why is it deleted

I just can’t compromise, apologize
There’s nothing you can say
We both knew
It would always end this way.

          - M.I.N.E (End This Way) by FFDP

If you’re wondering what happened to the selfies I posted

I deleted the whole thing because I checked one of the posts, and in the replies was a porn/NSFW blog that commented saying “Looking forward to the selfies”. When I answered an ask about my personal blog, that porn/NSFW blog ended up following it.

I’ve heard of people posting selfies and them getting reposted by NSFW blogs and the people being humiliated for being trans. Which is why I was so hesitant about posting my own selfies.

We’ve blocked the porn/NSFW blogs from our followers list, and we’re going through to be sure.

I’m worried about being outed and having my face on any disgusting porn/NSFW blogs. It’s one thing since I’m 21.

BUT I’m also worried about the other mods and I don’t want their selfies on those blogs either, especially since the mods are mostly minors.

Please be careful. I don’t want any of y'all to be in this type of position. It’s scary, weird, and creepy.

I’m not leaving the blog, but at least for the next few hours, I’m gonna have to sleep and deal with my mental health. I hope y'all understand.

Thanks for being supportive of me. I’ve needed that.

~ Mod Dalton 💖🐉



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