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Could you do some headcanons for America and so as well as England and so? Just like you did with Spain.

America and S/O Headcanons

  • Did you say arcade?! Too bad, cause that’s where you’re headed right now! Think you can beat Alfred in classic Street Fighter? Well…you’re right. The guy can’t focus with you nudging him away from the game with your butt.
  • He loves candy. He’ll dedicate a whole day to going to candy stores. At the end, you both are sick for at least week. Well, at least he is.
  • Fall is one of his favorite times. “Let’s make leaf piles, (Y/N)!” How can you say no to that? It was finally a warm enough day to go outside, so why not? Just make sure you don’t make too much of a mess, or that one neighbor will complain about him again. And you really don’t want to deal with that again.
  • Speaking of fall, Halloween! You make sure he plans a party instead of going out and Trick or Treating. Last time, he got uncomfortable because of the old lady on that one street who kept asking him why he was so tall for a child. Just plan a party, give him a costume and candy, then he’ll be alright.
  • Wash the boy’s hair, please. He does a terrible job with focusing on washing his hair. He doesn’t even use the right shampoo. He uses that ‘man shampoo’, but when you use just normal shampoo, Alfie will be asking everyone to touch his extremely soft hair.

England and S/O Headcanons

  • He doesn’t really like going out. He’s a more inside guy. Unless you pull out the puppy eyes, then you can get him to go anywhere. Or a promise for something in ‘return’ later, then you’ll be out the door immediately.
  • He does like going on walks with you! Especially on a sunny day, even if his face is as bright as the sun. Why? Because you’re holding his hand, of course.
  • If you don’t like soap operas, you’re in luck! Arthur loves them and will bribe you with whatever you want if it means he gets to watch them with you.
  • Play chess with him! Even if you can’t, he’ll still appreciate the fact you attempted. He’ll teach you all the ways to beat your opponent and eventually, the games will start to take all day.
  • Occasionally, he’ll pull out the old Disney movies. VHS and all. It always brings a smile to his face hearing you quietly hum a song you particularly like from the movie. He won’t admit it, though.
  • Tea time! You may not be able to see his fantasy friends, but you still go to the little tea parties he has whenever they come over. You suppose if he would do something like this for you, then you can return the favor.
Movies (Dan Howell x reader Smut)
  • I don't know what makes me want him. I guess it is because he is my best friend and when you are around someone for a long time, slept with them (like cuddling), being with him all the time. How did they think that I was not going to get some feelings. I don't know how I can tell him or anything.
  • Today I am going over to his house because we are having a movie day. He invited me over and I had to say yes... Even though I think he only thinks of me as a friend. It's nice to be able to see him.
  • Once I get to his house I knock and just a few moments after I see Dan running up to the door. I laugh when he opens the door out of breath.
  • "Hey, (y/n)" He said to me opening the door wider for me to be able to come in.
  • "Hey, Dan" I say as I pass him and kiss his cheek. His face reddens and he just smirks. We sit on the couch after all of it is set up. We are watching something that Dan had always wanted me to watch but we never had the time.
  • ``````Time Skip``````
  • When the movie ends I look up at Dan and he smiles at me.
  • "I guess I should go then." I said as I tried to get up. I got pulled onto Dan's lap. I turned beat red and look at him turning around and stratling him. He puts his hands on my waist. I was so confused, why would he do this.. I know I wanted and I was feeling the want in my lower regions. I was already starting to get wet for him.
  • "W-what are you d-doing, Dan?" I stuttered out.
  • "Right now I want you to call me Daddy. Alright, (y/n)?" He said to looking at my lips.
  • "Why?" I asked him. I was confused. Why would he want to be called daddy? Does he have that kink of something..
  • "Just do it, you don’t want to get punished do you?" He said to me. I gasped and looked at him with an expression that said 'what the fuck does he want from me?'
  • "Okay… Daddy.." I said I tried to use the new name for him.
  • He then attacked my lips and I responded with not as much force but I tried to make it enjoyable for him. I am scared that he thinks that I am just someone he can't do anything with because I am inexperienced.
  • He swiped his tounge on my lip asking for permission. I allowed it and he slipped past my lips and rubbed his tounge against mine, I let out a quite moan. He smirked in the kiss that we were sharing.
  • He slowly crept his hands up shirt and he reached my bra. He took the fabric that was my shirt and took it off of me. He then skillfully unhooked my bra and put it into the growing pile that was our clothes. He took one of my nipples into his mouth and swirled his tounge around it and then sucking on it for a sec. He did not leave the other one with nothing either, he took the other one in his fingers and toyed with it making it hard.
  • "You like it when Daddy does this?" He said in the most sexiest voice I have ever heard.
  • "Ahh" I said in reply. I could not really string up any words. So this was my way of saying that this was amazing.
  • He then left my breasts and went to my shorts that I was wearing, He slid his hand into them taking them off painfully slow. I had to stand up to get them off for I was still sitting in his lap. Once I took all of my undergarments off I sat on his lap again.
  • Dan then took his skilled fingers and rubbed my clit.
  • "Ahh Dan.." I moaned.
  • "Tst… I told you what you must call me how many times do I have to say it, (y/n)." Dan said as he stuck one finger in my heat. I gasped and he just smirked and leaned me on the couch so I was laying down. He then spread my legs and sat in that spot that is there.
  • He kissed from my thighs down to my throbbing heat, He took a long lick between my folds and I moaned… loud.. He then started sucking my clit and making the best pleasure run through me.
  • "Ahhh.. Daddy.. That feels so-" I could not finish my whine/ moan before I felt a pleasure build up in side me. I let out my loudest moan of the night as it racked through me.
  • "Oh my gosh." I breathed. I was not ready for this kind of sexual touching when I came here.
  • "Think you can do one more of those?" Dan said as he came up from my heat. I nodded and he got undressed and sat back in the position we were previously in. He slid the condom on and then slowly went inside of me.
  • I let out a cry. This hurts so bad.. I let one of my tears slip through and he leaned down and kissed it away.
  • "It will be better in a minute" He said to me in a kind voice. I nodded once again and he slid all the way inside of me and waiting for permission from me to be able to move.
  • I nodded at him. He started pumping inside of me. It hurt a lot at first but then all I felt was pleasure.
  • "Faster! Daddy please!" I moaned at him. He just lifted his eyebrow and startd to pound into me. I started moaning uncontrollably and then I started to feel that pressure build up inside me.
  • "I'm gonna cum!"
  • "Me to!" And then we came together. He pumped in and out a couple more times so we could ride out our highs.
  • He slid out of me and threw the condom away and looked at me. I had gotten comfortable on the couch. He shooke his head at me and picked me u bridal style and takes me to his room. On the way there he says,
  • "Don't think I forgot about earlier. You are going to be punished. You need to learn your lesson." He smirked at me.
  • ___________________________
  • I did it!!! Yay the first request!! And I am going to try to do all of the requests that come my way!! Thankss!

