why is everyone awkward

The Signs When Embarrassed
  • ARIES: “shut the f*** up”
  • TAURUS: walks away proudly
  • GEMINI: “f*** this, f*** that, f*** you, f*** everyone”
  • CANCER: blushes
  • LEO: cries
  • VIRGO: “Don’t touch me.”
  • LIBRA: stares at a wall for 10 min
  • SCORPIO: starts to remind everyone around of their awkward situations
  • SAGITTARIUS: “Oh well, why not.”
  • CAPRICORN: smiles awkwardly
  • AQUARIUS: laughs
  • PISCES: is used to it

(also check Rising)

Pros and Cons to Playing Each Race in Guild Wars 2



• In body lengths per second, you’re the fastest race in Tyria, able to keep up with a Charr.

• You’re very small, and hard for a larger person to see as you stab their ankles.

• Everyone else thinks you’re adorable.

• Your starting area is full of intellectual challenges, which is pretty fun.


• That whole “asuran supremacy” thing is a little worrisome.

• If you’re not an academic type, it’ll be a lot less fun.

• You have to worry about your progeny being stepped on by a Norn

• The leading cause of death in your city is falling off the side. 



• You GLOW in the DARK, how cool is that??

• When you say you’re asexual and someone asks “Like a plant?” you can say “Yes, exactly!”

• Your starting area is beautiful. Seriously beautiful.


• You’re flammable. Elementalists, please be careful.

• You were literally born yesterday. You have no life experience. A human your size is almost as old as your entire species.

• The bridges in your city have holes in them. And you thought Rata Sum was bad!



• You can run on all fours and literally pounce on things!

• You’re definitely the fluffiest race in Tyria, and you’re ALSO the most intimidating.

• Along with the Asura, you’re the technological domineers of the entire world.


• Everyone thinks you’re a furry (though maybe this is a pro?)

• You feel kind of slow and awkward. Why are those Asura so zippy?

• Everyone has to fight in a war. Like everyone.



• You can shapeshift. You can turn into your guardian spirit. You can become some kind of weird were-bird while the cat people look on in awe.

• You’re super tall. You can reach things that are higher than other people’s houses.

• You don’t get cold very easily. The winter winds are yours to command. Ice skills come easier to Norn elementalists than they do to anyone else.


• Everyone will want you to grab things off of shelves for them

• You have to worry about stepping on Asura progeny

• Alcoholism is kind of a problem in your culture



• You’re hardy and strong. You’ve pushed and been pushed back, but humans still have a large presence in Tyria, which you owe to the dedication and hard work of your people

• You have six whole gods! That’s more gods than anyone else!

• You’re descended from literal aliens. That’s so cool!


• The Charr kind of still hate you.

• Humans are hardy, sure, but a lot of nations have fallen and you’re kind of in a bad spot at the moment.

• If you’re not Krytan, there’s like a 90% chance you’re a refugee that had to flee your homeland… that’s pretty unfortunate.

levenin  asked:

Why uncomfortableness and dread?

because everyone involved is in a super awkward position. these girls have been playing it up on social media like they’re the next big thing but nothing has come out of it for over a year. they make a huge deal about not ‘revealing’ their name but we already know it from business documents (and it’s an homage to their syco A&R person.. tacky). the syco connection itself is enough reason for me to stay away from them in the first place. i don’t think i need to expand on why. they also present louis as their mentor but louis seems super uninvested because he’s not promoting them beyond the occasional lacklustre IG post or like (as there is nothing to promote). the fact that one of their sisters co-owns a stalker UA and that they have been tied to louis’ stunts doesn’t make them any more appealing either.

i’m not wishing ill on them and i’ve talked about how i think louis is between a rock and a hard place before. he loves this side of the industry but these girls have chosen to work with the shittiest label ever and ultimately said shitty label is the only reason louis was put in touch with them. i’m sure he’s more than happy to give honest advice but in the end what can he really do, you know?

i think the big mistake, yet again, is presenting the fandom people to love and support on a silver platter and we don’t work like that around here. we’re harsh and have the means to dissect things and the girlband just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


For SNS summer week: post 699 canon divergence

I don’t know, I just really like the idea of the boys in the anbu (under the hokage). So before Sasuke feels comfortable back in Konoha, whenever he finds himself alone and cornered, Naruto always swoops in! (He just knows, man, he just knows!) And every time, Sasuke berates him for it (as does Tsunade, hehe).

