why is my bed so nice


I decided to become an artist when I was about your age. I liked to draw so much, I almost hated to go to bed. And then one day, all of a sudden, I couldn’t draw anything. Everything I drew, I didn’t like. I realized that my art up to then was a copy of someone else, things I had seen somewhere. I decided I had to discover my own style. It’s still difficult. But then, the results… They seem to be a little better than before. It’s nice to be a witch, isn’t it? I like the idea - to be a witch, to be an artist, to be a baker… It’s an energy bestowed by the gods or someone, right? Though thanks to it, we do have to suffer at times.

People don’t take black women with depression or a mental illness seriously. We’re just written off as another angry black woman. Which is why I’m hardly ever honest about my struggle with my own depression. No one believes me. Or even if they believe me, the assumption is that as a black girl, I’m used to living a hard life. So I should be able to handle anything after a couple of nice words & a pat on the back. The truth is though I hurt too much, too fast, too easily. I’ve attempted to take my life twice and I struggle with getting out of bed every morning. I smile and sometimes I’m really really happy. But sometimes I break and everything feels like disaster.

“Why are you so nice to me?”

“You being serious now? Well, it’s easy. It’s because you are the weirdest, most beautiful person that I’ve ever met in my whole entire life.”

Short Term 12 (2013)

  • me: man i really need to start getting to bed earlier
  • my brain at 1 a.m.: are we gonna have a problem? you got a bone to pick? we've come so far why now are you pulling on my dick? i'd normally slap ur face off and everyone here could watch but im feeling nice so here's some advice- listen up biotch

One of my favorite things to do is headcanon why Shitty has an aversion to being clothed.

Like does he have sensory processing issues like me? Did he spend two days shopping for sheets that would always feel nice so that some days if all clothes were driving him crazy he could just stay in bed? Does he buy the fancy toilet paper and everyone chirps him about it until he rolls his eyes and picks up a roll of charmin and everyone watches in amazement as he gets goosebumps all over, shivers, and involuntarily flings it across the room? Does he cut tags off of his shirts and sometimes just snap and cut off the collars of the shirts and the bottoms of the shirts? Is this why crop tops? And pants sometimes just always suck so screw pants honestly?

alec hirch: its so weird that people like ford!!! after all hes so unlikable and unemotional and disgusting and yet people relate to him??? i cant see why!!!

survivors of abuse and trauma who see themselves in ford:

modern! alarkling headanons:

- there are two windows on each side of the bed and his blinds are always down
- alina: ‘um why don’t you let some light in it’s a nice sunny day ou-’
aleksander: [laughs in that pretentious way of his like he’s been carrying the weight of the world for centuries] oh, alina, my dear alina, alina, alina… i’m ancient, alina……….. also, (alina,) it’s very aesthetically pleasing
- Old Married CoupleTM
- speaking of, they never actually marry but he tells her she has his heart and alina rolls her eyes in quiet acceptance and that’s kind of the same thing
- black sheets, dark gray curtains, glow in the dark stars on the ceiling
- he makes alina roll her eyes so much she actually develops a rare muscle tick no doctor can explain
- alina: i have this headache-
aleksander: *walks in*
alina: there it is
- they really want a pet but ofc they have to fight on this too so they end up with two: a white cat that’s the same colour as alina’s hair and a black pomeranian that literally looks like a ball of fluffy shadows
- nutella pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
- alina has a perpetual frown and aleksander has a resting bitch face so you can bet there’s always a free seat for them on the train/subway
- he has nightmares too and they’re actually very violent and draining so alina just wraps her arms around him and presses her nose against his shoulder until he stops shaking and then she starts drawing lazy circles of light (warm and soothing by definition) over his naked skin to calm him down
- he’s the tall and brooding one but she’s the one people should look out for
- valentino dresses and armani suits
- aleksander praises himself on his newfound self-control and composure
- that is, until he sees alina with nothing but his shirt on and deadass forgets how to function
- sometimes he literally has to hook a finger into alina’s collar to hold her back bc yes she’s usually very quiet and patient and kind but the moment someone drives her over the edge she’s throwing hands and flip-flops (if necessary)
- everyone treats them like a married couple too?? even tho they’re not??
- shadow play!!!!!!
- snow angels
- he freckles in the sun and alina always makes fun of him
- + moles!! he’ll get like five new moles everytime he goes out so he has to walk with those giant ass rich widow hats (not all year round tho, july-august are probably the worst bc it’s just unbearably hot and sunny)
- he’s still very closed off and distant (especially in public) in front of other people but the minute he’s alone with his sunshine? he melts like an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day
- they never really say “i love you” but they just. know.
- she knows in the way he brushes her messy pixie haircut behind her ear and his hand lingers a moment too long, almost like he’s awestruck and he knows in the way she smiles at the shadows sometimes, like they remind her of him /they do/ and the extra spoon of sugar she puts in his coffee bc she knows him so well
- sometimes if alina is too tired from work she’ll make him read her fairytales bc he has a very soothing voice, simultaneously lulling her to sleep and making her acutely aware of his presence
- lush who?? they can make their own bathbombs using their grisha powers - he can make cool swirling shadows and alina can make the water look like liquid starlight
- and then they take a nice relaxing bath. together.
- he makes her shadow puppets when she’s sick (or upset/grumpy) and tells her stories his mom used to tell him when he was a kid
- alina: “*yanks curtains open* rise and shine you lazy ass it’s a beautiful day!!
aleksander: it’s literally -15 degrees and the sun’s nowhere to be seen
alina: ?? i’m here??
- (both) probably very into lana del rey


