why is he always sitting down

ViVi Magazine January issue - Kyungsoo cuts, part one

Staff: Full of thoughtfulness; he would go around the staff present, asking them to please share in his chocolate. Always open and in a good mood, but refuses to talk (laughs). He can be quite playful too!

Kyungsoo about other members:

1. Who sleeps the most? Jongin. He has a special ability. It’s like if he’s sitting, he’ll be sleeping. 

2. Who eats the most? Baekhyun. Everyone eats well but Baekhyun is building his body lately.

3. The most impatient? Chanyeol. That’s why I have to always ask him slow down. I’d rather be relaxed.

4. The member who burns hottest? Chanyeol. All the members are manly, but Chanyeol is even passionate in his private life. 

5. The member who cries most easily? No one lately. The ones who just don’t cry are Jongdae and myself.

6. Who has the best muscles? Baekhyun. He’s been training very hard lately. I’d rather not.

7. Who is the most attentive? Chen is someone who is always concerned and considerate of others. He has a lot to teach.

Mentions by other members: 

Xiumin: Who has the best muscles? Everyone but D.O. (laughs). Maybe because he isn’t working out right now but he has a cute tummy, like a little kid’s. 

Sehun: Which member is the most organized? D.O. He will often clean up after our messes. It’s in his personality.

Chanyeol: D.O. will sort his apps and worry over details.

Chen: Who is the most attentive? He is very sensitive/detail-oriented and is guaranteed to be looking after others. I am fond.

[Kyungsoo’s voice is…]

Xiumin: Trendy.

Baekhyun: Soft and calming.

Chen: Soft like a cloud.

Suho: Gray because it’s not just deep and warm, but has a clear and young tone too. If it were a food, maybe it’d be ice cream with a sweet topping?

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Cuddles- Harry Potter


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Saturday afternoons around Christmas were always a do nothing day, I sat in front of the fireplace in the Slytherin common room reading The Great Gatsby, “love why are you so interested in muggle books?” Draco asked. I ignored him and continued to read my book as it was getting quite intense, I felt the cushion next to me sink in and Draco was soon huddled right next to me, he started placing kisses down my neck “how do you expect me to just sit there and watch you bite your lip like that” he growled against my skin “Draco, I’m trying to read” I said sternly, “you’ve been reading all day” he whined as he continued to pester me. I closed my book tossing it on the table in defeat “I just want to cuddle” he pouted, I rolled my eyes at the blonde boy who always tried to come off as a big tough guy but in reality was the biggest marshmallow ever. He lay down on the couch pulling my back into his chest, but he soon rolled over so I was now the big spoon, I sighed, but not surprised my dorky boyfriend just wanted to be held all the time. 


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OWLS were finally over and we had a couple days to relax before we had to go home for the summer, this was the time of year most of us dreaded, Harry didn’t want to go back to the Dursley’s, Hermione loved her parents but after 5 years she was still in awe with Hogwarts and Ron hated how crowded his house got with his brothers visiting home and the constant stream of guests. We all knew within a month’s time we would be the guests crowding up the Burrow, but we still said our good byes as if we wouldn’t see each other till September. I sat on the end of Ron’s bed as I watched him pack, he lugged his trunk to the door and plopped himself down next to me, I lay back following his actions, he soon grabbed my hand playing with my fingers and hair. I knew that was his sign, every time Ron wanted to cuddle he would never initiate it, he would start to fiddle, touching my hair or arms, I rolled over as he wrapped his arm around me, I could feel his steady breathing against my neck, his hand interlaced with mine, I smiled at this perfect moment I always longed for.


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Another year and another courageous fight my stupid yet good-hearted boyfriend has won, I went up to the boys dormitory where I knew Harry would be packing his trunk dreading another summer with the Dursley’s. When I slowly pushed the door open I saw Harry standing over his trunk, carefully staring at a piece of clothing, still mourning the death of his God father, I padded across the room wrapping my arms around his waist pressing my head into his back “sorry love, I’m not really in the mood” he sighed pulling away from my grip. I frowned as I watched him close his trunk and carry it over to the door “Harry” I complained “I know you were supposed to live with Sirius this summer, and I know you loved him, you can’t push the people who care about you away” I sighed walking closer to him, this time he didn’t back away, I pulled him down to his bed and leaned my head on his shoulder, holding him close, “it’ll be okay, we can get through this together” I said, this was the first time he cried since it happened, the sobs wracked through his body but I comforted him “you don’t have to be strong all the time Harry” I whispered stroking his back. 


