why is it trapped though

There’s blood everywhere, they fly home, and clean the ship themselves, surely no worse for wear from the experience. Blood comes out of everything, right?

Seventeen, Chill Songs, and Headcanons


1. Pick a boy
2. Read the headcanon
3. Close your eyes and press play
4. Live the headcanon

A/N: this is a new concept, so let me know what you think, okay?

S.Coups: Me And Your Mama by Childish Gambino

Imagine sitting around the kitchen table, a big window on the wall, but it’s too late at night to see outside. It’s the first few chilly days of fall, meaning you haven’t quite convinced yourself to turn on the heat for the year. Instead, you and S.Coups sit next to each other at the table, sharing a blanket while you both lazily munch on popcorn. Nothing seems relevant, but this song playing quietly around you and how your body curves into Seungcheol’s.

Jeonghan: 졸려 Sleepy by Sodam

Despite all the curtains open painting the bedroom in a white film, despite how many times you had previously tried to wake Jeonghan up, he refuses. You would pull the covers away, only to see that that didn’t bother him. You would try everything, but somehow he would always find a way to grab your hand and pull you back into bed, wrapping his body around yours tightly. The alarm would still be going off, as it had been for ten minutes. When he pulled you into bed for the final time you would settle after hearing the radio from the alarm play this song. The world had a funny sense of humor sometimes.

Joshua: Nano (TK Kaleidoscope Remix) by Spangle call Lilli line

Maybe you knew the words to this song, maybe you didn’t; within the moment though, but when you listened to it with Joshua you felt as though these lyrics, this beat, the tone of voice was made specifically for this moment. You had been trapped with Joshua in this recording room for a few hours, however you weren’t really trapped, either of you could have left at any time. It just didn’t feel right to. When this song played, when you rested your head in his lap and laid out your body on the cold hardwood floor, his fingers laced in your hair, you understood why you were trapped. It felt as though the universe had kept you two together to live out this moment, a moment where everything was truly perfect.

Jun: Night Time by The fin.

Just like the lyrics stated, it was the middle of the night. When you would look back at this day in the future you wouldn’t be able to say why you were out in the first place. You had taken a break from your late night drive in the middle of nowhere, stopping at a gas station. This song would play over the system and for some unknown reason, the moment it started Jun would look at you with such passion in his eyes, such youthful excitement. He would grab your hand and dance with you in a gas station in the middle of nowhere, a smile on his face that matched yours the whole time.

Hoshi: April by In Love With A Ghost

You hadn’t remembered putting this song on your phone, and maybe you didn’t, maybe one day the sky looked down at you and Hoshi, smiled, and gifted it to you. You were walking down the sidewalk of some suburban neighborhood, a car whizzing by you every few moments. One earbud in your ear, the other one in Hoshi’s. This song would play and even though you had never heard it before it just felt… special. Your arms would brush against each other, the bare skin mingling. You felt as though whatever higher power there was above, it had handcrafted you this moment.

Wonwoo: Oh My God by Rheehab

Hearing this song wouldn’t be a one time deal, in fact it was Wonwoo’s favorite. It had the perfect mix between hip hop and a chill vibe. Every spare moment you two would spend together, every lazy day, every few minutes you could scavenge together would be spent holding hands, resting on each other’s shoulders, lazily sleeping with this song on repeat in the background. Every time you would hear this song you couldn’t help but smile to yourself.

Woozi: F*ck Me and Feed Me by Rendezvous At Two

You two would both be laying in bed, the day just falling into the cusp of evening. You would have your head resting on his shoulder, one of his hands would be lazily gliding over your arm while the other would be scrolling through music on Youtube. It moment seemed perfect the minute he opened up this song, despite the words to them the soft beat and the melodic voice would pull the both of you in. He would rest his head next to yours, and for the next four minutes it would feel like you were the only two people in the world.

