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What's your beef with Natalie Abrams? She's not so bad anymore.

Key words being any more, anon.

I don’t want to sound combative, because you may have meant this innocently, but if you have no problem with NA, why did you not just scroll on by my post?

NA, not so long ago, was incredibly unprofessional, biased, juvenile, catty, and sometimes just out and out disrespectful when she covered the show. That’s my beef. I’m at perfect liberty to still dislike her for that even if she’s shaped up recently. 

She ignored quality questions about the show that could have produced actual spoilers in order to focus on fanon. She brought her own personal Hook/Captain Swan hate (and Regina obsession) into nearly every article she wrote, sometimes overtly, sometimes in what she clearly thought was clever wording but was very obviously backhanded. Nearly every article contained snide comments about Hook, Captain Swan, and even Emma.

And I’m pretty sure she only stopped because her fanon pushing and personal character/ship bias got to such an obnoxiously obvious point of painting an alternative picture of the show and derailing pertinent spoilers that Adam and Eddy, or their representatives, finally said something to her or her bosses. 

So am I going to get a little bit of a vindictive thrill out of picturing how bitter she must have been about having those exclusives to break? Imagery of Emma and Killian’s fairytale wedding? Sitting at her desk, having to write sappy bits about Captain Swan - something she hates - getting married? Yes, yes I am.


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Ok so I made this ages ago and I never posted it because it was bad but I’m posting it now because it bothers me to see this crappy video in my computer without getting posted. Also I dared to post crappy Weeabootale “animations” so it can’t be worse lol (r-right????)

also the animations aren’t fast enough since my phone app couldn’t make it faster so here are better gifs:

voilà voilà.

oh yeah, here’s the original video btw.

No I didn’t die 23456765433456654 times against him why do you lie.

well it doesn’t matter since now I became a real pro against him hon hon hon

Edit: wow 100+ notes?? Thank you so much!! Even if it’s an old thing, I’m glad you like it!! (Because it was still long to make…xD)

I love this vine so much