolded menu she had buried her face behind and the taunting shifted to Sebastian who’s embarrassment was on par with hers.

“I’m going to head to the ladies room before our food arrives,” Lizzie announced, “care to join me, (Y/N)?”

“Sure,” (Y/N) eagerly accepted and rose from her seat, feeling more comfortable and in control of the situation as her body elongated and she paced away from the men.

“I’m sorry about that,” she sighed as soon as they were away from the table.

“You have nothing to apologize for,” (Y/N) reassured Elizabeth as she held the bathroom door open and the each stopped in front of a sink and looked at one another’s reflection.

“It’s so painful to watch when the decided to heckle one another.” She paused, allowing the warm water to rush over her freezing hands before turning back to the guest in her company. “I mean, it’s not fair for them to tease Sebastian so relentlessly for liking someone like you.” Had (Y/N) not already gotten the impression that Elizabeth was a sweet and caring person, her comment would have been taken as bitchy, but since she was the only person that hadn’t drawn attention to the awkwardness of the situation, (Y/N) decided to hear her out.

“Wait, what do you mean?” she asked quietly as a woman and her young daughter entered the restroom.

“By ‘someone like you?’” she questioned while dabbing her hands with a paper towel. “I mean someone so smart, funny, and beautiful. I’m sorry if that came out wrong.”

“No, no, I mean the part that you said about Sebastian liking me,” (Y/N) hurried.

“You didn’t know?” Elizabeth questioned while raising a hand to her mouth, her already large eyes growing in shock as (Y/N)’s confusion strengthened. “Of course you didn’t, you left early.”

“Wait, what?” (Y/N) gasped. Lizzie grabbed (Y/N) by the arm and hurriedly walked toward a refurbished, upholstered bench resting against the wall closest to the door. Setting themselves down, Elizabeth dug through her bag for her phone as she spoke.

“Sebastian hasn’t been able to stop talking about his ‘cute neighbor’ since you fixed his TV,” she explained. “It’s not as thought he’d being aggravating or annoying about it, but he does talk about you just enough to know that he likes you as, well, more than just neighbors.” Elizabeth pulled out her phone and scrolled through the messages until she reached yesterday afternoon.

Sebastian Stan: hey liz…can I get your opinion on something?

Liz Olsen: sure, what’s up?

Sebastian Stan: as a woman, when would you consider it to be too early for a guy to ask you out?

Sebastian Stan: nevermind, it’s stupid

Liz Olsen: nooo, wait! Seb are you talking about (Y/N)?!

Liz Olsen: bc if you are, you’re basically already dating her with how often you say you hang out.

Sebastian Stan: hanging out is different from dating, besides it doesn’t matter. There’s no way of knowing if she likes me so staying friends is easier, right?

Liz Olsen: just test it out! The next time you hang out just act couple-y and if thing feel right, you’ll know if you should push things further or not 

“So that’s why he was being all flirty and touchy-feely,” (Y/N) sighed in revelation.

“Keep reading,” she said and pointed to the messages that resumed almost five minutes after (Y/N) left Sebastian’s apartment the previous night.

Liz Olsen: how are things going :D

Sebastian Stan: they’re not. She just left.

Liz Olsen: why??! What happened?!

Sebastian Stan: dunno…things were going great and then she got jumpy and left. I think she’s stressed about work and stuff

Liz Olsen: I’m sure that’s it. If she had a long day she may just want to lie down :/

Liz Olsen: Tom, Anthony, Chris, and I are wanting to hang out together tomorrow. You should come and bring (Y/N). Maybe hanging out with everyone will make her feel more comfortable :)

Sebastian Stan: maybe..we’ll see

As soon as (Y/N) finished the messages, she returned the phone to Lizzie and anxiously chewed on the inside of her lip.

“What do you think about him?” she asked in a quiet and soft voice.

“Sebastian’s great,” (Y/N) stated, “but I don’t have much of anything to offer.”

“What does that mean?” she asked dumbfounded at (Y/N)’s rationale.

“I’m not enough for him. I’m only twenty-one, I’m still in school–honestly I’ve heard him and Mackie give so much shit to Tom about pretty similar qualities that I have,” (Y/N) explained.

“That’s just them being jerks and hazing the new guy,” Lizzie tried to explain to (Y/N).

“But still, if they can say some pretty harsh things about him over the fact that he’s only twenty-one, why is there an exception for me? And who’s to say when that exception will expire?”