A girlfriend of mine wanted to go to see a performance of a broadway show with her husband and asked
If my hubby and I would like to go as well. We bought tickets and booked a hotel room but a few days before the show my husbands work had something come up that made it so he had to cancel. I told him we could cancel but he insisted I still go. My friend suggested I cancel our hotel room and just share a room with her and her husband. She said I could share the bed with her and her husband could sleep on the couch so I said why not. I was sad my hubby wasn’t going to be joining us but looked forward to seeing the show. The night came and we headed to the city checked into our hotel where we dressed up nice for the show then we went to dinner and had some great food and a few glasses of wine before we made our way to the theatre. The show was fantastic. After we hit a small martini bar for some cocktails. My friend was getting pretty touchy feely with me and kept saying it was too bad my hubby didn’t come but she was glad I was there. She kept commenting on how hot she thought I looked and even said her hubby thought so too. He agreed and it made me feel pretty good. Well she kept flirting with me and kept saying things like “ I bet if I wasn’t here my hubby would so totally try to fuck you you’re so hot.” Her husband said “ I’d rather fuck her with you it would be more fun.” Again they both then said too bad your husband didn’t come. At one point I said I had to go pee so my friend and I went to the restroom I grabbed her and started to make out with her once inside. She responded by pressing her body against mine and shoving her tongue in my mouth. We made out for a few minutes before she said “I’ve been wanting to do that for so long. I bet my husband would have loved to see us do that.” I told her maybe we could let him watch next time. She smiled and agreed. We went back out to the table to join him and she teased him by telling him he missed out on our little make out session. He looked both excited and sad. We had a few more drinks flirted some more then decided to head back to the hotel. Once back at the room my gf came over to me pressed her body against mine and started to make out with me. Her husband was more than happy at what he was seeing. It wasn’t long before she went back over to him and started to kiss him. When they stopped making out there was an awkward silence and feel to the room. I walked over to her husband put my hand on his cock and started to kiss him. I could feel his cock getting bigger and bigger in his pants as I continued to jerk him off and suck on his face. My gf came over to us and started to play with my tits. Then she said how much she wanted to taste me and watch her husband fuck me. I told them if they never told my husband then that was exactly what was going to happen that night. I suggested they get started as I wanted to go talk to my husband real quick and say good night. I went to the bathroom and called him to tell him how the show was and that we were about to head to bed. When I came out of the bathroom my gf was getting fucked good by her husband so I quickly snapped of a fun little selfie of me with them fucking in the background before I made my way over to the bed. I started to make out with my gf while her husband fucked her nice shaved pussy. It was so hot. My gf told me to take off my dress so I did then she told me to lay down so she could eat my pussy while her husband fucked her. Her tongue felt so good as she licked and sucked my aching clit and pussy. Every time her husband pounded into her I felt her face push into me deeper. Soon I felt her husband crawl up on the bed and he took over licking my soaking snatch. She took that as an opportunity to sit on my face and I put my pussy eating skills to work. Her married bald pussy tasted great and her husband was doing a fantastic job of eating my married cheating cunt. I was in heaven. I had my first of many orgasms of the night like that. After my orgasm subsided I told my gf’s hubby to fuck the hell out of me like a cheap slut while I eat his wife’s pussy. I got on all fours and he got behind me. My gf laid down on the bed and spread her legs, as I buried my face in her beautiful snatch her husband mounted me. I heard my friend tell her hubby to fuck me hard and make me cum on his big cock. That’s just what he did. His cock was pounding me hard and deep and he was spanking my ass and telling me how tight my pussy was and how he felt bad fucking fucking his friends wife but also felt really fucking good. I told him I loved his hard cock in my married cunt and he was going to make me cum again.
I came hard and loud. After taking a good pounding for 20 more minutes I came again. The man was a beast. My gf had also came a few times from the combination of my tongue, fingers and from the thrill she got watching her husband fuck the hell out of my married cheating cunt. Around that time her husband told us he wanted to cover us both in cum so we both dropped to our knees beside the bed and he stood over us but before he could stroke his impressive cock to a very hot sticky finish my gf said she wanted to taste my pussy juice on his cock so she took him in her mouth. After she had cleaned most of my juices off him she held his shaft and looked at me as if to say your turn. I took him in my mouth and sucked his throbbing tool while looking my gf in the eyes it was one of the hottest things I have ever experienced. It didn’t take long for him to let out a massive moan as he grabbed his cock and started to shoot his hot load all over my face then aiming it at his wife he continued to cover her pretty little face in his baby batter. After he was done we again took turns cleaning his cock with our mouths before we turned to each other for a sloppy cum covered kiss. We all ended up sleeping naked in the same bed and in the morning we all fucked one more time. Just missionary position him and her first while I held her hand then him and I while she held mine and told me how she loved watching her husband fuck me. I told them if my hubby doesn’t ever find out I would be more than happy to join them for some fun again. After that we all took turns showering then got dressed and headed home.

