why is he so much older than me

Couldnt’ Not Have You (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Tripping over your feet, your face becomes an inch close to the ground before you feel Newt’s arms wrap around your waist and pull you up to him. Your chests collide against each other’s and you freeze. Looking up into his green eyes, you smile.

Here’s the thing. You loved Newt. Fucking deeply. And he loved you back. Probably with even more passion. But ever since you confronted him about your obvious feelings, he always brushed it off.

“Y/N. I’m much older than you. And-and someone like you, deserves so much more, so much better than me-me.”

“But Newt, I want you.”
And he just shook his head.

Snapping back to reality, your eyes refocused themselves on the blue green ones in front of you. Newt leaned down ever so slightly, staring longingly at your lips. He then shook his head, and backed away.

“We can’t.” he sighed.

“Why? I don’t get it Newt, why can’t we be together?” You asked hopelessly.

“It’s just… It’s wrong. I’m almost a decade older than you.”

“And? Age is but a number Newt…”

“Also, I… wouldn’t be good enough for you. I’m not. You deserve so much more. You’re a wonderful woman, you deserve a wonderful man.”

You raised your eyes to the ceiling in exasperation. But he was a wonderful man, you thought. Why couldn’t Newt see that he was all you wanted, all you ever needed? That he was the most kind, good man you’ve ever met?

You were head over heels for the man ever since you met him. The night you met him was inked in your memory clearly. You were out in the city, it was raining and all you were wearing was a white blouse from work. That’s when you heard a weird sound, and peering over your shoulder, you saw a bright purple snake slither on the ground. An Occamy, to be more precise. Having always been interested in Magizoology, you recognized the creature at once and rushed to its side. Murmuring soft soothing whispers, you successfully picked it up and sat down with it moving around in your lap comfortably. Its presence made you forget about the horrible weather until a clap of thunder shook the ground. All of a sudden the dreadful feeling of dampness and cold washed over your body once again. With a crack, a man Apparated a few meters away from you. He scanned his surroundings and spotted you sitting in a corner, all wet and cold.

“Miss, are you okay?” He rushed to your side. Then, spotting his Occamy, he blurted out: “Goodness! You found him! Did you-“

“Pet him, of course not. I’d rather keep my fingers on.” You chuckled.

“You-you know not to pet Occamies?” He asked unbelievingly.

“Of course, they defend themselves from a very young age. Would do the same if I were them, having shells made out of pure silver.” You said absent-mindedly. Newt smiled widely at you. He had never met someone else so knowledgeable over fantastic beasts before. Then, some sense slapped at him, and he realized you were shivering.

“Here, take my jacket.” He quickly said, taking off his teal coat and placing it on you. You looked very beautiful, he thought. Even more so, wearing his clothing. Then, you invited him over to your place, you got to know each other very well, he asked you to help him on his journey and well, the rest is history.

Newt cleared his throat, bringing you back to reality.

“Anyway, let’s drop it.” He shrugged.  

The two of you both descended down into his case, you collapsing beside Frank the Thunderbird, sighing heavily. You absent-mindedly petted him, frowning.

Newt glanced over at you guiltily before heading to the opposite end to feed other creatures.

He ran his hand through his hair in frustration, thinking. He truly loved you, he did. But you were so young, you didn’t deserve to be tied down to someone like him. An awkward antisocial man obsessed with beasts. Oh dammit, he thought. He loved you so much, but he couldn’t have you.

Newt always set that idea to himself. That your love would be impossible, forbidden. He did that, because, truly, he was afraid of having a real defined relationship with you. He had never been in a relationship with someone he loved so truly, and he was scared he was going to mess it up with you.


“Hey Y/N, wanna go for a walk?”

“Sure, I could use some fresh air.”

“Why don’t we go to Hogsmeade for a drink?”

You nodded, agreeing. Walking up to Newt, you wrapped your arm around his and he Apparated the two of you onto the cobbled streets of Hogsmeade Village. A whoosh of cold wind blew into your face and you snuggled up closer to Newt, not letting go of his arm.

You walked for a while, stopping now and then to look at some shops.

“Aw you guys are so cute!” A little Hogwarts student exclaimed at you guys.

“Couple goals!” Her friend cried out, spotting you two.

You chuckled, and looked up at Newt who was blushing furiously.

“OH um, we’re not um together.” He blubbered.

Your face fell.

“They’ll end up together.” One of the girls whispered to the other.

“I know right, it’s so obvious they love each other.”

