why is it not monday yet

Going into the week like...

Monday: When I haven’t had my coffee yet. 

Tuesday: How many days until the weekend? 

Wednesday: Ugh why are we only halfway. 

Thursday: Yay, almost to the weekend. 

Friday: Just got paid. Let’s go. 

Saturday: Par-Tay. 

Sunday: Thinking about going back to work on Monday

and Repeat. 

Thin Mints and Menthol (Part II) (Steve Harrington x Reader)

PART 1   


Pairings: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary:  It’s set a year after Season 2 has finished and you’re a senior in high school who’s often getting into trouble with the law for petty crimes. And Hopper usually gets you out of trouble. Then one night the new officer Steve Harrington joins him. 

Words: 2.2k (i just didn’t know when to stop apparently)

Warnings:  Mild swearing, mild mentions of smoking, abusive behavior.

A/N: This is the second part to my series ‘Thin Mints and Menthol’, I got so many requests for a second part! Also I’m not American and I don’t smoke, so if I got any terminology wrong I’m sorry! I’m really thankful for all the amazing feedback. If you want a next part or to be tagged in future parts, let me know! Hope you enjoy!!

“And where the fuck have you been?”

His harsh voice startles You turned your head to face the man in front of you, his vice like grip on your wrist feeling like it could almost snap your bone. You winced slightly due to the pressure. You wince and whimper slightly, like a kicked puppy. It’s your Dad.

“Daddy, I’m sorry, I was studying at… Nancy Wheeler’s house and I forgot the time.”

“So why did Jim Hopper drop you off home?” You pause, you can feel the heat rising in your cheeks. A dead giveaway.

“H-h-he saw me walking home in t-the dark and offered my a ride home on his way back to the station.” The grip on your wrist loosened, you could see his anger slowly subsiding. Apparently your lie is good enough to fool him. An almost devilish grin creeps across his face. He places a wet kiss onto your cheek, the smell of alcohol is suffocating. You gip as the smell of beer and body odour hit your nose as he pulls you into a hug. Coughing slightly as he does so to cover how disgusted you feel.

“Sorry Daddy, I’m really tired and I need a bath before I go to bed. May I be excused?” You ask politely, almost whispering, wary that anything could set him off again. Suddenly you feel his dirty nails dig into your back. As quickly as they do, he releases you again. His Cheshire Cat smile still plastered across his face, dirty yellowing teeth reside in his mouth, like mismatched gravestones. His face is unshaven, greasy and definitely unwashed. He looms over you threateningly, processing the question you had just asked him

“Sure.” He says finally as he saunters slowly over into the kitchen. You watch him as he opens the run-down green fridge and pulls out another beer. He starts to turn around but before he can face you, you’re running up the stairs to escape his gaze. You quickly dash into your room closing the door carefully so you don’t disturb him and cause him more anger. Tears spill from your eyes and cascade down your cheeks splashing onto you blouse. Breathing in unsteadily, you wait till the volume on the TV downstairs increases. Safety.

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Why didn’t you evacuate?

Non-Floridian who understands neither (1) Florida nor (2) Hurricanes nor (3) Capitalism.

Amazing how all these Non-Floridians seem to have jobs where one week prior to the “chance” of a natural disaster they can tell their bosses “I’m bugging out. I’ll be gone for at least a week. Maybe longer if I have trouble getting back. Keep paying me. And do my work. And keep my job for me to return to when I’m ready.”

Fun Fact: Central Florida is going to be SHUT DOWN on Monday. Yet most companies are still waiting to decide if they are going to tell their people to not come in.

Here’s the Cartoon Network and [adult swim] schedule for Monday 11 September to Sunday 17 September.

ADVENTURE TIME IS BACK WITH NEW EPISODES AND A NEW (and final) SEASON!! It’s so good to see the show on the schedule again since July!

Next week’s Ben 10: Alien of the Week will be Four Arms. It doesn’t say it on Zap2it, yet. But it did say it on TV Guide.

It looks like they’ll be airing Over the Garden Wall again (but only 8 of the 10 episodes will be shown, so it won’t be very consistent.) Why, you may ask? Because Autumn is coming right up, of course!

So, The Powerpuff Girls (2016) will have a 5-episode special called Power of Four. There will be a 5th 4th Powerpuff Girl. (definitely NOT Bunny) And she looks like a self-insert from some grown man’s creepy fanfiction! (see promo images and a screencap, taken from CN RSEE highlight reel, below)

UPDATE: Her name is “Bliss” and the special already aired in Africa months ago in the Summer.

It looks like they might be airing Classic Tom and Jerry at 10am weekdays after Tom and Jerry Tales. All swimming under the “Sea of Yellow.”

Infomercials are back, while 2 extra Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Stroker & Hoop, The Venture Brothers, and Tom Goes to the Mayor are next week’s 16th Anniversary [adult swim] shows.

[Error 404: Steven Universe reruns not found.]

Here’s what’s NEW NEW NEW NEW! on this week:

  • Ben 10: Alien of the Week: Four Arms - Friday at 5:00p
  • Teen Titans Go! - Friday at 6:00p
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - Friday at 6:30p
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Friday at 7:00p
  • We Bare Bears - Friday at 7:30p
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Saturday at 6:30a
  • Justice League Action - Saturday at 7:00a
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four Special - Sunday at 5:30p
  • Adventure Time - Sunday at 7:00p
  • Toonami - Every Saturday night from 11:30p-4:00a
  • Rick and Morty - Sunday at 11:30p
  • Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories - Sunday at 12:00a
  • Decker: Unsealed - Sunday at 12:30a

Top 3:

  • Teen Titans Go! - 152 - 49.4%
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - 45 - 14.6%
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - 41 - 13.3%
Psych Major Gothic

• You show up to your first class. No one is there. You check your schedule. You double check your schedule. You are in the right place.

