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thoughts on Hairspray Live!

1. ummmmm… Maddie is adorable, however, a bit underwhelming for me. every other tracy i’ve seen has had so much more energy than her..

2. I missed Mama I’m a Big Girl Now in the movie. I missed New girl in Town in the musical. 

3. AMERICA HAS BEEN SLEEPING ON DOVE CAMERON. She is the true MVP of this production

4. wow! what an honor to see Harvey Feirstein play Edna once again.

5. why is Ariana playing Penny like Kat??? it’s so annoying… penny is not dumb, she’s sheltered. big difference. also.. she walked on her tip toes the whole time. lol. at least she sounded fantastic.

6. Jennifer, Kristin, and Derek were absolute pros as usual. i never had any doubt in them. 

7. the second half was 5x better than the first act, and y’all know it’s because of Ephraim and Jennifer. 

8. the rest of the cast was wonderful. garrett, ephraim, the little girl who played Inez (i forgot!), and martin short. good job guys!

9. the choreography was a bit underwhelming most of the time. but i like that they stuck with the og choreography for You Can’t Stop the Beat. 


10 Things I Hate About You, 1999

Favourite Films: August 2016

Kat: I don’t like to do what people expect.Why should I live up to other people’s expectations instead of my own?

Patrick: So you disappoint them from the start and then you’re covered, right?

Kat: Something like that

Patrick: Then you screwed up!

Kat: How?

Patrick: You never disappointed me.

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DErs act like Damon would have been straight up with Elena. When in reality he would've compelled her and or molded her into a Katherine Lite after he found out Kat never loved him. Like gtfo with that. I'm sorry, I know this is your blog but that ask just blew me.

Well they just don’t know what manipulation is. There’s a difference between withholding something that will blow up someone’s life when there was no reason for them to know like seriously in season 1 why would Elena need to know she looked like Katherine, what good would that have done, and withholding and toying with situations for your own selfish agenda and to get what you want like Damon deliberately withholding the sexual nature of blood sharing so he can get off.

EXO Reaction to You Not Letting Them Touch You While Pregnant Because You Are Insecure

I can see why people would get insecure at times about being pregnant, but please remember that you look absolutely perfect, no matter what. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: He honestly thought he was going to be over it after a week. He never argued with you when you began feeling insecure about your looks now that you were pregnant. He tried to reassure you on numerous occasions that you looked perfectly fine and that he loved the fact that you were pregnant, but you refused to listen. Every time he tried to get close to you, you would push him away harshly. “Jagi just let me love you!” He whined.

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Chanyeol: He was excited to hold you again him while the two of you finally had time to relax and watch movies. He was aware that things had been hard for you lately; especially with all the sasaeng fans calling you obese because of your pregnancy belly. As he placed his hand on your shoulder, you pulled away. It had been over a week since the comments appeared, but he knew you would be upset about it. “I hope you know that I think you look fine. I love your pregnancy belly,” he whispered as he sat back and tried to keep from getting even madder at the sasaeng fans.

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Chen: “Come on, you know you want to cuddle with me, stop acting like you don’t,” Jongdae teased as he squirmed all over the couch. You shook your head no, repeating to him that you didn’t want anyone to touch you since you became an ‘overblown balloon.’ He rolled his eyes, getting slightly frustrated with you since you started complaining about putting on more weight. “You are pregnant! Of course you are going to get bigger! That’s good!” He yelled at you, still making sure he kept the mood light, but also letting you know how annoyed he was.  

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D.O.: He was a little hurt that you didn’t want him to touch you while you were pregnant. He thought you were absolutely stunning, especially with your baby bump. However, you seemed to disagree. Every time he came by to wrap his arms around you or give you a small kiss on the cheek, you would hold your hand up and push him away. He gave you a look of slight pain, but he tried his best to not show it; not wanting to make you feel bad for feeling the way that you felt. “Well, I love you just the way that you are,” he mumbled as he drank his morning coffee.