“So being younger than him means that you’re not enough?”

“It’s not just that, if I hadn’t been thirteen or fourteen years younger then it would be a bit different, but he was entering high school when I was entering the world. He’s so much more accomplished and distinguished than I could ever hope to be. He’s only exclusively dated actresses and models and I’m just some graduate student who lives below him.”

“What you do for a living doesn’t make you any more or less ‘worth’ someone’s attention, (Y/N),  and the ways we meet people will probably never make sense, but you and Sebastian are too similar emotionally to keep yourselves from enjoying one another’s company and you’re lives are too interconnected through proximity for you to start writing any goodbyes,” Lizzie said softly.

“I’m not writing my goodbyes,” (Y/N) sighed. “I’m not quite ready to say goodbye.”

“And why do you say that?” Elizabeth asked with a smile on her face as the young woman in front of her laughed gently at their situation–two strangers having their first conversation with one another on a bench in a public restroom.

“I guess it’s because I want to know if there really needs to be a goodbye, or if we there would be one if I weren’t trying to force it between us,” (Y/N) replied.

“He’s liked you for a long time,” Lizzie said softly as the pair rose from their seats.

“He’s a great guy, but I may always still have reservations about certain things,” (Y/N) sheepishly admitted.

“And it’s okay to be afraid, just don’t let that fear cause you to abandon something that could be wonderful.”

One Night to Confess

Summary: When people get drunk, bad things usually happens. Well, not for everyone, but for you, yes. It was the first time you drank that much and bad luck made sure that at the same evening the person you loved called you. And unfortunately you told him things so embarrassing you want to disappear. Like confessing your love to him on the phone.

Requested? Yes, by anon

Pairing: Reader x Derek Hale

Word count: 1861

A/N: Okay I was a bit tired when I started writing this imagine so I’m not really sure about it, but I hope y’all like it! (the gif isn’t mine, credit to owner)

It should’ve been just a normal evening. A calm evening with a few friends that mysteriously turned into a party where the whole city seemed to be invited. So obviously alcohol made its way somehow to the house. Everywhere around you there were now people of your age having fun, dancing and drinking. And you? You were looking at them, uncertain. Everyone seemed to have fun and you wanted to try. You never really drink alcohol, not that you didn’t like the taste, but you had never felt the need to drink much. So you never got drunk.

And you had no idea what the effects of alcohol could have on you.

“Y / N!” Your best friend came behind you, making you jump. You were very focused on your glass of beer that remained untouched. You still hesitated to let yourself go.

“Hey,” you greeted her without leaving the amber liquid as the party went on without you in the house.

“You’re not drinking?” She asked you, taking a drink for herself and hopping to the rhythm of the music, inviting you to do the same.

"I don’t know …” You told her before confessing that you never got drunk and that you were a little scared.

“Y / N. "Your friend told you seriously before drinking her whole glass, grinning and looking at you. "How can you never have drink? Go! Enjoy it, it’s party! ”

You smiled at her and she gave you a friendly pat on the shoulder to encourage letting yourself go. You looked one last time around you and saw them again, teenagers who seemed to have so much fun. So you made your decision.

You wanted to have fun like them.

You drank your whole glass under the victorious cries of your best friend, proud of you.

One, two, three, four, you lost the count, but damn it was good. You didn’t understand what held you back all this time, it was like you had no worries, you could do everything. Like you were invincible and everyone was at your mercy.

After a while, a little tired of dancing and feeling kinda hot, you decided to go take some air. You hadn’t had so much fun for a long time, it felt so good to let go!

You had just come out in the fresh air when your phone rang. You glanced on the touchscreen to see who could call you so late at night … or was it the morning? Your phone also indicated the time, but stuffed as you were, you couldn’t see what numbers were displayed because everything was tangled. And you took at least a minute to decipher the name of the person who was calling you.

Usually, you would have been excited if he called you. Your heart would have beaten so hard and for a second, you would have blushed. The person who called you at that particular time was the person you were in love with. So in love and so incapable of confessing to him. But alcohol came to your head and it was late, or very early. That’s why, despite the danger of saying things that you would forget or regret the next day, you answered Derek.

“Heyyyy Derek!” You saluted him, staggering on the street in front of the house where the party took place.

