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The Reader and the Writer

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Anon requests: Hey! Omg your Jughead series Beanies and Negotiations are fantastic and very well written, I’m new here and I’m already a fan. I was wondering if you took any requests? If you do I was wondering if you could write a jughead imagine, where reader is new to town, she’s very shy at first but is smart and witty just like Jughead. She actually hides a really dark past which is why she’s so shy, Jughead is beyond curious, trying to figure her out and help her while falling for her. smut or fluff! ^_^

Jughead imagine with reader being new to town and shy!! PS love your writing

heeeyy ^_^ could you write a jugheadxreader imagine where she’s new to riverdale and she has a huge crush on him and his smart witty comments but she’s really shy and he tries to figure her out (maybe she has a secret!) fluff or smut at the end if you write that please ^_^ your writing is amazing btw, don’t ever stop!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: New girls can’t hide in a small town like Riverdale

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,188

A/N: this one ends with a cliffhanger, so brace yourselves. Enjoy!

Jughead sat in his usual booth at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, writing his story about Jason Blossom. His focus was interrupted when he heard the jingle of the bell, signaling that a new customer had arrived.  He looked up and saw an unfamiliar face, which struck his curiosity.  Familiar faces were an extremely rare occurrence in a town as small as Riverdale.  The stranger walked up to the counter, and requested an order under the last name of (Y/L/N).  Jughead narrowed his eyes as he tried to recall if that name was familiar, but his mind reached a dead end.  While she waited, the new girl scanned the diner.  Her eyes landed on a mysterious figured sitting in a booth near the back with nothing but a laptop and a coffee cup on his table.  They made eye contact, and for a second (Y/N) considered going over to the stranger’s booth and trying to get to know them, but then the waiter brought her food and she exited the diner.

He saw her again three days later, sitting in his usual booth.  There was an untouched chocolate milkshake in front of her, all of her attention focused on her book.

Wuthering Heights?” he inquired, stepping closer towards the booth. Setting her book down, the girl looked up at Jughead.  She nodded. “You’re in my booth, you know.” The girl’s eyes widened and she grabbed her book, getting ready to leave.

“Sorry,” she mumbled as she stood up.

“I didn’t say you have to leave,” Jughead explained, gesturing for her to sit back down.  “I’m just warning you that I’m gonna join you.” A small smile grew on the girl’s face as she returned to her seat.  “What’s your name?”

“(Y/N),” the girl answered.

“Well my name’s Jughead,” he introduced himself.  “Are you new to Riverdale?  I haven’t seen you around.”

“Yeah,” (Y/N) nodded. “My family just moved here last week.”

“Welcome to Riverdale, (Y/N),” Jughead smiled, “a small town with some of the worst people, and some of the best burgers.”

(Y/N) began to find herself frequenting Pop’s quite often.  At first, she couldn’t place her finger on the reason.  The only thing she ever did there was read, eat, and occasionally talk to Jughead.  Then, she realized it was the latter that kept drawing her back.  She and Jughead didn’t even speak to each other too much; in fact, there were days where they would both sit at their booth, Jughead on his laptop and (Y/N)’s nose in a book, and neither would say a word the whole night.

“So what are you writing?” (Y/N) asked.  It had been a month since she had met Jughead.

“A novel about Jason Blossom’s death,” he responded nonchalantly, eyes remaining on the laptop screen.  He didn’t see (Y/N) tense up at the name.

Pretty soon, (Y/N) was introduced to Jughead’s other friends.  It started with Betty and Veronica when they walked in one day and spotted Jughead with (Y/N).

“Jughead!” Veronica called out as she strode over to the booth, Betty right next to her.  “Who is this?”  She turned to face (Y/N), a smirk etched on her face.  (Y/N) blushed and avoided eye contact, resorting to sticking her nose in her book.

“She’s a friend of mine,” Jughead introduced her, “(Y/N).  (Y/N), this is Veronica,” he gestured to the brunette, “and that’s Betty.”  He pointed at the blonde.  (Y/N) peeked up from her book and waved hello, then turned back to the novel.

“Quiet, huh?” Veronica inquired, sliding into the booth next to her.  “No biggie.  I do enough talking for two people.”

“Sorry, what was your last name?” Betty asked, sitting down next to Jughead.

“(Y/L/N),” she answered. Betty’s eyebrows furrowed, recognizing the name, but she remained silent.

Archie was the next to meet (Y/N): he met her a week later, when Jughead wasn’t around.  He entered Pop’s, and saw someone occupying Jughead’s usual booth.

