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Made of Skin and Bones

(not my gifs!)

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Language, A/B/O dynamics, make out

Summary: Due to the premature death of the King of your clan, his son, the alpha James Barnes, must assume his destiny and lead his people. As the tradition commands, he must choose some worthy omegas to make their his wives and with which he will ensure the subsistence of your clan. All the omega women are obliged to appear before their king, including you. Luckily for you, you would never be chosen… right?

Tags: at the end. ARE NOW CLOSED (sorry guys) I wrote them again one by one I really hope this time they work

A/N: So sorry guys for the delay, here I’m again! :)

9. Shore

Arrows whilst around your heads making you wince and yell every time you hear them nail in some surface. James is dragging you running through the trees, zigzagging and dodging the sharp arrows with difficulty. Your lungs hurt from the effort and the panic.

Suddenly James pushes you under a great hollowed root and covers your mouth with one hand. It is difficult to keep silence because of your laborious breathing and he presses your head against his chest trying to quell the little noises coming out of your mouth. You’re sure your heart is about to explode and you want to cry, who the hell is trying to kill you?

- Shhh - he tries to calm you down 

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K - Lost Small World Chapter 12 [Eng Sub]

I’m finally done with this chapter! Thank you for all the encouraging words and support! (Sorry I did not reply you all but rest assured I saw all your messages.) I am busy with work but I promise I’ll finish translating this manga, okay? Just give me some time for the last chapter :)

Referenced some of the translation with the novels! You can find them here and here. Scans are by a Chinese group: 深雪darksnow (Whom I have seek permission from to use their scans. They specified that their watermark is to be removed on every single page that’s why some of you were wondering why all their watermarks were gone and replaced with mine.)

Please DO NOT re-upload! It was real hard work cleaning/redrawing/translating these so I would appreciate it if you guys can help me like and reblog instead!

Stay tuned for the last chapter :)


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Reaction to You Dancing with Another Male Idol“Sexily” to Doin’ Things by Justin Guarini. . .

Anonymous said: Hi, sweetie! Great blog. I love your reactions! I had an EXO OT12 reaction request for you if you can do it. Their jealous reaction to you (an idol) dancing on stage “sexily” to the song Doin’ Things (We’re Not Supposed To) by Justin Guarini with another idol group member (Got7 - Jackson/Jaebum and SHINee Taemin/Jonghyun) - however you want to use them for each reaction. Sehun and Yixing are my fav so if you can make it more special/extra with them? Thank you if you can do it for me! *big hug*

Reaction to You Dancing with Another Male Idol “Sexily” to Doin’ Things by Justin Guarini… (Again, this is a long ass title)

A/N i gotchu Anonie, get ready for some Sehun and Yixing drama. side note – i’m not sure if i understood the role you wanted Jackson, Jaebum, Taemin and Jonghyun to take in these reactions, but i tried, so i hope i got it right, but if not lemme know babe. hope you enjoy!

For those of you who don’t know the song, here it is: >click

Kai Eonni ~


The moment he saw Jackson’s hands flutter over your hips and upper arms, Suho found it hard to keep his eyes on you. But his devotion to you and need to support you with your career was too strong for him to allow himself to look away from your truly breathtaking performance. However, the jealousy he feels pooling in his stomach reminds him that he’s not above getting jealous over a performance. After your performance is done, Suho would go back stage to congratulate you, giving you the flowers he got you. He would push his jealousy still lingering in his heart to the side for your sake and force a smile, telling you how beautiful you were. He would be civil with Jackson as well, giving him the well known man-to-man pat on the back, congratulating Jackson as well. Unlike the other members though, this jealousy wouldn’t last long and he would soon forget it and would be able to enjoy the videos of the performance much more now that it wasn’t live and he didn’t have to watch another man touching you right there in front of his eyes.

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He would not be having it. As much as he wanted to support you, this was just not his thing. He would decide that coming to your performance was enough support, so therefore, he would glare as Jaebum who was – according to Kyungsoo – getting too touchy with you. He would roll his eyes when Jaebum would send you a wink or a heart-stopping smirk. Afterwards he would ask you, in a teasing manner, if you had fun flirting with another man. He would tease you all the way home, making sure that you want him, but he wouldn’t give you anything or even let you touch him, this being your punishment for getting him jealous like that. And believe me, you’re going to bed with nothing except the feeling of being all hot and bothered. This boi knows self-restraint.

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He would hate this and would get salty with you when you meet up with him after your performance with Taemin. Chanyeol hated this who situation, you dancing to such a sexy song in the first place, plus the fact it had to be with another guy, Taemin no less who we all admit is a sexy beast, and the fact that that sexy beast’s choreography included him putting his hands where only Chanyeol believes his hands should go. Then adding the fact that Chanyeol was getting mad at you, even though it’s not your fault just makes Chanyeol extremely frustrated. He would end up pouting and becoming very clingy to you, snuggling against you on the couch and mumbling an apology to you as he averts his gaze, not able to get the courage to look you in the eyes, feeling too guilty for giving you attitude. The next day he would make you breakfast and coffee – or try to – and compliment yesterdays performance and how beautiful you truly were.

(i spy a Chanyeol fairy – but like seriously, doesn’t he look like a magical fairy??)

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The most mature out of the boys. He doesn’t like sitting here watching Jonghyun touch you and look at you like he’s actually in love you, but Xiumin is mature enough to remind himself that this is just a performance and that in the end, the only thing that matters is that you did well, looked beautiful and did something that you’re passionate about. Still though, he loves you, and so it can’t be helped when a pang of jealousy shoots through his heart when Jonghyun strokes you hip and looks into your eyes at the line “But I can’t help myself, ‘cause I’d rather be with you…” After the performance, he would be happy that it’s over, but also insanely proud of you how good you were. He would pull you into a hug and just focus on the fact that you were in his arms again. This would be all that was needed to erase that jealousy from him completely. He would quickly congratulate Jonghyun, then quickly thoughts of taking you out to dinner so he could have you all to himself would consume his thoughts.

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[dedicated to requesting Anonie, Lay’s a bae]

