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[Summer Rose walks through the deadly assassin witch village to a lone shack at it’s very edges]

Summer-[radiant smile as Raven walks outside]

Raven - [challenging] WHAT

Summer- Well mrs……..

Raven - Raven

Summer - I’m training to be a huntress……and I’m kind of looking for something to really SET me apart from the crowd

Raven - …….What did you say your name was ?

Summer- Summer…..Summer Rose

[Raven pulls a beautiful white cloak out from underneath a pile of dusty books]

Raven - Try this

Summer- What’s it do 

Raven - Change your basic form, and give off certain things when you dash around……like rose petals

Summer - Oooooh [swipes cloak and looks at it hungrily] That’ll go great with my name [looks up] They’ll be white…right ?

Raven - If you want……

Summer- Well…..what do you want for it ?

Raven - [shrugs] I don’t know….[puts hand out towards Summer] You’re the one whose supposed to bring things to ME

Summer - Hmmmmmm [thinks hard]

Raven - [takes a flask ,drinks it] I don’t have all day…

Summer- I think the usual going rate is 1 first born child

Raven - [looks Summer up and down] OK……yeah……that’d be one quality kid

Summer- So……that’s a yes ?

Raven - [sighs] Sure….why not [hands the cloak to Summer]

Summer- SWEET 

[Summer puts the cloak around herself]

Summer- Too bad I’m never HAVING a first born

Raven - [raises hands in the air as they crackle with an unholy energy]

Summer-  Byeeeeee [waves and dashes away in a flurry of petals as Raven fire her shot, turning a villager into a rabbit]

Raven - Fuck…….

[Raven walks over to the rabbit] 

Raven - At least I get a meal out of it……

-Years later- 

[A pregnant Summer watches the ceiling from her living room sofa]

[Doorbell rings]

Summer- [stands up] Coming !

[Semblances to the door, and opens it to see Raven standing with a basket]

Raven - [silently pushes basket into Summer’s arms] 

Summer- What’s this ?

[Summer opens the basket to see a baby]

Raven - My first born…..

Summer- I can see that….

Raven- Her name is Yang

Summer - …but why ?

Raven - The deal, remember ?

Summer- I do[ places basket on the ground] It’s supposed to be MY first born [points to belly]

Raven- ……Why would I take a child ? I’d make a terrible single parent…..

Summer- What makes you think I want one if I was so willing to part with mine ?

Raven - You were trying to scam me, but now that you’re pregnant, you’re completely ready to be a [condescending] GOOD little mommy

[Summer grabs Raven by the arm and pulls her inside]

Raven -  What do you think you’re doing ?!

Summer- [rushes to and closes door] LOOK [sighs and takes a deep breath] Obviously, I am swimming in these motherly juices. I’m glowing……

Raven- You’ve always looked this good…..

Summer- Thank you…….but how about we split responsibility. [puts hands on hips] I’ll help you with Yang, and you’ll help me with Ruby

Raven - ……

Summer- [stern mother voice setting in] What ?! Single parenting is hard

Raven -……[narrows eyes] Did…did we just get married 

Summer- [squints really hard] ……yes [gets up on tippy toes and kisses Raven on the cheek] Dinner will be ready by 6, sweetie pie

[Summer walks off to the kitchen as Raven stares agahst at the home she’s now in]

Raven - [slowly lifts hand to cheek] …..I am NOT a sweetie pie

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It was on my dash again…

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So we’ve been playing Young Justice Legacy. Oh god why did I do this.

So my S.O. got Young Justice Legacy for us.

Oh god.

I mean it could be worse.

But man.

That’s a thing.

I know the picture’s bad quality, but the game honestly isn’t that much better.

To give you an idea, the characters have a dash ability. And Nightwing? Nightwing kind of looks like he’s gliding for a second. While he clips through any rough spots in the terrain.

The less that’s said about Wally in general the better.

To give you a better idea about how the game looks, I found these online.

This is Artemis.

(^This face, peeps. This face. It’s actually pretty good compared to the close up of Conner’s.)

(^This face will haunt your nightmares!)

Then there’s Garth….

(I’m giving him that face too, Kaldur.)

(GAH! Stop looking like that, Conner!)

Those are the cutscenes!

Also. The camera has a fixed vertical position. And it’s juuuuust at the wrong angle. Like, a little higher or lower and it’d be fine. But nope. Right at the position where you want to adjust it, but can’t.

It looks and plays like a PS2 game. It was released in 2013 for the PS3. R.I.P. anyone who payed full price.

It’s not too bad, though. The level design is annoying and repetitive, and some of the boss are a stupid difficulty spike compared to the monotonous average enemies. But the characters are kind of fun. (Haven’t played much as anyone other than Nightwing to be honest. I mean, he has a wide range stun, decent melee speed, and projectiles, and that’s all you really need.)

They got some of the voices from the series, so the voice acting is pretty good. (Even if the timing is bad enough that people interrupt each other all the dang time).

And the collectibles are kind of addicting. The alternate costumes give some really fun ideas that I wish I had the skills to make fan art of.

And the extra YJ information you find out is great.

Like, it’s worth it for the Red Arrow information alone.

Dear Gods his issues in season 2 make total sense now. The journal fleshes out his thoughts and motivations so much, and really ties things together.

(For the Red Arrow/Arsenal shippers out there, this game provides so much material. Like, so many entries read like someone looking for their lover. The rest are Red Arrow angst, and filling in the gaps.)

I might quote the journal entries here so people who haven’t can read them without having to go through playing it or watching a playthrough.

I’ll probably be making more posts about this.

The weirdest part? I’m kind of looking forward to playing it more tomorrow.

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You’re my: mutual whos always going off… NOT IN A BAD WAY i always see ur text posts on my dash n its the Cold Hard Truth we love a queen w facts!!
How I met you: im actually not too sure….
Why I follow you: i really like the darkish neutral aes on ur blog (even tho im pink aes fhsgfhf) its nice to look at…. also a gg multi stan w a few bgs on the side?? what an amazing combo…
Your blog is: 10/10 this is real quality!!
Your URL is: cute………. im happy for ur relationship
Your icon is: i cant tell if u changed ur icon to the jaguar (?) recently bc tumblr mobile sucks but it fits ur blog very well…
A random fact I know about you: yg anti….. but also who isnt
General opinion: great mutual very blessed to have u on my dash.. thank u
A random thought I have: we never interact but interesting how i love u so much ?

apparently there have been like, people making comics crowing about how “the SJWs don’t want people to make zootopia porn, this censorship is why terrorism is real” and I just want to say 1) I’ve seen literally nobody demand that zootopia porn not exist so idk where that even comes from?? I mean considering the amount of people who think I’m some sort of SJW Satan you’d think I’d have seen something but nope. Which makes it pretty fuckin hilarious that there are already comics acting like it’s a Big Issue hahaha “oh no like two people said furry porn is bad, batten down the hatches the sjw menace is truly at our door”. but also 2) shout out to my dash for being so high quality that I only became aware of this through someone mentioning how fuckin transparent and lame it is on twitter. Everyone I follow should congratulate themselves for being top-class content