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Arya Would Have Survived In King's Landing

The claim that Arya wouldn’t have survived if she had been in her sister’s situation is an overly repeated idea that can’t be supported by canon. In fact, the theory goes against canon since it requires misinterpreting Arya’s character and completely misunderstanding the political situation in King’s Landing.

To sum it up quickly for TL;DR purposes:

  • The Lannisters needed hostages as leverage against their enemies. If they killed those hostages, they would lose any leverage they might have and put Jaime at risk.
  • Arya survived in Harrenhal where she was forced to serve her enemies and conform her behavior to protect herself from additional abuse and murder. She did this without the protection of being a valuable hostage. If she could do that, she could have done the same in King’s Landing.

This post is long and full of canon.

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The title stands for “Longest Rusame Thing I Have Ever Written”. Watch out world. I learned more editing magic!

First Chapter: https://gospacegay.tumblr.com/post/165808913233/lrtihew-part-one

Previous Chapter: https://gospacegay.tumblr.com/post/165836144283/lrtihew-part-five

There is swearing, fluff, eventual smut, insanity, and lord knows what else.

Ivan wanted to book a flight to the USA and meet the offspring of his aging espionage web. Still, it would draw too much attention. Germany, should he ever find out, could possibly dig up evidence of Russian tampering with the American legal system. Ivan’s people had already been caught rigging major USA elections twice.

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Fic: Burning Bright (Chapter 2 - The Price)

Title: Burning Bright (Episode 2 - ‘The Price’)
Rating: G
Summary: What if Neal had survived to the start of Season 5, and Hook was the one to die? An attempted rewrite of the fifth season, episode-by-episode, with Neal in the place of Hook as Emma’s main love interest. Swanfire + all the canon relationships.

A/N:  Neal survived Quiet Minds and was the one to accompany Emma into the past at the end of season 3; Ariel didn’t show up in Poor Unfortunate Souls, so Hook drowned. Assume everything else is the same unless stated otherwise. Warning for pre-fic major character death. 

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The yellow bug gleams in the streetlight, and for a moment nothing has changed.

Neal can’t remember the last time he was in Emma’s car, but he’s fairly certain it was back when it was their car, their home, with their belongings a jumble in the trunk and the whole world open before them. There’re a lot of things Neal can’t remember now, it seems, and he’s pretty sure that’s Emma’s fault. They only got back to Storybrooke an hour ago, and Henry’s already bundled up in bed at Regina’s, a thousand wards up to keep Emma out. But Neal couldn’t think of going back to his own bed, of sleeping at a time like this.

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