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BYSOTI(D) Drabble Prompt: Victor and Yuuri (whether together or separately) discover that there are RPF about themselves, both with other people, and each other. This could be before or after they get together, though the former may be more amusing?

“So you know how Yakov is always saying “never google yourself”?”

Yuuri didn’t even answer, just dropped his head down to the table.  This was going to go somewhere that he wouldn’t like.  He just knew it.

“Let me guess,” Chris leaned forward.  “You googled yourself.”

With a smile that could stun reporters and make them forget every question that they had ever wanted to ask him, Viktor nodded.  “I did!  And there are some amazing things.  People draw artwork of me!  And other skaters, but of me!”

“As if your ego wasn’t already outrageous, mon cher.”

Yuuri kept his mouth shut.

“Not only that, they write stories!”

Chris laughed.  “Stories?”

Yuuri groaned.  “Please tell me you didn’t read any.”  Just what the world needed, a Viktor Nikiforov that was aware that RPF was a thing.

“Have you read any?”  Viktor sounded curious.

Yuuri sat up and shifted.  That was a dangerous question.  He had been a twelve year old with an idol and access to the internet.  So, of course, he’d read some, but he wasn’t about to tell Viktor that!.  “No.” Liar.

“There’s some about you as well, Yuuri!  And about Chris!”

“Ooh.  How do I find it!  I want to read them!”  Chris took out his phone.

“I’ll send you a link to an archive!”

Yuuri thought about abandoning the rest of his drink and claiming tiredness and running up to his room.  It was allowed.  They’d all skated their short programs just a few hours ago.

“What’s the difference between a slash and an ampersand?”

Yuuri gave up.  “The slash denotes a romantic pairing and an ampersand is supposed to denote just a friendship or other relationship.”  There was no getting out of this and these two needed supervision.

“You’ve read some, Yuuri?!”

“No.  I have not read any fic about myself, but I’ve read fanfiction before.  Phichit reads a lot of fanfiction.  Probably writes some too.  I don’t really ask because  I don’t need to know the complex relationship dynamics of Naruto and Sasuke and whoever.”  From the looks on their faces, Yuuri had lost them already.  Thank god.

Viktor looked back down at his phone.  “Oh, look, Yuuri!  Here’s one about us.  It has that slash thing, so that means we’re in a relationship in that one, right?”

Chris was choking on his pastry or something, but Yuuri sighed and looked at Viktor’s phone and the summary.  “Uh, Viktor?”


“Two things, according to that we hate each other.”


“And… well, we’re, um…” Yuuri could feel the heat crawling up his face.  He couldn’t actually force himself to say ‘hate-sex’.

Christophe, however, could apparently.  “Oh my god.  It’s a one-shot about the two of you hate-fucking.  Can I read it?”

“What?!”  Yuuri thought that he’d never heard that particular inflection from Viktor before.  It was sad but something else as well.  Something that he couldn’t place.

“It’s pretty hot.  And they’ve really put a mouth on Yuuri here.  I mean, really.”

“Chris, don’t read it!”  Viktor was trying to snatch his phone back.

“I’m not done!”  He lifted the phone up into the air.  “Oh!  They really capture Yuuri’s flexibility too!  Damn, I wonder if that position is even possible in real life.”  Chris wiggled his eyebrows at Yuuri.  “Want to give it a try?”

“Chris!” And really Yuuri was used to this sort of outrageousness from Viktor and Chris at this point.

“Of course he doesn’t!”  Viktor crossed his arms over his chest.

“Ok, I found one.”  Chris must have moved on from whatever depravity he’d been reading.  “I scrolled further up and there’s a something called a slow burn where you and Yuuri are star-crossed lovers and royalty–”

This time it was Yuuri that looked over Chris’s shoulder.  “They warn for major character death.  So either Viktor or I die.  Actually both of us, probably. Sounds very Romeo and Juliet.”  He paused.  “Why are you only looking at things tagged with me and Viktor?”

Chris shrugged.  “That’s what was there when I hit the back key.”  So if you can sort by relationship, let’s look up a threesome!”  Chris messed around with Viktor’s phone.  

Viktor had gone terribly quiet and his cheeks had colored rose.  Yuuri was surprised his own face wasn’t tomato red, himself, but really, Viktor had brought this on himself.

“Ooh!  There’s a relationship called Three Musketeers all about us!  And the first fic that comes up is Explicit!”

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Hello! Can I request a scenario where Jungkook confess to his bff? Thank you very much ^^ have a nice day lovely~

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Hey anon!! OMG I FELL IN LUV WITH THIS SCENARIO. I wrote so much for this scenario, but I couldn’t help it.This is such a cute/brilliant idea <3 Thank you so much for requesting such an amazing scenario! Please request again :) xoxo

Genre: Fluff/Romance 
Pairing: Jungkook/ you
Length: 4807 words
Summary : Jungkook and you are best friends and he suddenly starts liking you,which eventually leads him to confess his love to you. 

You and Jungkook have been  Best friends for the longest time. He knows everything  about you and you know all his little habits that makes him into the Jeon Jungkook he is.

The way he touches the side of his nose with his thumb because he’s nervous to death and just feel like hiding 100 meters underneath the ground. Or again the way he hides behind you to get away from all the pranks he pulls on his friends. How he likes his toasts half nutella  half peanut butter or how he takes off his clothes in his sleep.

You could also mention how he turns into an awkward mess as soon as a person of the opposite sex shows up. He becomes stiff and can’t even stare back at a girl’s eyes ( excluding you, of course). You’re well aware of his fear of women.

He was indeed very uncomfortable whenever you brought topics such as him getting a girlfriend or meeting up with a good friend of yours that was interested in him.You knew to well that deep within him,  Kookie wasn’t afraid of girls, he was more afraid to give a bad  impression and fail.

After all ,Failure was his biggest fear. He hated losing especially against people. He wanted to prove a point that he could be the best and was very greedy about it.

On The other side ,Jungkook knew way more about you than you ever wanted. Let the embarrassing stories unleash. Not only was he was he there when you fell off your bike a hundred time but he was even a witness to your first period, which made you feel like killing yourself.

Of Course , he was there to your rescue when the disaster happened. He never teased you about it since he was embarrassed about this situation himself. He never understood girls and the way they gradually changed but it did made him more uncomfortable around them as the time passed.

Girls were a taboo topic for him, he always turned into a nervous mess around them. To be honest, he wasn’t ready at all when you turned into a woman either. He decided to shrug it off since you’re still his best friend and the fact that you both were at a very sensitive age wasn’t going to affect any of you.Well that’s what he thought at first.  

He was also there to witness your first break up and promised to beat up that guy for making you cry. If there was someone that was allowed to insult you, it was him and no one else. No bastard had the right to break you apart like this.

Jungkook was always there to protect you. He was the one and only shoulder you trusted enough to cry on, but something seemed off for the past few days you last saw him.

“ Kookie”, you poked his shoulder “Are you coming over tonight?”, you nudged him

He stares back at you for two second before giving you that stoic expression

“Is Jimin, supposed to be there again?”, he asks “I swear, if you invited him again”, he sighs “ I’m not coming”

“ You must really hate jimin”, you chuckled “ Don’t treat the boy so coldly, he’s a sweetheart”

“Sweetheart my butt”, he rolls his eyes “Please tell him to get lost or something, I hate it when he tags along with us”, he spat

“He’s your friend for crying out loud”, you frowned “ No need to be so rude to him”

“Hey, I never wanted to be friends, he approached me on his own accord!!”

