why is my dash such quality

Deforest Kelley + Hats in Steve Canyon: Operation Jettison

hello friends it is i, softjm aka 1suran aka 212s n i am back with a shitty low quality edit !! u see this is why i shitpost 

im making this bc it was my blogs 3rd bday on the 21st :))))) but ive been on this site for like 6 yrs lmao fml also,, will i ever stop making follow forevers??? no bc i lov every1

ok lets get on with the actual post!! i lov everyone here thanks 4 spicing me dash up n also @ mutuals thx for putting up w/ my jimin loving ass

if i forgot u i am so sry i made this rly fast hlsagkdjfjsjld

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I wish tumblr wouldn’t compress photos so much,I see so many low quality photos on here and scroll past them but when I actually take the time to click on the photo to make it larger, it makes it all nice and high quality. I’ve only noticed this over the past month or so, why you gotta change things up @staff? I wanna see high quality photos while scrolling through my dash.



I have no idea why I took so long on making this… pssssh
I’ll be posting the other images on a seperate post cause I don’t want it to eat up my whole dash haha

i think Photoshop or Tumblr fucked up my quality….

Buttontale belongs to @button-tale 

It was on my dash again…

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ciebei  asked:

❤ :- D

HOOOOOOOOOBOY like binche I followed you in the aftermath of 686 (…which is when I followed a lot of IR blogs my dash was bleach d e a d) and I was like…quality posts…quality fICS LET ME GET STARTED ON YA FICS OK HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMYGOD ok I keep fucking forgetting to add your fics to my queue (which…I haven’t used in a while whoops) bUT I LOVE THEM HOLY SHIT you are…so talented and I love your fics and actually aspire to get to your level like…wow.  I love your posts and your reblogs and your presence on my dash is HELLA appreciated <3


anonymous asked:


Send ‘&’ for 3 blogs i recommend

@seesgood: True story: When this blog started following me and I checked it out I was immediately like ‘Holy shit this is quality! Why are they following me?’ and honestly now that we started to rp I haven’t changed my mind about that. I love Caroline and she is perfectly portrayed on this blog. An added bonus is how incredible friendly and open this blog is to everyone around here. I love seeing them on my dash.

@trxplehelix: This, ladies and gentlemen, is rp royalty! One of the blogs that remind me every time how much fun rping can be and that are a great source of inspiration for me. Their post have everything, wit, charme, humor, sarcasm. It’s safe to say the interactions I had on this blog with them somewhat shaped my rp experience into what it is today and I can really, really just recommend all of you to follow this amazing blog. 

@rocknrollheirs: I love the idea of this blog. Sons of a rockstar, that’s a real cool idea and I especially love how every brother has this different personality and you still see how they belong together. Chris found a great friend in Cedric, I can’t wait for all the trouble these two will get into. But not only the Muses are great, but the Mun is a person that really cares about her partners and their real life. A great friend here.  

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I LOVE seeing your posts on my dash, okay. I have notifications turned on on mobile so I go like your shit as soon as I read it, usually. I've tried to interact once or twice but I feel like my posts might have been overlooked or eaten by the inbox and that's okay cause they were kinda trash.

{ Why do you like seeing me— This content is garbage

please find someone with quality like fucking @ofdestinedblood or @deuscorta or @rejectmyhumanity }

Hey guys! I recently hit my next hundred so I thought why not do a follow forever? I follow some quality blogs and these blogs all make my dash the pretty thing that it is! You guys are all great blogs and thank you! 

Everyone italicized + bolded = blogs i lowkey consider mutuals.   

Blogs with [ * ] = astro blogs

# - F 

@164cmwoozi / @174cents / @17types / @19940106 / @19970502 

@1eunwoo  [*] / @4-velvets / @666astro / @7unior / @8-0c / @95jm 

@96-0615 / @a-little-too-obsessed / @addictiondh / @aegyojimin 

@adore-a-xing / @adoringjinyoung / @ah-gginda / @ai-astro  [*]

@asdfghobi / @astrno [*] / @astrobias [*]  / @astrodaily [*] / @astrovines [*]

@atomicjin / @b-ihanbin / @b0oseungkwans / @baby-baek / 

@babysoulchild / @baehkkyun / @baekby / @baekhyun–ssi 

@baekhyun-fied / @baekingkai / @bangtan / @bangtanhoeyeondan 

@bangts / @barristabin [*]  / @bbyjello / @bhaek / @bludear 

@bo0seungkwan / @briankangz / @bts / @bts-trans / @btsgfx 

@byeolks / @byunutella / @c-vitamin / @cereayeol / @chakawaii 

@camera-seventeen / @ch-e-nyeol / @chancasso / @chaeunwoos [*]

@chansvngs [*] / @daddy-mj [*] / @daenso / @defsouljb / @defwang 

@dimsumark / @dinochans / @dkstrash / @dohdoro / @doekyeom 

@dohkyng / @dowoosn / @cuddleunwoo[*] / @creamkookie 

@essentyeol / @eunswoon [*]/ @eunnwoo [*]


@ewhansol / @exolutely / @exossehun / @flowerjr (+ a lot of fyeah blogs!) 

