why is it such a bad quality on dash

It was on my dash again…

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apparently there have been like, people making comics crowing about how “the SJWs don’t want people to make zootopia porn, this censorship is why terrorism is real” and I just want to say 1) I’ve seen literally nobody demand that zootopia porn not exist so idk where that even comes from?? I mean considering the amount of people who think I’m some sort of SJW Satan you’d think I’d have seen something but nope. Which makes it pretty fuckin hilarious that there are already comics acting like it’s a Big Issue hahaha “oh no like two people said furry porn is bad, batten down the hatches the sjw menace is truly at our door”. but also 2) shout out to my dash for being so high quality that I only became aware of this through someone mentioning how fuckin transparent and lame it is on twitter. Everyone I follow should congratulate themselves for being top-class content