“Come on~, he just loves you so much”, you tease him

“Don’t start this bullshit Y/N,I don’t feel like playing…and he always comes in between us…Whenever we’re together, he tags along”, he pouts “So freaking annoying”

“Awww”, you co-ed “ You wanted us to have quality time just for us both”, you pull on his cheek “ You’re such an adorable baby Jungkookie”

“I’m not a baby”, he removes your hand from his cheek “ Treat me accordingly to my age”

“what to do?”, you tap your chin “ I don’t think , I’ll be able to do that”, you smiled “ I mean, I can’t get the cute image of you as a kid out from my head,  you’re adorable to me no matter what”

“Do I look like a joke to you?”, he scoffs

“ Yes, a good joke”, you nudge him playfully “ Wanna get some cake,later?”, you sling your arm around his neck to ruffle his hair

“ Ah, seriously”, he stares at you “ Do something and stop behaving like we’re children, people might get the wrong idea”, he says in annoyment

“ Yah”, you pout “Are you afraid I might stop girls from coming close to you? I mean, you can’t even hook up properly with a girl or talk to her for more than 3 minutes, jungkook”, you frown “ People won’t get the wrong idea, I promise! Everyone knows we’re just friends”

“Of course, you’d say that”, he stares at his shoes “We’re obviously JUST friends , that’s for sure”,

“ But you know what’s weird ?”, you nodded

“What?”, he stares at you

“ How come, I’m a girl and I can’t seem to have the same effect on you as all these other girls though?! Omg does that mean I’m a failure?!”, you shout dramatically

“Just what part of you is supposed to make me nervous? I’m aware of everything there is”, he smirks

“ YOU L-LITTLE “, you smack his arm with your fist “ Stop lying”, you clamp your hand over his mouth “ and please refrain from saying such things in front of Jimin”

“ why? Do you like him or something?!”, he replies in an annoyed toned

“Why? Afraid I might steal jimin from you? I mean… he’s your biggest fanboy, so I bet he’d chose you over me anytime”, you chuckle

“ Please, no, NO, JUST NO”, he shakes his head in horror

“Come on kookie~ Leave Jimin a small spot in your heart”, you poke his chest

“Just Stop talking Y/N, you make too much noise“, he put his index over your mouth before adding “lets just go”, he sighs he pushes you in front of him so you’d walk faster

You both got inside his car and it was a long ride

Jungkook was indeed just a friend and it was mutual for both of you. Jungkook was starting to feel strange around you for the past few weeks and his only way to get rid of it, was to confront you and spent time alone with you. Spending time with you was the only way for him to  prove to himself that nothing was wrong with him, but Park Jimin, didn’t seem like he’d let any of you alone soon. He probably was going to make things even worse for jungkook.

You’re just stressed, jeon, you’ll get over it, jungkook convinces himself  as he closes firmly his eyes while staring at you applying lipgloss on your pouty lips

He had to find an answer as to why he seemed to get annoyed as hell whenever you rejected him to spent time with some other guy friend, or why he felt his body tense each time you’d put your pink lipstick when you get in his car.Just what was wrong with him, to check you out twice ,when you ask him if your outfit is alright? Why did he felt his heart burst each time your skin touched his? Why couldn’t he help himself but have weird thoughts about you, whenever you showed up with revealing clothes? Why was your shampoo’s smell driving him insane? Did you cast a spell on him or something?

You soon arrived to your place and Jimin was already there along with others that you weren’t expecting to see at all

“ Chimchim”, you fist bump jimin as he gives you his signature squishy smile

“Hey~”, jimin co-eds with that pervy smile

“Enough, with the perverted giggles, Hyung”, jungkook pushes past both of you and pulls you with him

You gave a reassuring glance to jimin so that he won’t take it to heart

You got inside and found The other boys

“ Jungkook-ah~”, Taehyung nudged the latter’s shoulder before giving him a friendly hug

“what’s with the hugs , hyung?”, Jungkook chuckled “Did you missed me that much? I swear seing you a few hours ago”

“Why do you repel me like a microbe and stick to this weird guy like glue”, jimin comments

“Taehyung is not weird”, jungkook, ignores jimin “ Hyung, did you saw that last car model?Whoah…IT’S daebak! I swear I think it could even fly!! ”

And just like that taehyung and jungkook were deep in a conversation about racing cars

“ My hearteu”, Hoseok held on his heart as he saw you  and jungkook at the back “My babies have finally tied the knot”

“ Hobie, please don’t start your crazy theories”, you hushed him “ We came straight here AND  no we weren’t on a date”

“ aiishh…., this girl, you break my fantasies”, hoseok Frowned

“Leave the girl alone, hoseok-ah”, namjoon nudged the latter

“ Don’t disrupt , the peace”, Yoongi stares at Hoseok

“Whoah, it smells really good in here”, you inhales a butter like smell

“ Jin hyung made some pop corn, by the way”, namjoon looks at you

“Ooh~ This man  know what I like”, you smirked and made your way to the kitchen

A few hours after you all were sitting in a circle playing truth and dare with that spinning bottle in the center

Just as you were about to start the game, your mom called , so you excused yourself and left the room to talk with her

Taehyung nudged jungkook as he wiggled a brow and everyone gave him all these suggestive stares

“Just what’s wrong with you guys?”, jungkook furrow his brows “ Why are you all looking at me like that?”

“Let’s go straight to the point guys, I hate waiting”, yoongi commented

“Just when our jungkookie is planning to find a girlfriend?”, hoseok stretched his arms

“I mean…shouldn’t you do something? You’re of legal age and still haven’t had a proper relationship… What are you, a robot? Does your hormones work or not?! ”, jimin nudged jungkook

“ I’m perfectly normal, NO NEED TO worry about my hormones hyung, THEY ARE PERFECTLY NORMAL”, jungkook gave a glare to jimin “Just worry about keeping yours in your pants!”

“Are you hiding something from us?! From the way I see it, it can’t be possible for you to act all casual when a girl such as Y/N, initiates so much skinship! “, Taehyung comments

Jungkook himself, knew he couldn’t contain it either each time you pulled him for a hug or ruffled his hair, yet now his hyungs are putting him on the spot. He didn’t knew what were those weird feels he was having either.

“Man, what are you? I get that both of you are best friends…but don’t you feel anything being approached by a girl like her?”, namjoon raises a brow “ She’s so extra…I mean, I almost got lost in her eyes earlier”

Jungkook felt bitter as he heard such a  thing from his hyung

“ there’s no shame to admit it man. She’s hot and you probably thought so too in the past”,namjoon adds

“ How come you keep a straight face when she cuddles with you under that blanket?!Don’t you ever happen to have some ‘thoughts’, cross your mind , when both of you are alone?”, hoseok raise his eyebrow suggestively

“T-There’s no way , I had such thoughts about her, when she’s my bff! What you guy are saying is wrong on so many levels!”, jungkook stuttered in panic

“ I can get you’re allergic to the other girls, but what about Y/N?Isn’t she the exception to the rule?”, yoongi scratches the back of his head

“Sometimes, don’t you feel yourself heat up just staring at her?”, namjoon comments

“You guys are all perverts! Stop implying such non sensical things, when me and Y/N are in perfect healthy friendship!”