Mingyu: So Faded 텅 빈 by BEVY MACO

The soft lapping of the warm water in the tub would be the only sound besides the beat that this song was creating. You would be resting against Mingyu’s chest in the bath, only this moment wouldn’t feel like a moment of sexual tension, but rather a moment of comfort and sweet intimacy. You felt completely at home in this small bathtub next to the love of your life as a beautiful, beautiful song played ever so innocently in the background.

DK: Peach Pit by Peach Pit

Imagine driving down an empty road much faster than you should with the car radio and it’s shitty sound system pumping out this song. It’s way too hot out, the windows rolled way down, DK’s sweaty hand clasping around yours with his other hands on the wheel. You two would share a peach lemonade, with only one straw because DK forgot he was supposed to be cute and get another. You would just close your eyes, feeling the wind in your hair and your hand in DK’s. What bliss.

The8: Sad and Boujee (Remix) by elijah who

Even though the lyrics to this song aren’t exactly the nicest, the moment he decided to play it in the dance studio you felt as though you had never heard a song as sweet. You two had been in the dance studio for hours, you happily watching and talking to Minghao as he danced every now and then. He would just look at you with a big smile as this song created the most wonderful vibe in the room, even if you hadn’t wanted to dance before you would want to now.

Seungkwan: I Kissed a Girl She Kissed Me by Kid Bloom

You would be waiting for your flight to arrive and take you back home in the airport, clicking on whatever song caught your eye as you passed the time. Seungkwan’s head would be resting in your lap as he tried to pass the time by sleeping. At one point, he would take the phone from your hands and pick out this song to show you. His eyes would stay locked yours trying to gage your response to it. Seungkwan had the kindest gaze and when the song mixed with it, you could feel nothing but warmth inside.

Vernon: Is feat. POP ETC by Kanno Yoko

It had been a day at the beach, the gritty sand had stuck itself under your feet, only you didn’t seem to mind. Vernon had hooked his phone up to the speaker so the only thing you could hear besides whatever song played was the crashing of the waves on the beach. You were sharing an ice cream with this song began, the day finally coming to the end. You would watch the sun set over the beach and hear this song play in the background as Vernon playfully fed you ice cream.

Dino: Chippoke na Ai no Uta (Music Box Version) by Sakurako Ohara

You two had just returned home from a day of sledding in the first snow of the year. Both of your cheeks were stained a deep rosy red as Chan tried to warm your hands in his, every once and awhile blowing hot air into his hands that cupped around yours. This song would play from the other room, probably from one of your roommates choosing to listen to it. The sweet melody of the song would warm you up as you two could do nothing but smile at one another.


Chocobro Cuddling Headcanons

(I seriously have no idea where I went with any of these. There is no theme. Ardyn killed it with his sense of style. who even wears fedoras anymore??? Totally not me.)


  • After he gets over the initial shyness and awkwardness, Noct is seriously like the best cuddler ever and his s/o is just like “how????
  • Is it because he sleeps so much?? His s/o honestly does not know. Whatever it is, he always knows the best positions (get your mind out of the gutter)
  • He’ll cuddle up to his s/o or vice versa and then he’ll wrap his arms around them and wow, he’s really warm
  • Always knows the right time to cuddle, which is all the time
  • Sometimes his s/o will drift off into a light sleep and Noct will take the opportunity to trace his fingers along his s/o’s skin and any scars they may have and tell them how beautiful they are, how lucky he is to have them. 
  • His s/o heard him one time and told him “thank you” in a sleepy voice
  • He had to look away because his face was so red
  • Once took his s/o away from their job just because he wanted to nap with them
  • He was the prince, it’s not like their boss could really do anything, right?
  • Correct
  • His s/o’s boss didn’t say anything the next day expect very politely asking if they could do some extra hours that week. They were fine with it and apologized after accepting.
  • Its happened so many times now that their boss just gives them a stare, they can tell how many more hours they’ll have to do through the bags under their boss’s eyes.


