why is it so cute though orz

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✌, 💙, 💣 (though I think I know that one) and💖


✌ Ship that you find cute but don’t ship: MarkBam, I love their friendship, and how close they are, and how they were so cute and each others best friends when they first moved to Korea, but i’m not super into the ship? (tbh i dont ship mork w/ many people idk why???)

💙 Ship that you used to have as an OTP: Hmmmmm, I haven’t really moved on from any ships… maybe Yugbam? I still ship them, and they’re ship is v/ precious to me but I like them both in other ships more i think

💣 Ship that pisses you off: nothing, i like every ship equally, theyre all perfect a++

💖 Ship that needs more love: Can I say 3? Ima say 3. 

  1. Jingyeom
  2. Youngbam
  3. Jinbam


SOS - Secret Ocean Story (vol 2) Review

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I don’t have enough time for a full translation sadly, but I liked this vol too much to pass up (and plus it was requested wowowow) so here I am!! 

  • Voice: 7/10
  • Character: 10/10
  • CD: 8/10

This CD gets RIGHT DOWN TO IT on the first track, with you choosing Eric (the protag) to be your plaything for the night. He’s super flustered and nervous and calls you “Captain!!” in a wavery voice A LOT and I’m pretty sure you slice open his shirt LMAO but oh man he’s so cute 

he’s sooooo cute ; A ; 

Although this isn’t a a do-m cd, Eric is on the same wavelength as Onee-sama to Boku’s protag, aka a shy subordinate character 

And plus in the first track you use string to tie up his *u kno* before he can cum, so there’s a bit of that kind of submissive play anyway, do-m boy or not. The way he acts is actually pretty similar to Haba LOL maybe that’s why I like him so much?? 

There are 3 H tracks in total, the very first one is the first time he sleeps with you, the second one is one where you kinda pull him over for an impromptu blowjob (”Y-you swallowed it????” he yelps after you do the deed) and the third one happens after the main plot, which is after you get thrown overboard.

He rushes in, worried sick about you, and hugs you, telling you he’s relieved that you’re alive, confessing that he was really worried and wants to protect you and wants to (be your number one??)  haha not 100% sure what he says but it’s super heart touching and then suddenly you start taking your clothes off and he’s all like “Why are you taking your clothes off while I’m confessing????” and you’re like “I was horny….” and he’s like aaa but my confession??? ; - ; But he sorts out that you return his feelings and everything and you consider him to be pretty special. After that, you start making moves on him again and he nervously says “Hey, stop provoking me!!” but after he’s sorted himself out, laughs and tells you fine, he’ll definitely satisfy you now~ (u go, eric, u go)

Aaaa his moans and whimpers are A+++++++ but the reason why I gave his voice a slightly lower score is bc his climax voice sounds kinda like AAAAAAAA *yelling noises* and it throws me off a little pwhaha. How cute he is makes up for it everywhere else though, he’s kinda shy and adorable and I love characters like him orz I die inside … I def recommend if you liked NKB vol 2 or Onee Sama to Boku, I consider the characters to be kinda similar :) 

MidoTaka Week, Day 2: Cats

I wanted to do at least one promt for the MidoTaka week and this was what came instandtly to my mind when I read the prompt cats. So I did this pretty fast (I’ve just seen the prompts on Saturday and just had a little bit of time yesterday).

I don’t know if Midorima reacts as extremly to cats as Kagami does to dogs but I do know that a) he hates them (why though??? they’re too adorable, a 190cm guy shouldn’t be afraid of that little bit of scatching, that doesn’t even hurt so much ) and b) this reaction is extremly cute (and hillarious). And Takao would definitely do sth like this just to tease him because of exactly this reason.

Watched zootopia last friday and guess who got a new otp www
WildeHopps is too cute AAAHHH–/////

Btw I’m not really good with drawing furries so I drew them in their anthro form orz;;;