You continued your way down the cobbled street, Newt thinking to himself. He was very happy, all of a sudden, as if those little girls’ comments made him feel lighter. Maybe, he did like the idea of you and him being a couple…

Your walk continued for another couple minutes, Newt pondering to himself furiously. He imagined different scenarios in his head; him being able to call you his girlfriend, him surprising you every morning with showers of kisses. The scenarios all lead him with the same feeling: happiness.

Being with Y/N has made me so happy, he thought. And loving her openly would make me more, he concluded.

He stopped in his tracks, taking you a bit by surprise.

“Y/N?” He nervously shuffled his feet. Shoot, he didn’t have anything planned and he didn’t imagine a script beforehand that he could follow.

He let his instinct take over.

Brushing a piece of your hair behind your shoulder, he placed both hands on your waist, and before you knew it, he leant down and placed his lips on yours.

You were taken aback, but it only took a fraction of a second for you to put your hands behind his neck and pull him closer to you.

You smiled into the kiss, unbelievably happy that this was actually happening. After god knows how much time, you pulled away. You looked up into those green blue eyes that were looking back at you with so much love.

“So what made you change your mind about the whole us not working thing?” You asked him curiously.

“I just couldn’t not have you.” Newt replied.

And he bent down to kiss you again, putting months of loving you but not doing anything about it into that kiss.

Ages I thought everyone was/coded as when I first watched Voltron

Shiro: 25 (Dude just emanated team dad vibes, have you seen his arms though like damn I’m pretty sure he could punch through titanium)

Allura: 23 (She looks and acts exactly 23 to me, not 22, not 24 23, I don’t know why she just does)

Coran: 38 (I’m too nice to give him 40, plus he’s still a spry old man for his age)

Pidge: 12 (I don’t know why Pidge just look 12, plus they were small and angry and I’ve been around enough kids to know that someone that small and angry must be at least 13 and below)

Keith: 17 (Boy just emanates the right amount of angst and rebellion to be 17)

Hunk: 16-17 (He seemed like one of those kids that grew up looking bigger/older than what he was supposed to yet still had a babyface so everyone was pretty much confused on his age, you know like me)

Lance: 16-17 (Precious baby boy who acts so full of himself and so confident, I wish he felt that way about himself truly my beautiful boy)



I’m immediately struck by his youth. He can’t be much older than me. It’s obvious he’s in charge of something, though I have no idea what. His skin is flawless, unblemished, his jawline sharp and strong. His eyes are the palest shade of emerald I’ve ever seen.

I’m scanning the thousands of people scattered around this icy, icy ground and I don’t see him, not anywhere, and the terror of this moment kicks me in the gut until I’m out of breath and out of hope, blinking fast and trying to hold myself together. The metal roof under my feet is shaking. I turn toward the sound, heart pounding, and see a hand reach over the top.

me in season 1 about rip hunter : who is this british guy and why is he getting so much screentime?

me in season 2 about rip hunter : where is my british, captain, time dad and why isn’t he getting enough screentime?

me in season 1 about arthur darvill : this guy is so much older and much more grandpa-like than everyone else, idk about him.

me in season 2 about arthur darvill : i have never been so attracted to anyone else in my life.

i had to write a ballad for creative writing class:

He looked upon the boy with such delight,

But he would not admit it, not tonight.

Though he saw the stars in the boy’s eyes,

He’d rather lie, lie, and lie.

As he grew older, the boy had much more charm,

Bright blue eyes soft and warm,

The boy grinned a smile that made his heart skip beats,

Which, for someone like him, was no easy feat.

The boy loved so fiercely, more than he could bear,

And he cried and cried and cried when he said he didn’t care.

Cheeks blotchy and red, he yelled and screamed,

“Why do you always do this to me?”

And it was true, what he always hid,

He pretended he didn’t care, when he knew did.

Love was something he felt, though he’d never say it out right,

This boy meant everything to him, no tricks, no sleight.

His heart was changing, his future grim,

Was there truly happiness for someone like him?

With a puff of a cigarette, and nerves of steel,

He had every intention of making what they had real.

I think I figured out why, for me at least, Philip sounds so much younger than Hamilton when he says “only nineteen, but my mind is older.” It’s the exact same line, but it doesn’t have the same weight behind it. By nineteen, Hamilton had suffered. He had lost everything and everyone, had been forced to take care of himself, had made it out of the Caribbean and to the colonies through his words, and had joined the revolution. Philip, in contrast, never had that struggle. His family had money. His father was famous and powerful. He was able to be younger than his father had been at the same age.

anonymous asked:

Tell me, am I the only one who constantly has crushes on older men (up to 35 years older than me) and wouldn't mind a relationship (i'm aromantic, so "mind" is a pretty accurate term for me) but would be immediately wary of a guy if he's in a relationship with someone that much younger? (I wonder why this is, and why I got a bit less of a problem with it if it's a (hypothetical) gay couple...)

the first thing that comes to mind is society’s double standards. A 50 years old man dating a 30 years old woman is okay but a 50 years old woman dating a 30 years old man is considered disgusting :/

The Bobby Maler Fiasco

Ernst and Hanschen don’t fight. Until they do.


