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Bts reaction {You having a noona kink}

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Warnings: Sexual content, filth, me trashing badly.


You were hanging with the boys at the dorm like usually, watching a popular drama on Tv, sitting on the floor with your boyfriend right next to you, the other boys were distracted so Jin thought it would be funny to tease you by kissing your neck gently.

-What are you doing? -You ask him, turning slightly and he gives you a sweet smile. 

Right when Jin holds you even tighter in his arms, the main character in the drama declares his love. 

“Please be with me Noona!” 

Jin’s mouth frozen in your neck when he felt your whole body covering in goosebumps. 

-What is it? Do you like it? -You turn around immediately, covering your flushed face for being caught and Jin takes your hands in his to look you in the eyes. 

-I mean, I’m only like three months older than you and you never really did call me noona before. -You mumble your words, trying to look away, he lets go of you and looks at you dumbfounded. 

-I never thought you would like that… Noona. -He tasted the word and you giggle. -It is kind of sexy… -He admits, still looking utterly confused. -We could definitely try that tonight.

-Oh, get a room you two. -Says Taehyung, rolling his eyes and making the rest of the boys aware of your conversation.

Jin can’t take his eyes off you for the rest of the night.


Sitting in the studio waiting for Yoongi so you two could go out was already part of your routine. Knowing about that, the boys usually sat there too, enjoying being around you: Tonight wasn’t any different. 

Jungkook was telling you about how excited he was to hang out with Taehyung to play overwatch and how his new covers were coming up, innocently chatting for the past hour. Just when the door to the soundproof cabinet was open, Jungkook praised you.

-You look cute tonight noona.

-Stop making my girlfriend blush you little punk. -Yoongi gives Jungkook a bad look before taking your hand and almost drag you out of maknae’s sight.

You two made it to the restaurant and it was a comfortable night, you laughed, he talked about his new mixtape. things were going great until your boss started texting you.

You have your eyes glued to the mobile when Yoongi sighs. 

-Noona, get off your phone! -He complains with his “too cool for school” tone, spilling the word as if it’s nothing and your head shot up so fast your neck hurts. 

You stare at each other for so long and you must have this really surprised look on your face that Yoongi shrinks in embarrassment. 

-YAH stop making it awkward!

You fumble with your words.

-Say it again! -You ask immediately. 

His eyes darken and he looks around trying to see if there’s anyone paying attention to your conversation.

-Noona, don’t get too excited, I am still going to be the one with my hands around your neck tonight. -He uses his daddy tone now, hands slipping to find your on the table, but the way he says “noona” is so adorable and yet so intimidating that you feel yourself getting wet. 

-That’s what we are going to see Min Yoongi. -You smirk at him, almost laughing at the terrified look in his eyes.


Being with Namjoon meant having an open-minded relationship when it came to sex. He, being the good lover that he is, would always make sure you were enjoying being with him and was pleased to please you in bed. 

That often resumed into having long conversations about your sexual preferences and dreams; Of course your noona kink was not something he was oblivious about. 

But your boyfriend, that worked so hard to make you happy, refused to call you noona. 

You didn’t want to push it too much because the age gap wasn’t big and you could understand him not wanting to tone down his dom side around you, which you had no problem with because daddy Namjoon was also a kink. 

But then one particular night you two are scrolling through an online sex shop, seeing if anything catches the eye and you see there is a “noona” section. 

-Monie why don’t you ever call me noona? -He stares at you, blinking in silence. -I know you told me you didn’t want to, but why didn’t we ever try it? Ever? I mean, it doesn’t have to be in bed… 

He then kisses you. Lips devouring yours.

-Do you want to be my noona? -He sits in between your legs and grabs at your waist with both hands. -You can be my noona tonight babe, if you want to try it so bad, but definitely never around the members. 

-Why? -You grab onto his hair, excitement rushing down your veins. 

-Because if I call you noona and your eyes darken like this in front of the members I might just turn you around and fuck you until all you know is my name. -He states, leaning to mark your neck hungrily.


All tho Hoseok did call you noona regularly, he was never the one to do it in bed, and you were too shy to ask. 

