why is he on anyone's tv

I don’t understand why anyone can decide that they dislike Killian Jones???

He has the best redemption arc of all time of television???

His hair??? 


He owns every single mistake he’s ever made and tries his very best with actions and words to make up for aforementioned mistakes?!?!

His hobbies include drinking rum, and making sure Emma Swan is Okay™???

He put whipped cream on his nose???

Like u…don’t like him? u ok??????????

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@ people saying Trump can’t/isn’t going to actually do any damage to minorities

Yeah, I know Trump himself isn’t going to come down my street in a tank, blowing people up.

We’re not afraid of HIM as one person, we are afraid of his SUPPORTERS.

You can say he’s not racist or sexist or LGTBQA-phobic, but the fact of the matter is??? MOST OF HIS SUPPORTERS ARE. And now they feel safe doing and saying whatever the fuck they want to because they have a president who assures them that their actions are okay.

THAT’S why we feel unsafe.

If he can sling hateful speech on natnl TV and not get any repercussions, just imagine what kinds of people now believe that they can sling hateful speech at anyone, wherever and whenever they want to.

Voting for Hillary was never a vote for hatred. Voting for Trump, no matter what he or even YOU actually believe, was always a vote for hatred and fear.

“Not racist, but #1 with racists.” literally tells you everything, like think about the consequences of your actions in regards to OTHER FUCKING PEOPLE like is it THAT crazy of a concept

why can i imagine this happening

*johnny sleeping*
ponyboy: *tiptoes to the bathroom*
dally: *whisper screaming* what the hell are you doing you inconsiderate bastard?! hes trying to sleep!
two-bit: *turns the tv on three rooms over to watch mickey mouse*



serial killer!jungkook & detective!reader

summary; All of his life Jungkook felt nothing for anyone. He always felt empty. Until he saw them. And now he wants that emptiness back.

word count; 334

a/n; i got bored! @fairyjeons check it

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  • Pansy: How long have you been sleeping with the Dark Lord?
  • Bellatrix: That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get– why would– I’ve never had sex with anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity. He is my boss, technically. And he is terrible, face-wise. And how- how- do I know, frankly, that you’re not sleeping with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off. Hmm, check and mate!
Mild Gamophobia (Steve)

this came to be when i thought of (??? i can’t remember) and then i decided to write this. So here it is, a semi long/short fic that reminds me of how much i hate marriage proposals nowadays. 

“I want to marry you.” Steve opens suddenly and you freeze, eyes glued to the TV, your body going tense under his arm. “I know, I know. That’s why I’m telling you now.”

You look up at him, letting your naked fear show and he smiles, pressing a soft kiss to your lips and drawing a small smile from you, even in this moment. “I know you’ve never wanted to get married to anyone and all the arguments you have to back yourself up. I understand and I just- Well, I want to marry you and I love you. Your answer is up to you, and you don’t have to tell me now, or in a week. When you’re ready.”

Your lips part to speak but he covers your mouth with his quickly. “Sorry. I need you to know, and really listen to this part. I love you and I don’t want to break up just because you don’t want to get married. It isn’t necessary, I know you’re mine and I love you. I just want this. With you, and no one else. I swear I won’t let this break us if you say no.”

Your cheeks flame and your eyes close when you feel them well up. Jesus.

“I love you too, Steve.” You whisper and he sighs happily, shifting somehow closer and returning his gaze to the TV. For a moment, another wave of fear crashes over you at the thought of marriage, at the thought of possibly losing him, but it fades the longer you sit with him.

“Steve offered me a huge speech.” You start, Natasha on her back beside you and she snorts.

“Steve can’t speak unless it’s a speech.” She teases and you growl unhappily. That’s your boyfriend.

“He asked me to marry him-” You’re poised to continue but her gasp cuts off your words. You watch her jerk upright and onto her side, looming over you, jaw dropped and worry in her eyes. “Shut up. Technically he didn’t ask. He sort of… Man, I guess he sort of made his intentions known?”

