why is it that bathrooms have the best lighting

Ways to Make Your Morning Routine Magical Without People Knowing It Is In Fact Witchy *BREATHE*

I know that some of us may be in the woods when it comes to being a witch, and you may feel this prevents you from being a “good witch” SO what this entry is about is how to start your day off on a witchy start!
1. Waking Up

When you wake up, do a very small cleansing. Tell yourself “with the new sun there is a new me” and feel the energy of the new day go through you from the feet up as you step on the floor. Acknowledge this  day will only happen once, and make the most of it!

2. Bathroom Routine - Face Wash

You are quite literally cleaning your face, so why not clean your energy while you do it? Do a small glamor as well so others can see you only in the best light. When you wash your eyelids, have it correspond to your sight not being clouded by emotion, and stuff like that. Make this you!
If you are one to wear makeup, have your makeup correspond to your intentions. Lipstick can be that you can be heard if a dark color and if a light color have it that you do not say things which may offend others by accident, foundation can be that you are protected (like a shield) or people do not see your true intentions (sneaky McSneaker you!) and mascara can be to see true intentions, and well, anything!

3. Bathroom Routine - Brushing your Teeth (you better brush you nasty)

You are literally cleaning your mouth. CLEANSE THAT ENERGY. Your mouth can correspond to words, so maybe cleanse it in the way that your words remain kind, and to give a boost in having your words make sense to others especially if you struggle to get your sentences straight. This can also be good for luck on a presentation that you do not mumble, you seem confident, and you totally did not just BS this entire thing last night at 2am (whaaaaaat?!)

4. Bathroom Routine - Shower (if you shower in the morning)

Okay, so again with the literal to psychic cleansing. But seriously, the shit you can do in the shower besides peeing wait what. This is a perfect opportunity to cleanse those energy points my friend! CLEANSE THAT SHIT. Morning, night, middle of the day, cleeeasne that shiiiit! Nobody sees you in the shower do your shit but do not waste all the hot water that makes people pretty pissed. You can also clean off the negative energy that is on you, and literally wash it all away.

5. Breakfast (If you eat it)

So you are about to eat and probably with family. No problem! Look at what you are having, and this gets easier if you make your own- but look at the ingredients in it. Food has magical properties - USE IT. For example, I had eggs with cinnamon (judge me and I swear to the gods above)  Eggs, to me, symbolise protection and life, and “cinnamon can be used in magic for protection, prosperity, scrying, and warm, comforting love. Cinnamon is all about security“ (some website I found a long time ago). Find what your food means and incorporate that energy into your day!

6. Getting Somewehere

School, work, your mailbox, who cares? The simple way to make this witchy is get a stickynote, make a sigil for safe travels, and put it inside your shoe or in your pocket.

Fly me to the Moon

A/N: IM text and second to last part! xD 
Summary: It’s Christmas Time and Johan discovers the joys of instant messenger and unexpected surprises (Ft. Johnson Fam)
WordCount: 3313
Taggies: @hell-yes-puns-and-ships 
Warning: Panic attack/ Depressing thoughts

“Bow have you seen my watch?” Dre grumbled, rubbing his empty wrist as he crossed the large, open kitchen. He gently placed his hand on his wife’s shoulder and kissed the side of her face. “I just had it…”

“You mean this one?” She motioned to a black Rolex watch sitting on the counter right next to her cup of coffee. “Or that one.” She pointed, across the kitchen to the living room where another expensive watch sat folded neatly on the coffee table. “Or–”

“No it’s the gold one, the one I wear for my ‘Drop em like it’s hot’ meetings.” Dre smiled cockly, Rainbow arched an eyebrow not sure what he was talking about. “For the meetings where I drop some big news, big news mean a big watch. I gotta assert my dominance in that room.”

“Because your CEO title means nothing if you’re not waving around big, shiny things on your wrist?” She shook her head, sometimes her husband made her wonder what she got herself into. “The point is you leave your watches around all over the house I’m surprised you haven’t lost any until now.”

“No see, that watch is my lunch watch, swap it out when I’m going on lunch outs with the crew. Can’t flash anything too nice but I can’t be watchless.” He scoffed as pointed to the other one across the room. “That’s my, I’m reading don’t bother me watch.” Dre nodded, then motioned to his empty wrist. “I need my ‘Drop em like it’s hot’ watch.”

After a moment of silence Rainbow shook her head and pulled the only conclusion she could think of. “Did you leave it in the bathroom?”

A lightbulb went off in Dre’s head and he pointed at the hallway. “And this is why I married you, we are a team.” He kissed her cheek and bounced up the stairs to retrieve his watch. There were few things in his life which he thought were sacred. His kicks, his watches, and his personal space. Which was why when he bought and designed the house, he had in mind an oasis like master bedroom. Far away from most of the rooms, a little corner of his personal space. So imagine his outrage when he found his master on suite bathroom was crowded with his children and his not-so-welcomed brother in-law. “What are you doing in my bathroom?!”

Junior popped his head out of the many bodies crowding around the vanity and smiled. “Uncle Johan is signing up for facebook and we’re helping him get the best quality profile picture around.” He gave his father an ‘ok’ sign before diving back in. Andre stood there, somewhat bewildered before shaking his head.

“No, no why does it have to be my in bathroom!?” He yelled, another child coming out from the herd and placed her small hand on her hip. Andre casted his eyes down to the youngest daughter of his family.

“Zoey said that the best lightening comes from bathrooms and your bathroom has the best lightening.” Diane shrugged a bit. “Zoey is on a roll in here, you do.not. Want to get in. We’ll call when we’re done.” She smiled and went back to the hustle and bustle.
“No, we need the light in your eyes–wait! And, fluff his hair a little. Ok now hold the phone like, yes!” Zoey’s voice was high and cheerful. “I think we did it…” She pulled away and noticed her father was standing there with his arms wide open in exasperation. “Oh hey daddy.” Zoey smirked, still beaming from her handy work.

“Does anyone mind telling me why the four of you are crowded around in my bathroom like there is a concert going on?” Dre got a glimpse of Johan who wordlessly, walked out of the bathroom and climbed on his bed with his sandals still on. “WOAH WOAH now, not the shoes, JOHAN.” He yelled at him and usually Johan would prattle about something but…he was quiet his eyes glued to his phone more than usual. “…O-K, what’s wrong with him, wait no he’s quiet I don’t want to know.” Dre motioned his children away and retrieved the watch in question from the bathroom. When he returned they were all huddled behind Johan, looking over his shoulder at his phone. “No Dre. Don’t ask. It’s not worth it…”

“Why isn’t he accepting the friend request yet?” Junior frowned, “you think he’s not online yet?”