“What’s healthy about this, when you obviously want her so bad, but she’s clueless”, yoongi rolled his eyes

“ Hyung, you’re a being so daring nowadays”, hoseok smirks as he looks at yoongi “ I kinda like that A LOT”,

“W-Who wants W-Who??! “, jungkook find himself stammering again “ I never wanted anything and I don’t need anything “

“Jungkook-ah…you love her”, taehyung put his palm over jungkook’s shoulder “ You hate being away from her and I’ve seen you blush a couple times when she looks at you.You know you want to keep her close ,but you can’t bring yourself to, because you’re afraid of failure,again. ”

Jungkook eyes rounded and he felt heat creep up on his cheeks. Just why was all of this was happening to him? He never wanted to have to deal with all these strange feels he’s been developing since Senior year in high school. He thought shrugging it off, but these feels keep on coming back and ten time worse than they were.

“Jeon Jungkook, you may fool her , but you won’t fool me”, jin says “ I saw the way you look at her from the corner of your eyes”

“Omg ,man and that time where he basically was checking her out”,taehyung adds

“Not to mention  he throws a tantrum each time one of us tags along with them. Do you want to be alone with her that much?”, jimin giggled like a pervert

“Who wants to be alone, with who?”, you open the door as your call was done

They all look at each other in panic before Jimin decides to take the lead to cover up their lie

“M-ME!!!”, jimin shots up “ I like being alone with my dog at night, its very comforting , since I don’t have a girlfriend”

“I knew it, you were a perv, jimin-ah”, taehyung scoffed

“You guys seem to have had a lot of fun , while I was away”, you gave them sneaky glances before realizing they were all silent

You sat down beside Jungkook and noticed how his bangs were hiding his eyes. He was looking at the floor with a shade of red on his cheeks.Just what was wrong with him?! Was he sick or something?

“Did you  guys bully Jungkook or something?”, you glare at them before turning to look at jungkook’s state

“kookie, are you ok?”, you try looking at him but his bangs are in the way so you decide to brush them away , but he stops you by holding your wrist

“i’m ok”

“Nothing is ok at all!”, you shout “ Let’s be serious here guys…what have you done to the poor kid?! I swear I’ll kill all of you, if you don’t reply within the next 10 seconds”

“ Hey don’t blame this on us”, hoseok complains

“That’s true, it’s more your fault than ours”, taehyung chuckled like a madman

“ Lets call it a day guys”, yoongi stretched his arms and got up “I’m tired”

“Yeah…I think I should go back cook something for my dog”,jimin got up as well

“You dont’ even cook, jimin”, jin gave him a  stare “But yeah, I’ll tag along…who knows, maybe you’ll poison  him by accident”

“Namjoon hyung, can you give me a ride?”, taehyung nudged the older

“Yeah for sure,you’re coming too hoseok?”, namjoon replies in a stiff tone

“ But I wanted to stay–”, hoseok wanted to retort

“We need to go back go back home, remember?”, namjoon sling his arm around hoseok’s necks in a very dangerous manner

“Yeah, lets go! See ya around school , guys!”, Taehyung waved at you before then went out

“How is it supposed to be my fault?! thse crazy batsards “, you muttered to yourself

The house was empty.Just you and Jungkook. Jungkook and you.Yet he still hasn’t moved an inch from his initial position. It’s as if time had stopped for him and he didn’t wanna face you at all.

“Yah~”, you poked his cheek “ They left..”, you pout “ You can tell me what they did to you! I promise To kick their butts!”, you add

Jungkook on the other side didn’t budge. He was starting to ponder , if he was really going to ruin his friendship with for his stupid feelings. He wasn’t ready to tell you the truth. He was scared you’d leave him forever. He was afraid you’d reject him . He was afraid of failure. What if you didn’t return these feelings and hated him ? He didn’t wanna make things awkward for both of you. He just wanted to let this out of his stuffy chest ,but felt like he shouldn’t. He thought it would be best to keep it for himself.After all , he wasn’t your type of man at all and he was way too immature for you.You never took him seriously and jungkook knew he had no chance, whatsoever , so he decided to hide it for this entire time.

“ Do you have a a fever or something?”, you furrow your brows before touching his warm cheek with your cold fingers “omg, kook, are you catching the flu?!”, you said in a worried tone

“I’m fine, Y/N”. he removed your hand from his face and you could how much stiff he was

It was silent until you decide to let out what you’ve been thinking for a few days

“Kookie…”, you sigh “Please, tell me what’s wrong…you’ve been acting strange for the past few days”, you finally say

Jungkook kept his eyes fixated on the floor

“ I mean..you keep rejecting me each time I ask for a hug…and you never come over as much as you used to”, you stare at the ceiling “ Did you start hating me or something?” you pout

“Did I do something wrong?!”, you put your hand over his and you can sense him tensing up “ You won’t even look at me anymore”, you want to lace both of your hands together , but he removes his hand from your grasp

For the first time, you felt heartbroken. Was jungkook rejecting you right now? You thought he was the one guy that wouldn’t let you go no matter what. You thought you could tell him everything.He had such a big importance in your life and now that he pushes you away you feel hurt.

“Did I failed to be a good best friend too?”, tears start to form in the crease of your eyes “What if you don’t wanna be my friend anymore ?”

“ It’s not what you think” , he shots in an icy tone as he got up “Just stop worrying about me, I”ll get over it eventually

“How am I supposed to not worrry?!”, you grab his arm “You’re my best friend Jungkook-ah! What kind of friend and I supposed to be if I can’t even help you!”

“Friend,friend,friend!!! Just WHY DO YOU NEED TO REMIND ME EACH AND EVERY SECOND A DAY THAT I’LL BE STUCK AS YOUR FRIEND FOREVER!”, he shouts with an angered expression

“ W-Why?”, you  stutter “You don’t wanna be my friend anymore?”, you feel like crying

“No I’m done, with all this bull”, he sends you a piercing gaze “ I’m done being friend zoned each and every time we’re seen together! Why do you keep doing this to me, when you never do the same with the hyungs?!”

“Yah!! What do you mean by that?!”, you frown at him “What did I do to the older guys?!”, you’re annoted

“Why is it that when you’re the hyungs, you’re more careferee and when you’re around me,. you always need to remind me of our BESTFRIEND status,huh?! Do you hate me that much?! am I that unworthy of being more than just friend!”

“I never said anything Jeon Jungkook! In the contrary, you seem to hate me nowadays! What’s with you and avoiding me at school ! Are we back at stage one, where you’re a kid that hates girls and run away from them!”

“ You don’t even know what’s going on, yet you talk back”, he scoffs “Do you even know how hard it has been  for me  to keep quiet each time you cancelled our plans to have a date with a random bastard”

“Who told you to keep quiet! You could have just told me! would have chosen you over him It’s always friends first!”