Someday you were at home, having your girl time and you just happen to come across this really beautiful video of a sub boy, tied up and blindfolded with his dom asking “Do you like noona? Do you want to touch your noona?” 

His moans play on repeat in your head, you can’t help but picture Hoseok in his place and you can only imagine how your sweet, angelic boyfriend would react to you having those kinds of thoughts with him. 

Coming back late one night, you had totally forgotten that Hoseok was coming over and getting to your apartment and not finding loud music playing did not help you remember. You almost have a heart attack, to say at least.

Not because your boyfriend is standing in the middle of the living room, but because the TV behind him shows a giant version of the video you have been hiding with your life. 

-I-I can totally explain… -You begin, putting your bag down slowly and you see him holding your laptop with white knuckles.

-I am so hard right now. -Hoseok admits, gulping loudly, wide eyes staring into your soul he places the laptop in the couch.

Your own eyes fall immediately for the bulge in his sweatpants and you almost choke at how delicious he looks.

-Noona… Do you have any rope? -You stare at his face again, shocked and your boyfriend opens one of his sunshine smiles before marching to you to press your body against the closed door.


Oh boy he was aware of your kink. 

And he approved it very much. 

Getting home one night, he finds you in your pyjamas with your laptop and a huge cup of coffee. 

He goes to your room and tries to rest a little but not having you by his side feels weird, so he gets up once again and sits by your side in the living room.

-Baby do you want to watch netflix? Have you eaten?

-Not now mochi, I’m really busy with this essay and I can’t afford not getting it done.

Understanding that your studies are important, he goes to the kitchen, makes you a sandwich, dances around the living room, plays games on his phone, anything to just kill time while he waits for you.

It’s three in the morning when he decides he can’t take it anymore and goes stand behind you again. 

-Noonaaa -He whines and throws his hands around your shoulders, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. 

-Jiminie… -Your eyes are glued to the screen but you can feel his every move, his whines getting you wet by the second.

He kisses your neck, then bites it, his hands travel to your waist and slowly raise to your chest. He massages your boobs and chills are running down your spine, your stomach sinks when one of his hands slips to cup your sex through your thin pants and you can feel his hot breath in your ear when he feels how wet you are.

-Okay -You sigh and slam the table with your hands, he runs to one of the chairs cutely, laughing like a child. -You go to your room, make sure to get naked for noona.

And that is enough to send him running to the bedroom like the happiest puppy ever.


Tae was beginning his career as an actor and you were giving it full support, but whenever you paid him a visit on set, the younger girls would be calling him oppa and he looked so happy about it that it made you jealous. 

You and the boys take him out for lunch after shooting his scenes and the thought of this really cute girl running over to him screaming “oppa” in a high pitched voice keeps coming back to your head.

-What is up with Tae today? -Yoongi looks at your boyfriend. -Is like this smile is glued to his face…

-It’s because a pretty girl called him oppa today. -You roll your eyes, teasing Taehyung while sipping your drink, the boys laugh super loud. 

-That is not true! I mean that’s not why I am smiling, I’m just happy my members and my girlfriend are treating me to lunch -He pouts cutely. -And that is how she is supposed to call me anyway! 

-Oh yes? You should call me noona then! -It’s your turn to pout, you even cross your arms, he’s caught off guard but then smiles. 

-Noona, are you mad at me? -He does this cute voice and tilts his head a little, aegyo overflowing. -Do you want me to call you noona? Does it make you happy? 

You only nod, still pouting. 

-Let’s do this, I can be your good boy tonight so you can forgive me, how about it? -He asks shamelessly and you bite your bottom lip to keep you from saying something to the glowy beautiful boy in front of you.

-Why are you so pretty? -You ask breathless and he throws his head back laughing.

-You two are very liberal… And way too public. -Jin, like the rest of the table, stares at you, disgust over their faces and Tae throws pieces of napkins at them.


Noona this, noona that…

How could Jeon Jungkook be so unaware of how he made you feel by acting so damn cute while calling you noona? How could he not notice the way your face reddened when he described you as “his noona” or how his boyish grins made you hyperventilate? 

One night at a party Jungkook introduced you to everybody as his “girl” and that left a bitter taste in your mouth. The way he sounded dominant just didn’t go with his figure and him having to own this look instead of his usual bunny-self made you upset. 