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Kai: After a long day at dance, the one thing that Jongin wanted was to curl up in bed next to his lovely, pregnant wife. However, as soon as he collapsed onto the bed, you started kicking him out with your swollen foot. “No, you cannot sleep in this bed I feel big enough, I don’t need to worry about taking up all your space,” you complained as you made him leave the bed for the fifth time that week. Ever since you got to the third trimester, you started feeling insecure about how big you looked. Jongin got up with a sigh, not wanting to argue about it as he made his way to the couch.

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Lay: He knew that you were starting to feel a bit insecure about your pregnant body, but he didn’t really have the time to talk to you about it. With all his personal movies and studio work, and SM’s insane scheduling, he was gone a majority of the time. When he was finally home and able to see you, he was shocked to have you put your hands up to keep him at arms-distance. “But… I just wanted to give you a kiss? Is this about your body? You look amazing to me,” he said in a sad voice as he tried to reach his hand out again to rub your baby bump.

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Sehun: He stared at you in disbelief as you pushed him away. For the past week, you had been pushing him away from you or scolding him every time he tried to touch you. It was somewhat rare that he would be so touchy-feeling with you, seeing as how he just preferred to play it cool, but there was something about seeing you pregnant that really made him feel sentimental. However, the more you pushed him away, the more he started to lose that feeling; loving you from afar like always. “Fine, it isn’t like I wanted to hug you anyways…”

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Suho: It was unlike you to push him away when he was trying to touch you or kiss you, but once you started, he couldn’t help but feel bad. He stared at you with a sad expression. “You know; it has been almost a week since you let me kiss you. Maybe if I kissed and hugged you, you would start to feel better about your body,” he suggested as he attempted to reach out for you again. This time, you reluctantly let him pull you close and press a kiss onto your cheek; instantly making you both feel better.

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Xiumin: “Xiu, don’t. I’m not really in the mood to cuddle. I don’t want you to feel… all this.” You gestured towards your stomach. Minseok knew that the weight you had put on was not all from the baby, but also from eating more than you usually did, but he didn’t see why it was such an issue. “So what if you are putting on more weight. It means the baby is healthy and you have enough energy to take care of them. Anyways, I think you look even more beautiful now,” he tried to reassure you; understanding why you would feel insecure about your body.

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BTS Scenario: Taking Care of Yoongi ~

Hey everyone :) You’re probably all used to me writing scenarios for my friends by now, and if you’re new - I tend to write things for my friends when they’re not feeling well, on holidays/birthdays, or just because I think they deserve it. So this scenario is for one of the admins over at @exobtsimagination // @kittykatr. Admin Kat is a sweetheart and she works far too hard. All the admins over there do, which is why I wanted to write something for each of them. They spend so much of their free time (like I do) writing scenarios, imagines, or reactions for their fans and never ask for anything in return. Sure, they get likes and cute/kind messages in response, but very few people give them actual physical thanks (like they deserve). So I wanted to give them all something to say how much I appreciate them, and to thank them for all the hard work they put into their writing. This one is for Admin Kat :) Expect a scenario coming up for Admin Audrey and Admin Mocha, as well!

Also, I’m sorry that this is kind of angsty and sad Kat! 

You weren’t the best at taking care of yourself, so when you heard from Jin that Yoongi wasn’t feeling well, you weren’t even sure if you should have attempted to head over there to take care of him. You could barely do that for yourself.

But you knew that he was the same way, and it was better having you around to take care of him than no one at all. Especially as the boys were heading off to a schedule while he rested. 

When you got to the boys’ dorm, they were just on their way out. They nodded at you politely, telling you that it was good to see you and that Yoongi was in his room, still awake though they had told him that he needed his rest and that he should be getting all the sleep he could. But you knew him - knew that he worked his hardest even when he was sick. He was probably feeling guilty for not being able to go with the rest of the boys, and because of that, he was going to work his hardest from home.

Even when he was sick and bedridden. You shook your head as you headed toward his room, the rest of the boys leaving you alone.

You knocked once, but there was no answer, so you assumed that he was finally sleeping. Letting the door swing open just slightly, you were given a perfect view of Yoongi slumped over his computer, his back to you, and not in his bed like he was supposed to. You clicked your tongue at him, shaking your head and cleared your throat, not wanting to startle him by just going up and leaning over his shoulder. 

