why is it so hard to be human ppl

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It's funny that army will not hesitate to use Namjoon and the rest of BTS for every sexual fantasy imaginable but still call Namjoon a pervert for simply watching porn and covering a sexual song.

it’s an objectification thing. they can sexualize the boys but they can’t be sexual. kinda like the way men treat women? they can talk about fucking them, fantasize about them in the most explicit of ways, they can just be absolutely disgusting, but if a woman is openly sexual? she’s a slut, she’s loose, she doesn’t deserve respect.

this is a sexism thing when relating to men vs women, but for BTS it’s almost a power thing. the power of the fandom. we pay and support them and as their income, they cater their product to us. they give us personalities, they give us looks, they even give us some provocative behavior. and thus this “we own them, they are ours” mindset arises. if they are suggestive towards us, it’s alright, it’s good. if they are suggestive towards other people, showing any time of sexual inclination, it’s suddenly gross. how a fangirl can read smut and then call namjoon a “pervert” without realizing the irony of her actions… is embarrassing tbh

I also think this has something to do with why ppl generally put namjoon last. namjoon is less of that “product”. hes honest about him mistakes, he shows a more human side; it’s hard to make someone a perfect object when they’re so candid about mental health, about how they fuck up and feel things and exist like a normal human being. honestly namjoon isn’t perfect at all. no celebrity is, to any degree, but namjoon pretends less. it’s a very conscious decision… when he talks about watching porn, about getting sexual pleasure, when he’s is an activist for controversial things, when he opens up about his mental health issues and self hate, when he is honest about suicidal thoughts and how he’s fucked up before and he regrets it and he’s taken time to change how he was problematic…. that’s a real person. he’s a real person. it’s just that in addition he’s one of South Korea’s best rappers, the leader of an internationally successful boy group, and smarter than most of the population. he’s special, but he’s human. and that’s how it is with all celebrities. but he’s just honest about it. there’s no shame to celebrities acting perfect — they’re selling a product after all — but fans objectifying them and pretending they can’t be normal humans… that’s where the relationship between celeb and fan becomes very problematic. and probably is the cause of namjoons general abuse by fans over the years

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since u were talking abt undertale: what do u think of charas character n treatment in the fandom wrt to them being portrayed as a horrible demon? i’m not a big fan mainly bc they’re a Kid u kno but i just feel like a lot of ppl tend to be unsympathetic towards chara? idk

I’m kinda on both sides of it really. There’s something just really unworldly and creepy about Chara, which would explain why people could have a hard time sympathizing with them + a lot of their defense is just projections and theories bc u don’t know too much about them.

On the other hand, Chara has a lot of hatred for humanity and does genuinely care for Asriel so idk. Leaning a little more on “freakish hell child” for their lack of backstory and the uneasiness they give to characters but eh.

if you want to greet idols at airports how about line up together and make a clear path for them to walk through and don’t follow them, it should NOT be your priority to get as close to them as possible and see how close your can record their face? that’s gonna make them never want to see you again and possibly get pushed so badly and injured, there’s been many times where idols have been greeted by fans at a distance and politely and you can already tell how much happier that makes them cause they’re being treated like an actual human

while im on this topic of food controversy: yall need to stop making fun of vegans and vegetarians for always talking about being vegan/vegetarian 

our meat industry is deplorable and unsustainable in so many ways. like sooo many ways that im just going to save me the typing and u the reading and just recommend doing your own research or taking the lazy way out and watching this video wich’ll give a broad gist of some of the biggest problems. (which doesn’t even touch on human health impact or animal cruelty btw) 

and before you start thinking this post is going to be preachy about why everyone should be vegan its not. because doing that is fucking HARD. but you know what, for a lot of people (ie: poor ppl who 99% of their diet is hot pockets and ramen because they can’t afford anything else and ppl with certin dietary needs that make it hard to get what the body needs without meat) going meatless would be a fucking hell of a lot easier if it was common practice/ expected in society. 

you know so more restaurants would offer non meat options and “healthy food” (fruit and vegetables) would be more accessible as supplies rises to meet demands. store maybe carrying wider variety of options other than raw veggies so eating this way can be, u know, practical (have u ever seen a vagitarian hot pocket? cause i sure the fuck haven’t. and trust me i’ve looked).  and demands for better/more obvious packaging labeling would also sure be nice cause lots of processed foods you might not expect contain animal products (ex:marshmallows are made of animal bones. weird right?) and no one wants to do extensive research just to go grocery shopping. 

but the thing is none of the problems from the meat industry are going away unless everyone cuts down on meat. and none of the issues for people who try and not to eat meat wont get any easier unless more people join in. i’m not saying every human should only eat plants because it’s hard af to go full vegetarian, but if we start gravitating a bit from meat it would be a little easier and help tremendously. only thing is that this kinda only works if everyone does it. 