“That he intends to marry you?” She whispers and you can tell she’s taking it the wrong way. She has to be.

“I said that wrong too. Shut up. He said he wanted to and then said he knows I don’t want to and then said something like I love you, probably, my ears were pretty well ringing by then. Then he said he didn’t care if I said no- No, shut up. He said it like, like it was okay, that he would be okay with it if I said I didn’t want it. He’s being- He brought it up strangely. I wish I had a transcript of what he said. F*ck.” You sigh, rubbing your temples. The worst part of it all, the most perfectly worst part was he was giving you a solution to everything you’d been terrified with about marriage. He wasn’t pressuring you in the moment to answer, he wasn’t running off angrily that you hadn’t said yes instantly, he’d even said he could live with not marrying you, just being your boyfriend forever. He was easing you into it and hell if it wasn’t exactly the thing you’d hated about modern day proposals.

“So…” Natasha prompted and you returned to the moment, her clear eyes staring at you.

“He wants to marry me but understands if I’m not interested. He’s got his table and he’s laying it all out on there, all the while leaving room for whatever I want to throw down.” You sum up and she stares at you a moment longer before flopping back down onto her back.

“What’re you going to say?” She asks softly, her fingers brushing your gently and you clutch them.

“I don’t know. He’s- He hasn’t mentioned it since, like he said it and then just went back to normal. And I’m not stressed.” You pause, knowing she’s picked up on the lie and wants honesty. “Fine. I’m really stressed. But I don’t know how I can say no? it’s all so perfect and I love him, more than I ever expected myself to love someone. My stupid feelings are making me doubt my convictions. Never get married, never have kids, never bother with partners beyond a quick f*ck, all I ever told myself I needed was my best friends and a cozy job.”

“Except when one of your best friends is suddenly kissing on you and asking you to marry him to eventually have all his babies because you know he’s a baby guy.” She completes and you groan softly.

“Exactly.” You croak and she rolls toward you, laying across your body. “Yeah, baby, comfort me.”

Natasha laughs at your lecherous tone, her head pillowed on your breasts as she stares at you, waiting for you to talk it out with her, like you always do.

“I need to make a list of questions. Or a pros/cons list.” You answer excitedly and Natasha rolls her eyes.

“Lets start with things he needs to clarify before you start your pros and cons. Because that’s what this whole waiting game is about, isn’t it? Him offering you time to settle into the idea and get the facts before you commit.”

“Yeah.” You whine grumpily, scowling at her to which she responds with a princess’s smile.

“Number one. Does he want kids?”

“Number two, when?”

“Number three, are you going to move out together, move in together, where will you live and how?”

“Smart. My one is what kind of dog he wants.”

“Also smart, choices like that can put a strain on any relationship.” She grins and you blush happily.

“And if he has baby names. Like does he want a little girl? Do I have to quit my job if we have a kid? Where will we keep it? Can we afford to school it?” You start rushing out, your voice getting higher until Natasha smushes a hand over your mouth.

“Firstly, stop calling your baby “it”.” She advises and you muffle something against her hand, her eyes rolling as she remonves it to let you speak.

“I don’t have a baby.”

“Shut the f*ck up.” Natasha snaps succinctly and you grin internally. “And these are all questions you should write down. From most important to least. And when you’re asking them, you can write down his answers to look back over later. And you’re not allowed to panic like you just did.”

“I told her I wanted to marry her.” Steve pipes up, eating another bite of his eggs benedict. Sam stares at him, Bucky silent between them.

“Seriously dude? She run yet?” Sam scoffs, forking some more of his salmon scrambled eggs into his mouth and watching his friend. It’s a poorly kept secret how much you despise the very idea of matrimony. Even oblivious Bruce knows and never mentions the subject in your presence.

Half the reason everyone was so amazed you and Mr Committed were still together.

“No, actually. She’s thinking it over.” Steve shrugs, looking glumly at his almost empty plate.

“What did you say exactly?” Bucky asks quietly, poking his crepes while he waits, but not eating them.