• You have an essay due in 30 minutes. You open word processor but every time you type a word it is replaced with   H O W   D O   Y O U   F E E L    in thick, black font. You don’t know how to answer.

• You go to the library to study every monday. It is always Monday. Why aren’t you at the library yet?

• You check your enrollment. Surely you didn’t sign up for three Psych 100 courses. The enrollment list stares back at you. Now all your classes are Psych 100.

• Is chemistry really necessary in psychology? You ask your friend if you’ll ever use chemistry in the field. She hands you a worry stone.

•How many days until spring break? You check your calendar. It’s September 2nd. It has been september 2nd for as long as you can remember.

• Your professor asks the class what the stages of grief are. You know this. You know this. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, yearly sacrifice.

• Your transcript asks if you are an arts or a sciences major. The page loads question marks for what feels like miles. You can’t decide either.

Varsity Jackets and Peaches - Part 2

hope u guys like!!!!

words: 9k

warning: homophobic slurs, swearing, and heavy sexual content

Summary: Dan Howell hates him. He hates that black haired boy that wears a varsity jacket and smells like peaches and oh goes by the name Phil Lester. He takes joy out of ruining Dan’s life and he hates him. Well he hates him until a round of spin the bottle commences and everything changes between the two. 

read part one here

  “I’m actually going to punch you in the face, Lester.”

“Bring it, Howell.”

Dan lifted his arm and he grunted when feeling Phils fingers wrap around his wrist. He glared and struggled  

“I hate you.”

“I hate you more.”

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(I hope you don’t mind that I made this a Modern AU and I’ve put two prompt requests into one as two had the same request! No.8 )

Send me more prompts either here or here

read it on AO3

Eddie had no idea why he was so nervous. It was just Richie. His Richie, his best friend. Trashmouth. They’d hung out countless times before. However even Eddie knew that this wasn’t like any of the other times they’d hung out. For starters, none of their other friends were going to be there, it was just the two of them. Second they were going out for dinner to the new Pizza place that opened up and then they were going bowling, and third, it was a date.

Richie Tozier, his best friend since fucking pre-school, and the guy whom he’d had feelings for since he was at least fifteen had asked him out on a date…and it was not followed up by some rude joke about his mom.

He checked himself in the mirror again, making sure that everything was perfect, and he glanced at the clock on his bedside table. 6.55pm. In five minutes Richie would be knocking on his door to take him out. He was picking him up in his car that he’d spent all summer saving up for. Personally, Eddie thought it could use a good clean with extremely strong disinfectant but he didn’t say anything because the car had meant so much to Richie. It was something had he’d gotten all by himself, all because he worked hard for it.

He was broken out of his thoughts by the doorbell ringing and he reached into his pocket and pulled out his inhaler, taking a puff. Even though a few years ago he’d found out that he actually didn’t have asthma, having the inhaler there to use was a comfort to him. He was also very touched to find out from Bill that Richie keeps a spare inhaler in his bag, just in case Eddie loses his.

He heard his mother answer the door and a familiar voice float up the stairs, “Hi Mrs K! Looking stunning as usual, is that a new dress you’re wearing?” Eddie rolled his eyes as he heard his mother scoff and warn him to have Eddie home before midnight.

He took that as his cue to head down the stairs and when he saw Richie at the bottom, leaning against the wall with his trademark smirk, his glasses just falling down his nose slightly, Eddie swore he felt his heart stop. “Wow Eds, you brush up nice, hoping to get lucky?” He teased, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Instead of Eddie smacking Richie, or glaring at him like he usually would, he just blurted out, “Did you know that when hippopotamus’ are upset their sweat turns red?” Eddie could swear his face was bright red at this point. What was wrong with him? He cleared his throat, as Richie let out a very light laugh.

“Good to know Eds, you really are full of surprises aren’t you?” Richie fixed his glasses and opened the front door, “Ready?” Eddie just nodded and followed him out of the house and towards where he’d parked the car.

Eddie stopped short as he took in the vehicle in front of him, as it was spotless. Not a single ounce of dirt that Eddie had noticed before could be seen and he realised that Richie had cleaned the car out completely just so Eddie would feel comfortable sitting in it. This fact alone made him fall just that little but more in love with his best friend, not that he’d tell Richie that, not yet anyway. They had to get through this date first.

The ride to the restaurant wasn’t as awkward as Eddie thought it was going to be, they talked about school, and the football tryouts, and Ben and Beverley’s new found relationship. Hell they even talked about Stan and Bill who’d been together since the beginning of Sophomore year. Richie even made his fair share of ‘your mom,’ jokes that earned his glare from Eddie.

When Richie pulled up outside of the restaurant however, the nerves from before came back, setting in the pit of his stomach. What if he messed up? What if he said something and Richie realised it was all a big mistake asking him out? There was too much riding on this date, Eddies heart was literally on the line and it scared him a little.

“-arth to Eds?” Richie’s voice broke through his thoughts and he glanced up to find Richie mere inches from his face, prompting another blush to rise up his cheeks. “You’re such a cutie when you blush Eds,” he offered him his arm, “C’mon.”

“Did you know that in 2015 more people were killed from taking selfies than from shark attacks?” He blurted out and Richie blinked, looking perplexed for a moment before he grinned.

“Better not take any selfies then huh? Wouldn’t want to deprive the world of this awesomeness would I?” He winked and gestured to himself, pulling Eddie into the restaurant and they were led to their table.

And that was how the rest of the date went from there on in. Whenever Richie made a comment in regards to how Eddie looked, how cute he was or even mentioned one of the many nicknames he had for him, Eddie would blurt out another random fact.

“Did you know Heart Attacks are more likely to happen on a Monday?”

“Did you know bananas are curved because they grow towards the sun?”

‘Did you know that movie trailers were originally shown after the movie, which was why they are named trailers?”

Yeah, you get it.

Also not to mention he got pizza sauce all over his shirt, spilled a glass of water and tripped over his shoelaces when he went to use the bathroom. Richie was never going to want to come out with him again and they hadn’t even made it to the bowling yet.

Richie however, was taking it all in his stride. It had taken him to when Eddie started rambling about bananas to figure out that his best friend was nervous. Extremely so, and Richie thought it was the cutest thing ever. Damn, he had it bad. Once he’s paid the bill, much to Eddie’s protest - “I asked you out Eds, therefore I pay.” - they headed back out to the car. They stopped by the door and Eddie looked at his shoes again. “Ed-“

“Did you know that a baby-“ he was cut off by Richie’s finger on his lips, effectively shutting him up. He held back the urge to comment on how many germs would be on Richie’s finger that was now pressed against his lips as Richie looked as though he was going to start talking.

“You don’t have to be so nervous Eds,” he said simply, no joke behind his words as he removed his finger

Eddies mouth opened and closed a few times before he sighed, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Richie- it’s just I tend to spout out random facts when I’m nervous.” He pressed his back up against the car and looked down.

Richie frowned and reached a hand out to tilt Eddie’s face back up, so he was looking at him, “Don’t be sorry,” he said softly and Eddie couldn’t look away. Richie face was so close to his and all he desperately wanted to do was lean forward and close the distance between them, but he didn’t.

A comfortable silence stretched out between them before Richie spoke up again, voice much softer than Eddie had ever heard it before, “Forgive me if I’m misreading things-“ he stopped and Eddie’s eyes widened, opening his mouth to ask Richie to finish the sentence, when a smirk broke out on his face, and in pure Richie fashion he finished, “But do you want to make out?

Eddie’s jaw dropped as he registered Richie’s words and could barley manage a nod before a pair of chapped lips were covering his own. Now no mental preparation or discussion could ever have prepared him for the way Richie’s mouth felt on his, and he didn’t even think about how many germs would be in mouth, on his tongue that was-oh- that was running along his bottom lip, coaxing his lips apart so he could give Eddie a proper kiss. None of this closed mouth shit.

When the need for air was too prominent, they slowly pulled away, but instead of taking a step back, Richie pressed his forehead to Eddies. Eddie opened his eyes- when had he closed them?- and met Richie’s with a soft smile on his lips. They stood their in silence for a while longer, enjoying each others company before Richie spoke up again, “You’ll come with me to homecoming right?” He asked and Eddie’s stomach did flips because he knew that Richie hated all those school dance things, but Richie knew that Eddie loved them.

“Yeah,” he whispered, “Yes of course.”

“Wanna skip bowling and make out in the back of my car? Maybe if you ask nicely you’ll get to see how long my wang really is!” Richie suggested with a waggle of his eyebrows, earning him a smack to the arm from Eddie. “I’m kidding! I’m kidding!”

Eddie just rolled his eyes and got into the passenger seat, “If you beat me at bowling I might just let you kiss me goodnight Tozier.”

“Oh it’s on.”

la douleur exquise (1)

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

Request: CEO/Playboy!Se Hun meets shy ex girlfriend after three-four years. She’s convinced that he’s moved on and she thought that she had too…

Genre: CEO/Playboy AU, Angst

Member: Sehun


You took in a deep breath as you got out of your car. Looking up at the tall building looming over you, giving off a sort of intimidating presence the longer you stared at it. You got yourself together as you decided to make your way inside. 

You had been looking for a job as a PA for a while now, but to no avail. Many doors before got closed in your face, callbacks that never came, you were close to giving up, this job interview you were about to go into now, being your last hope.

You’ve always been an anxious person, nervous and shy. You weren’t confident at all, but you needed to get yourself together. 

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If there was anything Peter hated, it was paparazzi. Unfortunately, as the Chief Financial Officer of Hale Enterprise, it wasn’t often he found himself able to avoid them. The little vultures were always circling, trying to snag a prize deal or secret affair before Hale Enterprise deigned to officially release a statement. The Hales ran a tight ship, however, and all employees down to the intern level were aware of the repercussions of leaking information, immediate termination the least of their concerns. He honestly didn’t know why the paparazzi even bothered, though they did occasionally have some low-level employees chance it for fifteen minutes of fame. They always regretted it.

He sighed, trying to keep the scowl off his face. Meetings had been hell today, he had piles of work on his desk, the quarterly review before the Board was scheduled for the following Monday and his incompetent staff had yet to get him all of the reports from their southern branches. Talia had been especially annoying of late, trying to get him to commit to some family outing or something, and now that he’d managed to get five minutes to himself by going on his nightly run, there was some paparazzi idiot walking towards him with a camera.

To his defense, Peter supposed the young man didn’t look like he wanted to be there any more than Peter himself wanted to be there. He held his camera loosely in one hand, not at all prepared for a snapshot, and had a distinctively nervous look about his admittedly attractive face. Peter was prepared to utilize his well-known cruel tongue though if he so much as twitched towards putting the camera in his face.

“Hi, Mr. Hale? I’m really sorry about this. I work for GF Pictures and my boss pretty much told me to get your picture or jump in a lake. I’m not really into taking someone’s picture without their consent though, so I wanted to ask if you’d be willing to let me take a couple shots?” He looked a little hopeful, but mostly defeated as he asked. After all, it was pretty much common knowledge that of all the Hales, you definitely did not want to get on the bad side of Peter.

Peter’s eyes narrowed. “What kind of article is your boss trying to put together?” He could be civil if the other man was willing to extend the same courtesy.

He shuffled his feet. “He said it’s about the Hale family’s rise to power, since you guys just had that big merger where you bought out that productions company. He’s already got a picture of your sister, her husband, and her three eldest, but he said he needed your picture too before it could go to print. And apparently it’s set to go to print tomorrow.”

“Fine, I guess one picture won’t hurt,” Peter grumbled, “but I will be looking into the story when it’s published and that better be the angle you’re going.”

The man’s eyes widened in disbelief before he nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, of course, definitely. Thank you! You’re totally saving me!”

Peter waved it off, posing to look more casual and less staged as the man clicked a few shots. After a moment, he finished, smiling delightedly.

“Really, thank you, Mr. Hale. I know you probably didn’t feel like dealing with paparazzi today—or any day honestly—and you obviously didn’t have to let me take some pictures, so I appreciate it.”

Peter nodded. “Thank you for asking, I guess.”

The man shook his head. “You shouldn’t have to thank me for treating you like a human being with a normal level of respect, but I get it. I hope you have a great day, Mr. Hale!”

Peter smirked at that response. “Yes, you too, Mr. …?”

The man blushed, ruffling his already messy hair with the hand not holding his camera. “Uh, Stiles. Stilinski. I go by Stiles though.”

Peter hummed. What a curious name. “Goodnight then, Stiles.”

“Yeah, goodnight!”

Stiles waved cheerfully, jogging back the way he’d came looking much lighter. Peter rolled his eyes, going back onto his run and making a mental note to look into GF Pictures tomorrow.


Turns out, Stiles’ story was really about what he said it was and the next day it dropped at two p.m. sharp, pictures of all the Hale family included. It was a mostly neutral article, though there was a little bit of a lean towards favoring the Hales. They had their facts straight and left the speculation to a minimum, which was preferable. Peter exited out of the article after passing his judgment and decided to put the whole thing behind him, getting back to chewing out his staff until their produced him the appropriate reports.

Honestly, he didn’t think about Stiles again until three weeks later. He and Laura had just gotten lunch to catch up on something besides work and they were trying to get back in their vehicle, their bodyguards blocking the way as best they could, when Laura tripped on her ridiculous heels and ripped her dress. The bodyguards had their hands full with trying to keep the crowds back and Peter could already see the magazines features headlines for this fashion faux pas as he moved to try and block the crowds from getting pictures of her fall.

“God, people are dicks,” a voice grumbled as another body stepped up and blocked the cameras, sliding out of a plaid over-shirt and sheepishly handing it over to Laura to cover herself. He had a camera around his neck but wasn’t touching it, instead looking genuinely apologetic. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, thank you,” Laura bit off tersely, accepting the shirt reluctantly.

“Stiles,” Peter greeted. Both the man and his niece looked at him in surprise.

“You know him?”

“You remember me?”

Peter smirked. “Of course I remember the only photographer who was ever polite enough to ask before taking my picture. Glad to see your manners remain true.”

Stiles blushed, shuffling awkwardly while Laura lost some of her defensiveness.

“Oh. Well thank you, Stiles,” Laura repeated, now smiling more warmly.

Stiles nodded, licking his lips before smiling hesitantly. “No problem. I mean, you guys are people too. Sorry about your dress,” he gestured jerkily before blushing darker.

Peter chuckled. “Here,” he said, handing over a card from his breast pocket. “We have to be leaving, but why don’t you call and set up an interview for one day next week? I’ll let my assistant know to let you through and we can get you something for an article for your agency.”

Stiles eyes widened in absolute disbelief as he took the card, almost like he thought it would burst into flames as his touch.

“Oh my god, yes, thank you, of course, oh holy Jesus on a cracker,” he exclaimed in one quick breath.

Laura giggled. “Well we really have to go, but please make sure to give Uncle Peter a call. I’ll return your shirt when you come for the interview, okay?”

Stiles nodded numbly. “Yeah, sure. Thank you again.”

Peter smiled, slipping into the car beside Laura. “See you soon,” he offered just as the door closed.

third time's the charm

prompt:  Idea: You’re at your locker a few minutes before homeroom. Peter walks up behind you and taps you on the shoulder. This takes you by surprise and you jump and drop your books meanwhile he catches them mid air. (You can come up with the conversation idea and all cutie cutie sweet bits but there’s a start.)

thank you to @lexiestevens12 for the request.

excuse any errors

also, this is not part of the 100 imagine challenge thing

im currently making a masterlist so look for that soon.

You groaned dramatically, falling into your seat. (Your/Friend’s/Name) chuckled a little and looked over at you. “What’s the matter this time, (Y/N)?”