((or, why i need to stop indulging @nastyinkhakis and other people. Sort of prequel to this, or at least in the same universe))

Hanschen, in a stunning display of romcom-quality cliche, gets a crush on his TA.

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To me Shiro looks like he's older than a teen even tho he is one so that's why shaladin makes me uncomfortable and I don't prefer it

I respect your opinion completely! I’m just saying people shouldn’t get hated on for shaladin ships (except shidge I mean no hate but that’s really gross)

Side note: my little sister is 14, and literally….there’s this boy in the 9th grade with her that looks fucking 20. I’m not kidding. Tall and has huge muscles like wtf. So appearances don’t phase me too much
I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how old Lance Tucker is...

So by my calculations, assuming he’s the same age as OR is a year or two older than Hope, he’s between 28-31. 

Here is my logic:

Olympic athletes start very young and usually are in their first Olympics around 16. In the film intro, we learn that Hope is 17 in 2004 while competing at the Rome Olympics. SO assuming that the film takes place in 2015 when it was released, and assuming they are similar in age, which totally makes sense to me, that would mean that at the youngest he’s 28 depending on the time of year, maybe 29 and possibly as old as 31 because I don’t think he’d be THAT much older than Hope, and I really don’t think that he’s younger than her.  

I have no idea why I did this. Maybe I’m planning a Lance story and wanted to figure it out, maybe I’m just weird but this is apparently what I do when bored.

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I just realized my prof used to close the door when we were alone in his office but whenever I came by and he was with another student he'd leave it wide open... he also spoke much softer around me, in this sexy whispery voice god it drove me mad and gave me intense eye contact and ah why didn't I make a move when I had the chance?!? (Were both adults but he's so much older than me and doesn't teach me anymore) Xx love your blog btw I just had to rant!

damn girl.. imagine… hmmm😏

i know how you feel. you should get his number!!! make a move now!!!!

my cousin shared a buzzfeed article of all these articles that were “emo” and also they acted like allt he artists were big 17 years ago (lol no) but honestly i’ve never seen so many white dudes go from “i’m an angsty teen” to “i do corporate taxes for fun”.  

like holy hell most of these dudes are not that much older than me and they all look like sad dads.  like i know you all partied a lot but you are also rich?  why do you look so damn old and boring????

except for claudio sanchez.  he got brown power keeping him looking exactly the same.

*after re-watching Star Wars with mom*

Mom: Wait… was Poe Dameron played by that guy in Show Me a Hero, A Most Violent Year, Inside Llewyn Davis, and Ex-Machina?

Me: Yeah! Oscar Isaac is fantastic!!! 

Mom: And isn’t he going to be in X-Men: Apocalypse?!

Me: Of course he is. After all, he’s playing Apocalypse :) He’s very versatile, deep, and talented on and off screen :D You see why I love him so much?

*after a few moments of silence* Mom: I know he’s 17 years older than you, but if you ever have the chance to have sex with or marry that man… you have my blessing.

*mom walks away, leaving me feeling proud knowing that I finally got my mom on the Oscar Isaac bandwagon*


This is important okay? I know yall are here for the texts and shit but listen up and listen closely! Min yoongi: my mans, my bias, my baby boy (even tho hes older than me wtf) Is releasing his mixtape soon. AND IF I SEE ONE MORE FUCKING PERSON CALL HIM LAZY AND LETHARGIC OR WHATEVER IMMA FIGHT SOMEBODY. I honestly love yoongi so much and would like for him to see that international armys aren’t all dumbasses for once

Yoongi has worked on this mixtape for years. When he releases it, i dont want to see people saying stuff like “wheres jungkook” or “why didnt you include jhope in this” because it is HIS mixtape that HE worked on. Dont comment sexual things or tweet sexual things. just sit back and enjoy the piece of art he is about to bless us with.


-now back to your regular program, thai

happy birthday don’t die

“You know, Armin, there’s a lot of people here.”

Armin glanced at Eren from under his eyelashes, a suspicious frown creasing his face. “…yes, there are,” he said eventually. “Why?”

Eren cleared his throat. “Well, it seems like as good a time as any.” He stood up, climbing onto his chair and tapping a fork against his glass.