“Just that I wanted to marry her, that it was okay if she said no and that I’m not going to break up with her.” Steve shrugs and Sam chokes, coughing into a napkin and taking a swallow of his papaya juice.

“You’re brave as hell.” Sam finally gets out, wheezing, and Bucky smirks, shoving crepe into his mouth. “The fact that you even addressed that there was a future for the two of you, let alone touching the marriage subject. Wow.”

“Shut up.” Steve whines, rolling his eyes. A trait he’d picked up from Natasha as of late.

“Do you want kids?” Bucky asks, interjecting perfectly again and Steve coughs into his napkin, eyes avoiding the two of them. “What?”

“He does.” Sam answers, pointing at his friend and about to start up when Steve shakes his head.

“I can’t.” He admits, cheeks beet red and Bucky wheezes. Sam stares at the two of them, blinking in confusion when it hits him. Holy hell.

“Stone aged idiots.” He murmurs to himself before meeting Steves eyes steadily. “Welcome to twenty sixteen, where our baby menu is vast and full of choices. For the classical family, sex. For our more community inclined families, adoption or artificial insemination from a donor. Or those picky families, surrogates. Oh, hey! Did I mention fostering, or even forgoing babies and keeping pets instead?”

Bucky and Steve stare at Sam, their expressions wiped of everything but confused embarrassment and Sam sighs loudly.

“There are millions of men who can’t have kids. For millions of reasons. They make do.” Sam tries and Steve shakes his head weakly. “Look, idiot, Y/N doesn’t even want kids, but what she doesn’t want less than them? Not having you. Consider adoption. Seriously. Not everything is about having fruitful loins, you cavemen.”

With that, Sam stands, stretching before heading for another table. Steve watches him, not even having noticed the way the girls had been ogling them.

“Do you want kids?”

“A barn full.” He answers honestly and your heart clenches. “But I can’t- I can’t give you them.”

And your heart clenches all over again for the expression on his face. “I don’t want to quit my job. But we can adopt. Adopt a bunch of kids and toddlers and babies.”

“You’ll marry me?” He jerks and you hiss a breath.


“Sorry, right. No pressure. We can adopt without marrying. I’m sure they’ll give us children.” He smirks and you can’t help laughing. Yeah right, an adoption agency giving kids to a 90-year-old veteran who still fights crime? And his girlfriend who won’t give up her job or commit?

“I want a cocker spaniel.” You burst out and Steve frowns at you, your cheeks flushing. “I’m saying- Uh- If you choose to get a dog, I’d want a cocker spaniel. If that’s okay with you.”

“Of course.” He answers smoothly, a grin twitching at his lips.

“Where would we live?” You ask nervously and he nods thoughtfully.

“Wherever you want.” He answers and you sigh. This is too hard.

“Be honest. Jerk.” You grumble and he levels you with a stare.

All I want is you. And if I still get to keep you at the end of all this, I’m open to anything.” He shrugs and you scowl at him. “Fine. Brooklyn. A nice place that isn’t too big and when we’re ready, we’ll move somewhere where we can keep our small army.”

You grin at him, kissing his cheek and he grins back at you, pleased with himself.

“I want your opinions, I want to know what you want. Because I want you too but it’s hard to choose things if you’re just going to wax poetic.” You offer and he nods, resting his chin on his fist.

“Okay, definitely. Hit me.”

Hours later, you throw yourself back onto the mattress, panting. Glancing over at him, you can see Steve’s still recovering and you can’t help the giddiness in your stomach. Leaning close, your lips brush against his ear and his breath catches, as if he’s ready all over again, even though you know he isn’t.

“I’ll marry you, Mr Rogers.” You whisper and his whole body tenses and you lean back some. His face turns to you slowly, his eyes wide and bright and hopeful.

“Are you sure?”

“Well, that orgasm really sealed the deal, but yes. You are the only thing I’m sure of, and for you, I’ll do this.” You answer and his eyes darken some but you kiss his lips sweetly. “I love you, don’t think you coerced me or forced my hand. I know you, Steven.”