“No way, I checked his facebook he made a status this morning.” Zoey had thoroughly stalked the guy in question. Johan came back doe eyed and with a sudden interest in social media. Of course she needed the details. “…maybe he’s blinded by how amazing you look with the flower crown filter.”

“Or maybe he doesn’t like you.” Diana crossed her arms and felt a nudge from her twin brother.

“Excuse her, uncle Johan, someone didn’t have their cereal this morning.” He mumbled, “I told you’d be cranky if you didn’t eat first.”

Clearly all his children were invested so Dre was swayed, he was going to pry and pray it wasn’t something he’d regret. “Alright, what are you all talking about?”

“Dad, Johan is trying to slid into the DMs with the guy he met in New York” Andre Jr. wiggled his eyebrow gaining only facepalms and groans from his siblings. “What?”

“What he is trying to say in a less…cringey way, is Johan likes a guy and he doesn’t know how to go about social media flirting.” Zoey smiled, “so we helped him out.”

“Social Media….flirting? Uh huh.” Dre shook his head and his children felt a lecture coming. “You know back in my day, we didn’t ‘slide’ into anyone’s Ims.”


“Whatever” Dre held up his hand, ignoring the fact he was corrected in the slang. “If you liked someone you called them, wrote them letters, took them out on dates. And you did not date someone you didn’t visit. Long distance only worked when you’re dating someone who’s going out to war or if you’re starring in a B rated Hallmark romcom movie.”

His children exchanged looks, “that’s not how romance works now dad. You can date anyone anywhere in the world with a click.”

“HA” Dre sarcastically laughed and clapped his hands together. “I’d hardly call that romantic.”

“Oh coming from the guy who got mom a blender for their anniversary?” Andre Junior shook his head disapprovingly.

Dre dramatically placed a hand to his chest and backed off a bit, “your mother had been dropping hints she was into juicing, my gift was thoughtful and expensive! I am plenty romantic.” There was a silence that came over his children and he felt nothing but judgment. “Don’t you have to be at school, BEAT IT” He shoo’d them out of his room until the only person who remained in his room wasn’t even someone he was legally required to take care of. Dre had some choice words for his annoying brother in-law but something about Johan’s face stopped him. He jumped a bit when Johan suddenly gasped.

“…he’s talking to me… “ Suddenly Johan’s entire world muted and the only thing that mattered was this Facebook messenger.

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Love is hard - Chapter twelve

Pairing: Madison Joseph x reader (friends), Josh Dun x reader (friends, lovers?), Tyler Joseph x reader (friends), Jenna Joseph x reader (friends), other Joseph and Dun family members

Plot: You take a leap year abroad, where you meet Madison Joseph. You become best friends and move in with her family. You meet her brother Tyler and his best friend Josh, who you have a crush on. Will Josh and you become more than friends?

This chapter: Ashley comforts you and you talk with Maddie.

Warnings: None

Word count: about 2100

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

A/n: Once again, thanks for all the support! Love you all

You politely chitchatted with Chris, Kelly and Madison in the car and once you were back home. You didn’t want to talk about what you’ve heard, especially with them. After a cup of coffee, you went upstairs, ready for another sleepless night, overthinking everything that happened. “So, did you have fun?” Maddie asked you as she also got ready for bed. “Sure, they are very nice people and the dinner was lovely.” You replied. You had already decided you weren’t telling Maddie anything. First of all, you didn’t want to talk about ‘Josh-problems’ with her and second, you were kind of annoyed by her attitude lately, though you couldn’t put your finger on what exactly rubbed you the wrong way. “I had a great night as well. Laura and Bill have always been so nice to me and I’m so close to them; I love hanging out with them.” Maddie said. “Anyway, I’m meeting up with Annie tomorrow, so I’ll probably be home late. Goodnight.” She turned off her light and rolled over in bed. You were wide awake, staring at the ceiling in the dark. Once again, your mind started racing. Question after question came up; Why don’t Bill and Laura like me? Why didn’t Josh invite me for the dinner? What is the deal with Maddie? And why did I panic? You texted Ashley, asking if she wanted to meet up tomorrow. You figured she was the best option to talk to, hoping she could shine some light on the issues you were having.

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It was just a stupid wish

Me and my best friend Luke are almost the same person. Except I’m white and gay and he’s black and straight. Also his name is Luke and my name is Aaron. We both love soccer, we both are pretty dumb and we both spend a lot of time at the gym. We’re basically the same person. And then there’s one more BIG difference.

I invited Luke over for a sleepover tonight, not a gay thing just a friend thing, chill. We stayed up playing video games and texting and talking about stupid things. At one point, Luke decided to go to bathroom. Me, being into the video game must have not noticed and decided I needed to go aswell. I walked into the bathroom and saw Luke jerking off to a picture of a nude woman. We both screamed, him because I had walked in on him, but me because he had the biggest dick I had ever seen. I was already tenting in my pants from the couple seconds I had seen it. It had to be at least a foot long.

I went outside and was freaking out and trying to not have an erection. I finially calmed and came back inside and he was acting like nothing happened. I decided to do the same. We played for about 2 more hours and he decided he wanted to sleep. But I couldn’t sleep. I just kept thinking about the snake inside of Luke’s pants I didn’t know about. I wanted it. Not like I normally do, like to have sex with him, but I want to have a dick as long as his.

I decided to make a wish. “I wish I had Luke’s dick.” I would come to regret that choice of words later. That must have worked to help me sleep because immediately after I saw a white light and got knocked out. 

I woke up feeling groggy and walked into the bathroom to see my best friend staring back at me in the mirror. I shrieked and walked back out. Sure enough, there was the old me sleeping soundly. I woke myself up and we both screamed not knowing how or why this happened. 

We decided since now I had already seen his dick and he had seen mine a long while back we could take showers and not worry about seeing each others cocks. He took one first and it was especially quick. Once he came out, I went in. I knew exactly what I wanted to do so I looked up porn he would’ve liked to have watched and waited. But I couldn’t get aroused. So I looked up gay porn and sure enough I got hard in seconds. All 12 inches of his massive cock in its glory. I went to town and massaged this massive meat. I busted a load all over the bathroom so I cleaned it up and took my shower. 

