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Hidden Voices (Track 3)

Summary: Summary: Thomas Jefferson, world renown, critically acclaimed rapper has lost his inspiration. In an attempt to start over and regain his lost inspiration, he made the bold decision to move to New York City. There, he meets a quick witted barista named Alex, who unknowingly becomes the source of Thomas’s knew found inspiration.

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Turns out working with Alexander Hamilton was harder than Thomas had thought. He thought that it would be easy. He and Alex would mesh perfectly, write a couple songs, and then make their soon to be relationship offical. But, Thomas and Alex had very different views on music. Thomas believed that music was supposed to tell a story. Alex believed that music was supposed to be an artistic and political source of expression.

As they worked together, Thomas found that this wasnt the only difference between him and Alexander Hamilton. Actually, he and Alex bickered about almost everything. The constant bickering had made both men tired and in dire need of coffee. After a quick game of rock, paper, sissors, it was decided Thomas would be the one to brave the harsh, cold winter weather to get food and coffee.

Thomas walked into Cafe 525 feeling cold and frustrated. Snot was dripping out of his ruby red nose and rapidly melting in the heat of the restaurant forcing Thomas to sniffle every three seconds. His ears were bright red and burning once the heat hit them. Thomas refused to wear a winter hat since he had seen a lot of New Yorkers brave the winter without it. However, the quick jaunt to the cafe made him rethink his decision. He quickly walked over to the electric fireplace in the cafe to warm his hands, which were gloveless. God, he missed California…

Philip came out with a small hot chocolate in his hand and a smirk on his face. He pressed the paper cup into Thomas’s hands and nearly laughed at the west coast native’s lack of proper winter attire.

“Here, we usually give these to the kids that come in, but you look like you need it more.” Philip chuckled. Thomas took it and instantly groaned at the way the cup burned his hand like he was holding fire.

“Thanks. That asshole, Hamilton, said it wasn’t that cold out.”

Philip burst out into laughter. Thomas looked at him like he was crazy. “Thomas, Alex has lived in the city since he was ten years old. He’s used to this weather. Hell, he won’t break out the winter attire until it’s 30 degrees. I’ll get you a hat and gloves from the back. You should probably get a more appropriate coat too. Usually, designer shit like that looks good, but it’s not warm at all.” Philip chuckled disappearing into the back of the shop. Thomas grumbled. Of course that asshole wanted to see him suffer.

Phillip came back moments later and gave Thomas a pair of gloves and a hat. Thomas instantly put on the gloves and stuffed the hat in his coat pocket. “Thanks, I think Alex just wants to watch me suffer.” he mumbled handing him the notepad with his and Alex’s coffee order on it. Philip took it and started to brew the coffee, so it was fresh for the two of them.

“Nah, Alex may seem closed in and rock hard on the outside. But, once you break through, he’s a softy.” Alex, a softy? That couldn’t be right!

“You’re joking, right?”

“No?” Philip replied, raising an eyebrow. “I’ve seen the two of you. All you do is flirt woth him, and Alex isn’t used to that. The only way he knows how to deal with the attention is giving you shit. You want Alex to like you?” Thomas nodded. “Then get to know him first. Talk to him about music. That will get your foot in the door.”

Thomas had his doubts, but at this point, he was willing to try anything to break through to Alex…
Well, this was awkward. Alex and Thomas had been sitting in silence at their respective laptops surrounded by crumpled up pieces of paper, coffee stained sheet music, and multiple pens and pencils in red, black, blue, and a single green pen that Alex used to mark up what he didn’t like about Thomas’s lyrics. After 12 hours stuck together, the two of them were tired of writing ans of each other. Thomas tapped his pen on the table glancing over to Alex, wondering how he should start a conversation between them. James had left to get everyone food, so they only had a limited amount of time alone. Ten seconds rolled by, then thirty, then sixty before Thomas reached over and shut Alex’s laptop on him.

“Hey! I was working on that dick-”

“You and I both know we were just staring at empty word documents. C'mon, I’m starving and your stomach has been growling for the past hour. Let’s just take a break and walk down to the vending machine.” Thomas said standing up. Alex was about to retort when his stomach growled loudly. Both men looked down at Alex’s stomach for a few moments before Alex stood up.

“Alright, but youre paying.” Alex grumbled. It seemed Alex was just as cheep as Thomas was… The two walked in silence for a few moments before Thomas cleared his throat. Talk about music… Get his foot in the door…  Thomas could do this. He took a deep breath.

“So, when did you first get into hip-hop?” he asked. It was an innocent question. Thomas noticed how Alex’s face softened and his shoulders relaxed. This was good.

“Why do you want to know?” Alex asked.

“If we are working together, then I should know a little bit about you.” Thomas replied.

“It happened when I was 10. My parents had just adopted me and we took the subway back to my folk’s place. The subway car was full, and i had never seen people packed up like sardines before. Someone started to rap about how shitty the subway was and how people like me, like my parents, got the short end of the stick in life. It really did change my life. After that, I got a job helping a friend of my sell shaved ice and icecream and I spent it all on CD’s. You?”

Thomas smiled and looked down at him. “Its kinda stupid. On my 13th birthday, my cousin Garrett brought me to the studio where he worked. It just so happened that Notorious B.I.G. was recording Big Poppa that day. I would press my face to the glass just to watch them. After that, I wanted to make it big in the hip hop community and started to write my own shit. Now, I have his phone number and we talk all the time.” he laughed.

“Your music is kinda like his, at least, like Hypnotize and Big Poppa. You know, slow and relaxed.” Alex looked down at the ground and actually smiled a genuine smile. Thomas’s heart skipped a beat. He had his foot in the door. Now, all he had to do is step inside.