His eyes close slowly and suddenly he launches himself at you, a growl leaving his lips and you can’t help yelping and giggling. His lips print themselves to your skin, leaving marks and soft touches wherever they go, his laughter low and happy, a backing track he can’t seem to stop.

“We’ll have three kids. I’ll stop taking so many missions, you can keep your job. We’ll get two dogs and I love you. We’ll live in Brooklyn and have pancakes every Sunday and sex every Saturday night and only on Saturday night, like real adults. And I’ll teach them how to fight people and you’ll teach them how to not fight people and Bucky will adore them and Sam is going to hate them. And you’re going to be the best mom, I love you. And every Halloween we’ll have a party, just like you like and…” He trails off, his eyes brightening as they refocus on your giggling form. “What?”

“You’ve got it all planned out.” You smirk and Steve shrugs modestly. “Where are they going to school?”

“Tony is going to put a private tutor on his payroll, all our future kids are going to be taught at the tower. For safety and because Tony demands they all get the best.” Steve answers instantly, eyes lit up. “We discussed it once, I know he remembers.”

“Wow.” You breathe, staring up at your fiancée and realizing that this is the opposite of what you imagined your life would end up like. But somewhere along the line, you fell in love with Steve and accepted that what you wanted changed. Not because of his cute butt or chiselled abs, as incentivising as they are. For you, for the way he makes you feel and the way you feel without him.

this honestly is super mush like. and it makes me uncomfortable. but if you love it, i stg, you’re a golden gift human. thanks. and goodnight.

Jason Todd Headcanon 7

Jason has a pit bull. She’s missing an ear and can’t use one of her legs so she just kinda limps everywhere. She hates being touched by anyone other than Jason, and Damien on occasion. He rescued her from a dog fighting ring and just sorta fell in love with her. Naturally he took her home, gave her a bath, and healed her wounds. Once he was done she looked like a new dog so he gave her the symbolic name of Phoenix. It was definitely not an excuse to call her Fifi.
When Jason has a nightmare she crawls into the bed with him and keeps watch so he knows he’s safe.

Jason was doubting why he took her in until a clown came on the TV and she immediately started barking at it until he changed the channel. He’d simply scratched her head and called her a good dog. Right then he knew, this dog was amazing and she was his.

Home |

Pairing: Yongguk x Reader

Genre: Flufffffff

Author’s Note: Drabble that’s been in my drafts for ages and ages. Thought I’d post it because I desperately need to clean out my drafts folder… and hey, why not right? 

Saturday was always your favorite day of the week. You loved nothing more than being with Yongguk. The soft laughter, the quiet slurping of ramyeon, the dimmed conversations of the latest drama humming on the TV, the hushed nothings when both of your walls came down, and you didn’t have to be anywhere, you didn’t have to be anyone. You just were. 

You had fallen in love with the man in front of you, not just the charismatic front he had on stage doing what he was so passionate about. You loved the man with a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh, you loved the man that hummed to himself when he was writing. You loved the man that was so in harmony with the peace of the world you’d have to stop to see. He had a soul that you were drawn to, so loving and intelligent. Bang Yongguk was your entire world.

When work or school was rough, you thought of him. His arms holding you safely in their embrace. His hands that would so gently stroke your hair when you were upset or stressed. His husky voice that was so soothing when every nerve in your body was frazzled and exhausted. There was nothing better than him. 

Saturday nights were your nights. Simple dinner, simple conversation and just simply… being together. More often than not you’d spend the night in your apartment. Eating whatever you could make together with the food in your fridge, choosing a movie you’d both decided on earlier in the week, just spending the one on one time together, being in one another’s arms. 

On the rare Saturdays you’d both decided to go out you’d always seem to find some little cafe or ramyeon shop that was near empty, and enjoy each others company and some good food. Your pinkies linked across the table, as you ate and talked about the first things that came to your minds. You’d often follow the dinner with icecream and a walk, hands still linked together as you went. You loved your nights together, there was no need for worries or stress or anything else but the other person. 

