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I’m currently watching the 80s Voltron and I physically can’t deal.
Keith: “Vultures may not be very attractive, but they gave us a hand, and we should be grateful.”
Sven: “I’ll always think they’re beautiful.”

My Hero

Summary: You’re on your way to your house when a group of guys start bothering you. Helplessly trying to fight them the handsome Bruce Wayne comes to the rescue.

A/N: Give credits to me because the first gif is mine! So I saw the promo for the spring premiere of Gotham and after seeing it I was inspired therefore I hope you guys like this. 

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Warnings: Sexual harassment and violence 

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It was a chilly day in Gotham, you held onto your coat as you walked through the streets. Your hair flew beautifully in the wind as a gush of air traveled the city. Your walking slowed down as you noticed a group of guys from your school Gotham Academy staring at you. They were the assholes and jerks who had nothing better to do than to pick on and bother whoever they wanted to. 

“It’s okay Y/N just keep walking and don’t look at them, stay calm.” You told yourself. 

You continued walking, you thought you were doing just fine until the boys came out of nowhere and blocked your path. Panic took over your body and you froze not knowing what to do.

“Hey Y/N the hottest chick in the school where are you going baby?” One of the boys asked, Ryan was his name.

“Leave me alone Ryan why do you care.” You retorted.

“Ooooh kitty likes to scratch.” Mark said. The two other boys in the group Ethan and Adam started to laugh. 

“Whatever I’m out.” You said. 

Big mistake. Ryan spun you around, his hand was on your butt and he gave it a squeeze. 

“Don’t touch me, let me go you perv!” You screamed. Tears filled up your eyes as you hit his chest repeatedly. 

“It’s true what they say you do have a big ass.” Ryan sneered. He grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled it.

“Shut up stop it!” You screamed again.

“Let her go! She said stop!” A voice yelled out. 

Ryan let go of your hair and threw you on the cement. Tears were pouring down your face you were scared and in shock. Although a small sense of relief washed over you the voice belonged to your crush the one and only Bruce Wayne who just saved you 

“Oh great it’s Brucey thanks for coming pretty boy it will be so much fun kicking your ass.” Ryan said. 

“Yeah I wouldn’t bet on that.” Bruce said. 

Before Ryan could answer Bruce knocked him down to the ground with two punches to the face. Mark and Ethan instantly charged at Bruce but he quickly overpowered the both of them. Ethan was knocked down with a roundhouse kick and Mark was knocked out due to Bruce flipping him.

You sat there in amazement, Bruce Wayne was now your hero. He noticed you and walked over to you although you backed up a little still in shock and a little bit afraid.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to be scared anymore.” Bruce said as he held out his hand.

You sniffled and wiped away a tear that had ran down your face before grabbing Bruce’s warm hand. He helped you up and now you both were standing face to face. 

“Thank you so much, I honestly don’t know what could’ve happened if you hadn’t saved me.” You said.

“No need to thank me, I saw you a beautiful and kind girl that needed help so it was an instinct.” Bruce smiled you looked down and blushed slightly.

“Is it okay if I give you a hug? I’d just like it thank you in a better way.” You said.

“Of course go ahead.” Bruce said.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face in the crook of his neck. His arms wrapped around your waist and you felt his chin on your shoulder, you smiled.

“Thank you once again.” You said.

“Don’t worry that’s what friends are for.” Bruce smiled