“This is why , I can’t tell you”, he shook his head in despair “ You can’t understand me, Y/N”

It’s been for around 5 days that you and jungkook are acting like strangers. You were both college students now, for crying out loud , why was he acting like a brat out of the blue .You wanted to know what’s wrong with him.This kind of fight never happened in the past. Whenever you guys fought , it only lasted a day and you made up right away, yet Jungkook thought otherwise this time.This wasn’t a matter he was going to shrug off. He had strong feelings for you, yet you can’t seme to acknowlege him like his hyungs. Just why was he the only one friend zoned?!

On the other side, you felt quite empty and sad without jungkook by your side. This boy was what kept your life so amazing. Yet now , he’s not there for you and you feel like dying each time he ignores you.You just feel like hugging it out and getting over it. But would Jungkook think the same?

You finally spotted him walking by that empty hallway.You could recognize him by the back of his head.How his hair was always freshly cut and how his cologne spread around you, whenever he passed by.

You  could watch his broad back and his manly shoulder yet you didn’t hesitate and surrounded your arms around his waist to give him a backhug

He recognized your hands right away and you felt him stiffen up

“Kookie”, you whimpered “I’m sorry…I was just so stupid”

You felt like crying and he was starting to feel bad for treating you like dust for this past week. Just what had you done? You were innocent, it wasn’t your fault, if he couldn’t figure out his feelings on his own self.

“No, I’m sorry Y/N”, he takes your hands in his before turning around and looking at you “ I was the stupid one…for not realizing this entire time”,

As he faces you, you notice that blush across his cheeks and the way he touches the side of his nose with his thumb in nervosity

He’s so cute, you thought

“ Before I tell you anything, please promise that we’ll stay the same as we are, even after I tell you”

“Are you leaving the country or something?”, your eyes wideen

“No…its a bit worse than that”, he scratches the back of his neck

“Worse??!”, you freak out “ OMG are you expelled from university?!!”,you grab his collar “ Yah… what am I supposed to do, if you leave!! I can’t live my life properly, when you’re not around!”

“Hey”, he grabs your shoulder “ I’m not leaving  …”, he says and you stop freaking out “ What I was going to say is that.. “, he steps back scratching the back of his head  

“ We’ve been together for quite a long time and we can both agree that we’re very comfortable around each other”, he says

you nodded

“Well for the past few years…I…”

“you?”, you tilt your head

“I’ve started having all these strange feels whenever you’re around…”, he says innocently “ I thought I was crazy at first and tried avoiding you at all costs…but the more I got away from you, the more my feelings grew stronger. I could’t stand it each time you touched my hair or gave me a hug, that’s why I grew distant.I was afraid I might do something I’d regret If I got too close to you. I hated seing you go on dates for the same exact reason.”

You stared at him with that stunned expression, with your heart beating against your ribcage.The boy may have been blushing , but you were probably ten times worst.Your sense were losing you as jungkook almost made his confession clear.Jungkook couldn’t even look at you as he kept fixating his gaze on the floor before staring back into your eyes

“ Please, don’t look at me, you’re making me nervous”, you stammered as you played with your hands

He almost chuckled at your cute reaction , but regained conscience, that this was his chance to man up and tell you the truth

“We…I…I….hmm.. what I mean is that I think…I might like you more than just as a friend!”, he finally says

You hide your face in between your palms in embarrassment but he removes them from your face

“Y/N, I think I love you”,jungkook deep eyes stare into yours and you can feel his love “ I-I…I would like you to be my girlfriend”

“I-I-I….omg..why is this so embarassing”, you feel your heart exploding “Jeon Jungkook,Stop staring at me, when you know the answer is a yes”, you turn around to hide your face

he pouts, before realizing what you just said

“Y-You…Y-You said yes?”, his eyes lit up and you simply nodded your back facing him

He wasn’t expecting this at all

“You’re serious?”, he nudged your shoulder

“Hey, you better tell me this is real ! Because if you just played me, I”ll kill you”, you turn to look at him

“It’s real”, he smiles at you “Now ,please tell me this is not a dream”, he stares at you

You place your fingers on the nape of his neck to bring his face closer to you, since he’s so tall. His neck is warm from his nervous state, which makes him ten times more adorable. He was all shaky and nervous  and you can’t help but feel like giving him a kiss.

As you were about to lean and let your lips touch his own he took a step back and grabbed your hand .Did Jungkook just leaned away from a kiss he expected all his life?

“To be honest… I was afraid to tell you the truth…I was afraid you’d leave me or even worse reject me”, he stares at the  floor as he kicks it with his foot

Jungkook was vulnerable in front of you. You liked this boy so much, you can’t even understand why he was so afraid to actually tell you the truth.There was no way you’d let away a jewel like him. Refusing Jeon Jungkook’s love confession would have been the most dumb thing on earth to do. He was your partner in crime, you best friend and your soulmate at the same time.

“You little freak…I would never reject you “, you ruffled his hair “You’re the one who just rejected a kiss from me”, you pout

“ A guy should take initiative on giving the first kiss Y/N, You really think, I’d let you take this opportunity away from me”, he smirks

Of course cocky Jeon jungkook was back

“Then, do take the opportunity…it’s the first and last I’m giving you”, you smirk back

“Hey, are you saying, you won’t let me kiss you again?”, he pouts

“Just kiss me, you innocent kookie”, you chuckled

He pulled your waist close to him with a hand and tilted your face with the other ,before pressing his lips on yours.A warmth feeling invaded both you and him as he pressed endlessly his manly lips on your soft ones. He didn’t felt like letting go and you were feeling breathless. Jungkook was skilled when it came to anything and he just proved this point to you. He finally pulled away from you and you leaned your forhead on his colarbone before hitting his chest with your small fist

“Yah, Jeon Jungkook…are you searching to kill me on our first day of dating” you said out of breath “ You better let go of me, the next time I tell you to!You almost cut out my breath”

He chuckled in response  and decided to choke you with a loving warm hug as he surrounded his manly arms around you.

“I love you”, he smirked cockily

“Wipe off your smirk, I’ll kill you”,

This was the beginning of a very aggressive loving relationship between two best friends

You can request ANYTHING from my blog :) REQUEST BOX IS ALWAYS OPEN !!I’m open to answer anything whether it be ships/bts reactions to “___”/scenarios/drabbles/ bts fb status/bts text conversation/ bts snapchat AND MORE !!! IM LITERALLY OPEN TO ANYTHING just please ask me what you want and I’ll make it come true

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greaser boy - part VIII

High school AU - bad boy!Bucky

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Characters: All the avengers, Peggy Carter, Loki

When a new student from Brooklyn joins the reader’s school, she doesn’t know what is in store for her. He is the epitome of trouble and she finds herself caught in his headlights. The more she resists, the harder it gets. Limits are tested and so is patience. Will she fall for the greaser boy with the bad reputation?

Word count: 1.1k

A/N: I really like this part. It’s gonna break a few hearts but let’s be honest here, it’s what I’m best at. This isn’t the end of the story!! so don’t freak out. If you want to be tagged just ask! And if I forgot you plEASE ask. Also, the people who I am tagging will also be tagged in the rest of my future works. 

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII

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*Three months later*

You didn’t know when everything went wrong. You didn’t realize when everything began to fall apart. It all seemed perfect at first. Bucky was kind. He still was, but there was a cold distance. There was something that wasn’t there four months ago.