  • Loves cuddling but also hates it??
  • He just melts into his s/o’s arms when they hold him and loves it he gets to bear hug his s/o and bury his nose in his s/o’s neck and their smell and their warmth and gosh he just loves his s/o so much 
  • But he’s always so self conscious and worries about whether or not he’s holding them too tightly, whether his hair is messed up and is making him look odd, concerns that don’t even pertain to that moment and so many more
  • His s/o just takes all of that away though
  • They can calm him down and store all of his worries and concerns away with a few words and a loving embrace
  • Clumsy af
  • Will totally let his hands wonder without his knowledge and touch something that will get him some choice replies 
  • His s/o will probably just laugh it off to be honest, they’re chill with it and just chuckle at how red he gets
  • When it isn’t his s/o, Prompto will cuddle up to anyone he’s comfortable with, i.e. Noctis, Gladio, Ignis (me)
  • All three have woken up at least twice to find Prompto wrapped around some random part of their body
  • Ignis had to peel him off of his leg to prepare breakfast


  • Almost always the big spoon, he can’t help it, he’s a big guy (if you know what I mean)
  • Loves holding his s/o in his arms
  • Hands travel, a lot
  • Who needs a blanket? Gladio is basically a giant heater. His s/o’s feet do get cold a lot though so they like to have something on them
  • Gladio is the reason his s/o has to cuddle up to him when they sleep together. He’ll purposely take up the entire bed by bending his limbs into at the weirdest angles and laying on all of the blankets until they agree to. By then they’re trapped in his arms (why would you even want to leave though?)
  • Hums a lot when he’s hugging his s/o. There’s never really a reason or even a coherent song, he just does it
  • One time he just kind of rolled over and fell asleep. Not good times for his s/o
  • Just imagine the 6″ 6′(198cm) (holy shit, he’s 6″ 6′, holy shit) man boulder casually crushing his s/o
  • He wasn’t asleep, he just wanted to mess with his s/o
  • “Sorry s/o, didn’t mean to hurt you. I do really like the sounds you were making, though” Some weird combination between a laugh and a growl and a purr and it’s just…I’ll let you interpret it
  • “Gladio, you almost crushed my lung, I need a doctor, not a dick.”


  • Ignis wasn’t much for anything very physical when he and his s/o first started dating. He never got the chance to really experience that many romantic relationships with how busy he always had to be.
  • But HOO BOI can this man get romantic!
  • I won’t get into the specifics now, but since his s/o can’t always spend as much time with him as they wish, simple yet extravagant surprise will most often be waiting for them.
  • Later into their relationship, when both are much more comfortable with each other (the time it takes for that always depends on how long they knew each other beforehand) and Ignis is too tired or neither are feeling up for going out, Ignis and his s/o will usually just bundle up together on a couch or bed and talk about their days. 
  • His longer-than-average limbs (and something else…I’m not sorry) will surround his s/o and they would arrange themselves on his chest (okay, not their entire body, I don’t even know how that would work) and often play w/ his hair. 
  • Iggy will often take his glasses off and close his eyes, allowing himself to enjoy the presence of his s/o
  • They like to trace his scars, especially after the occurrences following the crystal, only when he allows them to though, Ignis is very self conscious about his scars.
  • Ignis just likes to give in sometimes. He just wants to be able to let go, have the stress leave him for just a spell, and be content for once. He always has at least five things going on in his mind at once that need to be planned and perfect; not counting anything involving the prince/king (Pring? Pringle. Noctis is a Pringle). At times the man just has to let his s/o unbutton his collar, hold him close, and whisper sweet nothings into his ear. He just needs to relax

(So much italicization, is that a word? If it is, I like it. I am really having trouble with words today, more than usual.)

“I want to eat you.”

Inseong just laughed it off, assuming Zuho said that because he was acting cute. What didn’t make sense to him though was why he was moving closer to him, trapping him at the edge of the bed.

“I bet you’d look so pretty with your face pressed into that pillow.”

“W-what?” Inseong was then pushed down onto the mattress, propped up on his elbows. He watched Zuho crawl up his body with wide eyes and parted lips until his chest was being pushed down, laying him flat.