You had talked to Lay about the fact that you would be dancing with Jackson for this performance. You wanted to get it out there, your relationship based on mutual trust and honesty. You didn’t have much to worry about, you knew that, after all, Lay was very trusting of you and didn’t seem to get jealous much, though you didn’t have many chances to test that, his members being the only guys you hung out with in front of him. However, Lay confirmed that he was okay with you sharing the performance with Jackson, saying, “I know, it’s just a performance after all, right?” You nod, and in return he would smile. “What I’m really looking forward to is cheering my Jagi on. I’ll be right in the front row cheering you on, okay? So do your best, and I’ll do my best to cheer for you.” This would end with a promise from both sides, both of you looking forward to tomorrow. The following day, you had to leave early to get ready, but you were looking forward to trying to find your boyfriend in the audience, this being the cause as to why it was hard to concentrate with all the giddiness running through your veins. The moment the performance started and you were on stage, you were both focusing on the dance while also scanning the audience for your boyfriend. Lay was sitting there right in front, watching you, at first he was hyped as the music started and you began moving across the stage in choreography that was smooth and graceful. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from your beautiful form, feeling pride grow in his heart, spreading a smile across his face at the thought that you were his girlfriend. However, this moment didn’t last as long as Lay would have liked as Jackson slowly began moving closer to you as the song progressed, his hands getting more touchy and the looks he shot you getting more suggestive. Lay couldn’t tell if it was just him being a boyfriend and being sensitive at another guy looking at you, or if what he was seeing was correct. But the feeling that was crippling his heart was unsettling, and he found himself not enjoying the performance as much as he would have liked. When you met him behind stage with a big smile of your own, Jackson by your side, Lay gave you a big smile that you could tell was strained. You hugged him and asked what’s wrong, but Lay just gently shook his head, meaning now wasn’t the time. He congratulated both of you, giving Jackson praise. Quickly you two got out of there, and when at home, there was still some tension thickening the air around you guys. “Yixing, please tell me what’s wrong now…” “To be honest, I thought it wouldn’t bother me that much, but seeing Jackson get so close to you… It hurt, and I wish it didn’t, because I wanted to be there to support you and cheer for you, but it was like everything in my mind went blank except for the thought that another man was putting his hands on you…” This honesty would make you smile in understand, and gently you would pull him into a hug. “I get it, but, hey, you stayed through the entire thing, right? That’s all I asked for, and you did it. Thank you.” This would make Lay smile, needing you to hear that even though he got jealous, you weren’t mad at him. “Always Jagi.”

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He would get a little annoyed with how much Jaebum was touching you, but he would over all be chill about it. He has so much confidence in you and your relationship that he would just be so hyped with how sexy you were that that was all that was on his mind. After the performance is over he would squeeze you in a tight huge with a huge smile, practically squealing with how amazing you were and how lucky he was that you were his girlfriend. He would spend days bragging about how sexy you were, and even coming at the other members saying how they probably wished you were their girlfriend instead of his.

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This would annoy him to no end. He knows he’s good looking, he loves you and you love him and he trusts your relationship, but he never likes competition when it comes to his girlfriend. And Taemin is competition in his mind. He would keep a stoic expression through the whole performance, but after the show when you two are alone he would complain to you with questions like, “Did he really need to touch you that much?” or “You guys got a little friendly up there huh?” This would be his attitude for an hour or so after the concert is over and you two are home, but eventually he would feel guilty and would apologize and try to express his feelings as best he can.

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He would be come so moody. After the concert ends and you and Jonghyun walk off stage with the audience going crazy, Baekhyun would be overcome with jealousy. You would ask what he thought of your performance with Jonghyun and Baekhyun wouldn’t answer, his childish side kicking in and him going with giving you the cold shoulder. He knows it’s wrong, but he already started and his pride would get in the way of him apologizing. However, you would give the cold shoulder back, and eventually he would need your attention and confirmation that you still love him, and so he would become whiny, asking you to talk to him again, and this would push him to apologize finally. Though he would refuse to ever watch the performance, the images bringing up that feeling of jealousy all over again.

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He would be a jealous mess about this whole situation. He would immediately grow to dislike Jackson only because he was touching you and flirting with you. He actually would like Jackson any other time, but when you were involved, he disliked him. He wouldn’t complain to you though, thinking that jealousy was a sign of weakness or was somehow less manly, and therefore he would refuse to show you any insecurities he had. He would just simply compliment you about you dancing and how beautiful you were and just pretend Jackson wasn’t in the equation.

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He would become the sassy Tao we’ve all grown to love and appreciate. However he would deal with it in a different manner than the other guys, which would be to just pretend that Jaebum wasn’t even there. He would just focus all his attention on you, and when Jaebum was caressing your hip, Tao would just cheer for you louder than before. After you were done and asked Tao how he thought you and Jaebum did he would simply reply with a, “Oh, you were great Jagi.” A sweet and innocent smile plastered on his face.

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[dedicated to requesting Anonie, we share the same hubby]

He would be slightly offended and wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that he wasn’t pleased with how touchy you and Taemin were. When you got alone time with him in your dressing room he would snap at you, “Why would you let your choreographer make a dance that intimate with another guy? Then invite me to your performance?” His words would tumble out, unable to control how annoyed he was with everyone involved. Himself mainly because he knew he was letting his jealousy get the best of him and it wasn’t at all your fault. “Um, maybe because you’re my boyfriend and I thought it would be nice to have you here to support me. But clearly I thought wrong.” You reply, regretting ever inviting him if this was how he was going to react. You thought he would be mature enough to handle a simple dance, you knew he was moody and a little unpredictable with how he would react to things, but he’s never shown jealousy with other guys before, and so you thought this wouldn’t be a big deal. “Just go Sehun. I’ll call you tomorrow.” You dismiss him, knowing he would hate it, but knowing you two need your space before things are said that both of you would regret right after they were spoken. There was a silence before Sehun spoke again, this time in a calmer manner. “How are you going to get home?” He was going to be your ride home, Taemin had invited you to a dinner with him and the rest of his members, but you had earlier declined, thinking you and Sehun could have your own dinner together in celebration. You guessed that the invite from Taemin would still be open, so you answer without looking up at Sehun, shrugging as you begin to gather your things. “I guess I’ll go with Taemin. He had invited me to dinner earlier with him and his group members, so I guess I’ll take him up on that offer now.” This set Sehun off, anger growing inside as he angrily ran a hand through his hair. “You can’t be serious.” Those four words snapping something inside of you as you whip around and glare at him. “Oh I am. You made me ashamed for doing something that I’m passionate about. You made me feel horrible for doing something that makes me happy. Taemin doesn’t matter, it could have been with a girl, a dog, anything else, and I wouldn’t have cared Sehun. You know why? Because it was the dancing that made me happy, not Taemin’s hands on me. I would have been thrilled if it was you Sehun, if I was given the offer to give money to have it be you instead of Taemin, I would have paid in an instant. But that’s not the case, and I’m sorry for that. But can’t you just be happy for me that I was able to have this opportunity?” Sehun would fall silent at your honest words. It would take a while for him to swallow his pride, but it was you, and for you he, Oh Sehun, would give up his cold, uncaring and prideful appearance if that meant you would smile again. He slowly rises his gaze to meet your pleading one, and speaks in a quiet tone. “I know and I’m sorry. I knew from the beginning that I was wrong for snapping at you. I never meant to make you…” It was hard to say the words, his heart pinching at the thought that he made you feel such horrible emotions. “To make you feel ashamed or horrible. You were beautiful, and amazing up there. Really.” You smile and know that that’s going to be the closest to an apology you’ll get out of him for now. You have to be honest, he has improved from when you first started dating him, back then he never would have said something like this. Probably would have stormed out and refuse to talk until the next day. Only for the argument to be forgotten and him getting away with not apologizing. You walk over and pull Sehun into your arms. “I forgive you. Just remember it’s all about the dancing and not who I’m with. Okay?” “I’m sorry…” He mumbles again, nuzzling his face into your hair, both ashamed for his actions and embarrassed for admitting he was wrong. “God what are you doing to me…?” He groans. You pull back and laugh at him clearly not liking to apologize. “Turning you into a decent man is what I’m trying to do.” At that he responds with his signature eye roll, but not holding back the smile that spreads across his lips.

