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Battle Scars

A/N: FINALLY FEELING BETTER!! YAY! I STARTED THIS BEFORE I LEFT FOR AMERICA AND WROTE LIKE THE LAST HALF TODAY WHEN I FINALLY FELT BETTER! Anyways thank you for your patience and her is Yet another request from a Anon. I do hope I make you proud. :)

Pairings: Lucifer Morningstar x reader

Summary: After being injured on a case, Y/N decides to patch up Lucifer. However she fids more scars than she was in for.

Warnings: Nope


Originally posted by thechloris

Ever since you had met Lucifer at your sister, Dr. Linda Martins office, he had immediatly struck you as the reckless type. With beautiful eyes and a troublemaker smile you could tell that he was definitly the type liked to live dangerously. 

Maybe thats why you were so drawn to him

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James Potter Imagine 4

Just a lil something i came up with i hope y'all like it :)

also, ships are getting a little crazy ill try and keep up but please be patient!! :)

Your head immediately turned in the direction you heard the noise coming from. You spent a lot of time in the forbidden forest and it was dawn on a Saturday. You decided to just explore around, see what you could find, so you were obviously intrigued by the crunching leaves coming from your far left.

A stag gracefully walked out from the trees and made its way toward you. You held your breath in awe. You crouched down a bit and slowly walked towards it with your hand out. The stag looked as though it rolled its eyes and came bounding dowering you, bumping you with its head. You laughed to yourself and began petting it. 

“You should’ve seen it!” You were excitedly telling your best friends James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter.

Sirius smirked at James but you didn’t notice, too busy retelling your experience this morning to your friends. 

“I mean, It was unbelievable! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful! The most gorgeous stag came out and it didn’t even look scared! It was magnificent!! I hope I get to see it again, it was astounding!”

Remus burst into laughter and you looked at him confused.


“N-nothing, nothing,” Remus calmed down.

“Well I think,” James said, sending an odd smile his friends way before turning to you, “it sounds amazing. I have no doubt that it is the most beautiful specimen ever.”

There was a moment of giggling and you remained totally and utterly confused. 

“What is so funny?!” you asked accusingly.

“Nothing!” Peter attempted to assure you. 

Sirius looked over to see an older Ravenclaw girl exiting the Great Hall. 

He winked to you and got up, “I’m gonna get going.”

You and Remus both rolled your eyes and James gave him a thumbs up.

“Alright, bye!” Peter shouted to him as he rushed off.

“Have you seen our deer friend James?” Sirius was asking you with a smirk.

“Why do you keep doing that?”


“You, James, Remus, even Peter! You keep asking me about James with that.. weird, creepy, look on your faces. And you won’t shut up about the deer I saw but you won’t tell me why you’re so intrigued!”

“I,” Sirius grinned, “have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.”

You stared at him blankly, waiting for him to continue.

“But,” Sirius licked his bottom lip, “you can go ask James what’s up.”

You groaned and began stopping towards the Gryffindor common room.

James was sitting in the boy’s dormitories by himself attempting get antlers to appear on his head without becoming a full stag. He was supposed to be writing his potions essay, but Evans would be sure to help him out later.

He had just gotten it when his door was swung open in an alarmingly violent manner. 

“Okay,” you began, clearly not noticing the large antlers on top of his head, “I don’t know what the hell is going on but I want it to stop! I told you like last week about that stag I saw and yeah, It was pretty groovy or whatever but I don’t see why you and your stupid friends are taking it this far!” 

You were pacing back and forth now, your arms swinging wildly as you complained to your crush, “I mean, honestly! If you had me in on the joke it would be fine, but you’re all just making fun of me!”

James remained silent, eyes wide, staring at you and praying you’d leave without noticing anything was amiss. 

“Well?” You shot at him angrily and turned to get an explanation for his silence.

James opened his mouth to explain but you held your hand up.

“Do… do you have…. antlers?”


“James, you have antlers.”

“Okay but its-”

“Merlin’s beard!” You cut him off, just putting two and two together, “You! It was you! Thats why everyone was so bloody weird!”

James smiled innocently, “Yep….” 

Your face fell, “So when I was talking about the stag…”

“You were talking about me…” James was attempting to be casual but you could see the smirk he was trying to hide.

“Oh my god!” You blushed and put your hands on your face. 

“Hey,” James said getting up and laughing, “it’s fine, it’s not like-”

“Ow!” Jame’s antlers got stuck between the posters of his bed and the wall, making you laugh.

He squatted down and turned his head to get himself unstuck, untangling the curtain from his antlers as he walked closer to you.

“I mean, if I’m that gorgeous as a stag, how beautiful do you think I am as a human?” He grinned cheekily.

You blushed and rolled your eyes, “Oh shut up.”

“If I do remember correctly, you said something along the lines of, “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful,” is that right?” he said with a smirk. 

“James Potter, you are by far, the most conceited person I have ever met,” you said half serious-half joking.

“And you, y/n y/l/n, are by far the most beautiful person I have ever met.”

You grabbed his antlers and pulled him into a kiss, which ended in you both laughing as you looked into each others eyes.

“Besides me, of course,” James added. 

okay this turned out to be shit! hope u have a wonderful day!

I did miss you - Neymar

Heyyyyy this is a new Neymar Imagine. I hope you like this guys x Also sorry if you’re waiting for a request it’s taking me while at the moment I’m sorry x 

Originally posted by culed

“Miss? there’s someone there for you“ my assistant Jaclyn told me as her red curls pecked in my room.

I looked up from my computer where I had worked on for the past hours and furrowed my eyebrows together slightly. Who could that be? It wasn’t like I was expecting someone nor did anyone I knew cam here at that time of the day.

„Alright let them in“ I said and she nodded as soon as she left my room again.

I sighed and shut my laptop down, waiting for the mysterious stranger who was disturbing me at my researching. I looked up again as the door opened and no one else then Neymar walked in. I pressed my lips together. My assistant nodded at me and closed the door behind him. Neymar sat down on one of the chairs in front of me. As I observed him in detail, he looked a lot different from the last time I had seen him. He looked more matured somehow, he had a beard growing even through it may have only been a few days since. I haven’t seen him in a good year and even through it may have only been a few months it felt an eternity.

„hey“ he said and gave me a smile, showing his perfect white teeth, which reminded me exactly why I haven’t seen him in so long.

Neymar and me had been dating, for years until we decided to end it. I had suffered a lot after the break up but i knew it was for the best. we both had changed, we grew into different people and as much as we still loved each other our both persons weren’t compatible anymore. He had changed, the fame, new friends and the media changed him, so he was a different person. So I was still in love with him, but the person I was in love with wasn’t the same who stood in front of me, who I slept in the same bed with, who I lived together with, anymore.

„Hey“ I said and gave him a small smile.

I didn’t really knew what he wanted here to be honest. We haven’t broken up in a fight or discussion or anything but we weren’t exactly friends either. So I haven’t seen him since, at least not face to face, I saw him on the news and still saw some of his games at camp nou, I had always been a barca fan. But I just haven’t seen him since I had left his apartment that morning.

„How are you doing? I haven’t seen you in so long“ he said.

„What are you doing here?“ I asked, not answering his question.

„I just wanted to see how you were doing“ he said and shrugged with his shoulders.

„How I’m doing?“ I asked skeptically.

„Of course“ he said as if it were nothing.

„But why right now? I haven’t seen you in forever“ I said.

„Thats why, i was just wondering how you were doing, if you’re still living here, still working for the same place“ he said and shrugged, and if it wouldn’t be under such weird circumstances I would have smiled and tell him how sweet it was from him.

„Well i’m doing just great. As you can see I’m still working here and I got a promotion.“ I said, I didn’t wanted to be mean, but I just didn’t get why he was here. We haven’t seen each other in so long and I don’t get why he was now randomly appearing again.

„I’m glad you’re doing great“ he said and I just nodded.

„So you maybe wanna grab lunch or something?“ he asked, clearly nervous.

„Neymar. Why are you here? After all this time. Why are you here right now? Only to ask me how I’m doing?“ I asked and he looked down in his lap, not once looking up at me.