You’d love sitting on an empty park bench, glowing underneath the moon’s pale light together, with mumbled ‘I love you’s’ and ice-cream flavored kisses. You’d stay out until the both of you were sleepy enough to retire back to your apartment, from time to time you’d be so sleepy you’d fallen asleep on him, your head resting upon his shoulder. He’d always take you home, your cheek pressed against his warm back as he carried you back to bed. 

The best part of your night together was the goodnight. Plans of your future together lingered in the air, fingers intertwined as you debated the details. If you’d live in the city or the country, maybe the suburbs? Would you travel? What pets you would choose together, your future home together. How many kids you’d have eventually, whether they’d look more like you or more like him, what they’d be like and how much they would be loved. When sleep had nearly overtaken the both of you, silence filling in the air more than conversation. Your lips would press together in a goodnight kiss, his arms wrapping gently around your waist, your cheek snuggled against his chest. The soft drum of his heartbeat lulling you to sleep. 

Home is where the heart is, or so they say. As far as the truth of sayings go, you’d surely believe it. It didn’t matter where you were or how often you even saw each other. Saturday was home. Because when you were with him, you were home… and there was nowhere you’d rather be. 

‘The messers become the messies.’ [ Jared one shot ]

Inspired by: Imagine: Jared has feelings for you but he’s concerned about the age gap between you.

AndImagine: You and Jared are in a relationship and want to keep it private from the media; he avoids any questions about it during interviews.

PART I: ‘Let’s mess with the media.’

Written by: A.Wölf.

Special tag: @myyesscape  

NOTES: The nasty side of the media Vs. Jared.

This was an extended imagine request, however it became a one shot. 


-Are you watching E!?

-Why the fuck would I be watching E!, Tomo? –Shannon says holding his phone to his ear.

-They’re talking about you, guys.


-Don’t tell Jared, Shannon. It’s bad.

-Uhh… You’re on speaker, Jared’s here. Sorry, bro.


Jared turns the tv on searching for the channel while Shannon ends the call.

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Twister Game by りんたろう 

Page 1

Karma: This spot here.  It looks like he tried to set-up some scary trap for us, however…  why would anyone be so frightened about this? 

[Head Line] Karma X okuda      Twister Game. 

Karma: so stupid.. let’s move on.   

(pulled)  what is it ? 

Okuda: umm.. 

Part 2 

Okuda: Is this what you call a twister game!?  I’ve always wanted to try it, let’s PLAY!! 

(smaller text Okuda) I’ve seen it on TV before, everyone seemed like they have fun. 

(Smaller text Karma) Well it’s just two people right now… 

Karma: (perhaps, she doesn’t really understand the situation doesn’t she…) 

…. (I don’t get it but) well then. 

page 3 

Karma: next, Okuda-san’s left hand on blue. 

Okuda: Eh? but that’s impossible… 

Karma: Turn your body face up and reach it like this, can you do it? 

Okuda: yeah 

Karma: my turn next. 

Okuda: let’s see right hand on green.

Karma: push your legs from underneath my arms? 

Okuda: Oh I see. 

Karma: Good, seem difficult right?  then my left arm will be on the yellow.  

Okuda: and my right hand is…. 

Page 4

Okuda: Owowow… 

Karma: ….. Okuda-san….. 

page 5

Okuda: Iyaa,I’m totally defeated !  Karma-kun is just too strong. 

This is way harder than I thought it would be, I felt like I just did an entire body training exercise. Don’t you think this will be useful for assassination? 

Page 6

Karma: haaaaaaaaaa…

Okuda: what’s wrong? what’s the loud sigh for. 

Karma: Okuda-san you idiot. 

Okuda: I-I’m so sorry…! 

Karma: Hey Nagisa, what kind of charm do you find in me as a “man”? 

Nagisa: um, I think you are a cool person Karma, but why would you say something like that so suddenly? 