Once at home his attitude changed immediately, he wrapped around you on the couch and washed your face with kisses.

-Noona you are so beautiful! -Jungkook kisses your lips and then realizes you did not move at all. -What’s up? Is everything okay? -He sounds concerned and suddenly backs away to see you. 

Your hands grip his erection through his pants, he gasps. 

-Jungkook what am I? 

He gulps, his eyes are wide in his face. 

-Y/n, n-n-noona. 

-That’s right. -You lick your lips, filling with confidence. -I am your noona, so who told you that you could go around acting all grown up? You made me really upset tonight pretending to be a big boy while in fact, you are my good baby boy…

His eyes roll to the back of his head when you tighten your grip around his member. 

-Oh my god, I am sorry noona. -The word sounds like a moan and you search his eyes for any disapproval but all find is raw desire which makes you even more turned on if possible.

-Go to your room, I want you on your hands and knees when I get there, naked. Bad boys get their punishment love.-You kiss him, he responds breathlessly and when you let go he runs to your room, grunting something that sounds a lot like “fucking finally”.

(By pinkworld)

Escape (Ethan)


The audience was roaring with screaming and shrieking as Ethan and Grayson Dolan burst through a fake wall, their helmets sliding off their heads in the process. Ethan went tumbling to the ground, catching himself with his hands before propping himself up to his feet, smiling awkwardly with embarrassment although the whole thing was entirely staged. He was a better actor than he realized. They high-fived the fans along the short pathway to the TRL stage where the other co-hosts were waiting. They exchanged short hugs with the co-hosts before pulling their microphones to their mouths yelling a loud “WHAT’S UP GUYS!”

You stood off to the side, toying anxiously with your fingers as you watched your boyfriend run his fingers through his hair for the fifth time in five minutes. He hated being in the spotlight and although anyone who didn’t know him would think nothing of it, you could visibly see his anxiety was getting the best of him. He had been in a pretty bad mood since he woke up but he still stood tall, faking a smile for the cameras and going along with whatever stupid shit TRL came up with. The show ended about an hour later and Ethan came running off to the side towards you. He hugged you for a split second before pulling away. You tried to ignore the sting of disappointment. Normally he was showering you with kisses after every show. In the eight weeks they had been filming it had become almost like a ritual. You had gone to every single show, following him around like some lost puppy and between all the trips back to Jersey, New York, L.A then back again maybe it was too much. You frowned. Maybe he wasn’t in a bad mood, maybe he was just annoyed with you.

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GIVE. ME. DADDY. ROWAN. AU. Helping his son meet his new baby "cousin"! (Elorcan's baby, Lysaedion's, Chaorene, Manorian, surprise me!)

As you wish. Try not to cry from the feels.

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“Why couldn’t mommy come?”

Rowan glanced in the rear view mirror, smiling at his four year old, who sat in his car seat staring out the window. “Mommy had to work.”

“Oh,” Declan replied, simply. “Doesn’t she wanna see the baby?”

Rowan sighed. The questions never stopped. “Yes, Lani. She’ll come later, don’t worry.”

He had his mother’s curiosity, and stubbornness, that was for certain. 



“Where do babies come from?”

“Uh,” Rowan hesitated. “Well, a mommy and a daddy have to….There’s…..It’s…..Babies…..Storks. They come from storks.”

“Oh, okay,” Declan accepted, and Rowan let out a breath. Then, “Daddy?”

Rowan let out an exhausted laugh. “Yes?”

“What are storks?”

“Gods help me.” Before Declan could ask again, Rowan was out of the car, careful to dodge the ice of the driveway on his way to the back seat.

“Ready, bud?”

Declan nodded, excitedly, all questions vanishing from his mind as Rowan unbuckled him and gathered him in his arms.

After a slippery walk up the walkway, Rowan knocked, gently, on the front door. He didn’t want to ring the doorbell, just in case the baby was asleep.

The door opened, and a weary-eyed Lysandra appeared. Beneath the exhaustion, Rowan caught the sense of pure joy, and pride.

“Hey,” Rowan kissed her cheek.

