why is he staring at me


Charis: Are you Jules’ girlfriend?

Neha: No way… I mean who would want to… why would you think that? Wait, do I look like his girlfriend or something? 

Charis: Well he talks about you and he stares at you a lot.

Neha: He talks about me? What does he say?

Charis: That he strongly dislikes you and stuff. 

Neha: Oh….

modern!au javid
  • davey’s a reporter 
  • jack does something with art
  • they meet at and lgbt rally because davey decides to interview jack for an article he’s writing
  • davey definitely didn’t pick jack to interview because he’s cute,,, totally not the reason.
  • so davey asks jack why the cause is important to him and why it’s important to stand up for your rights
  • and as soon jack starts talking davey is smitten because jack is so passionate
  • davey doesn’t even hear most of what jack says because he’s so busy staring at him
  • after davey finishes interviewing him jacks like “hey, uh, dave can i ask ya something off the record” 
  • davey nods and jack says “i was wondering if the cute journalist would give me his number” with a wink
  • dave gapes at him for a few seconds before blushing and stuttering out a yes and handing jack his card
  • jack leaves him with a kiss on the cheek and a promise that he’ll call
  • they go on a date and they’re so gone on each other it’s gross
  • cut to a year later at the same rally they met at, except this time they came together

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F: Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

This from my “ are you stupid or stupid?” 800 follower prompt.

“Why?” Dex shifts his focus to Nursey’s face and furrows his brow. 

“I am not going to make you go on a date.”  Nursey groans with frustration.

“No, idiot, why do you want to go on a date with me?” Dex is back to staring at the fridge. He takes a deep breathe like his trying to psych himself up to answer that question. Dex hold one of Nursey’s hand between both of his hands.

“Derek, you are incredible person. You deserve to be taken out and treated like you matter,” Dex is looking very intently at him. It’s intense. He never look more serious, “because you matter a lot to me. I like the man I am becoming because you.”

I was overall really happy with this piece in general. I felt like I wrote the characters and their dynamic pretty well. 

I really wanted to have Dex admitting he likes Nursey in a way that wasn’t about Nursey’s looks. Also, I have seen (and I have written in the past) where it is Nursey soothing Dex’s anxiety about his self worth. I wanted to flip that and have Dex doing this for Nursey. I kind of highlighted on Nursey’s dating anxiety around guys, earlier in the prompt, I was trying to imply that guys think Nursey is fun to hook up with, but not really someone they are looking for in a long term boyfriend or dating material. So basically after this douchebag stands him up at the kegster, he is telling Dex how this always happens and he’ll get over it.  Dex is pissed because Nursey is an amazing person, who deserves to be taken out on date. He wouldn’t be half as good of a person if it wasn’t for having Nursey in his life. So, like even if Nursey ends up turning him down afterwards, he told Nursey how much Nursey means to him.  (LOL Welcome to my internal monologue for writing) 

G: Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write the scenes out of order?

I am totally a stream of consciousness, when it comes to writing.  I have an idea. If its one of the smaller prompts, I give myself an hour to write it from start to finish. Afterwards, I will go back and try to fix any glaring errors before posting. 

For me, I may have different ideas that can work together as scenes. I feel like if I can’t get them to flow together then whats was the point in me writing all these short scenes. 

With the start to finish way, I know that every scene will work. Even if I don’t get to the original ending I planned, I can at least be able to find a good stopping point, and, maybe continue with a second part later. 

P: Are you what George R. R. Martin would call an “architect” or a “gardener”? (How much do you plan in advance, versus letting the story unfold as you go?)

I will normally do bare bones outline. Then, I just kind of let it unfold from there. ( so I guess a gardener??) 

For example, the prompt above, I knew I wanted it to be Nursey’s POV. Nursey never been on a date before. Dex gives him flowers and asks him out on a date.  That was the whole outline.  It wasn’t even worth me writing it down. Then, I went through and just wrote it from start to finish. 

I will sometimes have times where the prompt wont work or I am not happy with how it turns out halfway through. I will be stuck until I can get over the “hump” in the story. If I can’t, it will cause me to have to start over or abandon the prompt until I can figure it out. 

X: A character you enjoy making suffer.

I don’t really even want to make characters suffer.  

I literally can’t stand unhappy endings or unhappy characters. 

Y: A character you want to protect.

All the characters, but mainly the frogs (Chowder, Nursey, and Dex). 

I am still taking asks for this game here.