Ideas of cute texts the Skam writer could give us (but probably won’t)

Jonas: So are you coming to the party tomorrow?
Isak: I’ll come
Isak: With Even :)

Magnus: So did you finally talk to Even or what?
Isak: *sends a (sfw) picture of them in bed*
Magnus: *heart eyes emojis x 5*

Dad: Are you ok? Why did you leave?
Isak: I’m sorry, Even needed me. All is well now.

Isak: Mum, I’m sorry I left, I had to go see my boyfriend. It was nice seeing you. I hope we can do this again soon. Hugs

Eskild: I recognize Even’s shoes in the hallway!!!!!
Eskild: Is he here?
Eskild: Are you guys back together???
Eskild: Answer, godson!!
Eskild: Do you want me to just barge in your room to check on you?
Eskild: Ok ok I get it, I’ll leave you to it
Eskild: I’ll forgive you if Even bakes some of his scrambled eggs for me, they smelled delicious last week
Eskild: Good night, if you know what I mean ;) ;) ;)

Today is my 32nd birthday.

Or, more precisely, a few hours ago marked the end of my 32nd birthday.  

Huh.  I haven’t been dreading this day, per se, but I haven’t been looking forward to it either.  And I’m not sure the reason why I’m happy or sad or neutral about it.  Part of it stems from simply disliking my own birthday in general; the whole celebrating me thing is just really awkward and not my thing.  And then, because lol honesty is the best policy, I think I dislike this day so much because I’m single. How easy is it to just go for a nice dinner with your person and then home to bed? Bada bing bada boom, what a wonderful evening. 

And nope, I haven’t been dating or looking or caring about men that much either. I am putting zero effort into the whole thing, and yet here I am, typing all this out, so obviously I do care about it. 

And I know I need to feel ok with turning 31 32 and being single.  And I am ok, I swear. I embrace (actually most times even love) being single. I appreciate being on my own and deciding my every move.  When the Detroit opportunity came up I consulted nobody but myself.  I love my career and work place. I’ve lived in five (soon to be six!) countries around the world. I’ve run away from police in Bangkok, sat in a guy’s arms in Nepal as the clouds parted to reveal Mt. Everest, run four full marathons (howww?!), I’ve gone skinny dipping in Malaysia, seen (in my personal opinion) the most beautiful spot in the world in New Zealand, laughed and cried a million times with friends and family, and pursued things that are interesting and wonderful and meaningful in this world. I love my life and who I am, and yet here I write, at 2:22am on my 32nd birthday. 

