why is he so adorbs

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what are your top 10 fairy tail characters and why ? :)

1. Natsu, - because he is so caring and lovable and adorbs and i love dorky people mainly because i’m all about comedy. 

2. Gray -  he is really cool, well developed and i love his rivalry with Natsu and how he can’t keep cool around him which shows his ‘’funny’’ side ad plus i love his design 

3. Zeref, - i love his story and how you can’t tell if he is good or bad 

4. Erza,-  her fights are so exciting, i love how she is a strict person with a bit of a comedy side to her

5. Mavis,- Cute, powerful and funny

6. Levy, - even though she doesn’t appear often i lover her original design and her relationship  with Gajeel

7. Wendy, - she went from a ‘’crybaby’’ to a independent strong wizard at a young age and she is passionate about being stronger 

8. Laxus,- his character design and development are too good

9. Jellal ,- the confusion is reall Xd I love how confusing it was about him xD Plus he has a good story

10. Gajeel - His development is one of my favs and how he regrets the whole Levy thing and how he fell in love with her


Ota’s bday event

Soryu: “This is from me.”

Ota opens the present, and it’s a handmade t-shirt

Ota: “What is this… “

Ota: “What is this drawing?”

Soryu: “As you can see, it’s a dragon-”

Ota: “It’s weird, i can’t wear it.”

Ota: “Lame…”

Soryu: “….I’m sorry”

Even though expressionless as usual, looks like Soryu’s feeling down. 


but in the end… 

“If you don’t need it, then i’m wearing it”

“HE~HE~, Aniki’s handmade T-shirt!”


“Baka-inu, it’s mine so give it back”

*Ota forcefully pulling the shirt off Inui*

“Ouch… my neck!!