Things were good in the beginning. You still remembered when he took you dancing. When you woke up the next morning, confused and unaware of what had happened the night before. Bucky offered to take you out to breakfast that morning, sure you missed school but you had fun with him. That memory seemed to be years ago.

It’s been months since the last time he took you to The Blue Peacock. You longed to go once more, to feel the jazz band music surrounding you. You longed for the old Bucky. The one that always smiled when he was around you. The Bucky that was unpredictable and brought you flowers. The Bucky that would sneak into your window and cuddle with you until you slept. That Bucky seemed to fade within the days. He seemed to disappear, leaving only a bit of his reminisce.

It seems like Bucky had stopped calling you ‘doll.’ He would, occasionally, but he would instead call you Y/N.

You didn’t like it. You didn’t like that he was distant from you. Bucky would still take you out on dates, but there was an uncomfortable silence that loomed over the two of you. Bucky felt it and you knew it too. You continually asked yourself why he continued to try to keep the relationship afloat. Why he continued to take you out.

Maybe he didn’t want to lose you. Little did he know, he was already losing you.

Your phone rang. It was Bucky.  You knew what it was for, but you still answered.

“Bucky,” You said.

“Y/N,” He slurred.

He was drunk, again. Of course. Another one of Thor’s parties. That’s all he’s been doing lately. Going to parties, getting drunk, smoking with random people. Leaving you to pick up his fucked up ass and drive him to his house.

You hated it. You hated how often this was occurring.

“How are you, baby?” He asked.

He only every called you that when he was drunk. When he wasn’t in his right mind.

“Bucky, you’re drunk again,” Disbelief seeped from your voice.

“I’m okay,” He laughed.

“I’m coming to get you Bucky,” You hung up and texted Nike to pick you up.

You suddenly remembered Natasha’s words. “Stay away from him, Y/N. I don’t want you getting hurt….Sometimes people’s true colors  come our in specific circumstances.” She was right. Bucky’s true colors came out. He wasn’t the person you thought he was. Well, maybe he probably was, but that Bucky was gone.

“What are you going to do?” Nike asked.

“I don’t know, but whatever happens,” You paused. “You’ll know.”

She nodded and you closed the door. You watched as Nike drove off, leaving you standing in front of the house full of commotion.

“Y/N,” You turned and were met with Peggy Carter. She smiled slightly at you. “What brings you here. Didn’t quite think you were one for parties.”

“I’m not,” You pulled your lips into a thing line. “I’m just here to pick up my boyfriend.”

“Barnes?” She asked. “He’s a wreck. Didn’t think a teenage boy can hold so much alcohol.”

You nodded, “I figured.”

“I can see how miserable you are, Y/N,” She gave you a sympathetic look.

“Is it really that noticeable?” You asked. “He doesn’t seem to notice, then again, he doesn’t  seem to notice anything about me anymore.”

“Y/N, a man who makes you miserable when he once used to make you happy isn’t worth your time.” She stepped closer. “You’re a smart girl, you’ll do the right thing.”

“Y/N,” Bucky stumbled over towards you. “Doll, did you come to join me?” He toppled to one side. You tried to lift him up but he was too heavy.

“Steve, help Y/N please,” You heard Peggy say.

Soon enough, Steve and Sam had their arms around Bucky and were carrying him towards his car. You felt embarrassed. People were watching your drunken boyfriend get carried away. It seems like only yesterday they were whispering things like, “They’re so cute.” “He’s so good to her.” Now they’re saying, “I feel so bad for her.” “He’s a mess.” “So glad my boyfriend isn’t like that.”  You were tired of this all too familiar routine.

“Y/N,” It was Wanda Maximoff. Her brother strolled beside her. “Will you be okay?”

You nodded, “Yeah, I think so. He’s just a bit drunk. Nothing I can’t handle.” You gave her a weary smile. Natasha’s bright red hair caught your attention. You approached her, your hands fiddling with each other. “You were right.”

“I’m not going to say I told you so, but it’s up to you on what you’re going to do next. Do you want to continue this relationship with Barnes?”

You ignored her question and instead walked off. You thanked Steve and Sam. Steve tossed you the keys and you got into the driver’s seat of his car. Bucky mumbled incoherent words, you didn’t bother to figure out what he was saying.

You got out of the car, furious, sad, and sick of it all. Bucky opened his car door and spilled himself onto the sidewalk. He was laughing, a bottle of vodka in one hand. you wondered where he got it. You were about to walk over and help him up when he vomited. He coughed and groaned.

You threw the keys are Bucky’s chest, they bounced off and onto his lap. He looked up, confused at your action. “I’m sick of this James! Sick of it!”

You never once called Bucky by his real name. This startled him. “Wh-what are you talking about?”

“Of this!” You motioned towards him. “You’re not the same anymore, James. You never smile around me anymore. You don’t put any damn effort, not anymore. You don’t see how it pains me to see you like this every fucking day! To see you find comfort in the arms of alcohol instead of my own. For you to get fucked up each night, avoiding me. Ignoring my damned calls. Replying with one-word texts. You’re not the same person that I fell in love with.”

“Love?” he asked, astonished.

“Yes, love. I fell in love with you, James. I was fucking stupid enough to.” Tears welled up in your eyes but you didn’t let them fall. “Natasha warned me. She told me to stay away from you. She was right. I should’ve never let you in.”

“Y/N,” Bucky said softly.

“No. Your actions spoke louder than your words,” Your vision was blurry and you frantically wiped your eyes. A look of pain flashed across his own face. “We’re done.” You turned on your heel and walked away. “Goodbye James.”

“Y/N,” He called. “Don’t go. Please.” But you were long gone by then

His worst fear became a reality, he lost you.

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Full House

Request: If requests are still open could you possibly do more poly! Sam and Dean x reader maybe throw a little of my baby Cas in there, with a lot of praise!kink daddy!kink and like spanking? Sorry if it’s too much oml OMG MAYBE LIKE READER AND CAS ARE SUBS/LITTLES AD DEAN AND SAM ARE THEIR DOMS OMGEE

Warning: polyamorous relationship, destiel, dd/lg

Summary: Daddy Dean and Papa Sam are introducing little Cas to his new friend. 

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It was clear from the moment that Castiel arrived, he shared a profound bond with Dean. If given the choice between Sam or Dean he would always choose Dean. Dean had stepped up and taken on the role of Daddy after God checked out. His little angel was good, small and obedient.  Cas never misbehaved, only he broke his rules about announcing his presence and using his words, but that was petty. 

The problem was that Sam and Dean were a package deal. Girls (and the occasional guy) loved being taken care of by both Winchesters. Cas wasn’t as responsive to Sam. He responded more to Dean and it was hard to not think his innocent blue eyes were adorable when he said “but I have a profound bond with Daddy.” 

