why is kat never with them

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hey kat, i'm kind of in a really bad place right now, so i was wondering if you had any cute pet headcanons you could share? maybe about team 7 or the rookie 9, to be more specific

(Happy AU, as always, because I am 157 cm of fluff incarnate. 💕)

- “I’m going to be Hokage!” is their catchphrase

- For everything

- as in “Naruto you stole my dumpling!” “Yeah, well, I’m going to be Hokage!”

- or “Sasuke make me a cup of tea.” “I’m going to be Hokage Sakura make your own tea.”

- Kakashi has no idea what to do with this, so he warily encourages them

- Right up until he realizes it is the world’s best goad

- “Maa, Sakura, you’re looking very Kage-like standing on the water so easily maybe other people should practice more because this is definitely a skill Hkage should have”

- *cue stampede to learn water-walking*

- or “Hokage need to be able to do paperwork quickly, so whoever can finish theirs and mine first definitely has the makings of Hokage”

- Iruka is horrified because they had whole classes on manipulation,  shouldn’t Sakura at least recognize these techniques??

- The joke’s on Kakashi, though: Team 7 definitely makes his life as hard as humanly possible with their competitiveness. 

- Who can train longer than Gai? Who can scale the Hokage Mountain first using only their hands? Who can eat the most ramen in one sitting?

- Gai is Overjoyed, clearly his Greatest Rival has the Most Youthful Team besides his own.

- Team 9 gets dragged into comparisons, and when they start to lose, things get Personal. 

- Of course, challenging Team 7 is somewhat like dropping a lit match into a tank of petrol, so. 

- Sarutobi gets the damages reports and breaks out the sake. He’s Too Old for this shit. 

- Puppy piles are totally a thing. Random puppy piles, because Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke tend to keep going until they drop where they’re standing and the other two then use them as a bed. 

- Once a week at least Kakashi stumbles out of his bedroom before his morning coffee, trips over them, and lands flat on his face. 

- About 70% of why he signs them up for the Chuunin Exams is so that they’ll become someone else’s responsibility and stop sleeping on his floor. 

- (Ha. They will never stop sleeping on his floor. Kakashi knows over 1k jutsus and he will Never Get Rid of Them.)

you know what else i love about the bold type? that not one of the girls loves or favours one friendship over the other.

their dynamics are so different, all of which are beautiful and complex and worth exploring. but not one of them is shown to love one more than the other. and i think that’s beautiful. too many times on tv do you see friendships between three girls where one feels like a third wheel, or two were childhood friends and the third is just there to fill out the friendship, or even the queen bee and minions dynamic. but the bold type shows a side of female friendship that is honestly not seen enough.

kat and jane are beautiful and soft and teasing. they can get frustrated and call each other out in a very real way that speaks volumes of their bond. kat holds jane’s hair back when she’s drunk, and jane calls out kat about her feelings for adena. and when they hug each other you can just feel the love they have spilling out of your tv screen.

and jane and sutton have this banter that goes to show why they chose to be roommates in the first place. its a beautiful push and pull, back and forth married couple dynamic. they can yell at each other and fight, knowing they will always be there for each other. they can have frank conversations and honest heart to hearts. and when they sit on that couch you can just feel that endless support they have for each other. they’re ride or die.

then sutton and kat are both so headstrong and stubborn, and they but heads. but that never stops them from coming together and seeing where both were coming from. they’re all fire and red, but then the walls completely fall away and there’s a beautiful shared calm. and that truly shows the power of their bond and the love they have. and their shared teasing of jane will never fail to make me smile.

i honestly cannot say enough about this friendship. it’s what makes this show truly worth watching every week.

Night Moves

Written for Baby’s Big 50 Birthday Challenge, hosted by @butiaintgonnaloveem​​. My prompt was “Night Moves” by Bob Seger. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Summary: Dean and Sam go see an old friend while recovering from a rough hunt. She helps them admit what they really want.

Pairings: Sam x Dean, Sam x Dean x OFC (Katherine)

Warnings: Smut, feels, Wincest

Word Count: 4150

A/N: I loved writing this one. Hope y’all love it too! Feedback appreciated. XOXO

Dean slides the cassette into the deck, grinning when the music starts. He’s got the itch under his skin and he needs to drive, needs to breathe fresh air and see some new trees.

“You ready, Baby?” he whispers, and he swears she purrs back a yes.