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Mark wants a lot of things. He wants the people he loves to be happy and safe; friends, family, fans. He wants Chica to stay a sweet lil’ pup forever, he wants to be the best improver that ever improv’d - what? He can want good real things and good impossible things, shut up.

And he wants Jack - kind of always, and more than he was ever supposed to. Wants him to stay in LA and eat breakfast with him every morning, wearing Mark’s clothes because his luggage was lost. Slipping into Mark’s home like it was his too.

God, he wants to go back to when he didn’t know he was in love with Jack. ‘Cause looking at him sleeping on Mark’s couch with Mark’s dog flopped on top of him, it’s impossible to take back.

Jack’s only here for two more days, but Mark wants more, more time to tell him, to be honest with himself about what he’s been feeling the past couple of months. About why he can’t look at Jack without wanting to close the distance, not since he realised what his stupid heart was doing all this time without him knowing.

Mark wants Jack to stay with him, and that thought sticks like a constant beat in the back of his mind. Whenever Jack smiles, or laughs, or falls asleep against his shoulder during a crappy movie marathon like he belongs there - because he does. But you don’t always get what you want.

Right now though, he just wants to pour ice down Jack’s pants while he’s sleeping. And he can at least make that happen.

Song Preference : Love you madly by Cake

Calum: When I kiss your lips, I want to sink down to the bottom of the sea

You stared at the screen of your laptop, watching P.S I love you for the twentieth time, cuddled up next to Calum, a bowl of popcorn resting between your legs. You could feel the tears softly rolling down your face, and you weren’t even ashamed. This movie brought out the feels in you.

“babe…” You heard Calum’s soft whisper beside you, as a hand gently cupped your face, one of his large warm hands carefully wiped away a stray tear. “Are you sure you want to watch this? I hate seeing you cry.”

“But Calum, I love this movie!” You told him, sobbing and sniffing, refusing to remove your eyes from the screen.

