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Night Moves

Written for Baby’s Big 50 Birthday Challenge, hosted by @butiaintgonnaloveem​​. My prompt was “Night Moves” by Bob Seger. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Summary: Dean and Sam go see an old friend while recovering from a rough hunt. She helps them admit what they really want.

Pairings: Sam x Dean, Sam x Dean x OFC (Katherine)

Warnings: Smut, feels, Wincest

Word Count: 4150

A/N: I loved writing this one. Hope y’all love it too! Feedback appreciated. XOXO

Dean slides the cassette into the deck, grinning when the music starts. He’s got the itch under his skin and he needs to drive, needs to breathe fresh air and see some new trees.

“You ready, Baby?” he whispers, and he swears she purrs back a yes.

Sam comes out of the motel room, looking sleepy and relaxed, blinking into the early morning sunlight. “What are we doing up this early?”

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insanescriptist  asked:

Something that annoys me: why doesn't Tsunade have the hirashin? Tobirama had his own version and really, being able to summon a medic of Tsunade's caliber would have prevented things like 'being too late' from occurring because she could just take them back to get treated beyond first-aid. Then she could smash. She's got the chakra control for it so why not? Is good fix-it and Tsunade should logically have access to the technique through scrolls so...

It is annoying, because it would be so logical and yet it just is such a non-factor that kunoichi can have the same powers that it’s never even considered. She would be even more badass. 

I don’t know why people are acting like Alec is suddenly going to be anti-Downworlder after Sebastian helps him with his Institute responsibilities. Like I don’t think number one that Sebastian will be touting lots of anti-Downworlder rhetoric in the first place. Because as Kat said, Clary gets close to Sebastian and with Simon being a vampire and Luke being a werewolf I think she wouldn’t befriend someone who was spouting anti-Downworlder trash. So I doubt he would say anything in front of Alec. For non-book readers who just watch the show many of them will not know who Sebastian is. They will want them to like him, which is why he befriends Clary and Izzy. Kat never said Sebastian befriended Alec, just that he helps him out with his responsibilities.

So I don’t know why everyone is acting like Alec is going to listen to Sebastian (when we sure as hell know Alec never listens to what anyone says including his parents and Aldertree, who was his superior, so why would he listen to some random ass guy first off?) And like I said before Sebastian likely won’t reveal his anti-Downworlder sentiments and his true colors until later on in 2B.

Alright I’m going to rant so hard on Ian, Nikki, and Kat.

First of all, I cannot believe the time Ian takes to respond to hate comments. You are a 36 year old man and you are really going to defend your wife to a bunch of teenage girls posting meaningless comments? Real mature of you. I’m so sick and tired of him trying to shove it down our throats that Nikki is the love of his life and we should accept and love her just as much as he does. Like honey, I do not give a shit about Nikki or how much you love her. I don’t care about your personal relationship like that’s the last thing on my mind. 

Second of all, the excuse that Nikki and Nina only met on few occasions is absolute and utter bullshit. You’re trying to tell me that Nikki and Nina did not have an established friendship and they only saw each other at public events? It’s very clear through many pictures and other sources that they used to be very close friends. It’s so embarrassing that Ian and Kat are going to the ends of the Earth to defend Nikki when Nina has been their friend and costar for 6 years. I have never ever seen them defend Nina when she was receiving hate for being in a relationship with Ian. No matter how different the situation is, they never publicly defended Nina for any of it. 

Third of all, the audacity that Kat Graham has to involve herself in this situation is BEYOND me. She’s following in Ian’s footsteps and taking the time to respond to hate comments about her dear friend Nikki. Again, you are a 25 year old woman and you are really nitpicking hate comments on your Instagram so you can defend your best friends? Why does any of this matter? Not everyone is going to like them and not everyone is going to be nice about it, you can’t stop people from voicing their opinions no matter how hard you try. It’s unprofessional and embarrassing to see grown men and women respond so strongly to a petty situation.

Overall, I just cannot handle how immature this whole entire situation is. The fact that Ian and Nikki are still trying to shove it down everyone’s throats that they are so completely in love is the most annoying thing ever. They would honestly be a great couple if they didn’t do that. The paragraphs they write about each other on Instagram and the constant PDA in front of paparazzi is getting very old. Like who are you trying to convince? Did it ever occur to you that no one cares? And responding to the people who don’t like you is ridiculous for adults like you who preach about kindness, privacy, and respect. Please start practicing what you preach and seeing the big picture: the world does not revolve around you.