„I missed you okay? I haven’t seen you in almost a year and I thought it would get better that the feeling of missing you would fade, but do you wanna know what? It only gets worse. I miss you. And I know it’s been a while since we talked and saw each other but I really fucking miss you“ he said and I thought my heart would explode at any second at how fast it was beating, I didn’t expect such an outburst of feelings from him he was never so sure of his feelings and it was hard for him to put them into words.

I opened my mouth but closed it again, how should I answer to that? He fucking missed me.

And as much as I always told myself I was over him and I was doing fine without him, that he didn’t mean anything to me anymore, I knew I was only kidding myself, he was still so important to me and of course I missed him, of course I did. i wasn’t the same without him and all those months felt like a bad dream.

„And I know the reasons we broke up. God do I know. I do realize that I changed and that fame changed me. i do realize that. But the time without you that’s what changed me most“ he said and the tears that had welled up in my eyes were now spelling out of my eyes one by one.

Neymar got out of his seat and walked around the table to kneel down in front of me. He wiped my tears away quickly, as he cupped my face with his hands.

„I did miss you too“ I whispered.

And i couldn’t help the tears that were streaming down my cheek as he held my face in his hands. All this months I kept my feelings towards him aside, I never realized how much I missed him and how good it felt to be with him again.

„can we please try again? I need you in my life“ he said as he wiped all the tears away.

„don’t let me go, ever again“ i said and a small smile grew on his lips.

„i won’t“ he said as he leaned in and pressed his lips on mine softly. I kissed him back and sighed, god did i miss him. and god did this feel like coming home.

Blog Entry (Peter Parker Imagine)

Requested by: no one 

Fandom: Spider-man/Marvel

Prompt: You hear a loud noise and go to check it out, only to find no other than spider man. 

Character/s: Peter Parker x Reader

Form: Full Fic

Warnings: Swearing? Idk? Unedited

A/N: I wrote this at 2 AM and I don’t know why? I should’ve been working on requests but I made this instead. But I lowkey wanna do a part two.

Part Two


My Spider-Man Meeting I Guess? 

July 7th 2017

I am alert, to say the least, and I always have been. I have to be, I grew up in Queens with my parents around only about one day a week. I have grown up almost all alone, which though it was lonely sometimes I try to look on the bright side. I can cook, clean, and even drive and I have from a very young age so it’s not all bad.

I was sitting on my couch with my usual set up, my TV blaring but me still ignoring it on my computer on the couch. It was the same old same old, I mean I thought it was? Sure, the wifi was slow that day but that wasn’t nearly as weird as what was about to happen. Anyways back to the story!

I was about to just slam my computer shut because of said slow wifi when suddenly there was a loud bang on my ceiling. I thought it was just my neighbors but then I realized, holy fuck I don’t have neighbors I live on the top floor! My instantly first thought was someone had a gun, I live in that kind of neighborhood so it seemed logical. 

I, feeling especially brave, decided to go up and check it out. Right before leaving through the door to the building roof I realized how fucked I am if they do have a gun. So I grabbed a broom to fight with, not my brightest decision but meh. Wait why am I focusing so much on small details?

I start to panic for a little bit before I can bring myself to open the door. I had no idea what I’d be up against at that point. I mustered up all my courage, took a deep breath and kicked the door open. There I saw something that may have forever changed my life.

I saw the spider man laying face down on the roof of my apartment building. I looked around for any sign of a bad guy or someone to use my broom on but there was notta. I take in the situation a bit more and sort of hold back a laugh, then not knowing what to say or do or even if this guys conscious I say, “Hello?”

He jumps to his feet in less than a second and whips around, making it very obvious (if you ask me) that he didn’t expect anyone to be up there. “I- hey Y/n! Hello there, what are you doing up here?” he asked me sounding rather embarrassed or like I had caught him doing something wrong. Then it hit me, how the fuck does he know my name? 

“How do you know my name? This is where I live. What are you doing here?”

“I was just y’know swinging around on my webs and I may have over calculated some stuff.” he told me and look down at the end with his voice trailing off not answering my question. Boy fucking howdy was I confused though. I had no idea what he meant by webs or why he had to calculate anything to get on the roof. There’s stairs for a reason, but I digress. Also the whole over calculation thing reminded me a lot of a boy from my math class, but thats probably me making a useless connection between math class and a math word.

“Your webs??” I asked and probably looked super fucking confused. 

At first he just stared at me, then his eye thingys moved? I think he was squinting at me for not knowing but whatever then they went back to normal. “Oh yeah, these things!” he then shot off a weird web thing from his arm(?) and took my broom.

“Hey! That’s my only defense!”

“You were going to fight me? With a broom?” he asked me and I fully realized how stupid I was.  I just glared and crossed my arms to stomp over and take it from him. 

“Well I was if I had to! I think I know who you are now though. You’re like… captain spider, right?”

“Wha-?! No! It’s Spider-Man!” he threw his arms out and I think I actually upset him. So being the kind considerate person I am, I continued to do it.

“Pfft ‘Man’? You sound like you’re my age!” I said though laughs.

“Well- well actually people have said worse so I’ll take it.” he shrugged and then there was this really long and awkward silence. Then not really knowing what else to do I just burst out laughing. It wasn’t even a normal small laugh I was going full on. The spider dude was looking at me like I was fucking psycho, I don’t blame him.

Once I caught my breath I looked up at him and he took a step back clutching my broom. “Woah um- are you okay? Why were you laughing like that??” I laughed a bit more.

“I’m sorry but this situation is just so fucking weird.” I explained and then he sort of started nervously laughing probably out of awkwardness. Then it grew to a real laugh and I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty cute. So me and this super hero were on my roof laughing like psychos. Sadly not my weirdest day yet. 

Then once our laughing died down a bit, he walked over to the edge of the roof. “Well I should return to the usual.”

“This isn’t your usual?”

“No, no it is not.” he said shook his head a bit. You could hear some amusement in his voice so I guess he wasn’t completely weirded out. He gave a small wave and shot a web out to a building. “Hey, I’ll see you around!” I said and smiled at him.

“Definitely.” he replied then swung away. I was about to turn around and go inside when I realized that he still has my broom. I sighed and went back inside, I guess its his broom now. 

And thats the story of how I met the super hero spider-man. Also how I lost my only broom. I don’t know why you wasted your time reading this. Also, I’d totally tap that!


Peter slowly closed his laptop and stared out his window for a second. 



Requests are Open


Imagine being Sonny’s cousin and he finds out you and Barba are sleeping together. 

Requested by  runyoucleverboy-andremember123 & anon

Warning: Angst, Angry; Barba, Angry; Sonny

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JT Anon

Anna:  Two asks from JT combined in one post:

JT Anon:  also, no sneaky pics of Ben hanging out at the festival all day, even thought there is the SAME pap agency that has taken the mean, nasty, privacy ruining pap pics of date nights! I wonder why they weren’t shoving their cameras in Bens face and snapping pics while he looked annoyed? I mean, thats what they have done every time w Weirdo. Weird that he is so ok w those paps suddenly, after they clearly scared his darling so very much! Its almost like there is an arrangement

Anna:  Different pap agencies JT.  He smiles for Getty, doesn’t smile for Shutterstock (Rex).  

Also… as a general rule of thumb, he doesn’t smile much (and when he does, it’s strained) when it’s a “date night” with Weirdo.

JT Anon:  By Nan logic, Im stalking celebrities every time I flip through People magazine. 

Apparently to nans, looking at publicly released photos of a celebrity from the comfort of your home thousands of miles away is stalking, but WALKING UP AND DOWN HIS FAMILY STREET is not? 

Sorry BC didnt tell you about the event nans, sorry because of this you 1) couldnt immediately jump on a plane to go and 2) couldn’t insist this was a family birthday celebration w SH there enjoying the event w her mother in law

Anna:  JT, you covered EVERYTHING I would have to say regarding stalking if I cared enough to offer the Nans a counter-argument in a paragraph.

In fact, I’ve highlighted the very important bit for the Nans who have trouble with reading comprehension and even caps-locked the VERY important part of that very important bit, so they’ll walk away with the true gist of what stalking is.

You’re welcome Nans.  I’m sure JT basks in your appreciation   :o)

insp by 17s mama performance outfits,,,here’s a tad bit of new student!you x princes of the elite private boarding school!seventeen (sorry if its messy!!)

