why is everyone so great


the eℓyxion from greek elysian; meaning paradise
presenting the angels you meet at heaven’s gates


quite the opposite, really

Harry Potter Aesthetics - Neville Longbottom

“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”

I love love love this shot of my Hera taken at SWCO by @FuryZhil on twitter.

This was right as Celebration was shutting down on the last day and we were slowly inching our towards the exit

Everyone should have at least one multishipper friend to remind them what’s truly to love in the fandom

Like seriously, all this toxicity in fandoms is what is driving fans away. If you have the energy to hate on something you don’t like, invest it in loving something you enjoy instead.


Gabe is so pure idk why everyone hates him he’s great

-No, it’s not that. It’s… You’ll think it’s stupid.
–What’s up?
-I just wish Clementine was still with us.
–We ran into her.
-Really? I hope she came back with you. I - I wish she was around. I know, I know. She’s tough, but… I don’t know. It’d be nice to hear she’s alright.
–If we run into her… She could really use a friend right now.
-Yeah, me too

one of my favorite jojo scenes will always be when joseph interrupts his own funeral that ending is Iconic and i love it so much


They’re called “nightmares” for a reason ;-;

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I love how you arent hating on the lance vlog like the "lance stans" are. Thanks for actually enjoying new voltron content lmao.

Honestly??? I don’t have anything to hate on?!?! :’D Why would I??? We know that Lance has a crush on Allura. And this video just made me stupidly happy? Because look, Lance could have talked about anything during the recording. He could have bragged about his achievements, he could have talked about the aliens he met, he could have made stupid jokes to no end, he could have told us about the problems and tensions in the team after s3.

But he didn’t. He decided to talk about “some of the most important moments in space history”. And all of these moments were about him talking to his crush

That is honestly?? the cutest thing ever??? Lance is confirmed for that one person who can’t shut up about their crush. And then he starts with the “yeah, she’s great… I mean, she probably thinks that I’m great. And strong and- and pretty-” (I’m 90% sure that he already started thinking about Allura again here which is why he said ‘pretty’ and got all flustered over it).

Just!!!! There is so much stuff you can draw from it if you really look!!! He seems to be afraid of commitment/not ready for a relationship yet, says “planetonic” instead of “platonic” (English as a second language, anyone?) and talks to inanimate objects/asks them if they know about possible buttons on themselves. 

It was a really cute vlog full of positive energy! I loved it!! :D ♥

I remembered who Lotor reminds me of...

So, I while ago, I liked a post that someone made about Lotor reminding them of Loki from Marvel. I mentioned that Lotor also reminded me or someone else, but couldn’t place who. I just realized who it was. 


reminds me

of this guy from this Chinese Drama named Yan Xun. (From Princess Agents AKA Chu Qiao Zhuan if anyone’s interested)

Like, okay, I realize that makes no sense just from these two pictures because Yan Xun looks like a pure precious little puppy while Lotor is drowning in his evil smirks. 

However, Yan Xun’s character development goes from happy pure puppy smiles to dark evil kill everyone because ANGST YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE KILLED MY WHOLE FAMILY F YOU ALL. (Sorry, I’m still really salty about that)

Anyway, when he starts to turn evil, his hair goes through a dramatic change and looks like this:

Which kind of really resembles Lotor’s hair, especially with the hair tuff. 

Also, he really likes to wear blue and purple, I mean:





Honestly, it looks like he’s wearing ancient Chinese versions of all the Galra stuff. There’s so much blue and purple and dark Galray colors. 

Now I’m not saying that their personalities are the super similar, they aren’t. Lotor is more into plans and trusting his subordinates while Yan Xun is more into killing people for the sake of revenge and being cruel and bloodthirsty (Hey, kinda like Zarkon!) However, they both have the same ‘I could be a better human/galra’ vibe and they both want to rule China/the universe for selfish reasons that might have originally stemmed from something more noble. 

Also, their hair. Honestly. Why can’t my hair be that beautiful?

