why is it that i a straight man

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Hey goop, sorry ask you about this, but am I gross for liking men. I'm trans masculine but I feel like I'm pretending almost? Like I can be gay because I'm trans, or that I'm a predator. It feels like I'm disgusting when I crush on men, especially straight men, even when I don't act on it.

Ohmygosh angel no no!!!

My big strong boy, you ARE a man! and like, a pretty strong one!

You are not “faking it” and you are not disgusting for liking other dudes, theres nOTHING wrong about being gay and trans!

Tho, I know why you may feel like that, people shame on trans gay people so much is disgusting…

I know it can take a lil, but please dear, remember that you are NOT disgusting for crushing on guys!! you are free to love and be whoever you want!!

It may take a lil but I know you can get through that!! 

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Do you think The Straights are more likely to ship non-canon couples because this way they fit their idea of gay people being nothing but puppets for their imaginary scenarios and not real, breathing, loving people?

I think a big issue is that gay people are still seen as otherly. We’re something to be viewed for entertainment. 

Our romance, our sexuality, our culture is different from theirs so they fetishize it. They create a whole idea of HOW gay culture is because it is something they’re barred from and they hate it. I have written about this a lot on my main so I won’t go too deep, but it’s the same reason why lesbian p*rn and Yaoi are so popular with straight men/women. 

They’re able to ingest gay culture, especially the sex side of it, without dealing with real gay people+our issues. No straight man wants to hear about my gf and I planning a date, buying fitted sheets, or cooking dinner. They wanna know about us fucking and that’s it. 

I mean, listen to how straight women talk about gay bars. They go because it’s “weird” and “taboo”. They laugh at drag queens, they laugh because “Omg that lesbian just flirted with me!!!!”, and then leave to go back to their heterosexual life. They don’t care about the role gay bars have had in our rights, how they’re tied to the problem of alcoholism in the community, or that they’re the only place for us to meet safety. That’s not the side of gay culture they want. 

They want the taboo sex, the pride parades, and the funny drag queens. Us being living breathing people doesn’t fit into it. 

Why King Harkinian is the best King of Hyrule:

  • Cares more about peace than war: “This peace is what all true warriors strive for.” [1]
  • When Gwonam came to the King to tell how Ganon had seized Korradai his first instinct was: “How can we help?” Clearly a selfless man willing to help another Kingdom in need.[1]
  • When he thought that Duke Onkled was under attack from Ganon, he went straight to Gamelon to help him out - another selfless deed and willing to go all the way there just to help him out in the flesh [2]
  • He soothes Zelda’s fears, and makes a smart decision, by taking the Triforce of Courage to protect him  [2]
  • Another smart decision by suggesting Zelda to send Link if he isn’t heard from within a month [2] 
  • Clearly an assertive King as he is able to silence everyone with a simple “Enough”, it’s clear he has power but isn’t feared for it [2]
  • A simple man - still thinks about dinner so he must obviously be respected by his people as he could be considered a relatable ruler [2]
  • Clearly a formidable opponent in duels as Link claims Ganon would be “no match for the King”  [2]
  • Thanks Zelda for saving him - not condescending or unbelieving but genuinely thankful for his daughter saving his life [3]
  • Gives proper punishment for those who deserve it, doesn’t let Duke Onkled get out scot free [3]
  • Respected by his royal guards: he calls him “Your Majesty” and “My Liege”, and follows his orders once again showing that Harkinian has power [3]
  • Enjoys spending time with his daughter, holds her dear to him - doesn’t put a ton of pressure on her, and just enjoys her company (see the ending) [3]

If you’re ever asked by a straight person who is your celebrity crush but you’re not out and your brain decides to take a vacation on lesbian island and you can’t come up with the name of a single man that was ever famous just say Chris. The other person will immediately say the Chris of their choice amongst the 50 that are famous and you just agree with them.

