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Party Girl (Dan Howell x Reader)*Smut*

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Pairing: Dan x Reader

Warning: Smut 

I was just sitting in the middle of class when this popped into my head so I thought why not post it. Again sorry about this I’m stressing over finals and fandoms so I thought this would be a good way of getting my mind off of things.

This story takes place in college so Dan isn’t a youtuber or anything and stuff. Y/n is dragged to a huge college party by her best friend where she runs the hottest guy at the college, Dan, and shit happens.

Y/n= your name

y/f/n= your friend’s name 

y/f/h = your friend’s hair color

y/h/c = your hair color


“Come on Y/n it will be fun!” First lie of the night indicated I shouldn’t go.

I promise I won’t leave your side the whole night!” The second lie that should of stopped me from attending.

If you aren’t having a good time we can leave.” And bam. The final warning that I shouldn’t be here but yet here I am standing in a crowded kitchen, clouds of various drug smoke hanging over our heads and I clenched my hand around my red solo cup tightly. I knew I shouldn’t have came to Hannah’s party. While y/f/n was a huge party maniac, attending literally every huge party that is thrown, I was more of the “downer” in the friendship. I didn’t like getting drunk and not remembering the night beforehand, I wasn’t a big fan of crowded dance floors with alcohol rushing through horny adults bodies, bumping and grinding against each other and I would definitely take laying in bed reading a nice book then getting hammered. I glanced around the crowded kitchen feeling a little too slutty for my taste. Giving the fact I was wearing y/f/n’s party clothes and my body was MUCH different than hers how could I not feeling slightly uncomfortable. She was a good 6 inches taller than me, making her tummy and legs skinner, her long y/f/h covering most of her back while my slightly curled y/h/c reached only about your midback. I looked down at my outfit slightly as a tight black crop top and tight as hell booty shorts stared back at me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have any problems with my body, I believe I actually had a nice shaped body, my breast and ass being a decent size and my stomach was not too bad but the clothes certainly didn’t fit my style.

As I decided to get out of the drug filled kitchen I began to walk or should I say attempt to walk but end up either standing or getting caught between two grinders. I squeezed through yet another grinding pair as I made my way to the “dance floor” aka her living room. Giving she was practically a millionaire with a giant ass house and the fact that there were literally 100s of people scattered around the mansion, it took 10 minutes to reach the sweat filled bumping and grinding dancefloor. I tried making my way through the dancefloor when I was slammed into from beneath causing me to gasp and fall forward. I closed my eyes preparing myself for the floor to hit my face but I felt a tight grip on my hips my eyes shot open.

“Watch yourself sweetheart, we don’t want to mess up that pretty face.” That voice. I’d recognize it anywhere. I was back on my feet as I turned around to see the man who still had a tight hold on my hips. I spotted as all of the girls around glared at me, whispering to their friends in pure jealousy. I looked up to meet a pair of eyes that every girl at the school would know in a heartbeat. No. Fucking. Way.  I stared in awe as my eyes couldn’t believe who had saved me from complete humiliation. The one and only Daniel Howell. He was only a very attractive male, he just happened to be the most popular and hottest guy attending the college. He stared back at me smirking slightly as I felt his eyes scan up and down my body, stopping at my lips, breast and legs. I blushed rapidly as I gulped slightly. His grip remains tight on my hips as he lean down to my height whispering in my ear.

“What a shame, your drink has spilled all over the place sweetheart, let’s go get you another one yeah?” Not trusting my voice I simply nodded my head as I felt the breath of a soundless laugh hit my neck. “Cat got your tongue sweetheart?” I blushed even harder as he pulled away smiling slightly before he began to guide me through the crowd to refill my beverage. Once we reached the kitchen Dan had poured me another cup of whatever the hell he could find as he handed the cup back to me. I took a chug of the drink trying to calm my nerves as Dan rested his upper body on the counter being eye level with me as he smirked.

