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Please mod make a post showing what is happening in Neo World

The room is white and bare except for a small bed in the center on which lies a young adult. Suddenly, another person appears in the room and starts calling the name of the sleeping one who begins to twitch in answer.

Hmm…*slowly opens her eyes*…Mmh…What is it?

Hina ! You are awake !


No…Sorry. It’s just me, Alter Ego…

Eh? You have a real body now?!

That’s amazing !

I don’t. In fact none of us do right now. We are in the Neo World.

What? Why?

D-Did I turn to Despair?!

No, don’t worry !

I don’t know if you remember this but…You disapeared during your last mission. You were declared dead but- *starts explaining everything*

…So now I’m in coma? That’s troublesome…

Hmm yes…Kinda…

Okay ! How can I wake up ?

S-Sorry, I don’t know. I was sent to help you and make you aware of the situation but none of us really knows how to make you wake up…

So we are stuck?

It seems so…

B-But don’t worry ! I will make sure to help you find a solution !!

I’m not worrying ! You are with me ! Thank you for coming here, being alone in such a place would have been really sad.

So let’s think about it together, okay?

Y-Yes !!

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Coldwave where Len is revived gets revenge on the legends for the way they're treating Mick. Bonus points if he also tries to comfort Mick.

I feel like this is answered in full by my Where Angels Fear to Tread fic XD

But here are Mick’s reactions to Len attempting to cheer him up and failing.

1 - “I can’t believe you set the Waverider on fire.” “You like fire.” “That’s our ride out of here.” “That’s why I only set the asshole’s bedroom alight.” “You set ALL the bedrooms except mine alight.” “Your point?”

2 - “You need to stop punching people.” “Give me one good reason that doesn’t start with some variant of ‘I deserved how they behaved’ or ‘it’s bad to hit people’.” “…carry on.”

3 - “You’re smiling. Why are you smiling?” “No reason.” “Len.” “Your friends are heroes, right? They like doing good things?” “Len.” “I just donated their bank accounts to charity. That’s heroic, right? More Robin Hood than Flash, but still…”

4 - “And how do you feel about murder today?” “The answer is never going to be 'you can go kill the team’, Len.” “Are you sure?”

5 - “Why are we in Aruba?” “You said you wanted Aruba.” “In the year 2500?” “It’s very nice this time of millennium.” “And the rest of the team?” “Also in Aruba, but at a not-so-nice time of the millennium.”

The Niall Thing :P

So i was tagged by the legend @wheretogofrmhere to do this like days ago but i had to sit and ponder cuz honestly,,,how??? but here it goes 

absolute most favorite pic:

favorite look:

…fucking chicago….

favorite hair:

…fucking boston…..

favorite tweet:

favorite instagram post:

favorite snapchat:


favorite selfie: 

this is cheating, but he didnt have to do this and im v upset that he did.

favorite interview: does spill your guts count??

performance: THIS BULLSHIT


bromance: Narry, or…nouis?? 

favorite sport that niall does: Golf,,,god bless those white pants and that one grey nike shirt that makes his titties look good…..yall know the one. 

WHERE YOU LIVE: where it’s cold save me
HAVE YOU EVER SEEN NIALL LIVE IN CONCERT OR MET HIM OR ANY SPECIAL MOMENTS: I’ve seen him in concert four times, and then at the 1D Orlando event for FOUR promo,,,,it was very traumatic. 

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT NIALL: He’s very much my kind of person. He just chills out at home watches his shows, plays some sports hosts bbq’s with his friends like???? like he’s just boring, and so am I and I love it lol 

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE LINE/LYRICS THAT NIALL WROTE: The entirety of his unreleased untitled debut album 

WHAT’S A SONG THAT REMINDS YOU OF NIALL:  Pretty Girl by Ernie Halter!!! I can not tell you why, but I heard it years ago and since I can’t the thought out of my head. Like i want a cover?? more than anything??? 

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A NIALL STAN: some time in 2012 is when i started i think??? my blog has gone through phases of all of them, and like every ship, but niall was always my lil bub. 

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE TAGS YOU USE FOR NIALL: i usually just yell nonsense but his offical tag is boyfriend lol, but also use like THAT  NECK and THICC, 
WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE NIALL BLOG: all of them. they are all chill cool lil cucumbers and i lub dem. 
WHAT WOULD YOU WANT TO SAY TO NIALL, WOULD YOU EVER GET THE CHANCE TO SPEAK WITH HIM: omg, please dont ever give me that opportunity like i couldn’t handle it. The concept of meeting any of my faves freaks me out lol (maybe thank you??? and then scurry away???)

I’m gonna tag:….idk so anyone who want to do this,,,,,say i made you lol 

I just finished that phone interview and immediately had to take a shower bc I stress-sweated through my shirt.

Why do interviewers ask such vague questions if they’re looking for a specific answer? “Tell me about a time when…” and all they really want to know is “how do you cope with stress?”

Just ask that. Now I have to weed through hundreds of hours of memories to pick one stressful experience to talk about? EVERY DAY IS STRESSFUL IN THE ICU!