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He would would be a mix. On the one hand he would be okay with it, knowing that it was just part of your job with Jonghyun, but on the other hand… Well another man is touching you. He would try to stay positive for you, but it would be hard when Jonghyun would grab your hips and move against you in a slow sensual way with the music. Afterwards he would congratulate you and Jonghyun, though he would be more tense with Jonghyun. Later he would cuddle with you and tell you how he felt about Jonghyun touching you, but he would also not be able to stop talking about how beautiful you were and how he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

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FAHC meeting Jeremy for the first time?

Oooh, I love this:

Geoff doesn’t gamble often (he leaves that to Jack and the lads), but sometimes when he sees a sure thing he’ll throw a few large bills down. Most of the time it pays off, other times he’s lucky to leave having broken even, but at the end of the day it’s just money. He can’t take it with him when he dies, he might as well use it while he has it.

Tonight he’s feeling lucky, has a few thousand burning a hole in his pocket, and it’s fight night down at the local gym. Two or three times a month, the owner opens the doors to the public and shows off some of his boxers. Strictly speaking, betting isn’t allowed, but for a few hundred dollars the owner looks the other way. Everyone in Los Santos is greedy, they just have to be offered the right price.

It’s loud inside the gym when Geoff and his crew walk in, cheers and jeers from the crowd encouraging the two men fighting in the ring. Jack mentions something about going to place a bet, already disappearing into the crowd before anyone can respond. Michael heads towards the makeshift bar for a drink, Gavin on his heels, while Ryan and Ray follow Geoff towards the ring.

The fight is mostly over, both guys bloody and sweaty, no doubt running on autopilot. The final blow sends one fighter crashing to the mat, the other folding in on himself, hands on his knees, chest heaving, and the crowd explodes.

The winner straightens up, lifting a fist above his head, and the screams get louder. The loser is dragged off the mat, leaving behind a trail of blood.

After the mat is cleaned a man gets into the ring. Geoff recognizes him as the owner, having had a few run ins with him over the years. A hush falls over the crowd when the guy raises his hand, and he smirks over his shoulder at a woman standing off to the side. She winks back at him, melting into the crowd, and the owner returns his attention to the crowd.

“I find it hard to believe you all are here for some two-bit fighters,” he starts letting his eyes scan the crowd. “I know why you’re here, you know why you’re here, so let’s get this show on the road.”

The crowd cheers when the lights dim, and Geoff looks around, intrigued. This is new, at least it’s never happened when he’d been here in the past, and he can’t help feeling a little excited.

“Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you…. LITTLE J!” The crowd gets louder, if that’s at all possible, and the lights brighten once more as a new guy jumps into the ring.

He’s short, that’s the first thing Geoff notices about him, and young. He looks a bit like a kid brother, maybe a tag along cousin, and for the life of him, Geoff cannot figure out what’s so special about this kid.

It’s pretty obvious this kid’s special the moment he starts fighting. His challenger is bigger than him, but Little J is fast and wily, his blows landing quick and hard. He’s had training, a lot of training, and Geoff’s impressed.

“He’s good,” he hears Ryan say behind him and Ray murmurs in agreement.

The fight lasts fifteen minutes, Little J’s opponent hitting the mat with an audible thud, and a deafening scream erupts from the crowd.

“I don’t know if Geoff wants to recruit this guy or suck his dick,” Ray says and Ryan starts laughing.

“Fuck off,” Geoff grumbles stalking away from them, following the owner and Little J into the back of the gym.

He finds Little J sitting alone, unwrapping his hands. He looks up when Geoff enters the room and says, “Hey, I know you. You’re Geoff Ramsey.”

“That is my name. I’d be more surprised if you didn’t know me,” Geoff replies leaning against the wall. “Impressive fight.”

“Nah, that’s just a regular Friday for me.” Little J balls the tape up, tossing it into the trash can in the corner of the room. He sniffs, wiping blood off his face. “No one has ever asked for an autograph, but if you want me to give you one…”

“I was actually wondering if you’d like a job.”

Confused, wary, Little J says, “What?”

Geoff crosses the room, holding out a business card, making a mental note to never, ever tell Gavin these were a good idea. He waits for Little J to take it, and when he does Geoff knows the kid is interested.

“Give me a call.” He then turns, heading out of the room and into the crowd, stopping short when his cell buzzes against his leg. An unknown number flashes back at him when he checks the screen, and he ducks into a bathroom, answering with a cautious, “Hello?”

“Alright, so I thought about it,” Little J says excitedly, “and I’m in.”

Engraved pt. 9

<– Engraved 8 | ( Crowned 1 –> ) | Engraved 10 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 5491
Warnings: Angst? hints? hmm not much? Filler, sorry, stay with me pls TT.TT
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Kai X Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: A little birthday present for the best unni @oh-beyond love ya ^_~ hope you enjoy, i’ll give you that lil extra later. 

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Your pov

You connected your lips to his. He stirred, and you slid your hand into his hair at the back of his head, playfully tugging. You tilted you head, inching closer, sitting up on your knees. He had to lean his head back, but he responded, moving his lips against yours. Slowly, softly. His hands came up to your sides, sliding up to your waist, taking your tank top with them. The warm touch of his hands against your skin sent shivers down your spine. He thumbed the piercings at your hipbones, eliciting a noise from the back of your throat.
He pressed you closer, chest to chest, as he parted his lips a little further to suck at your bottom lip. The soft graze of his teeth against your skin made you want to get closer. The soft pressure of his piercing against your lips, his lips against your own. 

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Broadway AU Headcanons (Yes, more)

So I was thinking about this post and I was trying to find someone to replace James Cagney who made sense and whose name scanned. The first person who came to mind was Tom D/aley??? I don’t know why, but hey what can you do. Anyway, then this headcanon became a thing:

  • He goes to see Bonnie and Clyde the week after Davey goes home and he gets to go up on stage after the show and have one of those photos taken with the cast, because y’know he’s Tom D/aley.
  • When Jack finds out he’s laughing so hard because Davey just missed him and he has to apologise to Tom for not being able to keep a straight face.
  • “I’m sorry, it’s just… My husband is a massive fan of yours and he’s just had to go back to the States. He would have loved this.”
  • Jack ends up with a signed Bonnie and Clyde programme (he didn’t have anything else on hand) for Davey and he’s tempted to send it over to him but if it got lost in the post then the whole thing would be ruined. Besides, he wants to see Davey’s face when he realises what the signature is.
  • The next time they’re reunited it’s when Jack takes a week of holiday from the show and flies back to America to see Davey on set. They have a couple of hours being cute and clingy but then Jack remembers the programme.
  • He gets it out and hands it over and Davey’s just??? Because yes Jack, this is the show you’re in, I already have one of these. Then he notices the signature and it’s obvious it says Tom and he just freezes.
  • “Jack, did you…? How…? What…?”
  • “I’m just the best.”
Everything Changes

Summary: The reader attends a Riverdale High party at one of the lakes in town. She runs into Jughead and the two of them talk until Reggie and his cronies pick a fight. 

Length: 3,666 words

What am I doing here?” I thought to myself as I stood at the top of the rickety wood stairs that would eventually lead to a group of my fellow seniors, partying by the lake. I didn’t belong with these group of people. I didn’t like the same things as them, enjoy the same kind of music, sports, activities, etc. I liked being alone. I liked staying home on weekends, lounging in my pajamas, eating whatever and doing whatever I wanted. So why did I force myself to come here? To the end-of-the-semester party?