"Y / N? Everything is fine?” His grave, hoarse voice said in the hollow of your ear and you imagined him for a moment whispering softly words … or exciting ones. You laughed for no reason, raising the doubts Derek already had.

"Y / N you’re drunk?”

“Nooooooooooooon, I don’t see what you’re talking about, Der, me, drunk? Pffff, you know me better than that,” you added as you sat on the sidewalk feeling the world turn around you. “Hey Derek you know what. ”

Your mouth was pasty and you had trouble talking, but you weren’t going to stop. Your filter was gone, burying under the numbing effects of alcohol.

“When the sun rises on Beahon Cills …. Beacon Hills … it’s … as beautiful as your smile because … because you rarely smile like the sun rarely radiates but as soon as you smile I can tell you that my heart shine!” You tell him, proud of your blow.


"You don’t know what to say uh!”

“Y / N, you’re drunk, I’ll call you back later,” he started but you didn’t let him finish.

“Wait, Der … Derek! I have to tell you uhm something imtorpant … important! ”

You heard him sigh at the other end of the line.

“ I’m in love with you! ”

And it was only on the next morning that you realized what you had done.

“Oh shit …” You mumbled with your pillow against your face in an attempt to stop the world from turning. You’re head hurt so much, it was horrible, as if someone was hammering on your head and every blow sounded and gave you migraine even more.

But the worst wasn’t nausea or your head about to explode. It was all you said to Derek on the phone and you remembered that too well. You had loudly declared your love for Derek Hale, using your poetess talents, singing how beautiful his beauty was, even more beautiful than the sun itself and how successful he was in making you happy with almost nothing. That your friendship was the most perfect thing for you and that the love you held for him was, in your opinion, as indestructible and magnificent as a rough diamond.

And the worst?

The worst thing was that he rejected you. Again and again. Until you were too tired and hang up to get home by taxi.

Shame and sorrow lived in you. You told him. Confess everything. And now he knew, he had rejected you and he would laugh at you or worse, he would tell the whole pack your pitiful speech.

You would’ve liked to disappear in your mattress and never leave this hiding place again. But you had to leave your room one day. You glanced from under your pillow to catch your cell phone and grunted under the sudden light.

It was past noon, but it wasn’t what marked you. It was rather the notifications of missed text messages and calls. The name of the person was written on a white painful light that in this situation was very dark.

Derek Hale.

You put your pillow back and shouted all your embarrassment in it. The day was going to wait.

You did your best to avoid him. As soon as you knew he was around or somewhere near, you would immediately go in the opposite direction. Your friends and the pack found your behavior strange and even worried about you. You had become almost paranoid, seeing Derek everywhere and imagining a discussion with him after everything you had said. And that thought alone managed to put you in a bad state, embarrassed enough to want to bury you alive. You ignored all his messages and his calls.

And obviously, the inevitable happened.

Derek stuck you a few days later after classes, gym class to be precise. Your best friend, that traitor, knew your feelings about Derek and planned everything with him. After gym class, while you were in the shower, she pricked your clothes. So of course you waited until the locker rooms were empty to take out a towel and look for your clothes that your friend had put in your locker. And it’s by going back into the showers and grumbling that your vengeance was going to be terrible that you finally put your clothes on. But what you didn’t expect, on the other hand, is the muscular silhouette that awaited you and that blocked the only exit. You didn’t need to look at him twice to recognize him, only a glance was enough to know it was him. His build, his way of standing with his arms crossed. And you had nowhere to fly, no excuse to give him without looking suspicious of something.

You were trapped. Your friend was really going to pay for it!

“Y / N,” Derek began walking toward you and your heart began to pound as the red rose to your cheeks when you heard your first name pronounced by his mouth. The embarrassment was read all over your face like an open book. “We need to talk about the other night. ”

“What night?” You avoided his question by feigning ignorance, while slowly retreating.

“The one I called you and you were drunk.” He added with that serious look of him.

"Ah? I don’t remember any call,” you lied. “Besides, I don’t remember anything about that night,” you added, pointing your head with a nervous smile. You stepped back as he walked toward you. And you knew that soon the wall was going to stop you from escaping.

Suddenly, Derek stopped moving forward and leaned his head to one side, a slight smile on the corner of his lips.

“When the sun rises on Beacon Hills,” He began with a slight smile. "It’s as beautiful as your smile because …” He went on. “Because you rarely smile like the sun rarely radiates but as soon as you smile I can tell you that my heart shines.” He finished before regaining his seriousness and raising his eyebrows. "You don’t remember that?”

