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Monsta X (Shownu, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, Kihyun) reaction if they knew/found out that you knew that they have a crush on you.

Request: “To the anon who requested the crush reaction, that was really great idea *heart heart*. Is it possible for you to post reaction for the rest of the members? Author -nim you’re so amazing. Please don’t forget that you really are” -anon

I hope you guys enjoy reading this! Thank you anon for requesting this :) If you want to read the reaction of Wonho, Jooheon and I.M, click here!

credits to the owners for these wonderful gifs.

| A Secret No More |

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Shownu; Shownu barely slept as his mind kept on repeating what happened a while ago. The boys had been showing him screenshots of their conversation with you, telling them how you found out Shownu’s feelings for you. He was very obvious, to be honest. Shownu was really flustered upon hearing the news. Finally, the next day came and you visited the boys in their dorm. Shownu, on the other hands, was still fast asleep when you came, which was something unusual for Shownu as he wakes up early. As soon as he was awoken by you shaking him lightly, the first thing that came out from his mouth was,

I like you– I mean good morning.”

He would run out of the room real fast with his cheeks flushed red. The whole time you were in their dorm, he couldn’t even look at you straight in the eyes as he was really embarrassed and shy at the thought of you knowing how he feels about you. papa bear is so cute huhu ;y;

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Hyungwon; The boys had been practicing their new dance the whole night. Laughing at how everyone savagely teased each other, Minhyuk pulled out his phone and called you. Hyungwon froze, his smile gone in a snap, as Minhyuk asked you if you knew that Hyungwon was crushing on you. 

Yeah, I know that he likes me… Why?”

“How did you find out?”

“He drunk called me a week ago.”

After Minhyuk ended the call, Hyungwon would be quiet the whole night as he couldn’t believe what he just heard a while ago. His shaking eyes would make everyone laugh. He would burst out, asking everyone why they didn’t stop him from making that call to which he earned a “We were also drunk that time.” from the boys. 

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Minhyuk; Minhyuk just got out from the shower when he overheard you answer the boy’s question. His eyes widened, he was totally shook by what he just heard. Pressing his ear on the door that was separating his bedroom and the living room, he listened quietly.

How did you know Minhyuk likes you?”

“Well, I heard him tell you guys about it…”

“But he was whispering it to us.”

“But it was loud enough for me to hear it.”

He would hold on to his dear towel and heart as he just realized how he’s going to face you after getting changed. Suddenly, Changkyun came in, making Minhyuk tumble, his hand tightly holding onto his towel. He was still shook by what he just heard.

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Kihyun; It was just another day for you and Kihyun to buy groceries. Walking down the aisle of the shampoo section, Kihyun suddenly remembered what Jooheon told him the night before. “I accidentally told her about you liking her… hehe sorry.” The exact same words kept on repeating and repeating in his mind, making him make a face which made you ask him if something’s wrong.

U-uh no. But what did Jooheon tell you the other day?”

“Oh, he told me that you like me–”

“Okay, enough.”

Kihyun would be blushing madly as he fastened his pace, quickly placing their usual shampoo bottles and shower gel on the cart. His heart would be beating really fast as he starts thinking of ways to clear things up with you. Should he confess or should he just tell you that Jooheon was only joking? But he’ll be awkward around you the whole grocery shopping.


received the official schedule today. unfortunately, walay forever. so that means, magbulag nami. sad nu? hahaha outside but huhu inside. unfair ko. dili nako ginapakita na apektado ko. pero sa kaibuturan ng puso ko, chareng! uahahaha di gud unta to gusto oy. pero wala koy choice. lol wala miy choice.

so ayun na nga sa 29 well be headin to mnl huhu i swear di ko ganahan. traffic palang daan maugtas nako. jusko. lami kaayo muhilak gaina. shookt si aquoh. hahaha samok hahaha. tapos hes so cute. he kept on saying na sama daw sya. lol maiwan kase sya dito kay mag apas lang tong new partner niya. honestly, gikulbaan ko. idk why. pero kanang kung babae gud iyang makapartner ana gud? hehezzx hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha buang ka self? huhu ambot. siguro naa ang fear na naa pud syay makaclose na kapareha namo ka close? hahahaha ajuju. hahahaha samok gud ka self ay.