“And you’d look gorgeous moaning my name…” Zuho says lowly, rubbing his thumb across Inseong’s bottom lip slowly. Zuho leans down and licks at his earlobe, taking it in between his lips to suck on it lightly. Inseong doesn’t move, he’s too stunned, but his fingers are curling into his palms at the warm, wet feeling of Zuho’s tongue. The mans lips begin trailing down his jawline to his neck, leaving kisses all over. A tiny mewl erupts from Inseong’s throat and he tenses up at his own reaction, not knowing how to feel.

When Zuho’s hand wraps around his hip, he turns his head to the side and shuts his eyes, a bit worried about what’s to come.

“You wanna turn around for me, baby? Show me that nice tight ass?”

Inseong immediately blushes, the dirty, suggestive words leaving Zuho’s mouth making him feel a certain type of way. It’s unfamiliar. Zuho moves his lips up to the shell of his ear.

“C'mon…for me?”

The low, raspy and somewhat commanding voice making Inseong begin to lean up and turn around, honestly in disbelief he’s doing so. Zuho’s hand presses down on the middle of his back, then slides down his spine until he can rest it just above his ass, using his other hand to slide under Inseong’s body and push up on his lower abdomen. Inseong has been brought to push his ass up and arch his back, his thighs spread around Zuho.

“Z-Zuho..what are you gonna do?” Inseong asks nervously, his voice barely above a whisper.

“I’m going to eat you out, do you know what that means?” Inseong gives a small nod, bending an arm to partially cover his face with his hand. “Stay like this for me, okay?” He asks of Inseong as he slides his hands under his hips to undo his belt and jeans. Inseong shivers in anticipation, still confused but somehow intrigued. His body sure wasn’t rejecting whatever Zuho was doing, so he figured he could go along with it for now.

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I love the mermaid imagine you did! Could you give us a little more of that with the same characters?

The same characters? That was… Junkrat, McCree, and Reaper. It’s Mer-May (ahhh) so I’m all for the mermaid ideas. So lemme see what I can cook up…

You’ve been on the boat for much longer than you had first thought you would be. The man (he told you a name, but you couldn’t stop thinking of him as “the man” at times) had gotten some sort of message on a device that made a shrill ringing sound. You hadn’t heard all of the conversation, but you did know when he told you there was a “change in plans.” You didn’t exactly know what that meant, but that was a few days ago, and the two of you had been together on the boat for a while.

A few days could tell you a lot about a person. Like…

Junkrat; The fact that Jamie’s shell wasn’t closed up very tight. You had heard of a human phrase for it, but had no idea what loose screws had to do with anything. Though you wouldn’t trust him anywhere near your city, you had grown a bit fond of him. He was loud, crude, and not the most well mannered. But he kept you fed and entertained, and for every bit of entertainment he provided you with you responded with information about sunken wrecks you used to frequent. He seemed to like the idea of a lot of treasure. “Ships like that are worth a lot,” he had told you when you asked why he was so interested, fiddling with something he had called a “finger trap,” though you were sure it was not meant to be used under water. “Why do you need so much money?” you asked. He hadn’t responded to that question, leading you to the assumption there was something he couldn’t exactly tell you.

“So when will you let me go, Jamie?” you had taken to calling him that because it annoyed him, and anything that annoyed him was entertaining to you. He told you that there was a new drop off point, and that he had to refuel in a port and pick up a friend. You supposed you were a little more concerned with that, since you were only just getting used to him, but Jamison talked so highly of this “Mako” that you could only hope he would be friendly. You found yourself yearning for home, though, and wishing to be back in the sea. You had space in your tank but you wanted to really stretch out. It was impossible in this cramped space. Jamison began noticing this, and he seemed… sympathetic. He thought you didn’t notice his little glances when you rested at the bottom of the tank, but you did. You wondered when you started to think it was endearing, that he worried for you. You wondered when he was less scary and more charming. You wondered when you stopped thinking of your tank as your prison.