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Fred and I were polar opposites, he was so loud, funny and outgoing, whereas I was quiet, serious and incredibly shy, but I guess it’s true what they say, opposites do attract because I couldn’t be any happier than I was with this goof ball red head. I sat in the common room re-reading my potions notes, I had told Fred and George many times they should study as well, but they decided they weren’t writing their OWLs and were planning a “brilliant prank” in their words. It wasn’t until 2am the boys came running in the common room, as usual disturbing the peace “y/n love, check this out… fireworks” Fred simply said, him and George making sound effects and popping actions with their hands. I stared at them, putting my notes down “fireworks?” I asked confused “fireworks” they repeated in unison, Fred plopped himself down next to me, the sudden weight shift causing me to fall into his side, he wrapped his arm around me pulling me close “we have come up with these fireworks that will re-create Umbridge’s pig face” George laughed “right, and when and where do you plan on doing this?” I asked concerned “in the great hall during the final exams” they exclaimed in unison “isn’t that a bit dangerous?” the questions continuing. They quickly but excitedly explained their plan before Fred tried silently but failed to tell George to get out, “now that we’re alone” Fred smirked pulling me onto his lap “Fred, I’m tired” I yawned “then sleep, love, I just want to be with you” he mumbled into my messy hair, I soon fell asleep to the steady heartbeat of Fred Weasley.


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I sat on top of my boyfriend with every intent in keeping him pinned down “you think you’re stronger than me?” the redhead smirked “I don’t think, I know” I challenged. He rolled his eyes at me “you’re the biggest goof I’ve ever met” he smiled, I pretended to be offended “me!?” I gasped dramatically “yes you” he laughed pulling the pillow out from under his head and wacking me with it, before i could react he jolted up and grabbed me, pulling me into his chest, i burst into a fit of giggles against his chest, once I had calmed down I readjusted myself so my legs were now straight “George Weasley, what would your mother say about you hitting girls?” I joked “oh but I thought you were stronger than me” he smirked. I rolled my eyes “you’re such a loser” I mumbled into his chest “yes, but I’m your loser” he said pressing his lips to my temple, the energy in the room soon died down to relaxation and I was beginning to feel tired “I love you George” I whispered “I love you too, y/n” he replied holding me closer. 

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I’ve never watched the actual victoria secret show before so i’m going to write this as if MC bought a ton of lingerie in general and modeled them for the boys hopefully that’s alright!!

why is V’s so damn long I’m just in such a V mood right now and craving a blue puff ball route :’)

lil nsfw wink wonk


- When you say you have a surprise for him and sit him down on the bed he doesn’t really know what to expect, of course his mind always switches to dirty thoughts in a situation like that but he didn’t actually expect you to come out in lingerie

- It’s s o hard to sit there without being able to run his hands all over your body, feel all your curves and dips when he sees you like that. You’re just so damn beautiful

- He has to clench his palms to resist jumping all over you then and there. Wolf whistles every time you come out and looks you up and down painfully slowly.

- His personal favorite is the lacey bright white set with angel wings

- nut af when you come out in that

- He won’t make it to the end, he has to have you before then.

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it always makes me laugh that Spock went into a trance standing, like, he knew he was gonna fall over, and he didnt even try to sit down, he was just like “yes captain, i can go into this trance, in fact, i’ll do it right now”

the only reason i can think of with why he did that was just so his boyfriends could catch him like the Vulcan in Distress he is.

12.03 coda

He doesn’t just flee to his room. He runs.

He would have slammed the door behind him but he doesn’t think he has the strength left. Figures. Can’t hold his family together, can’t hold himself together -

He feels his breath hitch painfully in his chest long before he even realizes that he’s crying.

He sits down on the bed. He doesn’t have anything left to do. He can’t even hear Sam’s footsteps in the hallway. Gone, gone, everyone’s gone, he’s all alone again, why does everybody keep leaving him?

He doesn’t even pick up the phone. His breath just hitches again and he throws his head into his hands.

“Cas,” he sobs. And once the dam has broken, his shoulders start to shake in earnest.

Dean thinks that it’s possible he’s never felt pain like this before. His mother’s always been taken from him, never left him. She was safety and security and warmth. She was the star of Bethlehem that called him home, that called him back to himself. He’s stared at her photograph countless times and seen only love in her eyes.

But now she’s left him, too.

His legs have cramped something awful from sitting so long in this position by the time his bedroom door cracks open, but he falls pliantly into Castiel’s grip once he gets his arms around him.