“Move,” an angry voice said right before the person bumped into me, causing my hip to collide with the railing. I groaned and narrowed my eyes as one of the Bulldogs’ football players walked down the steps, trying his best not to drop the blue and white cooler that was inevitably full of cheap beer. I rubbed my hip and watched as the other football players, cheerleaders, and friends greeted him with smiles and cheers.

Biting my lip and taking another deep breath, inhaling the scent of bonfire and murky lake water, I finally descended down the steps. Although I could list a million reasons why I would rather turn around and go home to binge watch something on Netflix, I decided that I might have a chance to see him. It’s a long shot because he’s not into things like this, just like me, but there’s a possibility. A slight possibility.

It took five minutes for me to hate myself and my spontaneous decision to attend this gathering. I was already sitting alone on a damp log, a ways away from the bonfire, while people danced to the loud music playing through crappy speakers. Someone handed me a cup that was full of, I’m assuming, the cheap beer the football player brought. But I knew better than to drink an unknown substance from a stranger.

I pulled out my phone and pretended to be busy, like most people do when they feel uncomfortable or awkward. I scrolled through Facebook and saw a few people had uploaded photos from the party already; Red solo cups raised in the air with smiles on their faces. The night sky and the reflection of the stars and moon on the rippling lake made a nice backdrop in every photo I saw. Eventually I got tired of seeing photos of what I can witness if I just looked up from my phone, so I locked it and put it back in my jacket pocket. As I put my cup down and played with the ring on my index finger, my eyes came across a face that made my heart skip a beat.

He’s here.

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Dear Girl,
Do not let them tell you that life isn’t about love. Do not ever let them tell you that. Because it is. No matter how hard you try, it all boils down to love. 

But remember, love, that love comes in all sort of shapes, sizes, colours and forms. Perhaps that is why there are so many kinds of it. 

Open your eyes wider the next time you’re in front of a big wide mirror. Scan your face. Find what you love about it; Self-love has always been the first and the most crucial kind of love. 

Breathe in a little deeper the next time you find your feet in the sand, and the wind in your hair. By the ocean, is always a good place to be; Loving the life you live, is the second kind of love. 

Smile wider the next time you make it for that Christmas dinner. Your family is your own blood and the bond of blood is something one should always cherish. Open up to them, a little more. After all, they are your home; Loving your people, is the third kind of love.

Be exactly the way you are the next time he calls you up. He deserves to uncover what you truly are, and fall in love. Do not keep secrets, layers or walls. If romantic love is a battlefield, be dumb: get in without an armour, because in amour, that is bravery.

Loving him, is the last kind of love. It comes when it has to. You do not stop your life, waiting for it because, honey, time’s ticking. 

Next time they tell you that life’s not about love, let them know all of this, okay?

—  Tanvi R
Slave to Pleasure [18]

(gif not mine, credit to the original)

A/N: So I’ve had a few inquiries about the other members as vampires, especially the continuation of Luhan’s spinoff ‘Mysterious Guests’ and I was thinking instead for the time being I write an indepth character profile for all the members?

Pretty pretty pretty please let me know if you would like me to write one, even if you just flick me a message saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ I don’t care just pop a reply in my ask box :p xx  

Warning: Mild sexual frustration ^_^

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A/N: Can we all take a moment to look at this banner I made, because I’m so proud of how that turned out! This was requested by an Anon, so if you see this, I hope you like it!
Also, I literally spend like 10 minutes to find a good GIF for Sam, why was that so hard???

“Dude, why do we have to go to some billionaire’s party?” Dean whined as he and his brother walked through the crowd of people dressed to impress. The boys themselves were in suit and tie, but they weren’t here to party or for the booze. They were here on a job. Though Dean wouldn’t mind some of the booze by now.

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K - Lost Small World Chapter 11 [Eng Sub]

Well, here’s chapter 11. Got sidetracked while editing so it took quite a while (I kept finding good shows to watch \^O^/). I cleaned and translated all those sound effects this time round (oh the horror). Happy reading~    

Referenced some of the translation with the novels! You can find them here and here. Scans are by a Chinese group: 深雪darksnow (Whom I have seek permission from to use their scans. They specified that their watermark is to be removed on every single page that’s why some of you were wondering why all their watermarks were gone and replaced with mine.)

Please DO NOT re-upload! It was real hard work cleaning/redrawing/translating these so I would appreciate it if you guys can help me like and reblog instead!

Stay tuned for the later chapters :)


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Being Okay

Anonymous asked: And another one w/ the Reynolds Pamphlet where y/n leaves and he’s devastated but w/ a happy ending? Canon time pls. Thx!

A/N: School’s started. I’m tired. Here’s a fic. 

Word Count: 1736

TW: Cheating

AU: Hamiltime!

Pairing: A. Ham x Reader

You stood there in Alexander’s office, fiercely clutching the paper only moments before you had been handed by your son, Philip. He was crying, and you didn’t understand why at the time.

You now did.

You knew this because you were also crying.

Because your husband cheated.

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Someone please, 
Take my hand,
For this nightmare of mine 
Seems to have no end…
I gaze up at the moon,
Wish upon a star,
“Please, send me someone close,
To take me very far…
To take me… very far…?”

To everyone who know me: goodbye unless you want to find me at the bottom of echotale hell I CAN’T I’M GONNA CRY AGAIN WHY DOES THIS AU EXIST AND HOW DID I END UP HERE

I’m always, always thirsty for unspoken love and the comics @yoralim drew just… hit on all my soft spots… So here is my tribute to their amazing story!! I even went and scanned a traditional to make this pic more align with their style– hope I didn’t butcher them too hard orz  Also thanks to a song I found on @ungivenfux64‘s blog I was able to finish it this fast!!  Listen to it here.

Echotale AU by @yoralim

Gaster!Sans design by @borurou


His search was almost for nought. Such a worrywart sometimes, this one. Even though everyone seemed somewhat against connections within the agency, he would always be caring for or about someone in trouble. Hence why he made his way to her greenhouse: it was not hard to find, given the vicinity. So with some new hope, he entered..but after scanning the many, many plants in there, the results came up…disappointing. 

Given that he couldn’t find the answer he was looking for himself, he decided to ask the woman attending the plants - if anyone could do what he wanted with these specimens, it’s her. Although it was a little outside her expertise. 

「 ॐ - Pardon me, Joe, but I have a request for more…traditional remedies. For you see, we are running out of anaesthetics, pain killers and disinfectants…would you happen to know how to make some with your ‘partners in crime’? 」

I fell for a dark haired boy with a sad face last summer. Fell for the way his mouth moved when he talked to me, and how it would set into a firm line when he would not. Fell for the way that we talked, that every time, even the first it was like picking up a mutual stream of dialogue that was a quarter of the way in and it just, kept going. No end in sight.

I fell for the way his hair was crazed half the time, the way his sun soaked skin shone. The dark slash of his eyebrows over his dark brown eyes. The way his hands moved, and the angle of his shoulders.  Eyes that were so seeking, scanning, collecting things, then focusing wide. Almost questioning you, why were things like this, how could they be? He looked like something I had dreamt up. I fell. Hard. 

I fell for him the summer that I never expected to find a soul out there in the world like mine; hopeful, and terrified, still mending, learning to love itself. 