The tears invaded your eyes without being able to hold them back. Of course you remembered it, you didn’t avoid him for nothing! But him doing all that, organize that plan to get yourself in the locker room only to make fun of you, it was too much.

You were already embarrassed. Now you were really hurt.

“I hate you …” You muttered as you picked up your gym bag and headed for the exit, but Derek blocked you.

“Derek let me go,” you say calmly, trying as much as possible to hold back the sob of shame that rose in your throat.

“I’m in love with you,” was all he said and stayed where he was. A true marble statue. He was still laughing at you about what you said to him on the phone, you knew it.

“Stop …” You tell him trying to pass by him, but he held you back by putting his hands on your shoulders.

“No, you don’t understand,” Derek said. “I’m in love with you too. ”

You looked up at him without understanding, his face so close to yours.

“But you rejected me …”

“You were drunk, Y / N. I wasn’t going to confess my feelings and wondering if you would remember the next day. ”

This time it wasn’t tears of sadness and shame that invaded your eyes but rather relief. Your eyes remained magnetized for long seconds before your mouths came toward each other for a sweet chaste kiss.

“So it’s true that my smile is …” Derek started, smiling.

“Shhh …” You laughed, giving him a friendly tap on his chest before hugging him.

I remember asking my mom what it was like being drunk when I was a kid.

She told me it was exactly like the giggling fits I was prone to, where everything was funny to me.

I then asked her why adults even needed to drink when they could just find something funny to laugh at.

Now I know why.

It’s because nothing’s ever going to be as funny as when you’re a kid.

And any sense you ever had of things being “alright” is lost somewhere between teenage years and adulthood.

Oh and no one really cares about making you laugh either.

So there’s that too.

And alcohol also guarantees an instant fix.

Laughter is a high maintenance, low payoff, limited time only deal.

i think it’s funny that people are getting their panties in a twist over others laughing about the fucking menace that is the ova’s art style.

yes, it is more reflective of araki’s recent style. no one’s arguing that. the point is, it does not look good animated. davidpro didn’t have to mash these two styles together the way they did, but they did, because they feel they gotta stick to accuracy above all else…. even, apparently, at sacrifice to character design. koichi looks horrifying, okuyasu looks…. not great, but they could have found a way to make it more like araki’s style without mangling them both.

Imagine A and B are in bed. A is resting on B’s chest, and has already fallen fast asleep. B is wide awake and starving but they don’t want to move and wake up A. They end up lying there for god knows how long, listening to their stomach growling and trying to fall asleep despite there hunger. Eventually, A makes a comment about B’s noisy tummy, asking if they wanted something to eat. B is surprised that A is awake, but then apologizes, thinking it was their belly that woke A up. A laughs, saying they had been awake this whole time, and thought that B was the one sleeping, that’s why they didn’t move. B is flustered and kind of frustrated with themselves at first, before they both laugh and get up for A to make food for B.

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What are ur favourite things about Jungkook...but also! What are some things about him that bug you? xx

Oh god, you know he’s my ult. bias, right? *exhibits extreme self-control, takes a deep breath*
  1. the sound of his voice that makes me feel better, especially when he sings “SOFA”
  2. his way of dancing like he’s enjoying himself
  3. his kinesthetic intelligence that allows him to learn and perform physical movement well (why he’s “good at everything”)
  4. his humor, including and especially his meme faces
  5. his kindness, including praise and sharing
  6. his laugh when he’s laughing at one of the other members
  7. his appreciation for video games
  8. his tendency to wander off and entertain himself when he’s bored
  9. his prioritization and choice of snacks in Korea and abroad
  10. physical appearance (I don’t think I have to elaborate there other than to say I think his stylist needs a raise and his natural eyes still give me chest pains)

He doesn’t bug me, although I have concerns that he’s going to have a cooking accident or get injured because he gets distracted often. 

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Do you have any tips on getting motivation back after a knock? For the first time in ages, I had been really passionate about writing. Then I told someone about my idea for a book, someone I look (looked) up to, and they just... laughed. They laughed and said 'Why bother? No-one would read it.' As someone who takes these things to heart, I haven't been able to enjoy writing or even do much writing since.

