why is eminem such a babe

EXO's reaction when they heard you SUCCESSFULLY rapping to Rap God by Eminem?

Suho: Are you guys hearing my girlfriend? *impressed*

Baekhyun: *in shock*….wow

Chanyeol: You’re making me proud, babe! *thumbs up*

D.O: Is she…? *grins when he realises how good you are at rapping*

Kai: *teases you* we may have found our 13th member everyone

Sehun: Not as good as me though *internally fangirling*

Kris: Jagiya, we have to rap together soon! *pulls you into a hug*

Xiumin: *stares in awestruck*

Luhan: Why can she rap better than me? *panicking about his manly reputation*

Lay: I like what I’m hearing*nods along to your rhythm* 

Chen: Thats my girl! *smirks*

Tao: Awe yeah! *starts dancing and rapping with you*