“Why do you love it so much when all it does is make you cry? I just don’t get it.” He told you, confusion lining his features, looking at you like a puppy who just heard a funny sound. You smiled at him, every time he pulled that look, you felt the urge to jump on him and cuddle him until you were both struggling to breathe.

“It’s… Hard to explain.  It’s a movie about how love will last even after death, and also about how you can beat the pain of a seemingly fatal situation, by fighting for it. And love will always be there for everyone no matter how old you get. It’s just so hard to explain, but it’s the best movie ever.” You told him, trying to explain why the movie meant so much to you, but it only confused him even more. Gerard Butler came on screen again, and you couldn’t help yourself, you broke down crying hysterically again.

You heard a sigh, and before you could respond, you felt yourself enveloped in Calum’s embrace, your head stuck against his firm chest. You could hear his steady heartbeat, and smell his aftershave.

“I will never leave you. We will never be apart. I promise you. I hate seeing you cry, I hate this movie. It breaks my heart. Even if you do look beautiful when you cry” He told you, kissing the top of your head gently.

“I look like a potato when I cry” You laughed with a broken voice.

“My  beautiful potato” he giggled, as he kissed your forehead. You looked up at him, staring at him with your beautiful eyes, his eyes switched from staring into yours, and your lips. He began leaning in, until his lips softly brushed against yours. You immediately leaned forward, deepening the kiss, his hands roaming your body.

“I hope one day you realize how much you mean to me, and how much I love you. I love you Y/N. And whenever I kiss your lips, it makes me want to sink to the bottom of the sea, and get carried away by the waves into your love. I don’t ever want us to leave or grow apart. I want to be there for you always, when you smile, when you cry, even when you get mad at me. I will always be here. I know I don’t have a ring right now, but I want you to know, I want to marry you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, because no one has ever made me this happy. You are my other half” He passionately confessed as he broke from the kiss, staring into your eyes, his burning with love and emotion. You began crying tears of joy, as you put your arms around him, and held him tightly, nodding, because you were so overwhelmed and happy you couldn’t remember how to speak.

Luke: I don’t want to hold back, I don’t want to slip down

You were resting on the boys’ changing room, spread out over the sofa, with your head on Luke’s lap, who stroked your hair lovingly, as they waited to go on stage. You snuggled up closer to him, you hadn’t had the best of days, and right now you just needed to cuddle with your best friend. He had promised to buy you chocolate ice cream and biscuits as soon as you guys got back to the hotel, as comfort food.

What you didn’t notice was the look of pain and longing Luke stared at you with, or how his cerulean orbs seemed to sparkle with the upcoming threat of tears whenever a thought of you and your boyfriend crossed his mind. You tried your hardest to fight back a sob, but failed miserably. The other boys took it as a cue to leave the room, to give Luke and you a little more privacy. You sat up on the sofa, and looked down, tears rolling down your cheeks.

“Y/N….” He whispered, unsure of what to do or what to say, his arms resting on your shoulders.

“I just don’t get it, he stood me up again. Why? Why would he do that?” You asked him, between sobs. You had been waiting an hour at the café for him, before you received his text, excusing himself saying he had forgotten. You called Luke, and he picked up the sobbing mess that you were, and took you to the arena with him.

Luke sighed, he had so much he wanted to say, but he wasn’t sure he should say anything. All he knew was that he was tired of this, of how he treated you, and how you ran after him like a lovesick puppy. He was tired of knowing he would be a much better boyfriend, and he could definitely be the man you deserve.

“Am I that horrible? Am I a bad girlfriend? Am I not worth it? What is wrong with me? Why can’t he just love me?” You asked him, clinging onto his red plaid shirt, while tears now streamed down your eyes like Niagara falls. That’s when he lost it.

“No! OH MY GOD Y/N! WHY CAN’T YOU JUST SEE IT?! IT IS SO OBVIOUS HE IS JUST ANOTHER ASSHOLE WHO CLEARLY DOESN’T SEE YOUR WORTH OR UNDERSTAND HOW LUCKY HE IS TO HAVE YOU! YOU ARE PERFECT! ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! And you deserve someone who knows it. Someone who truly does love you! Someone like me!” He blurted out, raising his voice, and tugging on his hair from the roots, in desperation. You gasped, eyes open wide, but the tears had halted.

“Luke… You… You love me?” You asked him, voice heavy with confusion and surprise at the recent news you had received. His eyes opened wide too, at the sound of those words coming out of your mouth.