G - K 

@g5th / @gollyicons / @got-7baes / @got7-scenarios / @got7-texts 

@got7ish / @got7styles / @gotsolucky / @gotsxvn / @guccizitao 

@gyuwoo / @hansanghyuked / @happy-nding / @happydk / @happyvirus 

@hearteyes-wonhao / @himanoonadesu / @hobivirus / @holyday6 

@honeyinhales / @hoon-seok / @hoshitv / @hqni / @hugtae / @huisnaw 

@ichaeunwoo [*] / @idontgiveasuga / @igot7-love / @igot-scenarios 

@igot17 / @inclestellar (off topic but your url A+) / @infinitblaq 

@itsjaebeom / @im-jae-bum / @jaebaebum / @jaebum-bae / @jaebumiie 

@jaebum-jackson / @jaedaddybum / @jaqseun / @jbgot7 / @jbtrinity 

@jeonhoseok / @jeonicons / @jinwoolicious [*]  / @jisood / @jisoosi 

@jiyongpng/ @jonginy / @joonmyunsnoodle / @joshu-mwah 

@joshuadatas / @joshuashong / @junhoenuna / @junhuiw / @junhwe-koo

@junmyeonkim / @kagunaes / @kai-tholic / @kairora / @kang-brian 

@kim-junmyeoney / @kim1pil / @kingjunmyeonn / @kittenyeong 

@kkaepop / @kmexoplanet / @krisinsanity  

L - O 

@leader-jb / @leed0ngmin [*] / @leehyunroro / @leehyunwooday

@lim-changkyun / @lovelycons / @lowqualitybangtan / @lusass

@luthun / @m-nhyuks [*] / @mageofexoplanet / @markjestic / @markticseas

@marktuan / @marktuanz / @marktuat / @memeteos / @merrysanas 

@milkeuhun / @minhyuknotrocky [*] / @minhyusk / @minyoongisbitch 

@mminseok / @mngyusgf / @moonbinch [*]@moonbinny  [*] / @myungjn [*]

@myungju-n [*] / @nutellk / @ohbaekhyuns / @okmoonbin [*] / @omfgjimin 

@omgfishy / @ourmorningboy [*] / @oursanha [*] / @nvm-astro [*]

P - T 

@parkchanyeols / @parkminhyuksdf  [*] / @peachtuan / @peachysuho 

@pingkeujin / @pledisseventeen / @pocketjimin / @polarbeom 

@prettyboysanha  [*] / @princejisoos / @prkbgm/ @protectparkjimin 

@queenyoongi / @royaldae / @s-anhas  [*]  / @sanhah [*] / @sanhashair [*]

@seokm-n / @seujoy / @seungheol / @seungkwans-gf / @seungris 

@seungrisvip / @seventeenaf / @sexologywithbaekhyun 

@seventns / @sir-wonwoo / @sixpenceee / @sleepytaebear

@smolkawaiipterodactyl / @snapbaeks / @softaehyng / @spicyjunhui  [*]

@stn-seventeen / @suavejongin / @suga-desu / @sugagi / @sugatv 

@suho-net / @suhocean / @swoonfinite / @svtense / @taekhyuks 

@tami-dada / @the1the8 / @the8ght / @the8soo / @the8woozitrash

@thirsty4thatkook / @tiddybres / @tuanbutt / @tweyoungjae 


U - Y 

@ulzicons / @umma-jr / @umseokmin / @uoongi / @vernonpains

@up10tion-wei / @vernonpains / @vixx-syndrome / @vnons 

@welovechoiyoungjae / @wenjunhui / @winniethesoo / @with-astro [*]  

@with-iteen [*] / @with-youngjae / @wonkyuns / @wonyeols / @woojei [*]  

@woohyuntrash / @woonyhn / @wooyoung / @wooyoungies / @yamajpg 

@wooziwaves / @wuyifanxing / @yaboysanha [*] / @yeolinie / @yifantasia 

@yonsanha [*] / @yoonmin / @yugyem / @yugyeomism / @yugyeom  


r u kidding me i feel ike I’ve been following ure blog forever i love it, ure content is so quality also ure blog aesthetic is just gorgeous, I love seeing you on my dash thanks for being wonderful💕 (also A++ URL)

if we’re mutuals, send me a number and I’ll tell u why ily

The MBTI Types according to a not charming ENTJ

Because, you know… my opinion is law. I’m half-kidding about these, btw.