“I came as soon as - Dean. Dean, it’s ok.”

Dean shakes his head, buries his face into Castiel’s chest. “She’s gone, she’s gone,” he keeps mumbling, in between bouts of tears. He’s distantly aware that he’s smearing the salt of them into Castiel’s thin shirt, but Castiel just holds on. He runs a hand through Dean’s hair, soothing and gentle just like he remembers his mom doing when he was -

So he cries and he cries and he cries, and he lets Castiel hold him. And he curls his hands into the lapels of Castiel’s suit jacket and his thighs quiver like he’s made of water.

“What did I do wrong?” he whimpers. 

Castiel makes a sound like he’s halfway to sobbing himself. “Nothing,” he tells him. “Nothing, you did nothing wrong, it isn’t you,” he promises. He says it over and over and over again.

Castiel kisses the crown of Dean’s head and rubs his hands down his back. “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry,” he says.

Eventually, Dean will tire himself out. He’ll lie back against the pillows and he will drag Castiel down with him. He’ll wake up sweating from a nightmare about his mom burning on the ceiling - one that he hasn’t had in years. He’ll still feel ice shards digging their way to the center of his heart, and remember that it was Mary’s hand sending them deeper.

Everybody leaves me.

Castiel touches the back of his neck, and he feels a little steadier.

But at least there’s someone that always comes back.

Imagine Steve Rogers giving you this look

“Would you quit looking at me like that?”

Steve gave you a quizzical look as you glared over at him,. “Like what?” he defended, innocently.

“You know what. I’m trying to write up this mission report and I can’t concentrate with you sitting there.“

He gave you an amused look, taking his time to get up of the chair opposite you and walk across the room so he was standing right beside you. “Why don’t we just have an early night and finish your report in the morning? I’ll even give you a hand.”

You want to scold him for interrupting your work, but he just looked so damn adorable standing there like some eager puppy. Besides, an ‘early night’ with Steve Rogers was always one hell of an experience that you’d be crazy to turn down.

Shutting down your laptop, you get on your feet, moving to hold your hands around the back of your boyfriend’s neck. “You know, maybe I should go on missions more often,” you teased. “I kinda enjoy this whole pining thing you have going on.”

“I think you’ll enjoy it even more as the night goes on.”

Dean’s baby sister.

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Pairing : Winchesters x Sister!reader
Word count : 979
Author : Mel
Request : Anonymous- I don’t know if this is a funny idea but I feel like a body swap fic is always good?

Body swap curses. Man did you hate body swap curses. Especially when you woke up in a room that wasn’t yours. “Shit..” You mumbled. “Why am I in Dean’s room?” You looked around. “Dean!?” You started to sit up, but your head was pounding. “What the hell.” Swinging your legs out of bed, everything felt wrong. Looking down, you were in just black boxer briefs. You slowly pulled out the waist band and looked in. “No..” Getting up, you looked in the mirror. “Aw crap.”

Waking up, Dean groaned, and stretched. He opened his eyes and winced. “Why does it look like a fucking my little pony exploded in here…”  He ground the sleep out of his eyes and looked around. Bright colors, fluffy pillows, pictures, but also guns and knives?

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headcanon that after making peace with the bergens the celebration goes on all through the night and poppy and branch spend most of it running around, singing and dancing with each other and old friends and making new friends.

but when things slow down near dawn after hours of partying, they let everyone sleep on the ground or lower branches and climb all the way to the top together. then they just sit up there, hugging and leaning on one another or laying down and watching the sky change colors, and talk about everything .

how much poppys heart hurts because of creek, how sorry she is for never noticing branch needed someone to figure out why he was always grey and alone, how branch forgives her because she never let him really be alone.

about the bundle of notepads beneath his bed filled with poetry meant for her, and the stash of all the invitations shes ever made for him that he kept and fixed, and all the times her stomach has felt fluttery when she made little felt figures of him in her scrapbooks and didnt know why.

about what being queen will mean for them, how she wants to start to make plans to protect her people and their new allies and how she wants him to help and be right there with her, and he hugs her and wont let go because he feels in that moment like he never wants to leave her side ever again.

and by then its almost noon, and people are looking for them, and they shout down that theyre fine but tired so everyone leaves them be. poppy falls asleep with her head on his chest, giggling and sighing as he recites some of his best poems from memory. and as hes falling asleep he tries not to feel like a doofus because she keeps nuzzling him and her hair is in his face and he keeps sniffing it and he hates hair products but whatever she puts in it smells almost as amazing as she is.

btskookiefangirl  asked:

Hello! Could I have a reaction to bts when your insecure about yourself. Thank you^^

Jin: “Now why is my beautiful jagiya so insecure about herself? I’ll love you just the same, with or without your flaws.” He’d be super sweet to you and surprised that you’d think all of these negative thoughts about yourself. No matter how many flaws you point out to him, he’ll brush it off and keep adoring you even more. 