  • you’re a transfer student whose just been dropped off in front of these big, intimidating gates that lead to a beautiful campus of the boarding school you’ll be attending this year that you got a scholarship for and tbh you’re scared out of your mind because everything looks so rich and new and you’re just there with your little suitcase and in like a plain hoodie but you can already see kids walking around in pretty plaid uniforms and youre like im gonna embarrass myself,,,, i know i am,,,,
  • but u like sign and pep talk urself into sucking it up like it cant be too bad and like while you’re telling yourself its gonna b fine this boy comes up behind you and is like ‘are you lost?’ and you turn around and see the tall, handsome student with his hair slicked back professinally and he smiles a bit shyly like 
  • “hello, im joshua. im the president of the welcoming committee at the school. you must be the transfer?
  • you’re just at a lose for words for the most part because he looks like a straight up prince and he like leans over to take your luggage but you’re like ‘its fine!!!!’ and u just like cant let him carry it like not when his family can probably like buy a whole island and tbh he looks like royalty ur like i cant make a prince carry my stuff
  • but joshua insists and he just picks it up easily in one hand and youre like oh my god and he’s like ‘come with me, ill show you around’ and you’re about to walk behind him when like…..ur suitcase opens and……everything spills out
  • everything……..EVERYTHING……
  • and you’re horrified, but joshua is turning a bright red color too and just begins apologizing like crazy and you get down to try and pick everything up and he like accidentally picks up like your pajamas and hes red in the face and all of a sudden you hear 
  • ‘why are you going through this cute students stuff president josh????’ and u turn and u see like this tall, dark haired handsome boy in a different uniform and he’s smiling and has this twinkle in his eyes
  • and you’re blushing a bit because he called u cute and joshua behind you is rolling his eyes honestly he’s like ‘Seungcheol, aren’t you supposed to be in class?’ 
  • and the one named Seungcheol is looking you up and down and his smiles just getting more and more wide and he’s like ‘oh nah, i thought id come out and meet the new student for myself…..im glad i took the opportunity to.’
  • and he like winks at u
  • and ur like What Kinda Teen Adult Romance Novel move was that 
  • but its endearing he has,,, a charm and he’s just like ‘do you need help with your things?’ but before he can reach down to help joshua’s like ‘seungcheol. go to class.’ and seungcheol pouts like y u gotta ruin the fun prez but he just shrugs and turns back to you like
  • ‘my dorms in the west building so if you ever want to find m-’
  • joshua’s like ‘CLAss SeungchEol ’ and seungcheols like i get it i get it im going but he gives u like another wink and ur just like,,,,,,what just happened
  • joshua apologizes 10000000 times about seungcheol and ur stuff as u two like get it gathered back up and continue walking toward this building and hes like ‘this is our library, it’s one of the biggest out of all the private schools, feel free to use it whenever’ and youre kind of like……can we go inside
  • and joshua’s like dont you wanna drop off your things???? and ur like yes,,,but i like libraries a lot i just wanna take a sneak peek and joshua like breaks out this other smile because oh you like reading,,so does he,,,interesting but instead he just says like ‘oh well just a short look couldn’t hurt’
  • and he leads u inside and toward the desk where there’s another handsome boy buried in a book and when he looks up you catch your breath because he’s stunning like, next level and when he stands up to greet joshua ur like holy moly he’s tall tOO
  • joshua goes ‘this is wonwoo, he’s here a lot because he volunteers here on his downtime when he doesnt have class’
  • and like when he makes eye contact with you, you feel like you’re going to melt under his gaze and he gives off this cold, mysterious vibe
  • and you’re honestly a little frightened so you just bow your head and he looks back at joshua and ur like wow rude but tbH he’s just shy he like doesnt know how to act around cute new transfers
  • joshua’s like looking between u two and he’s like ‘well, ill wait here with ur luggage so u can go take a quick look around’
  • ur eyes light up and u thank him as u dash off inside and god its a private school, the library is gorgeous with a winding staircase and rows of desks to study at and just book shelves upon book shelves probably like a chandelier somewhere too 
  • and you just go into a random aisle and you like touch the books and they’re all well kept and you’re honestly in love until
  • you trip
  • over
  • someones …. feet
  • and as u turn to see who it was u see this boy, with beautiful hair tied back and angelic features but he is just…..sleeping………right there……in the bookshelf
  • he looks peaceful and all,,,,,but you’re a little concerned but suddenly as u wanna get closer to see if he’s ok he lifts his hand and is like ‘one more minute,,,,,,,,i want to sleep ,,,,,,’
  • and you’re like ????? um ok but his eyes slowly open and your face is probably becoming flustered again because his eyes are this nice deep set brown and like
  • you read his name tag and you’re like jeonghan,,,,thats so,,,,pretty 
  • and he’s just staring at you for a moment and its silent and you’re like what is it with everyone here staring but he smiles and he’s like
  • ‘you’re new?’ and you nod slowly and he’s like ‘ahhhhh, ……….’ pauses to think and then he’s like ‘welcome……’ and goes back to sleep and ur like
  • honestly 
  • this first day has been wild why r so many nice looking boys at this school and why are all of them a little on the weird side what is happening honestly
  • h o n e s t  l y
A lil’ somethin’ about the hug and butthurts..

first of all.. why am i seeing lots of people said shitz about that chanbaek hug..?

like seriously..? actually i don’t want to write this, but the amount of sh*tz i saw on Chanbaek tag are just ridiculous.. 


they hugged.. and we shippers are happy for it since its maybe the realest, closest contact/skinship chanbaek had for i don’t know, few years..!?

look guys.. we shippers, well most of us like chanbaek not as brothers.. many of us see chanbaek as two guys liking each other romantically.. you can see them whatever you want but thats what we see them as.. 

so can you understands why we are so happy when they hugged..? yes Chanbaek do aware of their ship’s popularity, with the amount of chanbaek banners in the venue also might be the catalyst for Sehun to decided to do it, and that hug could just be some fanservice arranged by them themselves..

but what makes us so excited and going all nuts about is how genuine Chanbaek’s and the members’ reactions are towards that 3 seconds hug..

Don’t tell me that smile on Baekhyun’s face is fake.. no ONE can fake THAT kind of smile.. i bet Baekkie are just being mischievous because Chanyeol is freaking out and shy because like i said, this is probably their first ever REAL hug on stage or on public..! 

idk what else do you want.. i know that i don’t know chanbaek.. i don’t know exo or close with them, i’m a total stranger, but i’m someone who loves exo.. when you love someone or something, you know them up and down.. mostly.. and i think i can read my chanbaek based on what i saw these past years.. what i closely see..  

tbh, i didn’t read that 5 paragraph analysis in weibo(?) about that hug, but based on what i saw, Chanbaek liked it.. and the members reactions, confirmed it.. 

Chen - their best friend - his reactions are also very fishy..


how suho and chen dropped from their supposed frozen state after they saw what Sehun want to do with Chanbaek.. and Chen’s smiles after that are just weird to me.. 

don’t make me pointed out kyungsoo’s reaction.. 

gifs cr: @awkwardmickey 

if you guys know me you know that i call Kyungsoo, Chanbaek guardian angel or kyungsoo as someone who definitely knows something about chanbaek.. whether chanbaek is real or not, kyungsoo definitely knows something.. look at kyungsoo.. he looks so happy after the hug tho. what is that..!? if chanyeol hates it, and kyungsoo knows Chanyeol hates it, i bet he won’t make such approving face and smile.. 

another thing..

the awkwardness.. 

aigoo.. guys..! 

chanbaek never hug on stage before.. like real hug..! and tbh, i dont sense any awkwardness in that hug.. what i sensed..? shyness.. both of them are embarrassed.. thats why the hug come out a little bit weird looking.. but thats not awkwardness.. Baekhyun’s face are not showing any awkwardness or un-comfortableness.. chanyeol also are smiling so widely and they even teasing each other during that hug..

i bet all of you aware that, to avoid doing what Sehun always made his victims do, fake kiss, Chanbaek use their height difference.. Chanyeol tiptoe-ing while Baekhyun lower his head.. but do you realize..? when the hug are about to happen, when Sehun pushes both of their bodies together, chanyeol drop his tiptoe and Baekhyun tiptoe instead..!