ISTJ: Why does everyone dislike you?! I mean, really. I often envy Si/Te pattern, and I’m looking forward to having an ISTJ as… anything, really, except nemesis. Although that would be fun too. Anyway, keep being awesome and dashing, you good person you. (also, I know you are secret cinnamon rolls)

ESTJ: Ergh. I personally tend to disagree a lot with ESTJs, I think it’s because I see some of my defects/qualities, and other defects that I don’t feel I have, but that I loathe. We’re too similar and too different at the same time, you know?

ISFJ: I don’t care if you hate the cinnamon roll stereotype, I’ll still consider you one 9 out of 10 times. I lowkey want to hug you guys.

ESFJ: Can be annoying sometimes, and too clingy. But I can’t hate Fe doms, to be honest. I personally tend to be in neutral/no-thanks relationships with ESFJs, but still better than what I have with ESTJs.

ISFP: Screw the emo stereotype, I know you are chirpy. I can see it in your face. Be my friend now, so we can be the Duality Power Bromance™ and rule the world.

ESFP: I need more Se in my life. How do you manage to be blunt and caring at the same time? What’s your superpower? Anyway, you’re another candidate to be my co-worker in the Operation Rule The World.

ISTP: You’re probably a nerd, but you hide it well, even without trying. ISTPs are hella cool, I need more! Seriously, where you at.

ESTP: Unfortunately I met, like, two nice ESTPs out of 5 or something. Still, I like you lots. Again, I need more Se in my life. And I love the ESTP/ENTJ dynamic, so that’s a plus.

INTP: The Bae™. Nuff said.

ENTP: The Crazy Scientist trope personified. Bro material. Le Sinnamon Roll. There are two types of ENTPs, though, at least on Tumblr: the obnoxious cock slap and the ENTP who actually uses Fe. The second type can join my squad at any time.

INFP: I never met a completely healthy INFP. You guys must be great when you actually stop daydreaming and come back to the real world! You guys are too good for this world, too pure. Unless someone pisses you off. Then run. Run for your life, children.

ENFP: Somehow I’m a magnet for these unicorn-looking creatures that run around things. Every person I typed as ENFP has somehow established a relationship of some kind with me (50 shades of bromance). Loyal member of my squad, I’ll yell at you until you stop staring at that unknown colored dot you saw on the wall and listen to me.

INFJ: How come you all have ☆ミ that vibe 彡☆? I’m not kidding, fictional character or real person that is, you all have something that makes me think “INFJ.” immediately. Anyway, you’re cool. Join my squad.

ENFJ: Like I said, I can’t hate Fe doms. Can be too nosy and controlling in a way, though. I ship ENFJ x ENTJ(who isn’t me) pretty hard though, because it has potential to be the ultimate power couple, rulers of the world. But yes, you’re lowkey rad, but please don’t go all overprotective on me, you’re embarassing me in front of my friends!

INTJ: I tend to like very few INTJs, I don’t know why, though. Some of them can be even more pretentious than ENTJs. But all in all, you guys are ok. If you don’t act cocky, you can join my squad.

ENTJ: I met another ENTJ (most likely), and he was cool, probably because he had more developed Se than I do, so we were different even while sharing the same type. Generally though, eh, I can give talking to you a try, but I tend to dislike people too similar to me, so I don’t know.

There were quite a few posts about Beauty and the Beast on my dash today. I felt like watching it again, so I did. 

It’s curious because this is one of the only Disney movies which I watch gladly from time to time and still give me a strong emotion – the others being no more than two or three. I am not really sure why, either, though I am certain of the several reasons why I prefer it to your average Disney movie:

  • Belle is far from a passive & empty protagonist with beauty as her only quality. She is strong-minded, can fend for herself quite well, and doesn’t take shit from anybody if they don’t treat her respectfully. 

  • Unlike several other examples, she and the Beast fall in love in reasonable times and in a believable way. They find a balance in each other’s company, have common ground to share and eventually feel good together, so why not.