First of all, can I suggest you get a new person to admire? Because that’s a fucking awful thing to say to anyone, and I can’t imagine under what circumstances anyone would feel it’s appropriate to laugh at and dismiss someone’s treasured idea for a novel. 

There is always an audience for whatever you write. It may not be an audience that would support a huge publishing house, but it will be an audience that will support the story and motivate you to keep writing. Hell, I wrote a story about a non-binary non-white non-straight Australian (which is an idea that a publishing house would NEVER in a million years pick up) and found an audience for it! 

It’s hard to get back to writing after being criticized - I know this, because I’ve had some pretty nasty, harsh criticism levelled at me in the last year and it’s taken me a little while to get back into the swing of it. 

In the end, we write because we love it. We love telling stories and building worlds. We love exploring characters and writing them interacting. Find joy in your writing again: write something really self-indulgent. A self-insert, maybe. Or maybe your OTP stuck in an elevator. Something that’s SO tropey and SO indulgent that you feel dirty and naughty for writing it and find delight in your writing again. 

In the end, although we all love to share our stories and we all love hearing people’s reactions and thoughts about our stories, we write because we love it. Because it’s in our soul. We write to make sense of our worlds and to bring comfort and joy to ourselves - and, if possible, to others. 

Write something SO self-indulgent you know that awful person you look up would be horrified by it - AND ENJOY EVERY SECOND <3

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Omg so, I'm not sure about this (I think this has been requested before) but yea Law + "And here we can see a grumpy head in his natural habitat" for the drabble thing (idk why but I find this pretty funny)

You tried your best to stay quiet, but the laugh still somehow got out. The camera in your hand shook from the vibration, making the lense get out of focus for a second.

After you calm down, you bring the device back in front of your eyes and continue to film your captain in secret.

Said captain was leaning against his selfmade pillow, aka his navigator, snoring peacfully. He looked so innocent, so calm… so perfect for your camera.

And here we can see a grumpy head in his natural habitat.“ You whisper, trying your best to stop yourself from laughing again. You zoom in on his face.

“This species is very rare, it’s very dangerous and mean.” You continue, taking a little break to cover your mouth. Oh, you were having too much fun. “Do not approach, or it will bite.”

You zoom even closer, only filming one eye and take another breath. “From my studies I have discovered; it does not like bread, which is kinda weird, but hey- we’re not judging. “ You bite your lip and open your mouth, about to tease some more, when you see his eye open, staring right into your camera.

You lose your balance and fall onto your butt, the camera almost slipping out of your hand. You feel yourself getting scared and slowly raise the camera back up, zooming to where Law was supposed to lay and find; nothing but the sleeping bear. Your captain was gone.

“Oh no…” You mumble and close your eyes, waiting for your death to come and not much later, two seconds later to be specific, you feel a presence behind you, the heavy gaze of him hitting the back of your head.

“What was that again, Y/N-ya? Wanna repeat youself?”

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abed nadir? from community

Do you love/hate/don’t feel strongly about this character? i love Abed with all my heart
What’s your favorite trait of this character? his love for tv shows/movies
What’s your favorite moment/even involving this character? tons but i think the one that still makes me laugh the most is the  whole advanced dungeons & dragons episode
If you could have one power/attribute/etc. of this character, what would it be? his memory
Have you ever pictured this character naked? no
When did you fall in love/hate with this character? I you don’t have any strong feelings toward them, why not? when he stayed on the  psychology test for 26 hours because Annie was his friend
Who’s your OTP for this character? mm Rachel 

Put a character in my ask box and I’ll answer these questions about them


 (I took the screencaps and edited them).


English translation (the translation of the movie will have altogether 9 parts)

(Part 1)

Irmgard: How about some nut cake? … Are you two allergy sufferers?

Nina: No, we will separate.

Torsten: I would still take a piece.

(Three months before.)

Piet (to his father). Hello, get up!

————————————————- —————————————–

Ella: Mom, are you going to work now?

Nina: Yes.

Ella: Are you looking forward?

Nina: Do you see my eyes? One eye laughs, one eye cries.

Ella: Why?

Nina: Because I missed my work. Now I’m afraid to miss my kids.

————————————————– ————-

Piet: Mommy!

————————————————– ————-

Ella: That’s a lie, your eye is not crying.

————————————————– ————-

(Torsten snores)

Piet: Mommy! Is Papa dead?