Karma:  To have someone who to came off as both girl and boy, so I came to you to listen cuz I thought you might understand… 

Nagisa: HEY 

page 7

Karma: Once you tied your shoes up we go. 

Okuda: ok     (Karma:) sighhh

Earlier, Karma-kun’s face was so close. At that moment, my chest was pounding (doki doki*)  

Is this what kind of game it suppose be? I, surprisingly I felt a weird sensation for some reason.   

  T/N: she meant to say “echi” (lewd) but I fixed the sentence to make it fit the situation. 

Please respectfully give credit to the original artist. Thank you very much 

Joseph Kavinsky: Quick question about Ronan, does anyone know if he has any Bulgarian in him?
Gansey: No one respond. No one say anything.
Joseph Kavinsky: Why? I’m just curious if Ronan has any Bulgarian in him.
Gansey: Silence…
Noah Czerny: I… don’t think he does.
Joseph Kavinsky: WOULD HE LIKE ONE?

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i've send u the peter hc, i dont have it in my outbox anymore, but more or less it was sth like that: tony is presumed dead and peter never told anyone that he's spider man so nobody knows that he knew tony stark. so when the news come on tv and peter sees that tony is dead he just starts crying because it started off as a weird mentor-child relationship, but now peter considers tony family, and he loved him and now tony is dead, and everyone is confused why peter is crying at the news so much

So, Peter gets so many weird glances thrown, because it probably happened while he was in school and now everyone thinks he has this weird hero worship/crush going on, but Peter couldn’t care less.

His mentor, his friend, his uncle just died, and even though no one knows about that, Peter is not ashamed of his tears.

But then also imagine that Tony manages to give off a secret signal to his friends and team, telling them that he is still alive and kicking, that he will be back once he solved this or that problem and not to worry.

No one thought to tell Peter about that though, but it wasn’t even needed.

Tony considers Peter family as well, and he made damn well sure that Peter got that message on his own, he probably has a special server in Peter’s writst band thing he made him and Peter has never been more relieved in his whole life.

When Tony finally does come back, he greets everyone at the tower, before he excuses himself and makes his way straight to Peter, visiting him at home before he even lets the medics check him up, just so he can reassure Peter that he really is fine, and that the media is not pulling a prank on anyone.

Peter might get a bit teary eyed again, but it’s not like Tony is one to judge, given that he feels sentimental himself.

Back when Kobra was still in the City he would never want to watch TV with Poison. Whenever anyone asked him why, he would answer with, or a variant of, “The screens fry your brains.”

People thought it was scary that this small child was giving them weird warnings about their perfectly safe BL/ind registered TVs, but in truth Kobra was just a little too frightened because of all the facts he’d read about radiation at school. 

Sherlock: The Final Problem

I keep reading over and over how people were disappointed in the season finale. To be quite honest, I’m more disappointed in the many parts of the fandom.

“It has really low reviews, I can’t wait to see Motiffs reaction.”
“That was the worst episode thrown together in television history.”

Do you hear yourselves? If anyone says it’s an awful show because Johnlock didn’t become canon, you should be ashamed of yourself. I’m not saying I don’t ship it, but that obviously wasn’t the focus of this episode.

“There wasn’t any cases or deductions.”

Of course not. This episode entirely revolved around Sherlock and why he is what he is. I feel that anyone that thought otherwise, brought that upon themselves to believe.

Saying Motiffs should be ashamed of themselves is dissapointing to hear. They’ve built this up since the beggining, and obviously didn’t “throw this together” at the last minute. This episode has the best cast, writers, directors, etc. that I’ve ever seen in a show. They put their heart and soul into this show and, even though it was a rollercoaster of emotions, I believe it was phenomenal.

Almost Goodbye

I held my phone on my hand, shaking because what I was about to do. Juice and I had been dating for six months now, and I’d yet to meet his MC family.

Looking in the mirror, I frowned at what I saw. I wasn’t like the women that hung around the club, with their perfect bodies. I had curves, I actually had an ass.