“I’ve never seen you around here sweetheart. I didn’t really think of you as a “party girl” Ms y/l/n.” I coughed nearly choking on the warm liquid as I stared at him yet again amazed. How the hell did he know my last name?! I cleared my throat before quietly mumbling

“I’m not really…” I stared at the brownish liquid that filled the plastic cup until I chugged the rest of the burning liquid slamming my cup back on the counter causing Dan to smirk and raise an eyebrow before turning and grabbing another bottle filling my cup up once again.

“Drink up princess.”

It had been 2 hours since I had been caught by Dan and after 6 cups of whatever bottle occupied the kitchen, here I stood grinding on Dan in the middle of the floor. I felt my adrenaline pumping as whiskey and vodka corsed through my veins. I grinded my ass against his crotch hard earning a low groan to escape from his throat. I felt a pair of lips hit my lips and slightly suck causing me to grow wetter and wetter by the second. His lips trailed up my neck till he reached my ear biting my earlobe as he whispered.

“Let’s continue this upstair baby girl.” His words made a shiver run down my back as I nodded instantly. He grinned as he grabbed my hand softly pulling me through the crowd and up the stairs. Once he found an unoccupied room he pull me in and before the door even closed I was pressed up against the wall as the taste of Dan’s tongue and whiskey invaded my lips. I bit his bottom lip slightly causing another groan to escape from his lips. His hands squeezed the back of my thighs and he mumbled into my lips.

“Jump.” Not wasting any time I wrapped my legs around his waist and he held a firm grip on my thighs. He turned swiftly laying me on the bed as he grinded his clothed cock harshly against my heat. I moaned slowly as his head shot up suddenly staring down at me, lust filled his eyes.

“Make that noise again.” He grinded on me the same way as I let another moan escape my lips. Dan looked down at me as he smashed his lips on me quickly removing my shorts. He pulled away shortly to removing both of our shirts and his belt and pants leaving us both in our undergarments. He hovered over me as he let his hands roam my body.

“God damn…” he whispered as his eyes wandered over my body causing me to blush. His face moved closer to mine as he connected his lips to my jawline continuing down my neck. He peppered kisses down the valley of my breast, nipping occasionally, causing me to bite my lip. I felt Dan’s fingers gently pour my bottom lip from my teeth as he mumbled against my skin.

“No princess I want to hear you.” I nodded as his face was in front of my clothed heat. He smirked as he took the material in his teeth.

“These are gonna have to come off I’m afraid.” As soon as I was exposed Dan suddenly pumped a long finger in me without warning. A loud gasp escaped my lips as my back arched.  

“Mmm this wet for me y/n? are you this horny for me baby?” He spoke as he began pumping at a faster pace. I moaned as I felt his mouth clamp onto my clit sucking harshly. My fingers found their way to his brown locks as I tugged at his hair. His mouth doing wonders to me as I felt a warm pit began to form in my stomach.

“Dan I-I-I’m close…” I stuttered as I flt the feeling come over me.

“Mmmm let go baby, cum all over Daddy’s mouth.” His words caused me to fall over the edge. I blacked out slightly as I let my orgasm consume me. Dan licked up my juices as he moaned

“You taste so good baby..” He stood up slightly, my juices glistening on his chin as he began crawling over me, a package in his grip. He smirked down at me as he ripped open the condom packet.

“Ready y/n?” He asked as I nodded, still trying to catch my breath from my previous experience. He then slid his Calvin Klein’s off as his hard length was now in sight. I hum slightly at the sight of how huge he was. He looked up at me smirking as he rolled the condom on the length.

“Mmm does baby girl get turned on by how big daddy’s cock is?” I smirked slightly.

“Yes daddy, but instead of looking i would much rather be feeling it fill me right now.” I said as Dan licked his lips before slamming into me. I scream out in pleasure as I felt him fill me completely. 

“Fuck baby you’re so fucking tight.” He groaned as he thrusted in and out of me. I scratched my fingernails up and down his back surely leaving red marks as he sucked on the skin of my breast, surely leaving purple marks. His thrusts picked up quickly as my screams and moans only grew louder.