“You know,” he said, approaching the booth, “that booth is my friend’s.”

“Does it have his name on it?” she retorted, raising an eyebrow.  She contained her chuckles, knowing exactly who Archie was talking about.

“May as well,” Archie replied with a laugh.  “See my friend, his name is Jughead, isn’t much of a people person.  He chooses this booth because it’s far away enough from the entrance so that no one will approach him unless they’re specifically looking for him.”

“Sounds like a drama queen,” she commented.  

“He is,” Archie chuckled. “Anyways, he’s here almost every night, so he’ll be here any minute.  I’m just giving you a heads up.”  As soon as Archie finished his sentence, the diner door opened and in walked Jughead. He made a beeline to his booth and sat across from (Y/N), opening his laptop and beginning to type right away.

“You two know each other?” Jughead asked, refusing to tear his eyes from his computer.  (Y/N) smirked.

“Just met, actually. He was warning me about some drama queen who sits here every night.  You wouldn’t happen to know who he’s talking about, would you?” (Y/N) replied sassily. Jughead lifted his gaze to meet her eyes.

“Ha ha, (Y/N), very funny,” he voice dripped with sarcasm, but his eyes twinkled.  Archie confusedly looked between his friend and the stranger.

“So you know who he is?” he asked her.  She smirked and nodded.

“Oh yeah.  I’ve been sitting in his booth for over a month now. I’m still waiting for him to kick me out.”  When she noticed Archie was still looking at her with a puzzled expression, she stuck out a hand and introduced herself, “I’m (Y/N).”

“Archie,” he responded, shaking her hand.  “Damn, a whole month in the same booth with him?  I don’t know how you’ve survived.”  (Y/N) laughed.

“Honestly I don’t either.”

“So are you new?” Archie questioned.  She nodded.

“Yeah, everyone asks me that.  Is that like some small town thing, everyone knowing everyone?” she asked, and both boys nodded.  “So that’s how everyone figures I’m new.”

“When’d you move here?” Archie inquired.

“July 1st.” Jughead perked up when he heard her say that.  He had never thought to ask (Y/N) when she moved to Riverdale.  She was here when Jason Blossom was murdered.

It was another month later when Jughead asked (Y/N) to help him with his book.

“You’re reading all the time,” he explained himself.  “You’ve gotta know a thing or two about writing.”

“I really don’t,” (Y/N) shut him down, shoving her nose in Macbeth.

“Oh come on, (Y/N),” Jughead groaned.  “What’s with you and my novel?  Every time I even try to talk about it, you change the subject.  What’s up with that?”

“Nothing, Jughead, it’s nothing,” she replied, her voice growing sharp.  “I just don’t want to help with your book.”  She grabbed her book and stomped out of the diner, leaving a confused Jughead behind.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N),” he muttered to himself, minimizing his document where he wrote his story.  He opened up Google and typed in her name.  The results began to pop up, and Jughead scrolled through them, reading article after article. He sighed, “Oh God, (Y/N).”

Part 2 here   Part 3 here   Part 4 here


#gettoknowme - male biases (in no particular order): [ 2/? ] cho seungyoun / luizy (uniq)

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So I've read all your Supercorp stuf on ao3 and if you were going to recommend other fics to read what would you recommend?

okey dokey kiddos buckle up. this list includes fics im currently subscribed to and desperately awaiting an update on and fics i have finished but loved. i did a literal rec bc i wasn’t totally sure what you wanted. if i forgot to mention you or your fic i still love you im just poorly organised pls forgive me.

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Kpop as Eurovision 2017′s contestants.

A/N: What a fun request! I hope i have been accurate enough!! Guys this is only the countries that made it to the final… there is too many participants to do all of them. If a make any spelling mistake tell me nicely and i’ll fix it but you know english is not my first lenguage bare with me

Poland: Lee Hyori for the deep voice and the dark and cool concept

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Armenia: F(x) because the concept of Fly with me reminds me to 4walls era.

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Austria: Honeyst who would go good with the running On Air song. They are a band and they are new but they have this happy road trip music sound. 

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Belarous: Hyorin and Jooyoung. Idk why they remind me to Naviband because they had ta lot of chemistry and singed so well. 

Moldova: BTS just because:

Epic sax guy! and also the hyper vibe of the song goes with their personallity.