He’s supposed to call me back today or tomorrow. 🤞🏻

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Do you know if there's a parallel set lurking around somewhere of Maggie saying what Emily told her, and telling Alex what her girlfriend said to her when she dumped her in 2x05? Now that scene is even worse, and why it hurt Maggie so much!

There isn’t one of that specifically that I have seen. I think stabbing me with a dull knife might hurt less than seeing that parallel tbh. But I have seen a gifset that was FULL of sanvers parallels (here). 

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What's your favorite high fantasy book? That's a really hard genre for me to find decent books in. (my current one is The Goblin Emperor, because even though I couldn't remember anyone's names the main character was great and the worldbuilding felt solid, plus it was neat to read a HF where there were no humans)

I’m really not a high fantasy person, haha. I don’t like it at all, that’s why I read so much of it, to try and find out if there’s one for me. There’s just so much racism in HF that I feel like it’s an impossible task. Stuff I did like: 

  • the bone witch by rin chupeco (necromancers, japanese-inspired)
  • inked by eric smith (super cute world where everyone is born with magical tattoos)
  • uprooted by naomi novik (polish folktale retelling with magic and creepy forests)

I haven’t read this one and not heard of it either! Interesting.

hey im answering everything for the next hour, hmuuuu

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Can you make 17 angst? For yoonmin (that's not too innovative of me sorry😂 just this number kinda matches the ship for me~)

i am hurt by your request even though i don’t ship yoonmin. why do you want pain, love? why? (also, i never wrote yoonmin, i hope it still turns out okay? :((( sobs)

17. things you said that i wish you hadn’t

send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a mini fic

“why?” jimin’s voice was quiet which made it hurt even more. it’s not like his voice was never quiet, but now it was different. it wasn’t the sweet whisper as usual, the silent promises on his lips. now it was just cold and clawing at yoongi’s heart.

“i don’t know, jimin,” he couldn’t look at the boy. he was scared that it would make him want to go back to him. that the warm chocolate in his eyes, the small nose that always stretched so cutely when he smile, made him want to take back what he just said.

“you don’t know? oh, so you just break up with me, because i was just a phase or what?” the bite in his voice made yoongi want the silence to engulf him. he didn’t want to hear this, not from jimin, not from the boy he .. used to love with his whole heart.

“no, it’s just…”

“just what, hyung? what else do you want me t-”

“i met someone,” and yoongi knew that this would break his heart. he knew that jimin’s heart would burst into the smallest pieces, scattered on the floor. and he knew that nobody would be able to find all the missing pieces, as selfish as this might sound. but what they shared was ‘something else’, as jimin has always claimed warmly.

yoongi’s head was spinning as he heard the first few sobs from the boy in front of him. and when he looked into his eyes, his heart bursted too. and yes, he knew that nobody could replace the boy with the dyed hair, the boy with the light laugh and the small hands. 

but he also knew that it wouldn’t be fair towards both of them. sometimes, it was better to move on even though the pain it caused was most of the times unbearable. 

when he tried to reach out for jimin, to hold him into his arms and make him stop crying, yoongi realized that the boy was already gone. only an everlasting memory. 

they didn't break up over something so small

I refuse to believe that one petty fight ruined everything. didn’t happen. no.
so a day after curt stormed out, brian called him instead of divine.
he found out from a very reliable source where he had gone, a hotel downtown london, and called his room.
curt answered with a rough “yeah?” and was met with a gentle and soft “curt, I’m sorry”
and curt stood there clutching the phone, eyes wide and shoulders tight with tension.
“why would you call me to apologize? I’m the one who said all those nasty things to you, brian. I’m the mess who can’t control myself”
but brian didn’t care. he wanted him to come back. he wanted to make it okay. they were stronger and better together. they really were.
and curt wanted to come back too. he didn’t care about any of it anymore, he just wanted to hold him.
before hanging up the phone to call a cab, curt whispered “for what it’s worth, im sorry too”
and he could hear the softest of smiles through the phone.
“It’s okay, love”
and they were alright.
the end.

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I really, REALLY want to go to his art gallery now and be able to see every piece he chose and it would be like taking a glimpse into his thoughts and heart, to find out the reasons as to why he chose each and every piece, to have in depth discussions about what a certain painting means to each of us or coming up with funny and stupid stories about the scenes in the paintings and spending all night in the gallery just...talking and to me, that would be everything.

Exactly, cause you know there’s all sorts of varied answers – some lengthy ones, and some personal ones, and some simple ones like, “Dunno, just liked it” – and it’d be cool to see how different they are and just…. 

He wants to meet a mouth, but I want to meet his mind. #fake!deep

Let's play a game... ask away!

I’ve seen something like this before, but I can’t find the original post for it, so I’m just going to make a new one!! 😀

Send me a question or make a request along with a ♩ and I will respond via audio. Obviously we need to be reasonable with this. Nothing hateful or super raunchy (a little naughty is fine, but don’t get too crazy).