Sam comes out of the motel room, looking sleepy and relaxed, blinking into the early morning sunlight. “What are we doing up this early?”

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I’m clearing out my ask box, so here’s a rapid fire bunch of answers to the 43 questions in there! A lot of these I wanted to draw a comic or do a little animation for but just never got the time or energy, and others I didn’t know what to say, but I think that some response is better than no response, so while these are all going to be either text or doodles, I wanted them all to actually get answers.

Below the cut because this’ll be a hella long one~ Plenty of Zelda doodles in there though so if you just wanna see doofy drawings click too!

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Heyo Cookie o7 ! I was wondering do ya have any oc ? If yes please can we see them ? (I'm obsessed with people oc's right now....)

(⌒▽⌒ゞ OH thank you for askin’! //right in mah kokoro// 

we rarely ask meh this question!

(≧∇≦)/ i’ve not drawn my own characters since a while now but well,heere we go :

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thoughts on 1x09 rewatch
  • “mercenary. i like it.” i swear its like these two try to kill me.
  • petition for adena to never cry again and not be put in painful situations ever.
  • “some of us have plans to drink alone.” wow can you believe tbt actually made pinstripe relatable?
  • i’m curious as to why there’s sooo much alcohol at scarlet.
  • “aww that’s sweet. they’re concerned.” aww everyone caring about adena is my aesthetic ™
  • i knew it. SUTTON. a word please.” i love them. 
  • the card playing scene was so cute and total flirting. 
  • kat and adena walking around the airport giggling and holding hands is some high quality content. 
  • sutton on the treadmill is me. also apparently meghann fahy actually took that dive herself ??? that’s … commitment. ouch. 
  • also alex looked so concerned when sutton fell. 
  • “ANDREW.” “hERE.” me in school.
  • “once actually i sat on a plastic folding chair taped to the floor.” did you fly united ??
  • “to build a home.” aww gotta get me a girl like adena. 
  • wait during the passport scene there were other people in the lounge. did that mean… there when kat and adena had… well i guess this is called the bold type for a reason.
  • “i like to start with dessert.” relatable.
  • sutton handing jane a tequila and putting her feet up on jane’s lap. those two are so married. didn’t notice this the first time.
  • “if it was meant to be, do you think it would be this hard?” thank you jane. 
  • jacqueline’s disdain for trump gives me life.
  • i want coworkers who will have an impromptu fashion show and a drinking contest with me while we’re trapped in a building by an unqualified carrot too. 
  • mama jacqueline watching her children play also gives me life. 
  • “your friends are mean.” my friends’ significant others @ me.
  • the “don’t be suspicious” scene is iconic.
  • “just two people…out for a walk… in an office… drunk.. wearing gender-neutral clothing… she’ll never see it coming..” stop making him likable.
  • making your girl a pillowfort in an airport lounge then having comfort sex in it. gotta get me a girl like kat.
  • i wonder where kat is originally from. i kinda assumed she was a nyc native because she’s so comfortable in the city but i guess not. 
  • buzzed sutton is great.
  • kat’s asking the important language questions here.
  • that knowing look sutton gave jane when she left with pinstripe…
  • i can’t believe they actually let them say shit on freeform… but then again tv censorship laws are confusing and i don’t understand them at all. 
  • i love how slow and soft the kadena sex scene was. 
  • also that height difference is A+
  • i love how gentle and playful the brawford scene is too. 
  • tbh i don’t think anything this show will do will ever top the brawford/kadena montage. 
  • can i just say i love how expressive meghann fahy is ? sutton’s morning after “oh wow That happened” face is so memeable. 
  • “five more minutes” uhh… girls.. maybe put on some clothes before security realizes you’ve defiled their cushions. 
  • i actually think jane taking the incite job is good for her. but i think eventually she’ll go back to scarlet. 
  • the airport scene is Painful But Wonderful ™
  • (also jane’s shirts are … yikes tbh)
  • this is my favorite episode by far. 12/10. they’re good episodes brent. 

I’ll just throw this out there bc I just can’t get this thought outta my head. 

I’ve been rewatching S01, and in episode 3, we learned how big the Ghost River Triangle is, and other places in it that revenants could roam around to, including this city…

“…it cuts through the big city, contains thousands of square miles of forests, foothills, prairie, the Badlands. And all of it… cursed.”