Hungary: this is so far from my culture knowledge omg but as i read the lyrics and for the mixure of music genres i can say G-dragon! It’s a deep song like “Crooked” can be and it gets experimental and a bit weird as GD uses to be.

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Denmark: who can sing such a song if is not the queen Ailee! Her strong presence and her powerfull voice would slay Where I Am. I would love to hear her singing it!

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Portugal: This one is really difficult since Salvador Sobral’s way of singing is really personal but if i had to say one korean group to sing this is definetely AKMU! Their incredible voices and the way they put all their feelings into what they are singing matches perfectly with Amar Pelos Dois. i love AKMU ppl apreciate them! Also they are siblings and that reminds me to Salvador and his sister too.

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Belgyum: Brown Eyed Girls. The alternative sound of City Lights would be a good one for them, kinda like their last album. 

Azerbaiyan: This dark and cool concept can only be for VIXX!! They would rock “Skeletons” for sure.

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Croatia: Shinee as the guy who made a duet with himself. Great voice, weird performance and super epic. So totally Shinee. 

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Australia: i think Don’t Come Easy goes well with Taeyeon with a ballad full of meaning and pretty. The lyrics are strong and sentimental and i think she would sing it well!

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Romania: Got7 because you need at least a bit of extra to go and yodel on stage. I see them totally capable of go “Yodelei yodeleiyo”

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Bulgaria: NCT-Dream. Like Kristian Kostov they are teeny tiny and need to be protected. He is the same age as the oldest members, how cute. 

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Norway: Day6 because of the band sound that still keeps the modern and new sounds. 

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The Netherlands: Mamamoo as O’gene. The strong young women with great voices singing a choral song. 

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United Kingdom: Lee Hi. The classical, sweet and romantic concept wil go good with her and her voice is amazing and clear like Lucy Jones.

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France: Gfriend. A happy sound with a fresh vibe. 

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Spain: god… no one, i say it because i’m spanish and i know no one wants or deserves to be Manel Navarro… HAHAHAHAHA

Cyprus: SF9 and i don’t know why i just think that this is the type of song that they would sing.

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Germany: Suzy would fit Perfect Life, her voice would sound good singing it. She also look as pretty as Levina. 

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Sweeden: Seventeen. Imagine how cute they would look dancing on treadwills!! Also the song has a good rhythm. the performance is as powerfull as the music and that’s the seventeen style! Also the lyrics are similar to Adore U or Mansae. 

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Ukraine: This is totally FT island! A band with a rock sound.

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I Have Questions / Crying In The Club Video Reactions

Yesterday I was watching all the videos that I found on YouTube with people reacting to Camila first video. I really liked some of them and I want to list the things that the majority of those people said about her:

1 - When she sing “Why did you leave me here to burn? I’m way too young to be this hurt…”: “OMG, who left her? Who hurt her?”

2 - When I Have questions starts: “OMG, she’s gonna cry… omg, she’s already crying…”

3 - While she’s sing I Have Questions: “OMG, who broke her heart? Who did this to her?” / “That’s so emotional.” / “That’s so real!”

4 - About her beauty: “OMG, she’s so beautiful.”“She’s so hot!”“She’s very attractive.” “Oh, Camila, don’t give me that look!” / “Her hair is perfect!”

5 - When the color change: “OMG, those dresses…” / I saw a Brazilian guy saying that she looks like a “Dark Bride” with that black dress…(I thought with myself-> Lauren will love it!)

6 - Some of these people didn’t know that she was releasing two songs and when she finished I Have Questions they were like: “What? What’s happening? What’s going on? The music has changed completely.”

7 - When she sing “Why don’t you care?”: “I care, Camila. I care!” / One girl stopped the video and said: “Lauren, what the fuck is going on? Why don’t you care about Camila?” (I died)

8 - When she sing: “I Have questions for you”“OMG, now I have questions for you too.”

9 - Crying in the club chorus: “That’s so good… she reminds me of Sia…”

10 - Random things of the fans: “Omg, I’m gonna cry with her!” / “I’m shaking!” / “That’s so dope!” / “Why I’m not in that club?” / “Lauren?” / “Did u saw that tear? All these tears are from the haters.” / “OMG, Camila!” / “Camila… OMG!!”

Was very fun to watch all those videos, I laugh a lot!!

And I have to list the last one… I saw like in two or tree (or more) videos:


Is really cool to watch people feeling her song (even when the person doesn’t know her)… everyone feels her pain with I Have Questions and then feel her vibe with Crying In The Club… they shake their bodies when CITC starts.