most of you said that Baekkie open his hat so that it wont hit chanyeol’s face, right..? if he don’t want it to hit chanyeol’s face, why the heck did he tip-toed..!!!!!? he did it so that he can put his arm around Chanyeol’s shoulder/neck.. did you ever think it like that.? at all..? look at Chanbaek’s perspective.. 

ok guys.. thats all form me.. hahahaha.. i don’t understands all the hates and names and shades thrown at us Firelights regarding our reactions towards this hug.. you guys, non-Firelights have no idea how precious this moment is to us.. how long we’ve been waiting for chanbaek to atleast make an obvious fanservice together as chanbaek.. they are very popular.. Firelights is a very big family.. i always say to myself, i don’t mind even if the moment look obviously like fanservice, just please do something for us.. 

there are a lot of moments other ships has.. they hugs, kisses, teases, skinships, many more.. but chanbaek? they claimed that they are bestfriend.. the members talked about how loud and active they are when they are together.. but they dont show that to us.. we Firelights who are craving for something from them.. 

so please understands our feelings.. we got enough hates just being a Firelight.. just liking chanbaek.. why? yes because we take Chanbaek seriously.. we don’t ship chanbaek for mere reasons but for real chanbaek..  i don’t and i won’t touch about their sexuality, sexual orientations and their sexual status, because i know many people will backlash me with many other shetz regarding that.. for us, we see love in chanbaek.. thats it.. thats the only reasons we love them so much.. 


p/s: see? this is why i don’t want to make any post about my thought on that hug moment.. haishhh.. i always ended up with long ass post and emotional closing.. sigh.. aigoo.. please guys.. this is MY OPINION.. so like i always said in all of my posts, if you agree, then cool.. if you don’t, also cool.. but i don’t need your hates, your rant and your BS in my inbox or my chat.. my blog is mine and i post chanbaek.. so yeah..

have a good night  Firelights.. <3 you yall my family ^^

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andreil coffee shop au?? maybe neil is a barista at starbucks and andrew is a huge fan of the birthday cake frappacino??

first; im so sorry this took so long. exams.

second; i started writing it from the middle to end in full-fledged fic format (quite long too acc) but i have the beginning to write and its in hc format because fic format will take too long?? sorry, i hope you like it babe! (it’s v long yikes)

in this au, aaron doesnt play exy. he is a doctor and lives in nyc with katelyn. 

  • so we all know andrew minyard packs the weight of the northern hemisphere inside of him in sugar 
  • he likes going to coffeeshops in south carolina and all but recently a starbucks just opened on campus 
  • so andrew’s like ‘yeah why not let’s try it’
  • so he’s just entered the shop and hes looking at the menus and stuff and a certain neil josten (cute new barista boy with dusty hair and delicate hands and artistic cheekbones) smiles 
  • and andrew’s like lmao i might as well play pro exy just to earn enough money to buy this branch so i can be manager and stare at this smol (yet physically tol) boy all day
  • but yeah its about coffee okay 
  • so he pushes his thirstiness down and continues ravaging the menus when w h o do you know, neil walks over and him being an excellent reader of people and gr88 at customer service, goes 
  • “hello, were you looking at anything special today?”
    • and andrew’s mind’s like yeah you 
    • if it was anyone else, he’d glare but this boy’s smile is too pretty to scare off so andrew goes “actually, it’s my first time here.”
  • neil: “oh wow, well if you dont find anything, i highly recommend the birthday cake frappuccino. you’d like it, it’s super sweet”
  • and andrew’s face goes a little ?? because how would this stranger know he’d like the sweet 
  • and nei understands and goes “oH I watched your interview.”
    • andrew: ?
    • neil: youre andrew minyard right 
    • andrew: “uh”
    • neil: exy 
    • and for a second, andrew forgot he’s famous in the media bc lbr he doesnt care about exy or fame 
    • and andrew doesnt understand why they put such weird stuff on his interviews like drink preferences but okAy aNYWAYS 
  • he’s like, “uh yeah sure” 
  • so this happens and andrew comes the next day and neil says hi again and goes “the birthday cake?” and his smile is so wide, andrew has to gulp and he can barely manage a “yes” because this boy is like a fairy wtf 
  • eventually, neil and andrew somehow get to have a convo (neil is a nerd™ but andrew’s okay with it. talking to neil about exy is the only time andrew likes exy. but thats okay too because slowly, he realizes he likes neil too.)
  • until one day, they’re sitting on the curb behind the shop during neil’s break when andrew goes: [initiate fic]

“Coach’s forcing everyone to go to some Winter Banquet in Georgia,” Andrew says and he’s playing with the straw in this drink.

“I see.”

Andrew wants to run away because this was a bad idea but if he doesn’t say it now, he never will, so he tries to speak against the rocks in his throat.

“Have you ever been to Atlanta, Josten?”

Neil looks up in surprise, a little struck that Andrew was asking to take him, no matter how deluded the question was. It was still there, hanging in the space between them, biting at Andrew’s nerves every second that Neil didn’t respond. There were about one hundred and forty-two bored comebacks on the tip of Andrew’s tongue if Neil said no, but the reply was just, “No, but I’d like to.”

  • sorry little interruption here: 
    • neil the nerd’s initial thought process was like “woAh am i going to meet all the exy warriors??? is this it?? is this real? is this happening to me??”
    • but he decided that wasnt why he said yes, because exy was cool but andrew was better and lowkey neil’s andrew minyard greatest stan bc best goalie in the league™ but he wont admit to that yet
  • bac k to the story 

Andrew considered that a victory and gave Neil his barely-drank drink to Neil before leaving.


Winter banquet, according to Palmetto’s athletes, is on December 3 and its only November 26 when Neil throws yet another cup labelled ‘Andrew’ in the trash, to join the remaining 9. His manager might actually fire him for plastic wastage like that. Andrew had asked him to Winter Banquet and when Neil looked back, Andrew had seemed pretty content with Neil’s answer, but that didn’t line up with the fact that Andrew had not returned for the past week. It’s terrible, Neil thinks, waiting for someone to validate you, and decides perhaps Andrew wasn’t such a great decision after all. The burning in his chest says otherwise.

On the eleventh day, the glass revolving door beckons the entrance of one Andrew Minyard and Neil smiles despite himself. He walks over to the frappuccino-mixer to get the Birthday Cake rolling when he sees Andrew’s companion. Andrew strolls towards a table with a tall girl in a Vixen uniform with soft eyes and Neil knows it’s probably a teammate until she grabs his hand and he lets her. His stomach feels weak with his the hopelessness of his hope. The smile Andrew gives her is wide enough to burn his own away. Andrew doesn’t as much as look at Neil. He also doesn’t order the Birthday Cake Frappuccino because the girl takes care of it. Another cup lands in the trash and Neil thinks getting fired right now would at least give him some time to sleep all of this out.


The next time Andrew walks in the door, he has a bandage across his cheek. Neil shouldn’t care, but he does, but at least he doesn’t say anything about it. No cups are thrown because Neil doesn’t care enough to make an unasked drink for an unasked-for boy anymore. He continues to serve other customers and forces himself to not look in Andrew’s direction. When Andrew gets up to order, Neil’s supposed to be on break but for unholy reasons, Dan has pulled Matt out to the back of the building with her and Neil doesn’t want to imagine why. There aren’t a lot of people around but Neil just wants to breathe in the air for moment. The remaining thick air in his lungs evaporates when Andrew makes his way towards him and Neil wishes he had the choice to not serve customers he didn’t like.

“Neil,” Andrew says, and Neil gives him the most cool, levelled gaze he can muster.

“What would you like, today?”

Andrew frowns at that, but presses on, anyway.

“The Birthday Cake. I thought you knew it was my usual.”

“No, didn’t really know anything, actually,” Neil retorts calmly and gets to work. Andrew presses his fingers against Neil’s when he’s handed the drink because he can feel there’s something wrong but words aren’t his forte and he hopes Neil will talk to him. The flinch of Neil’s hand stings a little, but he decides he’ll ask him on break.


Matt comes back from the back with mused hair and Neil grimaces but goes out back and pulls a cigarette out of his pocket. He’s sitting on the same curb where Andrew had asked him, lied to him, a week ago when there’s footsteps behind him but he ignores them. His cigarette is pulled out of his fingers and he turns around, annoyed to see Andrew settling beside him on the curb.