But he still didn’t hear you, so you did so anyway.

“What do you think you’re doing, mister?” you asked him, getting real close and tapping him on the shoulder. Yoongi appeared slow to react, but surprised nonetheless. His mouth hung open after a few seconds, and then he was setting his headphones down, closing his laptop as soon as he saved the beat he was working on. You knew the look he gave you. And he knew that he was guilty for doing something he shouldn’t have. You had caught him red handed.

“I-I’m just working.” and he did indeed look guilty as he tried to explain himself to you. But you shook your head at him.

“You should be resting. That’s why you’re staying here, so that you can rest and get better.” you sighed and placed a hand on his forehead. He was burning up. You grabbed onto his wrist, pulling him up just slightly and were surprised when he didn’t fight you, pulling him over to the bed and telling him to lie down, “I’m going to heat up some soup for you.” you explained, “You stay right here.” and then you were giving him a stern look - a look that you usually gave your younger friends, or the younger boys when they weren’t doing what you needed them to. Sure, you were just a girlfriend, but you were almost like the group’s mom of sorts, especially toward the younger members.

Coming back with the soup, and some tea mixed with honey for his sore throat, he looked up at you weakly.

He didn’t say a word, however, not even when you handed him the small tray and set the tea down by his head, telling him to drink it slowly and not rush, or else he would burn his tongue. Yoongi just nodded, drinking and eating slowly as you told him to. It was only after a few minutes had passed that he cleared his throat, obviously still a little sore, and spoke up.

“I don’t deserve this.” he whispered, voice straining against the pain he was feeling. But you shook your head.

“Don’t deserve what? Me taking care of you?” you blanched at what to say to that. He deserved the entire world - but how were you supposed to tell him that without him shooting you down? Yoongi didn’t usually let the vulnerable side of him show, especially not in front of his fans. But you knew it was there, and it was something that had originally gotten you to fall for him. He could be strong, passionate, but also sweet and helpless at times too.

When he shook his head yes, you let out an exasperated sigh, which caught his attention quickly.

“You deserve to be treated right.” you said, coming closer and pushing strands of his dyed hair out of the way. You wished that you had some say in what color they dyed his hair - you would tell the stylists not to dye it at all if you could help it. Your fingers traced down his face gently, and though he didn’t usually like anyone touching him, he allowed you to because he loved you. And then his helpless side was showing again as his eyes fluttered closed at the sensation of your fingers tracing down his cheeks. 

“I don’t.” he murmured.

“You do, and you know that I hate it when you say things like this.” you didn’t want to scold him when he wasn’t feeling well, but you would if it was necessary. “I care for you a lot, Yoongi. And I don’t like seeing you hurt, or sick. You need to take care to keep yourself healthy. I…” but you didn’t know what else to say. 

He just nodded solemnly and leaned in closer to your touch, even when your fingers started drawing away. It showed you how much he needed you - wanted you. And that made you smile.

“I like it when you take care of me, but I feel like I don’t deserve it. I don’t do anything for you in return.” he murmured back.

“That’s not true.” and maybe you said those words a bit too harsh because Yoongi was pulling away from you then. You shook your head, “You’re here right? Just you being you is enough for me. The little notes you write me, and the songs you make me when I’ve had a hard week. Everything you do for me - no matter how small. How can you think that’s nothing?” 

You caught the slight pink staining his cheek in a blush and you pulled him into a hug, not caring if he got you sick, or anything like that. You just wanted to hold him. You may not have been big on physical contact, but it was different with Yoongi, even with the rest of the boys. You craved his touch, even the lightest feather-like touch, such as pushing your hair behind your ear or tapping his fingers to an unknown beat against your thighs when he was bored.

“I love you so much, Yoongi.” you murmured, burying your face in his neck, “And I just want you to be okay.”

There was a silence between the two for quite a while before he was brushing your hair away from your face. You didn’t realize that you were crying until he pulled away and was wiping your tears from your cheeks, his long fingers gentle as they caressed your cheek lovingly.

“I love you, too.” and what you had been waiting for since you got to the dorm was his easy and beautiful smile - a smile that you saw so rarely these days with him overworking himself. “I’ll be okay.”