It’s awesome!

I’m rereading Heir of Fire and I just finished the part where Aelin shifts into her fae form and her and Rowan just run and like play with each other it’s so cute omg. Just listen to this quote from it

“Rowan raced beside her, but made no move to grab her. No, Rowan was … playing.

He threw a glance at her, breathing hard but evenly. And it might have been the sun through the canopy, but she could have sworn that she saw his eyes alight with a glimmer of that same, feral contentment. She could have sworn he was smiling.”

This. This is why I will forever ship Rowaelin. Both of them are in such a dark place right now and they help each other to come out of that dark place. Both of them probably haven’t felt true joy like this in a long time. In the beginning and throughout a lot of this book you hear how Rowan has “dead eyes”. She makes him come back alive, and he does the same to her. 

Autistic Nico headcannons because,,,,I’m autistic and need this okay???? This is a good™
-This boy absolutely HATES bright lights
-Not because he’s tryna be edgy™ no
-His eyes are just really REALLY sensitive to light
-Too much of it will make Nico scream and panick because it’s too much
-Dim lighting is okay but darkness is preferred
-he honestly doesn’t stim much in public because he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself
-But when he’s alone he rocks back and forth, bounces his leg and even flaps his hands
-Although when he was alone and away from Camp he just didn’t stim often
-Even when he knew he needed it. He just didn’t have enough energy to do it
-He internalizes everything!! It’s a bad habit but!! Oh well!
-Emotions though. He can’t understand them
-He acknowledges the concepts of family and love are social constructs but
-He still welcomes them after getting over his loss of both after Bianca died
-He gains a family and is okay aw
-Sensory issues!!
-Anything with sequins is a huge no clothing wise
-Its too scratchy nope
-He can wear really tight or really loose clothing! It just depends on the day
-During days where he’s kinda dissassociated, he prefers tight clothing to keep himself grounded
(I hc he’s dissassociated badly some days as he tries to sorta deal with all the trauma he’s dealt with over the years but it’ll get better!!)
(Also it happens when he’s very low on energy and can’t function so he dissassociates and is p much on autopilot so to speak)
-His aviator jacket had such great fabric. Loose yet had a great structure?
-Sometimes Nico will just run his hands over the stitching of the fabric and just ,,,die,,,,cus it’s so good
-When his jacket was destroyed he was SO upset
-Seriously. The boy was just uncomfortable ™
-Percy got him a new one as a birthday present
-Percy is autistic too and knows that feel™ but like I said that’s another HC for another time aha
-Now back to Nico
-He hates physical contact. He’s sensitive to it and it just feels so fucking odd
-Will is the one person he’ll hug but even so he won’t be too physically affectionate due to his sensory issues.
-He’ll be a huge sap to make up for it though.
-Nico also can’t make direct eye contact
-But he hides it well? He just stares at people’s noses to mimick actual eye contact and it works!
-His speech can get very disorganized on days he’s just tired™
-If he isn’t talking he’s just grunting and pointing to things
It’s like
Nico: *points to a new Mythomagic card* *enthusiastic low grunting to show excitement
Everyone: What?????
Will: Do you want that card?
Nico: *grunts in response*
-The Seven can understand him well enough as time goes on and it gets better
-When Sensory Overload™ hits he’s very likely to have a shutdown
-When Nico shutsdown he’s nonverbal and tends to use sign language or write things off
-Meltdowns aren’t rare but they sure as hell happen
-Hes had plenty at Camp but it isn’t obvious?
-Its like? A noise hits that pisses him off
-Nico just walks away and looks angry, muttering curses in Italian
-His entire stance is just screaming ‘murder’
-People don’t go near him
-When it’s really bad and he can’t walk away Nico does hear voices of the damned which make the sensory overload even worse!
-I HC him as a schizoaffective autistic ™ TBH
-Its just too much and he’ll cry
-Hazel is great at calming him down and is quick to yell at people to give him space
-Nico can’t stand bright colors at all. Especially neon ones
-Theyre too tough on his eyes
-Which is why he wears very dark colors
-His special interest is Mythomagic OBVIOUSLY
-But he also has a huge interest in funeral rites and processes across different cultures
-He’ll babble about it to himself and just get so into it and switch to Italian, it’s just a habit

I HAVE MORE HCS but lmao this is already too long
Do y'all want a PT 2 to this?