“Mmm y/n seeing you under me, screaming my name, oh baby look at you you’re going to explode at any time aren’t you?” he whispered in my ear only pushing me closer, “But don’t cum yet princess, no no no, you will not cum until I tell you to.” He harshly said as he smashed into me harder. I whimpered as I tried to stay under control until he was ready. My stomach burning as I gasp for air, sweat forming on my body.

“Daddy…p-p-please let me c-cum..” I whimpered as I quickly felt myself beginning to lose it. Dan let out one more groan before saying,

“Let go baby, cum all over daddy’s big cock, come on y/n cum for daddy.” I quickly felt the sensation take over my body as the burning feeling in my stomach begin to disappear. I felt my wall tighten around Dan’s cock as he twitched inside of me hitting his own orgasm. Dan having an orgasm was quite the sight. His eyes tightly closed as his mouth formed an “o” shape while q thin layer of sweat formed over his face. He then pulled out collapsing onto of me as we both breathed heavily. Dan then rolled over to my right as he pulled the condom off and tossed it in the bin. He then turned towards me as he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me close, kissing my nose gently.

“I’m so fucking happy you decided to be a party girl tonight.” he mumbled as we both drifted off into a slumber, wrapped in each other’s arms.  

Shy Studies (Remus Lupin Imagine

Hello! This is my first imagine so I hope you like it ((:

Y/N - Your Name
Y/H/C - Your hair color

Remus Lupin had never been one to have crushes. He has always been too involved with his studies to notice anyone in that way.. until Y/N came along.
Remus could never understand why he had all of a sudden fallen head over heels for her. Maybe it was the way her Y/H/C shined in the sunlight, or the way their nose scrunched up and eyes narrowed as they studied, or maybe it was that her smile lit up whatever room she was in. Or maybe it was all of it.
Of course, Remus had never had an actual conversation with them. Sure they had exchanged a few “Hey"s here and there, but that was about it.
Remus had tried to talk himself out of liking Y/N. Who could ever like him, "furry” problem and all? But every time that he told himself to stop liking her it seemed that he just liked her more.

Remus had gotten basically no sleep last night. He couldn’t stop thinking about Y/N. But he has come to the conclusion that he would stop liking them. Definitely. He couldn’t like her because she was too perfect and he was a monster. But as he stepped into the great hall for breakfast it seemed that his heart had been caught in his throat. There she was. Right in front of him.
“Um, hey. I’m Y/N,” Y/N said timidly.
“I know. I-I mean, hello. I’m Remus,” Remus mumbled, his face burning crimson.
“I know,” Y/N chuckled, “I was wondering if you could help me study with last night’s Potions homework? I heard that you’re the best in class, and I could not for the life of me understand how to make the potion.”
“Of course! I mean yes, sure.”
“Okay great! Would you like to go right now or eat since I totally just bombarded–” said Y/N quickly.
“I’d be fine with right now,” squealed Remus.

As they made small talk on the way to the library, Remus couldn’t help admiring Y/N. She was too beautiful not to.
When they got to the library however, it turns out there had been a “malfunction” (thanks to James and Sirius) causing half the books to be binded together, resulting in the library closing down for the day.
“Ugh, I’m sorry Remus–”
“Oh no, I should be the one apologizing. After all, this is due to my friends "fun” new idea,“ Remus said.
"Tomorrow then?” questioned Y/N.
“Tomorrow,” chuckled Remus turning to head back up to the Common Room. But as Y/N spun around, her bag fell open, revealing a finished homework assignment.
Remus crinkled his eyebrows is confusion,“I thought you said you had had trouble on this assignment?”
Now it was Y/N’s turn to be embarassed, “Umm.. well.. about that..”, they mumbled trying to come up with an excuse. “You know what–” Y/N said with new-found confidence before smashing her lips onto Remus’. Remus was.. shocked to say the least. Before he could react though, Y/N had pulled away.
Judging by the shocked look on Remus’s face, Y/N thought she had made a mistake, “Oh no. I totally read this situation wrong, didn’t I?! I just thought we had someth–”. Y/N was cut off by Remus’s lips crashing onto their’s.
“Nope. You read this situation 100% correct.”