some of the best customers I’ve had at Dollar General
  • the woman who comes in every day and buys a single can of cat food. The brand she buys has the deal that if you buy 5 cans, you get them for $2. When I told her that she said “I don’t need five at once. Terrence only needs one a day.”
  • The old man who came in and asked me “Why do you think McDonalds doesn’t sell hotdogs?” When I told him I didn’t know, he said “Well, I guess it would be hard to keep a straight face and order a McWeenie.”
  • The teenage girl whose boyfriend held her foot up as she hopped around the store to get her things. Come to find out that she had lost her flip flop and didn’t want to step on the floor with her bare foot.
  • The elderly spanish man who comes in every day to get a pack of Marlboro Lights. His english isn’t very good, so when I asked him if he wanted shorts or 100s, he looked at me confused. Realizing he didn’t understand, I said “Pequeño ?” His face lit up and nodded enthusiastically. Now every time he leaves, he smiles and says “Hasta mañana” and I say it back.
  • The other day when I was outside on a smoke break, he was riding on a bike and yelled ”HASTA MANANAAAAAA” as he rode by.
  • The old woman who came in and bought 24 air fresheners. I asked her if she was stocking up, and she told me about how she got a new boyfriend who lived in a mansion, and that she was putting one in each of the rooms. She then proceeded to tell me about how the mansion is haunted.
  • The little kid who was probably around 4 or 5 who ripped open a pack of skittles. As me and the people in line watched the skittles scatter across the floor, he looked up and said. “It wasn’t me.” 
Casual breakdown of all the gay homoerotic Gafou goodness from Disney's first canon gay subplot:

▪️when Gaston says he likes a girl and LeFou is all, “why do you need a girlfriend when we have each other?”
▪️LeFou freaking the fuck out every time a woman looks at Gaston
▪️LeFou straight up telling women to back the fuck off before sashaying smugly after Gaston
▪️"I’m not done with you"
▪️LeFou looking wistful and practically drooling while Gaston describes a life married to him in a cozy house
▪️LeFou straight up rubbing Gaston’s ears and massaging his body
▪️…and Gaston freaking out when he realizes another man who isn’t LeFou has taken over the massage
▪️LeFou singing about Gaston’s heart breaking abilities
▪️the cabaret worthy moment when LeFou throws himself on a table and sings about how manly Gaston is
▪️LeFou crawling around on all fours while Gaston sings about “shooting from behind”
▪️obviously when LeFou twirls into Gaston’s arms and snuggles the fuck up
▪️Gaston picking LeFou up to demonstrate his strength (how were they so good at that? Like this was definitely practiced)
▪️the infamous BELLY BITE from when Gaston and LeFou “wrestled” (this might be the crowning gay moment of them all tbh)
▪️Gaston grabbing LeFou’s chin and cupping his face and gazing into his eyes in a deliberate attempt to disorientate and manipulate through sexy intimacy

Hit me up if I missed anything, there was such a sea of gay some of it might have passed me by

Fallout 4 is written like a novel. I can’t quite articulate why that’s the case, except for the very palpable sense that Bethesda had a very clear idea of how the game should be played and enjoyed. You’re supposed to be a straight man, a former soldier who loves and misses his wife and child. It doesn’t matter if you do anything else because the game restricts dialogue options and forces you down that path regardless (Piper’s interview and the confrontation with Kellogg are the biggest offenders). Characters react to you as if you’ve been single-mindedly tracking your infant son, even if you’ve spent 80% of your playtime doing drugs and playing Sim Settlement.

You don’t even have the option to emphasize the loss of your spouse in conversation, you have to go “oh my poor baby!” Playing the main Fallout 4 quests feels like playing with a newbie DM who’s really, really attatched to their plot. There’s no freedom of play or expression. Honestly, I feel like the correct way to play is to rush through the main plot and then dick around in the post-nuclear sandbox guilt-free, without the specter of Todd Howard leaning over your shoulder hissing “but what about your baby?”

why the Live Boston Stunt Spectacular is the best episode of TAZ

-Jerald the Catwalk Boy
-“you have a beautiful body. but you do not have the soul of a champion-” / “I punch him in the face.” / “…Interesting.”
-“and that’s Griffin McElroy!” / “hi I play the part of Douglas. he’s a gnome thief.”
-Taako pretending to be straight is #relatable
-“you… you just want to be Stripe Man.”
-Angus using the Mage Hand that Taako taught him to save the day and Taako proudly shouting “that’s my boy! my beautiful magic boy!”
-Magnus clapping when Jeff Angel, his opponent, comes into the ring
-“I’m about to do something really out of character. I’m gonna do like a cleric thing.”
-Taako bursting into giggles when he is called a “powerful, master wizard”
-“this started out as kind of Andre the Giant-esque and then took a pivot towards fuckin’ DROOPY.” / “it’s like Droopy and Andre the Giant had a sad baby.”
-“I’m whispering mean things in his ear like ‘uh… you’re a poop” and 'nobody likes you rawr!’“
-"these guys seem like the kind of people who don’t call their dads!” / “and uhh that’s the end of his speech.”
-“I cast Zone of Truth!” / “I NEVER CALL MY DAD!”

reasons why haggar is a lesbian

made by me, a certified lesbian

• she’s the most powerful villain/person in the show
     • like seriously no one has anything on her
     • and lesbians/gay people are always more powerful than straight people