I knew that was the reason why Juice didn’t bring me around the club, he was ashamed to be seen with me. I typed out a text, ending it with him. There was no use staying, I wouldn’t be anyone’s dirty secret.

Getting dressed I went to set on the couch, watching TV. I halfway expected him to respond, I was heartbroken when nothing came.

Waking up with a start, to the sound of pounding on my front door, I stumbled off the couch to answer it.

“Why are you breaking up with me?” Juice’s hands were framing my face.

“Why are you ashamed of me? Is it because I’m not some skinny stick that can wear slutty clothes?”

“What the hell are you talking about? I think you’re the most beautiful woman on earth!”

“Because you’ve never introduced me to your club family…” He pulled me into his arms kissing me.

“I love you so damn much. It was to keep you safe..”

“I love you too…”


Sunday night I held onto him, as we rode through the streets of Charming. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going, just to dress nice.

Pulling in front of a house, that had a line of bikes parked in front, I stared at his back. Climbing off his bike, he took my hand, leading me inside.

It was full of laughing men and women, he went in and cleared his throat. “Guys, this is my girl (Y/N). We’ve been together for a while now.”

I was made to feel a part of his family.

Maradona disappointed in Messi absence as Madrid icons pile in

Diego Maradona was disappointed that Lionel Messi and Barcelona opted not to travel to Zurich for the 2016 The Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony, with Roberto Carlos and Michel Salgado also critical.

Messi, nominated for The Best FIFA Men’s Player prize, had been expected to travel with Barca team-mates Luis Suarez, Neymar and Gerard Pique.

However, the club announced on Monday that none of their players would attend the gala in Switzerland due to the Copa del Rey match against Athletic Bilbao on Wednesday.

The Argentina international was beaten to the accolade by Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, and Maradona was frustrated his compatriot was not present.

“I’m disappointed with Messi, from watching television at home you cannot fight anything or anyone – here you can fight,” he told TVE.

“I do not know why Barcelona did not come to such an important event. They have priorities and the priority was for Leo not to come. I think coming here [Zurich] they could fight more than they would in Barcelona.”

Madrid icon Roberto Carlos was also miffed by Barca’s decision, suggesting Messi could learn humility from Ronaldo.

“I am sad and disappointed that Leo and his team-mates have not come. They have many great footballers and all of us would have liked to see them attend,” the former Brazil international said before the ceremony.

“We all wanted to see Messi, the other big players and the coach of Barcelona here. It’s a FIFA prize. FIFA is the highest authority in football. So everyone should be here.

"Cristiano has learned the importance of this and I think Leo also needs to learn that he must be here. This has to change.

"Real Madrid also have a match this week but they are well represented in Zurich. The obligations to win for both clubs are the same.”

Salgado stated that he expected better from Barca, one of the biggest clubs in world football.

He said: “Real Madrid are currently the best team in the world so maybe this has affected the decision of the Barcelona players. Barcelona are wrong for not sending their best players.

"I know that the club has had issues with FIFA in the past but Barcelona needs to understand that FIFA is changing. This is not how you expect one of the world’s biggest clubs to behave.”

Upon receiving his award, Ronaldo said he was “sorry” that the Barca players were not in attendance but that it was “understandable”.

Lars is NOT Trans (or at least, he’s not alone)

The Tumblr portion of the Steven universe fandom has always been really obsessed with the idea that Lars was transgender. I can’t say I agree with it, but I get it. It’s what Tumblr does and you can’t blame a stigmatized group for believing their most supportive, accepting cartoon on television will have some kind of trans representation. I’m not doubting that they would either.

What bothers me is that the community fixates so much on Lars (honestly, why would anyone want him as their representative) when there are so many better examples. The male-coded rubies and their female pronouns, amethyst’s discomfort in her own form and her favorite male alter-ego the purple puma, etc. But probably the straightest case has been staring us in the face this whole time.