As I left the shower I saw a note I was sure wasn’t there when I got in. “Hope you’re enjoying your gift. You get a day in Luke’s body with his cock you wanted. The spell will wear off as you sleep. I also swapped your orientations  so you don’t have to worry about liking women

P.S. do NOT masturbate or the swap will be sealed. You may have sex but you can’t cum by yourself.

Love, your guardian angel.”

I started panicking. How was I gonna tell Aaron, I mean Luke?

I just decided not to and I left the bathroom.

“Hey Luke, took long enough bro”

“Huh?” confused why he called me Luke.

“What were you watching gay porn? Don’t worry I don’t judge just because I’m straight”

Luke had completely forgotten he used to be me. In an instant, Luke’s old memories came into my head. I could play it off like I was always him. Now, Luke is black and gay and me. And Aaron is a white straight guy with a small cock. But, Aaron got us to the championships. So, fair trade I think.

So @poetry-protest-pornography and @skinsharpenedteeth were talking about summer camp Sterek, and I totally got inspired. (I took this is a different direction than you guys were going, so I hope you don’t mind me jumping in.)

On AO3

Stiles gets back to the Counselor’s Roost late in the afternoon, and is surprised to find it completely empty. He’d stayed late at the craft barn, cleaning up broken shards of pottery and wiping up spilled paint, so he’d expected some of the other counselors to be hanging out here by now, enjoying their little bit of camper-free time.

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NCT Reaction (older members) - “They catch you using their razor to shave your legs”

Note: This has a bit of sweet & spice mix(I couldn’t miss some drops of naughtiness of course!!!), I hope you’ll like it! Thank you for the idea anon, I had fun writing this! Also I looked closely at their faces and I seriously wondered if they ever use a razor? Like they have a baby soft skin (well I came across a Kun zoomed-in pic and I saw some unshaven missed spots…it was cute and funny)…But ok, maybe they use it once in a while, just their facial hair might now grow that fast :) 

Taeil: What is this? Are you…using my razor to shave your legs?? Did you ask for permission at least?” he looks taken aback at the picture of you leaning on the sink with one leg stretched till the edge of the bathtub using his razor but his mind already starts making plans…”Can I touch them when you are finished? I miss some skin feeling…I’ll wait on the bed. Ah, and I hope you’ll forget your clothes here…It’ll be more fun for me to see if the rest looks smooth too!” His awkward yet devilish smile hints you clearly at what’s going to happen next..

With Taeil you won’t have the chance to run away because he’s eager to see how smooth your skin has become and if you won’t leave the bathroom without clothes, be ready to see him getting all mad(in a good and bad way=D)!


Honey can I come in…I’m in a hurry and I need to prepare for an interview…” he can’t wait any longer for you since he has to take a shower and prepare to go out, but then he opens the bathroom door just to face you shaving your legs… with his razor of course…”Wait, is that mine?Are you…” he starts stuttering “You’ve been…using that before too?

His mind has gone blank thinking how many times he used it and now you are using it on your legs…he can’t find words to describe the feeling, it’s dirty yet hot and he needs to do something about you…”What about then joining me for a shower, I’ll consider it as repaying me for lending you my stuff??!” You can’t refuse him, unless you want him to cancel his schedule and imprison you the whole day at home!

Taeyong: He enters the bathroom just to see you shaving your legs gracefully using none other than his razor…his precious razor that cost him a fortune, because it gives him a baby skin like and he’s been using just once! Just once but now you are using it on your legs?? “Honey, you better throw that down, that’s dirty!!! Can’t you buy some new ones for you??” he is starting again with his nagging, but you’ll answer him back you want to have a baby skin like his face…

I told you many times not to re-use the thing I use!!” he looks mad while he pulls back his hair and approaches you whispering “Guess I’ll have to teach you some new rules…” Then last thing you could remember was that he took his razor from you and threw it away in the trash bin, while with another hand he wiped your legs with a hot towel..carefully inspecting if you did a good job and kissing the small spots where you cut yourself…the rest is just what you imagined to happen…

Johnny: He just came home from his practice and in a need to hurry up and shower he enter the bathroom without notice just to watch you doing something he’s never seen before…at least not in you! At first he gets surprised seeing you half naked but then he spots you holding his razor …

Babe, is that…mine?? F*ck, don’t tell me…you use that on your…on your…elsewhere too??” he lets out a small curse while suddenly imagining things maybe he shouldn’t but…he makes you flutter at the sudden slap he gives you on your rear.
Sorry, that’s  because you’ve always been a bad kid. Should daddy teach you how to behave once for all and not to play with his personal things?” At least now he has someone to help him wash while he’ll keep his hands busy with exploring how good his job his razor did on your body…Body evaluation time by daddy Johnny is about to start in 3, 2,…


He is always open-minded and knows a lot about these things, maybe more than you, even if he is 100% manly guy. “I thought you were doing laser hair removal, what are you doing with my razor? Is that what you used all this time to look so soft? Oh my god, what am I going to do with you?” You thought he was going to get angry but instead he came with an idea…

What about me doing the rest? Like…I want to see it closer and I promise I won’t hurt you, I use this on my face and you know I never cut myself, I am a master in shaving!” Whatever he’s thinking right now, let him do it! Yuta Sensei knows how to handle this…

Kun: What the heck are you doing??” he bursts into a laughter because the whole situation looks funny..your legs full of foam and your eyes doubling their size looking at him catching you surprised. You weren’t expecting him coming home so soon…”Well I am sorry for scaring you but wait a second, you are using my razor…Omg! Don’t tell me you used it on other places because I am going to check it right now!” Because you’re unable to answer him…he’s going to step forward.

Ok, take that old shirt off and let me inspect the rest, unless you want me to tie you later in your sleep…you know what happens when I get mad? Hurry up sweetie!” Whatever you’ll do, he’ll go mad anyways and by that…you know what it means…

Doyoung: He feels embarrassed as you face him with a “What are you looking at?” mad expression and he just shuts the door because he doesn’t want to get killed, even if you are the one who should be killed right now for using his razor. But he won’t leave the things as you want and he’ll come back. “Let me help you with that, this is sharper than those special one for women (he knows the difference, wow!), you sure don’t know how to use it..” ~

This is a chance for him to grab your inner tight strongly with the excuse of holding you and doing his job…but well, his hand might be travelling a bit to up for this kind of thing and his tongue licking off those dry thirsty lips make him look like he’s not gonna last for too long…Do not get surprised if you’ll come out of the bathroom with half of one leg shaved, because he is in a hurry to give you a punishment for touching his personal belonging without asking him and you can finish shaving your legs later…

Ten: First of all facing you only wearing your underwear makes him feel hot and sweaty, but then he clearly spots his razor in your hand and he can’t leave you alone without an explanation… “Just what are you doing with that? Are you…shaving with my razor?? Do you know I use that on my face? I hate you so much…now how the heck am I gonna shave? I don’t have any razors left..