I want to see how many people we can get on this band wagon, because why the fuck not?! I’m tagging a bunch of people (not necessarily to send ME an ask, but maybe to play the game as well and answer some questions their followers have). If you know someone who you would like to HEAR responding to a question verbally, tag em up!!

@big-banging-red @thespookshowbaby @southernblossoms @kkstars @lanyard09 @secretlyapallascat @mad-joker @chameleonsss

No pressure! Don’t play if you don’t want to, but I think it would be fun to put some voices to the faces! Have fun!!!!

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Vampire, Banshee, Siren

Vampire: Someone offers you a chance at immortality. Do you take it, and why or why not?- Just answered! ^-^

Banshee: If you knew one of your loved ones/best friends had only one day left to live, how would you spend that last day with them?- 

Whatever they wanted to do! 

Siren: If you could make anyone do anything, what would you make them do?- 

… Tell them their honest opinion of me.

Holy ever loving-fack!!

Why the holy hell do I do this to myself?

Sure….let’s do a course you have six months to complete in like four days. Excellent.

How many dogs does a bone have?

What can a roundworm do to a person?

What are Metzenbaum scissors used for?

What do you do first; shave the animal or asdlfkjasdflkjasdlfkajsdflk;ajsdklfjasd

I finished with fifteen minutes to spare and I think I got a 96-which ticks me off. I got all 100′s except for one assignment that I kept changing the answers on and the final.

…..and I’ll probably never use this certification at all……

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Hello to you too!  :D

I don’t know about other places, but in this blog it’s because I really love Swedish so much that some days it feels like my heart is going to burst with my Feelings. And I love sharing that love with people.

Swedish is The One for me, you know? That language that I’d happily spend the rest of my life with. The one that makes me smile when I wake up in the mornings, and the one that I think about when I fall asleep.

So… yeah, it’s because I love Swedish and tbh this is becoming my favorite blog because it’s so much fun to sift through blogs that have some swedish posts to find the ones that I think are most useful or funny. If I can help anyone at all learn this gorgeous language, or get into the fantastic music culture, I’m going to feel like I really accomplished something.

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When u lie to ur group about your test result because it's too shameful :'). Our results for our first test in uni (all in first year) came back and the people in my table got really good marks and thought it was 'piss easy'. I got 11/20. It's worth 15%. I cried in the train on the way back. (The results were released online that's why it's easy to lie about it)

aww darling… trust me, it’ll be okay, know that in a year or even in a few months this one number won’t matter at all. 15% isn’t something that you can’t rebound from, and while i understand that knot of guilt and shame that can come with expectations that have been let down, don’t make it a habit of lying to others. these things happen, you’re only human after all, as everyone else is. opening up, showing your vulnerabilities makes it easier to be honest with yourself as well. it’s true you don’t owe them details, but you owe yourself the courage to face the situation instead of pretending it’s not what happened.

i know the last thing you probably want at the moment is pity, but your classmates may have valuable advice or be able to help you in some way. pride and perfectionism aren’t the way to go right now — remember that the transition to uni is always harsh, more so for some people than for others, and it’s quite common to have low results at first! keep your head up, you’ll move past this and achieve amazing things. sending you a virtual hug!

my moms like hey why are you still up at four am and im like hey mom id love to answer that but one idk why and two im reading smut so itd be cool if youd turn my light back off and leave me alone 

wondercon host: we’re opening it up for questions! You, in the back!

me: yeah, my question is for Jeremy because he is the only one I can trust to answer my question.

host: okay…

me: why did keith and lance hold hands for an unnecessary amount of time, why did they even hold hands in the first place? why was the background purple when they held hands, a combination of blue and red? why was the scene composed very romantically? why did you say “we did it, we are a good team” in such an endearing way? why did the camera linger on keith’s smile for longer than necessary? why was the music so romantic? why was keith so worried about lance at the beginning of the next episode, and why did he insist on the fact that he and lance had a bonding moment? why was that important? does lance actually not remember the moment or is he repressing it? why didn’t we actually get to see keith cradle lance in his arms? is it because it’s going to be shown later? why have keith and lance obviously been so connected since the beginning of the series? why did keith and lance have that seemingly pointless scene in the elevator? is it because it symbolized that together they can work as a team or co-leaders? why did they choose them going to the pool? was it to have them shirtless together? if so, why? surely the crew must know that klance is huge and this would be picked apart.

jeremy: um…

me: and finally, the most important question… when will we see keith wear lance’s jacket?


    “Soon, Eric and Dylan would kill themselves in the library, denying any of us the chance to question them. I’d never be able to sit down across from the guy I used to throw snowballs at in elementary school and ask him why he had wanted to kill all those people who had done him no wrong whatsoever.

    The hell that Eric and Dylan would create at my high school that day would go on to haunt their families, the families of the victims, and parents and students throughout our community and the world. It would destroy my life, as comments from the sheriff would lead to accusations that I was somehow involved in the plot. 

    Worst of all, it left me struggling with the knowledge that not only were my classmates dead, they had been murdered by one friend I’d known since childhood —– and another who had let me walk away only a few minutes beforehand. And I would never be able to ask them why.”

- No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown