why is everything i make shit

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:why did everything in da:i take so long?? i mean, every tiny insignificant quests take literal hours, and most sidequests are just those shitty fetch things. it makes no sense to have the inquisitor, the leader of a military organization, run around in the hinterlands to pick a few herbs or shit like that in the first place, but what makes it even worse is that it's required to do the main quests. i have over 100 hours on this game but haven't finished a single playthrough. and the companion quests aren't any better either, they're all plain awful but take like hours?? why? the previous games had those minor fetchquests/companion arcs too but 1) you weren't really as important and 2) they took 15 minutes, but they're not even good, they're just.... really not fun to do, and the companions don't really feel as close as the ones in previous games. Everything in this goddamn game feels so overwhelming and honestly, i just spend most of the time in skyhold (if i even reach it, mostr of my inquisitors don't even make it out of haven because guess what, the prologue takes years too. the main quests alone are long enough (and the only fun one in my opinion was the winter palace), why are we forced to travel through the hinterlands for hours to do some really minor quest that doesn't even feel important?

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So Fizzy unfollowing Harry, one of the Twins liking Freddie pics on IG, Harry posting three blank pics on IG, and Fizzy following Anne on twitter??? Did they Break up? The SM follows and likes of both families is always so freaking odd to me. Plus I'm so tired of all the shit everyone has to deal with. Why can't people just leave it alone (and by that I'm talking about the families aside from Anne and Jay). It's this kind of stuff that makes me question everything I thought I knew. I hate that.

firstable the twins probably don’t even know about the situation and if they do why would they go liking babygate stuff if they know it’s fake, secondable those blank pics don’t in any way indicate something negative and thirdable why on earth would she follow her brother’s ex-boyfriend’s mum after a breakup

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my friends are hanging out without me and it makes me feel like shit any advice? :-$$$

be nice to urself today it happens to everyone and it always feels like a punch in the gut but pls dont read anything into it about ur relationships!! maybe just text the one of them ur closest to and straight up ask them why they didnt invite u, being sad and not saying anything is the easiest but also worst way to deal with it i promise everything is better when its out in the open

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ur not even a tranny why are u trying to make everyone think that genderbending is wrong

Don’t use the term tranny you piece of shit bc

1. The term tranny is also transphobic and I am trans so don’t come at me pretending like you know everything

2. I’m saying it’s wrong because IT IS TRANSPHOBIC and if you cant see why it’s wrong after I explained it twice unfollow and block me.

I hate minions. I hate them so much, I hope they go to a misty yellow capitalist mainstream marketing hell. I don’t know who decided to wake up on one bright ass sunny morning and fling themselves out of bed, eat, and sit down at their desk to design a minion. The fact that some of them have one eye and some of them have two makes me want to bash my head into a brick wall. Who the fuck does that? You know you have children as viewers, why the hell would you trick people like that? God I fucking hate minions so much, stupid fucking anthropomorphic foam earplug pieces of shit go straight to hell, there is a special place in hell for minions. I hate how minions have taken over EVERYTHING in the marketing industry. Who in their right mind, as a designer, cartoonist, or anyone with the least bit common sense decides to pick up an HB pencil and make a sketch of an ugly, yellow tic tac looking creature with one eye and an ugly blue suit. Who the FUCK just wakes up and decides “Hey. I think I wanna design something uglier and more annoying than the crazy frog. It’s gonna be yellow, have an annoying ass voice, one eye, sometimes two, because I want to torture people, and a ridiculous costume. Who knows. Maybe one day, they’ll get their own MOVIE, because why the FUCK not.” I bet the designer of the minion’s mother regrets not letting her boyfriend pull out when he could have because she ended up having to carry a human who would create the prevalent downfall of this economy and world itself for 9 months straight. There’s minion themed shit everywhere. Mom posts on Facebook, on cereal boxes, on BILLBOARDS. There are even TIC TACS that look like minions. This shit needs to STOP. Minions are fucking disgusting. I can’t remember the last time I hated something relatively innocuous as much as I hate these Despicable Me minions. I think their voices are like Satan’s own, only multiplied by a million and pitched to sound like a pitchfork is simultaneously being rammed up each of their asses and down each and every one of their throats, if they even fucking have any. Each and every minion, whether it be on a school notebook, a shipment box, or a billboard, is the spawn of SATAN, not that big bitch named Gru or whatever the fuck his name was from Despicable Me. I want to pick up each and every minion and throw them into a flaming, erupting volcano and watch their yellow skin melt as their pathetic, pitched voices scream into the air for mercy. I have no mercy for minions. They are a nuisance, a pest to everything and anyone who breathes or fucking excretes. I wish the slowest and most painful death to all these ugly, annoying, idiotic and impudent little shits. Death to all minions. Thank you for reading

just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

about the deadpool & suicide squad movies

so ive seen some people jerking around asking why were mad at jared leto for “being” the joker but not at ryan reynold for being deadpool

to that i respond

jared leto not only completely mischaracterized the joker but also tried to act like hes the shit. his view of the joker sucks and all he and the people who made this movie do is praise “dark & edgy” shit. just looking at the trailer makes me cringe (rip harley quinns characterization)

in the meantime, heres ryan reynolds. the guy has been a huge fan of deadpool for 11 years and he did everything he could to get the movie made. the first deadpool comic he read had deadpool say he looked like reynolds mixed with a sharpei. this was fucking prophecized. so now the guy is an absolute fanboy and he GETS the character. deadpool is a character that plays with the dark and edgy trope in a way that isnt obnoxious. deadpools story is tragic but he takes everything shitty that happens to him with humor. deadpool is funny.

so yeah, between jared “look-at-me-im-mr-edgy” leto and ryan “this-is-the-most-beautiful-day-of-my-life-here-have-some-chimi-fucking-changas” reynolds, ill choose the latter any day.