It hurt Sam, he knew he messed up. He’d done stupid things, but he was still capable of love. Love was all he wanted. Cas loved his papa, he did, but only for punishments. So that left Sam alone in his bedroom, knowing down the hall in the playroom what was happening. Late at night, his anger pulsed through him as he tore into all the things he bought for Cas that went unused. After his tantrum, he’d head on out to the dingy bar uptown to drink his sorrows away. This has become common place and it eventually led to drinking in the day time. During those escapades, he’d stumble into the bookstore. The bookstore where she was. She was dainty in a plump way. Soft innocence radiated off of her and into Sam. Her lips were painted a delicious pink that bought out the blush in her cheeks. Whenever Sam tucked away in a corner for hours on end, she’d bring him coffee and a cookie. To most it was a simple act of kindness, to a dom like Sam, it was an act of submission. 

The pattern of getting drunk and going to see y/n (at least that’s what the name tag on her soft chest suggested) continued for about a month. Finally, Sam was sober enough to by her flowers-daisies because she wore a flower crown with them in it once- and ask her out. Her eyes avoided his, focussing in on his chest as she said that yes, she would love a date with him. 

One date became two, two became three, and suddenly she was his. His alone, his secret, his little girl. Y/N spilled out quite quickly that she was a little. A little that was abandoned by her mommy and needed a dom. Sam would have been heartless to say no. She was beautifully submissive, always behaving for the sake of pleasing papa. What Sam hadn’t counted on was Dean getting nosy. Dean knew something was up and the last time Sam was disappearing…he’d rather not lock Sam in a panic room again. So, he took Sam’s phone and it became quite clear that a family meeting was in order. 

Dean sat silently across from Sam and y/n. She was adorable, especially in that choker with Sam’s name engraved on a heart that dangled against the hallow of her throat. His eyes had slowly taken her in, luscious thighs straining the silky thigh highs she wore. Sam’s flannel (his purple one which was for special occasions) hung loosely on her , swallowing her whole. “Did you plan on telling us?” 

Y/N quirked a brow, silently asking Papa for say so. When Sam nodded, pulling her up in his lap, she spoke, “Papa talks of you often. He loves you and your little boy Cas. I thought maybe we shouldn’t. “ She trailed off pawing at the sleeves of her shirts. 

Dean leaned forward slightly, resting on his elbows. “Why princess?” He asked voice void of sarcasm. 

“Because I didn’t want to lose him. “ Her lip trembled slightly. “I didn’t want you to take him away like they took mommy away.” 

Any anger in Dean vanished as he watched tears well up in her eyes. “Oh baby girl,” he cooed holding his arms out waiting for her to climb into them. Once she had been passed from Sam to Dean, dean rested his chin on her hair. “You are going to be so loved, so very very loved.” His gruff assurance and rocking motion was enough to lull her to sleep. 

Little did the daddies know, but Cas was witnessed to the whole thing and he was not pleased. Losing Papa was one thing, but Daddy was war. So he started throwing tantrums when Daddy got to close or when Sam didn’t play with him. If he could get them away from her, she’d leave. Y/n was strong, resilient in her relationships. She wouldn’t give up until it was clear it wouldn’t work. 

Cas sighed, entering the shared playroom. Y/N had been crisscrossed on the floor coloring. He chose to pretend he didn’t see her pink panties under her skirt. “Y/n?” 

She looked up with eager eyes. “Yes Cassy?” That was another thing he wouldn’t understand. She was so damn eager. 

“Daddies are whispering, I think it’s important.”  They set out together happening upon the kitchen where Sam and Dean sat at the table clearly in argument. 

“Oh come on! Sam you know he loves her!” 

Sam scoffed. “When was the last time we got time with her? Cas is always intervening and you know it!”

“So? He’s jealous you don’t exactly go out of your way for him.” 

“Because he hates me!” 

Cas became startled, peeking into the room. “I don’t hate you Papa!” He ran out hugging tightly to Sam. “I just have a profound-”

“Bond with Dean yeah, we fucking get it.” It was y/n, entering to face Sam. “I’m sorry Sam but I don’t think I can handle this anymore. Not when Cas needs both his daddies.” 

Cas felt a surge of happiness, only to deflate when Sam scooped him up heavily. He laid the small raven haired  boy across his lap. “You have three seconds to tell me why you did this.” He growled, his animalistic side taking over. This was not part of his plan, and he didn’t intend on getting spanked today. Sam brought down a hard spank on the bare bottom before him. “That was three.” 

Dean bit his lip, watching the small girl tremble. “Princess I’m so sorry I didn’t notice earlier.” He held her close, watching her flench with each spank. “You’re so good to me and Sammy.” 

She shook her head, whimpering slightly, “Papa, don’t. He doesn’t deserve it. Cassy was just lonely.” 

Sam softened his eyes and nodded. “Go to the playroom, I’ll bring Cas in with me, you go with Daddy.” 

From that formative night on, the family of four was open to each other. A schedule was created to keep jealousy limited. Daddy had Cas most nights and Papa had Y/N most nights. Weekends they switched and off weeks were created so the littles could rest a bit. The bunker was full of excitement and love and they wouldn’t have it any other way, 

I’ve been trying to work out what fascinates me so much about the Silver/Flint relationship and why, despite Silver being the one who actually gives a jackshit about the men of their crew, I still always fall into caring more about Flint

and I think it’s because in a story about the power of stories Flint is the deconstruction of a villain and Silver is the construction of one

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top twenty high school au

1. Mine Now by aclosetlarryshipper (32k)

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

 2. Allies in Heaven, Comrades in Hell by rockinaintnowalkinthepark (265k)

A Catholic school!AU where Louis is finishing sixth form and will definitely be famous someday if Harry has something to say about it, Liam is the racist homophobe that Zayn is dreadfully in love with, and Niall teaches guitar. ~ “Louis remembers it from a few weeks before - Harry had told him that when he loves someone, he loves with every ounce of his being, and it often hurts to feel it. Louis hadn’t really understood what he’d meant until now.”

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Fanart Monday!

Fanart of the week, made by @michelle-030

SO! Another week, another Fanart Monday section!! Thank you everyone for sending me such marvelous things! My fanart folder is now almost over 200!! This is awesome, I am so flattered <3 <3 Thanks!

I will now proceed to post all the marvelous fanarts <3 more under the cut!

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Korrasami is imminent. I'm welcoming you in advance to our army.


Now that we all know the last episodes are going to show tomorrow, I decided to make a manual for the new Korrasami shippers who will be joining us when Korrasami becomes canon tomorrow.

Because it obviously will. We’re very confident. We’re not anxious. We know we’re going to win.

But anyway, here’s a guide on How to Ship Korrasami Properly. Listen up you Makorry idiots, because you’ll be groveling at our feet tomorrow.

Rule 1: Makorra shippers are the scourge of the earth

See what I did up there? I just insulted Makorra. That is the first rule of Korrasami. ALWAYS INSULT MAKORRA. The idea is to make Makorra look as evil as possible. This is why whenever Mako and Korra are in a scene together, we plug our ears and spray our eyes with cologne to be spared from the atrocity that is Makorra. It doesn’t even have any proof. Who cares if they kissed? The sky wasn’t purple or anything…

Anyway, it’s easy to make Makorra look bad: you just make grandiose claims about how terrible the ship is. Even better, provide prime examples of how it affects the real world adversely.


-“Makorra gave my dog cancer.”

-“Makorra shippers put my friend in a coma.” (except this one has already been used, so you’ll have to be more original.)