tapos sweet kaayo ang kurimaw kay ana pa sya nga sayang daw dili kami magpartner sa akong birthday. naa daw unta syay plano. magbawi daw sya bc effort gud ko atong bday nya. please lang gyud. hahahahaha akong effort ato. a+ hahahahahahaa. tapos ayun. sabi ko sa kanya choks ra bi basta hatagi lang kog gift para di ko maglagot sa imo. then he said, oh sure tagaan takag regalo na dili nimo malimtan. with matching sabit sa akong hair sa akong ears. is he trying to seduce me? hahahahahahahahahahaha aking mga eggcell please lang. hahahahahahahhaa bigaon huhuhu. sagot ko naman bantay bitaw ha. then sabi nya mag adto daw sya sa bday ko kahit asa daw mi na area. then gibara ko sya. hahahaha then gitignan nya calendar tapos ang bday ko nagfall sa working day so nganga. nagtantrums sya. hahaha cute masyadi. kainis. hahahahahahahaa then sabi nya magpunta daw lage sya. so, panghahawakan ko ba yun? lol. igo ra nis storya ning amawa ni. hahahahahaha

he asked me to stay over. i said i already told you hahahaha. lol sabi ko 1130 mag alis na ako. sabi nya 12 nalang daw. then ang time nun is 1117 ata yun. tapos ayun na nga. while waiting for the time, nakahiga lang kami. tapos nakahug lang sya sa akin. i cant look at him in the eye gud. masuko gani sya pagmagtalikod kos iya. di ko katan aw nya mahadlok kog mafall nya ko. hahahahah marupok po ako. hahahahahaha sweet nya lang kase lage nya ako ginasabihan na mamiss nya ako. hahahahahah tapos sumpayan dayon niyag si ann din. hahaha ay lagot. hahahahaaha. taoos may gihambal sya kanina na shet akong uterus gyud. hahahah napansin ko kase happy sya masyado kanina. so asked him, ang saya mo din nu? dami energy ah? then sabi nya, masaya daw sya pagtumatabi ako sa kanya. sabay sumpay ng char. hahahahahahah kilig slight. hahahahahha

ps. tight kaayo iyang mga hug sa ako. kalagot. ginapakilig gyud ko niyag taman taman. huhu pero chill ra man akong uterus. hahahahahaha

thank you as always, b :)

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Could you draw Natsu with a cute pony tail thing but don't make his hair longer? Because his hair is A+ ponytail quality already. :)

I’ll try:

…Natsu is a fast learner. He learned how to ask.

Bonus because Natsu’s hair is quality.

130825 Kaisoo @ KconLA

okay so I reblogged a Kaisoo clip from KCON13 (This was 3 years ago.) and I realized omg I have been there! So I checked my folder (good thing I still have it) and skimmed through my pics. I’m not surprised that Kaisoo was inseparable but I guess I didn’t notice this back then since I haven’t shipped them as hard as I do now. 

so i will start at the ending part of KCON where every artists started crowding the stage for the last bow/goodbye to the fans. 


Ksoo’s hair was reeeeeeeeeeeeed OMFG and Jongin’s was silver/blondish but it was more blond looking in real life but not as blond as Kris’.

now they were at the extended stage. 

Ksoo was now by the edge of the stage, Idk what Jongin did there but im guessing he was picking up something thus Junmyeon and Kris’s also looking down.

hmmm Jongin spotted Ksoo and look where he was aiming for >:) (and how sweet Jongdae and Sehun this was so rare HUHU)

boom Jongin’s by Ksoo now, goals achieved. 

This was after they blasted the confetti, i think I started taking pics of other members that’s why I skipped but anyway Kaisoo’s next to each other STILL.

Kaisoo still by each other. (Lu—han made Ksoo blow the confetti off his hand it was so cute huhu)

Look at Ksoo’s hair omg -_______- it’s not only me who wants this back right?? huhuh

so now we can see some movements, Ksoo started walking to the crowd, probably just wanted to greet some sunbaes on stage, you can see Jongin there like “where u going bebe”

opps maybe ksoo didnt wanna greet the sunbaes or maybe he did, so Jongin took the initiative to walk first. At this time I think they were being instructed to walk back to the main stage to say bye bye :((

OKAY now Jongin noticed Ksoo’s not by him so he was like “okay bae really where the hell are you?”

OMF THIS IS PROBABLY MY FAVORITE PIC OF ALL WHY BECAUSE, HMM it’s enough that Jongin was facing away from my camera but you can still visualize how he looks at Ksoo, like if you’re a Kaisoo shipper YOU know how Jongin looks at Kyungsoo, all the time. all the fcking time. So this pic is just too ncdisjbdsjsjksoa cute, (with bonus chan-baek)

Jongin: Babe is secured I can breathe now.

opps where did he go again?


must let bae walk in front so I see him

@ the main stage. 