“I’d like to know why you’re suddenly avoiding me.”

Neil gives him a brief, bored look.

“I’m not. And that was mine.”

“I would care, but I don’t.” He carelessly flicked the cigarette away, causing another scowl to form on Neil’s face.

“Did you change your mind.” Neil raises his eyebrows in confusion and Andrew looks a little annoyed so he continues, “About going.” He doesn’t say “with me” because articulating the fact that Andrew wants Neil to “go with him” makes it real and senseless and Andrew does not work with flustering statements.

“Why, did the Vixen reject your messed up face?,” he said, motioning towards his face to indicate Andrew’s bandages.

Now it’s Andrew’s turn to look confused and he goes, “What? The bandages? I was smashed by a Raven. And what Vixen? I don’t like their excessive and quite frankly, unnecessary enthusiasm.  The only person looking at my face for a week has been Abby.”

Neil is annoyed and frustrated that Andrew’s making him go around in circles and he came here for a break not to be bothered by a hallucination of a relationship. White lies from Andrew also don’t help so he gets to the point with poison lacing his tone.

“Cut the crap, Andrew. The Vixen; the girl you brought yesterday. Spoiler alert: not ordering by yourself doesn’t make me not see you. Lying to me also doesn’t make you any more admirable.”

The Vixen thing was weird for Andrew but the addition of “girl” puts everything into perspective and despite himself and the knot between Neil’s brows, Andrew laughs, a weird, sour thing, because its open and unguarded and infuriating. Neil grunts in annoyance and finally gets up when Andrew gets ahold of himself and grabs his wrist.

“You saw Aaron, Josten.”

Neil raises his eyebrows in silent question but doesn’t pull.

“Who’s Aaron? I saw you.”

“Aaron’s my twin brother.”

Neil’s eyebrows somehow shoot higher in his dusty hair and he asks, “You have a twin?”


“And you never told me.”

Andrew gets up but let’s go of Neil’s wrist.

“Well I would, but I got hospitalized for a week so I didn’t have time to clarify concerns while you thought I was making out with my doppelgänger’s girlfriend.“

Neil frowned.

“I thought you were being the ‘arrogant, blonde prince of Exy’ and lying to me.”

“That’s repulsive. Never call me that again.”

“That’s what the media calls you, Minyard.”

Andrew smirked, “‘Andrew’ should suffice. You might get confused with the ‘Minyard’ thing again at Winter Banquet and make out with the wrong twin.”

Neil’s stomach churned with satisfying adrenaline and he entwined his fingers with Andrew’s before replying with, “Nah, if you had a twin, I’d still choose you.”

“You’re disgusting,” Andrew replied with the mockery of spite. A beat. Then, “And so is this god awful drink,  drink it for me.” Neil frowned but took the drink for him regardless.

“But you’ve been ordering it for over a month now.”

“Yeah, because you’d recommend it so viciously every day. I like artistically sweet things, not truck loads of liquid sugar. I also hate birthdays.” Andrew didn’t look bothered at this inconvenience though, so Neil was astounded, and amused and touched all the same.

“You’re disgusting,” he replied in mockery.

“And yet, you’d still choose me,” was Andrew’s response.

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I turn to left; smiling nervously "So.. what did you guys do to become outlaws?"

Colt could feel a growl rise in his throat, unable to stand the unprofessional actions of his brother. He couldn’t believe this… thing, was birthed by the same pokemon that brought him into the world. It was absolutely disgraceful, to him and his ‘business’. 

“Let go of the kid, you m*r*n. They were just askin’ a question.”

His tone was authoritative, and while Raze was never one to listen, he wasn’t ready to put in the effort of a fight with his kin. Reluctantly, he backed off with only a scoff and a role of the eyes. Brothers.

“Listen, brat. We ain’t people you wanna mess around with. The weirdo next to you? He’s the boss of Codex. I’m the fist behind Poppy Lords. That’s why we’re outlaws. Got ya’ answer? Scram.”

The godfather snarled, eyes glued to the newcomer as he expectantly awaited them to get the hell out of here, while Raze was still sulking. He didn’t need any casualties when the “temper tantrum” phase came. Arceus damn it.

[Names Unlocked: Raze [Left] and Colt [Right]


'You can be my lunch' Jswazz smut

I had just finished getting ready for the day. My boyfriend John was on his way over to take me out for lunch because we haven’t been able to see each other that much lately. I hear the front door shut and then John calls out to me

“I’m here baby girl!”

“I’m coming!” i yell back at him and meet him in the living room. His eyes widen as i walk into the room

“Mhm lil mama, you look delicious today” he says with hungry eyes.

“Delicious? John, really? I’m not your lunch.” i said to him. He walks up to my slowly and wraps his arms around my waist tightly.

“You could be my lunch… If you want” he states to me while kissing my neck. Obviously trying to provoke me but he promised we could have a nice lunch date.

“Johnn.” i whine, can we do this later? You promised me a date!“

“Baby you look so good in this sundress. It wraps around your curves perfectly. Your legs look amazing, and your thighs, oh how i want my head between them now.”

Before i have time to protest my dress is being bunched up at my stomach and his hand is in my panties, index finger rubbing circles on my clit.

“Mhmm johnn.” i moan and lean my head on his shoulder for support.

“See baby, i knew you wanted this. You should know by now that i always get what i want.” he pulls my thong to the side and sticks on finger inside of me. His thumb. On my clit still rubbing circles. He pulls down the front of my dress and my boobs spring free.

“You shouldn’t wear dresses like with with out a bra baby.”

I don’t even bother to answer him as he takes one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking harshly i cry out in pleasure. John places a second finger inside of me pumping at a fast pace and i start to loose myself.

“Dont cum yet baby i want you to sit on my face.” he stops what he’s doing and pulls my thong completely off of me. My dress falls and bunches back around my thighs. John stands in front of me just starting at me for a moment.

“You are so fucking beautiful. I am so glad you are mine.” he say to me looking me up and down. Starting to feel nervous in me excoriate exposed state i pull my dress back up on my chest and John looks at me weird.

“Dont hide yourself in front of me baby. You are perfect and you need to know that.” i just smile to him and kiss him with all that i have. He knows that he is the reason why I’m so comfortable in my own skin.

John pulls away and kisses me one last time before he goes and lays on the couch. “Let me eat you baby then we can head to lunch.”

“Thats a perfect idea.” i say winking at him. I kneel next to his head on the couch as throw one knee over his head. I lower myself onto his tongue as he quickly starts lapping up my juices.

“Mhmm you taste like pineapples baby girl. You taste so sweet.” i look down at him and chuckle a little at how my dress is hiding his face.

I lift my dress and yell “peekaboo!” like a child and his teeth scrape against my clit.

“Fuckk!” i scream and fall to my hands from the pleasure. He sticks a finger in me and pumps, followed by a second one. Soon im rocking my hips against his face, pushing back against his fingers.

He stops his fingers and says to me “baby i want you to make your self cum. Ill keep my fingers inside of you and stick my tongue out, but it is up to you to make the friction happen.”

Accepting his challenge i start to rock on his fingers and his tongue darts to my clit but doesn’t move. I start off slowly, but i quickly get frustrated from the lack of pressure and start to rock faster.

Soon im rocking sloppily against him desperate for a realise.

“Please.” i start to beg, hoping John will do something to help me cum.

“Please what baby?” i can feel the smirk on his face.

“Please do something!” i scream at him but he stays still.

“John please do something! I need you.” i moan at him as sexually as i can hoping that works.

Finally i feel his fingers move against me and he sucks on my clit hard. I stop rocking and enjoy the pleasure he’s giving me. He adds a third finger and fucks me with them as fast as he can. Hitting my g-spot every time

“Dont stop baby!” i cry out as my orgasm hits me. My knees shake and my toes curl. Johns free arm goes around my waist to keep me still or else i might just have fallen off of the couch.

I come down from my high and fall on the couch as John stands up.

“Are you ready to go to lunch baby?” he asks me and i just shake my head and stand up to lead him to my bedroom.

“Lets take a nap baby and we can oder pizza later.” i tell him because now im tried and i cant think of a better way to spend the day than with my boyfriend in bed.