“yes Y/N, I do love you. I have loved you for quite a while already. I am tired of waiting around, picking up the pieces of your heart, which he breaks. I don’t want to hold back anymore. I want to be yours.” He told you, starting to stand up from his place at the sofa. You quickly grabbed his hand, and pulled him down onto you, planting a passionate kiss on his lips.

“I’ll be yours Luke. Let me be yours”

Ashton: I don’t want to doubt you, know everything about you

You were sat across the table from Ashton at the petite café, a warm hot chocolate sitting right in front of you, the fumes coming from it spiraling in the air above it. This was your fourth date, and things had started getting pretty serious.

His hand was resting lightly on yours, his thumb brushing the skin at the back of your hand, as he leant forward and looked at you admiringly, as you spoke passionately about another of your bizarre anecdotes with your friends. It was so rewarding talking to him, he took in every detail, and laughed and gasped in all of the right places. His giggle was the best sound you had ever heard, it was the first thing which caught your attention. It put the angels to shame. So you’d constantly tell him funny stories about your friends, just to hear him giggle, and when he did you would stare in awe, amazed at how a human could make such an enchanting sound.

You had told him how before  you met him, you had been in an extremely controlling relationship from which you had struggled to get out of. He tensed up whenever your ex was brought up in a conversation, his jaw clenched, and his muscles seemed to be ready to punch him if he ever saw him.

You really liked Ashton, right from the start he had been so sweet to you, it made your heart flip, and butterflies burst in your stomach like fireworks. He was so genuine, and funny, and kind, and polite… You could go on and on enumerating his gifts forever.

“I’m having lots of fun today Ash” you told him, giving him a shy smile. His grin stretched out across his face, and you could see his eyes twinkle with pure bliss.

“So am I Y/N. This truly is great. And I hope I’m not being too fast, but I’d love it if I could do this with you all the time.” He asked you, blushing deeply, looking down at the table.

“What do you mean?” You asked him, a bit confused by his choice of words.

“What I’m trying to say is, that I have had a lot of fun on these dates, and well, I guess what I am trying to do, is to tell you that I would be the luckiest man alive if you agreed to being in a relationship with me” he told you, blushing deeply, but managing to maintain his eyes on yours, still glistening with adoration, as he tried to make you understand his intentions were genuine. You were so shocked by the fact that someone as amazing as Ashton would want to be your boyfriend, that you couldn’t find your voice to reply.

“I know you’ve had terrible experiences in the past, and trust me when I say if I ever find him, I will beat the crap out of him. But I am not like him. I don’t want to ever doubt you, or know absolutely everything about you, what you do, who you are with. I don’t want to be like him. I want to make you happy. I want to be your other half, and respect you, and be the best boyfriend I can be.” He quickly added, afraid of your silence being a doubt. You saw fear slightly take over his expression, and quickly struggled to find your voice.

“Ashton, don’t be so worried. I was afraid I’d never get you to say something like that! It would be my honor to be you girlfriend. I trust you, you have proved you are an amazing guy, and I would be the happiest girl in the world if I could call you mine.” You told him, as he stood up from his chair, and gave you a sweet and chaste kiss, before sitting back down, blushing slightly, and giggling with that wonderful sound that made your heart feel like the gates of Heaven had just been opened.

 Michael: I don’t want to fake it; I just want to make it

You grabbed hold of Michael’s hand, as he and the other boys walked into the studio to record more songs, surfing through the waves of fans and paparazzi that obstructed your path. You could feel the strong flashes blinding you, and you could hear all sorts of awkward questions, and horrible comments being thrown in your direction. You kept your head low, sunglasses covering your now teary eyes.

Michael noticed the change in your face, and grabbed your hand a little tighter, pulling you with him faster through the crowd. His expression stern, as he eyed some of the fans with disappointment, and tried catching up with Luke’s long strides at the front.

Once you got inside safely, you plopped down in a seat outside the cabins where the boys would be recording, your hand quickly wiping the tears that had started to run down your cheeks. This did not go unnoticed by Michael, who looked at you with a pained expression, but couldn’t do anything, although he wished he could run up to you and hug you, and punch all of those who had caused you so much pain.