Then I like to imagine Sasuke misses Naruto too much and takes long visits in Konoha (after Naruto reforms it a bit). He usually doesn’t wear the anbu garb but he will sometimes. Basically, Sasuke is the Hokage’s main security like when they go to Kage gatherings and every Kage has two body guards, but Naruto only needs one (Sasuke wouldn’t trust a second anyways :P). And he likes to act super possessive of Naruto *u*.

Naruto: Erm… why is everyone being so awkward…?

Sasuke: …

Naruto: Sasuke… have you been scaring our allies? And our potential friends?!

Sasuke: What?… I’m not doing anything.

I relate to Kylo because he reflects many aspects of myself.

I didn’t kill my father or anything, but after a childhood of abuse, trauma, and having unrealistic expectations placed upon me, I became a gigantic jerk. 

My parents had nothing but good intentions, but I don’t think they knew what to do with a child like me. I was “gifted.” I had PTSD and severe depression from the age of nine. I was also their first child. I wasn’t gregarious, and I couldn’t relate easily to others. My parents also had less-than-stellar childhoods, and that was more than occasionally reflected in how they treated me.

Because of my abandonment issues, I’d go from telling my friends I’d literally die for them one day to hating them the next if I thought they were changing, leaving me, or did something to slight me. When I found a friend group that “accepted” me (and also wound up becoming my abusers), I treated everyone outside of them like shit. They were lesser, awful, vain, catty, frivolous, wrong. And my “friends” were more than happy to use me as their attack dog to fan their egos, because they alone could bring me to heel, and they alone could set me on people who pissed them off. I had to agree with everything they said, or they would explode.

I spent all my teenage years being ripped apart by needing them because of the crumbs of love and validation they gave me, what little sense of belonging I felt with them, and wanting desperately to tell them to go fuck themselves for toying with me, treating me as lesser, telling me to “sit” like their literal fucking dog, and having to walk on eggshells around them because I never knew when they were going to go off on me.

Without them, I had no sense of self. My life has been one identity crisis after another. They told me who I was, and I’m still learning how to define that for myself.

I remember the adults who saw a child who was angry and lonely and “unlike everyone else.” They gave me compliments and presents. They told me how beautiful my face was. How special I was. How other people were foolish for not seeing that I was intelligent, talented, and unique, and that’s why they couldn’t handle me. But they saw me for who I was.

I think you can see where I’m going with this.

I’ve always related to villains more than heroes, and I’ve always, always, always wanted–and needed–to see villains having redemption arcs, because though I didn’t know it at the time, that’s what I needed too.

the story of heart breaks | the first

This isn’t a story of how you fell in love or how you gradually lost your love. It is more than an ending and a beginning. It’s your journey of realizing that you need him because you’ve always knew that you love Park Jaebum—Jay; the reasons for your sorrows but also your purpose.

This is the story of heart breaks.

JAY PARK SERIES -  the first; the new girl

[chap 2]

Did you remember Jay?

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okay but real talk tho are there any wdw groupchats that are taking members?? bc like sign me the fuck up i want to make friends 👏🏼😩

  • Namjoon: Can you do that for me, Jungkook?
  • Jungkook: Sure, Dad.
  • (awkward silence)
  • Jungkook: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Jimin: You just called Namjoon "Dad." You said, "Sure, Dad."
  • Jungkook: What? No I didn't. I said, "Sure, man."
  • Namjoon: Jungkook, do you see me as a father figure?
  • Jungkook: No. If anything I see you as a bother figure, because you're always bothering me.
  • Seokjin: Hey, show your father some respect!
Chapter 23 - Cheer Up

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Chapter One & Two  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22

A/N - Special thank you to @oh-beyond  who helped me out when I was stuck on the punishments.

