why is it so pixely idk

Hey guys! Guess who finally got the Tapu’s/Guardian pokemon designs done? Sorry it took so long but 1: I was originally planning to do a sketch thing, but decided to do a nice pic for you guys and 2: I did a speepdaint of it!

Sorry if it’s kinda low quality, idk why it looks kinda pixely. But, anyways, thanks for being patient guys and I hope you enjoy!

taggo time 2

lil angel @dancingaxolotl tagged me again which I am very thankful for so lets beginnnn

-Nicknames: wish I had one :( 

-Time right now: 11:53 am, Sunday 7th may 

-Last thing I googled: my math homework

-Fave music artist: oh this question… well.. im gonna say cloakroom this time bcs I do count them as one of my fave bands so.. yeh

-Song stuck in my head: nightmares on wax - you wish (best song evr)

-Last movie I watched: the jury

-What I´m wearing right now: a huge sweater that has two fjord horses on them and says ‘fun with fjord horses’, pink pants and some socks

-When I created this blog: sometime in 2012, I think it was march but idk

-The kind of stuff i post: only Jesus pix only #thankgodbless

-Do I have other blogs: yesss: @punkuniversity !! go follow for good dank memes <3

-Why did I choose my URL: because of title fights album floral green (duh)

-Gender: still, boobs

-Hogwarts house: hufflepuff (rip cedric diggory)

-Pokemon Team: valor

-Fave colors: dark green is nice but I actually like every color 

-Average hours of sleep: none, bruhhh whAT IS SLEEP

-Lucky Number: 27 obvio

-Fave Characters: michael scott

-Dream Job: i dont have one… which is bad because that just made me think about my future and that makes me scared as shit ;_;

-How many blankets do I sleep with: 2498

i taaaaaag: @pyjamaghost @fxck-neckdeep @captainkiwitheboobian @fourcalendar @fairlyfl0ral @pepperoni-nippleftw 

idk, just chose a few ppl that reblogged stuff recently so thanks for sharing Jesus with me, good bye and love to all of youuu <3


Cant do a screengrab at the moment but crankybatch is alive and well :/ I mean he’s not required to pay attention to fans in between working but it takes little to no effort to wave or look up. Then blocking his face in the car so they can’t get a picture. Has he been blocked his face from a pap pix? Why block a fan from taking a pix?

I heard he acknowledged the fans a bit later in the day but idk wasnt he friendly in setlocks before?


SoGo:  Maybe he and Sophie have some exclusive pap photo deal with the Daily Mail? (I’m only half joking)