McCree; The way Jesse McCree “smoked like a chimney” (his words, not yours) and tended to stick close to your tank, as if he was afraid you would disappear if he took his eyes off you. Him being so close let you notice so much about him; from the courser hair along his jaw to the brown of his eyes. You thought he would be an attractive mer, but he was human, and you did not ever think about relationships with humans. He had said it would be a two day trip back to the mainland, but he had received a message and come and told you that plans had changed. A two day trip was suddenly longer, and you couldn’t talk to anyone else except Jesse. He was always polite to you, had even allowed you a moment of reprieve from his ever watchful gaze when he emptied and refilled your tank.

“Why are you doing what you do, Jesse?” you asked him while you watched him go through the motions of checking over his boat (a boat! that’s what it was called). He didn’t answer you, for a long while, before he sighed and walked over to your tank. He looked up at a hand resting on your tank now. “You ever love someone, darlin’?” he asked you. You didn’t know if you could answer that in the way he might want you too, but you shook your head. He closed his eyes and snorted. “Maybe one day you will.” You weren’t always the most perceptive mer. Your friends always said that you could be on the further side of the empathetic scale, but when you looked at Jesse then, you could feel the emotion he felt. There was sorrow, so much of it. You wanted to reassure Jesse, if you could. But when you wanted to be kind, to reach out to him and touch him and remind him that you were there, your hand touched glass, and you remembered that you were still his captive. It was a sad reminder.

Reaper; The little mannerisms Gabriel had. When you had finished the little puzzles he tossed into your tank, one by one, he had conceded some hidden point to you. After, he had settled down next to your tank with a knife and a piece of wood in his hands. He would flick pieces off and every few runs of his knife through the wood he would pause and inspect his work. You watched him for hours, curious, before Gabriel even realized you were keeping your eyes trained on him. His laugh was nice; it was loud but it wasn’t unkind. You pretended you hadn’t been watching even though it was completely obvious. He thought you were funny, even when you didn’t mean to be. You had even tried your hand at cheering him up when he received that message from his friend.

“It is not the end of the world, Gabriel,” you told him when he was sulking. He kept stomping about, making these angry noises after each message he received. “Why does he have to be such an ass?” Gabriel sighed, finally settling down against your tank again. You settled as close to him as your tank would allow, resting against it. The little collection of puzzles Gabriel had allowed you to have sat at the opposite end, completed. “And it’s always on his terms. I tell him I have the catch of the century, no offense, and he decides he wants to stretch things out. Why do I do this to myself?” You listened with a patient ear, webbed fingers pressing against the glass a bit. “You do this because he is your best friend. I cannot say why he does this to you, but your willingness to put up with him makes you such a valuable friend.” Gabriel looked at you, just then, an emotion you couldn’t quite identify in his eyes. He settled down again, a small smile on his face now. “You know, when I prove to Jack that I’m the better fisherman, I’m gonna come visit you.” You liked that idea a lot.


aaand suddenly I’m crying


  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: If Yuka didn't pee in the bucket, then who did? Who peed in the bucket? And why couldn't Yuka just pee in the bucket? It would have saved Satoshi a whole lot of time and trouble if Yuka just peed in the bucket.
Cherry Blossom Queen

Author: @moonfox22

Notes: Rated T. For @kyo-chans, who requested snow, school AU, and hot chocolate.



Kakashi’s heart skipped a beat at the voice and he looked over his shoulder. Sure enough, there she was. Bright smile and rosy cheeks, her pink hair swaying as she jogged towards him. She looked like a mess, her shirt was buttoned wrong and her blue sweater was falling off her shoulder from her book bag dragging it down. Her red ribbon in her hair was even lopsided. But to Kakashi - and plenty of other guys - she was beautiful.