The thing is, you weren’t Michael’s real girlfriend. You had been hired by the management, after a long period of Michael being disrespected by the fans for being a womanizer, giving himself, and the band, a bad image among the girls. You had to pretend to be his girlfriend, and it wasn’t like the job wasn’t well paid, plus it was the only acting job you had been offered since you started looking. Whenever you were outside of private areas, you and Michael were the perfect couple. After six months of fake relationship, Michael’s image was almost clean, and the boy’s sales had settled again, even gaining popularity among other groups.

What you hadn’t counted on, was that although the boy complained at being forced into faking a relationship, he had slowly started to fall for you. All of those pretend dates, tours you accompanied him on, and in general all of the time spent together, had made him start noticing little things about you he loved, like the way you covered your face when you laughed, or bit your lip whenever you had an evil plan in mind, or were struggling not to laugh at something, or the way your hands felt so soft when he held them, and how warm your small frame felt against him when he held you out in public. He loved the way you always left what you liked to eat best as the last thing on your plate, so you could enjoy it properly, and the gentle way you held your fork. He loved your concentration face when you were on your phone scrolling through tumblr, and most of all, he loved the sound of your voice whenever his name rolled off your tongue.

Sometimes, he wanted to pull at his hair, and yell in frustration, because he had fallen in love with the one girl he probably shouldn’t have feelings for, the one girl who is getting paid to pretend she loves him. But he couldn’t help it, he was a fool.

He wished he could hold you tight, and have you cry on his shoulder while he told you how much he loved you, and he wanted to be able to punch all of those horrible people, but he had to keep it cool, so no one would notice how he had fallen so hard for someone so impossible. He looked around to notice the boys had left the room, probably planning on leaving you two alone.

“Hey Y/N…. can I sit next to you?” he asked shyly, his voice barely audible, and his  heart feeling like it would break out of his chest any second.

“Sure Mikey” You told him, your voice weak, while you faked a smile and patted at the seat next to you.

“I know this isn’t the right moment, but I need to talk to you.” He told you, and you could tell he was nervous by how tense his voice sounded, so you just nodded.

“Look. Agh, I just don’t know how to say this.” He started, scratching the back of his head. “ Look. When all of this started, I wanted nothing to do with a fake girlfriend, I thought it was unnecessary, and was totally against it. But as I met you, and started to know you, you grew in me. At first I thought it was just a stupid crush, and it would go away, but the more time we spent together, and the more dates we went on, and all those days on tour, or at my house playing games and eating junk food, all of those made me fall for you. Yes, I fell for you Y/N. I fell hard.” He told you, as he took your sunglasses off, and bushed a strand of hair behind your ear so he could caress your cheek.

“I don’t want to fake it, I don’t want to fake this anymore. I want to make it like a couple, a REAL couple, and take you out on real dates, and cuddle with you on my bed because we want to and not because we are being told. I want to be yours, all of yours. I want to be able to hold you close and protect you from all of those horrible people outside, and know in my heart you are mine and I am doing it to protect the girl I love.” He finished, looking you in the eyes, his thumb rubbing your cheek gently. You never noticed your mouth was slightly open with the surprise. You noticed Michael was staring at you expectantly, but also slightly worried, and scared of what you would reply.  You blinked a few times, to get rid of the excess water forming in your eyes,

“I… I love you Michael. I don’t want to get any money from pretending to date you. I don’t care about the money. I will work at a café. I will find a job at a theatre. I’ve been wishing for this to happen for so long already, I was starting to believe it never will. I don’t want to be your fake girlfriend anymore. I want to be your girl, just yours.” You told him with a smile, surprise tangible in your voice. At the sound of your words, Michael’s lips broke out into the biggest smile you had ever seen, and he quickly crashed his lips onto yours, kissing your fiercely and passionately. Your hands snaked around his neck, and grabbed onto his hair, pulling at it as you deepened the kiss.

“GET IN THERE MIKEY!” You both snapped up to hear Ashton scream, cheering him up from the door frame.

“You owe me 20 bucks” Calum laughed at Luke, stretching his hand out to receive the money, while Luke laughed, shaking his head, as he pulled out his wallet and handed the Kiwi his note.

“Will you guys please leave? You are ruining a beautiful moment!” Michael sassed out to his friends, dismissing them with a movement of his hand.

“Just wanted to say congratulations man, I’m glad you finally told her, I’m so happy for you both” Luke said, as he pushed the other two big kids out of the room, to give you and your now boyfriend some privacy.

“Now where were we?” he turned around to you, wiggling his eyebrows. “ Oh, right” his lips colliding with yours again, while you smiled into the kiss.