   Sighing, you sat back in your chair. “Peter is literally ignoring me. I get his Stark Internship is busy, but… why won’t he talk to me?” You paused, sighing. You knew about the whole ‘Spider-Man’ thing. You found out the same night as Ned. You hoped that wasn’t why. “It’s like I smell, (Y/F/N). Do I stink?” You asked. They leaned over to smell and made a face.

   “Is that perfume?” They asked.

   “Does it smell bad?” You asked quickly, hoping it didn’t make you smell like an old lady.

   They shook their head. “No, you smell fine, you just never wear perfume. Or brush your hair. Peter must be one hell of a guy.”

   You frowned and hit them. “I really like him, but I can’t get his attention long enough to even ask him on a third date. Wait… Shouldn’t he ask me? What if he doesn’t like me anymore? Oh God, (Y/F/N)-”

   They grabbed your hands. “Calm down. He likes you. I know it because who asked you out the first two times? I don’t think he would if he didn’t. Plus, he texts you all the time and when you don’t reply he asks if you’re okay.”

   A small frown came to your face. “Yeah, not anymore! He barely responds. He’s so… confusing!”

   Unbeknownst to you, Ned was listening the whole time and his mind was racing. Why did Peter talk about you for months to him just to drop you? He wasn’t having it. Even if he had the whole Spider-Man thing going on, Ned wasn’t gonna let Peter screw up his one chance to have a girl. He walked to where the academic decathlon practice was being held, and dramatically pushed open the double doors. “Peter Parker, may I have a word?” Ned said loudly, making a complete fool of himself.

   Peter looked up and smirked, hitting the bell on the table. “False.”

   Mr. Harrison sighed. “No using the bell for comedic purposes.”

   Peter stepped down from where the tables were set up and approached his friend. “What’s the matter? You seem mad.”

   Ned rolled his eyes. “Yes, Peter, I am mad. I’m mad that you’re standing up (Y/N)!”

   Flash gasped sarcastically. “That means I can have her?”

   Peter glared at Flash before turning back to Ned. “I am not standing her up. Why would you think that?”

   “Because she was talking to her friend and said you weren’t talking to her anymore,” Ned said.

   Peter frowned. It hit him that he hadn’t texted you, or even talked to you since last Monday. “Oh, my God. She hates me. What am I going to do?”

   Michelle looked up. “Maybe you should, I dunno, talk to her?”

   He nodded. “I will do that.” Peter picked up his jacket and backpack, walking out of the room.

   Liz sighed. “Practice wasn’t even over yet.”

   Peter walked through the halls briskly, finding your study hall room soon enough. He tapped on the glass window of the small classroom. The tap got the attention of your friend, who leaned over and tapped you. You glanced up at your friend, confused until they pointed to a very familiar brown-haired boy behind the glass. A smile came to your face before you could stop it, but you replaced it with a frown. He was ignoring you and now he wanted to talk? You shook your head, leaning back in your chair and crossing our arms. You saw your friend shrug to him out of the corner of your eye but ignored it.

   The bell rang as the last period of the day came to an end. You gathered your belongings and walked to your locker, entering your combination and opening the small metal door. You held about five books until someone tapped you on the shoulder. You jumped, the books tumbling to the ground. Well, they were until Peter caught them. “How did you do that?” You asked, looking at him. He caught them really quickly, seemingly impossible, but he did.

   He shrugged, a small, nervous smile coming to his face. “Reflexes?” He offered, handing your books back to you. You took them, placing them in your locker and shutting it.    When you turned back, Peter was still there. “Oh, now you want to talk to me, huh?”    He flinched a little as if your words physically hurt him. “Look (Y/N), I’m sorry. I truly am, I didn’t mean to push you away. The decathlon was stressing me out, and you know I have other things too-”

   “It’s okay. I get it Mr. S-Man.” You interjected, a hint of a smile on your face. “I forgive you.”

   “Good,” Peter smiled. “Because I want to take you on a third date. Tomorrow night at 8. It’s not far so we can walk there.”

   You grinned, nodding. “Sounds like a plan, Parker.” You kissed his cheek and headed off to your bus.

   The next night, you stood in your room looking into the mirror. You decided elegantly casual would be appropriate attire since you were walking there. A nice flannel and skinny jeans, and some nice flats. You hoped it was enough. The doorbell rang at 7:56. Your stomach started to do flips as you practically skipped over to the door to answer it. Peter looked the same as you: a red sweater over a flannel and beige pants. His hair was neatly combed, as always. He gave you a quick hug, and then glanced at your outfit.

   He smiled. “You look great.”

   You blushed a little and grabbed your phone off the charger on the counter. “Ready?”

   Peter nodded, picking up a basket he had laid on the ground to hug you. He led you to a small park near your house and stopped under a cherry blossom tree. Bunches of pink flower petals covered the ground around the tall tree, making it seem as if the grass was green and pink. He made you close your eyes while he set up the ‘date.’

   “Alright, you can open your eyes now.” He said. You opened your eyes to see a blanket laid out on the grass, fake candles resting on the four corners. Food laid on small plates beside the blanket. “Sorry, it isn’t much.” He mumbled sheepishly.

   You were grinning from ear to ear. “It’s perfect, Peter, really. I love it.” You said as you sat down.

   He smiled and sat down as well, sharing various foods with you. Soon enough, the stars were out and you both decided to do a bit of stargazing. Peter pointed up at a cluster of stars. “That’s Cygnus. The myth says he and his friend were racing chariots, and the ended up too close to the sun and they both fell. His friend fell into the river, but Cygnus couldn’t swim so he asked Zeus to turn him into a swan and saved his life. Zeus said this was so brave, that when the swan died, he let it live among the stars. It’s one my favorites.”