He’ll get out of the bathroom, but as soon as he’ll hear you stepping into the shower he’ll come back…to join you of course. “Ok, look babe, the deal is you need to do something for causing me this much “emotional damage”…how about you do that thing you know the best? Maybe I’ll forgive you…”  That thing you know the best, well, even he doesn’t know about it but he’s about to find it out…

Jaehyun: He sees the bathroom door cracked open and takes a glance to see why the light is still on, as he clearly remembered letting you rest on your bed and turning off all the lights not too long ago…but then he sees a very sexy picture of you wearing only your panties and doing something…he needs to see closer because he can’t decipher from this distance.
Who said you can do this nasty dirty stuff in my bathroom with my razor?? I don’t recall giving you permission…” he laughs at your startled expression but his teasing won’t stop here…

I remember letting you sleep a while ago baby…wait a second, don’t tell me, are you preparing me something??Ok…I’ll wait for you, I’ll start counting, if you won’t come out in 5 minutes I’m going to take one piece of cloth for every minute delay and of course I’m not going to forgive you for messing with my stuff!” Let the dirty game begin…

WinWin: Oh my god, what is she doing?” he murmurs to himself while he sees you in all splendor stretching your legs as you’re sitting on the toilet lid…”Ahm, ahm…excuse me darling but I think you are using something that’s mine and I would like you to buy another one for me after you finish your time making yourself beautiful…Of course, if you don’t want to waste money, you know that cost me a fortune cause I brought it from a Chinese specialized store, what about you repaying me with something else…you know…my hands are impatient…should I touch your legs first to see if it worth buying that razor?

Si Cheng knows his playful ways to get advantage of this situations and how can you resist him looking like this, waiting for something he might’ve desired for so long??

Class With Friends (With Benefits)

Author: Anon
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2100
Warnings: Public smut, fingering, light dirty talk, slight language
A/N: Sequel to “Dinner With Friends (With Benefits)”; I know it’s been a long time since the original, but I saw requests for a second part and it seems popular so here ya go!

You stare down at the clothing options on your bed: your favorite pair of shredded black skinny jeans or a burgundy skater skirt. Either would go with the olive hued crop top you donned, but the bottoms would determine what happened today in Chem lab with Stiles Stilinski…

Your date with him seemed like it was months ago when in reality it was only last Friday. After Stiles’s teasing under the dinner table, you haven’t been able to stop thinking about him. Your mind often wandered to him. The banter, the incredible good looks, and the way it felt when he touched you…

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yeah, mid-turd would have been crossing some boundaries.

Boys Will Be Boys

Boys will be boys
Now isn’t that the best cop out you’ve ever heard
Sometimes I wonder why I’m so fucked up
And I think back to the so called “light hearted fun”
That kids used to have
And the scoffs and chuckles over “silly” things ring in my head
Like a symphony of church bells reminding me I haven’t prayed in years
Hiding in the bathroom stall
Because I couldn’t figure out how to interact with those around me
I remember the bangs on the door
Like how when my dad would scour my room for nonexistent evidence
And I was just meant to deal with it
See when trouble happens at school and home the only time to find peace
Is during those long bus rides
Where no one can harm me
Maybe the reason it took so long for me to accept being gay
Was because the word itself was used to tear down my every action
And every stipulation
That came into creation when I walked down those halls
My classmates gawking at me
Three years
I dealt with those conditions
And I’m still dealing with after effects

It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to

Songfic of ‘Pity Party’ by Melanie Martinez

Words: 1180

Genre: Angst

Warnings: lots of homophobia/homophobic slurs, cursing, negativity, etc.

A/N: We don’t do this song justice, pls listen to it while reading this for the Complete Angst Experience™

Author(s): @lestersb00ty @amazing-fil


“Did my invitations disappear,

Why’d I put my heart on every cursive letter?

Tell me why the hell no one is here,                      

Tell me what to do to make it all feel better”

Dan was sat on the couch of his living room, pink and blue balloons lazily floating at the ceiling. Everything for his birthday party was perfect; the invitations were sent out to everyone he knew at school, and the decorations were in soft pastels to match his outfit. He had bought it specifically for all of his guests to see and think he was beautiful. Thinking that all of his friends would love him in a new baby pink sweater and a white skirt, Daniel had snatched it from a shelf in Charlotte Russe and bought it with some of the money he stole. He had been sitting for about 30 minutes, smiling and waiting for the familiar ringing of his doorbell.

“Maybe it’s a cruel joke on me

Whatever, whatever,

Just means there’s way more cake for me       

Forever, forever”

But.. it never came. He waited for another 30 minutes, and another, and another, until  soon he felt the strong twisting in his stomach, begging him to puke. He had been abandoned. He stood up and walked over to the telephone and started to call everyone on his list, in alphabetical order. All of them rang out to a dead line, except for his best friend Chris.

“Hey Chris!” Dan’s voice cracked. “A-are you coming?” he played with the frills on his skirt as he looked down at his feet.

“Oh, uh hello, Dan.” Chris answered. “…What should I be coming to? Exactly?”

“My… my party. It’s my birthday party today…. I thought I told you a million times,” Dan tried to talk through the lump in his throat that was growing rapidly.

“Oh, shit.” He mumbled. “I-Uh-I can’t, my…my cat is sick and she’s-” he was cut off.

“You don’t have to lie.” Dan said bluntly.

“Well what do you want me to say? That everyone ridicules me for hanging out with ‘Prince Daniel’? Even I’m scared you’re gonna hit on me for fuck’s sake. So, no, I’m not coming to your stupid little girls party.” Chris snapped back into the receiver.

Dan dropped the phone, and let the tears drop too.