Your Decent Into Hell

I wanted to do this for a long time. a fic rec of our decent into hell for all our sins. so enjoy your decent miraculours :D


Anything for a friend by babycougar
Adrien would love it if fangirls left him alone for once in his life, but he knows that this will likely be a problem for as long as he’s single. Nino comes up with a potentially genius plan: just pretend to date a kindhearted classmate, and the problem will go away! Aka Adrien is oblivious and Marinette is too nice for her own good.

Mon dieu by Mooncactus
“Kiss me, quick!"Not the words Marinette expects to hear from Adrien Agreste, especially especially prefaced with "I’ll make it up to you and explain it all later."But a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

It’s complicated by konekat
Chat Noir wants to confess to Ladybug. Marinette wants to confess to Adrien. Somehow, things just keep spiraling out of control instead.

Five steps by eLJay
It doesn’t take much for Chat Noir to fall for Marinette.

the person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger by asterbells
He used Cataclysm, and the furthest his memory reaches is when he was sitting on top of Ladybug, likely to have been pinning her down.The pieces push together into a picture he doesn’t want to see.His pencil falls with a clatter against the table.

Someone to hold on to by Chebitz
Chat Noir finds himself looking for comfort in places more likely than he’d think.

Honesty by panda013 (Amiria_Raven)
“Well, if I’m wonderful,” he started, a teasing lilt in his voice causing her to look up and give him the ‘kitty don’t you dare’ look he so adored. His grin grew wider and he finished, “then you must be purrty Miraculous, don’t you think?”His honesty had given them this chance, and she would forever love that earnest part of him.


heartstrings by taylortot
one of marinette’s rare unlucky days turns into something treacherous. thanks to a certain cat, the real danger passes, but there are other things to be more afraid of. her heart, for example, might be one of them.

Gently Into The Night by Lady_Lombax
Even heroes need a pick me up sometimes. For Chat Noir, a certain Princess is just the remedy.

In Sickness and In Health by kali_asleep
It’s not everyday you see a girl passed out on a roof in the middle of the night. But when that girl is a certain Marinette Dupain-Cheng, well, there’s not much else Chat Noir can do but help her, right?


Obsession by KryallaOrchid
was meant to be only once but Marinette and her magic hands keep drawing him back. He can’t get enough.

Sunlight, Firelight, Starlight by AdJiT
Adrien knows he shouldn’t do it. Adrien knows that there will be consequences to this action and Adrien knows this is probably a bad idea but Adrien is not here on this rooftop, Chat is, and Chat is tired of staring up at the girl who hung the moon and wishing, and every fiber of his being is telling him to leave that behind and take the chance to do something with someone who is with him, on his level.
So he does.

Months Later by Inkkerfuffle
somehow, this whole secret dating thing was working out just fine. It had been a couple of months, and they’d been working on getting to know each other and figuring out just how they worked together. There were some dates, but as far as school was concerned, the game was ‘how many kisses can one sneak upon the other’. And so far, the answer was plenty.In which there is secret dating, formal events and creepy classmates.Series


That thing you do by mercy_angel_09
There were two possibilities for how this could end:1) Their friendship would be stronger than everor2) She’d never be able to look him in the eye again.He was willing to bet on the latter. (Or, the one where an akuma shoves Ladybug and Chat Noir into a tiny utility closet while it goes on its roaring rampage of revenge, and things get a little hard between them.)

It Had To Be You by mercy_angel_09
Sometimes the person you’re looking for has been right in front of you the whole time.Like. Literally. Five years you two idiots wasted. (putting it here cuz it’s sin yet sweet sooo)

The Ladybugs and The Bees by BullySquadess
The Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir have survived many things together. Monsters, curses, hoards of pigeons…they’ve seen it all. But how will they handle one of life’s biggest challenges? ((What started as an awkward little puberty fic has slowly morphed into LadyNoir SIN))

Sin by BroadwayyyBabyy
Just. Sin. (PURE SIN OMG)


Dance in the dark by MisterDoctorProfessorPatrick
Chat Noir decides to pay his princess a visit, but since black cats are hard to see in the dark, he overhears a little more than he might have expected.