we ordered pizza for dinner but when it arrived i saw out the window the delivery guy was a guy i went to highschool with and im here in harem pants an avengers t-shirt and greasy hair/greasy face and i cant be having this, so i duck and roll and run out of view while yelling at mum why she has to get the door SO mum goes with it but then the first thing i hear out of her mouth from my hiding spot in the kitchen is “DID YOU GO TO HIGHSCHOOL WITH MY DAUGHTER? WHATS YOUR NAME??”

Arranged Marriage, Messy Heart

    A/N: I am Levi’s Lover, and I’m here to tell you, I’ve been stuck in the dark hole that is k-pop for a while. Yeeaaahhh. Anyway, my favorite group is without a doubt, exo and I thought, why not write a fanfiction for this fandom. So, I did. Hope you enjoy! Before I leave, I’ve writen this in a female’s perspective, but if you want, change the words along the way. Now that that’s out of the way, byeeeeeee.

Female reader x Sehun

Basics: (Y/N)= your name (H/C)= hair color

    She didn’t understand, but then again, she never really has. Before she was born, her mother took it upon herself to choose from a wide variety of suitors, basically promising them the unborn child’s future. It was said that when she turned eighteen, she would be married off to the young CEO of some famous music company. When her predicament came to light, she was merely ten years old. A child. This kind of news, is expected to be beyond terrifying to a child.

    Naturally, her first instinct was to cry. She spent almost two years fearing the inevitable, but as soon as she hit her teens, her body was filled with nothing but hatred towards her parents. Most of all, her father, who did nothing to help. “We’re doing this for your own good.” The mother would say. “This way, you won’t ever need to go to college, and your father will receive money to help our financial situation.”

    “Financial situation.” She mocked. “Please, you’re only doing this to waste the money on some useless crap!” These arguments would usually last all day, only ending when her father raised his voice, a once rare occurrence. The fight’s lasted over three years, by which then, the young girl’s mother was fed up with the quarrels and acted out. She had reached her limit, and took it out on her daughter. After this, she came to terms with everything.

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Things I've noticed after watching ML again
  • Marinette: she is a horrible problem solver
  • Adrien: how does anyone think he is sinful he's so freaking innocent he still probably says H-E double hockey sticks
  • Chat Noir: oH I tAKE iT aALLL BAACCK
  • Ladybug: part of her transformation scene is a booty shot
  • Chloe: the best thing about her animation model is that her hair has physics to it
  • Sabrina: surprisingly her hair does too
  • Nathaniel: my tomato child has a lot deeper and sexier voice then I remember him having
  • Mr. Pigeon: why is this guy a thing again
  • Alya: Alya has better curves then like everyone
  • Nino: I don't know why but Nino seems like so innocent too, he probably is one of those people that says toot instead of fart
  • Rose: why do I think she's a lesbian again?
  • Juleka: oh yeah now I remember
  • Mylenne: oh yeah she's a thing
  • Ivan: oh yeah he's a thing too
  • Kim: Kim is a dick to animals
  • Max: Max seems like the type of guy who would use a pedal powered computer because he had to prove a point
  • Alix: why does Alix seem like she could probably beat the shit out of everything
  • Alix's dad: some people think this guy is Hawkmoth.... Some people need to stop
  • Alix's brother: I remember when I watched "The Pharaoh" with my friend he GAGGED when he saw this character
  • TV announcer: this guy is a French, and black Chris McLean from Total Drama Island.
  • Manon: I have to turn down my phone volume when I watch episodes with Manon in them because I'm afraid her voice is going to reduce my life expectancy
  • The Bubbler: when I watched the Bubbler I questioned whether this show was really worth obsessing over
  • Mylenne's dad: this guy is tall
wheesa cafe headcannons

