why is life so perfect


All the cast got together tonight to live tweet - and then there’s Cole.

And for some odd reason, i’m still more interested in the 10 seconds of him eating an apple with M. Moseby aka Phill Lewis aka Riverdale’s number 1 fangirl 😂


HE’S SO FUCKN!!!!! GOOD!!!!!!!

My stomach turned to mush I love him


my two most favorite people in the world

anonymous asked:

Hey. Why is link so perfect? It's ruining my life I need help

Oh anon. I wish I could help you with this in any way other than the offer of solidarity. Today is a Major Struggle™ for me over this same issue. Visions of him swinging that bat like a wildman and fond memories of last year’s half-naked soakdown. I’m a wreck. If you find the remedy, please pass it along to this poor, pathetic soul.

Stand by me (13 Reasons Why)

request: can u possibly do an imagine where y/n is watching either the 11th or 13th ep of 13 reasons why ( i cried so much in both ) and she starts crying bc it’s really sad and then Shawn walks in and starts comforting her and watches it w her. it’s a little weird but I  feel like it would be cute. thx!!

Thanks for the request!! Also, this scene was so hard to watch :(((

It wasn’t your intention. You knew what was going to happen. But you happened to get so affected by the intensity and the sadness and the truth of the scene that you sat there alone at nearly midnight in your room and cried your eyes out.

Your parents weren’t home this weekend and your siblings were doing their thing with their friends or sleeping, you didn’t really know. What you did know was, that the terrifying scene of Hannah’s rape played in front of you and it just kept going.

Your hands shook and the tears fell one after one landing on your neck and some on your arms making you feel uncomfortable and irritating your wet skin but you didn’t bother to wipe them away. While the scene unfolded and played for several minutes, the pain in your chest increased and your heartbeat accelerated. Out of anger and sadness, it was too much for you and by now small sounds of heartbreak was escaping your lips.

“Hey babe!” Suddenly your bedroom door flung open and Shawn let himself in. He was carrying a bag, you presumed pizza and some other junk food. He had been visiting his family and friends, and you of course, on his tour break but you didn’t want to hog him all day and keep him away from his family. So you told him to come by later and you could catch up in the following days. However, it seemed he couldn’t wait and came by anyway. “I knew you weren’t sleeping, your sister let me i- wait, what the hell.” His smile suddenly dropped when he looked at you.

In a hurry, you closed your laptop screen and wiped away the tears from your cheek. But the damage had been done. His concerned face hurried towards you on the bed, he placed the bag on the floor and sat close to you. “Baby,” he took your hand in his and squeezed them tightly and then pressed a kiss to them, “did someone hurt you? Are you okay?” He tried to scoot closer to you but you just laughed, well you tried to, and attempted to make him believe you were okay.

“Everything is fine Shawn, I was just watching … The Notebook yeah? And you know, that cute scene between them just made me tear up a bit.” He shook his head in confusion but also disbelief. You knew he wasn’t going to buy it, but you didn’t want to tell him that you were watching 13 Reasons Why. It was not because you had been raped before, you could never relate to that feeling. And you felt like a jerk thinking that it was hard for you to watch it. You had a perfect life really, why was this bothering you so much?

“These aren’t just cute love scene tears (Y/N). These are actual… painful ones. I need to know darling, it’s killing me not knowing why you are like this.”

“It’s nothing, Shawn-“

“It is something (Y/N)! I am sorry, I know that I don’t have to know everything you do and see and feel, but when I don’t I - it’s hard. I am all over the globe and I am living the life, but the only thing on my mind is, is (Y/N) okay? Did she have a good day? Is she sad? How can I make sure she won’t feel sadness even when I am on the other side of the planet?” You watched him take in a breath and speak calmly again. “Please babe, your tears are the only thing that can break me. I don’t want there to be a reason for them to be on your face.”

You smiled, and this time a genuine one with tears gathering in your eyes again. You closed the distance between you and hugged him tightly. He held you close and rubbed his hand in circles on your back. You knew he was going to go at your pace now and you were happy, that he cared and he was somewhat patient. “I honestly can’t explain why.” He didn’t pull away from the hug, he let you talk in your pace even if you started with not making any sense.

“I know it seems stupid, but I was watching this show and in this episode she… the girl she gets .. violated and uh… raped and I don’t know Shawn. It just pained me, I don’t know why. Suddenly her pain just transferred to me and I couldn’t stop myself. And I knew what was going to happen, I know it all but the visuality of it, it just broke me. And…” You sobbed and let out tears on his shoulder unable to keep talking.

Shawn shushed you and held you tightly, even more than before. He rocked you back and forth and whispered small encouraging words in your ear. “It’s okay babe, it is not wrong to be affected by it. It means you have compassion and you are a great person that understands other people’s pain.” He pulled you into his lap and started to move you both to the center of the bed. While one arm was still around you, he used the other arm to place the laptop in front of you and unlocked it. He put the show on again and pulled the pizza up to the bed.

“Now, we’re going to watch it together, and I am right here. Comforting you all the way.” His whispers brought comfort to you and you nodded in agreement. “I want you to understand, sometimes being confronted with pain is the most important thing for us to understand and feel. Pain is not bad and don’t ever feel weird that you are feeling it for someone else.”

He placed a kiss on your forehead and pressed play.