“Its my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if i want to,

Cry if I want to, cry, cry, cry,

I’ll cry until the candles burn down this place

I’ll cry until my pity party’s in flames”

Maybe if I knew all of them well

I wouldn’t have been trapped inside this hell that holds me

Maybe if I casted out a spell                                       

But told them decorations were in pastel ribbons”

Dan started panicking in the middle of where everyone should have been if he wasn’t so alone. He was crying, the makeup on his face was running; dabbing under his left eye he could feel that all the concealer he put on earlier was rubbing off, exposing his black eye. He ran to the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. His reflection made him so angry; that black eye was all his fault. He should have just shut his damn mouth and tried to fit in and play straight, and maybe those boys wouldn’t have done it. Why did he have to be this way? Why was he such a disgrace that even his best friend wanted nothing to do with him?. He kicked the sink in rage.

“Ow, ow, ok, shi-ow.” he grabbed his foot and hobbled up the stairs to his bedroom. He smashed open his door and ripped the sheets from his light blue bed. He took the scissors from his neatly organized desk. Dan began stabbing and cutting the cloth into shreds, ripping the frill and pom-poms off, sniffling quietly. It was a peculiar sight, quiet and deathly. He held up the masterpiece he had created. He threw it away in anger and stomped down stairs, fists still clenching onto the scissors.

“I’m laughing, I’m crying

It feels like I’m dying

I’m laughing, I’m crying

It feels like I’m dying

I’m laughing, I’m crying

It feels like I’m dying

I’m dying, I’m dying

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”

If no one was coming to his fucking party why even have it set up? Why does it even fucking matter? Dan stormed around his house and screamed, beginning his uncontrolled tantrum. He screamed out all of the horrible things people at school had said to him as he ripped down every meticulously placed adornment.

“Why the hell are you wearing a skirt, freak? Are you a fucking girl or something?!”

He shrieked in a mock voice as he stabbed the balloons right out of the air.

Fucking fairy can’t even think straight.”

Dan knew he was acting rash, but he couldn’t help it. His hands moved without consent. His brain raged with blank shapes. He dragged the scissors across the dining table, creating a long line.

“Does Prince Daniel need to be carried?”

Dan stabbed hard into the cake at the middle of the table. Picking it up and throwing it onto the ground in front of him, he stomped on it and splattered icing on his once perfect outfit.

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Cry if I want to

I’ll cry until the candles burn down this place

I’ll cry until my pity party’s in flames”

“Nobody loves faggots.”

Daniel screamed at the top of his lungs. He was broken. He knew nobody cared about him; his ‘friends’, his family, no one. They wouldn’t give a fuck if he dropped dead right then, and you know what? Neither did he. It always has been and always be like this; he would always be the little gay boy who would never find. Who everyone beat up. He already had a black eye for fuck’s sake.

Dan was sitting in the middle of all the chaos he created. Popped balloons, a smashed cake, fabric everywhere, and shattered glass. There wasn’t anything he wanted more than to to just disappear; he was going to strip himself down to nothing anyways. What did anyone have to lose if he just died? He thought that things would just be better off without him and his tantrums and mental problems. He was just an inconvenience.

“It’s my party, it’s-it’s my party

It’s my party, it’s-it’s my party

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

Cry if I want to, cry cry cry cry”

With his face cradled in his hands he wept. This is what he was waiting for! A perfect little pity party, with just him and his twisted thoughts. But then, a sharp ring echoed throughout the house. Daniel’s head shot up. He slowly stood up and walked down the stairs. He held the knob with white knuckles, turning slowly. Dan opened the door and there stood Phil Lester.

“Happy Birthday!”

One evening I had been in Lisa’s room and was walking down the hallway with the intention of going downstairs. As I walked past Elvis’s bedroom, I saw both sets of doors were open, leading into his room. I happened to glance into the room and saw him sitting in the middle of his bed. He saw me at the same time and said, “Hi, Jeanne. Come on in for a minute.”
Linda was in her bathroom, with the door closed, and I walked into his room and sat down in the corner chair and we began talking. He had just received from a fan a large full-sized cut-out poster, mounted on something like cardboard, of the famous picture of him and his parents when he was a young boy. It had been placed in his bedroom, next to the TV, near the foot of his bed, and he and I began discussing it. Our conversation soon turned to his deep love for his mother, and he began telling me the story of how she had died just prior to him being sent to Germany.“She, uh, died while I was still in training down in Texas, ya know. I came home on an emergency leave, and, uh, she was in the hospital and all, and she died in the middle of the night. I sure have missed her all these years. She was the light of my life.“ His eyes misted slightly as he told me the story. I could feel his sense of pain and despair years after her death. He went on to explain that, after her death, he was eventually shipped overseas to Germany and how hard it was trying to adjust to life without her over there. He was in the middle of telling me the story about how he tried to cope in Germany, and that’s when it happened. “Luckily,” he was explaining, “I had access to a Jeep, and I would sometimes go off by myself and just sit somewhere in that Jeep and think about her for hours at a time. I remember I drove up into some nearby mountains one night, you know, just to get away, and was sitting there thinking about her, and began crying. I yelled out, ‘Momma’….” And when he said the word momma, the lights went out in the house. They stayed off for a few seconds and then came back on, and he went on with his story, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. He had this look on his face as if he was totally unaware of what had just happened. He said it a second time—“Momma”—and again the lights went off and came back on as if a storm had struck the house. The second time it happened, Linda came rushing out of her bathroom. “What in the world is going on? Why are the lights going on and off?” she wanted to know. I did my best to explain to her what had happened, not really knowing myself, and she and I walked back into her bathroom, clearly shaken up, having no idea what had just taken place. We’ve talked about the story several times since it happened and still have no logical explanation for it. Later she told me about another time, shortly after she had moved in with Elvis, when he was in the middle of a temper tantrum. She said he was ranting and raving, and while he was really going at it pretty good, just as he started into an unusually loud string of expletives, they heard the crash of lighting strike come from the back of the house. Within a minute of two, she said, someone came rushing upstairs to tell them lighting had struck the statue of Jesus in the meditation garden. It had apparently caused enough damage that it had to be repaired. Linda said it had shaken everyone up, including Elvis himself.

Excerpt from Elvis, Linda and Me by Jeanne LeMay Dumas. 

The future is coming for us all part 1

Ok so I wanted to write a reverse Timestuck!AU. Where instead of Mabel or Dipper getting stuck in the past it’s Stan, Ford and Fiddleford getting stuck in the future. Please let me know what you think.