Day Forty-Eight

-An older woman repeatedly tried to hand-write her PIN on the screen rather than use the keypad, despite my subtle suggestions. There is something to be said for a person this determined in their ways that they will not give up. It is not necessarily a wholly positive thing, but something is there to be said regardless.

-A mother described her daughter to me as “a people-watcher.” I had already picked up on this, as she had been staring me in they eye, unblinking, unwavering, peering directly into my soul. She knows things now that I had not known about myself. She holds answers about who I am and why I am here. This young girl could unravel my psyche in a single word. Thankfully, giving her a sticker seems to have won her over. I am safe. For now.

-My offer of a sticker to a young boy was abruptly refused. “I do not want a sticker,” he informed me in a very direct manner. I laid the sticker back down, ashamed of the boy. Moments later, he whispered, “Actually, I think I changed my mind.” I knew that he would come around. I handed him a sticker cheerfully, glad to have recruited another member into my sticker collective.

-I rang up a man with a long and scraggly beard, yellowed around his mouth. I wrote this off as the result of a cigarette habit, but this assumption was dashed as he drew near. I caught the scent of what was undoubtedly the urine of a severely dehydrated person. He carried out his transaction, smiling and humming, surprisingly cheery for a man whose face has just been pissed on.

-An elderly woman purchased a large bag of popcorn after completing her purchase. She then placed this bag upside-down within a plastic bag she seemingly procured out of thin air. She then left the store, entirely unaware of the trail of buttery goodness the hole in the bag left in her wake.

-A man in a security guard uniform strutted through the store with a gait I have only seen in supermodel geese.

-I was informed by an older woman that it was very kind of me to give her her receipt. Her tone had me convinced that this was a genuine sign of gratitude and not just a default pleasantry. It is one of the most basic aspects of my job, but the appreciation means a great deal to me regardless.

-A woman asked me if she could have a discount. I was unable to comply. She then offered my one of her children in return. He seemed to be quite a jokester, but before I was able to sign any paperwork for it, I noticed that my supervisor was next to me and I had to pass up on this offer. I will acquire a jester yet.

-A new man has begun walking laps through the Target doors, entering one and immediately exiting the other, no purchase to be made, no browsing to be done. Is this a new trend? Or a friend? Coincidence? Conspiracy? My journalistic integrity demands that I get to the bottom of this. I may not be a journalist, but I have this integrity nonetheless.

-Taking her receipt, a woman softly said her goodbyes. “Happy days to you,” she whispered, words somehow escaping her motionless mouth. I feel that I have just served some sort of ageless deity on her way out of this world to the next. The only other possibilities I can see are that she has not changed her speech patterns in decades, or she was simply a fan of the Fonz. These seem much less probably, though.

Bucky makes jokes all the time and they leave Steve somewhere between exasperation and endearment like they’re visiting a hospital and a kid asks him what happened to his arm? he says “Steve and I went to buy a coffee machine and he said everything now costs an arm and a leg, but I’ve always loved a bargain and got us it at half price” and Steve just stares at him like “…who are you why do I like you so much”

Fanfic vs. Reality


*bumps into calum* I looked up at calum and he looked down at me. I couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful brown eyes, right then and there we both knew we loved eachother


*to busy sending memes to my best friend and doesnt even notice calum walked by*

You know something I really appreciate about Zevran? His repeated asking and checking that the warden consents to everything in their relationship. Even from the earliest stages, where he’s just admitting he finds the warden attractive:

[pictured: a quote from Dragon Age Origins from Zevran: “I fancy many things. I fancy things that are beautiful and things that are strong. I fancy things that are dangerous and exciting. Would you be offended if I said I fancied you?]

In asking if it offends, he gives the warden the opportunity to say “your flirting/advances make me uncomfortable” and willingly accepts it.

[pictured: several quotes from Dragon Age Origins from Zevran -
1. “But a beautiful woman like yourself? Why not? I am sure you draw many stares from men and even other women. Does this bother you?
2. “But you would prefer I desisted perhaps? It would be difficult […] but I am nothing if not a gentleman”
3. “But a handsome man like yourself? Why not? I am sure you are a man who draws many stares from women and other men alike. Does this bother you?”
4. “But if you would rather I desisted, I shall do so. I’ve no wish to make you uncomfortable”]

When you question him on why he stares/gazes at the warden on a frequent basis, he explains and then gives the warden the opportunity to say “yes, this makes me uncomfortable, please stop”

[pictured: a quote from Dragon Age Origins from Zevran - “A willing victim it is. And if I might ask, if the opportunity to proceed past the massage should present itself…?”]