Puppeteer by clairelutra (exosolarmoon)
i don’t bite, but i heard you might
so let me feed your appetiteChat Noir pays his princess a visit. (you sin more every chapter you read)

There is SOOO MUCH MORE but i couldn’t possibly put everything here cuz i also haven’t read everything…yet


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  • Sasuke: Shut up, you're useless.
  • SS Fans: Well I mean he's right there's nothing Sakura can do right now, he's just being blunt
  • Sasuke: Naruto, they're a burden, you should have just left them to die
  • SS Fans: Sasuke is right, they have to save the world even if it hurts him so much to make that choice :( / Sasuke's lying, he just doesn't want Kaguya to see that he cares about Sakura so she won't attack her! / He's just tsundere!
  • Sasuke: But thanks to that [the vest] I made it. But not you. I did it on my own.
  • Naruto: Did you thank Sakura and Obito for saving you?
  • Sasuke: Who gives a shit just focus on the goddess trying to kill everyone
  • SS Fans: Aw he's such a tsundere :)
  • Naruto: Sasuke! Save Sakura!
  • Sasuke: ....... -no intention to save her-
  • -Kakashi saves Sakura-
  • Sasuke: What the fuck how did HE get Susanoo?! A perfect one at that!
  • Sakura: I love you! Maybe romantically or platonically idk, which one Kishimoto-sama?
  • Sasuke: GOD you're annoying, I'm going to trap you in an illusion where I kill you so you'll shut up
  • Kakashi: She just wanted to save you, she's not even interested in going out with you anymore
  • SS Fans: Shut the fuck up Kakashi you don't know shit
  • Sasuke: What, is she having fun daydreaming about love? I just don't care about her love for me, I never have and she should have stopped a long time ago because I've NEVER been interested
  • Sasuke: Naruto, you're the only person I care about so that's why I have to kill you, you're my best friend, my only bond
  • Sasuke: -flashbacks of Team 7-
  • Sasuke: I think of Team 7, Sakura included, as a FAMILY

bts au; royalty au;
min yoongi as prince of the northen islands & kim seokjin as prince of oceanna;

“Yoongi has known this would happen for the entirety of his life—never, once, it has been a secret. That one day he’s going to be entitled as the king once he got betrothed, because royals are wed to royals, that’s simply how it goes.”

insp: [ain’t no prince charming] by @keemcandy

We need to talk about this

Because not only this stream was hilarious but we learned so much about the characters too omg

Fubuki and Lilly ship SaiGenos and HAVE FUCKING PUPPETS OF THEM and of course Genos continues to be perfect to sensei who feels weird about eating food that look like him

Close-up to lesbians because I love them LOOK AT THE PUPPETS ASDF

The martial arts masters + Iaian looking like the cinnamon roll he is

Side-drawing concept art of how Iaian’s chopped arm looks! I couldn’t take a better picture but that’s some kinda metallic piece similar to his armor.

So I guess Drive Knight is a cyborg after all, we have seen him eating noodles twice during streams. I can’t believe he’s eating them from those little holes is this why he only ever eats noodles my poor cyborg son

Also at the back, House of Evolution nerds + Darkness Blade and Red Muffler

Literally 50 heroes gathered here aND NONE OF THEM STOPPED DRUNK ZOMBIEMAN FROM EMBARRASSING HIMSELF LIKE THIS I can’t believe my headcanons for Zombae are turning to be canon, he IS a fucking dork after all omg I knew it wasn't possible for these series to have such an ideally serious, calm, mature hero LOL Even Dr Genus is here WHY WON’T YOU HELP YOUR CHILD YOU JERK

PLEASE NO MORE ALCOHOL FOR MR. SITCH EITHER PLEASE STOP THE SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT omg Amai don’t make such a bitch face in front of little Zenko I AM GOING TO FUCKING SLAP YOU Please also notice Garou sitting on the fence next to precious Busaiku who is being a fanboy 

Also who the fuck is that guy on the floor next to Mumen WHO IS HIM


A more general view. Siblings are being cuties as usual and I still want to slap Amai STOP MAKING THAT BITCH FACE YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS OF SAITAMA’S GREATNESS

If any of you were still sceptical about the nin nins being brothers… look at Flash offering Sonic some food. Flash you jerk, you are giving away his PERFECT camouflage in front of 50 heroes who couldn’t give a fuck about their companion Zombieman drowing in the lake let alone about Sonic’s terrible Ongyo-Jutsu or capturing him

Look at the corner behind the ninja bros!!! At the last moment Murata-sensei drew himself and my fav lightning trio 👌 Stinger, Genji and Max 👌


BUSTS!!! these were so fun and i learned a lot omg? there were a lot of dark colors in this batch so it was fun to work with them! ALSO i had to finally break my file size of 400x400 for the last one bc there was no way all that armor would fit and not look ridiculous hahaha

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