So, if the Triangle covers the area including the big city, I’m wondering if there’s a chance that there are revenants out there, posing as a company employee, a cab driver, or whatever. We all know that once the Earp heir dies, revenants resurrect IN Purgatory, but that doesn’t mean they can’t leave the town. It’s all good so long as they stay within the Triangle, and the city here is inside the Triangle. I’m thinking that there are revenants who just want to go on with their lives, hide from the heir, and avoid being killed (like Earl from 2x02).

Now, IF, just if, this big city, that’s inside the Triangle, is the same as the city where Nicole is from (based on her talk w/ Nedley in 2x03), this leads me to the idea/theory that Nicole could possibly be the human-revenant hybrid.

I originally theorized that Waverly is the hybrid, but, idk, this whole ‘Nicole could be the hybrid’ thought just wouldn’t leave me, especially when :

  • I’m still not completely convinced that Bobo is Waverly’s dad (we do know why he never actually tried to harm her tho)
  • we haven’t seen Nicole’s back story yet
  • and the interview of Kat, wherein they were asked which moment in S2 surprised them the most. Her answer was:

The comment from Kat could be about anything, but I think being a revenant is the most shocking thing that could happen to her character. 

I’ll admit tho, I think the ‘Waverly could be the hybrid’ theory is more plausible, and it’s actually what I wanna happen, bc I want Nicole to remain human. I want her to be that kind of character who’s not supernatural and doesn’t really have any super powers, but still cool and badass, not to mention she’s super smart.

This whole theory is far-fetched, and I know I’m over thinking, but I just try to think of all possible, crazy scenarios so I don’t get too mind fucked when something happens in the next 4 eps. But, who am I kidding? I’m sure Emily Andras will find a way to shock us senseless no matter what we expect. It’s scary.

Anyway, I’m sorry for wasting your time with this idea. Bye.

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Can we still send prompts? If so: 4 and 20 for malec please?

I guess you can, nonny ;D But then you’ll be subject to me totally twisting the essence of the prompts

Inspired by @sargentcow

Malec: 4: “It’s always been you. You and only you.” + 20: “I can’t do this anymore”

“I can’t do this anymore,” Alec said, swallowing hard. He inhaled sharply, gathering all the courage he had in his heart. “It’s you I want. It’s always been you. You and only you.”

Alec gasped, staring straight into Clary’s green eyes. And then she grimaced, her face translating just how uncomfortable both of them felt.

“Cut!” Magnus yelled from his seat. As a director, he had always been able to push his actors into their best performances. In three seasons, he was very much the reason why their show had been so acclaimed.

But even Magnus’ talent hadn’t been able to pull off that scene. Clary sighed heavily. “I’m sorry. This isn’t working. I’ve never got any romantic vibes between Matt and Kat. We’ve been playing them as friends since the pilot.”

“I thought Kat was into Will,” Alec added. Not that he was unhappy that Clary wouldn’t have to film intimate scenes with Sebastian, if that ship never sailed. Will might be a very kind character, but the actor playing him was a very, very different sort of person.

Magnus pushed his lips together. It was no secret what he thought of the sudden change of the plot. This time, however, he just looked at Producer Aldertree. “Are you sure we want to go this way? It’s not too late to change the script.” It was the nicest he had been about the matter, especially after holding a poll on twitter asking who Matt should end up with and not a one person answering Kat.

But Aldertree still just shook his head. “This is what the fans want. Besides, it will be revealed in the mid-season finale that Kat and Will are actually siblings.”

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Okayyyyy received a lot of anon hate lately so thanks guys 😂

Look my post is not me saying you can’t ship Dom and Kat. I even fucking specified that in the post that shipping them is okay and that I don’t mind when people do. If you could all learn to read you’d see that I was simply saying that the hate towards Ray needs to stop and people should not be trying to get Dom and Kat to admit they are a couple or pressuring them into anything. I literally even said that not all DomKat shippers are doing this, and that that post was only directed at the ones who were. I’m not going to answer the anons because I have a feeling they’re all from the same person and even if they’re not this answers them all anyway.

I am not calling shipping two people in real life together wrong. I even shipped them together in real life when I first started watching the show. That changed only because I saw Kat was engaged and realized I loved the characters together so much that I was projecting that onto them. I’m not saying this is how everyone is and I’m not saying shipping them is wrong. I never said that even once. What I said is that the hate and the pressure needs to stop.