And even when he’s obviously asking the warden to sleep with him, he still checks the warden is certain of what they’re getting into and what they want (and if the case may be they just want a massage, he accepts it).

Everyone dismisses Zevran as a casual romance, whose only in it for the sex and cares for little else, but its obvious that he has a great respect for everyone, and is willing to understand and accept boundaries, regardless of how he may feel about it and I really really appreciate that there is a character who so frequently checks on the warden’s feelings and consent.

In the middle of the night...
  • Joker: *bolts upright, stares at the wall.*
  • Joker: *whispers* Harley.
  • Harley: *snorts* Wh-whuhuh? W-whazzit?
  • Joker: Do you...
  • Harley: Huh?
  • Joker: Whadda you think Batsy's doing right now?
  • Harley: I-uh...
  • Joker: harley
  • Harley: I-
  • Joker: harley
  • Harley: why--
  • Joker: HARLEY
  • Harley: What??
  • Joker: do you think he's thinking about me
  • Harley: ....
  • Joker: well do you
  • Harley: ....
  • Joker: harley this is important answer me
It’s constant. I was in love with him and I knew that, but after awhile it became a typical feeling and I forgot why I loved him so much. Then, as we were lying there together, alone in the woods, staring at the trees above us, I saw him at his worst. Then I remembered. I remembered why I loved him so deeply. It was such a strong realization I had thought I had fallen in love with him all over again. You see, I don’t like when he’s at his worst, that would be terrible for me to say. I do like to see his wall come down and let him tell me how much he cares about me. He’s a guy. He normally won’t tell me he cares. But when he’s hating himself and on the verge of crying, he tells me to leave him. He tells me that if I stay he’ll hurt me and he doesn’t want to hurt me. He cares so deeply that he’s scared of the possibility that I’ll get hurt. So I told him half of what I wanted to say. I told him that even if he hurts me, he’s still the same guy I fell in love with. I left out the part about how he already has hurt me by not loving me back.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1194 // MM
BTS reaction to you staring at their hands for a while and then suddenly starting to play with them

Namjoon: expect a ‘we’re up for some fun’’ smirk and something along the lines of ‘’Finally! I was starting to get afraid that i would actually have to ask you to do it’…’

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Jimin: would use all strength he has left to pretend that he’s not flustered at all but a sudden fangirl-y reaction and ‘’why are you doing this to me, jagi?’’ are kind of telling screaming completely another story

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Jin: ‘’How about you move from the hands onto something else?’’, ‘’JIN!’’‘’What?? Was it too cheesy?’’ poor guy meant kissing instead of holding hands but that was the the day he learned that context is a bitch

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Yoongi: on the outside he seems completely unbothered, continuing what he was doing but inside his head…he’s doing a victory run across the field with his hands up in the air ‘’It’s happening!

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Hobi: he would suddenly be all over the place like you two haven’t even kissed before yet alone held hands and somehow your simple gesture turned into an hour long cuddle session with no ways of escaping not like you want it anyway

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Taehyung:  would actually let out an excited squeal ‘’What are you doing, jagi?’’‘’Um…just playing with your…fingers?’’‘’You’re making me blush!’’, ‘’…’’I’m literally just playing with your fingers.’’ excited puppy is excited

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Jungkook: proceeds to make a seductive face, ‘’What are you doing, Jungkook?’’‘’Um…I thought you… wanted to kiss…’’ and you better play it off like it was indeed your intention or you would have to spend an entire day luring embarrassed Jungkook out of the closet

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Super Moon: Part 2 

Remus: *stumbles into the Potter’s house, body torn and bleeding* 

James: *gapes* R-Remus? 

Remus: *hears the distant sound of voices* *eyes flutter open* 

James: *muffled voice seeps in from the kitchen* -so bad Lils… I don’t know what to do.  

Lily: Do you think this has something to do with the missions Albus assigned him?

James: I can’t think of any other reason why he’d miss a moon… his transformations are so much harder without us. He won’t tell me what’s happening. He won’t tell anyone… Merlin… I’ve never seen him like this before. 


James: Whatever Albus has him doing… I think Moons is in way over his head. 

Remus: *cringes, glancing down at the bandages around his chest* *stares as blood starts seeping through* Fuck… *slowly lifts himself off of the bed, trembling* *stumbles into the bathroom* 

James: Remus? Are you up?

Remus: *weakly* I’m up, just going to take a bath… *turns the tap on and watches the steam fill the room, drowning out James’ response* 

Remus: *vision blurs as a cloud of red slowly pours out into the water* 


Remus: *freezes* 

Remus: *quietly* Wh-who’s there? 