-theres a new cafe in town and wheein is kinda thirsty so Why not
-when she comes in she finds The Most Beautiful Waitress she’s ever seen
-wheein kinda blanks out staring at the waitress but gets out of it when the waitress waves her hand back and forth like h e l l o are you ok
-hwasa really adores the customer shes serving and thinks she’s the cutest lil thing
-wheein now goes to that cafe every week just to see the short haired beauty
-hwasa notices but ‘she probably just likes the coffee’
-wheein doesnt actually like the coffee but hwasa made it so she’ll drink it anyway
-byul teases wheein about hwasa 24/7
-moonbyul hints hard at hwasa about wheein
-hwasa is incredibly clueless about all this

johanna braddy (long hair) g.h

Here’s a lot of HQ, textless GIFs of actual love of my life, Johanna Braddy. Most, if not all, of these GIFs are from her role as Shelby cutie Wyatt. I made this hunt for myself, which is why it’s so selective. The GIFs belong to the amazing creators and all credit goes to them. Please like/reblog if this helped you.

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Shaking Things Up

Request: Can you do a fluffy imagine with Jason Todd x reader where she has him dye her hair and he’s clueless but does it anyways
-By anon

Pairing: Jason Todd x reader

Summary: Jason help the reader dye their hair

Word Count: 698

A/N: I hope you like this, even though it is trash. Feedback would be nice

H/D/C - Hair Dye Color Y/H/C - Your Hair Color

You were getting tired of your plain Y/H/C. You wanted to change things up. Why not make it H/D/C? You really did not have the money to spend to go to a salon and do it, so you decided to do it yourself.

Since you had a few days off from work, you thought to yourself now or never. You did a little research on how to dye your hair, and you think that you can do it yourself and maybe the help for your boyfriend, Jason. You already wash your hair the night before, so you went straight to the nearest store and pick out H/D/C hair dye.

Once you come back to your apartment you call Jason to come over and help. He didn’t really know what to do, but he wanted to help out his girlfriend. While you were waiting for Jason to come, you started to put towels down where you are going to dye and change into something you can get dye on.

Jason gets to your apartment and knocks on the door. You answer the door in only your bra and panties, Jason’s jaw drop. “What’s up hot stuff” Jason said with a smirk on his face. “Nothing just about to dye my hair with the help of my amazing boyfriend” you said laughing.

You open the door so Jason can come into your apartment. You two walk over where you set up to dye your hair. You started to explain all the step to Jason so he can help you, but Jason was not really listening to you he was too busy staring at your boobs. He finally regain focus when you put a shirt and towel on. “So you understand right?” you said. “Ya, I understand what to do doll. Don’t worry.” Jason said mentally kicking himself because he does not want to mess this up for you.

While you start to brush your hair out, Jason grabs the box and tries to understand what to do. “Hey can you mix the dye please?” you said. “Oh-sure sure” Jason said not knowing what to do. He grabs the stuff from the box and lays it out trying to understand what to do next. It is common sense to mix the two bottle together Jason, Jason thought to himself. Before he mixes it together “STOP! I already told you that you should not mess he dye with your bare hands or you will end up with dye on your hands for awhile. Put the gloves on.” you said wondering if he really was listening to you. “Of course! I just forgot don’t worry I got this.” he said.

After he mixes the dye together and putting your hair in section, you are ready to dye your hair H/D/C. Jason read the box one more time to make sure that he gets it down. He thought you just need to put all of it in your hair at once, but he was wrong.

After minutes of Jason carefully putting the dye in your hair you were done. “Thank you so much for doing this for me. After thirty minutes and a shower you are going to see the new me.” you said while kissing his cheek .

Once you were done with you shower and drying your hair. It was time to show Jason. Jason actually like your other hair. He did not why you wanted to change it, but once you walk out of that bathroom he knew why. You seem to have so much more confidence and he love that. “You know that you look beautiful before right? And you still are beautiful with your H/D/C hair.” Jason said while hugging you. “Thank you and I know I just wanted to shake things up.” you said.    