And a laugh bubbled up on your lips, your own hands wiping away your tears furiously as you joked with him while laughing, “You better be.” 

Yoongi let out a short laugh as well before he was leaning in and kissing your tears away, cradling you in his arms. 

The two of you never did well with emotions, or taking care of yourselves, but you were the perfect match when it came to each other. You were able to talk about your feelings and open up to one another. And you took care of the other better than you were ever able to take care of yourself. 

It was like you were meant to be.

You Will Always Look Beautiful (Chanyeol Fluff)

Summary: You weren’t proud of your baby pictures, and the last person you wanted to see them was Chanyeol.
Members: Chanyeol x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 863 Words

This was such a cute request! Everyone has those pictures that they aren’t really proud to show other people, but I really think Chanyeol would be such a sweetheart seeing them. I hope you like the scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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“Awww, jagiya, why haven’t you ever shown me these?” Chanyeol exclaims as he looks at your old photo album. You sighed loudly and glared at the box your mother had sent you. You knew it would be a bad idea to ask her to mail you some of your old stuff from your house now that you were moving in with your boyfriend. You specifically told her what you needed and you knew that she would send more. But you never thought she was going to send the stupid photo album.

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I loved seeing Bonnie and Matt teaming up again. When’s the last time they’ve been in a scene together? Their friendship is important and awesome. Why no more of that?

Also, why is it that Bonnie can never wear a pretty dress for a special event? Either she’s knocked out somewhere, dead, or absent from Mystic Falls altogether on a “family trip.”

And could they have made the loophole a bit more clear? How did Kai and the gang get out? Who exactly was choking Bonnie and Matt at the same time on separate sides of the room? What the fuck?

I have so many questions and none of them have to do with concern for Elena’s well-being because that’s not even a thing with me.

Why does Hollywood thinks that its an amazing idea to just… put porn scenes in the middle of a show/movie and this 99% of the time being the “strong point” about their relationship?

Really, I’ve never seen anyone liking this sex scenes, you’re not making it for artistic porprouses, they’re plot irrelevant and no one actually likes them. If ya wanna make people want to choke the goose then create a porn video and safe this awkward moments jesus.

Kevin Feige, Russo Brothers, Marvel: Add Canon Poli-Sci Character Darcy Lewis to Civil War

In the Thor movies, we are introduced to Jane Foster’s intern Darcy Lewis, who is actually a political science student in need of six college credits, which is why she applied to the internship. As it tends to happen, this is never mentioned again in any of the Thor movies but it IS canon. Now Civil War is coming up and we think Steve would have a great ally in Darcy. She has seen at least one of the Avengers up close and knows they have the best intentions, even if all the mess they make tries to state the opposite. We think if Erik Selvig has been in both Avengers movies without Jane and Darcy, why can’t Darcy appear in Civil War and show us her poli-sci knowledge?

Guys Chris is my boy. We are not together and have never gotten together and with respect to my personal life please give that shit a rest.

Bonkamily you know what this means right! kat and chris are never ever going to lookt at each other at con .

This is never going to happen again.

you can forget about this


And don’t even think about this!

I feel like I’m not going to be able to survive in the world .Bonkai is dead and now…this!!

Why!! please tell me why, I can’t live without them.. . feeling like I’m going to pass out or faint …

I don't  get it. Kat and Ian were shooting alone after everyone else wrapped. Where was this scene in the episode? Kat said Bonnie fans would be happy. Why would I be happy about Bonnie not only losing her magic but the two people closest to her? What’s the point of all the Bamon build up, just for them to have one phone call in the finale? Why did they focus on that damn letter so much but never revealed what’s in it? Urgh, I really shouldn’t be surprised if they actually cut the scenes.

why are people trying to say their unnecessary judgments of the shadowhunters cast are okay by saying shit like “well in the books…” or “it never sad this in city of…”???
breaking news: an adaptation is not the same thing as the book. it is an interpretation. it’s going to be different than your mental picture of things. at least give them a shot and wait until you’ve seen an episode before nitpicking the life out of it.