Remus: *waits a moment, his eyes on the door* James?


Remus: *slowly lies back, the red water covering him* *suddenly jumps and sits up as the door opens* 

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So I was rewatching episode 1 after the GIANT PLOT TWIST on episode 10 and a weird (and cute) thought came into my mind.

I know that Maccachin is a lovely dog and would probably be friends to any stranger around, but after episode 10 I was imagining Victor staring at all those pics from the banquet every night and showing them to Maccachin, and sighing: “Oh, this guy, Maccachin… this guy saved my boring night. I’ve never had so much fun in a banquet like that. He is just so funny and beautiful and sexy and amazing… why doesn’t he contact me again? Where is he? I thought he really wanted me to be his coach and to see me again…”

(Poor lonely Victor has Maccachin as his best, if not only, real friend)

And then Maccachin finally meets that guy opening the front door: “Oh, gosh, you’re my owner’s boy! IT’S YOU! PLEASE BE MY OWNER TOO AND MARRY HIM, I’VE NEVER SEEN HIM SO HAPPY BEFORE, PLEASE DANCE WITH HIM AGAIN AND MAKE HIM THAT HAPPY EVERY DAY!”

Maccachin might have been the very first Victuri shipper.

After the pilot

“How are the umm…”

“Shanghai noodles. Good. How’s the pork?”

“Oh. It’s excellent. My favourite dish. I always have it here.” Sherlock turned sideways in his plastic chair and crossed his legs, twiddling his fork between thumb and forefinger. “So listen…”

John glanced up, still chewing his last bite. Sherlock stared into his new flatmate’s midnight blue eyes (with an unusual colour in the centre–was it gold or grey?) and lost his train of thought. He watched, mesmerized, as John ate. Why was the simple act of consuming noodles suddenly the most erotic thing he’d ever seen?

John smiled finally and dropped his gaze. He stirred his noodles around the plate. “You were going to ask me something,” he said softly.

Sherlock frowned. He was, wasn’t he? But what–oh, yes. “Right. I just thought I should ask, given everything that’s happened, if you are still planning to stay.”

“Stay?” John’s head came up again and their eyes met.

Sherlock’s mouth went dry. “S-stay. You know, at the flat.” He liked his lips, keenly aware of how Dr. Watson’s eyes tracked the movement.

“Oh, I’m staying,” John replied, his voice husky.

“Not put off by the murderers or the coppers?”

“Not yet.”

“Or by–”


“By me?” This last was a little quieter. Sherlock hadn’t really intended to expose his underbelly quite this early on, but John was different. He needed to be sure.

John looked puzzled for a moment before his expression cleared. At that moment, comprehension lit his handsome face and he beamed at Sherlock.

“I don’t know how I’ve not managed to make this obvious, but I think you are fascinating.”

Sherlock waved a dismissive hand, only just managing to avoid sending his fork skittering across the ancient red lino.

“I’ve had an amazing time since we met,” John continued. “It’s the first time I’ve felt ‘right’ since I came back.”

Sherlock blinked several times, suddenly feeling completely at sea. “Oh?” he managed.

“Hmmm, ” John replied, nodding. “So yeah, I’d like to stay, if the offer stands.”

“Of course it does!” Sherlock blurted.

John chuckled and Sherlock could feel his cheeks getting warm.

“That’s good then,” John said with a cocky grin. He looked down at Sherlock’s nearly empty plate. “If you’re just about done…”


“Why don’t we head back and revisit those sleeping arrangements?”

“God, yes.”

To be continued…


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“Yo, Dex, you play guitar right?” Nursey calls down from where he’s leaning over the banister. There’s a clank of plates from the kitchen and Dex appears into the foyer, drying his hands on a tea towel before shoving it into the waist of his jeans. Nursey stares.

“Yeah, why?” Dex asks; his face is neutral, but there’s a cautious edge to his voice. Nursey tries his best to seem charming.

“Will you teach me?” Dex’s eyebrows disappear into his hair.

“Are you serious?” Nursey nods enthusiastically. “Why?

“It’ll add to my sex appeal.” He says vaguely, leaning towards Dex; he scoffs. “Come on, Dexy, teach me.” Dex rolls his eyes, heaves a long-suffering sigh. “Just the basics, come on.”

“God you’re annoying. But. Fine, alright, just the basics. Right now?” Nursey shrugs. Dex looks towards the kitchen then back up at Nursey. “I have to finish the dishes and then I’ll be up.”


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