   You smiled. “It sounds like what Spider-Man does.”

   Peter smiled and looked over at you, gently poking your cheek. “I have a very important question.”

   You chuckled, turning to look at him. “Hit me, Parker.”

   He sat up, gently taking your hand and sitting you up as well. You noticed his hand was a bit sweaty. He was nervous. That was probably why he poked your cheek. “Would you… Like to be… my… g-girlfriend, (Y/N)?”

   A grin appeared on your face almost immediately. “Of course. If you promise to actually text me back now.”

   He chuckled nervously. “I can’t promise always but I will try.”

   Your heart seemed to melt. He wasn’t even trying to be cute, but he was. Peter glanced down at your lips, then back up to your eyes. You nodded your head a bit. He leaned in and pressed a kiss on your lips gently. You kissed back, smiling when he pulled away.

   “I have a proposal.” You said, poking his cheek like he did earlier.

   “Hmm?” He hummed, a small, content smile on his face.

   “How about, so we avoid being disconnected, we have at least one date every month.” You offered, twirling a lock of his hair in your fingertips.

   “That sounds wonderful,” Peter said, and you grinned, pressing a kiss to his forehead.

   You snorted, a thought coming to your head as you pulled away.

   “What?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

   “Does this mean I’m Spider-Woman now?”


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words: 1450

posted on august 1st, 2017

follower count: 68

Okay but Sabrina comes to town being the coolest leather jacket lesbian anyone’s ever seen and she becomes frenemies with Cheryl and they’re always arguing and flirting and Cheryl becomes super attached to Sabrina and she’s scared so she throws this giant party and gets completely wasted and Sabrina finds her trying to fight Reggie or something and she takes Cheryl out back and sits her down and gives her some water and rubs her back trying to calm her down and Sabrina is being really sweet but Cheryl says
“Why the hell are you being so nice?” And her eyes start to well up with tears and Sabrina takes both her hands and looks her in the face and says
“Because I actually care about you Cheryl, life is more lively with you around. I don’t even remember what I was like before you.” And Cheryl just hugs Sabrina and cries because no one has ever paid this much attention to her and cares for her this much without trying to get something out of her. And the next Monday at school when Cheryl is sober and able to think clearly she marches right up to Sabrina and kisses her

falling in love at a coffee shop


a/n: i heard this song sometime in early october called ‘falling in love at a coffee shop’ by landon pigg (i suggest listening to it either before or whilst reading) and it inspired this little au that if am being honest, i haven’t got a clue where i’m going with it as yet as i’m still trying to get my creative juices flowing, so to speak - i do have an idea for two more parts lobbing around in my head - but, nevertheless, here ya go: harry, olivia and their incredibly fluffly, coffee shop love story. 

would really appreciate if you left feedback if you liked it (or if you didn’t - no pressure). lettuce jump right in, shall we ?


“What’s your name?”

She asks me this as if she’s entitled to know. And maybe she is.

Definitely. She definitely is.

“Why do you want to know?”

I challenge her, because I really want to know the answer to the question. I really do want to know why she would be interested in knowing anything about me.

“Well, first of all, you know my name.”

“Yeah…and?” I say, playing with the little silver knob on the sugar container. I briefly wonder what it’s called. “Your name is on your nametag, Olivia.”

My heart stutters a bit as I say it.

Her name.

You know…out loud and all that.

I try to ignore it.

“That’s true,” she says. “But secondly,” her voice lowers and I find that I’m sitting up straighter, listening more intently. “Mostly…” Her voice is just a whisper. “Mostly…I just want to know. You know, a little more about you.”

And I’m speechless.

Like an idiot.

“What do you know about me?” I ask.

I’m holding my breath.

“Well,” she says, biting down on her lower lip and tucking an imaginary strand of hair behind her ear. Her hair is pulled up. It’s always pulled up. I wonder what it looks like hanging down around her shoulders. I imagine that it’s soft. “I know you like coffee. Black with lots of sugar.”

She looks down at my hand, at my finger that is still idly playing with the knob thing. I vow to go home and look up what it is. It’s bothering me now.


“I know that you come in the same time every day and order the same thing. I know you like apple pie.”

I wonder if she finds me boring and predictable.

“I know…I mean, I think I know that you like to read. You always have a book.”

She motions to the worn paperback copy of Holidays on Ice in front of me. I wonder if she thinks it’s strange because it’s the middle of September. I just like Truman Capote. Maybe I should explain that to her?

“I do,” I tell her. “Like to read, I mean.”

My heart is beating faster. I don’t think it’s the coffee, though I have had three cups so far. I wonder if she notices that I’m drinking more…that I’m staying longer.

“Do you?” I ask.


“Like to read?”

And her eyes are looking at me. They’re the colour of molten chocolate edged with green. Sometimes, if I held her eyes long enough, I was lucky enough to see the colours swirl together like vines running along soil.

“Yeah, I do.”

She’s biting her lip again and her nose scrunches up.

“What?” I ask.

“I just don’t see what the big deal is about him.”

“Who?” I ask.

I look back down again, nervous that she thinks that I wasn’t listening. Nervous that she thinks I’m staring at her lips and eyes and nose. Her nose is cute.

Even when it’s scrunched up - no, especially when it’s scrunched up.

“David Sedaris.”

“You don’t like him?”

I do. I do like him and it makes me feel nervous that she doesn’t. I want her to like the same things as me and I don’t know why.