~Stan pines Wyoming 1981~


Stan could hear heavy footsteps running off away from his hiding place. He tried his best to control his breathing, which was threatening to come out loud and fast from the adrenaline and exercise. He waited what felt like forever when the finally could no longer hear the voices that were chasing after him, although that did nothing to calm his nerves.

He knew he shouldn’t have taken so much money from those bikers. He hadn’t meant to. He just had a particularly lucky round, it wasn’t his fault that they decided to go all in. But now of course that meant him having to hide in some random room until they stopped searching for him. He wished he could have at least stuffed more than a quarter of it into his pockets before having to run. 

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anonymous asked:

Alicia is really upset about something one day and asks Elyza to go really rough with her, just to help her clear her head. And Elyza does, but very carefully to make sure she doesnt hurt Alicia, and then some good Lexark aftercare ensues

y’all I haven’t written smut in forever idk why you keep asking for it but ok ok I’ll write the aftercare part.


“Do you wanna talk about it?”

Elyza is sitting up on the bed now, staring down at Alicia, who’s still breathing heavily, arm draped over her face and covering her eyes. 

She doesn’t answer, just the quick inhale and exhale of her breath filling the silence.


Elyza doesn’t want to push her. She knows that every now and then she just needs this - needs to just fuck it out. But that doesn’t keep her from worrying. 

Elyza tries the cutesy approach, nuzzling into the girl’s neck and moving her arm from her eyes so she can peek at her face and give her a warm smile. 

And then she sees the tears leaking out of Alicia’s eyes.

“’Licia, oh god… Was I too rough? Are you okay? What hurts, baby? Are you okay?”

Alicia just shakes her head, sniffling a little and then opening her eyes to stare up at Elyza. 

“I’m fine, I just…”

“Sweetheart, please talk to me.”

“Do you ever just have those days when you realize the gravity of this situation? That nothing will ever be the same after this? Let’s say even if the infected die off and they’re all gone. The world’s still in ruins. How would we even possibly begin again?”

Elyza just pulls the girl into her arms and sighs, because she feels that too. And she wishes desperately that she were in another life with this brunette, green-eyed girl who’s stolen her heart so she can give her everything she deserves. 

“I know. I know. But we have each other. I know it’s not much but…”

“It’s enough.” 

Alicia snuggles into her, and Elyza places a tender kiss to her forehead.

“Come on,” Elyza says a moment later, getting up and reaching out a hand for Alicia to take. “I saw a really fancy tub in the master bathroom earlier, and as long as Travis and Madison are still gone, we can make good use of it. Light some candles… maybe they have some bubble bath laying around…”

Alicia smiles and takes her hand. 

“Just let me treat you the best I can in these conditions, Alicia.”

“You know you already do. That’s why I–”

Elyza’s eyes flick up to Alicia’s face, and she sees the panic in the younger girl’s eyes at what she almost let slip.

But Elyza secretly is willing her to say it. Say it.

Because she loves her too.

“That’s why you’re you.”

And Elyza smiles. It’s more than enough. 

No Hard Feelings - A Corpse Party fic

Expecting lacewood? Sorry followers, but I had to get this out of the way. And I kinda like how it turned out, so I figured I’d post it here since I have no other blog for writing. If it’s any consolation, beach trip has 1500 words so far. It probably won’t be long until it’s done.

Warning: This contains hints of suicide and self-harm. Don’t read this if that triggers you. Also, this is implied Naomi/Seiko. And Naomi/Satoshi if you squint. 

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Request -- May I request one where the reader is an angel and hunt with Sam and Dean but they don't know what she truly is. And for whatever reason she has never seen Cas (on earth) before. And then they meet for the "first" time and Cas get like idk all emotional because he thought she was death long ago but she was just on earth and the boys are confuse etc. And maybe they cuddle and talk and idk how it could ends. Thanks!

(For lilouneige. Hope you like it! xx)

You winced as you watched Sam clean a gash on his arm, one that he had gotten the night before when you had finished a case. His face was scrunching up in pain as he put an alcohol-soaked swab to his skin, and you could feel your power running through you in protest against his action. You could easily heal him, but of course, you couldn’t give away what you truly were; from what you had learned, the Winchesters wouldn’t take too kindly to yet another angel in their lives. So, you just clenched your fist on the table in front of you and took a bite of the cold pizza that Dean had ordered yesterday. It was revolting because you could just taste everything that made it up, but you knew it tasted good to mortals and you knew that the brothers would be concerned if you didn’t eat.

“So, Dean,” He looked up from his laptop at the sound of your voice. “Why are we just sitting around here, again? Who are we waiting for?”

“A friend,” he smirked, loving how you were getting annoyed with the secrecy. “He has information for a new case.”

“One after another,” you groaned, but you were actually entirely indifferent to your restricted timetable. Ever since you had been on Earth, you hadn’t been interested in much.

He shrugged, and yawned. “That’s how it is.”

“So, why won’t you tell me the name of this friend of yours?” you pressed, curiosity getting the best of you. Perhaps it was that trait of yours that mainly led to you being cast out of Heaven, your wanting for more knowledge.

"Because I want you to be surprised.”

“You want her to have a heart attack,” Sam interjected with a snort, turning off the light in the bathroom as he finished re-bandaging his wound. “All of us almost did.”

“Why would I have such a thing?” You frowned, trying to contemplate why while using what little information you had. “Trust me, I do not get scared easily.”

“We definitely know that,” Dean laughed, and you narrowed your eyes at him. “The guy isn’t even scary—” He stopped short, musing for a second. “—well, fifty percent of the time. You do not want to get on his bad side. Man, he is scary when he’s mad.”

"So I’m guessing that you have a lot of experience with that ,” you told him nonchalantly, and Sam shook with silent laughter.

“I’ll say,” the younger Winchester mumbled, putting his hands up in surrender when Dean glared at him.

“Hey, it’s not my fault that he’s—”

“That I am what?” A new voice suddenly entered the conversation amongst the flapping of…wings? You stiffened for a second. The voice that you were hearing was certainly unfamiliar, but the undertones of it were warm, a warmth that you hadn’t heard in so long…

“Nothing, Cas!” You saw Dean stand up from the corner of your eye. “Y/N, this is Castiel. He’s an angel, and before you start all that "angels aren’t real” nonsense, believe me, he’s real.“

Castiel! A surge of joy went through you. You hadn’t seen him ever since he had rebelled and cast out of Heaven; it had certainly been your most sorrowful day. When the same happened to you, you had spent months looking for him before you stumbled upon the Winchesters. Timidity stopped you from rushing over to and embracing him with all that you were. What if he didn’t remember you? What if he thought of you as just another insignificant angel, and couldn’t recollect how much time you had spent together?