Armin blinked, then his eyes widened in horror. “Eren Jaeger, don’t you dare-”

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUU!” Eren bawled, silencing the chatter around the room. At the other end of the table, Jean’s head snapped up, and he grinned, clambering right onto the table and joining in.


By now, half the room was staring, and the other half was singing along. Armin slid so far down in his chair he was half under the table. “I hate you all,” he muttered, feeling his face burn bright red.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ARMINNNNNNN,” someone yelled directly into his ear, and Armin yelped indignantly as someone dragged him out by the elbows, and then someone else was lifting him onto their shoulders and then holy SHIT since when were jean and eren so tall jesus christ that’s it everyone in this room is so dead OH MY GOD 


“I hate you all,” Armin squawked above the cheers. 

“No you don’t,” Jean said cheerfully. He and Eren appeared to be taking him on some sort of victory lap around the room, and Armin squeaked as his head narrowly missed a lampshade.

“Please don’t drop me,” he said, and even though he was currently balanced on top on his shoulders, he could tell Eren was rolling his eyes. 

I know, I get it.

Phil Lester is a man nearing thirty. He’s about ten years older than me and he’s never met me. He has no idea I exist and it’s more likely than not that I’ll never meet him face to face.

But I love him.

I’m expressing my love for a soul that has made me laugh when I’m crying, that’s made me calm when I’m panicked, that’s comforted me when I’m sad. A soul that has reached millions of people and chosen to make their lives just that much more positive. He cheers for me.

I look up to Phil Lester. I want to make people happy, just as he has. I admire his quirks and how instead of being embarrassed, he owns them. His selflessness, positivity, and empathy for others are all things I strive to do every single day. He inspires me.

Phil Lester sees the good in people and believes in them. He follows his dreams and encourages others to do the same. He builds people’s confidence in themselves and yet offers friendly, wise advice. He teaches me.

Phil Lester cares for all living things and works his hardest every day. He doesn’t tolerate hate and he pushes for people to help in any way they can. He helps me grow and learn things about people and relationships I never thought possible. He guides me.

Phil Lester never shoots down any of his fans and tries to respond to us as much as he can. He gives us quality videos and hasn’t changed a bit throughout his career on youtube. He adores meeting with us and when we ask for help or advice, he never fails us. He cares about me.

Even if we never meet, even if I never speak to him, he cares about me.

He cares about you, too.

That’s why I love Phil Lester.

Scumbag of the Year Award Goes to...

This guy:

Normally, I provide the idiots that send idiot messages some level of anonymity but this guy doesn’t deserve it. I’m not responding to him because that’s exactly what he wants. I’m also not responding because I have nothing nice to say and any kind of advice I could give him on how to actually speak to women or show common human decency will most likely be reciprocated with more nastiness. 

So, gunna Internet shame this thumb-shaped piece of garbage (not entirely the high road but I think you can appreciate why):

I didn’t respond when he first messaged me because, well, I wasn’t interested. Aside from him being older than I’d like to date, I simply don’t find him interesting or attractive. Plain and simple. Although it’s disappointing to not receive a return message from someone you like online, it’s pretty common and the nature of the game. Additionally, one shouldn’t expect much from a copy/paste message, like “Hi. How are you?” (absolutely riveting and original!). But what irks me most is that he fancies himself a “respectful and kind” person (see below):

Don’t be an asshole and neg people online, that just sucks. But also, don’t parade around pretending to wear a pious cloak. You, SamIsGoodLooking, are a fool. 

Response to Arguments Against Brucenat
  • Someone: Natasha doesn't need a man! She's perfectly independent on her own.
  • Me: You're right. She's doesn't need a man. She can live on her own and be independent. But there's a difference between 'need' and 'want'. She can be in a romantic relationship and still be independent. Having someone important like that in her life doesn't make her any less weak.
  • Someone: Their age difference is creepy. Why would you put them together?
  • Me: Mark is 17 years older than Scarlett. But Bruce is 15 years older than Natasha, if that makes a difference at all. A lot of you were shipping her with Clint and he's 14 years older than her. Either way, does it really matter all that much?
  • Someone: They came out of nowhere. How the hell did Joss come up with that?
  • Me: They didn't come out of nowhere. Most of y'all were focused on Clint or Steve so you didn't care about Bruce and his relationship with her. They weren't falling for each other in The Avengers, but they definitely had potential. In nowhere in any part of TA, Clint and Natasha were said to be canon. It was just canon that they were close. Natasha was mostly playing matchmaker for Steve in CA:WS, so it proves that they just care about each other. If you watch TA and just focused on Bruce and Natasha, you can see how a lot of the scenes matched with AOU and you can see that they could become friends by fixing their problems, despite that it wasn't shown or mentioned till AOU.