Haruno Sakura. She was a year above him and was known among most of the first years – and even some of the second years - as the Cherry Blossom Queen. He had thought the name was ridiculous when he was a first year, but after seeing her he could see where she’d gotten it from. She was just as beautiful as he had heard and almost every guy was after her. He didn’t know her very well, but she was friends with a couple of the guys in his club. He wasn’t very good friends with her, but it didn’t stop him from having a crush on her. She never paid anyone any mind, though, letting down every guy that was brave enough to ask her out.

He stopped in his walk, turning to greet her with a crinkled eye smile. She smiled back at him, a little breathless from her jog to him. Kakashi tried not to watch as her chest moved as she breathed. “Good morning, Sakura-senpai.”

Sakura rolled her eyes. “You don’t have to call me senpai, Kakashi-kun.”

Kakashi didn’t reply and just gestured to her shirt, “You buttoned it wrong. Running late again?”

Sakura chuckled as she dropped her book bag to the floor. Kakashi barely heard her answer as she – not the least bit shy – started to unbutton her blouse. She had a camisole under it but it was white and he could see the red flowers from her bra. How fitting. “Like you’re one to talk.”

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Part 3- Family Ties

Still trying to find a good title :/

Part 1

Part 2


“Well I’d love to hear it,” he said matter-of-factly.

“Both sides of my family come from a long line of hunters,” you began. “My father’s side came over from Europe in 1810. My mothers, however, were over here right after the Pilgrims, each one with holy water and an iron stake in their luggage.”

Dean muttered, “Fresh off the boat and ready to go, huh?”

“Yah,” you said, “the Colt’s are always on their game from what I understand.”

“Wait!” Dean stopped you quickly. “Did you say Colt?!” You nodded. “You’re a Colt?! You’re related to Samuel Colt?” You nodded again. “Well I’ll be damned.”

“Yah, my mom was the last Colt one from his line, I’ve got the blood but not the name.” He seemed impressed and intrigued. “My family has been kicking demon ass for ever. In the mid to mid 1800s Samuel Colt came across this area. He took it upon himself to make a town…a safe haven…for people, regular or hunters.”

“How could he make this place safe,” Dean interjected?

A smile made its way onto your face. “He started with this house. The fence is iron and goes around the whole property. Why not just jump it though, right? Within the grass are devils traps. Almost every square inch of the land is part of one trap or the other. The grass might look the same but there are different types of grass, different in the slightest color, that make up the traps. Below that is a tunnel system that was made later, traps all over. The trees were planted to form traps, everything that made the house was doused in holy water or has iron in it. Samuel ran tests after he finished the property, he’d catch whatever monster he hunted and would bring it back here just to see if it could make it into the house. None of them did.

“From there he and his most trusted, ugh, colleagues if you will, did the same thing building all the buildings, homes, and lots in town.”

“Really? You’re telling me that I could have brought those vampires back to the house down the street and they wouldn’t be able to get in the house,” he asked.

“Yup. One of the nastier tricks. Each entry point has a small amount of dead man’s blood under it.”

“But that wouldn’t stop a vampire from entering.”

“There’s a spell along with them, it’s in this thing called enochian,” there is no way he will get this, you thought.

“Really. You know about enochian?” You were very surprised.

“Yah, a…ugh….friend of mine speaks it,” the tone in his voice was dry, like he knew something you didn’t. You gave him a questioning look. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me,” if only he knew.

“He’s an angel,” it looked like he was waiting for you to laugh in his face.

“Most people don’t know about them. Heck, from what I understand neither did Samuel until later in the 1800’s, he had to go back and update what had already been built. I’ve never met one but I know the symbols. The right symbols paired with the blood makes it impossible for vamps to cross into the home, almost all the houses have them so the whole property is impenetrable.”

“That’s badass.”

“Years later the whole town was complete and warded against the supernatural. Everyone

here know about the supernatural, all most all of the families come from hunters, most of them have retired but still teach their kids about what happens in the real world. The other families may not believe in the supernatural but they’ve heard the rumors around town and know what to do should they ever need protection.”

“It’s a great thing you’ve got going here (Y/N).”