He left me a bit of a mess when he wasn’t ready, and to think back, neither was I. So days, weeks, months passed, grew into a year, and we didn’t talk. According to pictures and updates, he grew a beard that cover the cheekbones, and jaw line I had admired. A short smiling girl appeared in photos with him. I was glad to see him happy.  

We exchanged words a few weeks ago, he reached out the line and I was there. I felt the feelings bubble up, and I walked into a friendship, because I’d known, not because he shared, but because of Facebook, that he had a woman he was with. I knew nothing of them. He didn’t bring her up, and I only did when I steered the nostalgia back to reality. The very occasional “what if”s came up, we are human of course. Mostly, we talked of summer, of vacations, rivers, lakes, time, and space, or bread baking, celebrations, of music, and darkness.  Very rarely, phrases he brought up when we became nostalgic for that last summer would pummel my heart; “It’s wonderful and heartbreaking” he’d say looking back at our old conversations. That we were “like a damn firework”. I felt the same, it was like a firework, it was glorious and heady. It was a spark, a whirling ride up up up, a bang, and a glorious show of lights, fire, and magic. It was the mass of smoke that builds against the night sky and floats away like a cloud, and it was fleeting, but memorable. I was relieved that he remembered it the way I did. 

It wasn’t soon after that I knew I had to cut the line. So, I did. 

Honestly, it felt more like I couldn’t find a knife or a pair of scissors, so I took it in my hands and I worked in determined and focused  movements to severe it. I felt like I left with bloodied fingers. I broke it because I couldn’t even think of him without a slight revolt of feelings. Admiration, kinship, ease of friendship, but then longing, want. That was when I realized that it would never be fair, ever to take as much as I could out of the friendship and not admit to myself that it was selfish, and petty.

 That he had someone to love, who loved him. And no matter the way he described he and I that “we are lovers”. We weren’t and had never been lovers in the sensual sense because I’d never laid my hands, or lips on him. That he’d never, even that summer, held my hand, never felt the texture of my skin, or captured the scent of my hair. 

But, we had made love with our words, with our sentiments last summer. We were romantic to each other that summer because we shared each of ourselves fully with each other. Offered up pieces of ourselves back and forth, like packages in various wrappings and boxes. Envelopes with single words, sometimes it felt like he and I had a beat up leather journal that kept changing hands, him then I, back and forth. Filled with sketches, pressed flowers, recipes, pictures, lyrics, quotes, analysis, ripped out pages of our favorite books, words, declarations, secrets. Filled with pieces of paper, napkins, reciepts we’d find and write our thoughts on them and tuck them into the pages. I’d never felt so free to think aloud, to hope aloud, to trudge through despair aloud. But with him, it was just another part of me that I could share, like my middle name, or how I liked my bacon.

I saw him in person once. On purpose, nearly. I was so determined to, and then not to, and then to over the course of three hours when I was in the neighborhood of his work, a historical district of a city about an hour away from my town. If we’re going to be friends, we should meet, finally, in person. I’d told him so. I was about to chicken out, glancing into his shop, then walking past. When he opened the door by mere chance, and it was awkward and unceremonious, but it broke my heart. Because there he was, and he belonged to someone else, and being just his friend wasn’t ever going to work. 

It’s been a couple weeks since I severed it. I haven’t searched him out, nor made word to him. I know it was the absolute only thing I could do to preserve three people’s hearts. Sure, mine got a solid tumble, a few bruises. Nothing that I didn’t deserve, even though I tried, very hard, to be friends. But as soon as my heart tried to swell up and be involved, I knew. I knew that I’m not a second choice, I’m not to be loved in just words, or memories. I knew that no matter what my heart seemed to think was possible, that it was better to just disappear, get out of the situation. 

So, I did. I started actively looking for dates, common connections, attraction, humor, compassion. And that all is an entirely different story, one I haven’t even had the chance to write.

True Feelings [Jungkook Angst / Fluff]

Words: 2567

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Summary: He foolishly chose a mere feeling he had for a girl who told him that she liked him over a relationship with a girl who proved she loved him that was built over years.

“Who?” You almost choked when you heard your friend’s confession but you took a deep breath, calming yourself down to hear her out. In a softer and calmer voice, you repeated your question. “The boy you like is?”

She sighed, wondering why you had to ask again when she was sure that she had already said very clearly - “Jeon Jungkook”. Refusing to repeat her answer, she crossed her arms over her chest and eyed you, suspecting that you weren’t happy about her having a crush on your best friend.

Trying to hide the fact that you were against the two of them getting together, you plastered a wide grin on your face as you patted her on the back. “Nice choice. Good luck then.” And with that hundred-percent-fake encouragement and equally forced expression, you finished up your food and left the table hurriedly, getting away from that situation as fast as possible.

School was tiring and the whole thing about your best friend having an admirer made your entire mood even worse. It was the fear of losing him and the nagging thought that you would have to spend the rest of your life alone that made you so against the possibility that they would get together. Perhaps a tinge of jealousy, in fact, a large flood of jealousy that you tried your best to hide.

Jungkook saw you waiting for him at the school gate and he broke into a smile as he jogged towards you. “_______~” He sang and you didn’t really know how to respond as too many thoughts were occupying your mind. “You seem as if you have a lot going on there,” He teased as he flicked your forehead lightly causing you to wince, jabbing him in the sides as payback.

“Yes I do, so don’t be a bother.” You hated to be snappy and you didn’t know why either, but just seeing his smiling face made you wonder whether he would start showing it to her instead of you and it made you frustrated.

“Me? A bother?” Jungkook gasped as he pointed to himself. “Did you fail your test or something? Oh, is it the time of the month-”

“It isn’t. I just heard about something from someone and I don’t like what I hear.”

He found you childish and snickered, putting an arm around your shoulder. “But don’t take it out on me okay? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Nodding but without meaning it, you picked up your pace and didn’t take a second glance at Jungkook who was still confused and trying to guess exactly what was going on.

You didn’t do anything wrong. But if you become her boyfriend, I swear, you will.

A few days passed and you didn’t think much about the whole “Jungkook might ditch me” thing anymore because you told yourself that he probably wouldn’t leave his closest childhood friend for a girl he barely knew but ‘loved’. You could say that you were confident in yourself and that you trusted him and so there really wasn’t any need to worry.

But maybe you shouldn’t have had so much faith in him. If you had kept him closer to you, then things might not have changed for the worse.

Walking out of your classroom, you frowned when Jungkook wasn’t waiting for you outside like he normally did. His class was over, you knew as his friends were already making their way to the cafeteria but he wasn’t with any of them. He probably went to the toilet. After checking around one last time, you decided to buy food for the both of you before the queue turned into a snake.

You stood in line patiently, foot tapping habitually to no particular rhythm but stopped when you heard laughter from behind. It was Jungkook’s voice, you could tell, but there was a girl’s laughter as well and you didn’t remember knowing of him being close to any female other than you. You couldn’t help but feel curious and so you turned around and they were the first people you saw. And oh, how your stomach twisted and your teeth clenched when you found out that he was with your friend, the one who had a crush on him.

