why is matt holding a knife

Fic: Act Three, Scene Five - 1/3 (The Vampire Diaries; Stefan/Caroline)

Fandom: The VampireDiaries

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: CarolineForbes/Stefan Salvatore

Summary: “But you? Oh you.” He runs the rest of his fingers through her hair, and reaches up to caress her cheek with the thumb of his other hand, “What you wouldn’t give to be in my shoes.” A post 6x17 fic.

Author’s Note: What’s this? A multi-chapter fic? Really? I don’t even know to be honest. Part one is based off of speculation and clips from the promo for 6x18, but after that it veers off in a different direction. Enjoy?


Part One: Rising Action

His lips are hot and insistent trailing down the side of her neck.

And in that moment the tiny part of her mind that screams to be heard, the artfully buried voice of reason, of right and wrong, is finally silenced completely.

She just doesn’t care.

Because this? This is exactly what she wants.

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  • Me: I trust the cast of Critical Role. I trust Matt with the narrative he's building. I trust Talisen with his character. No matter what decision they make. I trust them to tell the story that we as the audience and Vox Machina deserve.
  • Person: Why are you holding that knife.
  • Me: because i trust them ........... so much.......