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Namjoon: He’d be more serious about a topic like this. You two would sit down and have a serious conversation, him constantly reminding you that you have absolutely nothing to be insecure about. “You should believe in yourself more, jagi. I’ll always see you as the same girl I fell in love with since the beginning.” 

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Yoongi: He’ll be more confused as to why you’re doing this to yourself rather than concerned. “It doesn’t matter if the girls in magazines or social media are pretty, I’ll still love you.” He wouldn’t directly say that you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, but his love for you is clear enough.

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Hoseok: This little ball of sunshine would be super worried and concerned on why you’re so insecure about yourself. He’ll be extremely supportive and try to make you smile as much as possible (as if you weren’t already before). “I have no idea how you got that idea, but you’ll always be stunning in my eyes. I’m blessed to see your gorgeous self everyday.”

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Jimin: Out of all the members, I’m sure he’d be the one to understand the most. He’s had the same insecure moments in the past (which he shouldn’t be) and this would help him understand the situation more. He’d be really sweet to you and motivate you to practice on loving yourself. “You want me to list off all the wonderful things about you? Don’t worry, I got this!” 

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Taehyung: Clueless, he’ll try to comfort you in any way that he could. There’d be more affection involved, including him repeatedly telling you that you’re beautiful and perfect just the way you are. “Jagi, stop worrying about little things like that! You’re adorable and lovable, even more so than I am!”

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Jungkook: He wouldn’t exactly know what to do right on the spot. He can be more awkward than the other members when encountering this type of situation. However, he’ll most likely try to tease you in a lighthearted way and make you laugh. Jungkook would rather show you his feelings, like giving you a bear hug, than be verbal about it. “Cheer up ok? Just know I’m always here for you and love you all the same.”

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To all the girls out there that are insecure about themselves, I completely understand and can relate. Just know, at the end of the day we’re all beautiful, inside and out. Everybody has flaws of their own, but don’t let it stop you from doing what you love. Overcome that obstacle and become stronger!

“Trust me, you’re lovely.”

-Admin Honey

Preview of Part Three of “The Holiday”

This should be out…tomorrow?

Enjoy this unedited preview for now. Happy 2017!


“Why?” Peeta flopped down on the couch. “Why do I always fall for the wrong girls?”

Katniss handed him a glass of white liquor, courtesy of Haymitch. “You didn’t know she was the wrong girl.”

He took a long, hard sip from the glass. “Well, she definitely wasn’t the right girl.” Sitting back, Peeta let out a sigh. “You know, I sent her Christmas present to Manhattan to some random address. Some person is going to open a gift box with a very expensive Swarovski ornament.”

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Love Hurts: Part 2

Cas x Reader

1100 Words

Summary: Set is Season 8, the Reader is in love with Cas, but he’s being brainwashed by Naomi. While looking for Lucifer’s crypt’s, Cas attempts to kill the Reader in order to take the Angel tablet

Read Chapter 1

Cas pushed away from you, walking to where Meg lounged on a couch, pulling up a chair and sitting down next to her. Never once looking back at you, acknowledging the fact that he was being too rough, too cold. While Cas might not be the most affectionate boyfriend, he had always been attentive and kind, until today. So kind in fact that Dean always pretended to gag behind his back, acting as if it was the most disgusting thing in the world.

“What is up with Cas? Why’s he over there with Meg and not with you?” The brother you had just been thinking about asked, as he came up behind your shoulder. Both of you watching Cas who was quietly talking with Meg.

You weren’t one of those girls that cried that often. Your upbringing and father had made sure of that. However, right now, looking at your boyfriend pretending like you didn’t even exist, the pressure started building behind your eyes, as they burned with unshed tears. “I don’t know. He was so cold, and unlike himself. I’m worried.”

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Imagine Sherlock admitting that he has feelings for you

“Sherlock, why are you pushing me away from this case? It’s no more dangerous than all the other ones I have gone on with you.” 

“Moriarty is different, he will try use you against me.”

“I don’t care!”