“You need to wear sundresses more often y/n, so you can be ready to squat on my face anytime you want.” he says to me. I just smile at him and pull him down next to me in bed. I might just take him up on his offer.

You Goofy

Scenario: Jay is on a variety show and meets a quirky girl and Jay becomes interested in her.


Jay’s P.O.V.

Another day of interviews and variety shows. How fun! I know, I know. You might say “Jay you are your own boss. You don’t have to do this.” Well I do. That doesn’t mean I want to though. I gotta promote my company somehow.

This show sucks anyways. They try way too hard to be funny. I just pretend I’m having a great time, but on the inside I’m dying. I don’t think I can handle another half an hour.

Can something excited please happen!?

“Now we would like to introduce you to the new RnB artist who just made her debut two days ago, (Y/N)!” Yelled the MC.

Oh that girl with that catchy song! I’ve never seen her face before. I know that theres an MV but I’ve been to busy to watch it. What if she’s really pretty? No, no Jay! Your smooth you got this. You can get any girl. Oh no! She’s really pretty! Ahh what to do!? STOP STAY CALM! Does everyone else notice how much I’m freaking out? Does it show? Okay I need to put my gangsta face on.

“Hello everyone! My names is (Y/N). I hope you enjoy my music.”

She turns her head and looks at me. Oh god! Were making eye contact! Her eyes are gorgeous.

(Y/N) P.O.V

I’m standing backstage totally nervous. My manager is giving me a whole lecture on how I need to be polite and use my manners and how I need to hide my weirdness. How am I suppose to do that? I can’t control myself. I’m just weird. My mom always calls me Goofy after the big dog from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Thanks mom. I hope that doesn’t get leaked out.

I released my first single two days ago along with an MV. I’ve already gotten so much positive feed back. Of course some negative but I don’t pay attention to that.

I really hope I make a good impression since this is my first variety show. This isn’t my favorite show. Honestly, it sucks, but it’s a start. At least the love of my life is here. Jay Park! Awww his name gives me chills. Thats the main reason why I’m nervous. What if he thinks I am too weird? I would die! But he looks so nice. And he is so handsome!

“Right?” Said my manager.

“What? Oh yeah right.”

“Good! Now go out there and remember tame the urge to act weird.” She said as I walked away.

“I doubt thats possible,” I called back.

“Now we would like to introduce you to the new RnB artist who just made her debut two days ago, (Y/N)!” Yelled the MC.

I walk on stage walking and smiling. I try to not look at him because if I do, I might have a heart attack.

“Hello everyone! My names is (Y/N). I hope you enjoy my music.”

I turn my head and look at Jay in the eyes. Why did I look!? Why is his mouth open and his eyes wide? Either he thinks I’m super hot or super ugly.

“It’s nice to meet you. You are so talented and beautiful. Please sit down next to Jay.”

I take my seat next to Jay and try to look natural. In the corner of my eye I can see he is staring at me. I look at him again and flash smile.

“Jay are you okay? Ever since she came out her you have been staring,” the MC laughed at Jay.

“Oh sorry. I can’t help it. She’s just so beautiful,” he says while looking in my eyes the whole time.

Oh what do I do? Oh bow, I have to bow. Manners, my manager would be proud.

Jay P.O.V.

The show is almost done and every second I like (Y/N) more and more. She is so funny and quirky. She is perfect! She’s beautiful, talented, and funny. I need to ask her out. If I don’t I will regret it forever.

10 minutes later

We all walk off stage saying our thanks and congrats and all that jazz. Then I see (Y/N) heading towards her dressing room.

“Hey wait (Y/N)!”

“Yeah? Whats up?”

“Uh um. Haha,” I nervously chuckle.“ Well I um. Uh gosh”

“ Is Jay Park at a lost for words?” She said jokingly shocked.

“Well of course. Any man at the presence of beautiful women like yourself would be.”

That did it. Shes blushing like crazy!

“Would you like to go to dinner with me sometime?”

“Me? Really? You want m- I mean yeah sure.”

“Haha. Cool heres my number and text me when your free. Ill see you around. ”

“Yeah, see you,” She said shyly as she walked into her dressing room and closed her door.

“Yessss!” I whispered to myself so no one could hear.

(Y/N) P.O.V.

I close the door behind me and flop against the couch.

“My celebrity crush just asked me out on a date. Hm. Maybe I like this variety show after all”

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Hey hey hey hey friend you should do an hc of the rfa + V and Saeran going caroling together with Mc!!



  • matching christmas sweaters
  • he cant stop singing jingle bells
  • he also can stop smiling
  • him and MC arent the best singers, but they’re the happiest couple in all of christmas
  • he also has a bell kit that you can wear while you play
  • in case you need a picture of what Yoosung is wearing while he carols:


  • him and MC are red and gold color coordinated
  • Zen is mariah carey
  • MC sings the main melody while he harmonizes and does ad-lib
  • sometimes it comes out really cool but sometimes he way overdoes it
  • him and MC have a whole set list that ends with the best christmas song of all times
  • Silver Bells
  • Zen loves to stretch out the harmonies on this song and really feel every note
  • he develops a newfound love for christmas because it’s the only time of year he gets to sing with MC


  • she is wearing 35 layers
  • she makes MC wear 35 layers
  • they are the most bundled-up pair on the block
  • Jaehee likes to sing silent night
  • its such a sweet, peaceful song
  • she even harmonizes in a couple places
  • silent night is the only song she likes to sing, actually
  • her and MC just sing it and then say merry christmas and then leave
  • and Jaehee is having the time of her life


  • he got that low range down PAT
  • can you tell i get excited about deep-voiced boys
  • he prints out sheet music and begins rehearsals with MC as soon as decemer hits
  • he hired someone to arrange a christmas medley
  • by the time they go caroling Jumin and MC both have the music memorized
  • the hold hands and sing in perfect harmony
  • Jumin cant belive that MC is the perfect match for him in every way, even vocally
  • his favorite part of the medley is when they sing white christmas and MC hits the ending harmony perfectly


  • one man band
    • he’s got a harmonica and a marching bass drum and a keyboard (but he only uses the sound effects setting)
    • at one point in their set MC starts beat boxing and Seven does a christmas rap
    • everyone begged him not to
    • but the idea had MC’s approval and that’s all he needed
    • so many people are forced to listen to his christmas rap
    • so many innocent children
    • so many unsuspecting families
    • but hell him and MC were having a good time
    • they could feel the christmas joy and thats all that matters


    • he buys christmas song books and learns basic piano for this
    • he doesnt have like a super amazing voice but tries his best to learn a few harmonies
    • he’s just so excited
    • “look, MC! i bought us matching sweaters for caroling next week!”
    • they also wear matching scarves
    • V is so happy while caroling he cant stop smiling
    • he’s smiling so big that his singing goes sharp a little and MC giggles during the song
    • but he’s really just happy to be here, by MC’s side
    • best! christmas! ever!


    • very pouty
    • sings very quiet
    • why did he agree to this
    • its so cold
    • but then he looks at MC and they looks so happy singing
    • oh yea, thats why he agreed to this <3
    • every time Saeran catches himself singing too quietly or acting distant he tries to catch himself and be more positive
    • this results in some weird volume things during songs but thats fine
    • caroling is pretty lame but that one sleigh ride song is pretty cool…pfft
    • MC is so bright and thanks him for singing with them even though he didnt want to
    • Saeran melts into a puddle

    thanks for reading! :3


    Originally posted by jeonify

    Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6


    Members : All of BTS

    Genre: Pretty much everything fluff, angst including smut of course

    Word Count: 2.256


    My eyes do not leave them. Not even for a mere second… Even if I do not want to admit Jin may be right. I am so into Jeon JungKook but deep in my head a voice tells me I shouldn’t trust him at all. However I am not going to let Jin know that he could shove it through my face. I turn around, arch an eyebrow at him.

    Keep reading

    Learn to Shut Up ~ Sirius Black Imagine

    “C'mon y/n, lets do something fun!” Your best friend Sirius whined for the fourth time within the last few minutes. As you had a day off, the two of You had decided to head down by the black lake. His back was against the tree while you were reading one of your favourite books, resting your head in his lap.