Declan, catching the hint to stay quiet, reached for Lysandra. “Aunt Lyssie!”

“There’s my big boy,” she whispered, taking the silver-haired, turquoise-eyed beauty into her arms. “Are you excited to meet your cousin?”

“Yes,” Declan confirmed. “Me and daddy talked bout where she came from on the way here.”

Lysandra shot a curious glance at Rowan, who subtly shook his head.

“Follow me.”

After removing his and Declan’s shoes, Rowan followed Lysandra through the silent house. 

In the back of the house, sitting back in the recliner in front of the fireplace, was Aedion, sleeping soundly, a tiny bundle resting soundly on his chest.

She was tiny - Rowan forgot babies were that small only a week after they’re born. He looked at Declan, to see what he thought. The toddler was watching the baby, a soft expression resting in the eyes he’d inherited from his mother.

As if the baby knew she was being watched, her eyes fluttered opened. She didn’t make a noise - only opened her mouth, just slightly.

And her eyes -

“Daddy,” Declan whispered. “She has blue eyes like me.”

Not just blue eyes, but turquoise with a thin ring of gold - Ashryver eyes. 

“She had to get something from her daddy,” Lysandra winked.

Rowan had a good feeling Aedion wasn’t waking up anytime soon, as a soft snore began escaping the new dad.

“He’s been great,” Lysandra smiled, nodding at Aedion. “He stayed up late with her last night and woke up at five this morning to let me sleep in.”

“Good man,” Rowan agreed.

“Do you want to hold her?”

Rowan nodded, and was only slightly concerned when Lysandra took the newborn from Aedion, and he didn’t even stir.

Rowan cradled the baby in his arms, and knelt so that Declan could admire his cousin. 

“Meet Luna Elora Ashryver, Lani.”

Declan smiled at his aunt as he reached his small hand out to the baby. Rowan’s eyes grew misty as Luna’s little fingers wrapped around one of his son’s.

“She’s beautiful, Lys,” Rowan whispered, not because he was trying to be quiet, but because he was choked up.

“Yeah,” Declan agreed, giving the newborn a soft kiss on her fuzzy, brown hair. “She’s beautiful.”

Harry likes Uma. Full stop.

If Harry only likes Uma as a friend then why does he look ready to snap Gil’s neck?

Gil isn’t shoving his foot in his mouth and calling her “Shrimpy” here like last time, we can assume, otherwise Uma wouldn’t be smiling. Here she is smiling at Gil and leaning towards him and Gil’s looking at her, too. Harry is not here for any of this whatsoever. Those little hooks in Harry’s eyes? Those are aimed right at Gil. He’s staring directly at him, looking none too pleased.

There is no way anyone could possibly convince me that this is in any way, shape, or form platonic. Don’t even try.

Harry is jealous AFFFF.

And if I may, I’d like to drop a theory. I have no idea where this image came from but the scene, the background, it all looks familiar. Know why? Because it’s the same one where this happens:


Onto my theory: Is it possible this picture up here was suppose to happen after the “hook me” scene or maybe in the middle of it? Perhaps Gil jumps up on stage for some attention of his own and Harry is annoyed because Gil “ruined” he and Uma’s little moment? Maaybe.

On top of the piles of receipts we have from both text and film to support these two, this picture is another we can add to the collection aptly titled: Harry is into Uma.

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A pale young man places a hollowed book on Dark’s desk. “An old friend once told me when you feel good write about why you feel good and put it in the box. Every time something good happened you put it in there, so when you feel sad you can look at all the good things that happen and the good people you know” The boy smiled softly and exited into the dark hall.

Dark turns to look at the book the boy left on his desk, staring at the cover with a long pause. Soon, he extends his hand towards the book and gently picks it up, taking in the feel of the cover’s texture and taking his time to turn it around to examine the back cover, spine and pages. 

He eventually looks up and glances where the boy left the vicinity, but then looks back down and opens the book to the first page, picking up his pen and began writing down the first sentence, which reads…

‘To the one who gifted me this book, thank you.’



Tony is smelling Ziva’s scarf and inhaling her scent which flashes back to the last time he smelled her in PPF and then he stares at Tali because THAT’S HOW SHE HAPPENED I can’t with my feelings right now

Okay, now that that word-vomit is out of the way…

Seriously, how hauntingly beautiful is this?

