why is no one giffing its weird

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How weird was it not to make any gifs yesterday night after a OUAT episode? because you usually do. My dash was so quiet, hardly any gifsets from anyone (i saw few) thats it. its like no one here is watching OUAT , just not happy overall. I hate the wish realm in s6, so i cant even get over what they have done with bringing another Hook, and a daughter. Why would i even be interested in this is my question to the show. Anti ppl think oh the showrunners wanted to redo Hook cos no one like him/cs

I don’t think I’ve gone an episode without gifing since I joined this fandom way back in mid Season 3. It was actually quite refreshing. Although I’ll probably/possibly do some next week because I care about what happens to Belle. But yeah, the tags were noticeably quieter. 


NarutoUh, heh, Hinata..? Hey H-Hinata! Hinata, are you okay?!”

Kiba: “What is it? Oh why does she always do stuff like that when you’re around?”


bbc merlin + colors
arthur in four colours > inspired by [x]

Right, I know it’s October guys but which one of you little fuckers has taken Lafou’s jacket. 

That is a hand stoned piece and I’m not replacing it if one of you assholes break it. 

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Tell us why you love sigilyph. If you want. c:

he searches

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he protects

he sparkles

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Cool design, majestic, graceful, mysterious, always on duty, would do anything to protect its territory.

is this a birb? a plane? no one knows. pretty sure you get everyone’s attention

In conclusion, it’s weird birb Sigilyph!


This is a callout! Whoever made the decision to put that weird yellow filter all over this otherwise beautiful show has a personal invitation to fight me!

(for the record: first gif has nothing done to it other than sharpening - second gif has a TON of color balance and selective color adjustments among other things)

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It's such a ironic twist of fate after all the criticism of Emma and Jmo repeated defences she has now picked a dress for Emma and it a complete manifestation of all of that criticism. Emma who lost herself in Hook, her independece, looks like a "50s housewife" and here she is wearing Grace Kellys 50s catholic dress. Jmo really shot herself in the foot with that one. I'm laughing cause it's a hilarious unintentional validation *insert popcorn eating gif here*

It’s such a weird own goal.  I absolutely accept that they do not believe that criticism is valid.  But why do anything that comes remotely close to validating it?  Why risk this when there were other choices?  


Tolkien characters + Hogwarts houses | Part 2 [Part 1]


At the end of time, a moment will come when just one man remains, then the moment will pass. Man will be gone. There will be nothing to show that we were ever here… but stardust.

why is it that, in seemingly every fandom, there’s an elite coalition of gif/gifx makers who all reblog from each other + are Very specific about who they follow + seem sort of like a cult

Nina’s Fic Recs

Week 3 - I read so much you’d think I don’t have anything better to do with my time.. *giggles nervously; sweats* Ahem… any way carry on!

From The Wreckage Pt.1  Pt. 2 by @sp-oops - Dean x Cas x Reader, these parts is mostly angst, but its building up to the good stuff. The third and final part is supposed to be out this Saturday. 

Guys. Guys. Who the hell is not already reading this?? If you haven’t started it yet, you need to go get caught up right the hell now immediately because the conclusion promises to be… explosive. 

That’s How It Should Be by @rizlowwritessortof - Dean x Reader, smut.  I have officially rediscovered this fic as well as rediscovering a a long-dormant cowboy/ranch hand kink… or at least a certain someone as a such.  My, my… *fans self*

Leave The Lights On by @jensennjared - Dean x Reader, smut, a little fluff.  This fic is one of my all-time favorites; one of those fics that you take out and re-read like once a week, especially when you’re having a bad day. Sometimes its nice to feel confident and strong, and its definitely nice to have a Dean telling you exactly how sexy he thinks you are. 

Never Leave by @kittenofdoomage - Dean x Reader, A/B/O, little bit of angst in the beginning, fluff, and smut. Heed the warnings.  Unrequited love’s a bitch, ain’t it? But boy, do I love being proved wrong.

Mother’s Milk by @avasmommy224 (why can’t I tag you errrrrrghhh) - Dean x Reader, fluff.  

Its official. I have some weird kinks. I get turned on by weird things. I will not apologize. The idea of Dean doing this? The gif says it all.

Cosa Nostra by @kittenofdoomage - Sam x Reader series, smut, fluff, ANGST. Ok but like, who HASNT heard of this amazing series???? Its been a rollercoaster ride from start to finish, with only one part left to go…. I’m going to cry like a baby when this series is finally over. AMAZING. 