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I didn't even know Uchiha Izumi existed before you started talking about her and now I want to see her kick Itachi's, Madara's and Obito's asses (for being idiots, murderous assholes, and leaving her to take care of a little kid and eventually explain puberty to him). Kat, why are you doing this to me? And you know what? I kinda want to see her with Utakata or Yugito now. Because reasons. And rarepairs. And if I'm going down, I'm taking you with me, you magnificent evil mastermind of rarepairs.


I am totally on board with Izumi/Yugito. Like, I haven’t even written them yet but I have ideas and that never ends well. Izumi will totally end up kicking Itachi’s ass and I feel no shame admitting that. 

Confession: I’ve been a Johnny’s fan for a long time now. At first I was in the KAT-TUN fandom until they went inactive around 2012. I knew Arashi when Nakamaru guested in vs Arashi. That’s where I started but then I thought maybe I’d go back to KAT-TUN. Then they made a come back and now on hiatus. I’m stuck in the Arashi fandom for good. For Arashi, I don’t know why but whatever reason I think I’ll stick with them no matter what. It’s very different when it comes to Arashi and I’ve never been so happy. I feel bad for KAT-TUN but I’m also very glad I became an Arashian.

thoughts on Hairspray Live!

1. ummmmm… Maddie is adorable, however, a bit underwhelming for me. every other tracy i’ve seen has had so much more energy than her..

2. I missed Mama I’m a Big Girl Now in the movie. I missed New girl in Town in the musical. 

3. AMERICA HAS BEEN SLEEPING ON DOVE CAMERON. She is the true MVP of this production

4. wow! what an honor to see Harvey Feirstein play Edna once again.

5. why is Ariana playing Penny like Kat??? it’s so annoying… penny is not dumb, she’s sheltered. big difference. also.. she walked on her tip toes the whole time. lol. at least she sounded fantastic.

6. Jennifer, Kristin, and Derek were absolute pros as usual. i never had any doubt in them. 

7. the second half was 5x better than the first act, and y’all know it’s because of Ephraim and Jennifer. 

8. the rest of the cast was wonderful. garrett, ephraim, the little girl who played Inez (i forgot!), and martin short. good job guys!

9. the choreography was a bit underwhelming most of the time. but i like that they stuck with the og choreography for You Can’t Stop the Beat. 

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Don't you think it's crazy how there hasn't been a single character in TVD, that hasn't wanted Katherine at least once? Like that's really sad. Besides Nadia but that's her daughter

yeah idk, i wouldn’t necessarily say that she was never wanted by anyone, i mean she was wanted by both Damon and Stefan in 1864, by Elijah in both 1492 and 2000s, by Mason also in the 2000s, Trevor also wanted her in 1492, but i can see why in the end they turned their backs to her: she left D&S to die in 1864, she also turned them into vampires and thus betraying them (Stefan didn’t want to become one, while Damon wanted to become one only to be with her, so Kat abandoning him wasn’t really what he dreamed of); she literally left Trevor (+Rose) to die after he helped her escape from Klaus/ Elijah; idk what’s the deal with Elijah, maybe there’s something i missed there, i’ll have to check it out again (maybe Klaus convinced him somehow that by saving her life Katherine betrayed him/them or something like that… idk, i really have to check it out again); and poor Mason loved her up until the point where his heart was literally across the room


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Aaaaand I ship it...damn you, Kat! Kisame/Aoba is so ridiculously random and completely ou of nowhere (and I'll never ever find something about them!), why do you have to make them to cute with Aoba feeling bad for semi-lying and Kisame being so flattered. Why, kat.

To be fair, they at least have more canon interaction than a lot of my ships. I mean, they fight and Aoba kind of implies he wants to eat Kisame, SO. xD


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"If you don't love me anymore, then why are you still here..."