“Aish what is taking them so long?!”  

After hearing Chanyeol whinge yet again Kyungsoo finally snapped. “Shut up Chanyeol. Unless you want Jongdae to punish you then by all means, keep talking.”

Chanyeol opened him mouth to say something back but as he let Kyungsoo’s words sink in he decided on staying quiet instead. It was as though he’d only just realised that he might end up with Jongdae’s punishment. You were starting to feel as frustrated as Chanyeol was but you refused to show it, especially after you kept seeing the winners glancing over in your direction before resuming their huddle. Every now and again you’d hear Jongdae’s loud laugh before all of them lost it and broke down laughing. You were just hoping it wouldn’t be anything too bad.

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part, oh gosh, six of krypto headcannons. got more to do, but i didn’t want it getting too long. so expect more later

@agent-alex-danvers​ said: Alex pretends to hate the dog, but Kara catches her giving him belly rubs

i love this

  • at first, alex is . . hesitant
    • this is an alien that was just dropped into kara’s lap
      • surprise surprise, thanks clark
      • and kara is immediately taken
      • alex is not
        • it’s not just because the first thing he does is steal her sandwich
          • it’s not. that just makes her a little bitter
        • it’s that they don’t know what to do with him. with a dog that can fly and shoot lasers and breathe ice and do everything that they had to hide kara from doing for years

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Ours || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 1,088

Summary - The one where people throw rocks at things that shine.

Late to work, again.

You parked your car hastily and ran into your office building, only narrowly managing to miss stepping in the giant puddle next to your car. Once in the doors, you flashed your ID to the security guard who was so accustom to seeing you late, he simply waved you on by. You jumped into the elevator just before it closed on your heel.

You pushed the button for the 10th floor where you worked and watched the numbers slowly light up. You always hated elevator silence. If it wasn’t for the three inch heels you wore to work, you’d gladly take the stairs. But, you were used to this by now. It seemed like you were even beginning to recognize the people you shared the elevator with every morning. You casually looked to the left where the man usually eating a banana for breakfast always stood, and then to the right to the office assistant who was always listening to music blasting through her headphones, bopping her head to the beat. No one dared to look at each other, all of their eyes fixated on the doors in front of them, counting how many floors until they opened.

You couldn’t help but smile and look at your feet as that thought came to your mind. You and Jack always laughed when you got off an elevator with strangers. Why was everyone so awkward? You remembered one particular day Jack was feeling exceptionally hyper so he tried to strike up a conversation with every person on the elevator. It was only a three floor ride so it wasn’t much, but it still had you doubled over laughing as you walked into his flat.

The doors dinged open and you were snapped out of your thoughts by people pushing past you. Right. No time to zone. Your time was their’s.

You got to your cubical and fired up your computer, already mentally counting down the hours until your shift was done. Just as you were taking a bite of your granola bar and staring lovingly at your framed picture of you and Jack on your desk, one of your snobby coworkers, Mary, came over and perched herself on the edge of your desk. “Still out of town, hmm?” she said, fake sympathy laced in her voice.

“He’s coming home soon,” you said, bringing your attention back to your desktop. She always had a way of prying. For some reason the topic of your relationship with Jack was gossip all over the office, probably because one of your coworkers found his YouTube channel once and decided to share it with every employee. Now, this Mary made it a point to ask any questions she could just to pester you every morning. Yes, Jack had been gone, travelling for YouTube for almost two months now. It was the longest he had ever been away. She knew that, but she still managed to check in every morning to see if he, in fact, was still gone.

“Don’t understand why you put up with it dear,” she sighed, standing up and turning to walk to her cubicle. “Seems like too much effort for too little in return.”