“No, I like him just fine,” she says. “But I mean it’s almost like, we get it. You’re witty. You listen to NPSand probably drink a ton of coffee.”

“I listen to NPS,” I mumble, as I look down at my almost empty third cup of coffee. “But I don’t think I’m witty.”

“You could be,” she says smiling. “You might be. I just – I don’t know.”

“What else?” I ask, trying to change the subject.

“What else…?” She’s confused.

“What else do you know about me?”


She places her finger on her lips like she’s thinking. Yes. Her lips are definitely…probably soft.

“Well, I also know that you have some sort of job.”

“Yeah?” I ask, smiling. “And how do you know that?”

She motions to my satchel on the stool next to me.

“Maybe I just carry that around to make pretty waitresses think I’m important.”

I wink at her.

I don’t know where it comes from – this flirting. I’m a shit flirt. I have always been.

“You think I’m pretty?” she asks.

She’s blushing and I fear I’ve embarrassed her. See? I told you, I can’t flirt. But the pink of her cheeks makes my mouth dry and I notice – not for the first time – just how pretty she really is.


I think she’s breathtaking.

“Maybe,” I tell her, and she looks down.

Why did i say that?


“Anything else?”

“I know that you’re generous,” she says softly as she leans on the counter, putting her chin in her hands. She’s closer to me now than she’s ever been. I can smell her perfume and it’s mixed with the scent of coffee and apple pie. It’s nice. I breathe in. “You always leave a twenty on the counter when your order is always exactly six pounds. That’s a really generous tip.”

“You’re a really good waitress.”



“They don’t call us waitresses anymore,” she explains, still leaning in. “They call us servers. It’s not sexist.”

“Oh,” I say, hoping she won’t move. “I didn’t know.”

“That they called us servers?” she asks. “Or that the term waitress is sexist?”

And she winks at me.

And I smile.



“And I know one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

She’s biting her lip again. It’s even better close-up.

“Your hair is soft,” she says. “I mean, well…I think it is. I think it would be.”

And I feel the heat of my own blush.

“You think about my hair?”

She nods her head yes and even though she’s still biting her lip, I can see her smile.

It’s breathtaking like her.

The bell on the door rings and another customer walks in.

“I guess I need to help them.”

She stands up straight and my heart falls slightly.

“I guess I should get going.”


She smiles shyly and I place a twenty dollar bill on the counter. It’s crisp. I went to the ATM before I came in this evening. She walks over to the other customer as I collect my things. I wait, nervously, for her to come back.

She does.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” she says.

“Yeah,” I tell her. “I guess you will.”



I’m stalling, trying to think of something to say. She’s faster.

“You never told me your name.”

“It’s Harry,” I tell her.

“Harry,” she repeats. “I like it.”

I grin.

So does she.

“I like Olivia.”

And I really do.

Problems of being a kdrama fan..

• You are emotionally and physically affected by scenes in the drama.
• There are times when a drama finishes as well as your life because it was just that good.
• Your friends will think you’re speaking gibberish, but you are actually just repeating your favourite line from last nights episode.
• To my fellas who needs subs to understand everything, we all know that annoying feeling when we think the subbed version has came out already, but in reality it still hasn’t.
• We all plan out what dramas to watch in order depending on what feelings it’ll give you. I end up my day watching WFKBJ once cause The Legend of the Blue Sea’s episode was depressing.
• We will scream our hearts out whenever we see new still cuts or episode scenes from new episode you still haven’t seen.
• We always have a “Need to watch” dramas, but we never get to watch them cause we’re just too attached to the current drama we’re watching.
• We know that after happy scenes that’s been showing for 3 minutes, depressing scenes will come after.
• You’ll find every oppa in each drama you watch hot, and be immediately be married to them. (one of the greatest problem in all human history.) There’s so much oppas to love that it hurts the brain but a pleasure to the heart.
• You cry on each drama OST you hear. Even if it’s a happy song, it just brings so much memories.
• We’ve all had hated the lead females. And how they are so perfect and pretty. Like why Song Hye Kyo?
• You’ll watch specific variety show episodes you’ve never watched just because of your favourite actor/actress being a guess.
• The depressing dramas will affect your life.
• The happy ones will make you smile out of nowhere.
• Lines by oppa are too cringe worthy but yet you still love it.
• We’re all busy, each day new episodes of dramas we watch come out. (Honestly one of the reasons I wake up in the morning. Specially on Mondays just to see Park Seo Joon.)
• You always change your wall paper depending on what oppa you want to see that day.
• Once you’ve become a kdrama addict, there’s no way back.

• Second lead syndrome is just too real. • Age for an oppa doesn’t matter. They’re all be looking like they’re 26 even though they’re 50 ~.~ • constantly searching for special episodes after finishing a drama because it ending is just so hard getting over with… •The reply series are all beautiful and painful therefore every time you watch a drama that takes in a different time period or era, you wish to live at that time too. •sleeping at 4 am because of binge watching is worth it

(List some more!!!)

anonymous asked:

Idk if you've ever watched Friends, but Jimon + the gang finding out about their relationship in the style of Monica and Chandler

i have watched friends and asdfghjkl i love monica and chandler and this is one of the best episodes ever so this prompt is extra amazing. obviously, all credit goes to friends for the plot. also, i want to point out that this fic by jess ( @softjimon) has more friends!jimon and reading her thing is 100% the inspiration i had to finish this one so quickly. 

fool around like we’re sixteen and secret || jace/simon, 3k+, secret relationship + fluff || (ao3 link coming soon!)