I am not against DomKat shippers, I’m against the ones who are so convinced it’s real that they try to get them to admit it. Which doesn’t happen very often, but does sometimes happen. I don’t understand why some people aren’t getting that message but that’s what my message is. I’m sorry if I did anything that pissed you off, that’s not at all what I was trying to do. I hate discourse and now there’s tons of it.

Trust me, I hate arguing more than anybody, and starting one wasn’t my intention. People take things the wrong way when that’s not what they were intended for and I want to clear that up. If you still have any problems with me, address me personally on DM, not with some nasty message on anonymous. I don’t want to fight with you guys. If you want to talk, then we can talk. I hate fighting and arguing. It makes me feel awful. And I really didn’t try to hurt anyone’s feelings or make them get defensive.

If you guys have any questions or wanna talk about this, message me. Otherwise, just stop. This is how hate starts. People are always going to disagree no matter what, but this is ridiculous. We are a fandom together, and the show we all love is so incredible, and lately it’s being torn apart, and I fear that I added to that. I didn’t want to. I still don’t. Sorry if that’s how you read that post, but it is not directed at DomKat shippers in general. It’s directed at the ones who go overboard and make them uncomfortable. Kat specifically addressed the issue once and said it’s hard to play a character when people see her as that character rather than herself. Those are the people this was all directed at. Not you guys.

There are people I ship in real life who aren’t a couple and never will be. I know what that’s like. I get it. I’ve been in places where stuff like that was all I had, and it saved me from a lot more self harm than I actually did. Please believe me when I tell you guys that I know what it’s like to love a couple so much that it hurts. Ask my friends in real life, they’ll tell you.

This is the last time I’m going to be addressing the issue in a long post like this.

Just an edit to further clarify this, this is a direct quote from that post at the very start:

“Attention fandom

Because this is clearly still a problem


Ship them, love them, write or draw them all you want. But do NOT start tagging them in stuff, or accusing them of hiding it, or any of this other bullshit I’m seeing.”

If you read that over, it’s very clear that the post was not at all directed at DomKat shippers themselves, but the select group of people who are taking it too far. I never once said ANYTHING about shipping DomKat itself being a bad thing. If you can show me that I did I’ll take the post down but I never once said shipping them together is bad or wrong. The entire post was all about not taking it too far and trying to make it real. That’s all I was saying. That’s all I’m still saying. I know lots of you ship them together. That’s perfectly fine! It’s just like shipping a couple in a TV show that isn’t actually together, which also happens all the time. The only difference is that these are real people, so you have to be a bit more careful about what you say. That’s all I was trying to point out.

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Kat is so happy she just won't stop smiling and Jane/Sutton think her face is going to get stuck like that.

“Here’s your coffee,” Jane says in the lobby, meeting up with Kat and walking alongside her. Kat is smiling far too much for 8:30am and Jane squints at her. “The chai’s not that good, I promise.”

She waits for Kat to roll her eyes and drop the smile but it never happens. She’s still smiling when Sutton joins them several seconds later.

“Why’s your face like that?” Sutton says in lieu of hello, then turns to Jane. “Jane, why is Kat’s face like that? It’s 8:30.”

“This is what I’m saying. Kat, —“

“I went on a date last night,” Kat finally cuts in, giddy. “With Adena.”

Jane and Sutton both skid to a halt, turning to face her and block her path.

“Waiiit a second. A date date?” Sutton pries, staring her down.

“Like the kind with food? And talking?” Jane clarifies. Because they all know Kat’s traditional definition of a date, which is basically screening people from apps by meeting them in a public place first, and that’s not exactly…

“Mhmm,” Kat chimes, and Sutton bounces on her feet.

“Ok, we’ve got like four minutes before the staff meeting starts. Spill.”

“And try to adjust your face, because people are gonna think you’re on something,” Jane adds.

“Yeah, on love,” Sutton goads, and Kat swats at her.

“So she took me to this restaurant…”

Kat has me in my feelings.

Kat’s a perfectionist. She’s not a type A personality like Jane but she’s a perfectionist nonetheless. And it’s the result of being so afraid of messing up, of not being who she’s supposed to be. It’s heartbreaking to think about. She thought her life would be made better by moving somewhere that isn’t so sanitized, but the issue wasn’t physical environment as much as the interpersonal one. She needs get comfortable with her own imperfections, not New York’s.