Zuko glanced at her as the meeting ended, and the two of them were left in the room together. “I never said I didn’t love you. I said I couldn’t be with you, Kat. You and I both know very well why. We both know that you accepted the engagement from Rukudo… all the while you strung me along. I’m not going to date you while you’re engaged with another man, Kat. I loved you seriously. I pictured a future with us… it’s too painful to keep playing games. I can’t do that to myself… or to you. Eventually, this will hurt you too in some way, and… I don’t want that.”

tagging thing! @dimensionbitch tagged me. I rarely do these thingsthings nowadays but ate marmz tagged me so how can I refuse??? charing!!!

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*sees the avalanche of flailing anons* Lalala, I can't see you! *turns of all mailing programs* I didn't get a note, so it was not reverse that got update, it's late, I have work in the morning! *reads reverse on the way to work* Glorious ♥ (but why the angsty flailing? the battle was great and Kat doesn't have the willpower to kill her favorite characters, I mean she brought half of them back to life! Come on guys!)


You never know, I could be turning over a new leaf or something. ;)

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What are your favorite cosplays youve done & why?

Oh gosh okay

Yuuri (YOI), because he’s a character i feel comfortable/confident as? Like a lot of people at the con liked the way I pulled him off, appearance and personality wise. and im someone that hates having other people take pictures of me because i never look good but all the Yuuri pictures my friend talked me into actually look nice and a lot of people on Instagram liked them? Idk. Also hes a character thats known for being kinda feminine, so hes really the only character that my body works well for, being on the slightly more feminine side but not quite feminine enough for most female anime characters.

Kenma (haikyuu), because hes a very stress free character for me. People actually like how shy and quite i am when im dressed as kenma, because it matches the character and its just really nice to not feel like i have to force myself to be social + i get called cute a lot as him and thats always a bonus.

Nitori (free), because people expect him to be supportive and a lil’ clingly which is an easy thing to pull off with my personality + i always get a lot of complements on how nice his schools jacket looks on me, every time im nitori or Rin 😹

Yamaguchi(haikyuu) because i get a lot of compliments as him. Idk a lot of people have told me that his character design works well for me, and its easy to feel confident when people youve never met before spend like five minutes fawning over how cute you are haha

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It was Damon and Elena's relationship that ruined the show in my opinion. After season 3 and a little bit of season 4, the show was sort of ruined. It's weird too bc that ship has like the biggest fandom and I'll never understand why 🤔😂 but yeah there were characters in the show that have been through a lot bc of someone else and bc of that other person's doings it shaped them into the person they are. Like for example Klaus is the way he is bc of Mikael and Kat's the way she is bc of Klaus

(cont) I’m not saying everything that Klaus did is Mikael’s fault though or everything Kat did Klaus’s fault. They did it on their own and it’s their own responsibility. In a way, they kind of left them no choice though they were running from them to survive and it was kinda the only way.

this is such a random discourse lol, i haven’t cared about this show for years i mean sure i’ll post a few anti de things here and there but for the most part i kind of locked it out? but yeah i agree the thing with the show is that they butchered elena’s character to make her compatible with d@mon. the moment she became a vampire she became someone else entirely and it’s like they threw their previous canon out the window? being a vampire heightens your emotions but it makes you more of who you already are. so my deal is if elena’s emotions for d@mon were heightened then why weren’t her feelings for stefan also heightened? which is why i suspect the sirebond was brought in, it just doesn’t make sense that elena would decide she wants d@mon after everything that’s happened? however the sirebond stripped her of her agency made him even more gross than he already was and after de got together the rest of the show suffered. the characters and their integrities were compromised to prop up this abusive disgusting ass ship. 

so  while yeah de probably had the bigger fan base at least online the show suffered from poor story telling and a lack of consistency in it’s characters. now on to the second part of this, i disagree yes mikael hunted klaus and did terrible things but i don’t agree that what he did to protect himself was needed. i mean wtf was daggering his siblings needed for? same with katherine faking her death fine, she wants to survive but stringing d@mon and stefan along was a choice she made all her own. that can not be blamed on klaus as can’t her other personality flaws. 

same with klaus, who ironically is not a character i hate anymore and i blame the originals lmao. in fact bc of that show i now hate elijah with all of my being and it used to be the other way around. both he and freya i will never forgive them for davina EVER.