I don’t even know where I’m going with this, or why I’m typing this all out. Perhaps I’m just feeling lonely and nervous and keep having flash forwards to being 43 and in this exact, same, spot. Because that’s my fear, I suppose. That I’m the girl who slips through the cracks. The girl that just never meets someone on an app or through work or through friends or that-evening-I-wasn’t-thinking-of-going-out-but-did! night.  

Time will tell, I guess. 

In other news, way more exciting news than birthdays and singleness… my visa was approved!!  And this Tuesday I am heading to Detroit for the first time ever. Ohmygosh. Crazy, eh? I’ll work there for two weeks before heading home for Christmas, and then return the first week In January for good(ish). It’s exciting and scary and I am looking forward to something new.  I will know approximately nobody, and am sort of nervous of the whole isn’t-Detroit-dangerous thing, but I’m also ready to live a quiet life and work hard and do crossfit and read and eat healthy and sleep eight hours (hallelujah) a night. I’m actually going to try to blog a lot more when I move. Use you, dear blog, as my friend. Lord knows I’ll need it. So yup, that’s my news. It’s my bday and hi-I’m-still-single and heading to Detroit! Woot! 

Hello 32nd year, let’s see what you have in store for me. 

Yall wanna know something Funny?

So I was lying in bed with my nigga right? I’m sitting there rubbing on his dick, and I’m thinkin, “Why is this nigga’s dick so soft?” Like it was baby smooth. Like, the softest skin you’ve ever felt. You wanna know what his secret is???

Apparently this Nigga uses my Coconut Oil to masturbate while I’m at class…

My Coconut Oil..

That I use for my hair..

This is why niggas cant have nice things

Street Racer!Hoseok

So it is finally time to resume the street racer series (I had to pause it for the Christmas series) I’m so excited for it to be coming back, next up is our amazing angel, our hope himself, the cutie with the kissable cheeks like seriously how are someone’s cheeks so damn kissable idek, Jung Hoseok aka J Hope

  • Visuals are up first bc I need this so much I’m so ready for this post
  • Okay so hobi has the Run hair bc oh my god that was such a good look like it was so chill it wasn’t a neon color but it was actually really nice and fit his face so well
  • I also love love love messy haired hobi so much like I love messy hair in general but for some reason the BTS boys make it look 100% better sign me the fuck uP I want all of the bed head
  • Also idk why this sounds so amazing to me but hobi with the tips of his hair dyed a different color sounds so nice to me?? like he can have the brown color and then blue tips or green or something like that bc he can pull it off
  • He’s got an eyebrow piercing bc I saw an edit of it and it looks so good and I just need it in my life
  • All of the boys have tattoos dedicated to Bangtan right, Yoongi and Jin both have a lil “B” tattoo, Jin’s is on his pinky, Yoongi’s is on his elbow
  • Hobi has the same lil “B” on his collarbone and it’s actually a pretty ideal spot
  • Like he can cover it up v v easily if he’s in the professional racing world but he can easily show it off when he’s in the street racing world it’s the perfect spot
  • Plus have you ever seen hobi’s collarbones, show that shit ofF HOBI
  • Okay but I love this AU bc we’ve lowkey already got our street racer!hobi as like a canon thing, in Dope, he’s literally a racer even bighit thinks he’d look good as a racer (which he does)
  • I just had to point that out, of course street racer!hobi is a lil bit different from racer!hobi but they’re pretty similar if you ask me
  • So I have this midkey head canon that during some days, hobi does actual racing and is actually a professional racer and then at night, he does the street racing
  • Another head canon that Yoongi sees the talent hobi has with actual racing and recruits him for his team of street racers bc yoonseok is so pure it’s too pure for this world we have to protect them
  • So Yoongi shows him the ropes but he doesn’t really have to teach hobi much bc hobi already knows how to race, he just has to learn how to race with a car designed for street racing which takes two seconds
  • Then Yoongi gets the other boys to race against him to make sure he can handle it and everyone’s impressed so they welcome him onto the team with open arms
  • Hobi’s really good at racing in tight spaces
  • He does some drifting here and there (Jungkook taught him how to) but he’s mainly really good at racing in areas that aren’t exactly huge
  • Like some place with sharp turns or a single lane or even sometimes an alley
  • Another one of his fortes is stopping a few inches away from a wall like with the alleys you have to make an abrupt spot and he’s really really good at that
  • Side note, he’s really great at parking as well so if you ever need someone to parallel park your car, just call hobi
  • He’s good at getting the car to speed up super quick and knowing the exact moments to accelerate and he’s really smart about it like he’s got some strategies that the boys taught him but he also has his own twists to them
  • He’s better at short distance races, he can do long distance races but he prefers to keep that for the actual track
  • Literally everyone loves him though bc it’s hobi how does someone not love hobi he’s literally just a puppy in human form he’s sunshine
  • He makes new friends every time he goes and he even gets some people that look up to him and tell him the whole reason they got into street racing is bc they saw him race on TV or online and they fell in love and it just really warms his heart bc he gets to do what he loves AND inspire other people to do what they love too it’s a win win
  • You and hobi have been dating for four years and you already knew about the professional racing bit bc that’s his entire career and he love love loves having you there to support him
  • He has this tradition of every time he’s about to race, he blows a kiss to you in the crowd and it makes everyone’s heart melt every single time bc
  • But then one night, he tells you about street races and he introduces you to all of the boys and answers all of your questions
  • He takes you to one of his races and your heart’s racing the entire time bc that’s such a lil alley what are they even gonna do
  • Yoongi’s kinda just laughing at your expressions the entire time bc he’s so used to this shit it doesn’t even get his heart racing (hA) anymore he forgot what it’s like to be a newbie but it’s amusing as fuck
  • Hobi wins that race and he gets his normal victory kiss from you and he’s just so happy bc now he gets your support on both versions of his racing
  • “Maybe next time, I’ll let you drive my car” 
Big Bang reactions when you’re his gf, but he's in love with other member's gf