• no one fucking…listens to her
     • which is relatable so i mean…

• the only time she smiles around a man is when she’s torturing him
     • do i even need to explain this

• she’s magical and magic is gay
     • proof: have you ever read a fantasy book because holy shit even if the obviously        gay characters end up being straight (looking at you sarah j. maas) they’re still            pretty fuckign gay

• what straight girl dresses like this:

conclusion: haggar is a lesbian

I hate that there’s a limit to the Gay™ I can reasonably expect from modern media. Even though there are millions of books, movies, and tv shows with purely straight characters I could never hope for a show with more than a few or, god forbid, only queer characters. It’s like there’s an unspoken rule that I can’t hope for more than one, maybe two non-straight characters or relationships because any more would be ‘unrealistic’ or 'pandering’. Fucking pander to me man, to all the other queer people invested in the worlds you create, because it’s not fair that because there’s a lesbian couple there’s an invisible cap and now I’ll never see a bi main character, or that having a trans side character is “enough activism” and that trans character will never have another friend on the show like them. Why do you have to maroon all your gays in this heterosexual world? Why can’t you let us find each other??

  • straight people: *sees a baby boy make any gesture of acknowledgment to a girl* w0w wHAT a ladIES MAN!!! such a stUD!!
  • also straight people: *sees someone age 13-19 being romantic with someone of the same gender* i just don't understand??? like you can't know that you're gay until you're an adult??? why do you have to force your gay agenda on the children™???

I really love this image because it looks like Souda’s about to do something drastic and Komaeda is holding him back by the jumper like “No”

“Souda. Control Yourself”

I mean...

I wonder why Emerald City, which is a huge alegory of minorities (women,POC and LGTB+ community) fighting the white straight man, isn’t actually a huge thing in Tumblr and is struggling to get renewed.

I mean:

The female lead Dorothy is latina.

Almost 80% of the important charaters are female.

One of the most important character (only comparable with Dorothy) is a black character who has a female body but indentifies herself as male.

The Witch of West is openly bisexual.

Glinda, a character usually played by young pretty girls is played by an older actress (anti ageism)

The love interest of the female lead NEVER steals her importance, and has an story for his own. So is she.

Diverse secondary and extra cast.

The villain is literally a guy who had a HUGE inferiority complex of his colleages (TWO FEMALES AND A POC) because they were smarter than them + the Nice Guy complex since the girl prefer another guy (who is also latino) , so he boycotted their experiment to try to play the hero. This bring them to this new land, where his complex continued since he discovered that witches existed and he could NEVER be better than them. So he tried to dominate them all.

So we have a huge group of amazing and layered females agaisnt this guy.

I know the show isn’t perfect (the death of East wasn’t very well recieved, for example), but I truly wonder why this show isn’t a thing were there are shows with normal to bad writting and huge diversity problems being a thing with a huge fandom.

 My dear lgbt+ kids, 

There are posts calling out people for fetishizing gay relationships, and rightfully so. Certain people do fetishize gay relationships and that can not only be very uncomfortable but also damaging for gay people. 

But sometimes, those posts may (accidentally) confuse or worry questioning kids. That’s why i want to clarify some things. 

I’m straight but i love reading gay erotica because gay sex is so hot and sinful” is, quite obviously, fetishizing. While everyone is allowed to enjoy any kind of erotic fiction, the idea that gay erotica is “sinful” shows that the person sees it as morally wrong and is actually homophobic.  

The same applies to straight men who see “lesbian” as nothing but a porn category - basically to everyone who reduces gay people to “sex, sex, sex”. 

But what about “I’m a cis girl and i must be straight because I can see myself having sex with a man - but i don’t really see myself as a girl having sex with a man? It only feels right if i imagine us both as male. That’s why i actually prefer to read gay erotica, i can identify much better with that than with hetero erotica.. .”?  People with thoughts like this may feel as if they are fetishizing gay relationships and feel dirty and guilty - while they are actually simply on a journey to discover they’re a gay trans male. 

Reducing gay people to a sex fantasy is wrong, yes. But sometimes, questioning your gender idenity and/or sexual orientation starts out as fantasizing about sex. And i believe we need, as a community, need to be careful to not make young lgbt+ people who can not yet admit to themselves that they are lgbt+ scared of exploring their feelings by yelling “ Fetishizer!” at them. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom

One thing I never understood in the discourse, no matter if ace exclusionists, terfs or biphobes; the argument is always “cis straight people are using this identity to sneak into the LGBT community and steal our resources” and that leads me to one question: Why? Why would they? What use would a “straight man” have from saying they’re a trans lesbian? Why should somebody say they’re ace, why would people want to be a part of a MARGIALIZED GROUP, aka the LGBT community? Why would somebody want to get rid of their priviledge, just to be shunned by society, to recieve threats and hate? Just because they want PRIDE? Or what is your argument here, dear exclusionist?!