You Will Always Look Beautiful (Chanyeol Fluff)

Summary: You weren’t proud of your baby pictures, and the last person you wanted to see them was Chanyeol.
Members: Chanyeol x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 863 Words

This was such a cute request! Everyone has those pictures that they aren’t really proud to show other people, but I really think Chanyeol would be such a sweetheart seeing them. I hope you like the scenario <3

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

“Awww, jagiya, why haven’t you ever shown me these?” Chanyeol exclaims as he looks at your old photo album. You sighed loudly and glared at the box your mother had sent you. You knew it would be a bad idea to ask her to mail you some of your old stuff from your house now that you were moving in with your boyfriend. You specifically told her what you needed and you knew that she would send more. But you never thought she was going to send the stupid photo album.

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Of all the deaths in Halo, this was the one hardest for me to accept, and here is why…  

Everyone else, who we are shown to have died while serving as part of team noble, saw it coming.  Each one of them knew their time was almost up and walked straight to the end.   Kat was never given this dignity.   

During the Fall of Reach, Jorge willingly stayed behind to detonate a weapon manually to try and defeat the enemy; Carter intentionally flew a Pelican into enemy forces to give the remaining two members a chance to complete their mission; Emile died giving cover to friendly forces so Noble Six could escape with Cortana against insurmountable odds (last words, “I’m ready.  How ‘bout you?”); and Noble Six chose to stay behind and die alone after taking Emile’s place and making sure the ship carrying Cortana escaped.

Kat’s chance was taken away from her before the Fall of Reach, back in the Battle of Fumirole, where she was incapacitated while trying to deliver a nuclear device to an enemy ship. Thom, one of her team members at the time, died in Kat’s place when she was no longer able to complete her mission.

Kat would have done the same as any of her team mates had their roles been reversed, instead she ended up being put down by a random (not too random) sniper during the Fall of Reach.  

BTS Scenario: Taking Care of Yoongi ~

Hey everyone :) You’re probably all used to me writing scenarios for my friends by now, and if you’re new - I tend to write things for my friends when they’re not feeling well, on holidays/birthdays, or just because I think they deserve it. So this scenario is for one of the admins over at @exobtsimagination // @kittykatr. Admin Kat is a sweetheart and she works far too hard. All the admins over there do, which is why I wanted to write something for each of them. They spend so much of their free time (like I do) writing scenarios, imagines, or reactions for their fans and never ask for anything in return. Sure, they get likes and cute/kind messages in response, but very few people give them actual physical thanks (like they deserve). So I wanted to give them all something to say how much I appreciate them, and to thank them for all the hard work they put into their writing. This one is for Admin Kat :) Expect a scenario coming up for Admin Audrey and Admin Mocha, as well!

Also, I’m sorry that this is kind of angsty and sad Kat! 

You weren’t the best at taking care of yourself, so when you heard from Jin that Yoongi wasn’t feeling well, you weren’t even sure if you should have attempted to head over there to take care of him. You could barely do that for yourself.

But you knew that he was the same way, and it was better having you around to take care of him than no one at all. Especially as the boys were heading off to a schedule while he rested. 

When you got to the boys’ dorm, they were just on their way out. They nodded at you politely, telling you that it was good to see you and that Yoongi was in his room, still awake though they had told him that he needed his rest and that he should be getting all the sleep he could. But you knew him - knew that he worked his hardest even when he was sick. He was probably feeling guilty for not being able to go with the rest of the boys, and because of that, he was going to work his hardest from home.

Even when he was sick and bedridden. You shook your head as you headed toward his room, the rest of the boys leaving you alone.

You knocked once, but there was no answer, so you assumed that he was finally sleeping. Letting the door swing open just slightly, you were given a perfect view of Yoongi slumped over his computer, his back to you, and not in his bed like he was supposed to. You clicked your tongue at him, shaking your head and cleared your throat, not wanting to startle him by just going up and leaning over his shoulder. 

But he still didn’t hear you, so you did so anyway.

“What do you think you’re doing, mister?” you asked him, getting real close and tapping him on the shoulder. Yoongi appeared slow to react, but surprised nonetheless. His mouth hung open after a few seconds, and then he was setting his headphones down, closing his laptop as soon as he saved the beat he was working on. You knew the look he gave you. And he knew that he was guilty for doing something he shouldn’t have. You had caught him red handed.