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Underappreciated characters: Capheus from Sense8
  • seriously?? Why does nobody talk about him?? he’s such a beautiful person like wow.
  • he’s poor, has almost nothing, lives in a place filled with violence 
  • he does everything he can for his sick mother
  • he’s so freakin compassionate 
  • and brave
  • willing to do anything for the ones he loves
  • the way he smiles in amazement when he see’s things that other people in the cluster are experiencing? 
  • he smiles in joy and wonder because he’s never had the privilege to experience things like this??
  • when he was so happy while looking at clouds?? “RIleyyy!! You’re flying!!”
  • when he drank the english tea oh my god 
  • and he’s freakin adorable and hilarious 
  • he’s honestly so genuine and grateful and puts others before himself
  • It’s so so inspiring to see the way he makes the most of his situation
  • how many people living like that can walk out of their door every single day and say:
  • “Today is going to be a great day”
I think I saw what happens next. It was just a glimpse of you.
Like looking through a window or a shallow sea.
Could you see me?
Your recent memory probably unfolds like this: Reagan fucked everything up, shit continued poorly under Bush I, Clinton comes to town and things improve- the country is doing damn well, in many respects, Bush II comes and… yikes. Obama strides in, makes some notable improvements but R’s stymie him mostly.
All the while, your financial situation is more or less OK. Not good. But for most people, life continues OK. Things were good in the 90’s. The Clinton’s were good. Bush really fucked up (big time). And now things are a little better again.
I get why you think Clinton is a good candidate.
Here’s our experience:
We grow up. Bush is the first president we can remember. Everyone says he is awful. I don’t really know anything at my young age but this was more or less ingrained in me via my family and environs. My personal family experienced severe poverty before, during, and after Bush. In that regard we’re a little different than normal but from observing peers I know the general story. As stated above, things were tough under Bush particularly in ‘08, obviously. Things slightly improved for some since. But now we’re at the age that we’re on our own. We never lived through the relatively “good” years of Clinton. Instead, what we see with a Clinton president, is: The Crime Bill, NAFTA, WTO, DLC, no action on climate change, welfare reform, deregulation (especially of wall street), and general corporate-friendliness.  Those are not good things. We have no inclination towards the good ole days cause we didn’t experience them. Instead we’re living the repercussions of those good ole days: financial instability, climate chaos, oligarchy.
We live in a world in which the minimum wage is a starvation wage. A world in which student debt is fucking crippling. YOU DIDN’T HAVE DEBT LIKE WE DO, THIS IS FUCKING STUPID. ALL OF OUR LIVES, YOU- THE ADULTS OF THE WORLD- TOLD US TO GET AN EDUCATION AND NOW WHAT?  That education is CRIPPLING US. So many young people = fucked by student debt. Yeah, it’s a pretty big issue. We live in a world in which there are no jobs anyways so fuck it, we can’t even find work to pay our debt cause trade deals let corporations say “Peace out!” Most scaring, we live in a world in which the climate is on the brink of collapse. I will have to deal with your sins. THANKS.
Thankfully, in part because of our experience, many in “this generation” are inclined towards militant activism: Occupy, climate warriors, and BlackLivesMatter. All our lives we’ve been told how important it is for us to be involved. We’re getting involved. And what is the response from the “establishment?”

Please just listen. A view at 22.

I don’t want to quote the whole thing, but the whole thing is worth reading, and it may help Gen X and Boomers understand why liberal Millennials just aren’t that into Hillary Clinton.

Music Major AUs

As a music major, I can confirm the accuracy of the following:

- It’s prime time for practice rooms and all of the good ones are taken except for that one – don’t you fucking dare, I will FIGHT you for it.

- I saw you sleeping on the couch in the lounge in the morning, but now it’s like 5 pm and you’re still here. Are you ok?

- Oh good an empty practice roo- HOLY SHIT. Why are you lying on the ground in a dark?!

- The theory professor makes no sense and you’re the star pupil. Teach me everything you know about theory and I will buy you anything you want from Starbucks. Grande. Venti. Frappuccino. Chai Tea Latte. You name it.

- I’m trying to study in the lounge and you’re blasting your music. I don’t care how much you love Mahler, have you ever heard of ear phones???

- I’m trying to schedule my recital, but you have the time/location I want. Ok, what do I have to sell you for that time slot/date. 

- I agreed to help you with your music ed video project and now you’re trying to teach me trumpet and my god I am terrible at this instrument. 

- You’re really cute and I may have done more than three casual walk-bys of your practice room. I’m on my sixth walk-by when we make eye contact. Oh shit

- I don’t know you, but you grabbed me to help with your audition videos and wow, you’re really good and attractive…Oh crap, stop the camera now?

- You’re in the orchestra and I’m in the choir. I’ve had a crush on you all semester. I’m pretty sure you’ve caught me staring at the violin section one to many times. 

- Amidst all the Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin I hear musical theater?!?!?!!? I race out of my practice room and go on a mad hunt until I find you and oh my god you’re playing my favorite show let’s be friends!


Gwiyomi Yongyongie ≧'◡'≦

1/? ♥ #12 vs. #24 

Yunho's coach walked up behind him.
"See him? Number 12? He's the captain. Watch out for him."

Yunho scoffed, "Don't worry. I think I can handle him."

He shook his head and wagged his finger in response.
"Keep an eye on his tactics. He likes to play rough."

"...I'd prefer that." Yunho smirked and headed to the field.