She never lets people in too close because she’s scared she’ll make a mistake and they’ll discover she isn’t as put together as they’d like. She thinks she feels too much. Clearly her parents, the reknown and ultra successful psychologists, must be right about rationalizing instead of processing but she can’t always get an immediate grip on her feelings. It’s where she consistently fails. So she tucks that part away. She doesn’t do relationships, just settles for microwave intimacy that she can easily walk away from when it’s 2am and the high’s worn off. She loves sex and loves taking any spotlight off of what she perceives to be her inability to feel the right way, so she welcomes Sexcapade Storytime with Jane and Sutton because that’s better than discussing how she cried about the rape threats. It’s easier to quote Nicki Minaj saying “pound it like a hashtag” than to admit how much she identifies with “But I’m alone on my throne all these riches. I came all this way just to say, this time won’t you save me?”

And speaking of Jane and Sutton, they either don’t recognize the patterns or don’t know how to help her. Because there are behaviors that let you know Kat is dealing with something tearing her up inside, not just making her righteously angry. She shops. She buys them things suddenly. She’s done it so much that they think Kat just likes spending money on her friends. But, it’s often tied to her cleaning up the blunder of almost giving in to her feelings of inadequacy, neglect, and/or hopelessness… likely something she came to believe was ultimately selfish and childish. So, she fixes it by instead focusing on making her friends the focal point of her energy. She buys them treats and trinkets to make their day a little better. In this she hopes to avoid making the mistake of feeling too much and losing control.

It’s the primary reason Adena scares the shit out of her, but calms her in ways she never thought possible. Adena doesn’t demand perfection, called her out on her deflection immediately, and doesn’t use communication to shut her down but to listen, understand, and comfort. Yet, her fear of making a mistake has almost cost her Adena twice. 

That’s why this was so important for Kat Edison to say:

gif source (i really tried to search for it using the gif function on here and couldn’t find it)

Listen, I know everyone wants to wrap all of these characters in blankets and shield them from harm but,

I am so, SO excited for this episode, and not just because it’s Nicole-centric.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think one of the biggest acting challenges is portraying sadness/anguish in a believable manner. (This is coming from someone who has never acted outside of making faces in front of the mirror.)

Part of the reason why I love this show as much as I do is because the actresses express these heavier emotions so well.

Kat Barrell, in particular, inserts these little nuances into her scenes that make me me /melt./ (Her little head tilt in 1x09. “I scare you?”. The nervous laugh she does in The 2x02 Scene. Her reaction when Waverly storms out of Shorty’s.)

We’ve seen Waverly sad, but nothing like this. She hasn’t been this close to losing someone before- much less someone who she’s in love with. That, combined with the guilt she’s already feeling about the text and Rosita, is gonna make her a mess.

Not to be sadistic, but I really can’t wait to see how much justice Dominique does portraying all of it. If the promo was any indication… we’re in for a wild ride, ya’ll.

See you on the other side.

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Something that annoys me: why doesn't Tsunade have the hirashin? Tobirama had his own version and really, being able to summon a medic of Tsunade's caliber would have prevented things like 'being too late' from occurring because she could just take them back to get treated beyond first-aid. Then she could smash. She's got the chakra control for it so why not? Is good fix-it and Tsunade should logically have access to the technique through scrolls so...

It is annoying, because it would be so logical and yet it just is such a non-factor that kunoichi can have the same powers that it’s never even considered. She would be even more badass. 

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Kat showing mainstream music to Adena

hi, thanks for the prompt! 

i thought about this ask for a little bit and came to the conclusion, based on my own headcanons/characterizations, that adena probably has basic familiarity with U.S. popular music (i assume that’s what you meant by mainstream). not only has she been living in the states, but from what i know American music has a pretty large international reach. perhaps folks disagree with me, but those are my thoughts.

so instead i’ll leave you with this:


“Hey, do you have a CD reader?”

“Hello to you too, Kat,” Sutton answers, putting the phone on speaker in the living room so Jane can hear too. “You’re on speaker, Jane’s here.”

“Great. So, CD reader?”

Jane looks over at her, confusion on her face. “Sorry, what?”

“I have a CD and nothing to play it on,” Kat answers, sounding frustrated. “My Mac doesn’t have a disc drive and I never bought the extension because I stream everything now like a normal person.”

Jane suppresses a laugh and Sutton’s smiling when she says, “Why do you have a CD?”