Her cheeks were bright red and her hand covered her mouth as she laughed a laugh that irked you so much. What’s there to blush about? It’s just Jungkook. You mock but soon realise that you had just answered your own question. It’s Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook, the boy who caught your attention ever since you were four years old in Kindergarten, the boy who got your heart all fluttery when he held your hand when you were seven in Primary School and the boy you told yourself that you loved as a friend.

Then why were you feeling so jealous and so annoyed? You had him to yourself for more than ten years but less than an hour with another girl got you all angry and feeling betrayed. Calming down, you turned back around and told yourself not to get worked up. Cause at the end of the day, he was still going to be your best friend, wasn’t he?

The bell rang and you covered your ears, wondering why they made the volume so loud and why there was a need for a bell in the first place since the students already had their own watch alarms set to ring once school was over. Slinging your bag around your neck, you pushed your chair under the table and left the classroom, trying your best to keep in the millions of questions you had for your best friend who was probably standing by the gate, waiting for you like always.

You reached there and looked around, trying to spot the boy but like before, you couldn’t. Why is it so hard to find him today? He’s not doing what he always does. Several minutes passed and you saw your bus just outside by the road. Where is he? The bus driver signaled for you to get on and you held up a hand, asking him to wait for just a few more seconds as you scanned your surroundings once more but he wasn’t in sight. You gave up and got onto the bus, sitting in your usual seat, but all alone this time. Looking out of the window, you imagined Jungkook running towards the bus all sweaty and panicking but that didn’t happen. Instead, what you saw was him strolling out of the school with her, hands so close until they were almost touching and you closed your eyes, hugging your bag tightly as you held in the tears that were threatening to fall. So he was with her.

The special routine you shared with Jungkook got destroyed by the new person in his life and you could do nothing about it. Or maybe you could. Maybe you could be shameless and butt into their conversations, sit with them during break time or tag along to wherever they went but you didn’t want to. Perhaps you were too proud, perhaps you wanted Jungkook to know that you could do fine without him and you wanted to see him regret as you drifted further from him. You didn’t know what exactly you wanted. All you knew was that the relationship, the title of ‘best friend’ and the bond and connection you two had been broken.

Jungkook could tell. His messages weren’t to you anymore and he barely saw or talked to you in school. You were with your group of friends, with other boys who had never been as special as him but it seemed as if you like them more now. You seemed normal, as if nothing had happened and he didn’t know why, but he felt hurt that you didn’t show a single sign of hurt. It wasn’t that he wanted you to feel hurt, but he secretly wanted to know that you missed him and he wasn’t getting that at all.

After a week of complete breaking of ties and zero interaction, he decided to say a word to you.

“__________!” He called and the way your name left his lips felt so familiar, like something forgotten being restored again and he liked it. Hearing him, you turned around, gaze meeting his. You nodded simply and your insincere action ruined his entire hope of a proper conversation and a restored friendship. His mouth opened to say another word but you had already turned your back on him, walking a little faster to catch up with your friends who were ahead of you.

Deep down, you weren’t as heartless as you seemed. You wanted to call his name too, smile and hug him like you always did but you just couldn’t because you knew that after that happened, he would go back to her anyway and you would be left alone again. To put it simply, you had been left once and you didn’t trust him anymore.

But Jungkook wasn’t going to give up. He ran and grabbed your hand, turning you around and you were shocked. “I didn’t even have a chance to say something,” Jungkook said softly and you pulled your hand away.

“I thought you were saying hi.”

“When have we ever said nothing else but a hi?” The boy’s voice cracked and you smiled sadly, gaze diverting away and onto the ground.

“We have done worse. We have ignored each other for a full week,” you whisper and his eyes widened, heart breaking when he knew that it was the truth. “You remember that time I was acting all moody?” You continued and he nodded, wondering what that had to do with anything. “It was because she told me that she liked you and I was scared that you would leave me. You remember saying that you did nothing wrong?” Jungkook nodded again and you were glad that he remembered.

“You’ve betrayed me, left me all alone for some girl who has a crush on you. Nothing wrong?” He felt a pang of guilt hit him as your last sentence came out in such a broken, hurt tone and he wished that he could turn back time and make things right again.

“You did everything a best friend shouldn’t do.”

Jungkook regretted. He foolishly chose a mere feeling he had for a girl who told him that she liked him over a relationship with a girl who proved she loved him that was built over years. The way you turned away when he called your name and the way you pulled your hand away was something he could never forget, simply because it hurt so much. Your shaky voice and the disappointed look in your eyes as you honestly pointed out to him that he threw you to one side made him feel horrible and he asked himself - Was this really the end of your friendship?

An image of the girl he left you for flashed into his mind and he remembered how she always dressed her best, how she skillfully touched up her face with makeup and style her hair. Then he thought of you, how your hair looked like a bush after a storm, the baggy shirt you wore to sleep and the cute frown on your face when he told you that it was time to wake up and he realised something.

He loved you.

Jungkook loved your morning whining more than her sweetest voice, your carelessly sprouted comments more than her constant compliments, your merciless tickling more than her soft hands and your pyjamas more than her fanciest dress. He looked forward to seeing you rush out of the classroom during break time and seeing your bright smile when school ended. He missed the way you wrapped your arms around him during a hug and ruffle his hair, telling him that you would always be there for him during hard times.

The teacher noticed her student lost in his thoughts and she tapped him. “Do you need to wash your face?” She asked and he nodded, wanting to get out of class to sort out his thoughts. His classmates snickered slightly but he couldn’t care less because all he was thinking about was how to get you back.

As for you, you were almost dozing off, History class boring the life out of you. Raising your hand, you asked your teacher politely whether you could go to the washroom and he nodded before continuing his storytelling. The moment you stepped out of class, you sighed, swinging your arms to loosen them as you walked to the washroom. Suddenly, you felt your hand hit someone and you turned around, bowing immediately.

“I’m sorry-”

“__________,” Jungkook called and you froze, wondering why you had to hit him out of all people.

“I’m urgent,” You coughed up and excuse and tried to walk away but he put his hand on your shoulder.

“You always hop around when you are.” He pointed out and you had nothing to say. “Stop trying to run away from me…it hurts.”

You raised an eyebrow, looking at him in the eye. “Says you, the one who runs away and leaves the fastest. So what you did didn’t hurt me?” Jungkook looks away and his hand falls to his side.

“I know it did and I’m sorry. I know your trust in me is probably broken-”

“It is,” You corrected and he nodded.

“I lost your trust and I’m going to do whatever it takes to get it back.” He finished and you doubted it.

“What about her? Are you going to leave her all of a sudden like how you left me?”

“But what am I supposed to do? I realised that I love you so much. How can I carry on with someone I don’t love when you are right in front of my eyes?” And that causes your heart to beat faster than ever, your mouth to open slightly as you cannot find the words to reply to his sudden confession. “That’s right. During class, I was just thinking about her and all the amazing things about her but you came into my mind, all your embarrassing habits and crazy personality.”

You blushed, avoiding his gaze as you wanted to run away from him and back to class but he pulled you into a hug all of a sudden and whispered in your ear, “And I know for sure that I love you and that I need to do all it takes to get you back.”

All the anger seemed to have left you and all you felt was love, a bond between you and him so strong, even stronger than the relationship of a close friend. “You can’t change your mind,” You finally spoke and he chuckled, pressing his forehead against yours.

“I won’t.”