Cold Woman by @jotink78 - Sam x Reader, fluff, little bit of danger.  Sam’s so sweet and caring in this one, although I hate how he beats himself up when he makes a mistake… no, no, babycakes, you are a sweet, precious, sunshine cinnamon roll and I love you

I Want You To Want Me by @mysaintsasinner - Sam x Reader, A/B/O, angst, smut.  Why do I like unrequited love tropes so much? Why??

A Night On Broadway by @saxxxology - Sam x Reader, fluff, smut. DUDE. Dude. DUDE. This is like, my DREAM DATE IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS YOU DONT EVEN KNOW 

Moonlight by @cleverdame - Sam x Reader, A/B/O, smut. 

Holy fucking Jesus. Just… read this. Thank me later. Actually, go thank her.  I don’t know how she came up with this but it’s like she crawled into my brain, poked around, and figured out exactly how to push my buttons to get me to light up like a freaking christmas tree. Holy fucking hell, woman. 

Jealousy by @saxxxology - Sam x Reader, little bit of angst, smut.  Oh Sam… I was always yours. But I certainly don’t mind helping to remind you of that…

Underneath The Mistletoe by @revwinchester - Sam x Reader, fluff.  This is a christmassy one, so it might be a little out of season but OH MY GOD is it, like, the FLUFFIEST thing I’ve ever read. 10/10 would read again.

This Drabble by @winchestersinthedrift - Cas x Reader, smut.  Cas here is just so unflinchingly honest, so bare-bones and raw passion…. I swooned a little reading this, not gonna lie.

The Contest by @rizlowwritessortof - Dean x Reader, little angst, allusion to smut.  Oh Dean…. Not always very good at thinking with his upstairs brain when it comes to feelings, hmm? At least he apologizes the best way he knows how…

My Best Friend’s Brother by @teamfreewill-imagine - Sam x Reader, smut. 

I would have broken in 2 days.  Will of iron, that girl…

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Start Of Something Good by @ravengirl94 - Benny x Reader, fluff.  Oh my god it’s so teeth-rottingly cute… that’s what they’ll put on my headstone - “killed by cuteness”

I’m gonna go ahead and post it now; quick, before I find more stories to read and it becomes 20 pages long!

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[regarding your 'what year is it' post] I'm glad I'm not the only one who's feeling these blasts from the past :D

f uckin right..? I feel like im in a weird pocket dimension like. All these things cool things I thought were long gone are gonna.. make a comeback (mmmaybe???) and all of a sudden I want to do a traditional gif again and like. Its been m onths since ive done one, why now, d amn!!

Either way I’m feelin hella weird by all this and I’m glad its not just me hsfgsjs.

GOT7 reaction to being caught in a compromising position with you, by another member.

@alrightprongsie said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Hi Omma! First off thank you so much for taking your time to do this for your fellow IGOT7s. We’re so grateful! Also could you do how they react to being caught in a compromising position with their girlfriend (ie you) by the other members? But the compromising position was an accident, you both tripped over a cord or something. Thank you so much Omma!

thanks for the request! I hope you like it ^_^ 
quick notice: next week will be busy, so no profiles will be posted, just reactions.
~ahgase Omma


it doesn’t matter who sees him, he find the situations too funny to be embarrassed. really this is the best case scenario, being caught with his girlfriend.


really doesn’t care who the situation looks, he’d happy just carry on laying therewith you on top. in his mind you two shouldn’t be worried about anything, its not as if you were actually doing anything.


screams the place down, mostly because of the timing! this situation could ave gone in a very different direction if you two weren’t rudely interrupted.


NOOOOOOO its not what it seems! he MUST clarify that its nothing perverted! he’s not that kind of man, it was all an accident…. but he’s not hating one second of it


Scream out of embarrassment! if the situation wasn’t weird enough, now everyone in the dorm is going to know about it!


no sh**s given! he doesn’t care, in fact it just give him bro point with the rest of the members. 


‘hahahah its funny really… but seriously hyung, you can leave now’ the poor kid just wants his private time with you, and your not actually doing anything so why is everyone making such a fuss. 

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Blondnew MVs
When someone comes into my room and sees me doing one of my weird health routines

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[Gif of one of the penguins from Madagascar moving its flippers in a circular motion as it lowers itself into a hole in the ground. As it disappears it says, “You didn’t see anything.”]