-“Makor– *starts having a stroke*”

-“I hope Mako and Korra kiss and get married, so that stupid Makorra will finally get fucking closure and Korrasami can happen.”


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anonymous asked:

I was looking at your little trip down memory lane, and I was wondering what the story behind Troye and Tyler doing a tiny chat (or whatever it was)? Did they just pop up? Did they talk to you guys? (I know it was two different times and they weren't together)

(i just have to say, it was a long time ago, so i cant remember much from it, im just reading an old post about me freaking out, like 30 mins after it happened, read it here if u want)

The first one was with Troye and okay the way it happened was, we just arranged a tinychat with a couple people (one of them was troyleroakley​ and the other one doesn’t want to be mentioned).* There was many people there it was scary cos i was the only one with a webcam on. We got Troye there by linking the tinychat on his tag btw. Okay so i was just chillin in my onesie and shit, talking with people and freaking out every time a guest entered the room omg, literally i get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. Okay so yeah, there was this one guest just being there *still not sure if it was troye idk* but yeah at one point A PERSON CHANGED HIS NICKNAME TO ‘troye’ and i was literally having a meltdown and people were laughing so hard at me, cos i was still one of the two who had their webcams on and omg. Then 'troye’ says he needs to change his browser to get on webcam, idk what was up with that. Okay then 'troye’ comes back later and we are fucking dYING, with anticipation bc he was about to put his webcam on. AND THEN IT STARTS TO LOAD, AND THEN TROYES FACE APPEARS, AND THEN THE BOY IN THE MIDDLE TAKES THE PERFECT SCREENSHOT, i am so happy he did bc that is the only one i think.

Seriously look at Troye’s smug fricking face. Okay at this point im literally a crying MESS, Im trying to film this shit and trying to concentrate on the tinychat and omg it was super hectic. THEN TROYE SEES ME CRYING AND HE GOES 'omg pls dont cry’ and that was too much i just. EVERYONE ON THE CHAT, SUDDENLY OPENED THEIR WEBCAMS and it was so fucking stupid, my computer started lagging like shit and at that point i was crying bc the computer was so laggy, and that bc Troye was there. Then everyone started talking and then the chat basically jammed up and uuUUUUGGHH. Then Troye was like 'guys what should we do so we could to this a little better?’ And then Troye was like 'okay lets arrange a google hangout’ and a couple seconds later he sent a link to the hangout. Well of course i hadnt installed  a google+ hangout shit, and it took a forever to install, and when it finished loading, OF COURSE THE HANGOUT WAS FULL. That was like the worst feeling i had ever felt. So at this point i had turned my webcam off bc i thought i had to if i was going to the google hangout. Then i go back to the tinychat, just to cry and be like , bye troye i think this was my chance. There was a couple other people who also didnt get to the hangout. AND THEN THE BESTEST THING HAPPENS, TROYE COMES BACK ON THE TINYCHAT AND GOES 'omg guys what are you doing here, why arent you on the hangout?’ AN I GO: 'omg its full i cant get in’ and troyes like 'aah what should we do no omg’ and idk then he disappears and i cry. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN EVERYONE COMES FUCKING BACK ON THE TINYCHAT AND TURNS ON THEIR WEBCAMS, and im literally being ran over VIA INTERNET it was horrible. And in seconds, all of the webcams are full, and one of them is Troye, and when i try to 'start a broadcast’ iT SAYS ITS FULL, and was sad. Then Troye asks everyone to hold out a peace sign, so he can take a screenshot, SO A COUPLE SECONDS LATER HE TWEETS OUT THE PICTURE saying 'came across a few fans on a tinychat’ or something like that. And that was the most horrible thing evER. I started spamming the chat like 'omg no im so sad no how can this happen’ AND THEN:

omg at that moment i didnt even realize that it was actually HIM talking to me *ofc i did, i was just panicking about typing something* okau then he asked me 'tell me your twitter pls’ anD THEN I JUST TYPE MY TWITTER NAME THERE AND HE MUSTVE NOT SEEN IT and then:

Okay then he saw it, and he began to tweet  THE WRONG PERSON, LOOK, MY TWITTER NAME WAS troyeblemakerr at the time, and he began to tweet troyblemakerr, do u see the slight annoying difference. okay so I START TO SPAM THE FUCK OUT OF THOSE TWEETS LIKE, OMG IT ME IT ME NOT HER IT ME and just:

and it was super super cool and it literally made my life

AND THE TYLER THING, i literally dont remember how i got there? i was casually scrolling trough tylers tags (it was like one of the first times i did) and i see just a link to a tinychat and i was super bored, i went in. Then there was tyleroakleyismyqueen with her friend, and that was where we got to know eachother :) we just talked for a bit when suddenly a wild 'nottyler’ appears omg. I can remember alot from it bc it was SUPER unexpected and literally i was not prepared AT ALL, i looked absolutely horrible and ugh. I didnt have my mic on, bc it was broken or smth, so Tyler and Chase just casually chat there while im just watching them omg hahahahah then i just type smth like 'guys lets take a selfie, im taking a screenshot’ and then we pose:

AND THEN I GO 'omg i feel like an outsider cos my mic isnt working’ and then thIS HAPPENS (i posted this there and then) btw also there was literally only me, chases friend and tyler and it was so great.

Then it happily ended like Tyler had to go and it was fabulous, and after that i posted a pic of us on the tinychat and Tyler liked it, jesus. After that we were all just like quiet, in shock, and in disbelief that Tyler was actually there hahaha

OMG IF YOU ACTUALLY READ THIS, i bow down to you!?!?!

Jensen X Reader- Tweet Tweet.

Request- Hi! I really like your blog and was wondering if requests are open? If they are could you please write me an image or drabble or something of Jensen finding reader in the bathroom or something similar when she has a mental breakdown. with a lot of fluff. - J

A/N- so I don’t really know anything about a mental breakdown. I’ve never had one, I don’t know anybody who has so I not going to right that anon I’m sorry. I’m going to adjust it just so the reader is really stressed and having a hard time dealing with it. I hope that’s ok.

Triggers: online abuse I guess.


“Jensen, I…”


“Dammit I said Jensen again didn’t I?” You asked.

“Yeah Y/N, you did, are you ok that’s like the 10th time you’ve messed up this scene and you never mess up.” Jensen asked you concern evident on his face.

“Yeah I think I just need a break.” You replied trying to brush off how you really felt.

“I’ll be right back.” Jensen said before walking over to Bob. You couldn’t quite make out what they were saying but you knew it was probably to do with you given all the gestures towards you.

“All right Y/N, go take a break for the rest of the day catch up on some sleep. We’ll Just film Sam, Dean, Cas and Crowley scenes today, we can pick up again tomorrow and hopefully you’ll be feeling better kid.” Bob said to you and you nodded your head and left the set for your trailer. You didn’t want to say it but you really did need a break your head was just not with it today, You were far too stressed.

Your character Violet had been on the show since the pilot aired as Dean’s best friend and Bobby’s adopted daughter( her parents died on a hunt, she had grown up with the Winchesters.) Their relationship had always been strictly platonic with playful flirting. But on this new season their relationship has very obviously been heading towards something more. Most of the fans were ecstatic about this, they had been shipping Dean and Violet since the beginning, just like you; But others were not so happy.  