“Yah, I’m lucky. I love this town. And the house. After Samuel got settled in with his family his kids took over the house, they’d get married and have kids, adding on to the house as their numbers grew. The Brady bunch house stopped with my mom’s parents. My grandpa was an only child, as was my mother, and as am I. Now it’s just me and my dog.” The end of the story was accompanied by a comfortable silence. Both of you seem to realize the time and yawned. The bottle was dry, the chips were all crumbs.

Dean stood up and cleaned the table, “Bedtime, huh?” You walked up the stairs together, before you closed your door you heard, “Goodnight (Y/N).”

“Goodnight Dean. Oh,” he turned around, “I’d love to meet this angel friend of yours sometime.”

“Whatever you’d like.” You shut your door and fell into bed. Sleep came easy after that.


The sea breeze caught his neck, briny beyond the hint of green, and the wetness to bear it of course. Mine hadn’t given that a moment’s thought, the last and only other time he’d been here       now, all the reality of that aside, it wasn’t hard to see why that plot of land had been wanted. Reminiscence like that, though, trapped in a blink or slightly more, was still fine to fade when he opened his eyes again.

He’d already been standing at the gate for that. If he didn’t know much, much better the house looked like it didn’t have a dent. ‘あさがお’, carved into and painted on one board, above the center door, and on a second one against the half wall in front, bordering the plot, still told him where he needed to be. As close as he stood to it, Mine’s hand brushed against the stone, one of the framing pillars to the place, that one of the pair of shīsā sat on; not many things had been salvageable, but he guessed these pieces were.

Looking at its face, mouth closed       the lion dog keeping in its teeth       Mine then still went further, at last. Walking to the middle of the entrance, well-trodden sand under his shoes, he couldn’t see a stone to stop him going up to the door. With so much as the yard empty, afternoon as Yoshitaka stepped into it, he thought the children were still in school. This time, he’d come here alone, too.

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So someone care to explain why you guys are trapped down here while there are a bunch of sanses trapped upstairs. Like why can't you hang out?



DLRG family and Their Addchildren

Trying my best to summarize the DLRG family with Addchildren. These were made together with timetracertrash and kirakat18 :3


  • DLRG is a pair of famous assassin.
  • DL got this job to kill someone who’s doing nasty things to children and using orphanage as his cover.
  • When he went to burn the building to destroy the evidences, he found the seven Add(s).
  • Because they were so cute, he couldn’t leave them there. He decided to bring them home. RG was shocked when he saw the childrens, but he was even more shocked when DL said that he wanted to raise them.
  • RG gave up refusing DL when he saw baby base!Add.

Characters’ Age:
DL+RG: 27 | MM+LP+DiE (triplets): 10 | PT+AT (twins): 6 | TTr: 4 | BaseAdd: 1 (baby)

Handling the Children

  • When the kids get too noisy, DL would call demons and threaten to make the demons stay in their rooms. Cue loud screaming and crashing as the children try to run to their beds. During all of this chaos, DL just like sits on the couch and looks really proud of himself  the whole time. And then a vase breaks and he’s just like “l0l don’t tell your mother”.
  • RG would just offer to give them cookies if they calm down, while holding a crying base!Add and patting TTr who’s trying to hide behind him.

More About the Children

  • LP admires DL a lot and wants “to be cool like Daddy”. He tried to become a bad boy and even tried to dye part of his hair blue once.
  • MM is the angsty 10 years old who keeps questioning why he’s trapped in this kind of family. Deep down inside, though, he really loves his family. He’s always trying to act tough and mature but when he’s down he quickly runs to find RG and asks for a hug.
  • DiE is the troll and he is trying to educate TTr in his ways.
  • TTr just wants to sleep.

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Character age changes in Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Love Trap (GREE):

Age in the original game -> Age in Love Trap

Eisuke: 29 -> 28
Soryu: 28 -> 29
Mitsunari: 35 -> 30
Outa: 24 -> 21
Mamoru: 30 -> 35
Mad Hatter: ?? -> 24