“I’ll make it impossible for you to,” you joked and he sighed, cupping your face with his hands.

“With this smile of yours,” he then points to your head, “this mind of yours” and finally to your heart, “and this heart of yours, you already made it impossible for me to live without you.”  

You smiled, pinching his cheeks as you finally said the words you’ve been wanting to say for the longest time.

“I love you so much.”

K - Lost Small World Chapter 10 [Eng Sub]

Here’s chapter 10! The later parts of this chapter can be a little confusing so make sure to read the novel if you can’t understand what’s going on :)

Referenced some of the translation with the novels! You can find them here and here. Scans are by a Chinese group: 深雪darksnow (Whom I have seek permission from to use their scans. They specified that their watermark is to be removed on every single page that’s why some of you were wondering why all their watermarks were gone and replaced with mine.)

Please DO NOT re-upload! It was real hard work cleaning/redrawing/translating these so I would appreciate it if you guys can help me like and reblog instead!

Stay tuned for the later chapters :)


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anonymous asked:

scenario where Himuro got paired up for class project / to tutor his crush?

With pages upon pages of formulas and theorems spread out across the table, giving the exact pathway needed to solve any sort of problem, this should have been a simple task. Math was the subject Himuro excelled at the most — honestly, he didn’t even need half the papers here, already having memorized certain formulas he found too easy — so why was he finding it so hard all of a sudden to explain what he should already know?

“Himuro-kun, did I get this right?”

The reason why he was having a difficult time was right there, leaning toward him with a messily scribbled-on paper outstretched toward him. You. You were the one making his brain malfunction, causing him to lose every train of thought that passed through.

“Let me check,” he said, his voice still sounding calm and collected despite the storm in his mind. As he looked down at your paper, eyes scanning over the math done there, he couldn’t really focus on any of the numbers; his mind was too occupied by how close you were leaning toward him as you scanned the paper a well.

“So?” You sounded hopeful. Himuro didn’t want to crush your optimism.

“Yeah, it all seems good,” he answered. In truth, he couldn’t even remember what the question was asking for, but you’d been doing well enough so far. He’d have to hope this wasn’t the one question you got wrong.

“That’s great! Okay, I’ll start on the next one then,” you said cheerily, turning back toward your textbook.

Suddenly, Himuro felt as if he could breath again. He didn’t know why his thoughts seized up every time you were closer than a few centimeters away from him. He didn’t know how you didn’t notice any changes in his behavior when you were around. He certainly couldn’t comprehend why, for the first time in his life, he didn’t know how to handle a situation.

“Himuro-kun, I don’t know how to start this problem,” you whined, turning to him with a pout that he found just a tad too irresistible.

He did know that if you kept this up, neither of you would be focused on math for very long.

Time (Sehun x You)

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2,577

Note: This was requested almost a year ago, but I’ve finally gotten around to writing it. I’m not sure how this one turned out, so I hope you all enjoy?


“Time heals all wounds.”

Time is the remedy for everything.

All scars, wounds, grief- heal with time. Give something time, and time will a provide a way, binding together the bleeding wounds of the present with the happiness of memories long forgotten and the excitement of the future unknown.

But time is a curious thing, you see.

It is neither merciless nor gracious. It runs away from those who are so eager to chase it, yet it remains with those who wish nothing to forget. And time brings the most beautiful of memories and forms the strongest of loves between people.

You were thankful to time for having brought you Oh Sehun.

A most fateful meeting during a boring biology class had led to his shy Valentine’s confession to you months later and your first kiss on the school rooftop. After years of longing for your first love, you were finally rewarded, your relationship with Sehun being nothing less than perfect.

Summers of constant afternoon ice cream runs and sharing deep conversations on the school rooftop while overlooking the cramped neighborhoods. Sleeping in his embrace under the warmth of the linen sheets spread across your bed, running your fingers through his hair in the sunlight, gazing into his loving eyes.

Which had all led up to his sudden announcement one afternoon after school that he had joined SM Entertainment to become an idol.

Although you felt overwhelming joy as Sehun spun you around and you pulled him in for a deep kiss, there was still the dregs of doubt and the lingering question:

What would become of your relationship?

Maintaining your relationship was anything but simple.

Sehun had transferred to another school. The conversations over the phone at midnight and the short texts sent on the walk from his school to the company never seemed to be enough. You spent your hours staring at the lifeless screen of your phone, awaiting a message from Sehun, rather than studying the formulas in your math textbook. Although it was difficult, Sehun’s promise that he would “make this relationship work no matter what” was all that you needed to hold on.

So you did.

And you remember how desperately holding onto the relationship finally paid off when he excitedly texted you the date and location of debut showcase. The happiness on his face when you were waiting for him backstage, the way he held you in his arms, despite the stiff stage outfits and tired limbs from performing for too long.

But nothing became easier after his debut.

In fact, it had become even more difficult to meet with him.

Months had passed without contact from Sehun. You remember sullenly sitting alone at your high school graduation, twiddling your fingers and aimlessly scanning the crowd of unfamiliar faces. You knew he wasn’t there, so why were you craning your neck and desperately trying so hard to find him?

As your name was called, you dragged your feet to the stage, cheeks flushed and eyes wandering. But a certain lanky male in the crowd had caught your attention. You squinted to recognize the vague figure of a tall man with spindly limbs holding a bouquet of red roses. The man tipped up the brim of his dark cap, revealing a pair of crescent shape eyes smiling at you. You remember the flurry of butterflies stirring in your stomach and the smile that played on your lips as Sehun gave you a wave. And you remember throwing yourself into his arms at the end of it all.

“Congratulations,” he chimed, offering you the bouquet of roses- your favorite.

“You came,” you said. “You really came.”

“How could I miss your high school graduation?” he asked, ruffling your hair.

But most of all, you remember when he had taken your hand into his, fished a mysterious object from the pockets of his coat, and gently placed a cool metal object between your fingers. His hands had withdrawn, allowing you to uncoil your fingers and lightly gasp from the key sitting on your palm.

“Let’s move in together,” he had proposed.

So you did.


Moving in together had seemed like the perfect plan at the time.

The apartment rested between the SM building and the bus stop which you frequented to travel to your college classes- ideal for the two of you. Not to mention, the view of twinkling lights from towering buildings at night through the small glass window was settling and every moment at the apartment meant a moment with Sehun.

Despite the fact that Sehun had a tendency to leave his unwashed clothes wherever he pleased and that the used couch you had purchased was too short for his legs, you were together, and you were happy. But you wish that those nights of lips pressed to foreheads and murmured “goodnight”s- those nights of painfully staying awake to see each other walk through the door and into warm embraces, those nights you had foolishly taken for granted- had lasted.

Somewhere along the lines of broken I love you’s and the stress of your classes, you had noticed that Sehun had stopped greeting you when you brushed past him in your apartment. No more goodbyes before you left, no more soft kisses on the tip of your nose and whispers of “Good night, my love.” His lips were always pursed, his fists balled, eyebrows furrowed. You remember one day reaching for his hand, about to ask why he was being like this, when he recoiled with such revulsion that the man standing in front of you was not Oh Sehun. His gaze was no longer warm; he was a stranger whose touch was cold and unfamiliar.

And then came the fights.

Bitter and prevailing.