“Well I do!” You stare at Sherlock, unsure of what to say. Sherlock stares at you before sitting down, putting his hands in his thinking pose.

“I have, feelings for you, Y/N, always have. I have tried to ignore it to the best of my capabilities, but with no success. With Moriarty back in the game, I am afraid of what he might do to you.” 

Pretty much how I imagine everyone finding out about Emma's secret.
  • Emma: The oracle told me that in the final battle I would die.
  • Regina: What?
  • Henry: Mom, why didn't you tell us?
  • Killian: No, this can't happen. We won't let it.
  • Charming: He's right. You're not alone in this, Emma.
  • Snow: Oh my god! Regina, are you alright?
  • Emma: Mom, I just told you I'm going to die.
  • Snow: Yeah, in front of Regina. You've really upset her.
  • Regina: I'm fine.
  • Snow: Are you sure? Do you need anything?
  • Emma: Seriously?
  • Snow: You look a little pale. Maybe you should sit down.
  • Regina: Really, I'm fine.
  • Emma: I'm pregnant!
  • Snow: Just let me know if you need anything. I'm always here for you, Regina.
  • Emma: Well, it was worth a try.

what exactly is Marvin/Trina/Jason/Whizzer’s living situation? i assumed that Marvin had moved out by the beginning of the show, but in “Jason’s Therapy” Marvin asks, “Why is he always here?” which almost implies that he lives there too, especially because he sits down with Trina and Jason at the dining room table during the scene.

but he’s also definitely in a separate house (apartment?) by “Making a Home”, so i guess i just don’t really understand the timeline. also, has Marvin moved into a different place in between the first and second act, or was he just not particularly acquainted with his neighbors until the two-year gap? did he sort of know of Cordelia and Charlotte but not really that well?

and though Whizzer assuredly has another apartment/place to stay even when he’s with Marvin (since Marvin implies that Whizzer is sleeping with other people while they’re together), does he just very often stay at Marvin’s house? he always expects Whizzer to make the dinner, so i assume that Whizzer spends most nights at Marvin’s house (if they’re not mad at each other or something ridiculous). also because Whizzer has a lot of clothes there, as shown when he’s packing up.

but i mean, overall i’m not entirely sure. kind of confused.

Jeliorn + hair playing is the purest concept and here’s why:

  • When Jace is stressed, sad, or struggling with his mental health, Meliorn will run him a warm bath and sit on the edge of it to wash his hair and massage his scalp
  • Meliorn will braid flowers through Jace’ hair during summer so he can keep his hair out of his face In Style
  • Meliorn always trims Jace’ undercut
  • When Meliorn comes home all exhausted and worn out, he’ll sit down on the floor with his back leaning against the couch and Jace will untie his bun to run his fingers through his hair until Meliorn is all warm and relaxed
  • They dye their tips together and take a lot of selfies afterwards
  • Jace can spend entire mornings just playing with Meliorn’s hair, twirling it around his fingers and running his hands through it. Those mornings are the best part of his day
  • Having Meliorn braid Jace’ hair works therapeutic for the both of them
  • Meliorn teaches Jace how to braid so Jace often finds himself braiding Meliorn’s hair while Meliorn is reading a book or watching some TV
To The Hommie Who asked About Hobi’s Donger… (My Opinion)

Now, this is a story all about how

My life got flipped-turned upside down

And I’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there…..

okie so for starters I’m like 56456465465% Hoseok is a grower like this boy has a sponge dick it just you can’t always wee it but when it gets excited it just grows and grows…..

i feel it in my soul guys just picture this…

 Why do I say that??…..Well first of all….

Exhibit A: 

This little angel can dance his heart out and for the most part we can’t see anything ….Maybe he’s mastered the art of tucking.. ya know being a dancer and all ….

Maybe… But what about this???

What are this??

Still don’t believe me?? 

How about this pecular way of sitting down??? (ITS’S OKAY  Hoseok jimin’s thighs do that to me too)

All I’m saying as you may think he’s small but Boi be packing all kinds of heat (like his demo)

Not Convinced?

Hoseok has some big hands like sdfkhldkf


Why would he need big hands like those??



Still not convinced?

In conclusion JHope has a sponge meaning it looks small but oh you’re in for a surprise bc once it gets excited it’s like a 7 year old on sugar…


Need more proof.??….