Nina: Dead people do not snore. … Torsten! Please come! Stop it ! … Stop it! I do not want to be late on the first day. Torsten! … You have to be at half past nine in the daycare center. Evening school or not, you bring the children today.

————————————————– ————-

Piet: Faster mom!

Ines: Nina!

Nina: Sorry!

Ines: The morning circle has already begun. Ella and Piet have to stay outside for that time.

Nina: But it’s only half past…

Ines: Two minutes after. I’m sorry!

Ella: Why does Papa always have to go to school after work?

Nina: Because he would like to do “Abitur”.

Ella: Why are you working now?

Nina: Because I have to make money.

Piet: Why can Papa not make money?

Nina: He can, he does (earn money).

Ella: But not as much as mom, because mom is an architect.

————————————————– ———————————————

Elias: That’s 200 euros, young woman! Well, fuck it! Enough pretty women drive over red … We find a new (woman).

Nina: I love you too, Elias!

Torsten. Stop flirting with him!

————————————————– ———————————————-

Marcel: Excuse me, where do  you want to go?

Nina: Hello, I’m Nina!

Marcel: Marcel, nice to meet you!

Jana: Nina Pfeffer? Jana Wohlfahrt, I’ve been doing your job for three years.

Nina: I’m sorry I’m late, I had the kids …

Jana: I have no time to talk about your children. … Will you give her coffee? We do not want to be disturbed.

Marcel: Sure! Please come with me! Here please!

Nina: That’s nice!

Marcel: Do not touch it! This is all dragon food for Lene Müller zu Waldstetten, the representative of our builders. Our big order, the “Green Tower”.

Nina: I know the house, I designed it.

Marcel: Fascinating! But nothing you should mention today. I’m only saying so much: You’ve designed the Titanic, and last week it’s been full crashed into the iceberg.

Nina. What iceberg?

Marcel: Halt of construction since four days, because of the daycare center.

Alex: Nina! How are you? Hello!

Nina: I’m back and would like to help. Why halt of the construction?

Alex: The sound insulation drives us completely nuts. The children, the playground! … Here! … Seven times, in color … The builder has gained expertise from other companies. If we lose the rescheduling then …

Nina: I’ll do it and you’ll take care of coffee.

Marcel: No, I have to do both, this is my job.

Nina: I need to find out why the Titanic is sinking, that’s my job.


Jana: We really lack a competent secretary.

Nina: Too bad I’m an architect.

Jana: What have you been building lately? Sandcastles? … If you can soundproof 140 square meters of inner courtyard, and stay in the budget, tell! … Too late!

————————————————– ————————————————– 

Lene: Unfortunately this will not be a nice meeting for you.

Jana.: Good morning!

Lene: Good morning! I was very patient Alex. … But we had to postpone so often. These delays are no longer acceptable to us. I am reluctant to part with you. But we have a suggestion from KKHM that convinces us more.

Marcel: So!

Lene: Don`t  you have any soy milk?

Marcel: Yes, of course!

Alex: I’ll think about the new options again.

Nina. So, your milk. … I have a short question. Perhaps it would make sense to move the daycare center to the roof again, then we would not need expensive insulation.

Alex. Lene likes her milk warm.

Alex: You know how much I appreciate you. But I also like running a company and having a job. And give others a job, just like you.

Nina: I still do not understand, why did you relocate the daycare center?

Alex: Money! Meeting rooms with a view. … I have sold my soul so that the house can be built.

Nina: Then we’ll retrieve the (soul) back for you.

Alex: Stop! Lene is not a good feminist. She hates women with children. And she believes that they do not show enough dedication.

Nina: I show her worthy dedication.

Jana: Where the hell are you? She leaves soon.

Nina: Ms Müller zu Waldstetten! Excuse me, I have not introduced myself.

Lene: I know who you are.

Alex: Then you know that Mrs Pfeffer spent the last five years in Milan. … With the “vertical gardens”.

Lene: There you were hiding. I thought you were among the women who got children and waste their talent for diaper changes.

Nina: I am married with my work, I have no children.

Alex: We brought her back from Milan.

Lene: Then go ahead, Mrs. Pfeiffer!

Nina: We move the daycare center to the roof again. … Sound travels upwards.

Jana: Children fall down.

Lene: I’d like to have a coffee with you.

Nina: Sure.


Nina (on the phone): I meet Waldstetten tomorrow morning at eight. Do you come too?