It had started one night when you had come home from an exceptionally long day of classes. A cool glass of water was much needed to settle your throbbing mind and your aching fingers. A loud thud of the flimsy wooden door as it slammed against the wall of the hallway sounded through the silence of the apartment, followed by a grumbling Sehun. You were worried for him, who saw the dark apartment through a darkened, angry gaze and gritted teeth.

You approached him, as he exasperatedly ran a hand through his hair and let out a heaved sigh. You remember reaching out to feel the cool skin on his face and to make him see the worry in your eyes, until he had pushed you away, yelling, “I told you I want to be left alone!”

You remember the anger broiling through your blood and your heart pummeling to your feet, as you shouted back, “I’m just trying to help you, Oh Sehun! Are you stupid enough not to see that?”

But one fight led to another.

And another.

And you began wondering why the two of you were still holding on.

The door creaks open, and you hardly lift your head up from its craned position over your textbooks. Though you already know it’s Sehun walking through, you have the urge to spare a side glance with the hope that he’ll smile at you once more and ask you how your day’s been.

But he doesn’t.

You stand up because you really need to talk to him, to disentangle the the thick haze of vines obscuring your view of one another. You know, you know he hears the soft padding of your footsteps and the light “Sehun” that leaves your lips, but he chooses not to. His figure ghosts past you and into the bedroom, and you wonder- when’s the last time you haven’t seen Sehun’s back faced towards you?

And finally, the realization finally takes place months too late:

You and Sehun are broken.


A loud thump is heard as Sehun angrily flings his bag to the ground and shouts, “What do you want from me?”

“There’s nothing I want from you, Oh Sehun,” you yell. “We need to talk because look at what has happened to us.”

You had waited for Sehun, anxiously running your hands over your clothes and awaiting his arrival. You spoke to him with the intention of fixing whatever you two were anymore, but his simple comment of “I told you not to wait for me anymore” had quickly escalated to another of your infamous arguments.

“Honestly, I don’t care about this relationship,” he snaps, and you recoil at his words. “If you think this isn’t working out, I don’t understand why we’re still dating then.”

You have never known how much words can hurt, until Sehun’s glaring at you through eyes hazed with anger and attacking you with his sharp tongue. You hear the hitch in your voice as a lump forms in your throat and muffles the inaudible sobs threatening to escape. Your heart tells you that Sehun’s too caught up in his anger that he doesn’t understand the words leaving his mouth, but your mind, which tells you that he’s been a jerk and you don’t deserve to live with him, gets the better of you.

“Whose idea was it in the first place to live together?” you shout. “Why are you saying this now?”

“I never said you had to agree to live with me. I would be fine living without you.”

You’ve never wanted to cry so much in your life.

But you hold in it, because you realize- Oh Sehun is a waste of your time. Why should you entrap yourself in this cramped apartment for a man who no longer loves you? Why should you shed tears over someone who can’t appreciate you?

It’s past midnight when the bedroom door creaks open and you slip inside, saddened by Sehun’s tired figure huddling within the sheets of your once shared bed. Stress mars his sculpted features, and you brush the strands of hair obscuring your view of his perfect face. You bite your lips to prevent the tears from falling as you hover over his sleeping figure a moment too long, planting a chaste kiss on his lips before slinging your bag over your shoulder and leaving the apartment.

You know Sehun is regretting the argument when you receive a series of panicked texts the next morning:

“I’m sorry.”

“I didn’t mean any of that.”

“Come back.”


One Year Later

You swear you’re almost swallowed alive as you jostle the swarms of screaming girls to reach your seat. You panickedly glance at your watch, afraid that you might’ve arrived minutes too late. But you let out a sigh of great relief when you realize that you’ve arrived just in time for the show to start.

Music Bank is an interesting experience, and despite getting prodded several times by the elbow of the overly ecstatic fangirl in the seat beside you, you can confidently say that you’re actually enjoying it. But a flurry of emotions whirls in your heart and your ears almost become deaf when they announce the appearance of none other than Exo.

A fellow friend and classmate had been telling you the other day how she had acquired tickets to the show but couldn’t attend due to finals, and she had been more than glad to hand you the tickets. And now, you can feel familiar palpitations of your heart as you’re reunited with your first love. You feel proud when you see Sehun, moving gracefully on stage, his passion overflowing.

Although you’re no longer together, you still feel the urge to shout his name and cheer for him on stage.

So you do.

“Oh my gosh, what am I supposed to do?” you shriek into your phone. The show’s over but you’re still lingering around the building.

“What happened?” your friend asks.

“I went to the bathroom and left my bag inside,” you recollect, “but when I went back, it was gone!”

“Calm down,” your friend suggests. “Maybe if you tell security that you’ve lost your bag, they’ll search for you or let you go into the lobby and ask an employee?”

“Will it work?”

“It’s worth a shot.”

Anxiously, you enter the towering building that stands before you. Your vision hauls over the swarms of employees and people busily scurrying around, until it settles on a gruff man in a security uniform. You’re mustering up the courage to speak to the man, until an all too familiar calls your name.

You whip your head back to face Sehun, who’s dressed in dark trousers and a black button up, and you must admit- he looks quite handsome. His hair’s styled to the side and his jawline has gotten sharper, but you still see the image of the awkward, bumbling boy you had met in high school.

“Lost something?” he asks, holding up your bag.

With a dark blush settling across your cheeks, you awkwardly murmur, “Thanks,” before taking your bag from his calloused fingers.

“It’s… been a while,” he begins.

You inhale sharply, before saying, “If that’s all, I-”

“No,” he interrupts. “Don’t leave. I know it’s been almost a year and all, but I needed to tell you that I regret everything I said and that I need you back into my life.”

You can see the hurt in his eyes when you ask, “How do I know we won’t become broken again?”

“I was really upset at first, I’ll admit that,” he says. “I was so angered at myself and I tried everything to find you, but I just couldn’t. So, I gave myself time.”


“And time brought me the patience to really reflect on what I did, who I had become, and it’s led me to meet you here again,” he continues. “I’ve grown and matured a lot over the past year and I just need the chance to start over.”

Although your mind is telling you not to trust him, there’s something about the warmth in his gaze and the confidence in his words that leads you to an answer.


You hear Sehun yawn and stretch out his spindly limbs as he collapses onto the couch, scoffing when he pats the tiny space beside him and urges you to join him.

“That couch barely fits you, and you expect both of us to fit on that?” you ask.

“Come on, you’re no fun,” he says. He sticks his tongue out at you, earning him a few well-deserved smacks on the arm. “Ow,” he whimpers.

But either way, you end up collapsing on the couch as well, since you’ve got no classes the entire week and Sehun has a break from promotions. You feel his arm snake around your waist and pull you towards his chest.

“I think you should be doing something productive instead of lying on the couch all day, hm?” you ask.

Sehun pulls you in for a kiss, before nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck and remarking, “Of course I’m doing something. I’m staying with you all day.”

Sehun’s soft breaths and the warmth of his arms eventually cause your eyes to close and your conscious to drift off into a dream of hazy sunlight and white daisies.

And it’s odd, really.

Years have passed and there have been conflicts, struggles where you’re afraid you would never see the light again, yet time has still brought you back to the place where your journey had began- in Sehun’s embrace.

And you realize-

Time is a curious thing.