why is he so adorable why

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How does the gang react to A FemElf Inquisitor being really close with Dorian. Always with him, sits at his feet when he reads and leans on his legs cute stiff like that.

well I think this is ADORABLE!!
Solas is… confused as to why the Inquisitor chooses Dorian to hang around. Solas is jealous of him, and wishes the Inquisitor would be with him like that instead of Dorian. He doesn’t say anything about it though.

Cassandra likes that the Inquisitor is close with someone, but she wonders why it’s Dorian. Of all the crazy characters in this band of idiots, they choose the necromancer. She actually thinks it’s funny seeing Solas green with envy when they are together.

Blackwall thinks it’s a little strange to be so close to a mab they’ve only known for a short time. Sure, they can enjoy each other company, but the Inquisitor is more a pet Mabari right now than a friend. Seeing Solas’s eyes burn red from jealousy is amusing though.

Sera is wondering why only Dorian? Why not her or someone else? Sure, she loves watching the bald elf storm away from them everyday, knuckles white from how hard his fists are clenched, but come on… Dorian is very boring!

Cole knows that being near Dorian is a comfort of a sort to the inquisitor. He can tell Dorian enjoys their company, so he doesn’t interfere with them. He tried helping Solas, but was shooed away before being able to.

Varric is feeling the same way as most others, wondering why Dorian was the object of their interest instead of Solas or something. He’s actually never seen the elf this upset… Varric personally has no problem, so long as they keep their, ‘cuddling’ away from him.

Vivienne loves more than anything seeing that conceded elf being so jealous over a friendship. She personally has no problem with Dorian, and is happy that she isn’t the one the Inquisitor is clinging to.

Bull likes Dorian, so… he feels like if he tried to get in between what they’ve got going on, he’ll ruin something. He knows Dorian isn’t attracted to the Inquisitor, but still… it’s like interrupting a Mabari puppy from being trained by its owner. Aside from that, seeing Solas so red in the face with anger is pretty funny.

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I can relate to Loki's surprise and confusion at Tonys anger. It's hard to understand why anyone would care about you in that situation so thank you for writing it and for Tonys explanation. I still don't think Loki fully understands but I know Tony will get it figured out. That aside, I really kind of hope to see more cat!Loki because he is adorable! I'm also excited to see Thor and Loki further repair their relationship! I'm a very happy bean right now.

❤️❤️❤️ I 100% relate to that situation as well, which is why I wrote it in.

Idk about more lokitty but Maybe more towards the end after we have worked through the rest of the angst??

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I think miles might be the overall breakout star because he's been fancast in more and more things and has a very devoted fanbase he was already quite successful before 13rw as well

What I love about Miles is that the fan base is really chill. Like I adore you guys. It reminds me a bit of like the Thomas Brodie-Sangster fandom (yes, I am in it 😂) because there’s that lack of social media presence, so when we get a new picture or video we literally love the fuck out of it.

Plus they’re both such sweethearts and just little babies who need to be cuddled and protected. AND they do projects that really mean something to them, that means we get so much variety in their projects and sometimes their work is a little different, and it’s so cool and interesting.

I really hope Miles gets the recognition he deserves. He obviously works really hard, and I love to see such pure actors like him be fancast in things

Royal Misfits Episode 1

• derek nd his back massager that isn’t even his he is sO PRECIOUS
• Christy and the salads
• little kids playing monopoly. Why are they both talented and adorable?
• i died at christy exposing ramin with the candy
• “the onion is relentless”
• why do Christy and derek have like THE cutest friendship in the entire world?
• Christy is so precious and I love her so much
That is all continue with your day


make me choose: cute or sexy zelo for anon!

        *✧・゚ the boy with starlight in his eyes  *✧・゚