Instead of saying anything, you just went to working on your computer. The words Jack always said to you played through in your head. People throw rocks at things that shine. You had a habit of complaining to him about your coworkers and how they spoke about you and Jack, and his response was always the same. This love is ours, not their’s.

You spent the whole day with your eyes on the computer just as much as they were on the clock. You did your best to ignore Mary’s very audible whispers to other coworkers the whole day. Her cubicle was right across from yours so you could hear every conversation she had. “Oh yes, still out of town,” she sighed to someone. “Such a pity the girl can’t even spot a cheater right in front of her own nose.” Her words would always be followed with one of her sticky, lip gloss smiles. You ignored.

This love is ours.

5:00 finally came and you rushed out of the office, always eager to be anywhere but there. It wasn’t Mary’s place to speculate if your relationship was toxic. Everyday you found a way to fight her doubt and have faith in Jack. You trusted him with your whole heart. Her words hardly left a dent in your armor. If anything, her constant prying about him just made you miss him more.

You missed the way his hands felt rough in yours but always made you feel like you were home. You missed the dimples when he smiled and the stupid songs he sang around the house. You even missed the snide remarks your father made about his tattoos whenever you posted a picture with him online. Oh how deeply you missed him.

You walked into your flat with your heels in your hand, blowing some hair out of your face. You threw your shoes on the ground and put your purse on the table, going to the sink to get some water. When you put the glass in the sink and turned around, you jumped and put your hand on your heart. Your shock recovered quickly when reality set in.

Leaning against the wall in the kitchen was Jack. “I’m home,” he said, a smile on his face. You ran up to him immediately and jumped into his arms. He lifted you up and spun your around until your feet met the floor again. You held his head in your hands and just looked at him, tears running down your cheeks. “Why’re you crying?” he laughed lightly.

“I just really missed you is all,” you said, lamely wiping the tears from your eyes. “And I’m just really surprised.”

“We got done with everything in America a little early,” he explained. “I thought I’d surprise you instead of letting you know.” You wrapped your arms around his torso and laid your head on his chest, holding him tightly, He held you back, rubbing his hand on your back. “You okay?” he asked quietly. You just nodded against his chest.

“I’ve really missed you,” you mumbled. “Life can make our love look hard.”

“I know,” he said, laying his chin on the top of your head. “Just gotta remember what I always say. Don’t worry about anything or anyone else. This love is ours.”

Baekhyun & Sehun (EXO) Reaction

Anon asked: How would baekhyun and sehun feel like or react when his crush confess to him on a show exo in by singing love song and dancing to appeal them both? Bonus: when they play peppero game, they get a were push to kiss and got a taste of her lips which is very sweet. And she smile so good that makes them want to bite her public.

So, I couldn’t decide if I should do an imagine or a reaction but settled for a reaction in the end. Hope you’ll like it!

His crush is with him on a show


Love song and dancing

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‘I knew she liked me back!’

’And she confessed while singing! She’s perfect!’

This cutie would be over the moon and he’ll make sure you know that, with huge smiles and sending hearts your way while you’re still dancing.

Pepero game

On the outside:

Originally posted by r-velvets

*inward screeching*

“Our lips touched!”

When your lips touched during the game, he got all giggly, averting his eyes somewhere else, while you just kept smiling at him.

On the inside:

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‘I wonder if we’re gonna kiss after this…’

I think it was said somewhere that Baekhyun is the biggest pervert among the EXO members, so I think he’ll try hiding his true thoughts and intentions behind his smiley exterior.


Love song and dancing

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*awkward finger guns*

Sehun is confident most of the time, but when his crush confesses in front of everyone, he’ll get really shy and awkward. So why not do finger guns, with a small smile?

He still wants to look somewhat cool in front of his crush.

Pepero game

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“So, yup, that happened.”

As soon as his lips touched yours, he would strain himself to not start making out with you right there and then. And when she smiles at him, oh god, it takes huge amounts of willpower to control himself.