  • They create a bond by learning respect towards each other and honestly questioning what they did before, especially the Beast. They meet halfway through, like the scene with the plate and the spoons symbolizes. And it only happens once they manage to see past appearances and roles – which differentiates them and Maurice from the other characters, who steamroll over Belle’s and Maurice’s freedom for their own motives. If you consider what it means in terms of “being what you are is valid as long as you respect other people’s spaces and inclinations”, this film sends a pretty straightforward message.

  • Gaston, disrespectful and sexist as heck, is rightfully punished, alongside the ones who share his wrong mentality. Which means respect pays off in the end. Beast was, too, punished for judging the true nature of things by their appearance, but grew past it in the end.

All that, alongside the fact I love the animation and the choices behind the characters – those designs rock. But it is, to me, a story told in a way more sensible and realistic way than most Disney movies; and yes, I am talking about it being fully aware it is a fairy tale. Fairy tales are, in fact, one of the most brutal and real aspects of human culture. That’s probably why I still appreciate it, several years after first watching it (I was around sixteen, I think).

//I swear I’m not neglecting my rp blogs! Let’s just say I haven’t been in the best place to do much around in either for different reasons that kind of blew off on my face right after I made an “official” comeback post in my SH blog a couple weeks ago, which is why I’ve been most of time in my personal and lurking some in the shadows whenever I logged in here cause yeeeah you guessed right, I follow a lot of quality blogs and I truly love seeing them and their interactions in my dash I’m too shy and not quality enough to even try to approach some of you so I just watch from the distance but one day I’ll muster up the courage to talk to those I haven’t yet.

Okay so, I’m going to try to do something in my rp blogs these upcoming days now that things seem to be getting a little better for me. Don’t keep any hopes too high though. If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you probably know already that whenever I dare to make an announcement like that something happens irl that keeps me away or something so……

In other news, these past couple days I learned that tumblr made me unfollow a bunch of blogs I used to be following, which of course pisses me off cause I didn’t even know until now. Wtf tumblr?? If you notice I stopped following you, please let me know so I can follow you again! Otherwise, I have no means to know who I might be missing. Sorry for any and all inconveniences caused!!

look how fucking straight taylor swift is!111!!!!!1!11


sorry for the a+ quality banner

but um

i wanna say happy new year!!!! i am super determined to make this a great year because 2015 was literal hell for me and i don’t want a repeat hell year. this year is gonna be my bitch.

so i wanna thank all these wonderful people who have made my dash beautiful and i wouldn’t even think to unfollow them unless they post some problematic shit but i trust that you won’t and that’s why you’re on this list

santa squad; ( @thesantasquad )

@fragilelittleflamee - @thatpolaroidofus - @wefoundwondreland - @shedreamsimpossibledreams - @thisisgonnabealifetime@blankspacebabys - @wasridingshotgun@soocasuallycruel@moveoutsomeday@inscrreamingcolor

my other blogs;

@noahsczherny (main blog) - @karlieklosses (admin)

my favs;

abcd; @alltaywell@andialmostdo@andyoucallmeupagain@callingmeup@callsmeupagains@cedricdigory@cockholmsyndrome@colorsinautumn@comebacksbehere@dailyswiftgifs@dancinroundthekitchen@demonsandarling@dirtycheatsoftheworld - - @drunkonjealousy

efghi; @fade-into-views - @fetusswift - @forcenturies - @fitinmypoems - @girlsnevergooutofstyle - @halseyr - @howyougethegirl - @ialmostdonotcare - @icouldbuildcastles - @introducing-thedreamer - @iwishyouwoulds 

jklmn; @jtmaster13 - @kaeliekloss - @kaylorasfvck - @kaylornation - @kaylorkloft - @kingdomlightsshine - @knowsplaces - @lexiesqrey - @lovetheplayers - @michellefearless - @mosaicbr0ken-hearts - @neverblindme - @newromantis - @ninteen89 - @nobody-is-fearless 

opqrst; @oohiremember - @outsofthewoods - @reflectsthechain - @sckbeat - @skinnycarameltay -  @statefgrace - @straightlinedwn - @supernvoa - @sweerantrash - @taketheheats - @taulorswifts - @tayleyswift - @taylocked - @tayloralisonswit - @taylorsmainbitch - @taylorsvivt - @taylorswifti - @tayromantics - @tayswitf - @thegirlwhocriedswolf - @thisloveisglowing - @tryandcatchmenow - @twentytaystitches 

uvwxyz; @unresolveds - @youbelievedineverything - @youbelongwithme

Me: *sees jeankasa on my dash*

Me: Now this is quality content. In something so pure I can find true happiness and experience such joy. This is why I’m here. This is what come to the internet looking for.