Kat is quiet on the line for several seconds before they hear, “Because Adena gave me one.”

“Oh my god, did she make you a mix tape?” Sutton coos, while Jane laughs in the background at Kat’s predicament.

“I hear you laughing, tiny Jane. S’not my fault Adena has apparently never heard of Spotify,” Kat huffs.

“And they say romance is dead,” Jane shouts, so Kat can hear her.

“I have a CD player, babe,” Sutton soothes, because she thinks Kat might hang up on them if they tease anymore. “Feel free to swing by if you want to pick it up.”

Thank you.”

“Any time.” Then, “You better tell us about that mix tape once you’ve listened to it.”

She thinks Kat might be smiling on the other end of the line when she answers, “I make no promises.”

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts asking Emily Andras to put Katie McGrath in Wynonna Earp and while that has endless possibilities, I’d like to offer up a separate one, for the other show that’s giving me some joy right now when Supergirl is just being one disappointment after another.

Katie McGrath as essentially Lena Luthor (just with a new name) but on The Bold Type. She’s a high-powered young CEO of a tech company that she took over from her brother after he did something really awful and was sent to jail forever. I’ll call her Lara Lorraine or something. 

Jane pitches an article about her for Scarlet and goes to interview her and falls in love at first sight. This woman is drop-dead gorgeous and insanely smart, but also kind and kinda sassy. 

Jane and Lara keep finding ways to keep in touch and eventually become really close friends who support each others’ careers and achievements. Jane introduces Lara to Sutton and Kat after a few weeks or so and she immediately clicks with all of them. The four meet up for lunches as often as they can, which isn’t always that often given their hectic schedules.

Jane does get together with Ryan (and lies to him about having orgasms because it’s what she does and it’s always been easier that way, why stop now) and while he’s not the worst boyfriend she’s had, she never has nearly as much fun with him (figuratively and literally) as she does when she’s with Lara and the girls. He’s always so pushy about sex and their relationship when she’d prefer to take things a little slower and have conversations about literally anything else. She knows it’s his job and all, but contrary to what Ryan believed, there were definitely bigger things in the world than sex and relationships. Sometimes she wanted to talk about those. Or the things that were less important like her favorite TV show or the book she’d finally finished reading or the completely non-sex-or-relationships related story she was trying to write about or the antics Sutton and Kat got up to or the ongoing sexual identity discovery that Kat was going through with Adena. Anything, literally anything else, but all Ryan ever wanted to talk about was sex, apparently.

Lara tends to get an earful about it because she’s around Jane less than Sutton and Kat are so she’s more receptive to Jane’s complaining. Eventually Lara just asks Jane why she’s still with him if she doesn’t like him that much. Jane realizes that she’s just trying not to hurt Ryan but is making herself miserable in the process. She makes sure to come up with a way to call it off with Ryan that won’t leave him brokenhearted in a train station on his birthday with zero closure. 

A few months later, after Sutton and Alex stop dancing around what was going on between them and finally officially get together and Kat and Adena decide to move in together, Jane finally realizes what feelings of her she’d been avoiding and ignoring for so long.

She makes a trip to Lara’s office that day, after she finishes up that article she was working on, obviously. No one was worth losing her career over, but she probably could have done a little more editing than she did.

Needless to say, Lara was very happy to see her.

I keep watching the scene where Adena shows up after Kat sends her that “I can’t do this” text on repeat and it’s got me FUCKED UP. Like. Number one, Adena/Nikohl looks DAMN SEXY when she’s angry. Number two, she is so sweet? Like she just wants Kat to communicate with her and actually lets her know that she would never want Kat to feel uncomfortable with what was going on between them? And number three, after Kat says “I can walk you out”, Adena like adjusts her purse thing on her shoulder and then after she says “no need” she kind of like sniffs? Like she’s about to cry? Why am I torturing myself? Did she cry on her way out of the Steinem Publications building? Do we feel like she’s even a crier at all? I love her so much??


It’s interesting to note that it’s the way i draw the face (in particular the nose/eyes) and my digital lineart art the most noticeable. I wonder why? I’ve been using simple shapes (in Mark’s case, a half circle) for eyes and i never thought of it as particularly notable. I like to think of my style as a hodgepodge of features that i liked in other artist’s styles and combined them into what it is now. Thank you for y'alls input, it’s really interesting!