“I-I’m just working.” and he did indeed look guilty as he tried to explain himself to you. But you shook your head at him.

“You should be resting. That’s why you’re staying here, so that you can rest and get better.” you sighed and placed a hand on his forehead. He was burning up. You grabbed onto his wrist, pulling him up just slightly and were surprised when he didn’t fight you, pulling him over to the bed and telling him to lie down, “I’m going to heat up some soup for you.” you explained, “You stay right here.” and then you were giving him a stern look - a look that you usually gave your younger friends, or the younger boys when they weren’t doing what you needed them to. Sure, you were just a girlfriend, but you were almost like the group’s mom of sorts, especially toward the younger members.

Coming back with the soup, and some tea mixed with honey for his sore throat, he looked up at you weakly.

He didn’t say a word, however, not even when you handed him the small tray and set the tea down by his head, telling him to drink it slowly and not rush, or else he would burn his tongue. Yoongi just nodded, drinking and eating slowly as you told him to. It was only after a few minutes had passed that he cleared his throat, obviously still a little sore, and spoke up.

“I don’t deserve this.” he whispered, voice straining against the pain he was feeling. But you shook your head.

“Don’t deserve what? Me taking care of you?” you blanched at what to say to that. He deserved the entire world - but how were you supposed to tell him that without him shooting you down? Yoongi didn’t usually let the vulnerable side of him show, especially not in front of his fans. But you knew it was there, and it was something that had originally gotten you to fall for him. He could be strong, passionate, but also sweet and helpless at times too.

When he shook his head yes, you let out an exasperated sigh, which caught his attention quickly.

“You deserve to be treated right.” you said, coming closer and pushing strands of his dyed hair out of the way. You wished that you had some say in what color they dyed his hair - you would tell the stylists not to dye it at all if you could help it. Your fingers traced down his face gently, and though he didn’t usually like anyone touching him, he allowed you to because he loved you. And then his helpless side was showing again as his eyes fluttered closed at the sensation of your fingers tracing down his cheeks. 

“I don’t.” he murmured.

“You do, and you know that I hate it when you say things like this.” you didn’t want to scold him when he wasn’t feeling well, but you would if it was necessary. “I care for you a lot, Yoongi. And I don’t like seeing you hurt, or sick. You need to take care to keep yourself healthy. I…” but you didn’t know what else to say. 

He just nodded solemnly and leaned in closer to your touch, even when your fingers started drawing away. It showed you how much he needed you - wanted you. And that made you smile.

“I like it when you take care of me, but I feel like I don’t deserve it. I don’t do anything for you in return.” he murmured back.

“That’s not true.” and maybe you said those words a bit too harsh because Yoongi was pulling away from you then. You shook your head, “You’re here right? Just you being you is enough for me. The little notes you write me, and the songs you make me when I’ve had a hard week. Everything you do for me - no matter how small. How can you think that’s nothing?” 

You caught the slight pink staining his cheek in a blush and you pulled him into a hug, not caring if he got you sick, or anything like that. You just wanted to hold him. You may not have been big on physical contact, but it was different with Yoongi, even with the rest of the boys. You craved his touch, even the lightest feather-like touch, such as pushing your hair behind your ear or tapping his fingers to an unknown beat against your thighs when he was bored.

“I love you so much, Yoongi.” you murmured, burying your face in his neck, “And I just want you to be okay.”

There was a silence between the two for quite a while before he was brushing your hair away from your face. You didn’t realize that you were crying until he pulled away and was wiping your tears from your cheeks, his long fingers gentle as they caressed your cheek lovingly.

“I love you, too.” and what you had been waiting for since you got to the dorm was his easy and beautiful smile - a smile that you saw so rarely these days with him overworking himself. “I’ll be okay.”

And a laugh bubbled up on your lips, your own hands wiping away your tears furiously as you joked with him while laughing, “You better be.” 

Yoongi let out a short laugh as well before he was leaning in and kissing your tears away, cradling you in his arms. 

The two of you never did well with emotions, or taking care of yourselves, but you were the perfect match when it came to each other. You were able to talk about your feelings and open up to one another. And you took care of the other better than you were ever able to take care of yourself. 

It was like you were meant to be.