You can see how utterly devastated Tony is – just completely, overwhelmingly broken inside and out. Now that Tali is asleep he can drop his act, and you can see the life just drain out of him.

What I can’t get over is just how intimate the act of sniffing Ziva’s scarf is – we’ve established this already, but that’s not the act of a co-worker, or even friend. That’s something far more personal and loaded with subtext. 

And obviously, it’s meant to kick us right in The Feels, because he’s trying to hang onto one last piece of her – and again, it’s an astonishingly intimate act, and it connotes a far more intense connection than with the other agents, not that, you know, the presence of their child didn’t already do that.

Yet that isn’t enough. Because inhaling that scent brings him (and us) right back to the last time he saw her, and their last conversation. When she told him he was loved because she loved him, and he did the hardest thing he’s ever had to do and has regretted and replayed it every day since. It broke his heart back then, and it sure as hell wrecks him even more now that he knows how it all played out.

But of course the show has to make that connection for us. Bring us back to the last time it decided to break all of our hearts, and giving us one of the most beautiful scenes ever tinged with complete heartbreak. Especially now that we see the added layers – because neither of them knew at that moment when they kissed for the last time that this was the end but also this was not the end because lo and behold, they had their own little sequel in the works.

And Tony is remembering that moment and what led to that moment and how that moment happened and sees the direct consequence of that lying on his couch fast asleep.

And that has to throw him for a loop.

Also lol that child is older than 20 months old, I’m just saying

“You don’t seem up to your usual level, Joker,” noted the vigilante, staring down at his nemesis, who laid sprawled on the ground. “Having some troubles?”

The clown in question propelled himself into a sitting position, using his elbows. He looked up at Gotham’s Knight, grin firmly in place.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Bats. I’m right as rain,” he said, with this annoying high-pitched voice he sometimes used. “Why are you asking anyway? Worried about me, maybe-” he finished, waggling his eyebrows as if the subject discussed was one of very different nature.

Choosing to focus on the actual conversation, instead of the Joker’s subtle damning insinuations, Bruce retorted, “Don’t lie to me.”

Unsurprisingly, the clown decided not to cooperate with him, with voice exaggeratedly outraged and disbelieving, exclaimed “Oh, but I would never! How can you even suggest that I, of all people, would do such a thing.”

The billionaire sighed, but what said sigh signified only he himself knew.

He wondered, if the Joker and he were playing different ‘games’, or if they just didn’t see its guidelines the same way.

He stayed silent, simply observing the man before him.

He missed John.

He could sometimes see him hidden beneath all that anger this facade claimed he didn’t possess.

Then the Joker laughed, and all Bruce could think about was how could he miss someone he had barely even known so much.

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The picture with jimin sitting on jk’s lap on his bday..... so jimin looks adorable so cute and soft right but then you look behind him and istg that jk’s facial expression makes me feel really wierd like I can’t look at him idk but in my head at least it looks really sexual like really really sexual and his hand I’m like boy what is you touching 👀👀👀👀👀 I can’t with that picture honestly I can’t look at it it makes me feel like I’m invading someone’s “private” time

okay but for real though. every time i see that photo, i’m like shocked by jungkook’s face?? because he is legit like smirking and i just ??? why is his expression like that? why is his finger on jimin’s nipple? why is he staring at the camera like “lmao y’all wish you could touch jimin like this” like tw;aief what are you doing jungkook? i wanna know what was going thru his mind. because everyone else is smiling sweetly or has their average picture-taking-expression.. but then jungkook’s sitting three looking like THAT. liekjfa;ief what

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ok so maybe magnus is translating some super complicated demonic text and that’s why he has glasses. anyway magnus has been doing it for hours so he doesn’t really notice alec coming home. but then the door to the study opens (alec’s bringing him tea bc he’s a great bf) but nothing happens for a while and magnus looks up to see alec staring at him with the ”wow mr bane looks great in glasses and fuck i’m gay” eyes and idk that’s that

magnus pushing the glasses further up his nose like ??? but also smiling and alec is like i love my intelligent mans and his glasses and he goes over and slides them off of his face and pulls him into a kiss

Steven Stone was hovering on the back of his Metagross when he saw a strange site, someone who looked exactly like him. He stopped and jumped off and called his pokemon back into its pokeball.