24 frames of inseparable Kaisoo. Did you notice the distance that would turn into small space and the next thing you know they’re by each other again and again. It’s like they were magnets. They have some magnetic force that attracts them to stick together. I like it when Jongin seemed to be alarmed whenever Ksoo’s not on his sight. It’s cute, and sweet and it makes me want to believe in love. 

I’m just glad i was able to add this to Kaisoo moments.. all pics are mine. You can do whatever you want with them if you decided to save them lmao just credit me if so.

[150711] Fanaccounts From SPAO Fansign

Translated by Elly

1. When I told Minseok that we have a 10 year age difference, he didn’t seem to hear me at first so he bent his ear closer to me, and then when he understood he got all flustered and said shouldn’t he be called ‘uncle’ insteadㅠㅠㅠ Oppaㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Ah, seriously really cuteㅠㅠㅠㅠ What do I doㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ [link]

2. SPAO Minseok fanaccountㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Me : Uwoooahsdfilweooh.. Oppa, you have a moustache…(Got so flustered ended up talking about his moustache;)
Minseok : Huh? (Didn’t understand me)
Me : I said you have a moustache..흫ㅎㅎㅎ
Minseok : I’m a guy so of course I have a moustacheㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (Laughs like he’s unsure of what I’m trying to sayㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ) [link]

3. 150711 SPAO fansign Xiumin
Minseok : ㅇㅇ-ah~~ ㅇㅇ-ah~~~(Kept calling my nameㅠㅠㅠ
Me: Oppa, how do you diet ( Meanwhile, he still called me by nameㅠㅠㅠ
Minseok : Me?
Me: Sweatsuit??
Minseok: Sweatsuit sweatsuit
Me: How much is it??
Minseok : You can get it for about 20000 or 30000 won~ [link]

4. 150711 SPAO fansign fanaccount))

When I told Minseok oppa my name, he wrote it really prettily and he called me by my name tooㅠㅠㅠㅠ I lost my mind from his beauty so I think I just told him that I love him.. Sob.. He was cool… [link]

5. I asked Minseokkie what I should have for dinner and he said I should have naengmyeon with galbi since it’s hot ^*^ [link] (t/n: Naengmyeon)

6. 150711 SPAO fansign fanaccount

Minseok answered so slow so
Me : Hurry!!!!! Faster!!!@@
Minseok : (Shaky gaze)OAO????
Me : Should I grow my hair out or cut it??????
Minseok : Uhㅋ… Grow it, grow it!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ [link]

7. 150711 SPAO Fansign fanaccount 3
Minseok: Your name is ㅇㅇ-ie? That’s a pretty name~(after writing my name >. <)
Me:ㅎㅎ Oppa, this is our school’s uniform!
Minseok: That’s your uniform~? You even braided your hair, huh~? (Right then my heart… He said it cutely and tilted his headㅠㅠ)
Me: Hehe…. Oppa, I’ll be cheering for you on for Kim Seon Dal!!
Minseok: Yes, thank you, good bye~
Minseok wrote my name two more timesㅠㅠㅠ Minseok’s line was the longest but I can see why…..Huhu…He’s sweet…. [link]

8. I’m at the SPAO on Myeongdong and one of the men helping with the event said that Minseok is the most handsomeㅎㅎㅎ [link]

9. To Minseok [my friend] said [she’s] in the middle of dieting so she’s hungry and hot and dyingㅠㅠSo Minseok said ㅠㅠㅠ to my friend that she doesn’t need to diet, and told her to go eat after the fansign ㅇ<-< (sobbing noises)ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ [link]

According to my friendㅋㅋㅋ Minseok’s expression when he told her she doesn’t need to diet and to go eat, it was an expression she’d never seen before in her life and she hadn’t even seen it on her dad or older brother so she felt flushedㅋㅋㅋ She said a singer she’s fangirling over told her something not even her family tells her, so her fangirling felt validated, f*ck ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ [link]

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Hi! I like your blog! ^^ Okay, so can you do a scenario where EXO eats a big meal out at a restaurant, and when it's time to pay, nobody has money (even Suho) can you do a funny reaction from the members and how they would get out of that situation. Kamsahamnida! <3

Anon this is very creative but it’s hard to write because admin doesn’t have a sense of humor so I’m sorry if it’s not to your liking ;w; And I do hope you’re expecting a reaction scenario than a long scenario because I don’t write them ;w;  Oh and I added gifs to make it better huhu this took me almost two weeks to write and everytime i see the draft im like no no no this is not it ugh why am i like this

Xiumin has a mischievous side to him, and once it’s out, no one can stop him from throwing convincing excuses. He’s quite unique because he has this “hyung aura” and the “maknae charm” at the same time, so he can be both intimidating and adorable. If someone asks him to pay, he’d pout and act all cute so he can evade it. If they’re in the ‘desperate times calls for desperate measures’ situation, he’d pick up his phone and call someone who can lend them the money needed.