    This was certainly one of your favourite things to do. The way he hummed softly and played with your hair lightly as you read really relaxed you. However he was being anything but relaxing today.

    “Sirius I am having fun, now hush!” You replied, trying to keep your focus on the book. This was made increasingly difficult when Sirius began running his hand gently along your cheek, down your neck and side until he met the curve of your waist. Once there he began drawing shapes lightly on an exposed piece of your skin.

    You felt your whole body tingling at this action. You had always had a teeny crush on Sirius.

    Okay screw that you were pretty much in love with the guy. But you knew there was no chance of him feeling the same.

    He was Sirius Black. With his charming good looks and award-winning smile he could have any girl in the school. Himself and the other Marauders were the kings of the school no doubt. Why would he want you? You were just you.

    You were so busy in thought that you jerked suddenly letting out a loud giggle when his fingers brushed over a spot near your belly button that was ticklish.

    He froze as did you and met your eye. All of a sudden his eyes filled with mischief and a smirk etched itself onto his lips.

    “Sirius no-” you had began but before you could even turn away in protest he was attacking your stomach with tickles, causing you to laugh uncontrollably. You tried your best to escape his grip but he was too strong.

    Eventually you managed to roll slightly, figuring it would be your best chance of getting away. However that plan backfired when he tried to catch you and ended up lying on top of you.

    “Sirius get off of me you great oaf!” You complained, his sudden weight knocking the wind out of you a little.

    However his smirk had faded now and was replaced with a serious, almost unsure look.

    “Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a-” you were cut off by his warm lips meeting yours. His lips stayed with yours for a few seconds but because you were in such shock you didn’t respond at all.

    Before you could understand what was happening he was mumbling apologies, getting up off of you as quickly as possible. His muttering was almost incomprehensible and you only picked up on things like “Never should have been so stupid” and “what exactly was I expecting.”

    You sat there still frozen to the spot as he began walking away from you, still rambling to himself.

    Once you finally processed what had happened in your head you hopped up off of the ground, running to catch up with him.

    He turned to face you with a rather pained expression. “Sirius-” he once again cut you off.

    “Look y/n I’m sorry about what happened. Really, I guess I just got carried away and thought for a minute that maybe you could like me the way I like you” he explained.

    You felt your heart soar at the words and had to bite your lip to stop from grinning. “Sirius-”

    “You don’t have to say it y/n, I’m not stupid. I get it okay, I just really hope you don’t feel weird around me cause your friendship means so much to me that I could never lose you. Thats why I didn’t want to tell you how I fe-” It was your turn to cut him off.

    You grabbed the shirt he was wearing, pulling him closer to you, forcing his lips to yours. It took a few seconds but all of a sudden he was kissing you back, his hands tangling in your hair.

    When eventually you parted for air you couldn’t resist the smile that spread across your face.

    “You really need to learn to shut up” you whispered, smirking slightly as you leaned in, letting your lips meet once again.

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    Since everyone is giving a theory I thought I might give one as well given what I've read so far. I personally think something did happen between kyungsoo and jongin that made them reallt awkward with each other from end of 2015 to esrly 2016. It has been said by other people that they barely interacted during this time (mama 2015?? Sorry its when jongin kept looking at krystal apparently at some award show). Theres also the fact that of the birthday hug between them in Jan 2016 which looked

    (Part 2) really awkward (jongins smile was weird). And then the fact that kyungsoo moved out of their room despite living together for so long. I truly beleive that they had something before all this happened. You can just see it with their interactions. But i think what happened was that jongin wanted to try out another relationship before settling on what he had with kyungsoo. Thats why they distanced themselves from one another at that time. BUT we also notice that by feb/march 2016 they started looking and acting more normal with each other. I think at this point either jongin was no longer in that relationship or worst case - kyungsoo just accepted it. Anyways when April 1st happened we saw kyungsoo crying. He was obviously upset by the media news and i think that was because he could no longer ignore what happened. When jongin was with that person, soo could ignore because it wasnt all over the media. Now, its all people talk about with exo. So i think (part 3) they started looking and acting more normal with each other. I think at this point either jongin was no longer in that relationship or worst case - kyungsoo just accepted it. Anyways when April 1st happened we saw kyungsoo crying. He was obviously upset by the media news and i think that was because he could no longer ignore what happened. When jongin was with that person, soo could ignore because it wasnt all over the media. Now, its all people talk about with exo. So i think Just messed him up. For jongin maybe he was upset because he knew that whatever he and soo rebuilt after what happened was going to be shaken. I dunno. It just seemed odd the way they were early this year and how it got better then got bad again with the whole media release. I dont think soo is like a victim or whatever but i do think he dealt with a lot (again assuming that kaisoo had and still have something before this happened). (Last part)

    Omg, you posted a whole theory, anon!! I apreciate it! It’s good to have your own opinions about the situations, specially now that things are so messy. Your point of view is really interesting, tbh. It would explain some facts, such as why Kaisoo isn’t roomming together anymore? Why Kaisoo’s hug looked so awkward? And the list goes on.

    Please, if you feel motivated to write more theories, so do it! I’m really happy to see this, with all my heart. It shows that we, as a fandom and shippers aren’t keeping quiet and only swallowing all the trash SM gives us. It’s not because a company shared an information with the public that it is 100% true, after all, and I really hope that people keep this in mind.

    I’m Not Ticklish

    dinomite-notreally said:
    KIMBERLEY!!!!!!!!! I got the perfect idea for a one shot/request/amazing little giblet of imagination! What if Y/N is not ticklish. There are always these cute couples moments where one tickles the other, but what if you’re not ticklish?? what happens? I feel this on a personal level because I’m not ticklish and its always awkward when people try to tickle me for so odd reason. Any-who, I know you can put this silly idea into word porn because you are an awesome writer, and I trust you!

    Thank-you hun, I’m so sorry this is so disappointing :/ xxoo 


    Dan and I had been having one of our legendary lazy days. It wasn’t planned, we simply could not be bothered to work or leave the apartment. Instead we lay together on the sofa watching multiple movies and snacking on anything we could find.

    These were honestly the best days… Nothing to stress over, simply enjoying each others company and appreciating our love for one another.

    Dans long fingers traced shapes and words into your skin as hey lay behind you, taking position as the big spoon.

    “I need to pee” Dan suddenly states.

    “Romantic” you reply sarcastically making him laugh.

    “I know, but you need to get up so I can go” he says, and of course you take this opportunity to be mean to him.

    “Hmm, nope. Too comfy” you say with a smirk on your face.

    “Mooove” Dan whines as he stops tracing your skin.

    “Nope.” You simply reply, popping the ‘p’

    “Okay then…” Dan says, and you can almost hear the smirk on his face.

    All of a sudden Dans fingers are sliding under your top, to the sides of your torso where he begins to dance his fingers quickly on top of your skin. You hadn’t realised what he was doing until his hands moved around your body, searching for the right spot. He was trying to tickle you.

    “Dan stop” You say to him in an almost annoyed tone.

    You weren’t annoyed with him, more so with yourself. So many romantic films and shows have cute moments with the partner tickling the other… So what if you’re not ticklish? For some reason you had become insecure about this in the past due to people thinking you were weird because of it… would Dan think the same?

    For some reason, this had been the first time Daniel had tried to tickle you and it honestly made you feel so very awkward. How were you supposed to react?

    Dan continued searching for a spot that would make you laugh, so you decide to just get up. You cross your arms with a straight face and wait for him to also stand.

    “Usually you’re meant to laugh” Dan says with a frustrating smirk on his face as he moves closer to you. His arms are up and it’s clear he is going to try once more.

    “I’m not ticklish!” You state, making him drop his arms.

    “Well then, I’ll have to make you laugh some other way” He replies as he wiggles his eyebrows.

    Well thats not what you expected…

    “Really? You aren’t going to call me weird or anything?” You question him, confusion clear on your face. Dan steps forward, wrapping his arms loosely around your waist so he can still easy face you.

    “Of course not… Why would I? Not everyones ticklish” He says before placing a soft and quick kiss on your lips.

    “It’s just another thing to love about you really… I just get to find more ways to make you smile and laugh”

    He places his lips to your neck, leaving a few pecks before suddenly blowing a raspberry onto your skin, the childish action causing you to giggle.

