why is eminem such a babe

anonymous asked:

Yuck! If you want to support Timmy, I wouldn't be posting those rap videos he made. I guess it's lost in translation for you, but he's rapping about how much "dome" (hip-hop slang for fellatio) he's been getting since he got on Homeland. He even names some poor girl's name. He then says that he will bigger than Slim Shady (Eminem) b/c he has a bigger, harder erection (which he them mimes with his forearm). I'm sure that's one of the videos he really wishes weren't out there on the internet.

Ah ok babe. This kinda rubs me the wrong way. So I studied marketing at university and I work in marketing so I dare say I know a bit about it. And these rap videos do and will not hurt Timmy in any way. There’s a reason why Statistics was shown on Ellen: people love him for it - it shows off his personality, that he can rap, he can dance, he’s got a good stage presence and he’s funny. He should use it to his advantage.

Yesterday he even acknowledged the rapping videos in a speech. He wouldn’t talk about them himself if he wished they weren’t out there. :)

People in the public eye say ‘offensive’ things all the time. Armie himself called James Wood out for dating someone 41 years younger - and people loved him for it. Unless it seriously harms anyone, e.g. racist/homophobic comments, no one is going to call Timmy out for the stuff he raps about in this video.

Seriously. No one is going to make a big deal out of this video. 

So don’t say I don’t support him when this blog is free marketing for him - and I’m all love for him, and have said nothing but kind stuff about him. :)