[GIFs not mine]



I’m sorry I couldn’t update so much as I used to… I have a lot to study rn and I managed to write this yesterday before I went to bed. If you read my previous post you know I had Biology test today and I think I did pretty well [I really hope I am right]. 

Hope you like it ^.^


You noticed he is always looking at Jiyong’s girlfriend and he was very nice to her, he was spending way more time with her/ them than you. Like, wtf? Why would he just go and leave you without even expressing his feelings towards you. You were feeling left aside and you just knew it was time to end things like this. This isn’t relationship you want to be in.

When you texted him he didn’t reply for a couple days. When he saw the text he didn’t even care about you because Jiyong’s girlfriend was his main focus. It wasn’t a big deal for him until later, when he realized what he had done. He knew he fucked up and just send you apology through text and called you, but you didn’t answer.

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You were together for a couple months now and you thought he would finally ask you to move in with him, but he didn’t. He just kept posting instagram photos with Seungri’s girlfriend. It wasn’t only you that noticed he liked his girlfriend a lot, but Seungri noticed too and called you to talk about it with you.

The next day when he finally showed up at your apartment you asked him if he still cares about you, but he just ignored that question and kept talking about other things. You argued with him and told him to go, because it’s over and at the moment he was relieved that you finally broke up with him.

But the next day he got in to a fight with Seungri too. And from there on everything went down for him. He realized he should’ve never walked out. He called you until you answered and apologized. The next thing you knew was that he is standing in front of the door.

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He was really close with Daesung’s girlfriend, because they are childhood friends and ever since Daesung got together with her you saw the way Taeyang treats her. He was going out with her more than with you and you were always alone on Friday and Saturday nights, on Sunday he would finally come home and talk to you about the parties he was at with her.

That was repeating for a month now and you had enough. You told him it was over and took your things. He thought you only needed time for yourself, but later on he realized he was lonely without you and he missed you. He knew how to cook but it felt just like something boring to eat… Nothing special you would make him. He came to your parents house looking for you and apologized to them first for hurting you like that and then he found you in your old apartment. He couldn’t wait to say how he missed you and how much he regretted everything he had done.

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Lately he’s been hanging out with T.O.P way more than he usually did. You had no idea where they went or what they were doing,but you were always alone and he was never there for you when you needed him. You got a phone call from Seungri telling you everything. He was flirting with T.O.P’s girlfriend and he thought you wouldn’t find out… You were shocked. You thought about what to do. Actually, you realized there was nothing else to do. You broke up with him. You left a note saying you fond about everything and left apartment you shared with him.