Actually, now that I think of it, I think Yan Xun might be more like Zarkon. But that’s something for another post. 

hi there I just wanna say that I really fucking love buffy summers so so fucking much like she truly is a hero and amazingly strong and she’s complex and funny and is the heart of the show like she’s so caring and selfless but also flawed and brilliant and selfish when she needs to be for her own sake cause caring for herself is important and sometimes annoying but that’s okay and understandable and makes mistakes but that’s why she’s so great cause she’s not perfect when everyone expects her to be and she’s dealt with so much trauma and having to dig herself out of her grave and be strong for her sister after finding her mom dead on the couch and she’s battled through depression and is just… my role model I love her so much okay bye

Aoi: thanks for the great show, everyone!
why was the floor so slippery today?! I planted myself so strangely on the stage trying to stand firm that my legs are hurting.
let’s have fun agaiiin!
this concept makes me nervous, just as I expected.
Aoi: thanks Zepp Tokyo !
finally, the hair that was in my face blocking my view is gone. this year’s theme is to have confidence in oneself. (image)
#thegazette #aoi #zepptokyo
Aoi: selfies are so difficult though.
I’d like to post more often on instagram, but it just doesn’t go as planned.*
I also had a hannya** version of the selfie, but because it totally goes against my public image, I’m slipping it quietly into the pages of my own memory, not to be seen by anyone else.
Reita: great show, Tokyo! thank you!

*Meaning he doesn’t have enough good selfies to post as often as he likes.
**Hannya is referring to a noh mask of a grinning lady demon (maybe he was just making a scary face on the other selfie).

  • Me at 3: 30 AM: I really need to sleep this really isn't healthy
  • My brain: *finds English Time w/ SVT- you must watch all of them again

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Hello, I've been thinking about this whole ship wars going on in the SG fandom for a while, and I know you made a list of respectful Supercorp/Katie fans, but I think we should do something positive/make more noise than the few ppl who aren't as respectful, spend their time trolling others and are really vocal/popular. I don't post regularly, but I do visit the Supercorp tag everyday and sometimes I feel embarrassed of being part of this fandom. (1/3)

I know every fandom has ppl with no boundaries, but I’ve seen too many posts during our short existence of people calling Supercorp the worst/most toxic fandom since s*perwholock… I don’t care if that’s true or not, but I want us to do something to change that. I don’t like K*ramel, bc esp the beginning of that relationship triggered me a lot, but I don’t think it’s ok to send hate to anyone (even if some of us receive it too), but I don’t give a damn about that ship at this point (2/3)

bc Supercorp friendship is awesome and I just wanna enjoy my ship in peace, without getting anxious. So, do you (or your followers) have some suggestions about what can we do to fill the fandom with more positivity? Like some special weeks or something? (3/3)

Hello love, first I would like to thank you for coming to me to share your thoughts. You are one of quite a few that I know feel this way and I have also expressed my feelings in the past for how I would like people to recognize the good side of our fandom.

It is unfortunate that we do have a bad reputation due to the behavior of certain blogs. It is even more unfortunate that they are persistent and seem to have no intention of stopping regardless of who they hurt or offend. Of course we know that Supercorp shippers are not solely responsible for the practices in question nor is our side of the fandom completely victimless.

I do agree that we can do better. The positive side of our fandom is full of so many wonderful, kind and beautifully talented people. Some are vocal about their likes and dislikes, some are happy just being in their niche and contributing their work, and of course there are those that are quiet and are perfectly happy just enjoying the show and reblogging all the content.

SO! After reading your thoughts, I threw some ideas around with my fellow Light Side™ leaders @kara-danvers-lena-luthor and @supercorptrashed

Yesterday, we all encouraged our followers to message us with one positive thing that happened to them this week. It turned out very well with several people reaching out all day to celebrate something that made them happy. We would like to do that same exact thing, but with the show. Next week, we will be encouraging our followers to spread some positivity about the show that has brought us all together. Because let’s face it, there would be no Supercorp without Supergirl. We are planning on doing various things like this during the hiatus to keep positive contribution and open, interactive forums for all of us.

That’s just a general example of what we have been thinking and I would love to see some ideas that anyone else may have. So if you share this sentiment and have some ideas of your own, feel free to comment or reblog. I think it could be very good for the fandom.