Are we just going to forget that this happened? Yes, Steven had promised a special act to the crowd, and yes, he needed to fill in Sadie’s place to avoid disappointing them, but there was no need for him to dress in drag, complete with makeup. 

Also, is it not strange how well it fits him? I don’t just mean that it has the right size and proportions, or that he’s able to walk dance effortlessly in high heels, but look closely at those pumps for a second. Zoom in in you need to. Here, I’ll make it easy for you

Look familiar?

That’s a rose bud! Rose’s Symbol! THOSE ARE HIS HIGH HEELS!

Of course, none of this should be weird considering how much a part of him Rose’s gem and spirit are. Hell, considering how unified they are, Steven is basically just her soul occupying a fleshy boy body (let me never write that three word sentence ever again). In other words:

Steven is literally a woman trapped in a boy’s body!

Okay, by now I imagine a lot of the tumblr fandom is already on board, but many more of you are probably looking for more evidence. How about the times Steven has actually taken a female form?

Yeah, I know, Stevonnie is supposed to be of ambiguous sex. I get that, but it’s clear they’re not an even mix. Between Rose, Steven and Connie they’re anywhere between 66.67% and 75% female. Their features are feminine and they’re voiced by a woman, so it seems pretty clear that Stevonnie is leaning heavily on one side of the scale, and how do they react

First with panic. Connie’s panic.

Connie has no idea if she’s stuck like this. What will she tell her parents? Steven wouldn’t have a problem with this, considering he wanted to be able to fuse, and his first reaction was to show the gems. When their fear subsides (in a matter of seconds, by the way) this is the kind of reaction we get out of Stevonnie

Running around with glee, cartwheeling and tripping over rocks. This is way too uninhibited to be Connie’s expression of excitement. A major part of the episode was about her being too embarrassed to dance around in public! This has to be Steven, but even then he’s never reacted this much to a new power, before or after this event. This means more to Steven than just getting a new power. He is excited to be a woman.

It’s not like I’m just pulling that claim out of my ass. He said it outright in Giant Woman (Both the episode and the song)

All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman,
A giant woman!
All I wanna be is someone who gets to see a giant woman.

All I wanna do is help you turn into a giant woman,
A giant woman!
All I wanna be is someone who gets to see a giant woman.

Oh I know it’ll be great and I just can’t wait to see the person you are together.
If you give it a chance you can do a huge dance because you are a giant woman.
You might even like being together and if you don’t it won’t be forever.

But if it were me, I’d really wanna be a giant woman,
a giant woman!
All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman.

just some of the reasons why ross geller is a kind and lovely cutie pie and people should stop and think before they go around saying he’s a horrible character:

  • he gave up the opportunity to be on tv to stay with rachel and help her get ready when she hurt her ribs
  • he agreed not to see anyone else and to be there for rachel 24/7 when she had emma just because that’s what she wanted
  • he made an effort to hide that fact that monica’s childhood stuff was ruined by pretending that his stuff was hers because he knew how much it would upset her if she found out
  • he bought phoebe a really cute bike because she didn’t have one as a child
  • he told rachel to go to paris even though he didn’t want her to because he knew it was what she wanted and that it would make her happy
  • he kissed joey to help him practise for his audition when nobody else would
  • he told joey to give it a go with rachel even though it really bothered him because he could see it was what they wanted
  • he’s extra cute with his children and got so excited when ben said his first word
  • he made emma’s birthday cake into a bunny to make rachel happy
  • he walked carol down the aisle when she married susan even though she was his ex-wife and she left him
  • he gave rachel the tiny t-shirt back
Reasons Why Hinata Never Texted Back

1. he was practicing volleyball

2. he always puts it on vibrate

3. he was too busy kissing kageyama to answer

4. he left it down stairs while he was taking a bath

5. he thought it was the tv

6. he LEGIT thought a ghost was making it go off

7. he tried to respond, he so desperately tried but he left his muffins in the oven

8. he broke his phone by spiking it and was too embarrassed to tell anyone the truth

9. he just didn’t hear it even though it was in his pocket

10. he thought it was tsukki