He didn’t even notice the note at first and when he did he felt the guilty coming to get him. He thought it wasn’t his fault for liking another girl… But he realized it was his fault you felt lonely and left behind. It was only a day and he already messaged you how sorry he was.

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You always knew he liked to be nice with all girls. He was very good to you and treated you special, until Taeyang got a girlfriend. She was an actress that he knew from a drama he was starring with her. They had a kissing scene, but you thought it was only acting. It wasn’t acting when he was flirting with her tho. In front of you. You couldn’t even look at him at that point. You just left without any explainations and ignored his texts for a whole week.

He noticed you were mad at him because he was a little too friendly with Taeyang’s girlfriend. After a day being ignored he suffered a lot. You always did everything together and he always drove you to work in the morning, but now he felt like everything he did was wrong. He told you that, he couldn’t stop apologizing. He did everything to get you back.

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What the fuck im sobbing thats,, ,so sad my poor baby I just want him to be safe and happy and I want his dad to treat him right and why didn’t he take the movie stuff with him? He didn’t take any part of his bed either what’s he going to do?? I hope he ends up staying with archie or veronica, bettys place would be bad for him, archies place would be ideal, but ronnie is rich and has a nice house and I want my bby juggie to live in luxury I never want him to have to work a day in his life I want to provide the best possible life for him

#18 Why are you so jealous

“Happy Birthday babe.” Juice walking into your bedroom with a tray of food.

You smiled as he put the tray down on your lap. He had made you pancakes with Strawberries on top. It was your favorite.

“This smells great and thank you.” You said giving him a kiss before you started eating.

Juice only had on a pair of cloth shorts and nothing else. It was a nice start to your birthday.

“What are you smiling at?” Juice asked climbing into bed with you.

“How wonderful my birthday is starting out. Pancakes and an almost naked man in my bed. Who could ask for more.”

“How about a fully naked man.” Juice said smiling at you as he took his shorts off and moved your breakfast tray out of the way

“Well, I was wrong it can get a whole lot better.” You said as he pulled you down onto the bed and got on top of you.

“You haven’t seen anything yet Y/N.” He said kissing you

While you and Juice were having your birthday fun. Gemma was barking orders at her house trying to get your surprise party underway.

“Move that banner more to the left?” Gemma said to Jax

“This is the last time I’m moving this.” He said moving it more to the left

“Don’t get sassy with me.”

“When is the cake getting here?

“Chibs went to get it. Stop worrying about so much. It all looks great.” Jax said getting off the ladder.

The house was covered in balloons and streamers. Then the big banner that said Happy Birthday Y/N.

“Do you think she will like it?” Gemma asked messing with the silverware.

You hadn’t know who your father was till about three years ago when your mother died and left his name is her will. Without even thinking it thru you went that night to try and go find your father. Clay wasn’t sure about it at first but you had all the proof. You also let it be known you didn’t want any money from him you just wanted to meet him since you had no other family. Then you just left again when it felt like you didn’t belong. That was how you meet Juice. Clay wanted him to find you and bring you back.(This will have to be a whole different story. Starting to get off track) Once you were back and was trying to make things work. Gemma took a very strong liking to you. It actually was a surprise to everyone.

Juice and you had just finished round two. This time in the shower together. You heard your phone ring as soon as you got out. Wrapping the towel around you ran into the bedroom and grabbed your phone.

“Hello.” You said looking around at the mess that you and Juice made this morning. All the blankets were on the floor. You had strawberry juice on your bed since Juice decided you should be his breakfast.

“Happy birthday love.”

“Thanks, mom. How’s it going?”

“Good. what time are you coming over for lunch today?”

Shit, you had forgotten all about that. You figured you would have a day in with Juice and see how many more birthday surprises he had for you.

“How about one.” You said looking at the clock on your nightstand and seeing it was noon.

“Okay. Is Juice with you?”

Looking over at the bathroom as he walked out with just a towel around his waist.

“Yeah, he is here.”

“Good see you both soon. Love you.”

“Love you too mom.” You said hanging up

“Whats going on?” Juice asked walking up to you

“I forgot we are supposed to be having lunch with mom today at one.”

“So I take there is no time for anything else.” He said pulling the towel apart and letting it fall to the floor

“Not this time.” You said hugging him

“Let’s get dressed.” You said giving him a quick kiss

You didn’t notice the look he had on his face. He really didn’t want to share you today.