In March, Simon goes away for a weekend to Vermont. Songwriting boot camp, he claims, he and his writers are sequestering themselves away for a few days to work on his upcoming album. Jace happens to be out of town that weekend too, because - as he tells Alec and Izzy - he was called to consult on a case involving an adoption scam.

“Since I have experience,” he explains, “they want me to be there for their initial analysis.”

Alec believes him. Why would Alec not believe his brother, his FBI case partner, his roommate, his best friend

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The Predator’s Obsession

Summary: In this current day Avengers AU, you work as a profiler with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Your boyfriend, Steve Rogers, leads a close-knit group of supervisory special agents as they track a killer.
Characters in this chapter: Female reader, Steve Rogers, Nick Fury, Wanda Maximoff, Brock Rumlow
Characters mentioned: Natasha Romanoff
Pairing: Steve Rogers x plus size female reader
Word Count: 2,709
Warnings: Language, talk of kidnapping and starvation
Author’s Note: POV changes. Any terminology mistakes are mine, and mine alone. I hope you enjoy.


You figured you’d been held hostage six days, although you weren’t entirely sure. Who knew, it could be more. Probably not, though. It was hard to tell the passage of time when you were at the bottom of a pit. Besides being cold and dirty, you were past the point of being hungry, the point where it no longer growled, complaining that you weren’t eating. Now it just hurt, sending stabs of pain through your weak and weary body. The water that had been sent down this morning was almost gone; less than a cup remained, but you weren’t going to drink it. Not yet. Not when you knew you wouldn’t be getting more until the next morning.

Sitting in the cool dirt, you pressed your back to the rough wall, drew your legs up, and rested your shaking arms atop your knees. Your head fell back and your eyelids fluttered closed. Damn, you were tired, but you couldn’t fall asleep. Not because you were incapable of doing so, but because you refused to. Not when you didn’t want to miss a thing. Even the most insignificant thing could save your life. That’s what Steve had always told you. Well, him and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Being a profiler for the FBI and long-time girlfriend of Steve Rogers; highest ranking special agent in Brooklyn, you had learned a lot. But all of those lessons learned failed you the moment a rag soaked with chloroform was shoved over your face. Your mouth went sour at the memory, and it took everything you had to keep from drinking the water sitting so very close to you.

Every hour that passed, your body grew weaker, but you knew that you could last a bit longer. Sure, you hadn’t eaten in over a week, but you weren’t built like Natasha or Wanda. You had hips and a great ass, tits that made other men stare while their girlfriends rolled their eyes. There were curves in places some women dreamed about having, but it didn’t stop there. Your stomach was soft and bore light purple and pink stretch marks, there was cellulite on your hips and thighs, and you had to specially order your bras. You had a double chin, your upper arms jiggled, and your thighs spread out, touching when you sat down. Most people called you fat, a whale, hideous, but you knew better than to play into their mind games. You weren’t stupid, you knew you were overweight, curvy, voluptuous, but Steve called you beautiful.

The garage door opened, sending a low-pitched rumble through the house and deep into the basement. The wall at your back trembled, pushing clumps of dirt into your hair and down your now slightly baggy and sweat-stained shirt. You shouldn’t have been afraid, but your heart kick-started painfully, and your hands were shaking as your torn and ragged nails dug into the dirt next to your hips.

His steps were heavy as he strode through the house with murderous purpose, the heels of his shoes scraping along the floor as he went. The closer he got to the door that was locked five times at the top of the stairs, the louder the floor creaked. It was deliberate, the way he would throw the locks slowly, as if he wanted to draw it out, the suspense of it all, to send fear surging through your veins, pumping your blood harder, your heart all but pounding out of your chest. He got off on it, you were damn sure of that. You weren’t the most sought after profiler on the eastern seaboard for nothing; you knew your shit.

Too bad that hadn’t saved you.

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Soulmates - Jughead x Reader

Request: Prompts 25 (“So go find someone else. Someone who will love you the way I never have, the way I never will.”) 30 (Please don’t give up on this, on us) 31 (I love you so much it physically hurts to not be around you) 36 (You’re all I ever wanted)

Warnings: Angst, swears, fighting, mentions of parents divorced 

word count: 2569


That’s what everyone thought you and Jughead were.

You had been friends for years, since you were old enough to walk. You got along beautifully and no one had ever seen you fight your entire friendship.

Then at 17 years old Jughead asked you out. He admitted his feelings for you had been more than friends for years, but he never had the courage to tell you, lucky for him, you loved him right back.

You had been dating your best friend for 3 months now, and in the last month, he had been too busy to see you.

Many Pop’s dates were forgotten about, each time you prayed it would be different from the last as you sat, alone in your booth, looking at your phone, the time ticked away and there was never any new messages.

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15/100 days of productivity

crazy literature nerd annotations because I actually have a literature exam on monday that I haven’t started studying for yet because i need to start my bio lab… why did I even decide to take IB? Today was basically just me designing (actually, re-designing) my biology investigation because there was something wrong with my procedure earlier. gotta love the experimental sciences :’) I had to pull an all nighter tonight to meet like, five different deadlines. i’m a studyblr but i’m also disorganised as all hell.

on the bright side, my theory of knowledge presentation seems to be coming along pretty well. let’s hope for the best, my to-do list is currently long enough to strangle me.

listening to: particles (the piano version), nothing but thieves (love love love their new album, forever grateful to @shivu14 for introducing me to them ;))