"Hello,” His greeting was firm but soft as he saw your hesitance to face him, but it gave you the strength that you needed to finally stand up. You took a deep breath before lifting your head, and watched his eyes go wide.

“Hello, Cas,” you returned, smiling sheepishly.

The silence was close to overwhelming as your friend from long ago studied you; you knew that he wasn’t looking at your vessel’s appearance, but at you, your true form. You could feel him observing the length of your wings, their coloration the shade of rebellion, the same color that his were. Sam and Dean were astonished at the obvious connection, and the younger brother spoke up.

“Do you two…know each other?” he questioned in confusion.

You panicked, but Castiel spoke up to answer for you.

"…Yes,” His voice wavered with emotion as he spoke, but he had obviously perfected the art of lying during his time from Heaven. “When she was younger, and still inexperienced in the world, I appeared to her and befriended her. It has been…quite a while since we’ve seen each other.”

“So you have other human friends besides us?” Dean asked, and you hid your smirk.

“Can we—” Cas broke off, as if suddenly struggling to talk. The azure eyes of his vessel were swimming with emotions, and you suddenly felt yours prick at the corners. “—May we have some time alone?”

Sensing the sudden change in atmosphere, Sam was thankfully quick to oblige in his request. “Of course, Cas. Dean, we need to go get some supplies, anyway.”

“Y-Yeah, we should do that now.” The older brother was obviously bewildered, but he grabbed his keys before giving the two of you a wave. “We’ll see the both of you later.”

“Bye!” you called, looking over your shoulder until they closed the door behind them. Your gaze then dropped to the floor once more, and neither you nor Castiel spoke until the roar of the Impala’s engine faded away into the distance. It shocked you when his arms suddenly engulfed you in an affectionate embrace, and you lost yourself in it as tears rolled down your cheeks from the surprise reunion.

“Y/N,” he breathed, and you didn’t realize how much you had missed your name upon his lips until then. “I…I thought you were dead.”

Puzzled, you looked up and into his two blue pools of bliss. “Why is that?”

“The civil war in Heaven,” he replied, his eyebrows knitting together. “Why are you here?”

“I was cast out,” you murmured, feeling a hit ashamed saying the fact in front of him.

“I was not aware of this…” He shook his head. “Why?”

You signed. “It’s a long story that I’d rather not tell right now.”

"I understand.”

“I know,” you whispered, suddenly unable to speak at a normal volume due to your voice breaking with emotion. “When I first found myself on Earth, the first thing I did was try to find you.”

Castiel was dumbfounded at your words, loosening his hold on you before bringing a hand to your warming cheek. “How come?”

“Because you were my only mentor in Heaven,” You were starting to break down, something that you weren’t used to, and was glad when he wiped the saltwater from your face. “You were, and still are the most important thing to me. I would never have forgiven myself if I didn’t try to look for you. When I came across the Winchesters, I made myself settle down with them, for I thought that the mission I had made for myself was impossible.”

“Well, you were wrong,” He gave you a tender smile, and you nodded joyfully with your own. “And for that, I am very glad about.”

“Me, too,” You chuckled shakily. “Being trapped in that confining car of theirs, and eating their repulsive food…it was all worth it.”

A rumble went through Cas’ chest as he laughed at your complaints before hugging you tightly to him again. You felt his lips on your forehead, and couldn’t help but shiver at the swell of happiness in your heart.

“I would very much like to stay like this, if you do not mind,” he spoke sweetly, and you nodded, immersing yourself in his warmth.

“I would like that as well.”

All Of Me Chapter 7

Hello you lovely people and sorry this is going up later than I mentioned in my last post. It is here anyway and I hope you enjoy! As always let me know what you think. 

Hartbig. None of this is real. SFW. 1911 words. Inspired by All Of Me by Ally Rhodes. You can find previous chapters here and guess ‘Who has Hannah?' here.

The drive back to the giant colonial house seems to take longer than it should given the speed they have been travelling. Grace has been hugging Mamrie and chanting what seems to be her new favourite phrase ‘We have to find Hannah’ since they reached the car, she has not stop shaking since the encounter with Lisa and it has begun to tire her out.

‘Should we call the police?’ Sarah asks as they pull into the driveway.

‘No time, she’s probably right behind us, we have to get in there now.’ Mamrie answers.

Grace sits motionless in the car watching Mamrie and Sarah approach the door of Lisa’s home, banging on the door hoping someone may just open up this time.

‘We need to find a spare key!’ Grace yells running towards them limbs flailing everywhere in panic. ‘Or smash a window or something.’

‘Great idea,’ Mamrie says picking up a rock from the ground and smashing it into the front door window.

In a few quick movements she had managed to gain access to the house, Grace makes a mental note to congratulate her on this when they have Hannah safe.

The house looks larger and much more intimidating from the inside. The girls agree to separate and search. Grace takes the second floor, Mamrie begins searching the floor they are currently on and Sarah heads toward the basement.

The house is filled with yells of Hannah’s name as the girls search.

The second floor features several rooms for Grace to search and up until now she had not thought about actually finding Hannah behind one of them. Her feet pick up into a run as she reaches the first door, swinging it open and flipping on the light switch. Nothing.

The second door is much the same. Nothing.

The third door is at the end of the hallway, as of course they always are in weird kidnap horror movies. Grace goes running towards the door hoping for the best. The room is dark, like there are no windows, so Grace flicks on the light, eyes darting all over the room. Nothing. This room, however does have an en suite bathroom which is looking ever more promising to Grace. Still, no one is here.

Feeling completely deflated and out of luck Grace heads for the door. The door slams shut as she tries to exit and Lisa greets her with a menacing smile.

‘I told you she wasn’t here you dumb bitch,’ Lisa hisses

‘Really? Why so angry then?’  Grace retorts.

Grace reaches for the door desperately trying to get away from this woman who she has declared insane. There is a flash and suddenly Grace is lying on the floor, Lisa looking over her smiling.

‘’Cause she is mines, that’s why. Not get out of my house!’

By now Mamrie and Sarah are making their way up the staircase in search of the brunette.

‘Nothing down here,’ Mamrie yells.

‘Or in the basement,’ Sarah adds

‘Help!’ Grace yells.