They had taken to social media, mainly twitter, to share their thoughts. Which mainly consisted of hate towards your character or even you. Sure you’ve had your fair share of mean comments in the past but this was so much worse. This had been going on for a few weeks, you had been able to ignore most of it. But since last night’s episode had aired where Violet confessed her feeling toward Dean to Sam it had gotten a lot worse. Fans had been saying things like ‘Y/N and Jensen would be a horrible couple, look how hot he is compared to her.’ Or 'eww why should she get Dean, just kill her off already.’  

These comments were really starting to get to you. Not that you had told the boys; You didn’t want them to know. You knew everything they were saying was true. But once they started commenting on you and Jensen instead on Violet and Dean you couldn’t take it. You’d had a crush on him since day one, and over the years that had developed into so much more. You were head over heels for the man.

You got back to your trailer and saw your phone going off with twitter notifications you had been tagged in a tweet. One of Jared’s you opened it up and there was a picture of you and Jensen with your arms around each other with big smiles on your faces saying 'Had a great day filming scenes with these two.@JensenAckles @Y/T/N. Most of the comments you could see were actually nice things like 'Aww they’re so cute together!!!’ Or ’ OMG!! OTP!!’. But you couldn’t help but notice the bad ones 'What does he even see in her’, 'why does she still work on this show’, 'she’s the worst character ever!! Just killer her off’, 'everybody would prefer the show if she was killed off’, 'omg he’s so out of her league’ but then there was one that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

'There is no way Jensen even likes her, he’s probably just pretending to for the cameras. He’d probably be physically sick if he had to film a kiss scene with her I know I would.’

That was all you could take before you threw your phone across your trailer, where it hit a picture frame which preceded to smash and fall to the floor next to the door, and you sank down on the floor hugging your knees close to your chest and breaking down into tears.  

You knew most of this was true. A lot of the fans hated you and you probably would be killed off. And Jensen would only ever see you as a friend; If he even saw you like that at all. That thought made you cry that much harder.  

You had no idea how long you had been sitting on the floor crying but now you were just sitting on the floor staring at nothing with silent tears running down your face. You were brought out of your thoughts by a knock on your trailer door, but you made no move to answer it. Instead you just continued to sit there crying hoping whoever it was would go away. There was another knock on your door and you still didn’t move.  

“Y/N it’s me open up.” It was Jensen. You still didn’t move hoping he would think you weren’t here and just leave, he couldn’t see you like this.

“Y/N, come on let me in or I’ll break in, and you and I both know I can do it.”

“Go away Jay.” Your request was followed by silence you thought maybe he had left, Until you heard the sound of metal scraping against metal and before you had time to move the door was flung open and Jensen was inside your trailer. He took one look around the mess in your trailer before he saw you sat in the corner obviously crying. He rushed over to your side and pulled you into his arms.

“Y/N/N what’s wrong.” You didn’t answer him, you just cried harder.

“Come on sweetheart, you know you can tell me anything.” When you still didn’t answer Jensen looked around your trailer and saw your phone next to the smashed picture frame on the floor. He went over there and picked up your Phone and typing in your password with ease and it opened up on twitter on that last comment.

He continued to scroll through some of the comments and your notifications he couldn’t believe what some of the fans had been saying to you.

“Oh Y/N/N come here.” he said before pulling you to your feet and wrapping his arms around you.

“Is this why you’ve been down for the last few weeks?”

“You knew something was wrong the whole time?” You finally spoke pulling back slightly to look into his eyes.

“Of course I did sweetheart. You’re my best friend I can always tell when something is wrong with you.” There is was again that word. Friend. That’s all you would ever be to him, you looked down at your feet pulling away from him fully before asking…

“Then how come you never asked what was wrong?”

“I figured you would come to me in your own time when you were ready, I didn’t want to push you. But when I saw how upset you were today I figured maybe I needed to remind you that I was here for you.” He said before putting his hand on your cheek and making you look at him.

“I know this is easier said than done sweetheart, but you just need to ignore these people they’re just jealous of you, and who wouldn’t be. They just hate ya 'cause they ain’t ya.” Jensen said with a chuckle. That made you smile as well.

“I Don’t know if I can Jay you don’t know what it’s like…”

“oh don’t I?” He asked with a raised eyebrow before passing you his phone. “open up any notification I dare you.” You took his phone before opening the first notification on twitter. Someone had Retweeted the picture of you to with the comment 'What make’s him think he’s good enough to get a girl like her, I mean just look at her.’ And by the look on Jensen’s face this was far from the first tweet he had gotten like this.  

“You mean you’ve been getting these messages too?” You looked at him and asked.

“Yeah and as much as some of the comments sting I know that they are just sad people who have nothing better to do with their lives than hate on people they’ve never met or don’t know. And why would something like that bother me when I’ve got someone as beautiful as you as my best friend.”

“Jared is pretty attractive.” You said with a smile causing Jensen to laugh.

“That’s my girl.” Jensen leaned over and wiped away the tears still on your cheeks and once again resting his hand on your cheek only this time he didn’t move it.

“You really are beautiful Y/N.” He smiled before leaning in stopping just short of your lips giving you plenty of time to pull away. You closed to rest of the distance . The kiss was short and sweet, both of you letting all your built up emotions into the kiss.

“Hey Y/N why is the lock on your door brok.. Oh my god!” Jared interrupted you both. You and Jensen pulled away laughing at the look on Jared’s face.

“What’s up man?” Jensen asked for you both.

“well Misha, Mark, Rob, Rich and I are going to a bar we wanted to know if you guys wanted to join us?”

“You up for it?” Jensen smiled reassuringly at you when he asked.

“Definitely, just give me 20 minutes to wash up and get changed and we’ll meet you guys by the cars.”

“ok.” Jared answered before leaving mumbling something like 'Like that’s all you to are going to do.’

“You sure you want to go out?”  

“Yeah I could use the pick me up, and I’m not gonna let some cowards online get to me.”

“God I love you.”

“You what?” You asked in disbelief.

“What you didn’t know? Jared says I’m obvious. And I was wondering if you would maybe.. Errm want to yano, be my girlfriend? You don’t have to if you don’t want to it’s just…” Jensen’s ramblings were cut short by you pressing your lips to his.

“I would love to be your girlfriend Jay and I Love you too by the way.” That was all the persuasion Jensen needed to pull you close and crash his lips to yours once more.

Soulmate + Colors AU

- because every fandom needs one
- so u know that soulmate au variation where a person only sees color when they meet their soulmate? yeah, we’re using that one
- basic things to note: soulmates are highly regarded (most of the time. some people couldnt care less bcs faulty system, u feel? idk its confusing, will explain later); not all soulmate connections or whatever u wanna call it are romantic; some people are already born seeing colors
ok so the last one is where the mixed feelings about soulmates come from because tradition says its harsh when u dont have a soulmate but like all systems, its hella faulty and the people know that??????????? so maybe seeing colors already is a good thing bcs u can choose who u wanna love or whatever
- OKAY, so. the people in this au who can already see colors are mabini and goyong (and maybe jose, depending on the path u guys wanna take) and it helped them focus on the serious stuff like smarts and climbing the ranks
- other stuff below the cut

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