why is he allowed to have his own museum

“Dinosaurs of Eden: A Biblical Journey Through Time” by Ken Ham

Oh okay so carnivorous dinosaurs = evil falsehood made up by atheist homosexual child-hating scientists.
I have no words for the utter stupidity.
I need a fresh drink of dinosaur lemonade to wash down this bullshit, because that’s all that dinosaurs were made for right? To make us humans lemonade. 

Fun at the Museum : A CS AU one shot

A/N: Emma wanted to visit the National Art Museum to see some of her favorite art. Killian had other plans in mind for the trip. [A little museum smut]

She walked into the museum and her mouth fell open at the site of the regal elegance that lay before her. She loved looking at art and finally visiting the national museum was a dream come true. All of the true master’s work hung along the sacred walls with a marble path leading her way to each exhibit.

She picked up a brochure from the front desk and clasped the little metal museum pin onto the strap of her dress. She’d need a memento to show she’d been there and it was perfect.  She took a deep breath and moved forward to the first exhibit.

With so much art hanging before her she barely noticed the pair of beautiful blue eyes that seemed to follow her through the museum. After first connecting it was difficult not to notice them as they watched her carefully not to mention the man they belonged to. He was as handsome as any portrait model and his smile illuminated the room just as the pieces did.

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