I just don’t get the logic behind this.

I’m absolutely floored at the fact that, when given the information that Floriana Lima is really a white woman and they’re having her play a non-white woman, these fans (many who go on and on about how *important* representation is) decided to double down on supporting her.  I’ve even reached out personally before and had them do that.  Sanvers will never be good representation because of its foundations, and if this were about pairing Maggie up with a man they would boycott the show.  But having a white woman play a woman of color while claiming to be a woman of color?  Apparently *that* is okay.  Ugh. 

I don’t know how they can complain about Mon-El and be okay with that.  Especially when they act like its because they’re tired of straight white men being in the center of everything.  Which is it?  If you’re so tired of whiteness than why is it okay to whitewash when its white women?  Why is it so “tiring’ to have to see a straight white man date Kara, but women of color are to be ignored if we say we’re tired of seeing Maggie’s fake tan shoved in our faces as “the next Lexa”? 


What the hell is it about white women in brown face that makes these fangirls (who are all about queer representation) feel like they need to support them?  Is it because its not really making them look at a woman of color?  Or its a woman of color without all of those “pesky” non-white features so they can still feel comfortable? 

the talk

inspired by this post by the absolutely stunning @captofthesswolfstar

Lily: James… He’s home.

James: When will they realise?

Lily: Oh, they know already. They are just scared to ask because then they will have to have the talk.

James: Birds and bees?

Lily: *stares*

James: What? That’s what my dad called it.

Lily: *shakes her head* You are a 10 year old boy, I swear.

James: Whatever, he has been lying for months straight, when are they gonna man up?

Lily: Maybe today’s the day.

James: They were like bunnies before someone even had the chance to give them the talk, that’s why they are like this. Idiots.

Lily: Who gave them the talk?

James: *grinning* Minnie.

Lily: *laughing* Okay, it makes sense now.

James: This is going to be fun.

Lily: I mean, they are a bit late but you have to appreciate their effort Jamie.

James: A bit? They can’t stay away from each other. This is way too late to have this talk.

Lily: I know. Anyways, here we go. I wish it was Remus’ turn to change the diaper. Sirius will make a mess of this.

Sirius: “It’s…well, you know, there’s bees and they…with the birds and all…”

Lily: Oh for goodness’ sake. He says birds and bees, too. Sex Pads, it’s called sex.

James: *laughing* Look at his face.

Remus: “We, um… We didn’t even know you had a girlfriend, Harry.

Lily: That’s because he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

James: Come on Moony! If you can’t figure this out who will? Come on mate.

Sirius: you’re sixteen, it’s normal that you’d be dating, you don’t have to lie to us-

Lily: Sirius. I’m going to murder him. He is not lying for Merlin’s sake. He doesn’t have a girlfriend.

James: These two were two of the brightest people in our year. I just– This is amazing.

Remus: Sirius, you idiot, he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

James: *applauding sarcastically* Finally Moony. 

Lily: Sirius is just a mess today, he still hasn’t caught on. 


Harry: I’ve got a boyfriend. 

James: FINALLY. *smirking* Lils, wait until he finds out who. He is gonna freak out so bad.

Lily: Would he make Harry feel bad about it?

James: I don’t think so but when he finds out about it, he might go into a fit or something. Remus will tame him, don’t worry.

Lily: Of all the people around him, it had to be blondie.

James: Potter men like going for the hardest possible person. It’s a hobby. 

Harry: Draco Malfoy.

Lily: That went better than I expected it to go.

James: Well, we are lucky those two managed to get Harry that night.

Lily: I can’t imagine what would have happened if they didn’t.

James: *shrugs* Dumbledore would have given him to Petunia or something. 

Lily: Ugh, what a nightmare that would have been.

James: I don’t even want to imagine. Let’s go on with the birds and bees talk please, it’s so fun to watch. 

some of you really have not calmed down ever… a lesbian will make a blatantly humorous post vaguely involving a man or acknowledge that a man is attractive on a casual level or be a fan of a male celebrity (things gay men and straight women are allowed to do regarding women without anyone batting an eyelash) and suddenly there are 5 anons in that tone going “um, sorry I’m just confused, why did you say ___ if you identify as a lesbian” and every time my liver and kidneys shrivel up and attempt to exit my body let another dyke live..