why is he so qt

[SK-LTE Fansign] This fan's bias is Chen, so she was extremely shy when it was her turn to stand before him. She had hidden half her face with the page Kyungsoo just signed, so only her eyes were peeking out. Chen kept turning his head, side-to-side, to get a proper look at her face and for her to actually face him. He maintained eye contact and said, "Hello~~" Fan: "Hello ㅠㅠ" Chen asked for her name and drew her a couple hearts; once he was done signing, he kept staring at her. The fan remained quiet while standing, and it was Chen who kept starting small conversation with her, which the fan was really grateful for. He had an apologetic, concerned expression while asking the fan, "It was cold out, right~? It must've been so cold to have come and waited for this [event]~" Fan: "Ah, no ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ It wasn't cold at all! ㅠㅠ" Chen: "But that's not true~! It must have been cold~ It was so cold outside~" When the fan admitted it was slightly cold, Chen broke out into a warm smile...while the fan noted that she "broke down at her bias's signature upturned lips and crescent-shaped eyes."