“Want to take my bike or your car?” Juice asked as you walked out of the bedroom

“Let’s take the car since I’m wearing a dress.” Wearing a dark gray cotton dress that hung loose and came to your knees. That you wore with a pair of knee high boots.

“You look sexy baby, but it’s just lunch with your mom you could have wore jeans.”

“I like this dress. Don’t you?”

“Of course I do.” Looking at you he saw that you were getting upset because you thought he didn’t like it.

“You look beautiful. Let’s get going. I can drive.” He said grabbing the keys

You grabbed your purse and followed him outside. You didn’t want to get into a fight on your birthday. The car ride was not a fun one. Either one of you said anything to each other. Pulling into the driveway. You never expected anything. Juice got out and walked over and grabbed your hand. Lately, he had been acting more clingy than ever. Okay, that wasn’t a great word to use. But this wasn’t like him. He never questioned what you wore before

“You okay?” You asked walking up to the door

“I’m fine.”

“I love you.”

“I love you to Y/N, but I’m fine.”

Looking at him one more time and deciding after the lunch was over you and him were going to talk.

“Mom, Dad, anyone here?” You said walking in

“Surprise!!!!” You heard everyone yell

You still had ahold of his hand and feel into his chest when they yelled.

“You guys scared the crap out of me.” You said laughing and letting go of his hand

Clay and Gemma walked up to you first.

“Happy Birthday,” Clay said hugging you

“Thanks, dad.”

“Who’s idea was this?” You said as Gemma hugged you

“It was mine.” She said kissing the top of your head.

“It looks so awesome in here.” You said looking around at everything.

“Happy birthday,” Jax said coming over and hugging you

Everyone was wishing you a happy birthday it was all going great till Happy showed up. He was running an errand for Clay and was late. Walking in he smiled when he saw you.

“Where is my birthday girl? He said walking up to you

Happy was always nice to you. At first, you had a small crush on him but it was nothing big and you had totally forgotten about it.

“Hey, Happy.” You said smiling as he walked up and hugged you.

It may have been a little too long but you didn’t think anything of it. That was till you heard the front door slam. Looking up you saw Juice walking toward the car.

“I’ll be right back.” You said removing yourself from his arms

Happy watched you leave. He was taking with you but knew you were with Juice even if he didn’t think Juice deserved a girl like you.

“Juice Stop!” You yelled as he kept walking

“Go back inside.”

“Not without you.” You said catching up to him

He stopped and leaned against the car.

“Go enjoy your birthday with everyone. Happy can bring you home?”

“Why are you acting jealous?”

“I am not.”

“It’s either you’re jealous or just being plain rude,” you said crossing your arms

“You’re mine right?”

“That’s a silly question, but yes I’m with you. Why?”

“Y/N I see the way the guys look at you. Especially Happy.”

Before he could say anything else you were pushing yourself against his chest kissing him. You knew everyone could see you two out there and you usually weren’t like this, but you hated him feeling like he wasn’t enough. So if showing everyone once again you were with Juice. Then so be it.

“Babe I’m with you and I watch every day those little crows at the club try to be all over you but I know you are with me. So let’s not be jealous. Let’s go eat some cake. Open my presents and then you can take me home and show me how much you love me.” This time Juice pulled you in for a kiss

Everyone was watching at the window.

“I’m thinking this little makeout show was to be thrown on you,” Jax said laughing at Happy

Happy just watched you two and didn’t say anything

“Go get your sister. I can’t watch this.” Clay said to Jax walking away

“Hey, sis. You’re grossing out dad. Plus we are going to eat the cake without you.”

“You touch that cake and you’re dead meat, Jackson.” You said laughing as you grabbed Juice’s hand to walk back inside

Heavens If they all turned into cats for a day

- Yamamoto would be soooo upset by it. Like how did his strong self turn into this small, fluffy creature?
- Eiji would be keep on trying to talk to everyone in Heavens but all they would hear was meowing.
- Shion would be one if those antisocial cats that if you touch they hiss and scratch and they hide under the bed all the time.
- Van wouldn’t be all that troubled by it honestly, he’d just get used to being a cat right away.
- Eiichi would be SO prideful of his nicely groomed fur, I mean if he’s gonna be a cat he might as well be a perfect cat.
- Nagi HE WOULD BE THE MOST ANNOYING ASS LITTLE CAT Oh my god he would use the opportunity to give everyone absolute hell.
- Kira wouldn’t really question why he was suddenly at cat, he’d just let himself be smothered all day by everyone in Heavens wanting to pet his soft black fur.