“Hello, who are you?”

“Steven Stone,”

At this Steven’s eyes narrowed and he stroked his chin thoughfully. “Strange because that’s me too." 

The other Steven Stone wore a bit different clothes than he did but both were incredibly otherwise the same person. They stared at each other for like several minutes in complete silence. 

Suddenly the first Steven said, "I can kill you with Mega Evolution.”
The second Steven replied, “I have no idea what that is, but I could kill you with my pure determination.”

Fire appeared in their eyes as they realized they had to kill their double so to speak but they had no idea why, mostly because they knew the existence of someone that was exactly like them was unnatureal and could lead to complications in this timeline.

Got tagged in that fic writing meme by @ahordeoftrouble lol. I guess the rules are that you have to post the last sentence of the last story you wrote and then tag as many people as there are words.

“Why was it given to you and Gautier? What was the lock it was supposed to open?“ He stares intensely at the cobra. Almost as intensely as Fortunato can stare at someone -else-. 

I cheated and put in more than one, I broke the rules. I am a RULE BREAKER. Anyway, I’m just going to tag people that I don’t think have done this yet? Also if you follow me and aren’t tagged, do this anyway. This is me mass tagging everyone. @chocolatebunnycake, @scoobydew4u, @vikingcarrot, @voltroll


its been like 6 years since i’ve last drawn nico, my little italian death prince


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

hear me out.....

richie shows up one day with bleached streaks/highlights in his hair (it surprisingly doesnt look bad) and everyone is like wtf dude just why..? but he just shrugs and doesnt say anything about it.  for once in his life he isnt saying something… its almost a full week later when eddie remembers when all the losers were talking about crushes and eddie had just barely gotten away with saying he didnt like anyone but thought blondes were cute (a complete lie) and thats why hes now in the middle of history class blushing so much while staring at the back of richies blonde-tipped head with his heart pounding out of his chest

~College!au Pen Pal Jungkook~ PART TWELVE

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 13] [part 14:END]

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“Oh, Jungkook! Hey!” You gave a weak smile and waved your hand. You then noticed Y/F/N standing behind him, an amused look on her face. Of course she was here.

Giving a confused wave back, he asked again, “Did you want to tell me something?”

Jimin nudged you with his elbow while Taehyung looked at you with side eyes, signaling you to speak. Shaking your head, you chuckled, “Nope.”

“You sure? I thought I heard you say–”

“Kookie, she said no. Can we go now, please?” Y/F/N whined, tugging at Jungkook’s long sleeved shirt. You remembered that shirt. That was the shirt he wore when you two got pizza one night on a quest to find his pen pal. You were both laughing at something silly and he ended up with lemonade all over it. You mentally shook your head at the wrong timing for remembering a nice memory.

“Y/F/N,” Jungkook sighed. Raising an eyebrow in curiosity, you were no longer frowning. He seemed annoyed. 

“Well? Tell him Y/N, you don’t have anything to say,” Y/F/N gestured you to continue. 

Just as you were about to speak, Jimin interjected. “And if I remember, it was Jungkook asking the question, not you, bitch.” 

You gaped at what Jimin said while Jungkook shouted, “Hyung!”

You looked at Y/F/N who was red in the face and staring straight at you. Don’t you dare, she spoke with her beady eyes.

“Go on, Y/N, tell him,” Taehyung urged, pushing you froward towards Jungkook. He adjusted the beanie on his head, looking between the three of you, confused as hell. 

“Tell me what?”

You looked down and Jimin sighed. If you weren’t going to tell him, he was. “That that girl over there? Yeah, she isn’t your pen pal!”

Jungkook flicked his eyes toward Y/F/N, who placed a hand on her heart as if accused of murder. 

“How can you say that? She is.”

“Really, and when was the last time you actually texted her through the pen pal email, hm?”

“Not since I got her number but–”

“Try it, then. Text her. See if Y/F/N’s phone dings,” Taehyung crossed his arms, staring at the phone in Jungkook’s hand. Boys, what are you doing, you thought.