Exhibit C:






Like I said in my other posts  I have heard that Idols sometimes don’t wear underwear because of how tight their pants are and they wear a cup so this could also be why the bulges differ in size… Idk let me know what you think ……

To the perosn who requested this sorry it took so long to post I had to collect my evidence and make sure it was accurate..but here you go…




What if Sasuke called out to Naruto when they were young

I want to practice my writing and I really want to write this hc so here you go!! (Sorry for my grammar, plz tell me where are my mistakes ;3; )

Inspired by @it-started-over-sasunaru , thank you sweetie💕

You are watching him from afar.

You watch him sitting on his swing, head down and golden hair covering his whiskered face.

You are wondering every single day why he is always here (never looking at you), why he is alone (like you) and why the villagers didn’t want to meet his eyes when they talk to him (you found them beautifully blue).

You stare at the sky, like every day, he is going to go home (without you) and come back here tomorrow (without you).

(You wonder if he is the wind or the fire, the one who goes like a gentle spring wind or the one who will burn everyone with his obnoxious passion.)

You hope he won’t (will) notice you today, like the other ones.

The swing starts to move and you have to move too (because he is moving). You take one step and two. And at the third one you stop.

You see tears falling down.

So you start to run, run until your lungs are screaming for air, run until you have no space but for him, for the blue blurred eyes, for the sun still shining in the dark (the moon, you guess). You run like you are going to die (you know you are suffering every day). Then you stop again.

You stare at the golden locks within a meter away from you and realize his hair shine even in the dark (like the stars). You break your own rules and he is staring at you, so you are staring at him.

(His eyes are shining too.)

He stares in shock. The words are forming on his lips (so are you) and he closed it (but yours are still open gasping for air and words), turn away and let his silent sobs more silent than they already are.

And you are still working your mouth because it’s now it chooses to break.


(Are you okay?)

You continue with head spinning around the world and heart beating fast (it’s because of the running).

(You realize that what the books tell us are true. The world do stop when you want it to stop. So you watch heartlessly the world breaks and restarts again.)


(I want to know you.)

“Why are you always here?”

(Why are you always alone?)

With a breathtaking voice, the boy replied.

“I can’t go anywhere else.”

(Why I am hurting when I see you hurt?)

They become silent once more but you lie, because you are talking, talking in your head and soul and bones, you have all the things you want to talk to nobody but him, you have all those broken memories you want to share, to bring, to cry.

(Maybe because you want to cry with another one other than yourself.)

“… You can go home. ”, you point out this pointless fact.

He turn to you (the eyes with ocean and skies and clouds and water), and state with a warm tone (like his being):

“ I want to go home.”

You couldn’t help but feel a bit relieved, because he has a home (don’t have a real home like you) but he didn’t want to return. You resist the strange urge to smile, to laugh and to cry with the only pride you have now.

(He is the same and you want to hug him tight and say that it’s alright, you can live with me. We will have each other.)

(We won’t have anything than each other.)

“Then come.”, you reach a hand (and you know he will take it).

He stares at you (for the second time) and points his finger at the leaf, the village, the people out there. The sunset is already falling to it’s end (and the only thing who shines still is his eyes).

“You know this?”

You nod.

“They will come and hunt you, you know.”

You nod.

“They will throw rocks at you!”

You nod again.

“They will maybe try to kill you!”

You still nod like you are a doll, never tired to do the same movement. (Maybe you are just a tool for the world’s sake, after all.)

“ Then why you offered me to come with you?”, he asks with pure curiosity and


(Because I want to talk to you.)

(Because you are the only one who will know my pain and I will be the only one who will know yours.)

(Because you are that one person that didn’t come with a price and all you want is ramen with extra pork)

(I need you)

(I hope you will need me too)

“Because you are a dobe.”

You smile and this time you can’t suppress it. (Because he smiles too)

(I don’t know)

He takes his hand and they walk the sidewalk together, watching the stars dancing over the night dress.

“Thank you.”

Jealous! Levi

Levi always sits between Eren and whoever he is next to, because he knows his attention will be on him  once he sits down. His face is so calm as he squeezes and shoves until he`s next to him and he just acts like it didn`t happen and chats with Eren.

Erwin keeps trying to touch his hand. Okay, maybe he only wants a handshake, but Levi swears it`s a guise because why does he always want a handshake huh? Because obviously he wants to touch Eren so Levi makes it his goal to step between them, and not at all subtly, they look strangely at him but it doesn`t matter because Erwin didn`t get to touch him.

When Eren`s bratty friends arrive in the castle everything gets worse. Apparently the big one, Reiner can bench press the kid and a huge makes show about it. Hmph, Levi could bench press him too, what`s so special about that guy?