Huge ass meta on Punz’s personality ft ‘ M.other Knows Best ’ and co-starring emotional abuse. Special appearance from mild t.bea spoilers.

So, we all know the song and we know it’s a prime example of the emotional abuse Gothel will carry out to keep Punz in that tower. But over the last few days, I’ve been thinking how true is this? Because emotional abuse, especially guilt-tripping, is more powerful if it’s based on the truth - so how close was Gothel when she described why Punzel wouldn’t last out there and how much did it affect her?

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Seventeen Reaction: You're Dating Vernon //requested//


Him: So why don’t we…*winks*

Y/N: Well actually…I’m with Vernon

Him: And that’s my cue to go *gif*

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My hair is way better than his 

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I’m rethinking my entire life

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Him: Where is he?

Jeonghan: Chill Joshua *holds him back*

Him: But I liked her way before Hansol did!

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It’s because he speaks English, isn’t it?

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If you’re looking for someone more experienced, call me

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W O N W O O 

Him: Wow she’s beautiful

Jun: Yeah and she’s Vernon’s

Him: *gif* Woah..for a second there I thought you said she was with Vernon haha…wait

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Too bad. You’re missing out on all of this 

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*internally screams*

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Him: *glares at Vernon*

Scoups: Alright kids break it up

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Wow okay how do I put this….Vernon is mine and I’d appreciate you backing off

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But do you really want to be with him? Are you sure?

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Please don’t leave me for anyone else, jagi. I love you!

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Cisco Ramon x Reader - Movie Marathon

(y/n) looked bored while waiting her ex-flat mate, Barry Allen, to arrive to their movie marathon.
The popcorn was getting colder and the soda, warmer. Since he moved back with Joe some months ago, he promised he would come weekly to movies marathon but for some reason, he still getting late every time.
 Today, he was extra late: 53 minutes late. Before she could start the movie without him because of his lateness, (y/n) heard a knock on her door.
She walked quickly to the door and just as she opened, she started complaining with the blue-eyed men kid, not noting the two other figures behind him.
“Barry, what the fuck happened?!” The (h/c) haired cursed out loud. “Why are you so late? Why did you call me? WHERE WERE YOU?!”
When she finally turned her front back to Barry that (y/n) realized the ginger woman and the brow haired man behind him.
Noting the questionably look (y/n) gave him, embarrassed about exploding in front of strangers, Barry turned to Cisco and Caitlyn who looked that were really enjoying the show.
“Excuse us for a moment?” He said with an awkward smile. They just nodded and started talking lowly to each other.
(y/n) just gripped the baby-faced and gave him a glare that could make Captain Cold shiver.
“Who. Are. They.” She asked rudely. The man looked over to the side, avoiding her eyes. Barry silently called his scientist friends, who walked to them with hesitation and curiousness (Caitlyn hesitating and Cisco curious).
“Ahn… These are Caitlyn Snow and Cisco Ramon.” Barry said pointing to each of them who just answered waving their hands and smiling. “They are part of the time that helped with my coma and that became friends of mine.”
(y/n) look softed with the young man’s words. She turned to Caitlyn and Cisco, with a smile in her face and her pale hand extended.
“Well, if you saved this knucklehead, i have to be grateful to you, or else my life would be a lot more boring!” She laughed lightly, a sound that was like music to the Latino’s ears. “Nice to meet you, i’m Leia (y/n) (l/n), but i prefer that people me (y/n).”
“Why?” Cisco asked without thinking. “You have the same name as princess Leia! Why do you prefer be called (y/n)?!”
“Cisco!” Both Barry and Caitlyn said in a reproving way. (y/n) just looked to them with a “let me handle this” look and turned back to Cisco.
“Exactly because of what you said. My name was chosen because of Princess Leia but, well i prefer Star Trek over Star Wars.” She explained. “And everyone always associated Leia with Star Wars, so i prefer people call me by my middle name.”
Cisco knew that everything was going too good. Of course she would prefer Star Trek over Star Wars. But she was so perfect…
“Well, do you to want to stay over with me and bae?” She asked, hugging the tall like a pole guy as she mentioned de ‘bae’.
“Oh.” The ginger finally opened her mouth, making a small sound of shock. “No, of course not! We couldn’t enter in the middle of your date! And Barry, I thought you like Isis?”
Barry and (y/n) looked to each other for a moment before cracking up on a laughing.
“Date?!” Barry asked, incredulous. “We are just friends! Or better, best friends. AND, it’s Iris, not Isis, Cait.”
“So, you two are staying or nah?” (y/n) asked, sitting down with Barry that had an arm over her. “We’re going to watch a Marvel marathon!”
“Okay, you got my attention!” Cisco said in a child way and sat at the other side of (y/n).
“Well, i have to go; i have a dinner with my fiancé.” Caitlyn answered the question with a shy smile. “Good movie marathon!”
“Good date!” (y/n) replied with a cute smile that made Cisco heart jump a beat. “Come over with him another time for another marathon!”
(y/n) so pressed a button on the remote control and got the popcorn since she was in the middle and started the movie marathon with Iron Man 1.
Before Cisco noticed, Barry had took his arm off the (h/c) haired and she laid down on his side, in a girlfriend-boyfriend manner.
Maybe, that was the beginning of an interesting story?