Why is Tom’s beard ginger?

Tiny fluffy (possibly scratchy) one shot.

Have a cup of something nice and a Biscuit/cookie and hopefully enjoy.

“Ok, what’s so funny?” he asked me, as I sat happily giggling on the bed with my laptop in front of me, opened on my Tumblr page.

He just arrived back from the morning run, which were getting earlier and earlier, as he wanted to get the job done without being papped. His words not mine.

“Can’t say my Darling as you will be upset at female kind” I replied

“Female kind never ceases to amaze me, so come on, spill” 

“Well today’s jolly Jap is you getting wonderfully embarrassed at the awards yesterday and my thanks goes to Sandy for that. Oh and a discussion about your beard” I told him

“I’m just glad you went there, or a rousing chorus of OFF, OFF, OFF would have been heard after my its lunchtime comment!”

I smirked and then tried, and failed to look innocent, he knew me too well.

“Anyway what wrong with my beard, don’t they like it?”

“Quite the opposite but they are curious as to why it changes colour as it get longer. Some are saying it fades with age, some it’s all the products you use on it and some are just confounded by its beauty. Personally, I think it’s all the Frosties you get stuck in it, in the morning, the colours rubbed off on you, my messy pup!”

“Well my love, my little winter flower, you are all wrong.” And with that statement  he put his Cambridge face on, the one that says I’m about to tell you all, so listen up.

“The reason my beard goes a lovely shade of ginger, is because of sex!” Now the eyes were sparkling.

And he sat down beside me on the bed and put an arm around me.

“You see my beard and hair responds to the amount of sex I get. The more content I am, in other words the more happily shagged I’ve been, the lighter my beard and hair get. Yes the more Way Hey, I receive the brighter I and my hair become and at this rate with you my love, I shall be able to play the Christmas Star with no lighting required”

The whole of Hiddles was crushed up against me now and he was taking my laptop from my hands and putting on the bedside table.

“So let’s see if you can get me a few shades lighter”

I do hate to disappoint……..

Picture not mine I just played.

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*sees a really cute girl sitting opposite us in mcdonald*

Me (to my dad): her shirt is nice.

Dad (smirking): probably a dodgy person with no care for her hygiene. She looks like she got out of bed and didn’t even make an effort to dress nicely.

*Rest of the family join in*

Me (internally whilst sweating gayly): You fool. Baggy sweaters and messy side swept hair is what i live for. It is my fuel. I want to marry this girl right here and right now… How dare you.

Call the midwife

why wasn’t patsy mentioned I am so angry also Natalie took her bed?? I am b i t t e r
and Christopher can suck my ass Trixie is a gorgeous angel who doesn’t need a man and instead needs Barbara probably
Fred and Violet and Reggie were so so sweet I love them all
that episode made me feel things which was nice and it was just generally so heartwarming and lovely

I really hope Sister Mary Cynthia is okay and gets out of that shithole she’s too precious and angelic for that place

and don’t even get me S T A R T E D on Patrick and Shelagh they were so cute in that episode I’m dying I love them

to conclude Patsy and Delia were missed v much and Trixie should be gay and Christopher can fuck right off and I love the Turners

Father/Daughter relationship with Ivor and Jesse

You guys don’t realize how badly I want this bc I’ve been listening to Love Like You for the last 10 minutes and my heart is BROKEN


•Jesse teaching Ivor how to sing again bc years without practice has left his singing voice highly neglected
•Jesse dragging Ivor to social events, but when he desperately wants to stay home out of fear and anxiety, she stays with him.
•Jesse getting Ivor’s sleep schedule back on track, and falling asleep in his bed a couple of times in the process
•Ivor completely breaking down in front of Jesse because WHY. WHY is she so nice!? What has he ever done for her??? He ends up crying on her shoulder for a good few minutes.
•Jesse helping Ivor move into the temple after his house is under constant attack
•Ivor choking out “I love You, be safe.” before jesse leaves for an adventure. She hugs him for a minute, maybe more.
•Ivor shaking for an hour after saying “I love you” because that’s how much effort it took