‘I said get out of my house! I swear to God if you do not get out of my house I will call the cops!’ Lisa snarls.

Sarah picks up Grace who is now bleeding from the burst lip, courtesy of Lisa, and they run out of the house, Mamrie behind them cursing and promising a return to find their friend. They all agree Hannah is in there, most likely in one of the second floor rooms Grace did not get the chance to check.

She was there. We were so fucking close to her. But, still, we didn’t bring her home. So fucking stupid, Grace. We need to tell the police. Sure, we broke into the house but what the fuck? The bitch fucking punched me? Hannah is in that house. Grace thinks to herself as they drive home.


After what Hannah thought was 2 hours of staring at the food she gave in and decided to eat some. Only one piece of course, didn’t want to give her the satisfaction. It was cold but delicious, probably because she hadn’t eaten in so long.

The room was becoming increasingly warm incredibly quickly, it was almost unbearable. Completely adjusted to the darkness now Hannah decided it was time to try and get out of these ropes. They weren’t tied very well so she hoped it wouldn’t be too difficult to wriggle free if she could loosen them even slightly or possibly cut them on something sharp.

It takes only a few minutes to find a pair of scissors in a drawer at the opposite side of them room. Great, Hannah thinks, now just to use them. Another few minutes of struggling go by and finally she is cut the rope just enough to wriggle free.

Especially pleased with herself she takes a sip of the orange juice wincing at its warmth. The door is locked. Of course. The windows are locked. Obviously. The small blonde pulls open the blinds and is startled by the sunlight. Her timing was way off, it couldn’t have been any later than noon.

‘Quick better put the blinds down before she gets back. Don’t want her to know I’m free,’ Hannah says to herself.

She turns on the light and takes in the room. It definitely was exactly like hers at home. Exactly. The funny thing is Hannah cannot remember the woman ever being in her bedroom, at least not while she was present, but everything was exactly how it would be at home. The bed covers matched, it was the same closet, and the dresser was the same, everything down to the tie she left hanging over the mirror before heading to Grace’s the last time she was at home. This was getting scarier by the second, there had to be a way out of this place.

Someone is in the house. It’s not her, whoever it is they are wearing flat shoes, maybe even sneakers. She always wears heels.

‘I’m in here! Help me! In here!’ Hannah rapidly bangs on the door hoping someone is paying attention.

She can hear talking, one, two, three voices, coming from downstairs most likely. Why is no one coming up the stairs?

Footsteps. One set. Bare foot. It’s her.

It takes a second for Hannah to realize she is supposed to be tied up in the dark. Running to the bed and laying down, hands behind her back, she pretends to sleep. Hoping the woman would leave quickly and perhaps forget to lock up since she was at home now.

‘Hey babe. Wake up,’ She says as she enters the room.

Hannah does not answer.

‘Your girlfriend was just here, she hasn’t stopped looking for you,’


‘I know you are awake, come on, let’s untie you,’

‘Grace, is that you?’ Hannah whispers.

‘I told you not to say her name,’

‘Let me go, please. I won’t tell anyone it was you. Please just let me go home.’

‘You are home. I decorated it just like your room. I got everything the same. Look in the closet, I got all of the same clothes for you. We can have a good life here, just you and I, no one can take you away. You are all mines,’

The woman leans down to look into Hannah’s eyes and gently places her lips on the blondes.

The kiss tastes like hatred and disappointment to Hannah and the lips on hers are cold and unwelcoming, but there is no way out so she finds herself completely still unable to move away while the woman continues to kiss her. It takes only a moment before there is an unfamiliar tongue dancing along her bottom lip begging for entrance. Hannah obliges, scared of what may happen if she does not. It is then Hannah decides she will do everything the woman wants in hopes of perhaps being able to charm her way home.

Luckily for Hannah the kiss does not last much longer, the woman grows too eager too fast and steps back to compose herself.

‘I’ll go make some lunch, okay?’ the woman smiles turning on the light as she leaves the room ‘You can stop pretending your hands are tied up now,’

Grace was here. She came looking for me. She’ll come back when the house is empty. I know she will. My Grace. I knew she would come for me.


‘I just know she is in that house,’ Grace whispers to herself when she is safely locked in her bedroom.

Mamrie had gone home after telling the cops about what had happened, they planned to go over to Lisa’s place as soon as they had a warrant. The time was not coming soon enough.

The thought of having Hannah back in her arms was the only think keeping an incredibly sleep deprived Grace going at the moment. That and plenty of caffeine. All Grace could think about was what she could have done to keep Hannah safe. If only she had just told Hannah to wait for her. Maybe if they had left the house together this wouldn’t have happened. If only they had stayed in bed that afternoon, nothing bad could have happened if they had just stayed in bed. If only she hadn’t opened her mouth and started all of this. This whole going missing thing would never have happened if she had just kept her mouth shut. The psycho bitch who had her girlfriend would not have done it if she had just not said anything about how she felt.

Grace knew thinking this was not going to help anything but it was all she could do, the police were keeping an eye on her after what Mamrie was referring to as her mental breakdown when they met up with Lisa so she headed out to the front door for some fresh air and to clear her mind.

Hannah’s car was still there but there was something else, something on top of the car. Grace slowly walked towards the vehicle, suddenly extremely self-conscious, and read the handwritten note.

‘Grace, it’s me, it’s Hannah. Look, I’m sorry for all of this but I had to get away. You can call off the search, I’m safe. I won’t tell you where I am, I just had to get away, please stop looking for me. I don’t want to be found. Most of all though, I don’t want to be with you. It was a stupid mistake. Move on.’

The note wasn’t in Hannah’s handwriting, it was close but definitely not Hannah’s, Grace noted almost as soon as she started reading. There is a police officer now standing behind her studying the note.

‘It’s not from Hannah,’ Grace mumbles.

‘How can you be certain?’ The officer asks.

‘It’s… It’s not her handwriting. Someone has copied her handwriting… We… I mean. I mean you have to keep searching for her. This isn’t from her.It can’t be.’

‘I’m sorry, Miss. We will compare the handwriting first off. If it’s a match to Hannah’s we will be calling off the search.’

It isn’t Hannah’s handwriting. It can’t be. Hannah would never hurt Grace like this. Grace knows it, Mamrie knows it, Sarah knows it but the police decide it is a match to Hannah’s and within the hour they are gone, along with the glimmer of hope Grace had left. Finding Hannah just became something they had to do on their own.