Extended ending:
“Hey, (y/n), ready for the Winter Soldier?” He asked already changing the cd. When he heard any answer, he looked over to the couch, only to find (y/n) and Cisco sleeping together at one side pf the couch.
“Looks like i’m the third wheel here.” He sighed and turned off the TV, put a mattress over the soon-to-be couple and turned off the light.
“Good night, love birds.” Barry said in a playful manner and went to (y/n)’s room to sleep in her bed since he isn’t an idiot.


So remember when H said that drive had something to do with scaping the badlands so i’ve been thinking, in the end of new americana when she’s on the floor and drive starts playing she takes the keys and there’s also a radio that u can kinnda hear voices throu , she puts the radio to her ear and then it ends, so maybe ( my “theory”) that radio belonged to the kingdom, and all of what is happening happens after new americana , thats why her hair is long and she’s alone(bc the comunity separated to go to the kingdom). So she finds the radio and the keys and starts driving , but she arives to this “town” where she meets a girl and falls in love (like in the “California eyes” song), so that is where “romeo and juliet” come along , they cant be together ,not because of the family but bc of their sexuality, and so they try to run away together to The Kingdom and all of the like personas that have been created (luna, angelus, etc) are trying to stop/help them reach the kingdom.
Idk its just a theory

“Do you love me?” she asks.

He doesn’t respond, he kicks some dirt along the ground. “don’t ask me that.” he finally says.

“why?” her voice raises. “why the hell not? because you don’t love me?”

he runs his fingers through his hair, “you know how I feel.”

“No, I didn’t.” She pauses for a second, recollecting herself. “But I do now.”

He doesn’t respond for several minutes, refusing to make eye contact.

“So this is it? Is this going to be the last time we talk?” a tear runs down her cheek.


—  h

i love the speak now era so much

when people ask me why i reply with the standard “it was magical, curly hair pretty dresses, glitter” and all that jazz 

but it really means so much more to me 
taylor wrote speak now by herself. BY H E R S E L F. This 19-20 year old girl wrote and ENTIRE ALBUM all by HERSELF. isnt that just amazing? whats even more amazing than that tho, its the raw emotion and honesty in the album, its all her, its her words, its her feelings its her thoughts, Speak Now is literally the diary of Taylor Swift, it shows the side that she wasnt brave enough to say in public, with such utterly genius lyrics such as “im shining like fireworks over your sad empty town” like oh my wow how did this little girl write such beautifully enchanting ( ha ha ) songs with NO HELP WHAT SO EVER MY MIND IS ALL OVER THE WALLS 

also there was a tree on the tour