“Why would I need to prove that? She knows me like my pen pal knows me.”

“But does she act the same way? Certain obvious compatible aspects of your pen pal, she might act like. But really, if you met her without knowing she was your pen pal, would you believe that? I don’t think so. And I don’t think you do either. There’s something off about her, right? She’s too…forced.” Jimin gazed over at you. You were fiddling with your fingers avoiding eye contact with Jungkook.

“What are you saying?”

“That she’s not your pen pal! She’s not the girl you’ve grown to like so much!” Taehyung sighed, exasperated. “Just text her.”

Jungkook began to unlock his phone, eyes flickering to you. What did you have to do with all of this? Was it because Y/F/N was your friend?

He typed a simple message and heard the send sound from his phone. Closing your eyes in anticipation, you waited.

Then, your phone dinged.

All eyes were on you and you slowly reached into your back pocket. Turning on the phone the name, ‘Jungkookieeeee’ was seen with his message underneath. It was a simple question mark. 

Looking back up at Jungkook, you could only say two words, “I’m sorry,” and rushed out like your life depended on it. Why were you so cowardly sometimes? Why did you always run away from your problems in hopes of them never following you?

Jungkook watched as you shoved past him, his hand nearly grabbing your wrist but you slipped away. His heart shattered.

“There. Now you know,” Jimin said. 

“I’m gonna go find Y/N,” Taehyung spoke, softly, and swiftly left the library.

“It was Y/N?” Was the first thing to exit Jungkook’s mouth. Then it struck him as if it were obvious. Both you and his pen pal understood him in ways nobody else has. When others would make fun, you’d comfort. Sure, Y/F/N had that sarcastic nature that his pen pal had, a quite forced one, but she was no you.

You did it without even trying. You were witty and never failed to make him laugh, even while he was in distress. Then he realized, once he let you go, he didn’t do much laughing anymore. Most of the laughs he shared with Y/F/N were fake and forced, almost like he wanted them to be true since she was his pen pal after all. 

“It was this whole time,” Jimin confirmed. Then Jungkook became angry. Turning to Y/F/N who looked terrified, he fumed “Why the hell would you do that?”

“Kookie,” She pleaded, reaching for his hand, which he yanked back. 

“No. How could you do that to not only me, but Y/N, your own friend?”

“How could you be defending her right now!? Either way she lied to you!”

“And you think if she told me the truth when she was ready that I wouldn’t accept it? That no matter what, I would hate her? I know Y/N. I’ve known Y/N for months. I know every habit, every small detail she probably doesn’t know about herself. And you think I’d let that–her–go because she failed to give me information? Sure, I wanted it bad as hell, but there’s two of us. She wasn’t ready and if I got mad, I would be being selfish. I have no right to be angry when she was uncomfortable with me knowing who she was. And here I am, in loss of one of my best friends. Hell, I was in love with her!”

It was then, Jungkook realized, just how much he cared for you. Not only in a way of a best friend. No, he cared about you a lot more than that. He used to want nothing more than for you to be in his arms. He wanted to be the reason you were smiling and laughing. 

And now he’s done the opposite. He pushed you away and caused you so much pain and loneliness. Oh, how much he wanted to go back to that first night when you were cuddled on your bed in your dorm room, unaffected to what was going on this moment. He wanted to hold you tighter than he ever did, bury his head in your neck, and never let go.

“You–you were?”

Nodding his head, Jungkook continued, “I was starting to even forget about my pen pal. I just used her as an excuse to hang out with Y/N. I don’t think you understand what you ripped from me. I betrayed her. She wanted to explain but it was because of you she couldn’t. She was so terrified of what you could do, what lies you would tell me, that she stayed quiet and allowed her to be used. She was suffering and it was all because of me,” Jungkook let out a breath of air.

“Even after lying to you, you’d still run back to her?” Y/F/N muttered.

“In a heartbeat.”

“I–I’m sorry. For everything.” 

“A simple sorry isn’t going to cut it for you. I don’t even know who you are. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to find my girl.”


Part 13???👀(now that you’ll have to wait until possibly tmm forrrr)