Alex. Sure, I will not leave you alone. … Take care that Waldstetten does not figures out your lie!

Nina (to Ella and Piet): Hello!

(To Alex): Do not worry! It will not happen.

(She whispers): Hello my “Spatz”! Please be quiet! Then you get ice cream afterwards.

Alex: Where are you now? In kindergarten?

Nina: Ever heard of multitasking? I can pick up the kids and do my job.

Ines: Ella and Piet have been waiting.

Ella: Ines does not get payed overtime like you mommy.

Ines: For God’s sake! This can`t be. I do not want bribery.

Nina. No, I thought for cake for all. It will never happen again. …

(To Alex): Alex, I’ll call you back.

————————————————– ———————————————-

Piet: Do we also get cake?

Ella: And candies!

Nina: I thought ice cream.

Ella: Ever heard of multitasking?

(Alex on the phone): I think it’s great, I’m just scared ….

Nina: Alex! It really is not such a big change. It is the same daycare center on another floor. The roof construction remains the same.

…. let me bite off!

(Alex): So we take your plans from back then?

Nina: I have everything in the computer, I send it to you. Then you look at it calmly. When we have Waldstetten in the boat, I tell her everything.


to be continued …

(I apologize because my English is far from being perfect, so the translation from German to English also is far from being perfect. I am sure others could do this much better. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy the translation.)

Yuuri following Viktor around while taping and narrating like a nature show
  • Yuuri: *getting off plane in Russia, taping himself and Viktor* You guys, I realized most of you have never seen a Viktor Nikiforov in it's natural habitat, so I'm gonna start a series as I experience it.
  • Viktor: *laughing* Are you kidding me?
  • Yuuri: *dead serious* Nikiforov's apparently find things less believable when they're in Russia. *tapes Viktor laughing* and has a laugh just as beautiful.
  • Viktor: *turns bright red as he laughs and walks away from phone *
  • .
  • Yuuri: *Taping Viktor who is fussing over Yuuri's bruised feet* It seems a Viktor Nikiforov in it's homeland is far more fussy than in Japan.
  • Viktor: *looks up with a serious look* A Viktor Nikiforov doesn't care where we are, you need to take care of your beautiful feet.
  • Yuuri: *wiggling his toes* Ooooo, a Viktor Nikiforov in Russia has a /foot fetish/
  • Viktor: *shoves camera away laughing*
  • .
  • Yuuri: *taping Viktor trying to whip the smoke away from a triggered fire alarm* I'm here with a Viktor Nikiforov, this particular one has forgotten how to live in it's own territory.
  • Viktor: *looks at him, before whipping the phone* I have not! *goes back to it*
  • Yuuri: it's really quite sad to see one so far out of it's depth.
  • Viktor: *in a whine* Yuuri, come help!
  • Yuuri: *walks over to table, drags a chair underneath the alarm*
  • *gets on chair, turns off the alarm with a simple press of the button* *pans to an embarassed but smiling Viktor*
  • Viktor: You can't be serious.
  • Yuuri: *amused* Deadly
  • .
  • Yuuri: *obviously hiding behind the couch while Viktor and Yuri set up the Xbox one* This is an incredible scene, a Viktor Nikiforov and a Yuri Plisetsky struggle with their own gaming system.
  • Yuri and Viktor: *different variations of* Shut up, we've got it!
  • Yuuri: *dive rolls behind chair* it seems both have become aggressive in their confusion upon spotting me.
  • Viktor: *laughing*
  • Yuri: what the fuck is happening?
  • Yuuri: The Plisetsky is asking questions that I don't have answers for.
  • Viktor: Yes you do, don't lie!
  • Yuuri: *aggressively points camera at Viktor*/No I don't!/
  • Yuri: Why are you talking about us like you're in the wild?
  • Yuuri: I mean, isn't being around Russians akin to being in the wild?
  • Viktor: *lies on his back on the floor while he laughs*
  • Yuri: is this a thing? Like for fans?
  • Yuuri: No, they're for me, I like rewatching them.
  • Yuri:
  • Yuuri: *straight facing it like a champ*
  • Viktor: *crying*
  • Yuri: Are you okay?
  • Yuuri: *giggles in a moment of weakness* It seems the Plisetsky and Nikiforov have abandoned their task.
  • Viktor: *screams in his fit of laughter*
  • *video ends*