Luhan will pretend that he doesn’t have his wallet with him, denying to pay every single time someone tells him to. He’d stay quiet the whole time so he won’t stand out. Buuut being the second oldest, he might just be the responsible brother he is and probably call their manager to pass the dilemma to him help them.

Kris will be all like, “I didn’t propose to eat outside anyway so all of you should pay for it.” This guy is the epitome of excuses and hard denials, and he’s quite stubborn if he’s determined, too, so he’d just continue denying to pay the bill. If the owner of the restaurant appears near them, he’d grab a glass and say, “Hey… can’t you just let us go?” which will then confuse the owner because all he hears is ‘ungya ungya’.

I really can’t imagine Suho not shouldering the blame, and he’s rarely funny (his actions are more like cute rather than funny) so I’m having a hard time thinking about this. Maybe he’ll push his members to pay for it because he has already spent too much on them, but being the guardian of the group, he’d probably try to surrender and negotiate.

Lay may be quiet, but once tested, his playful side is actually very effective. He’s going to act like he’s in his own world again, which isn’t really that hard for him, so that the other members are going to get tired of trying to pass the responsibility to him. His only problem is how he’s going to STOP being in his world.

Baekhyun will most likely hide under the table while no one’s looking. He’d do everything to keep himself hidden, like disguising himself as a part of the sofa with the cloth draped on the table, being very quiet and probably stay there until everyone sorts it out. If this doesn’t work, he’d strengthen himself and make up lame excuses. Or say “kkaebsong~” and then hopefully divert everyone’s attention by explaining the importance of the said word or change the topic completely until he gets the chance to run away (and call his bae to pick him up, maybe?)

Chen is going to escape to the parking lot by excusing himself to the toilet or going out for a walk. He’d snigger as he imagines the faces of the members while dealing with this huge problem. However, if one of them drags him back to their table, he’d say excuses like, “I don’t have my wallet with me because manager-hyung has it for safe-keeping.”

If Chanyeol wrapping his head with aluminum foil is not going to work (which clearly didn’t when he used the tactic on EXO ST), he’d most probably call any roommate of his for help to bail him out of the situation. Seho is going to prove his comedic skills this time and will most likely be the one who will give him useful excuses advices. He’d probably act innocent and all aegyo-ish since he IS in the younger line (I consider Chen and below in the younger line). I’ve also observed that he has great acting skills, so he can put them to good use if his aegyo isn’t going to work.

D.O. is going to pick up a sandwich and munch on it as he watches the war around him. He doesn’t want to be a part of this mess and will secretly enjoy the distressed expressions of his brothers. If they tell him to bring out his cash, he’d make this O_O face and bring out his wallet to prove that he doesn’t have any. He’d most likely smile as he watches them bicker and the maknaes’ inner diva exposed

Tao is going to WHIIIIIIIIIIINE and pester Kris or Suho to pay for it. Afterall, he’s the mighty Huang Zi Tao, so why will he use his (non-existent) money just for these peasants? He’d also try to intimidate the owner or waiter when they come by saying, “Don’t you know that we’re EXO?” or “Do you know that we work under Lee Sooman’s company? Why are you being like this to us, huh?’ If that backfires, he has his hyungs to protect him anyway because the maknae gets what he wants. Period.

Kai is going to be like D.O. He’ll silently eat and sit there quietly as his hyungs sort the matter out. If a member (most likely another maknae) reprimands him for eating, he’d be like, “Wae?” with a dry laugh. If they force him to pay, Kyungie and Chanyeollie hyung will save him. Don’t even think of messing with his wife and a hardcore fanboy

Sehun… well. Who can win against the maknae of a SM Entertainment group besides themselves? He’d blame it all on his hyungs and how irresponsible they were because they’re expecting their maknae to pay. He’d act all hurt and whiny, lightly thrashing around if someone tries to make him pay for it. If the owner of the restaurant appears, he’s going to smile widely and tell that the one who’ll pay is the one who bugged him the most, making everyone nervous. He’d smile in victory once he chooses his unlucky victim and walks out like a boss.


In the end, EXO is going to be like

because Gramps

is tired of their shit