 TL;DR: there’s a lot of problems that won’t go away unless everyone is onboard. which is usually why the ‘annoying vegan’ won’t shut up about being vegan because just one person not eating steak isn’t going to save any cows when everyone else is ordering the steak.

not asking people to stop eating meat entirely but just be nicer to the people who don’t. they often chose that lifestyle for a good cause and it’d be super nice for everyone involved if everyone made a small effort to at least lessen their meat intake even just a little. thank you 

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my group of friends is like 8 ppl and that's why it's hard to make plans so we only see each other like once every few weeks. its really saddening to me bc I would like to do just daily and random things w/ friends like shopping or watching films but we take days to plan something and find a day that suits everyone. also through this and since i don't know them thaaat long, we aren't as close as I'd like to be and humans really r social beings bc this makes me feel so bad all the time :(

why not just organise meetings that some people can go to? i get that you want everyone to be there but if that’s not possible u can always just organise hang outs with people that are available on the chosen day. if they’re free they can come, if not you can always sort out plans with the others another time when they’re available

Honestly Got7 show us so much love and care. They make it their business to actualize us n to treat each of us like normal ppl who deserve respect. Like even when there are tons of us n the boys are tired,they still work so hard to give us attention n show us sm kindness and show us the utmost respect. They go above n beyond w the kinda humanity n comfort n effort they put into interacting w us. They truly treat us so so good and its so fucking disgustin and disheartening that they have “fans” that would show up to their concert, their actual place of work, and minimize their existence to a sexual fantasy they have for a ship n put crude and explicit shit on a shirt just to get their attention. Like?? Got7 is a group of real life fuckin ppl this is their actual job, and the dynamics they have with one another exist outside of whatever fantasy or ship a person can have. There’s nothing wrong w shipping or being excited to meet ppl who you love seeing together to an extent, but you cross the line when you decide you want to assert ur fanfic fantasies into their real lives. Like how fuckin hard is it to respect the humanity of other ppl?? Esp people who constantly work so hard to not only respect their fans but also treat them w love and care? Anyways I hope the  person who wore that shirt is the last weird “fan” got7 ever have to deal w bc theyve dealt w so many gross fans n they deserve so much better than that

Real love’s so hard to find.
Just when you think you’ve found it
the Illusion’s in your eyes.

That’s why I love the moon.
Every night it’s there for you.
It’s constant.
Unlike these human beings
who lie about what it seems to be.
You think the earth is where you stand,
you’re in the palm of someone’s hand.
And that’s why I love the moon.
‘Cause it’s always there for me.
Every night about my window,
and that’s why I love the moon.
‘Cause it’s always there for me.

Every single night I look outside
it’s right there for me and my mind
and that’s why I love the moon, yeah.
Because people can consume my love
in the wrong way.

I’m not gonna lie, and this is probably going to be unpopular, but as a scientist I do still use the terms female and male anatomy.

1) I’m a teacher and I have to because that’s the curriculum. I can’t not teach it the way it is on paper unless I want to loose my job. 

2) I’m not here for any TERF bullshit about ‘biology proves trans ppl aren’t really the gender they say they are’. Like, biology and gender don’t go together so stop bugging trans ppl.  

3) I’m personally finding it hard in my own head not to use them. I don’t think biology determines gender, it just tells you what groups of organs and hormones you most likely have. I see it as a scientific term for labelling two most common anatomical structures of humans that has little to nothing to do with gender identity. I’ve always been mildly confused as to why people are opposed to them as they’re scientific terms. However, that’s mainly because I don’t see why anyone would use the terms male and female unless at the Doctor when talking anatomy. 

I guess I’m just venting my own frustrations because I always see the idea that if you’re still using ‘female anatomy’ as a thing then you’re a TERF but I’m a teacher and a biology postgrad so these words have never gone away for me and they’re hard to get away from. They’re also hard to teach kids or introduce to kids especially since Science lessons aren’t ‘sociology’ lessons and I can’t go off into how anatomy is now mixed in with gender in some modern settings and the ins and outs of that. I have an hour to get these kids to remember how the uterus works and pray they remember it for an exam. If I introduce ‘these are just labels and even though you must use them in an exam but never anywhere else even though you’ll hear them a lot’ is not something I can get into.

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Hey some tumblr users are saying you trace your art but they're making it sound like you steal work and don't try at all. I just thought someone should tell you since you've gotten at least one hateful message about it :/

But I do trace photos (photos not art), anon.
Although, tracing and stealing is not the same.
And I have explaind and talked about this quite a few times: 

http://johix.tumblr.com/post/109788754730/i-get-why-you-say-using-sources-or-models- isnt 

I can draw a human body when I’m lookign at a model, but I can’t draw it from my memory without messing up the perspective, so I do this:

“show me a source that the thing hurts people that doesn’t come from tumblr!” maybe how about u just stop overlooking that these ppl on tumblr are real human beings who are explaining why the thing is harmful to them.

what is so hard to believe about people talking about their experiences and posting them on a microblogging website what don’t you accept about that

  • AH supporter: OMG why do ppl still defend human Johnny garbage trashcan man Depp?!?!112? THERE WERE PHOTOS AND VIDEO
  • JD supporter: *makes long detailed and sourced post pointing out all inconsistencies in Ambers evidence*
  • JD supporter: *tells their own story of abuse they either experienced or witnessed and further explains why they dont believe Amber because of their own experiences
  • AH supporter: GET OFF JDs COCK STAN *blocks*
  • Yup, no abuse victims take issue with Amber. Its just a bunch of people who want Johnnys dick. I dont think anyone who thinks Amber is showing genuine emotion in that video have seen emotion in real life. Its like shes trying to mimic what she thinks emotions look like