    “There, now I’m satisfied… But I’m seriously about to piss myself so don’t go anywhere!” he says quickly before running towards the bathroom.

    God… You’re in love with an idiot.

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    Can you do a Steve x reader where the reader is furry's daughter

    “I’m going to die.” Steve mumbles against your lips.

    “Shut up and just kiss me.” You tell your boyfriend who gladly follows your orders.  You two continue to make out in the closet of a SHIELD base. Some people find secret relationships sexy and romantic, you find it a necessity. Being Fury’s daughter has some perks but dating is not one of them. You dad scares all your boyfriends and openly threatens them.

    Your phone rings and you try to ignore it. Your lips move against Steve and he lifts you up. When your phone is to much to ignore to pick up.


    “Are you okay? Why are you out of breath?” The man on the other side asks.

    “My dad” you mouth to Steve whos playing with your hair. Right now his knee is placed against the closet wall and is currently holding you up.

    “Training” you lie flawlessly.

    “I’m going to need to you come in and help train Evans today.”

    “Why can’t it wait till tomorrow?”

    “Because he has his physical that day.”

    “Fine.” You say annoyed with your dad. You tap Steve’s leg and he lets you down.

    “Fury: the ultimate cock blocker.” Steve mumbles as you zip your suit up and kiss him good bye.

    “My house, 7.” You remind him before leaving the closet.

    You train Evans on how to shoot a gun and how to disarm someone. He works slow and you want to punch him.

    “Bye Dad, I’m off.” You tell your dad when you knock on his office. He nods to acknowledge your existence.

    “You should really go home too. All this work isn’t good for your heart.” Ever since Fury had been shot his body has been weaker.

    “Thank you (y/n) for the comment, which I will note, and ignore.” He says sighing. You were used to this.

    “Have any plans tonight?”


    “How about you come over tonight, your mother would love to have you over.” He said.

    “I’m to tired dad. I can’t today. I just remembered I have a…ummm…a…you know…a”

    “No, I do not know what a ummm is.” Your dad said staring at you with one eye.

    “I’m to tired tonight. Evans was slow and asked way to many questions.” You say smoothing some stuff over. Your dad sighed and let you go.

    “Goodnight. I’ll see you tomorrow night for dinner.” You call as you leave.

    When you make it home you take a quick shower and look for something for dinner. You end up making grilled chicken with a salad. Steve arrives and you pour some wine.

    You two talk about your day.

    “Evans is not the brightest light bulb.”

    “Is he going to become a field agent?”

    “Aww, hell no, if I have a say. He’ll get killed in the first minute. No I’m looking at a desk job for him.” You tell Steve.

    “Nat is still not any closer in tracking Banner. I think that maybe we should let him be. He’s an introvert and he needs to be by himself, but Natasha has a thick skull.” Steve tells me. One of the best part about your relationship with Steve is that you can talk about anything and everything. You two talk easily and freely. Sometimes you two bump heads with opinions but they are quickly forgotten.

    Steve ends up sleeping over and you are late for work the next day. .

    “Hey, (y/n). You look tired.” Natasha said placing a coffee on your desk.

    “Late night.” You tell her before drinking the black coffee. You dad had called you into his office that day

    “Sir.” You call him when you two are at work.

    “(Y/n) please sit down.” He says pointing to the seat in front of his desk.

    “Sure.” Once you sit down he stares at you with worry.

    “Is everything okay?”

    “Why wouldn’t it be?” You ask innocently.

    “This is the fifth time this month you’ve been late to work. You always seem to be out of it too.”

    “I’m sorry. I’m just really—”

    “Tired I know. Maybe you should take off a couple days.”

    “No dad, I’m fine.”

    “I know I haven’t always been there for you, but let me tell you this job isn’t everything. You need to go out with friends, spend some time with yourself. I want you to be at your best.” He says and you know he feels guilty for missing half your childhood. You had forgiven him and moved on, but it’s still something he holds on to.

    “And I am.”

    “I don’t want you to get sloppy with your work.”

    “When am I ever sloppy.”

    “When hiding your boyfriend.” Your dad says and he just leans back in his chair taking in your shock. Well, hell has just welcomed you home.

    “What? How did you?”

    “(Y/n) I’m a spy. You work with spies. It would sooner or later come out.”

    “Look I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but I didn’t think you would approve. I know you and Rogers have your differences.”

    “Well, let me say this, Rogers is better than any Stark. I want you happy and if Rogers offers you that then I can maybe agree to this.” You smile and look over at your dad who is also smiling.

    “But so help me, if I see you two kissing or any of that shit. I will personally shoot America’s hero.” Your dad said.

    “He won’t even know what hit him. That mother fu—”

    “Okay, dad I get it. Why don’t we make a deal.”


    “No PDA, from me and Rogers and you don’t give him the side eye or try to scare him.”

    “That means no kissing, no hugging, no cuddling, no—”

    “Dad! Come on thats a little crazy! We aren’t 2”

    “Rogers certainly isn’t but you I still see as two.”

    “Aww, dad that’s weird! On your part you can’t stare at him and do the creepy eye thing you do. No flipping knives or showing your gun collection. No threats!”

    “Deal, but I swear if he hurts you, so help me god, his little star spangled ass will disappear from existence.”

    “Don’t worry about that dad.” You say shaking his hand.

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    What would the boys' reactions be after their first time with their lady, she started sobbing, saying how happy she was and she never thought anyone would want to have sex with her or think she was attractive? I know I'll probably do this my first time so that's why I asked X3

    Me too probably, but for different reasons :’))

    Osomatsu wouldn’t know what was going on, thinking that he had done something wrong like he normally does, but upon realizing that you were just so happy to have lost it with him, he’d lightly chuckle and pull you close. “You’re so weird, Y/N…but I guess I’m pretty weird too, huh?” He’d smile as he wraps his arms around you, “Look’s like we’re a perfect match~”

    Karamatsu would instantly begin to fret that you were in pain, or that something horrible must have happened, but once he found out that you were okay, he’d take a sigh of relief. Wait…what did you say? Were you that happy to have been with him like that? Oh gosh, now he might cry too… He’d somehow manage to hold back his own tears as he gently wipes away yours with a most affectionate smile. “Please don’t cry, my Karamatsu angel…for the intimate moment we shared together should be remembered forever with happiness and unfaltering love~” He’d then place a chaste kiss on your forehead and embrace you close to his chest, “For now, let’s enjoy each other’s private company for a few moments longer…”

    Choromatsu would be caught off-guard from his own whirling thoughts about that night, practically freaking out the moment he heard your sniffling. When you told him what was wrong–or what was right, really–he’d give you a shy smile and tell you how happy he was too. “I can’t believe it either…” He’d say, placing a light kiss on your temple, “But I’m so glad it happened.”

    Ichimatsu would stir with a bit of worry, hearing the sound of his s/o crying. He’d calmly ask what was wrong, thinking that they were in some sort of pain, but when he had heard their answer, he was rendered speechless for at least a good couple seconds. When he sorted his thoughts, he’d ever-so-faintly tug a smile and wipe a single tear away with a slender finger, “No need to cry over trash like me…I’m the one who should be overjoyed, getting to be with someone as great as you…”

    Jyushimatsu would launch right out of bed with his fists up ready to pummel someone the moment he heard you start to cry. When he had quickly realized that there was no threat to be dealt with, he’d turn to you with a confused smile and finally notice that there were tears streaming down your face. To that, he’d instantly fly over to you and ask you what was wrong, worry painting his usually cheerful features. “Y/N, Y/N, what’s wrong?? Did someone hurt you? Did the Giants lose??!” When you had assured him that everything was alright–in fact, better than alright–he’d laugh and wrap you up in his arms, “Ahaha, Y/N, you don’t need to cry about that!! You should smile instead! You always look so pretty when you smile~!”

    Todomatsu would rise with slight confusion at the sound of someone sniffling next to him. When he saw that it was you crying, he’d ask worriedly what had happened, expecting it to be bad news about a pet or something. When you told him, he’d softly smile and pet your head, “Aww, Y/N…” He’d place a soft kiss above your eyes, “I’m so glad to have done something so special with you too~” He’d then open his arms in a gesture to invite your close, before wrapping them around you and getting comfortable again. “Let’s just cuddle a little longer though, okay~?”